Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Is anywhere safe?

The Icelanders are an amazing and admirable people. With a language and culture going back over a millennium, they have survived in one of the world’s most inhospitable environments. Frozen over for half the year, and at any time liable to be engulfed by an earthquake, smothered by a volcano or swamped by a tsunami , they have not alone survived, but prospered. Until the recent depredations visited on them by their own banksters they consistently featured amount the top handful of countries in the Human Development Index. (They’re still there but understandably have fallen a bit).

You should note that this capacity to prosper in adverse conditions is the polar opposite of Africa, where, even with abundant natural wealth and resources, the population is mired in poverty and ignorance.

A reader in Iceland sent me this link, which so enraged me that, to use Uncle Nasty’s term, I nearly curried my drawers in fury. It’s about Kenyan ‘asylum’ seeker Paul Ramses (who fled from Italy!) who’s taken up residence in Iceland, and who has now been granted citizenship. Bad enough, you might say. But grit your teeth and hold on to something solid while I tell you of his plans. Not alone is he threatening to “live in Iceland for the rest of his life“ he plans to start his own mini-tribe there.

"I'm African," he said. "I want 12 children. So I have ten to go." So instead of cringing with shame and embarrassment at the prospect of unleashing a mob of retarded, welfare-dependent, criminal parasites on the unfortunate Icelandic public, he brags about it. He didn‘t mention that it‘s also the African way to dump the care ond maintenance of said chirrun on the ever-accommodating and much vilified white man.

But that‘s not the best of it! He also intends to run for President! And what does this unemployed, ignorant useless parasite bring to the Presidential Table? Sadly, he doesn‘t specify. Perhaps, looking far down to the south west he sees another Kenyan who made President, whose only experience was that of a 'community organiser‘. Maybe Ramses will become a community organiser as well? And how about this for confidence: "I've already written my acceptance speech. That time will undoubtedly come."
This delusional self-confidence doesn‘t develop by accident. I‘d bet that this guy is a celebrity in Iceland. That they‘ve bought into the endless stream of MSM/Hollywood propaganda telling us how gifted and intelligent black people are, and how they add vibrancy to our societies and enrich them. On that topic, Iceland‘s population is a minuscule 300,000. Can you imagine the impact of this guy‘s twelve offspring (who‘ll start vigorously reproducing once they reach puberty) on an unsuspecting population of young Icelandic women? (Not to mention those he'll knock up himself in due course - that's also the 'African way'). Do the maths. It wouldn‘t take more than a few generations for the island‘s gene pool to become seriously polluted with the African strain.

Is nowhere safe?


Rob said...

Very depressing. To protect its gene pool, the first thing any White country needs to do is withdraw from all refugee and asylum treaties they have signed up to. There's no use hoping an inhospitable climate or remote location is going to protect any country. If Whites colonised Mars, Nigerians and Somalis would follow them there as soon as they have a generous welfare state in place.

Anonymous said...



Rastus said...

I'm on the way to the john having curried my drawers in rage.

Anonymous said...

Well I can only hope someone targets these sooty invaders ABB-style.

Anonymous said...

"Speaking candidly, I can think of no better person for the office of president of Iceland."
- Paul Nikolov, grapevine author

Speaking candidly, the White race is suffering mass delusion and insanity. How else can that quote be explained ?

Franz said...

Well, this is depressing.

But still, I'm getting a kick out of this specimen being named "Ramses". Does the idiocy of these Afrocentric fools know no bounds?

Maybe white people are headed for extinction. But I am deriving immense pleasure from the fact that - after our disappearance - these specimens will have to fend for themselves.

Which is tantamount to their own extinction as well.

Maybe somebody should start a nuclear war so we get the whole thing over in a timely and dignified manner.

white rose said...

Depressing. Demoralizing. Dispiriting.

Simon Q said...


I am concerned that the Uhuru Guru at the blog "South Africa Sucks" has been visited by "The Authorities" in response to the stellar article he published on his blog last week.

Here is my rationale: Not more than a month ago, a white woman in England put a Golliwog toy (Enid Blyton creation) in her window. The chocolate savage across the street complained of racism and believe it or not the white woman was arrested. Look it up.

What a fuck up.

I am concerned that if the PC/Law mob can do that in this day and age, what will they do to UG since they know exactly where to find him in the UK?

It surprises me that such a deep thinking man would make such a rookie mistake as to blog again, in England under his old moniker and former "hate site" blog name.

He has a lot to lose, not the least of which is deportation from the UK back to South Africa since he only holds a South African passport.

Why didn't he blog under a new handle such as "Joe Blow," and remain anonymous?

I hope I am wrong about all this since I really like to read his blog and I find myself agreeing with just about everything he posts. Daylight is the best disinfectant.

I have grave misgivings.

Anyone disagree?

Anonymous said...

We need to address the decadence and depravity of our own race and debased culture before dealing with the jigs, who are but a symptom of the aforementioned. Whenever Israel turned from God and started following heathen idols, He gave them and their land over to kaffir dominion - until they repented, and He brought forth a leader like Gideon or David to bring them home again.
The same thing is happening with the White race. Decline of Christianity and the values therein - the values of the Boers, Imperial Britain, the American Republic, etc. - coupled with selfish hedonism and material/communistic brainwashing have brought us to a pretty pass.


Anonymous said...

A quick look around the net reveals that Paul Nikolov is American. How gracious of him to tell his Icelandic hosts that none of them would make a better a president than this African.

The chutzpah !

Piet said...

Simon - I felt the same thing and was worried. He only has a Saffer passport and is in real danger. He could be deported. A worry.

Olda said...

has he been tested yet for some exotic African STD? I wouldn't be surprised if they discovered a new STD from him

Huginn ok Muninn said...

Who are backing this guy? He must have some kind of support team and organisation assisting with his campaign. Does anybody know more about this? Who are providing money? Which media groups are lending support etc?

These are the real enemies. And many of them just need to have some sense knocked into them to understand why they are the enemies, because most of them are probably just vapid, brainwashed youth with no sense. Whoever holds the reins of the media gets to do the brainwashing, for good or ill... this is perhaps the deepest root of our problems.

How many little White kids saw the 6th Harry Potter film and now believe it is perfectly appropriate to breed with negroes? Such a slight hint in a young mind, with taboos about disagreeing with it, is all it takes to destroy a whole people... incrementally, but inexorably. :mad

Anonymous said...

This is from a Kenyan living in Iceland (fuck - how many of them are there?) who says this guy is a total fraud.

"Why is iceland wasting the tax payers money trying to help a criminal??Paul Ramses was never an MP in Kenya and he is facing no prosecution at ALL!! As a kenyan, i know Paul Oduor Pata (Ramses)fake name personally and Iceland should check why he was deported back to Kenya from London in 2004 because of bank fraud…iceland does not need this gabbage in the country..stealling money and lying about building a school in Kenya???commmon folks INVESTIGATE AND STOP LOOKING LIKE FOOLS AND INEXPIRIENCED..how about the money he collets tax free from Philladelfia church in iceland that his uncle died in kenya..INVESTIGATE…."

Read more: http://www.icenews.is/index.php/2008/07/08/kenyan-refugee-deported-from-iceland-moral-soul-searching-follows/#ixzz1cV0f85up

Anonymous said...

@Hugin ok Munnin. A simple answer to your question: Jews.

john said...

JP is correct. He must remember that the "white race" IS the true Israel - and we never seem to learn.
And I had long thought/hoped that Icelanders were smarter than that. I guess the jew must own their media and control their government too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe as President he could get his own trial. With Blackjack! And Hookers! Ah forget the Blackjack


Anonymous said...

I really think nogs in europe are going to become a non-issue, soon.

'Cos there ain't going to be a Europe ... soon.


Eurochaos: Greeks Want To Vote, Germans Fear Concessions To Chinese For Cash, Fistfights In Italian Parliament

Is the European Union about to collapse? It’s too soon to call the coroner. And the realities of the financial crisis may force Europe to hang together rather than hang separately.

But the political divisions seem to be growing. Greece stunned European leaders today by calling for a referendum on the bailout plan agreed to by EU leaders last week.

European leaders like Germany’s Merkel must be furious: they are helping to foot the bill for Greek insolvency and now the Greeks are going to vote on whether they want the deal. Given the widespread unpopular(ity) of austerity measures in Greece, I don’t think we should assume the vote would be a favorable one.

For their part, the generally quiet Finns have declared that Greece is basically voting on whether they want to remain in the European Union or not.

Go to the link for an image of parliamentary wops beating each other up ... If these were kids, they'd all be sent to their room.


Anonymous said...

I experienced equal amounts of anger and depression reading this... Just one more example of the worldwide black parasitic scourge taking advantage of White compassion (aka stupidity). Thanks to Hitler completely mucking things up in the extreme, it's now impossible to properly address and deal with problems of inferior populations.

Anonymous said...

he must be swiftly sterilized! this statement is no more racist than his motives!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is depressing news.

Icelandic authorities had rid themselves of this African scam artist, but somehow he was allowed to return...and has now become an Icelandic citizen!??

The excerpts below were taken from HERE.

[Article 8.

The granting of Icelandic citizenship under the first paragraph of Article 7 shall be subject to the following residence requirements:

1. The applicant shall have been resident in Iceland for seven years; in the case of citizens of any of the other Nordic countries, however, the requirement shall be only four years.

6. A refugee who meets the conditions of the definition of the term given in the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees of 1951 shall have been domiciled in Iceland as a refugee for five years. The same shall apply to persons who have been granted residence permits in Iceland for humanitarian reasons.

...and then there's the matter relating to his little "joys of diversity" that states:

Article 1

[A child acquires Icelandic citizenship at birth:

1. if its mother is an Icelandic citizen,

2. if its father is an Icelandic citizen and is married to the mother.

"With his pregnant wife, Ramses fled for Iceland in January (2008)....." -Source

The African scamsters may be phony refugees telling sob stories to anybody who'll listen, and now further embellishing their lies to the point of having become Icelandic "citizens"??

NOT so... according to the above Icelandic laws and regulations.

Anonymous said...

You may look at this bald ape and his sow and ask yourself "Why" and "How"?

How is it that this utterly useless coon, this oxygen thief, this waste of space, this ... this convertor of good food into shit have such an inflated opinion of itself?

Easy. Like everything else these beasts possess, it was either stolen or given to them by liberal enablers. Like this ...


Obama: The Affirmative Action President

A quote:-

True, Obama himself was never troubled by his lack of achievements, but why would he be? As many have noted, Obama was told he was good enough for Columbia despite undistinguished grades at Occidental; he was told he was good enough for the US Senate despite a mediocre record in Illinois; he was told he was good enough to be president despite no record at all in the Senate. All his life, every step of the way, Obama was told he was good enough for the next step, in spite of ample evidence to the contrary. What could this breed if not the sort of empty narcissism on display every time Obama speaks?

In 2008, many who agreed that he lacked executive qualifications nonetheless raved about Obama's oratory skills, intellect, and cool character. Those people -- conservatives included -- ought now to be deeply embarrassed. The man thinks and speaks in the hoariest of clichés, and that's when he has his teleprompter in front of him; when the prompter is absent he can barely think or speak at all. Not one original idea has ever issued from his mouth -- it's all warmed-over Marxism of the kind that has failed over and over again for 100 years.

Note the resemblance between Chairman Zero and this pile of perambulatory faecal matter?

Now, here's where things are really weird.
The quotes above (regarding Obongobongobongo) are from Norman Podhoretz who addressed the question recently in the Wall Street Journal.

Stranger and stranger.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Don't know if many people followed the story of Qantas Airlines' employees unions demanding huge salary increases ... so Qantas just shut the whole operation down.


Here's the Story behind it ...


Behind the Qantas fiasco

Some of you may have heard about the grounding of our national airline, Qantas. According to the drive-by leftist media the CEO of Qantas is the mean, nasty sonofawhore. You’ll only find out the truth if you paid close attention to the few members of the media with integrity and listened to talk-back radio.

Long story short, the employees at Qantas are some of the highest paid in the airline industry.

However the unions representing them feel they can screw Qantas for even more money. These employees range from the baggage handlers to the pilots, the lot of them keep telling us that working for Qantas is terrible, the wages are crap yak-yak-yak.

Yet none of them are quitting Qantas and rushing across to Singapore airlines or Etihad or any of the low-cost carriers in Australia.
To put it into perspective, I wish I could get paid what baggage handlers at Qantas are paid. Heck, their A380 pilots get paid more than their CEO.

It also appears that every trade union on the planet is funding the "Occupy" movement. A fairly skillful piece of misdirection, if ever there was one.


kulak said...

We need to address the decadence and depravity of our own race and debased culture before dealing with the jigs, who are but a symptom of the aforementioned.

JP is absolutely correct.

kulak said...


THE most subversive song a white in the U.S. can sing today.

Just imagine the alarms of the Jewmergency Broadcast System if a crowd of Tea Partiers sang it.

Anonymous said...

Are there Jews in Iceland??

euroserf said...

One of the factors behind that Italian fight was that the wife of one of their Ministers had retired from her Government job on full pension.

Aged 39! And they wonder why the Germans are annoyed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Are there Jews in Iceland??

They are everywhere.

Swear to God If you drilled through the ice at the geographical north pole to do some ice fishing, you'd feel a tap on your shoulder and have a breathy little voice murmur in your ear:- "You vont to buy some vurms?"

Every fucking where.


Anonymous said...

kulak said...

We need to address the decadence and depravity of our own race and debased culture before dealing with the jigs, who are but a symptom of the aforementioned.

JP is absolutely correct.

Once again, read the damn Covington books.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Kulak and JP are correct. The degeneration of the white race is the fundamental issue. However, this too has been worked at diligently over the 100 years or so. And we all know who by.

Pensioner said...

Can you imagine what it is like to live among 45 million of the little darlings and the government is run by them? Not easy my friends. I subscribe to to Patrick Buchanan's blog and if his predictions are going to come about, as he predicted in his blog last week, the west is fucked come 2050. I am glad that I am the age I am and won't be around when that happens. I have posted his blog on my blog: http://corryv-viewsofapensioner.blogspot.com. It makes for depressing reading

kraken said...

He's being 'celebrated' in Iceland only by a few activists. Very many people are asking themselves 'how is this man become an citizen of Iceland'. But same as everywhere, the media cover up all of this.

AnalogMan said...

We need to address the decadence and depravity of our own race and debased culture before dealing with the jigs, who are but a symptom of the aforementioned.

Beg to differ. Firt step in getting our house in order is to take out the trash. You start with the step that will give the biggest return for effort. This creates an immediate feedback that reinforces motivation.

Can you imagine the effect on our culture of the removal of the basest elements dragging our youth down? No more crap "music", no more disruption of schools, safe streets... then we can start to talk about the decadence and depravity. Until then, any such talk will be drowned out by the noise.

Separation first.

Essex boy said...

Uncle Nasty - you're always good for a chuckle! Ta mate.

Anonymous said...

Analogue Man. I don't think the two sides are contradictory. Our degradation is due largely to the presence of these people. But if we were not degraded we would not allow ourselves to be corrupted by the likes of them. So chicken and egg, to a degree.

Anonymous said...

A little shallow internet research shows him to be a conman.

Why is the media covering this?

Who is behind it and what are their intentions?

I hope the local law does not allow him to run for this political office. Perhaps this will inspire locals to ensure the law is written in a manner that protects the country and people from foreign involvement.

Even if it is not legal for him to run for office, If the right people want it it will happen.(Obama)

Anonymous said...

I thought you'd get a kick out of this.

I was leafing through the newspapers in the newsagents today before work, and I saw a typical whining article about how haaaaard and unfaaaaair it is in Britain today, especially for young people trying to find work.

No arguments there, but here are the people Patrick Kingsley interviewed:

Taylah-Nicole Douglas, 17: "3 or 4" GCSEs. Dropped out of (sixth form) college.

Ria Shaquan Dwyer, 17: No GCSEs. Never worked.

Alex Moore, 22: Sociology degree, Leicester University. Wants more govt spending, then whines that people think the unemployed are lazy.

I can't find any link to it on the internet, but I want to slap *some* of these people.

Anonymous said...

A Sociology degree? A premiership footballer he should be at the Liverppol or the Manchester United!

Anonymous said...

To my regret I have never been to Iceland but I've met a few Icelandics over the years.Good people,hard,funny in their own way.

All I have met had a surprising though charming belief in trolls,elves etc.Or maybe they were just taking the piss.

But knowing the inherent superstition of africans,their absolute belief in witchcraft,perhaps an introduction to ancient Viking beliefs might cause this filth to flee.

As an introduction to ancient Viking practices-uncontrolled violent mayhem-is unfortunately off the cards,it may be worth a try.

On the other hand,he might well flee here to Ireland where our glorious new liberal President(a really vicious bastard so I've heard to any dissenting voices)would welcome him and immediately place him on the Council of State.


James Lord said...

Norman Podhoretz said that about Zero? Most strange. Must think that Zero's going soft in Israel.

Anonymous said...

Want to save Iceland.
End all Vitamin D supplementation of the food, medications, and destroy the factories that make Vitamin D supplements. Nature will take its course and the invaders will die in agony.

Anonymous said...

He's being 'celebrated' in Iceland only by a few activists. Very many people are asking themselves 'how is this man become an citizen of Iceland'. But same as everywhere, the media cover up all of this.
- Kraken

Would alot of these activists be middle-aged, upper middle-class white women kraken ?
Seems to be the way in most countries, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Worst story I've seen all day. Someone really needs to tie a cement block around him and send him to the bottom of one of those vast waterways they have. He alone will destroy that place, and I can almost bet he was put there by some Jewish group who will use them as a punishment for defying the banks. If Iceland has any websites or blogs, everyone needs to start informing them the reality of the negro.

Anonymous said...

The only salvation for the U.K. is renewed Luftwaffe raids and the installation of sharia law.


Robert in Arabia

Thor said...

anon 6.16 say If Iceland has any websites or blogs, everyone needs to start informing them the reality of the negro.

Excellent idea. Check it out and do your bit. I know I will. Also link to Savant's post here.

Anonymous said...

I just tried to comment on the Reykavik Grapevine but it just kept asking me to select method and could not get past it to post??

Anonymous said...

He is probably the only person on that island who can still think straight, so his chances may be pretty good :p

Artur said...

That is thoroughly repulsive. This suicidal group-think among the media elite is fucking scary.

The journo concludes the article thusly :

"If you wish to show your support for Paul Ramses' presidential aspirations, or just get to know the guy better, you can find him on Facebook. Speaking candidly, I can think of no better person for the office of president of Iceland."

Fortunately the comments section seems to be populated with race realism.


Anonymous said...

That is thoroughly repulsive. This suicidal group-think among the media elite is fucking scary.

The journo concludes the article thusly :

"If you wish to show your support for Paul Ramses' presidential aspirations, or just get to know the guy better, you can find him on Facebook. Speaking candidly, I can think of no better person for the office of president of Iceland."

Fortunately the comments section seems to be populated with race realism.


Anonymous said...

Good job he did not come to Ireland.
8 dwafs running for the presidency would be confusing.

Baloo said...

Great reporting! It's linked HERE by EX-ARMY.

Anonymous said...

Back in South Africa in 2005, we had a running joke.

Q. What did South Africa use for illumination before candles?
A. Electricity.

Expats will know the story. Now, here's the point of this post.


... Now experiments have shown that a crystal, called an Iceland spar, could detect the sun with an accuracy within a degree – allowing the legendary seafarers to navigate thousands of miles on cloudy days and during short Nordic nights.
An Iceland spar, which is transparent and made of calcite, was found in the wreck of an Elizabethan ship discovered thirty years ago off the coast of Alderney in the Channel Islands after it sank in 1592 just four years after the defeat of the Spanish Armada. They would have relied upon the sun’s piercing rays reflected through a piece of the calcite.
The trick is that light coming from 90 degrees opposite the sun will be polarised so even when the sun is below the horizon it is possible to tell where it is. They used the double refraction of calcite to pinpoint the sun by rotating the crystals until both sides of the double image are of equal intensity.”

The article is confused, poorly written and shows an astoundingly poor grasp of basic English ... let alone physics ("90 degrees opposite the sun"??? Another indictment of modern so-called education) but it suggests that there is truth in the theory that much of what was once common knowledge, is now forgotten.

With the dumbing down -- and negrification -- of the world, which information, technology and expertise of today will be the barely-remembered Lost Golden Age mythology of tomorrow?

Probably recounted by ragged shamans -- wearing burnt-out flash drives on copper-wire bangles (for the ancient wisdom locked therein, you know) -- while squatting around reeking cooking fires.

I shudder ... and recommend "Idiocracy." Cheap and cheerful, but the premise cannot be denied.

Read the Covington books.


ironman said...

crimesof the times: were the comments posted to the original article in the Reykavic journal? I can only access two comments.

HC said...

Somewhat on topic:

Group To Examine Racism In Metro Detroit


Can you believe it? One of the comments:

In both South Africa and Detroit, racist, violent, parasitic blacks ran out the Whites and sent their respective communities down the tubes.

What are they going to talk about? How “bad” the Whites were for allowing themselves to be run out?

Anonymous said...

A genuine question:-

How do the Norwegians reproduce when the men have no testicles?

Norway’s Asylum Seeker Rape Epidemic Continues to Spread

Question: Where are the MEN? -- Ed.

There have been twice as many rapes committed in Oslo so far this year as in the whole of 2010, nearly all of them by immigrants, Oslo Police statistics have revealed. Of the 48 rapes committed in the city in 2011, a suspected 45 are from people of a ‘non-Western background’ (code for non-white), most of whom are said to be asylum seekers.

A huge influx in immigration into the city has seen the number of rapes go up by a shocking 84 percent in the past decade, and by 20 percent in the last three years alone.

Last Saturday 300 people marched through the streets of Oslo in a torch-lit demonstration against rape called ‘From fear to action – Take back the night’, protesting about their lack of safety.

However, despite the police deploying 20 extra officers at the weekend, six more rapes and sexual assaults were reported by Monday.

Answers on a postcard, please.


Andreas said...

UN: The real tragedy is that Norwegian men were the most fearsome and intrepid warriors in history. Ultra-feminism and PC submission have emasculated them. You can tell this even by interacting with them. A real tragedy.

Anonymous said...

The niggers are causing problems again. Someone had better stop this one before he breaks the US.

Obama using wars as election strategy


Since US President Barack Obama has no prospect of economic recovery, his plan for being reelected is "to start a war," a US political analyst tells Press TV.

Press TV has interviewed Edward Spannaus, editor and executive intelligence review (EIR) from Washington to further discuss the US ailing economy.

What follows is a rough transcription of the interview:

Press TV: Mr. Spannaus thank you for joining us on world news. Was there any benefit to this G20 summit for the US? And what is the US's plan for a recovery?

Spannaus: The summit was a complete failure. There is no plan at all for a recovery either in the US or Europe. What in fact there is a plan for is war, because they have no prospect of recovery.

The G20 summit at Cannes didn't accomplish anything. They acknowledged that there was a global crisis but all they did was more of the same, more IMF surveillance, more what they call 'structural reforms', which means austerity measures.

They talked about how they're going to deal with the failed bank problem, but they're going to deal with that by 2016 to 2018. They're going to expand the IMF which should be done by 2014.

Meanwhile there is not going to be any financial system left and the US is in the same position. So Obama is in no position to go to Europe and tell them what they should be doing, when he's presiding over a collapsing economy here.

Press TV: Well, with you mentioning 2016 and 2018, the presidential election is round the corner in 2012; what plans does the Obama administration have to get reelected?

Spannaus: Probably to start a war. He certainly has no prospect of doing anything on the economy because he's unwilling to take the steps which are necessary.

Interview with Edward Spannaus, editor and executive intelligence review (EIR) from Washington

Kind of frightening ... he regards the president as a frightened and spiteful child. Makes you rather grateful that you live far, far away.



Anonymous said...

The headline to this post is well taken. Sadly, Iceland, to my amazement, has quite a few visible cultural enrichers. Undeed, is anywhere safe?

Anonymous said...

Just caught the end of Fat Families on Sky.

The four Caribbean queens lost seven stone between all four with two ending up at 14 stone 4 pounds.

That is what 6' 4" Jóhannes Eðvaldsson weighed. That was meant to be some sort of sucess?

Anonymous said...

Then iceland will be doomed,fying toilets (plastic bags filled with shit and thrown as far from one sub saharans hovel as possible,doesnt matter where it lands)will fill the air,the beauty of icelandfers will soon be destroyed by the influx of homo erectus.My god is nowhere safe from the sub saharan gene and its behaviour patterns,with such a small population Iceland will quickly go under and yet again homo erectus will destroy what man has built just as surely as they destroyed south african cities when given them all fully developed on a silver platter.Iceland will become another detroit.I see the dark one takes the name of a great Egyptian ruler,dey bees eegypshuns an shit an did do billed piromeds an sheet

Anonymous said...

Obama's Chicago

Robert in Arabia

Anonymous said...

Oh well almost one down


Anonymous said...

Regarding Robert of Arabia's post ... "Almost one down."

The irony seems to have escaped the MSM.

We have the hearts, flowers and tiniest violin weepie here:-

Chidzambwa had moved to Ireland from Zimbabwe in 2001 to study electronic engineering at the University College of Dublin. He was studying for a PhD in wireless communication at the time of the attack.

So ... this micro-einstein came to Ireland in 2001 to study "electronic engineering" and is still (ten years later) on his studies?

His victim impact report stated that he had to live with the horror of the assault on a daily basis and is reminded of it every time he sees his facial scars whenever he passes a reflective surface.

Hey, Look at Seal. Scars didn't stop him from acquiring a mudshark. Besides ritual scarification is still big in Africa. You got yours for free.

Chidzambwa said he had to take a year out from his doctorate studies and when he returned there was no longer funding available and he was forced to scale down to a Masters Degree.

As mentioned before, if you're still there after ten years, you're going nowhere.

He said he has since had to "scavenge" for jobs that are meant for people with disabilities and he feels intimidated seeking jobs like cleaning and waiting tables to help his finances because he believes employers may be prejudiced.

America is stuffed with tens of thousands of college graduates -- who actually have a degree and are cleaning or waiting table, so ... suck it up, nigger.

Besides, they're not intimidated by your ugly bubble-lipped kisser.

They want human beings who actually work and have a better than shoe-sized IQ. Potential employers have obviously dealt with your type before.


SAVANT said...

@UN. Bear in mind that this 'micro-Einstein' will have had all his education fees paid for over the 10 years by the bankrupt Irish state. Without doubt he'd also qualify for a variety of other supports as well. Maybe going back to Zimbabwe might be a better option?

Anonymous said...

It is discrimination I tell you.
If he were Nigerian he would be lauded for his talents!

Anonymous said...

He said he has since had to "scavenge" for jobs that are meant for people with disabilities and he feels intimidated seeking jobs like cleaning and waiting tables to help his finances because he believes employers may be prejudiced.

Weasel words.

I like his newslett er and wonder how I may subscribe to it?

Anonymous said...

Rakim in Oakland explains why he took a decade at at&temptimg the Ph D

Computers are racist because they make them too hard to use.

Anonymous said...

Is this quote from Rakim genuine??

Anonymous said...

Anon 19:22

That is the beauty I really do not know.
It is something an oppressed brotha would say and something that would be invented to show the rakism of Rakim.

Rusty Mason said...

All my Christian friends and relatives tell me (indirectly, of course) that God will only love us if we "be nice" and assimilate the foreigners (interbreed and destroy ourselves). It's in every church. Christianity, in practice anyway, has turned into its opposite. You guys that are over-confident that it can't get any worse better wake up and do something now.