Saturday, 19 November 2011

Now THAT's what I call a property collapse

In the previous post's comments section there's a lively debate on the viability of China's economic miracle. If this pic is anything to go by their property market could collapse any time now.


FatCatNot said...

They really need to close those windows on the front of the building. If it rains, water will get into those rooms...then mold will commence to grow on the walls on the inside.

THEN what will they do?

whitevanman said...

Great point Fatcat. And the Chinese are supposed to be so clever.

Anonymous said...

The Simpsons already done it.

Bemused stare said...

Well, you save on running elevators I guess. Must suck trying to hang ones curtains though.

Anonymous said...

An Bin Rong asks Michael, his wife, "Did the Earth move for you?"

Anonymous said...

I think you boys are being completely unfair.

A couple of million Chinese with strong ropes, a few more with really strong bamboo poles, some REALLY big cranes and a few gallons of super-glue will get that place back on its feet again.

It's looking better (and far less embarrassing) than, let's say, the Twin Towers.


Rob said...

Ship it out to Africa as it is. You'll soon have squatters slitting each others' throats for apartments in it.

Rastus said...

Wonder how many chinks were under it wne it fell?

Anonymous said...

Damn, that image fascinates me.

That has to be the tidiest and most orderly disaster I have ever seen.

It could almost be Swiss.


nemesis said...

Almost as neat as WTC Building 7.

Anonymous said...

In this case, I would believe the steel melted.

nemesis said...

Yeah, they should have got Larry Silverstein to arrange an orderly collapse like WTC 7.

john said...

Typical chinese quality...

Jerry said...

They used to say bad things about Japanese quality for a long time as well. How's that working out?

Artur said...

That tower collapsed in 2010 on the outskirts of Beijing.

Lots of buildings collapse in China, that's why all those little schoolchildren got smooshed in the earthquake. The Chinks don't dig deep foundations. Everything there is superficial and shitty. Father Ricci explains it in the link below.

The chinks are a devious little race who should never aspire to the heights of greatness they so admire about the white race. They are only capable of copying other races' achievements (wink wink), and rendering shitty reproductions therefore.

As a craftsman, I despise the Chinese almost as much as erectus, because I am forced to use their shitty tools.

See this for all you need to know about why chinks are truly contemptible :



Anonymous said...

Artur says:

See this for all you need to know about why chinks are truly contemptible :

Fabulous article from AMREN, the penultimate paragraph summing it up:

"To anyone reared in the West, the indifference of the entire non-Western world to such a spectacularly useful innovation as printing seems amazing. The reason for this indifference is that all non-Western cultures have had the same attitude of smug self-congratulation and disdain for foreigners as Father Ricci noted among the Chinese.

The self-criticism and fascination with other civilizations that have characterized Western civilization from its beginning have been a crucial factor in its rise to predominance.

I love that. I read same attitude of smug self-congratulation and disdain for foreigners and I immediately think of the overweening and unjustified arrogance of say, the nigger in Iceland, who learned to tie his own shoelaces and sees himself as prince material ... or America's phirst phamily of phuckwits.

AMREN is wonderful.

Uncle Nasty

James Lord said...

I've had increasing business contact with the Chinese over the last few years. Their ethical standards are different to ours. They have absolutely no appreciation of intellectual property. Look at it the same was as nogs look at cash in the till - there to be taken.

Also extraordinarily cruel and indifferent to animals - no feeling at all it seems to me. The Japanese are very different.

Corkonian said...

I was absolutely stunned looking at the photo. Here in Ireland we'd put in a bigger foundation for a five foot wall. Seriously. How they even get it built with it collapsing?

Anonymous said...

Corkonian I think they built the foundations above ground to save money.

Anonymous said...

A comment from the Slog ... with whom I disagree quite a lot, but:

GLOBAL ECONOMY SKETCH: Little faith, no hope, and not a lot of charity on the global economic front.

“Oooaaaaarr farrrkkk…” (Quote from Wang Quishan, China’s financial commissar)

“Reality is starting to overtake hope,” remarked Texas Congressman Jeb Hensarling late yesterday. Actually, he was referring to the farce that is the 12-man congressional deficit committee, but he might just as well have been talking about the world. In both cases, I think it would be fairer to say that reality has now lapped hope several times. Trust me, hope is out of the running for any medals, because hope has stopped. Hope is a collapsed heap of sweat in the outside track.

The men in Beijing are running, however – for the hills. So you can assume that things are bad. Wang Quishan, China’s financial commissar, said his country was planning for “a prolonged global recession”, and many regional observers are seeing this as the signal for fiscal loosening. China, they say, will from here on be looking for domestic demand. Let’s hope the proespecting pays off, because if the mainly very poor Chinese don’t do any serious demanding, who’s going to buy Chinese output when the eurozone is in a slump, and America is still arguing about whether to just sort of sink a little more into the debt quicksand, or disappear rapidly from view?

Beijing’s major concern for 18 months now has been that the 97% of not even slightly rich Chinese might move on from demanding a fridge, and begin demanding the local Party chief’s balls as some form of minor compensation. In the FT, Jamil Anderlini pointed out that the Chinese still have a ramshackle infrastructure of their own in chronic need of investment. Why, he asked, would the Chinese help out fat eurocrats when their own people had hospitals with worse staff and less glass than a bus-shelter in Nottingham? Why indeed?

Don't you just love the last sentence?


Anonymous said...

Rastus said...

Wonder how many chinks were under it w(hen) it fell?

Not very PC, Rastus, but I must admit the old expression "A chink in his armour ..." has always conjured up strange images for me.


Anonymous said...

I did a search for this disaster, and discovered a few interesting things. It's far worse than one thinks.

Firstly the event happened in Shanghai in 2008.

In the accompanying images, there are several noteworthy points.

A Japanese consultant specialising in earthquake-proof structures stated that the foundation beams should -- in NORMAL soil -- have been a minimum of two metres in diameter and of a solid, hard concrete-rebar construction.

From the images one can see the foundation beams (hah!) or "twigs" if you prefer -- are no bigger in diameter than two feet; are mostly hollow (FFS!!) and in several cases are totally lacking any rebar at all ... Look at the image. Only two beams show any evidence of rebar.

Also note the crumbling, flaky, sandy appearance of some of the exposed beams(?) A dead giveaway of a poor concrete mix. But then they were foundations -- never meant to be seen.

I recommend this quick-and-dirty how-to-build-your-own-skyscraper intro here:

As the author of the article says:- They built 13 stories on (a) grade, with no basement, and tied it all down to hollow pilings with no rebar.

Brought to you by the same folks that make your kids' toys and want to build your car.
Now that, folks, is a snafu. Don't you feel better now, that these are the folks manufacturing nearly EVERYTHING we buy and use today?

Another point that should be made is that China has the fastest growing car population in the world ... and new buildings have no parking basements?

In closing, you'll note that this fuckup is just one of several identical apartments in the same area.

All the locals must be queueing up to get into the others ... no?


PS: Article on rebar here:


northern athiest said...

Uncle - they also make a huge proportion of the components that go into our defense equipment. That's a reassuring thought!

Anonymous said...

northern athiest said...

Uncle - they also make a huge proportion of the components that go into our defense equipment. That's a reassuring thought!

A point that's made several times in the Covington books is the reliance of the USA* on fault-prone Asian-manufactured components wielded by piss-ignorant and incompetent affirmative action hires.
One of the most wonderful subtexts of the books is that the USA is, by now, so constipated with political correctness, that they literally cannot help themselves reacting in approved knee-jerk fashion even as the waters close over their heads.

This is often used as a weapon against them.

*By the USA, i mean what is known as ZOG ... the Zionist Occupied Government -- a term, that I am happy to report, is becoming widely accepted ... and comes from Covington.

Read the books.


PS: Do a yahoo search for "ZOG". You'll get a few interesting surprises. The one from Wikipedia is hilarious -- damage control at it's very best.


pdf1 said...

ZOG is becoming more more visible. What do you expect from Wikipedia??

Anonymous said...

It's alright to say things can only get better,
You haven't lost your brand new tower

Anonymous said...

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