Sunday, 6 November 2011

The strange, strange case of Max Täubner

The SS Einsatzgruppen were a para-police unit that ‘cleaned up’ behind main German army lines in eastern Europe and Russia during WW2. Cleaned up, we might add, with merciless brutality. SS-Untersturmführer Max Täubner commanded a workshop detail in the brigade and was tried along with four other Waffen-SS men for unauthorised and sadistic killings of a large number of Jews, and also for taking photos of the killings showing them to his wife and friends. In the verdict the court states "The accused allowed his men to act with such vicious brutality that they conducted themselves under his command like a savage horde". Accordingly the court handed down a substantial jail sentence.

This seems a run-of-the-mill war crimes trial.

Apart from one thing.

The court was not that of the victorious Allies, rather it was an SS court, held in May 1943. That’s right. Now an SS court punishing an SS unit for massacring Jews, even in particularly brutal and sadistic fashion, seems a bit like giving a speeding ticket to a driver at the Indianapolis 500. After all, every schoolboy knows that the raison d’etre of the SS einsatzgruppen was to locate and kill every Jew they could find.

Wasn’t it?

Well hardly, if the case of Max Täubner is anything to go by. If you check out the various sources you’ll frequently see his case referred to as ‘the only known instance of an SS man being tried for killing Jews’.

Was it?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that I don’t know what’s true anymore, especially in relation to the whole Nazi period. What I do know, from this case and from some other that I’ll write about shortly, is that our minds have been, and are being, seriously fucked with. After a lifetime of believing myself to be well-read and well-informed, I now feel more like Truman in The Truman Show.

On account of this I feel angry and almost humiliated.


Heraclitus said...

Savant, take heart. I think the Trumanesque edifice is shaking at its foundations.

Franz said...


don't get bent out of shape (god, I miss your old photo at the head of the page) over this Täubner case.

The SS was rather prudish about sexual deviancy, rape, necrophelia and such. That's probably what the term "savagery" in the indictment was referring to.

My grandad had the proper soldiers' heartfelt dislike for those who did their killing behind the lines against unarmed people. The Einsatzgruppen didn't really attract the flower of German manhood (Those flow fighter planes, were paratroopers or Panzer-commanders), so I'm not surprised to hear of a case where one such specimen was tried, convicted and dispatched.

As for the feeling of living in a Truman world: I heartily agree, but the late Mr Täubner might not be the best corroberating witness out there.

Cingoldby said...

I don't know why you feel humiliated.

Do you suddenly not believe that the holocaust happened?

Anonymous said...

That's an intriguing pronouncement you've made Savant and I look forward to further revelations. I truly believe that the majority is brainwashed beyond belief.

Herod said...

Oh God! Savant, you really must be on something. So you're taking support now from the most vile species of humanity, the Einsatzgruppen?

You really disappoint me. You showed so much promise but you've gone completely off the deep end.

Anonymous said...

Incogman says: It’s really been a race war going on: Ashkenazi, Khazar Jewry against White people in our own countries.

Everything else is Jew-created BullShit beclouding our brains.


SAVANT said...

Ok folks, let me clarify. I DO NOT have any time or advocate anything exculpatory for this Täubner PoS. I hope he's resident somewhere in the seventh circle of hell. My point is that the SS put him on trial for his deeds. They were undoubtedly exceptionally evil and depraved, but come on. This flies in the face of everything we've been programmed to believe. Namely, that every manjack of the SS was out there seeking out every possible Jew to exterminate. The Täubner case shows that this is very very far from the truth.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there was a concentration camp commandant and his wife were arrested for cruelty. How often did this happen? Or was it selective to get rid of people who had made enemies with more powerful SS/party members.

Anonymous said...


Many people are incapable of distinguishing between Nazis (i.e., card-carrying party members or ideologues who bought into the propaganda book, bell and candle) and the vast majority of unindoctrinated German soldiers/sailors/airmen. Most students and adults with whom I've come into contact over the years assume that everyone fighting for the Germans in WWII was a 'Nazi'; nothing could be further from the truth. This story re. Taubner is very interesting, though I'm willing to bet Franz is quite right and he was being damned for depravity above and beyond the pale, in addition to the usual sort.

All the best,

Windy City Irish Pollack

kulak said...

"SS means no more in Germany than being a Democrat in America -- that is not to be quoted. I mean by that that initially the SS people were special sons of bitches, but as the war progressed they ran out of sons of bitches and then they put anybody in there. Some of the top SS men will be treated as criminals, but there is no reason for trying someone who was drafted into this outfit . . ." -- Patton

Anonymous said...

take the red pill Savant and your world stays what it was, Trust me if that fact you uncovered wacks you so hard you NOT ready for the other pill yet.
There are plenty of these facts to uncover and the worst is no one can really explain them if the popular narrative holds true.
Even supposed open minded people cant handle the truth.

Anonymous said...

"Do you not believe the Holocaust happened ?"....................shows how unnaturally our thinking was bent out of shape. The biggest sacred cow of our modern religion of the multicult, our minds cant stand the idea or even a feeling, however remote that question the incarnation of our new god on earth.

Anonymous said...

Soon the UK will attack Iran on orders of a prime minister that was bought by mossad and no one in the UK gives a damn.
That's how bad it is, the warmongers will hide forever.

Keir said...

I'm going past the Dachau camp after work today to take students to the local refugee centre in the town. Visited a number of KZs throughout Germany. So to read a post where a single anecdote is related without any background info to arrive at an implied conclusion is deeply concerning.
Taebner was not tried for murdering Jews. He was tried for passing around incriminating evidence- photographs- and thus exposing a state secret.

Anonymous said...

Take your time. It's said five years is needed for world views to change. For some it can be too much.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the SS founded by Hitler's Jewish cheufer?

Anonymous said...


The Holocaust did happen. The Nazis documented it themselves. Don't fall for the anti-Semitic lies. There were/are millions of eyewitnesses. Hitler dragged Germany to horrific destruction -and not only that, laid the foundations for today's assault on European civilization.


James Lord said...

JP - if I read Savant correctly he's just saying that the Teubner incident is another indication that the whole story we've been served up is highly suspect. And I suppose he's asking what else is out there.

PS: I'm sure Mr. S. is well capable of explaining his own thinking!

Anonymous said...

Here is the way I’m told the holocaust was carried out by the SS.

The war started in September 1939 and ended in September 1945 - 6 years.

2190 days.

Divide 2190 by 6000,000 and you get 2739.

So if the extermination of the Jews started on the morning that the Germans invaded Poland, and carried on every single day until the Allies drove into Berlin, then the SS would have had to kill 2739 civilian men women and children per day every day for the whole of the war.

What’s not to believe?

Of course, if allied bombing raids disrupt your train traffic to the camps by let's say 5 days, then you would have a people back-log of 13,695. This would mean some pretty heavy overtime work on the 6th day in order to get back to your average of 2739.

James Lord said...

@Keir and JP. Accept what both of you say. But I too feel that there are some very strange facts and omissions of facts about the whole calamity. I too wonder if I'm in a kind of Truman-like situation. Makes me uncomfortable, to be honest.

kulak said...

if allied bombing raids disrupt your train traffic to the camps by let's say 5 days, then you would have a people back-log of 13,695. This would mean some pretty heavy overtime work on the 6th day in order to get back to your average of 2739.

Well actually if it happened later in the war, that might help things, as people on the edge of survival die from lack of critical supplies.

Not to be a critic or anything.

kulak said...

And I suppose he's asking what else is out there.

Well the first thing he should do throw out the six million, which is just a number pulled from Jewish apocrypha.

Divide 2190 by 6000,000 and you get 2739.

Ah! The reverse Polish maneuver.

kulak said...



The Holocaust did happen.

Relax JP. It'll all turn out just fine in the end as long as Savant keeps capitalizing it.

Anonymous said...

Hitler dragged Germany to horrific destruction -and not only that, laid the foundations for today's assault on European civilization.

You're giving Hitler way too much credit. You need to read some books-other than comic books, that is.

Holey Foley said...

Holey Foley said;
Savant, this piece about Taubner reminded me; perhaps a little off topic, but you or some of your correspondents may know the answers to my query. Consider:
1)" You are digging your own graves in this country, I am warning you" and
2)" The jews who perished in the Holocaust were the scum of the earth and deserved everything that happened to them"
These two quoted statements were both made by Rabbis. The first was made sometime in the twenties, I think, in Weimar Germany; the second by a Rabbi in Israel, in quite recent years.
Obviously not the same man; can anyone tell me who these two persons were, svp? Someone must know.

Anonymous said...

A strange one alright at first glance but Franz is probably correct about an element of sexual deviancy.

On the other hand,not only was Oskar Dirlewanger tolerated,but was positively encouraged to slaughter Jews,Poles(it was the Dirlewanger Brigade who were sent in to deal with the Warsaw uprising),Russians and anyone else who got in the way.

A more brutally sadistic collection of psychopaths can rarely have been gathered in one unit,so depraved were this Brigade.

Dirlewanger,a medical doctor, survived the conflict but,happily,was tortured to death by the Poles when captured.

He was a known sexual deviant and indeed,had been thrown out of the NSDAP before the war on account of his perversions.

So,perhaps,Taubner was just unlucky or very,very,very sick indeed.


Eimear said...

kulak - what's the significance of that mathematical calculation? Pardon my ignorance.

kulak said...



If you have to explain it, it stops being funny.

kulak said...

Speaking of the Truman show...

According to Betsy Ross' daughter, the flag design brought to Betsy by her uncle, and Morris, and Washington sported stars with six points.

"Men," sighed Betsy.

O.K. O.K. I don't actually know she said "Men." But I know what she was thinking!

Anonymous said...

kulak said...


When I first lost promise, I felt so ashamed.

Then I remembered Kol Nidre.

Anonymous said...

Here are some books to help those -assuming they want help-who are stuck in the "Hitler as sole cause of Western decline" mode:

Lawrence Brown, "The Might of the West"

James Kalb, "The Tyranny of Liberalism"

Michael O'Meara, "New Culture, New Right:Anti-Liberalism in Postmodern Europe"

Tomislav Sunic, "Homo Americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age"

Anonymous said...

prf1 said...

@Holy Foley. I've heard of the first one all right but never the second. Amazing though.

Shaunantijihad said...

We fought gallantly in WW2 to keep Britain and Ireland from being invaded...

...except by Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jamaica, Somalia, Nigeria, India, China...

You know it's true, don't you. Or are you a goddamn, stinking, Nazi racist?

Andreas said...

I think the chronological factor here is also important. In the early years of the war German military units behaved generally in accordance with laws of war. However, towards the end the conscripted all kinds of criminals and 'volunteers' from the occupied areas and it was then that the atrocities occurred, and little discipline applied.

I take the point though that the image we've been given, that's been drilled into us, is one where Taubner would have been typical rather than the exception.

Anonymous said...

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Prize-winner and author of The Gulag Archipelago, in a speech in Washington in 1975 had this to say of the Soviet system so admired by many western intellectuals (Alexander Solzhenitsyn Speaks to the West (1978) p 16):

"This was a system which, in time of peace, artificially created a famine causing SIX MILLION PERSONS to die in the Ukraine between 1932 and 1933. They died on the very threshold of Europe. And Europe didn't even notice it. The world didn't even notice it. SIX MILLION PERSONS!"

This six million is the ‘incorrect’ six million, because their story is not useful to today’s elite. The tribal affiliations of the chief perpetrator (Jew) and the victims (non-Jews) are the wrong ones, not fitting into the ‘correct’ pattern.

Anonymous said...

@anon 16.50.

I have to confess that I have heard of only the second of the books you list(I have never read it but shall try get hold of all of them).

But you are correct;there is a temptation to blame everything on Hitler,the Nazis and,by extension,the fucking Germans.

Things are,in reality,far less simple and pat than that.Far less so.

An antidote!.Rather off topic but to me relevant.

The BBC is an organization I loathe,a betrayal of a truly noble idea.But every now and then they still create perfection.Last Saturday BBC4 was perfect in their drama/documentary about the first(tentative)performance of The Eroica.

It may even have been a repeat,I don't know,but the acting and the music,the evocation of the times was surely as authentic as possible.(But for the fact that everyone spoke in English accents;an irrelevance anyway).

The music may not interest many here but the drama should.

To anyone who loves the music,then the startled,and scandalized reactions to Beethovens innovations are wonderfully done.

It will surely be repeated again so,if you get the chance please,please watch.


Franz said...

@ Anon 20:04

Watch the documentary "Defamation" on Youtube. One of the (many) great scenes is Abe Foxman of ADL fame visiting the Ukraine and telling the local dignitaries to STFU.

Suffice it to say that Mr Foxman is a worthy heir of such luminaries as Mayer-Lansky and his pal Rothstein. His handling of the Ukranians was masterful: "Nice country you have here. Would be a shame if something happened to it."

Jeremy said...

mr. a. - that the BBC can be, and used to be, so wonderful is what enrages me about what it's become. And yes, when they do a period piece or indeed almost any non-PC drama, it makes you shake your head at the poverty of Hollywood.

Heraclitus said...

Savant, I fully empathise with your sense of humiliation. I too saw myself as well-read and well-informed. I perused the 'respectable' media and fended off the typical trash which pollutes our lives.

And yes, I too have had a gradual awakening over the years. Mine came primarily via the anti-racism propaganda. I experienced the cognitive dissonance that follows. This caused me to question broader isses, and that in turn lead me on a quest which I suspect is similar to yours. And yes, it is surprising, make that amazing, what emerges when you begin to join up the dots. To say that a pattern emerges is an understatement. I marvel at how easily I was duped.

In conclusion I would urge against anger and hate and resentment. These emotions will do you harm. Try to understand and seek out practical solutions and see individual people for themselves, not as a stereotype.

In bona fide

Anonymous said...

It's more of a Truman Show than most will ever be able to comprehend. A good step is to figure out just who and WHAT the Royal families are, of which they are related to all but one of our presidents. Researching what the Vatican really is also is a must. The Vatican and the Jewish Zionists are hand in hand in all of this.

For those of you of the Christian belief, Fritz Springmeier (who was imprisoned for 7 years on a bogus crime because (I believe) of his book and speeches) is 'Bloodlines of the Illuminati'. For those of you with a mind that can think and see out of the box, 'The Biggest Secret' by David Icke is a must. For very important information on our Irish Roots, 'The Irish Origins of Civilization' by Michael Tsarion is a must. They all have many lectures on YouTube as well.

If you want to see some really good evidence on what happened to Lady Diana and the Royals, watch 'Lady Die' by Chris Everard.

Another good one is Lloyd Pye 'Human Intervention Theory'. WE didn't come from apes. I know some so-called humans on this planet did, but not the rest of us.

Most people can't handle this info due to their belief system and subsequent brainwashing, but for those who dare, get off the websites (yes, even popular WN sites) and start researching what's really going on around this planet.

Check out what the Sumerian Texts had to say. They were clay tablets found in the 1800's in Sumeria which is now Iraq. They pre-date the Pyramids.

I could go on and on, but these things are a good place to start.

Anonymous said...

Take this arsehole.

Multiply him by six million ... and there you have the ho£ocau$t.

Enjoy the part at 1:11 ... Living proof that "Denial" ain't just a river in Egypt.

My favourite was a piece of personal history where a friend introduced me to a jewish buddy who had a most unfortunate case of halitosis ... and I mean really unfortunate. One good sneeze could knock a buzzard off an outhouse roof.
My buddy pointed out the fact that the other guy had a problem as he was a child in Sachsenhausen or somewhere and the shitty diet had wrecked all his teeth.

I asked my buddy how old the other guy was and was told he was 30. As this was 1978, the anomaly was glaring, and I said so. He just shrugged, and I did not pursue it.


kulak said...

Heraclitus says:

Try to understand and seek out practical solutions and see individual people for themselves, not as a stereotype.

I agree.

Everyone should be treated as individuals.

Chinese should be treated as individual chinese, whites should treated as individual whites, blacks should be treated as individual blacks, and Jews should be treated as individual Jews.

Anonymous said...

Robert in Arabia

Anonymous said...

Heraclitus - your a wuss. Ever think of changing your name to Heraclitoris?

northern athiest said...

anon 00.06. fascinating material. Thanks for the heads-up.

potgieter said...

kulak. Never heard of Kol Nidre before you mentioned it, but it seems the equivalent of the taqqiya concept for which we rightly critice Moslems.

kulak said...


Never heard of Kol Nidre before you mentioned it

See now that's the really tough part about being an anti-semite. Only Jews get my jokes.

The wiki interesting is interesting. Apologists explain that "it only applies to promises between a Jew and God."

And that's correct.

The typical goy reads that explanation and thinks "oh. o.k."

Some of the Jewish writers don't like the chant because they say it encourages reckless promises.

So here's my question:

If a man is reckless in his promises to God, how much more reckless will he be in his promises to gentiles?

(I know, I know, rabbi-- trick question!)

See, the gentile, like Ford, operating under the principle of reciprocity, assumes that without the Kol Nidre, the promises to gentiles would in fact be binding. So historically, anti-semites have gotten this all wrong.

They're not binding.

Except as they're good for the Jews.

The gentile reads "reckless promise to gentiles" and thinks "unable to be kept."

The Jew reads "reckless promise to gentiles" and thinks "bad for the Jews if it's kept or broken."

kulak said...

And now you know the full revolutionary meaning of Jesus' admonition:

"Let your word be yea, yea, nay, nay."

Californian said...

This is a complicated matter. Himmler and the SS command believed that the removal of "undesirables" from Europa was to be done clinically, with no one enjoying it. Sort of like surgery.

There was the more practical matter that officers like Taubner, who tolerated breakdowns in discipline associated with actually enjoying the havoc they wrought, undermined the efficiency of the Final Solution. The whole thing was to be run like an industrial machine, with no fun allowed along the way.

This also allowed the SS to pretend nothing untoward was going on.

But still, an interesting historical item.

Franz said...

Off topic, but maybe, just maybe more important than the finer points of the SS' past transgressions:

While all and sundry in Europe focus on the the Pharao and Sarko dissing a certain mid-eastern chieftain, Goldman et al have claimed Greece as a protectorate in all but name.

The new prime minister there - of course appointed, not elected - is the ultimate kleptocrat and insider, as evidenced by Lucas Papademos having the dubious honor of having occupied executive positions in BOTH the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, not to mention being a member of the trilateral commission in good standing.

Check out his biography:

Imagine being an average Greek and visualize the timeline of the demise of that nation's independence. As late as 2008 the Greek J6P had good reason to fancy himself a free man in a reasonably prosperous country.

Fast forward three years and the selfsame average Greek has likely been laid off, his pension halved, his taxes doubled, been told that he can't be trusted to vote "right" in a referendum on the nation's future and to top it off, has now been made subject to the whims of a viceroy in the service of New York.

All that remains is for Goldman to unfurl the broad pennant over the Acropolis and call in Blackwater/XE to ensure "orderly" tax collection.

Did I mention that the MSM in Germany is starting to hint that a "post-democratic" Europe isn't so bad after all?

Makes me sick.


Croesus said...

Californian. I can't agree with you about Greece. Sure, they're now run by the crooks and kleptocrats from Wall St. But they did much to get themselves into their own mess.

Yes, they did have a reasonably good standard of living but it was all smoke and mirrors. Everyone worked in the public sector, retired at 50 on index-linked pensions. All on borrowed money. Ok, I exaggerate, but you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

A related post that has a lot of interesting info & links:

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Northern Atheist. I also wanted to add in the book 'Forbidden Archeology' by Michael Cremo, and another good video is 'Secret Space' by Chris Everard.

All of these things I have pointed out are paths and pieces of the puzzle. Why we are being targeted for demise goes back a long, long, time.

That Lloyd Pye video is called 'Everything You Know is Wrong' and is very insightful, along with the story of an ape-like creature caught in Russia named Zana who ended bearing offspring from humans.

Some people like Bill Cooper, who was shot dead in his yard and also spoke out. He's more for the Christians. I listen to everyone, though, for everyone has a small piece.

Jordan Maxwell has great videos that should be watched. He knows what is up with the Vatican. His lectures on LAW are really good.

Nothing on this planet is what it seems. Don't even look into any of it if you can't handle it, because it really isn't "fun" to go down that rabbit hole as they call it.

Anonymous said...

Franz said...

While all and sundry in Europe focus on the the Pharao and Sarko dissing a certain mid-eastern chieftain, Goldman et al have claimed Greece as a protectorate in all but name.

Even more interesting, Franz, not many people are aware that China has bought (seriously) a big chunk of the port of Piraeus.

"Bolstered with vast financial reserves, vaulting ambition and a keen eye on further developing export markets in Europe, the Chinese have bought the lease to Greece’s largest container port in Piraeus for the next 35 years.

and how about this:-

"Nor is Greece alone in receiving such attention. Other struggling European economies have been either the target of predatory attention or the beneficiaries of Chinese largesse depending on how you look at it. This month a group of Chinese manufacturers hope to be given approval to develop a £40million (US$ 60m) plot in Athlone, central Ireland, and begin construction of a hub of schools, apartments, railways and factories to create
Chinese products. The Chinese plan to ship in 2,000 Chinese workers to construct the site, and eventually employ 8,000 Irish staff in what has been dubbed “Beijing-on-Shannon”.

Goldman Sachs may have a fight on their hands ...

Any comments?


PS: Forty million sounds a little chicken-feedish ... or am I just getting numbed by the astronomical sums swindled every day?


Anonymous said...

Franz said:

... Imagine being an average Greek and visualize the timeline of the demise of that nation's independence. As late as 2008 the Greek J6P had good reason to fancy himself a free man in a reasonably prosperous country.

The Greeks (bless 'em) are a fairly volatile nation and if they get it into their heads that they have been usurped, Papademos could well end up being burned in effigy -- and then in reality.

The Colonels were retired for a reason ... but they haven't evaporated. They're still there.


Jeremy said...

Franz - I'm with Croesus on this. The Greeks have lived royally for the last few decades off the sweat of the Germans and other hard-working northern Europeans. You of all people should know that! Sure, they're owned and run by crooks under the new dispensation. But what's new in that?

Franz said...

@ Croesus & Jeremy

Guys, check your premises: When the MSM reports that a crime was committed by raceless youths, you immediatly know what's going on. When, however, the MSM claims that all Greeks are useless bums retiring at 25, you don't seem to be as critical.

From what I've been told (family has friends living in Greece) a parasitic subset of the population lived very well indeed and continues to do so. That would be those connected to finance, the political parties and the higher echolons of the civil service.

Everybody else had and continues to have to work for a living. Just like you and me. Except that their wages are now halved and taxes doubled.

There is a time-honored propaganda playbook for strip-mining a country and making the people as a whole pay the interest for the debts incurred by a circle of insiders.

First the Argentinians were lazy bums and had to be straightened out.

Now the Greeks are lazy bums and have to be straightened out.

Tomorrow the Italians will be lazy bums.

And in the not so far future "the markets" will declare Britons and Americans lazy bums in need of straightening out.

There is the Icelandic way of dealing with onerous debts ("Screw you Bankstas!") and there is the Goldman way which consists in making the many pay for the luxury of the few for decades to come.

The Greeks are denied the first and forced into the second. To that I object.

@ UN

Yes, the Chinese use the currency crisis to gobble up whatever assets they deem valuable in the future.

I'd love to be able to look into the heads of world leaders and see how they define "long term". My best guess is this:

Beijing: 30 years
Tokyo: 5 years
Brussels: 3 months
London: 1 month
Washington: 2 weeks

white rose said...

I'd love to be able to look into the heads of world leaders and see how they define "long term". My best guess is this:

Beijing: 30 years
Tokyo: 5 years
Brussels: 3 months
London: 1 month
Washington: 2 weeks


Anonymous said... are the Jews to blame for the current EU/euro crisis? Did they somehow force the govts/populations of Italy/Greece/Spain to live high on the hog on borrowed German money? Please do tell!


Andreas said...

Franz, you can't gainsay that Greeks were largely the authors of their own misfortunes. If they had such a disfunctional system, well it was there responsibility. Nobody else's.

Croesus said...

UN - China is certainly buying a lot but it's a million miles from being strategic, at least for now. Remember we were saying the same thing about the Japs 20/30 years ago, they were buying up everything in sight in America. Don't hear too much about that now.

Anonymous said...

white rose said...

I'd love to be able to look into the heads of world leaders and see how they define "long term". My best guess is this:

Beijing: 30 years
Tokyo: 5 years
Brussels: 3 months
London: 1 month
Washington: 2 weeks

Washington: 2 weeks?

Forget it baby. Washington is run by a nog for nogs. Attention span? Suppertime or the next bowel movement ... whichever comes first.


Franz said...

@ Andreas

The Greeks were never asked if they wanted to join the Eurozone. Their government just did that (and also hired Goldman to cook the books).

As far as their system is concerned: I think there have been many instances where normal people have been subjugated to a kleptocracy which they despised but could not oust.

At some point (months or years) us Germans will be ordered to make good on the debts of the whole Eurozone. Will you then also say that it has been our own fault?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... are the Jews to blame for the current EU/euro crisis? Did they somehow force the govts/populations of Italy/Greece/Spain to live high on the hog on borrowed German money? Please do tell!


Once again, I smell burning straw.

Okay, I'll tell.

Let us look at all the Asian names. Note, I say Asian not Asiatic as in "Khazar."

Geithner, Madoff, Goldman, Sachs, Rothschild, Soros ... wait, wait, wait.

"... the book "Den of Thieves" by James B. Stewart. Jewish activist Alan Dershowitz called "Den of Thieves" an “anti-Semitic screed” and attacked a review by Michael M. Thomas in the New York Times Book Review because of his “gratuitous descriptions by religious stereotypes.” Thomas’s review contained the following passage:

James B. Stewart . . . charts the way through a virtual solar system of peculation, past planets large and small, from a metaphorical Mercury representing the penny-ante takings of Dennis B. Levine’s small fry, past the middling ($10 million in inside-trading profits) Mars of Mr. Levine himself, along the multiple rings of Saturn — Ivan F. Boesky, his confederate Martin A. Siegel of Kidder, Peabody, and Mr. Siegel’s confederate Robert Freeman of Goldman, Sachs — and finally back to great Jupiter: Michael R. Milken, the greedy billion-dollar junk-bond kingdom in which some of the nation’s greatest names in industry and finance would find themselves entrapped and corrupted.

Thomas was attacked as an anti-Semite simply for mentioning so many Jewish names all in one paragraph. His defense was to note that

“If I point out that nine out of 10 people involved in street crimes are black, that’s an interesting sociological observation. If I point out that nine out of 10 people involved in securities indictments are Jewish, that is an anti-Semitic slur. I cannot sort out the difference ...”

You can count the goy names on the fingers of one thumb.

Ball, JP. Advantage UN.

Your call.

Uncle Nasty

End Part one.

Anonymous said...

Begin Part 2.

More quotes:

"The evolutionary aspects of this situation are obvious. Jews were the ideal intermediary for any exploitative elite precisely because their interests, as a genetically segregated group, were maximally divergent from those of the exploited population. Such individuals are expected to have maximal loyalty to the rulers and minimal concerns about behaving in a purely instrumental manner, including exploitation, toward the rest of the population. (A People that Shall Dwell Alone, Ch. 5)


» Immanual Kant: Jews are “a nation of usurers . . . outwitting the people amongst whom they find shelter. . . . They make the slogan ‘let the buyer beware’ their highest principle in dealing with us.”

» Economic historian Werner Sombart: “With Jews [a Jew] will scrupulously see to it that he has just weights and a just measure; but as for his dealings with non-Jews, his conscience will be at ease even though he may obtain an unfair advantage.”

» Jewish historian Heinrich Graetz: “[The Polish Jew] took a delight in cheating and overreaching, which gave him a sort of joy of victory. But his own people he could not treat in this way: they were as knowing as he. It was the non-Jew who, to his loss, felt the consequences of the Talmudically trained mind of the Polish Jew.”

» Sociologist Max Weber: “As a pariah people, [Jews] retained the double standard of morals which is characteristic of primordial economic practice in all communities: What is prohibited in relation to one’s brothers is permitted in relation to strangers.”

» Zionist Theodor Herzl: Anti-Semitism is “an understandable reaction to Jewish defects” brought about ultimately by gentile persecution: Jews had been educated to be “leeches” who possessed “frightful financial power”; they were “a money-worshipping people incapable of understanding that a man can act out of other motives than money.”

» Edward A. Ross: “The authorities complain that the East European Hebrews feel no reverence for law as such and are willing to break any ordinance they find in their way. . . . The insurance companies scan a Jewish fire risk more closely than any other. Credit men say the Jewish merchant is often “slippery” and will “fail” in order to get rid of his debts. For lying the immigrant has a very bad reputation. In the North End of Boston “the readiness of the Jews to commit perjury has passed into a proverb.”

I can go on all day.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Begin Part 3

Edmund Connelly has reviewed the work of two academic historians, Paul Johnson (A History of the Jews) and Albert Lindemann (Esau’s Tears: Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews), who “have shown that this pattern of Jewish deception and fraud in pursuit of wealth and its legitimacy within the Jewish community have a long history.”

The key point is the legitimacy of fraud within the Jewish community. Successful fraudsters are not shunned but rather become pillars of the community:

Reflecting the legitimacy of white collar crime in the wider Jewish community in the contemporary world, [Michael] Milken is a pillar of the Jewish community in Los Angeles and a major donor to Jewish causes. Indeed, this is part of a pattern: Ivan Boesky donated $20 million to the library at the Jewish Theological Seminary. And the notorious Marc Rich has donated millions of dollars to a wide range of Jewish causes, including Birthright Israel, a program designed to increase Jewish identification among young Jews. The list of people supporting Rich’s pardon by Bill Clinton was ”a virtual Who’s Who of Israeli society and Jewish philanthropy.” A rabbi concerned about the ethics of these practices notes, “it is a rare Jewish organization that thinks carefully about the source of a donor’s money. … The dangerous thing is not that people make moral mistakes, but that we don’t talk about it.”

The idea is that the Jewish financial elite sees the non-Jewish world in instrumental terms — as objects with no moral value. As I noted earlier,

there is a strong suggestion that the financial elite behaved much more like an organized crime syndicate than as an elite with a sense of civic responsibility or commitment to the long term viability of the society. Whereas organized crime stems from the lower levels of society, this meltdown was accomplished at the very pinnacle of society — the Ivy League grads …, the wealthy financial firms and investment rating agencies, the strong connections with government that facilitated the bailout and failed to provide scrutiny while it was happening. It seems highly doubtful that all this would have happened with the former WASP elite.

I'd say, stop treating us like cattle and we'll stop treating you like vermin ... but stop before it's too late.

History, however, says that you won't because you cannot.

Any nation expelled from every country in the world -- often several times -- over the last three milennia, cannot learn.

If you have not learned by now, you never will.

Uncle Nasty

SAVANT said...

"At some point (months or years) us Germans will be ordered to make good on the debts of the whole Eurozone. Will you then also say that it has been our own fault?"

Franz, I was inclined to agree with Andreas and others re the Greek people being responsible for their own problems. But the point above is compelling and makes me change my mind. No matter what happens the Germans will pay anyway. They always do. Don't you ever get fed up of it?

SAVANT said...

UN - I'm copying your last 3 comments into the next post as they're very stimulating and probably more appropriate there.

Anonymous said...

SAVANT said...

"At some point (months or years) us Germans will be ordered to make good on the debts of the whole Eurozone. Will you then also say that it has been our own fault?"

Franz, I was inclined to agree with Andreas and others re the Greek people being responsible for their own problems. But the point above is compelling and makes me change my mind. No matter what happens the Germans will pay anyway. They always do. Don't you ever get fed up of it?

I refer you to the link:-

Germany ends World War One reparations after 92 years with £59m final payment

Germany will finally clear its First World War debt by repaying nearly £60million this weekend.

The £22billion reparations were set by the Allied victors – mostly Britain, France and America – as compensation and punishment for the 1914-18 war.

The reparations were set at the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919, by the Allied victors - mostly Britain, France and America.

Most of the money was intended to go to Belgium and France, whose land, towns and villages were devastated by the war, and to pay the Allies some of the costs of waging it.

The initial sum agreed upon for war damages in 1919 was 226 billion Reichsmarks, a sum later reduced to 132 billion. In sterling at the time this was the equivalent of some £22 billion.

That was in September ... last year.

It's rather like having a huge belching, farting slob of a brother-in-law, flopping on your couch and hogging the remote for four generations -- while insulting you and, into the bargain, making lewd remarks to your children.

If it were me, I'd be pissed off by now.

Uncle Nasty

Franz said...

@ Savant

Our great fault as a people is our lack of moderation. Ever since '45 we have been nice and docile in the extreme.

But the way things are shaping up, Germany as a whole is bound to get mad.

You all won't like us when we get mad.

I probably won't like us when we get mad.

Right now we have a window of opportunity to walk away from the whole Euro mess and try to rebuild the status quo ante.

Such work would occupy our minds and bring forth our best qualities.

If - on the other hand - we remain shackled to the European debt-chaingang, my nation is bound to throw a fit at some point.

And our neighbours in said chaingang will, in one way or the other, bear the brunt of us showing our ugly side.

Example: One influential politician, Ottinger by name, has already (and seriously) suggested that indebted nations should only be allowed to hoist their flags half as high as us Germans.

If the EU as a prison of nations remains in its current form, that prison will - by virtue of numbers and economic firepower - end up being dominated by petty and spiteful German bureaucrats like Mr Oettinger.

This is not a prospect I relish. I'd rather see us as independent builders and producers than prison bloc bullies.

But considering how things are going, the latter is a real possibility.

Occidental said...

Franz, personally I'd like to see Germany revert a bit more to the 'old' or 'bad' Germany. Which was never as bad as we were told anyway, as is becoming increasingly obvious.

Personally, i f I were German, I'd be seriously pissed off at the rolling out of the Nazi images every time you fail to pony up on demand.

I also believe that more of the 'old' Germany would give the multikults and cultural enrichers short shrift, which could benefit us all over Europe.

Californian said...

Here's something to ponder before the strange case of Max Taubner disappears down the Minitru memory hole:

Consider the crime for which Herr Taubner was executed: sadistic killing of civilians.

Now consider how in Africa, these sorts of sadistic killings go on all the time. And we can add such festivities as cannibalism, mutilation of prisoners, starvation of enemy tribes, impressment of child soldiers, non-stop looting, farm attacks, torture of crime victims (in SA), tossing dissidents to the crocodiles, and a lot of other things which never make it to the six o'clock news.

Here's my point: when the Nazis engaged in atrocities way back in the 1930s and '40s, it brought down the wrath of the world upon Germany. And even today there is considerable propaganda about how horrible the Nazis were, even though Nazi Germany has long since been ground into dust.

So why then do we not see Western liberals show the same horror over the ways in which Africans treat people? And African atrocities are not something that are decades old, but are going on today, and show no sign of abating.

Consider how anyone who shows any hint of Naziism today will feel the full furies of the liberal establishment. David Irving, for simply questioning some aspects of the official line on WWII, ended up being persecuted. Why, then, do those same liberals not show some similar outrage over the havoc wrought by black Africans? Why do the same liberals who would faint in shock over an Irving break bread with black Africans, and invite them to migrate en masse into Europe and North America?

Look at how the liberal world united to hand over Rhodesia and South Africa to the "black majority" who are now engaged in the sort of atrocities for which the Nazis are still condemned today. Yet how often have liberals called for military action to stop African atrocities? Or even called for a boycott of the parties responsible?

OK, there is a double standard here among liberals. But it goes deeper, I think. There is a real pathology among liberals these decadent days.


F McCool said...

Ca;ifornian. It's called the tryanny of low expectations. Germans were the apogee of civilisation, Africans the nadir. In addition it's very convenient for lots of people - not only the obvious ones - to continue to demonise Germany and Germans.

Fiachra O'Blodbaoith said...

Fiachra O'Blodbaoith said;
Savant, Savant, look---I am not going to say that the received history of the period 1914-1945 is host to lacunae; nor would I say that a truly objective accounting of the period remains to be written. I am saying that as regards a proper rendering of those events goes, the very concept of such does not yet exist.

Anonymous said...

Occidental, you are spot on. I myself find it disgusting that Germans are constantly reminded of how terrible they were, when they are Europe's most poductive and decent people. The English always have a snidey quip, when in all honesty they've never managed to do anything without someone else's help.

Not to mention they are the only country that can build a car I wouldn't accept for free.

Heraclitus said...

Fiachra O'Blodbaoith - are saying what Choe En Lai said about the French Revolution?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The English always have a snidey quip, when in all honesty they've never managed to do anything without someone else's help.

Not to mention they are the only country that can build a car I wouldn't accept for free.

Oh, I don't know about that. have you ever owned a French car?


Fiachra O'Blodbaoith said...

Fiachra O'Blodbaoith said;
Heraclitus, no. Chou En-Lai said, I think that as regards the French Revolution it was "too soon to tell"---not quite what I mean. I am saying that all commentaries, all histories, the whole narrative of the German/European experience from August 1914 right through to 1945 and onwards to now has been entirely skewed. Savant asks, where else have we been deceived? I ask much the same question.
Oh, Anonymous---French cars are ok.

Anonymous said...

'You all won't like us when we get mad.

I probably won't like us when we get mad.'

I'll come and join your army when you get mad..Whites shouldn't make the same mistake twice

James Lord said...

Fiachra O'Blodbaoith - where else have we been deceived? Indeed, I ask myself that question all the time now.

Anonymous said...

Fiachra O'Blodbaoith said;

Oh, Anonymous---French cars are ok.

Actually, I was the one who trashed French cars as two friends of mine bought Citroens which were forever breaking from day one.

On the other hand, however, my dad bought a Hillman Arrow with (wait for it) a Peugeot engine and the bloody thing lasted forever.

So, I guess I was being a bit unfair.


Anonymous said...

Almost on topic.

Hey, the tribe don't have the copyright on genocide© ... do they?

UN delegation to investigate the possibility of genocide in South Africa.

by The Afrikaner Journal on Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 10:22am

Archive copy, of an article published by PRAAG (The Pro-Afrikaans Action Group).
Original can by viewed here:

Genocide Investigation Probe

After many letters and three overseas visits to bring violent attacks on Afrikaner farmers to the attention of the international community, PRAAG welcomes the imminent visit of a UN delegation to investigate the possibility of genocide in South Africa.

The Pro-Afrikaans Action Group’s leader, Dr. Dan Roodt, said: “The announcement by Mr. Castro Wesamba that the United Nations is sending an expert delegation to investigate farm murders and other forms of ethnic violence in our country shows that the international community has not forgotten us. But it had also been necessary for PRAAG and an anonymous farmer from Rustenburg to wage an international campaign around the issue before we got the necessary response.”

Within the context of the Malema trial currently taking place in the Johannesburg High Court, South Africa finds itself already, according to Roodt, “in the midst of what the United Nations has been calling in their most recent terminology an identity conflict. For considerable time now, we have been maitaining that the level of violence, dehumanisation, hate speech and open incitement to ethnic conflict and even genocide is not normal, not at all.

However, the South African public and Afrikaners in particular have been conditioned to accept these extreme conditions as normal with some attempting to protect themselves against these by means of ad hoc and individual measures.”

All right, it is a bit old, and the UN have all the credibility of a chocolate kettle -- but I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies.

Anyone know if the useless UN fuckweasels actually made it? Or if they're going to, or what?


justme said...

Needless to say the UN will do nothing practical about this genocide. However, and it's a big however, if they formally designate what's happening as genocide it will, or should, open up the western countries to white South Africans who want to escape. No small thing.

Unknown said...

Excerpts from Verdict of the SS Court in Munich, against
SS-Untersturmfuehrer Max Taubner, 24 of May 1943
['The Good Old Days' - E. Klee, W. Dressen, V. Riess, The Free Press,
NY, 1988, p, 196-207]

1. The accused shall not be punished because of the actions against
the Jews as such. The Jews have to be exterminated and none of the
Jews that were killed is any great loss. Although the accused should
have recognized that the extermination of the Jews was the duty of
Kommandos which were set up especially for this purpose, he should
be excused for considering himself to have the authority to take
part in the extermination of Jewry himself. Real hatred of the Jews
was the driving motivation for the accused.

Allowances have been made for the fact that the accused were, without
exception, acting on the orders of and under the responsibility
of Untersturmfuehrer Max Taubner. In this respect, their own
culpability may be described as slight...

The cases against these accused have therefore been dismissed.
So Mr. Savant, care to explain why you didn't mention this?
If there was no program to exterminate the Jews, then what was this judge in Munich talking about when he rendered his verdict?
I think you are dishonest.

Unknown said...

Taubner foi julgado e condenado por mostrar fotos dos massacres a sua esposa e não pelo ato em si que segundo o tribunal, era sua obrigação e uma necessidade para o 3ro Reich.

Unknown said...

A sentença do caso Taubner é muito clara: Taubner estava sendo punido por mostrar fotos do massacre a sua esposa e amigos e não pelo ato em si visto que o extermínio de judeus era uma necessidade para o governo do 3ro Reich. Esta tentativa de distorcer o conteúdo da sentença e uma clara prova de como costumam agir os negadores do holocausto que querem a todo custo fazer com que o mundo esqueça do genocídio de judeus, ciganos, homossexuais e alemães com qualquer tipo de deficiência física ou mental.