Monday, 14 November 2011

There's none so blind........

Over at Occidental Dissent they're printed an excerpt of a new book by historian Eric Foner entitled Reconstruction: America's Unfinished Revolution.

“Secessionist emissaries spread a nightmare vision of Republican rule. One warned of consigning Southern daughters “to pollution and violation to gratify the lust of half-civilized Africans.” Another predicted political equality, which meant “black governors, black legislatures, black juries, black everything.” These overwrought fears made effective rhetoric, but they would be difficult to shake when emancipation and equal suffrage became a reality.”

Now everything here, from 'overwrought fears' to 'rhetoric' to 'nightmare vision' suggests that such visions turned out to be completely unreasonable. In fact, just like with Enoch Powell, they've proven to be uncannily accurate.

Consigning Southern daughters “to pollution and violation to gratify the lust of half-civilized Africans.” Check.

“black governors, black legislatures, black juries, black everything.” Check.

I'd love to know the reaction if you pointed out these simple factsto the 'historian'. He'd just have to see how ludicrous that excerpt is. Then again, maybe he wouldn't.


Bemused stare said...

Said similar things when the decision was made to hand South Africa over. Guess we were wrong, it's a multicultural utopia and a shining example to the world of how wonderful black rule is.

Franz said...

I havn't been over the pond in a while, but I wonder how many Americans secretly daydream about a Southern victory and history taking another course.

Especially now, that their choice of president is likely limited to the Pharao or Herman "Lybia - wait a second" Cain.

Should Cain really be nominated, reality has finally cought up to that old Simpson's episode from the 90s. Where the two bloodthirsty extraterrestrials stand for election and - of course - one of them wins.

"Don't blame me. I voted for Korg!"

Anonymous said...

Didn't mention the book's author is Jewish. An oversight, Savant, or deliberate?

Tournesol said...

Christianism has never done well its job of protecting its people.
Not very surprising, why would a religion immigrated from middle east protect european people?
Until the council of Nicea of 325, at least things were kept in check: Usury, death. Inter-religious (in that time it meant interethnic), death...After that, chaos, until that farcical point in 2011 when the pope gives free advice to the bankers regarding the interest rates, just to be left alone, comfortably watching the collapsing world from their churches, fearing of being branded intolerant or we know what.
The pope has become a biggot woman shaking for a reputation when he should be a warrior, spitting fire at 'wall street', re-establihing the rules of 325 and doing what his supposed model taught him to do: throwing away the merchants in the temple, not making bussiness with them. Maybe then i could believe, but not this abominable caricature of christianity. I vomit this church as an usurper and ask to go back to the roots of our ancestral beliefs.

kulak said...

Didn't mention the book's author is Jewish.

Figured that one out all on your own, didja?

An oversight, Savant, or deliberate?

Well shit man, it's not like that link to that "Atlas Mugged" blog about the little bicycle salesman (personally I think he just should've charged triple, not refused service altogether.)

You oughtta warn us about links like that, Savant! I immediately recoiled from the neocon broad like Curly.

Anonymous said...

It's tribal warfare between white people, pure and simple.

Remember that Eric Foner, of Columbia University, has spent his entire life in or around New York:

What happens in the South, or majority black areas, is none of his concern. It's highly unlikely that Affirmative Action Babies are going to challenge his twenty year tenure at Columbia.

And the blacks he meets at Columbia will be Affirmative Action Babies, always there because some white person deigned to let them in. They're few enough to not be problems and they're firmly under Daddy White Man's Thumb.

He will never have to live with the consequences of the policies he espouses.

This entire stream of thought is the way in which his tribe (the self styled elites) show their superiority over the lesser white tribes, especially in the South.

They can show they are better morally, because they support greater black power (where others will have to live with the consequences.)

They show their economic superiority by not having to worry about what blacks are doing to crime rates, school systems, house prices, etc. They can insulate, don'cha know?

They show their intellectual superiority with their academic credentials, and their insouciance in the face of Affirmative Action. As IF some coloured person should keep them out!

(Remember, if their are "disproportionately" few coloured people in college, industry etc., then that's apparently proof that America is not a meritocracy.

(But that never seems to extend to themselves. They're not volunteering to give their places up to some minority candidate.

(Nah, whenever *they* get somewhere, it's always ENTIRELY down to merit. *snorts*)

D said...

Honor and truth died at Gettysburg, felled by self-righteous yankee puritans and their jew bankers.

awakened said...

Tournesol - the pope and the catholic church are reacting exactly the same way as everyone else in the west. They've swallowed 'the narrative' hook, line and sinker.

rambaloosa said...

Yes, it's the beauty of the tenured liberal. All the benefits of diversity, none of the drawbacks, all while maintaining the high moral postion. Unlike these goy rednecks.

john said...

@ Tournesol - Please don't equate catholicism with Christianity ; they are not the same and actually are at odds with each other. the true Christian still decries usury, etc. I too roundly reject catholicism , but wholly and complete embrace Christianity. It is logical, and it's tenets [ the Bible] are true and scientifically and archeologically verifiable. There are Christians and congregations out there that are true to The Word and to Jesus' teachings. There are plenty of us who understand WHO we are and who/what the jew is, as well as understand the accurate and correct Biblical teachings on race[s] and separation of same. Don't give up because of rome's hijacking of the 'church' and it's farcical impersonation of the Christian religion.

And Franz, I can't give you a number, but I assure you there are multitudes of us that consider daily how much better the world would be had our gallant forefathers stood off the murdering yankee horde successfully.

Anonymous said...

@bemused stare, you are kidding of course aren't you?

Heraclitus said...

john - what you say is so true. When I look at the wealth, eartky power and arrogance of the Pope and the Catholic church in general I see the polar opposite of what Jesus taught.

Anonymous said...

Reconstruction is happening everywhere,it was'nt just a one-off event that occurred in The South after The War.

For instance,the other evening I took a couple of my Grandkids 10 pin bowling.Now this is not an activity I enjoy very much as I'm pretty hopeless at it and my ball seems to have a fatal attraction for the gutter.
I'm also reminded of Bill Murrays marvelously sleazy performance in "Kingpin",the best of the Farrely brothers films.

But I digress.Cursing fluently,as another ball clattered into the gutter,my humour was hardly improved when,a mixed race family started to play in the next lane.Unusually he was white,she black as coal.Their two brown sons were wearing Irish football shirts.

Worse,I soon heard the father speaking in a South African accent!.My granddaughter,who knows what I'm like,elbowed me in the ribs and told me to concentrate on the game.

Now as far as I'm concerned,anybody White is welcome to live here,I don't care where you are from as long as your skin tone lowers the proportion of blacks in the population.But by what right do that family have to be living in this country?.Mullatto sons officially as Irish as my own blood;probably even MORE so as mine have dual passports.

Reconstruction everywhere.

Sorry for the rant but it enraged me.


Piet said...

mr. a. - that's an odd situation, white male, black female. He must be well endowed to fill that crater. Without doubt she got in here as some kind of refugee. I can understand your rage. I see it every day here in Dublin, porch monkerys swarming around everywhere you look. And these fuckers are Irish and hence UE passport holders.

Rob said...

With the institution of slavery and its subsequent abolition, a race problem was inevitable in America from an early stage. But we in Europe always had the chance to look across the pond, shake our heads sadly and resolve never to let it happen to us. Instead, our countries have been open to the Third World for the last 40 or 50 years, and we're told it's good for us. No revenge is cruel enough for those responsible for that.

Anonymous said...

Though I used to visit my family annually, I haven't been to Ireland since 1999. Granted, I was in the North (Armagh) mostly, but I used to stay in Dublin and Galway for a couple of weeks each trip. Has it really gotten that bad?? Dear God - what the hell happened?!

Windy City Irish Pollack

Jeremy said...

and Rob, the fuckers who organised this invasion knew exactly what they were up to. The destruction of our society as we knew it.

Bemused stare said...

Pensioner said...

@bemused stare, you are kidding of course aren't you?

Very definitely.

Mr A
I could not tell you my thoughts on the slime you encountered at the bowling alley without Sav's blog getting ditched.

RegThe Hedge said...

Savant certainly has his charm, Jared Taylor also is a required read.

My favorite JaredTaylor article yet.

I would also encourage people to buy his book White Identity. I read it in four nights. A genuine page turner. It also has the added benefit of enabling a tireless worker, hell bent on securing the future of our people, to carry oit his work.

In this anti white world it takes cojones muy grande to stand up and support our sorry arses. I am hoping Savany will reveal himself when he retires and is out from umder the thumb of our Liberal Nazi oppressors.

SAVANT said...

I'm easing gently into retirement at which point I'll reveal myself in all my glory. Can't wait, to be honest. I feel a bit guilty tho' in fornt of the many Muslim friends I made over the years. While we've disagreed in the past they'll be stunned by some of the stuff I've written about the Religion of Peace...

RegThe Hedge said...

Good man Savant. I'm quite a bit away from retirement myself, but I salivate for the day I can stand proud. Although. I have not made any secrets to people I take as friends. I see it as my mission not to convert but to enable people to openly advocate and talk about our "situation". Over the past six years I have had massive unexpected success. In fact, in my opiniom and expetience people simply need someone to take the first move, after that everyone openly talks about the sickness that envelopes the whilt man. I have groups of co workers openly (within the group) discussing subjects that would get them fired.
I habe mentioned before here on this blog that my objective is to make money to support our cause. Fortunately I am succeeding, I can't say mote than that.

Anonymous said...

None so blind as those that choose not to see

Mark Siebenaler said the drugs are for medicinal purposes, following a brain injury about 20 years ago. (Which I guess is forgotten in a smoky haze?)

He said: 'I smoke marijuana and I'm not ashamed to say it.' But in Minnesota marijuana is illegal.

'It's disappointing when someone in law enforcement gets caught breaking the law. In this case it is particularly disappointing.'

Police raiding the property found scales, drug paraphernalia, weapons as well as the marijuana.

Reminds me that a lot of slave owners in the States were African-Americans. Isn't it a shame thta these entrepreneurs are omited from the history books? For shame. To those sickos at Modern Brides.

Shaunantijihad said...

"While we've disagreed in the past they'll be stunned by some of the stuff I've written about the Religion of Peace..."

The 3rd world is not a geographical phenomenon, otherwise it could not expand or contract. Only 3rd world people or ideologies oppose freedom of speech. If your "muslim" friends oppose you then they oppose freedom of speech. Only 3rd worlders and totalitarians oppose freedom of speech via "hate" laws. Are they 3rd worlders then? Ask them.

Anonymous said...

Savant, maybe you could pen some new R&B lyrics to rival those of Nas, L'il Wayne, Snoop Noggy Nogg, Kanye West...or my own - ahem! - humble yet worthy efforts:

Have yu eva seen a nigger
Jiggin' laak a jigger
Jigger laak dey jiggaboo do
Jiggin' wit da niggabwai croo
Coz ah said u no dat beez TROO...


Shaunantijihad said...

Ha! You can't have a communist one world government with countries full of independent, anti-big government whites, now can you?

Blacks naturally want the Big Chief Government to provide for them. It's in their nature and they serve the communists' purpose well.

Anonymous said...

Good work Reg.

There are far more than we imagine who,for one reason or another,keep their mouths shut and their heads down.Perhaps through fear or perhaps even a misplaced sense of guilt.

I believe there are even more,the majority indeed,who may experience nothing stronger than a vague sense of unease at the changes being forced on their societies.It may be hard for us to understand how anybody could not be outraged,especially after the acceleration of the last 20 years or so,but I believe the "vaguely uneasy" are the majority.

Anything that can push this section towards not only fully opening their eyes but also openly articulating their feelings can only be a good thing.


Andreas said...

the "vaguely uneasy" are indeed the majority. There's also a huge 'blissfully unaware' minority.

That's why an economic collapse would be the best thing for the west.

kulak said...


Christianism has never done well its job of protecting its people.

Everything white people like about Christianity comes from white people.

Organized Christianity blows with the wind. When we had race men for kings, the church supported monarchy and the race.

northern athiest said...

kulak said Organized Christianity blows with the wind. When we had race men for kings, the church supported monarchy and the race.

Exactly. That's why they're now so tolerant of gays, race-mixing etc.

Anonymous said...

"Ha! You can't have a communist one world government with countries full of independent, anti-big government whites, now can you?"

I'd love to know what they plan to run this one world state on when the oil runs out? Fairy dust?

Anonymous said...

northern athiest said...

kulak said Organized Christianity blows with the wind. When we had race men for kings, the church supported monarchy and the race.

Folks, I am missing a point here. What are "race men"?


tokyo paddy said...

I presume kulak means people who are conscious of and defenders of their race?

Anonymous said...

There's none so blind, indeed.

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!

Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17.
Scottish author & novelist (1771 - 1832)

That dreadful (and plentiful) bird, the bearded crusty sandal-wearer, keeps informing us how guilty we are.

Guilty, guilty, guilty of everything. Stomping on the downtrodden nog; despoiling the Mother Gaia; polluting the atmosphere; condemning thousands of our little furry and feathered friends to extinction ...
Thousands of ickle woodland folk stamped out, never to return -- because of the white man's greed and cupidity.

How may times have you read of some green asshole stating that we condemn thousands of species a year to extinction with our draining of the swamps and marshes (or wetlands ... the new buzzword)? Irrigating deserts? clearing brush?

Some estimates of the extinction of species run at dozens -- if not scores -- every day.

Well ... maybe not.

The Inconvenient Truth about Species Extinction
By James D. Agresti

"Overall, species loss is now occurring at a rate 1,000 times greater than the natural background rate," says Al Gore in the Academy Award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth. However, new data published in a peer-reviewed journal illustrate how this claim, shown in the video clip below, is radically misleading.

... Gore fails to mention that this "natural background rate" he speaks of is a fossil-based estimate burdened with so many assumptions that a 2005 Cambridge University Press book on biodiversity (page 139) states that no "serious" attempt has been made to "judge the reliability" of this figure. Indeed, the "uncertainties at each stage of the calculation" would make the effort worthless. The book goes on to explain, "Probably no one will be surprised if this estimate is off by a factor of 10 or even 100."

To illustrate the vacuousness of comparing modern extinction rates to the so-called background extinction rate, we need only to apply Gore's "1,000 times" claim to some hard data, which we can find in a recently published paper in the journal Diversity and Distributions.

The authors of this paper analyzed the "actual historical record of extinctions" and found that a total of 190 birds and land-dwelling mammals have gone extinct since the year 1500.

Well, whattaya know? We're not the monsters we thought we were.

Or are always told we are.

Over to you, Mr Gore.


Hector G. said...

UN - I always doubted these figures. I felt there would be nothing left by now. Same as 'an area of the Amazon rain forest the size of France or Russia or whatever disappears every day'. Just do the math and there'd be no rain forest at all in no time.

Anonymous said...

Millie the Moocher will be attending a dinner with Barry Soetero, husband of MichaelLaVaughn Robinson, where seats are $10 000 to $3 800 which will be obvioulsy attended by 99%ers like Occupy Wall Street sorts and
Kevin Jennings a pal of the NationalAssociation of Marlon Brando Look Alikes.

I do not know if Joe Paterno will be attending.

I mean Khicago's Kleverest Kitizen will be attending the event which was scheduled for the same day the Kwanzaa lights get turned on a Rockefeller Centre which means that a large nuumber of people will be inconvienced so that the Obaman can meet with his fellow 99%ers.

You will not read that in the press because you refuse to see the valuable service the MSM provides.

Anonymous said...

OF COURSE you won't read about that in the press...