Thursday, 13 October 2011

What a crock of shit!

I've been out of touch for the last few days and don't know any details of the so-called plot by the Iranians to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador, apart from the breathless unquestioning reports from CNN and the rest of the Lamestream Media. I'll just say this. It is a total fraud, a false flag operation that's so blatant it's almost laughable.

Which means it'll probably achieve its objective of getting the US into a war with Iran.


Baldowl said...

We have so many wars already, it's hard to choose a favorite!

Franz said...

Presumably an American official left behind by the now defunct operation "Fast and Furious" decided that "uncovering" a vast plot involving las Zetas and the Iranians (both brown, Joesixpack won't know the difference) would do his career a world of good.

Excellent movies in that regard: "Wag the Dog" and "Burn after Reading".

TBone said...

I think doubts are already starting to emerge. Ata minimum it's real but has been brought to our attention now to take the heat off 'My People' Eric Holder.

Anonymous said...

Naturally the MSM have no emntion of the regular murder of numerous Iranian nuclear scientists. Agreed, this is a cock and bull story. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

While we're on false flags ... I cannot tell you how much pleasure it gives me to report:-

Breaking: new evidence shows Hillary a mastermind behind Gunwalker

Last week it was reported that the State Department and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were deeply involved in the scandal known as Operation Fast and Furious, or Project Gunwalker.
Today, however, new evidence has surfaced indicating that not only was Hillary deeply involved in the scandal but was one of the masterminds behind it.

According to investigative citizen journalist Mike Vanderboegh, sources close to the development of the Gunwalker scheme state that early on, Hillary and her trusted associated at State, Andrew J. Shapiro,* devised at least part of the framework of what would later become Operation Fast and Furious.
It was Shapiro who first described the details of the proposed scheme early in 2009 just after the Obama Administration took office.

*Trusted by who?

I knew the sea hag had to be up to her elbows in this. That should go a small way towards fucking her chances at the presidency.

My weekend looks brighter.


Tony VA said...

As an American I feel ashamed. Ashamed that our intelligence agencies couldn't come up with anything better than this Keystone Cops episode. The thing is som amateur it beggars belief. What the hell is going on here?

Anonymous said...

More trouble and strife for the Koffee Koloured K**ts

Congress issues subpoena for Holder, others in 'Fast and Furious' probe

October 12th, 2011

Congressional investigators have issued a subpoena for communications from several top Justice Department officials - including Attorney General Eric Holder - relating to the discredited "Fast and Furious" federal gunrunning operation, according to Rep. Darrell Issa, R-California.

Operation Fast and Furious involved agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives allowing illegal sales of guns believed to be destined for Mexican drug cartels to "walk" from Phoenix, Arizona, gun stores into Mexico.

The idea was to track the sellers and purchasers of guns to Mexican cartels, but the program became mired in controversy after weapons found at Mexican and American murder scenes were traced back to the program. Mexican officials and critics in the United States called the program a failure, saying it exacerbated the longstanding problem of U.S. weapons getting into the hands of the violent Mexican cartels.

Funny how the MSM are keeping pretty quiet about this ...



kulak said...

OT --

How low must the temperature go before porch monkeys stop spending their evenings on the porch?

kulak said...

You know it's just my luck.

My backdoor neighbor porch monkeys have a back porch.

The other night there was a police car and ambulance at the place. That gave us a 48 hour respite.

Just what is it with the porch thing?

Maybe it's for the same reason they move into our neighborhoods. To get away from each other.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time the US govt. puts the intelligence back into intelligence ...

Feds Foil Own Saudi Assassination Plot: Pin it on Iran

By Tony Cartalucci - BLN Contributing Writer

Federal entrapment snares another dupe and brings hundreds of millions to the brink of war.

" would be far more preferable if the United States could cite an Iranian provocation as justification for the airstrikes before launching them. Clearly, the more outrageous, the more deadly, and the more unprovoked the Iranian action, the better off the United States would be. Of course, it would be very difficult for the United States to goad Iran into such a provocation without the rest of the world recognizing this game, which would then undermine it. (One method that would have some possibility of success would be to ratchet up covert regime change efforts in the hope that Tehran would retaliate overtly, or even semi-overtly, which could then be portrayed as an unprovoked act of Iranian aggression.)

This suggests that this option might benefit from being held in abeyance until such time as the Iranians made an appropriately provocative move, as they do from time to time. In that case, it would be less a determined policy to employ airstrikes and instead more of an opportunistic hope that Iran would provide the United States with the kind of provocation that would justify airstrikes. However, that would mean that the use of airstrikes could not be the primary U.S. policy toward Iran (even if it were Washington’s fervent preference), but merely an ancillary contingency to another option that would be the primary policy unless and until Iran provided the necessary pretext." -

page 84-85 of "Which Path to Persia?"

(Whole quote above from Brookings Institution, 2009.)

Apparently, manufacturing such a "necessary pretext" to unilaterally bomb a nation of 70 million is now also a part of US foreign policy toward Iran. An oafish fabrication announced this week by Attorney General Eric Holder, consisted of -- wait for it-- an Iranian-American used-car salesman that "allegedly" attempted to hire an undercover US DEA agent, posing as a Mexican Los Zetas gangster, to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would add "nobody could make that up, right?"

This is even better than the pristine passport in the 9/11 rubble.
Homeopathic medicine works on the principle that the weaker the dose, the more effective the cure.

It appears that Holder has adopted a strange new form of what one can only term homeopathic propaganda.

They are actually paying this guy? With real money?
I give up



Anonymous said...

Some people just will not learn ...

Aid workers taken hostage at the heart of the world's biggest refugee camp

Two female Spanish aid workers have been kidnapped from the heart of the world's largest refugee camp, threatening relief efforts and raising fears that international staff treating Somali famine victims were now prime targets.
Foreign staff are already subject to security restrictions at Dadaab, including sunset to sunrise curfews and orders to vary their routine visits to clinics, feeding centres and meetings

By Mike Pflanz, Nairobi

6:46PM BST 13 Oct 2011

Gunmen believed to be from Somalia snatched the pair, who worked for Medecins Sans Frontieres, as they left a health centre in part of the camp flooded with new arrivals fleeing the dire situation in the war-torn country.

A cell from al-Shabaab, Somalia's Islamist jihadists, were immediately suspected of carrying out the attack, the first kidnap of Westerners from inside the camp's confines.

Kenyan police launched a land and air search for the two women. Their Kenyan driver was shot and wounded in the midday raid.

By last night, however, they had not been found and it was feared they had already been taken across the border into Somalia, which lies less than 60 miles east of the refugee camp.

The attack could jeopardise aid work in the camp, now home to half-a-million Somalis fleeing famine and war. Last night, all non-essential aid missions to Dadaab were cancelled.

Seriously, folks ... how hard is it? You walk away, chain the gate closed and just send a spotter plane over every twenty years or so.
When things get really quiet in Africa for, oh, ten years, you cautiously peep through the key hole and if there is the slightest movement, you leave.

Or, to take a leaf from "Aliens", you nuke the site from orbit -- It's the only way to be sure.*

How hard is that to remember?


*(Irish Response? "To be sure ... to be sure.")


Piet said...

kulak - the term porch monkey is used a lot in South Africa among whites. Not sure where it started but they always seem to sit out on their porches. I've seen the same thing in the USA. In fact I used to think it was a purely South African thing.

Franz said...

@ Uncle Nasty

You know who followed your proposed policy for Africa to a "t"? The Chinese of the fifteenth century.

The Ming dynasty had ambitions of becoming a global empire. Hence they build a great fleet and put admiral Zheng He in command of it. His task: Discover the world and demand tribute from every people you encounter.

A capable man, Zheng He guided his fleet safely to the shores of what we now call "Somalia". From there he brought some native specimens of Erectus as well as Giraffes back to China.

Apparently heir apparent to the Chinese throne was so repulsed by these samples from the outside world that - following his coronation - he scrapped the fleet. To the very end of the monarchy, China henceforth remained quite radical in its isolationism.

I often wonder what would have become of the world if the European powers had displayed similar wisdom with respect to Africa...

Piet said...

Well, the Chinese are going in again and in due course the munt's will be crying out to have the white opressor back.

Anonymous said...

Iran US war?

But Obongo won the Nobel Peace Prize for being a peace maker and healing division in the world the way John Mccain and Sarah Palin, challenged by their whiteness, could not.

Anonymous said...

trusted associated at State, Andrew J. Shapiro,*

*Trusted by who?

Shapiro? Oy vey! I just cannot remember the tribe this name is associated with.

Anonymous said...

Obongo deserved his Nobel Prize for, well, something anyway.

Anonymous said...

Fast and Furious ... dragging Democrat dipshits to their doom.

Are these lefty fuckweasels so technologically inept that they have not yet realised that video is forever? Or can they simply not help themselves whenever a sound-bite opportunity slithers by?

In which we have Janet Napolitano bragging about Fast and Furious ... in 2009.

Looks like Holder, the BATF, The Karamel Koon and the Sea Hag will all have to shuffle up a bit more to make room in the tumbril ... Oh, I wish.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Are these lefty fuckweasels so technologically inept that they have not yet realised that video is forever? Or can they simply not help themselves whenever a sound-bite opportunity slithers by?

Are these lefty fuckweasels so technologically inept that they have not yet realised that video is forever?

Or can they simply not help themselves whenever a sound-bite opportunity slithers by?

kulak said...

Why is the military never incompetent when you need it to be?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the last links, folks. Kulak's one is a stunner.

The nappy-haired purse-mouthed harlot, once again, displays the eternal paranoia of the pavement ape.

"Dey's outs to gets me ... hurts me ...'cos I'se black.

Don't worry. It won't hurt. When whitey finally wakes up -- if whitey ever wakes up, you won't feel a thing.


Anonymous said...

Obama is really taking the piss, now ...

Friday, October 14, 2011
Obama's latest war

From Reuters:

President Barack Obama said on Friday he was sending about 100 U.S. military advisers to Uganda to support central African allies pursuing Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, and other rebel commanders. ...
"Subject to the approval of each respective host nation, elements of these U.S. forces will deploy into Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo," he said.

The Bush Administration sent 17 unarmed advisers to Uganda, but Obama is sending 100 armed soldiers. It seems as if Uganda -- Yoweri Museveni, Proprietor (since 1986) -- is pretty good at invading the Congo, but not so hot at putting down a rebellion led by a dim-witted lunatic.

Beautifully written stuff here -- in particular a piece on so-called "child-warriors" (who we would just call heavily armed delinquents):-

"It takes a child to raze a village."

Wasn't that almost one of the Sea Hag's famous quotes?.


PS. A hundred armed advisors sounds kind of familiar. Didn't they do something like that in ... ah ... Vietnam in 1962?

Here we go again,

PPS. After the RN amost rocketed Moochelle in Cape Town, I wouldn't be surprised if Obumbler sends 100 advisors to South Africa. Damn. I'd pay money to see that.



Anonymous said...

Let the games begin:-

Foreigners Dump $74 Billion In Treasurys In 6 Consecutive Weeks: Biggest Sequential Outflow In History

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/13/2011 18:06 -0400

Over the weekend, we observed the perplexing sell off of $56 billion in US Treasurys courtesy of weekly disclosure in the Fed's custodial account (source: H.4.1) and speculated if this may be due to an asset rotation, under duress or otherwise, out of bonds and into stocks, to prevent the collapse of the global ponzi (because when the BRICs tell the IMF to boost its bailout capacity you know it is global). We also proposed a far simpler theory: "the dreaded D-day in which foreign official and private investors finally start offloading their $2.7 trillion in Treasurys with impunity (although not with the element of surprise - China has made it abundantly clear it will sell its Treasury holdings, the only question is when), has finally arrived." In hindsight the Occam's Razor should have been applied. Little did we know 5 short days ago just how violent the reaction by China would be (both post and pre-facto) to the Senate decision to propose a law for all out trade warfare with China. Now we know - in the week ended October 12, a further $17.7 billion was "removed" from the Fed's custodial Treasury account, meaning that someone, somewhere is very displeased with US paper, and, far more importantly, what it represents, and wants to make their displeasure heard loud and clear. Whether it is China - we do not know: we may have a better view in two months when the September/October TIC data hits ...

... So... perhaps it is time to reevaluate US intentions for a trade war with any of its "evil" mercantilist, UST-recycling partners. Unless, of course, they want $74 billion to become $740 billion, and to force the Fed to have no choice but to intervene, only this time not with a duration sterilized procedure, but one where the Fed has to buy everything that China et al are selling.

Hey ... maybe declaring a trade war with China was not such a good idea. But what do I know?
It's all in the hands of the experts.

The US is broke and China is swimming in money.

What could possibly go wrong?

Uncle Nasty


Franz said...

@ UN

That "humanitarian intervention" thingy courtesy of the US taxpayer and Chinese debtor is totally out of hand.

Next thing you know, they will officially declare the whole world to be a free-fire zone.

I'm joking now. But with the assorted psychos on parade in the Republican primaries, such an announcement might be forthcoming.

Then, posting xenophobic words on the interwebs will get you dronewhacked.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that large quantities of oil have been discovered in Uganda!

Hector G. said...

"posting xenophobic words on the interwebs will get you dronewhacked"

That's right Franz - better watch out!

Don't forget that if the Chinese offload vast amounts of Treasury bills they'll blow up the dollar (and hence their exports) and also spectacularly devalue their own dollar holdings. The action referred to by UN seems more like a shot across the bows.

Anonymous said...

Hector G. said...

Don't forget that if the Chinese offload vast amounts of Treasury bills they'll blow up the dollar (and hence their exports) and also spectacularly devalue their own dollar holdings.

Very true, Hector G., but let's stop for a moment and consider what China is all about.

The Chinese, for all their apparent embracing of capitalism, are still a Marxist state. In the final analysis, they are utterly driven by Marxist ideology, and the elite, for all their glasnost bullshit, are very, very firmly in control of China.

Yes, the slopes are experiencing riots and unrest across the nation in quantities that would make the US administration poo in their knickers ... as well as financial uncertainty.

However the Chinese are NOT what was described by the Pogue Colonel in "Full Metal Jacket" who famously said:- "Son, inside every gook, there is a American trying to get out ..."

This may be the case of the new generation of Chinese who -- like all brain-dead kids merely want an I-phone, a Harley-Davidson and a pair of Levi's.

The big Chinese cheeses would quite happily accept a 20% or even 30% financial kick-in-the-teeth for the whole country if they could deal a fatal economic -- and political -- blow to America and the West.

Does the Chinese administration give a rat's arse about poverty, starvation and suffering in the ranks of the Great Unwashed?

No, they don't. They have a standing army of 2.28 million men and a lot more where that came from ... and they're not afraid to use them.

The Chinese work on the principle of last man standing, wins.

The Chinese elite are the same as the Russian, UK, US or any other elite you care to name.

Better to rule in Hell ...

Besides, they feel they have too many Chinese, anyway. They've felt this way for centuries, and, finally, the Chinese believe in long-term results. They have their five, ten and twenty year plans, but they also have their fifty and hundred year plans.

Chairman Zero's long term plans?

Maybe working on his golf handicap or bending the first Ho' over the table in the Oval office tonight after the KFC ... and that's as far as it gets.

China vs. US? My money's on China.

I leave you with that ghastly image.

Uncle Nasty


Henry IX said...

UN - I never fail to get a good laugh from your writings! Mind boggles at Obongo's midnight capers in the Oval Office..

Anonymous said...

Could any European men really go off to fight a war and leave all the "conscientious objector" Mohamedans behind, who would then simply take over and capture the hated kuffar's country, property, women and children?

It's an enormous set up to continue to destroy the white male and breed the communist's "new man", i.e. a human contaminated with the low IQ Negro and Arab gene. It won't be a working class of 3rd class people, but a cattle class.

The blog of Phaedrus, A Vision of the Future?:

Heraclitus said...

' It won't be a working class of 3rd class people, but a cattle class.'

Yes, and as such easier to control.