Sunday, 2 October 2011


Several hundred demonstrators descend on Wall St. to protest the outrages being visited by the banksters and their bought politicians on the general public. Hundreds of cops (their coffers supplemented by a 'donation' from Goldman Sachs) face off against them. A mini riot ensues. Similar riots begin to take place all over the US. Looks like the people have risen.

Stop Press! Front page news!


No. Unbelievably, virtually all of the Lamestream Media outlets have either completely ignored these events, or they've relegated them to some remote corner, dwarfed by Lady Gaga or similar trivia. I've checked CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NY Times, Chicago Tribune - not a mention. Check it out for yourself.

I see this development, or more accurately lack of development, as far more important than the demos/riots themselves. The banksters, their bought politicians and their media whores are running scared. They must be. There's been a concerted effort to do a Pravda on these events, just like they tried to blank the 'mahogany mobs' during the Summmer. I can just imagine the frantic phone calls orchestrating the covere-up.

But I believe they'll have to give way very soon for the same reason they were forced to cover the mobs. The Internet and blogs will blow their cover. God grant that this will segue into a movement of white Americans, the backbone of the country, rising up to reclaim their pre-eminent position and throw down the traitors who have betrayed them.


northern athiest said...

I wouldn't be that hopeful. To me they mainly seem to be leftists and/or kids.

Rob said...

@northern atheist

You're right, it's a left-wing demonstration, which makes it all the more unusual that MSM isn't giving it at least token coverage.

As Franz said in a comment on another thread a while back, a lot of media and entertainment outlets are being bought up by huge conglomerates, who don't need to run them at a profit as they make their money elsewhere. They can afford to use them simply for mind control - or could, if the Internet weren't making MSM irrelevant. Suppressing news isn't as easy as it used to be.

Baldowl said...

I don't see any righteous people in these events. The police, the protesters, and the protested--they're all part of the problems plaguing this country.
One reptile devours another.

Herod said...

I take a more positive view. Irrespective of the motives, the demonstrators are demonstrating aginst the Wall St. gangsters and by extension their enablers. THis could very easily morph into a different stream. Of such things major societal changes emerge. Which isn't the same as saying they will emerge, but they might. Interesting tiomes indeed.

Anonymous said...

Even if the protesters are leftist , if the banksters loose power and influence the main enablers of leftist/communist thinking will be dealt a severe blow.
That is also why I hope that Ron Paul wins.
The banksters have caused enough trouble in the world and its time for them to be taught a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Dream on, Savant. The average American of whatever race is simply too decadent to do anything meaningful. Plus the World Series is almost here, dontcha know?


Franz said...

This media blackout is in fact the best thing the could have happened to further destroy the Dinosaur media's credibility.

I am guessing that 99% of those kids who were hit in the teeth with a Goldman-sponsored club have a facebook page, youtube channel or some other outlet for their views. Also, they have parents, siblings and friends to whom they will show their bruises.

At the same time - I kid you not - the MSM uses Chubby Checker visuals to make the FED's current "Operation Twist" seem like a wholesome and family friendly undertaking.

Good! When clever manipulation gives way to sheer idiocy, the MSM's lies become obvious for everybody with half a brain.

Five years from now, traditional news outlets will have lost all their viewers save the perpetual underclass which can't live without a steady supply of Jersey Shore, the Kardashians and the National Felon League.

Digby said...

@JP. Maybe. For now. But dont forget that as the economic situation gets progresively and much worse the World Series will take less of a promoinent role in their lives.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Northern Atheist.

That's one of the reasons I didn't go. The people at those protests tend - *tend* - to be idiots, especially the organisers.

One of my main problems is that they can never focus on the topic at hand. They always feel the need to bring in their other pet causes.

I'll protest against the corporatist oligarchs, but I will not put my name to the Socialist Workers. I'll protest the war in Iraq, but I will not join in the bashing of Israel.

I'm not alone, and they're too arrogant to take advice. I once walked past one of these protests, and decided to ask people some deeper questions.

Most were hoping to be in a riot at some point or at least to "be like the French" - basically, they wanted to stand for something and feel some meaning in their lives. Almost none had anything to say, beyond some inchoate sense that the system is awful.

None of this is bad in itself, but I don't trust these people to have solutions. They need to be ruthlessly precise, and to sort out their existential angst somewhere else. My country needs actual solutions.

blueboy said...

Franz is right. It will all come down to how bad the economic situation becomes. But sure as hell it will get out the way Franz says.

john said...

@ anonymous 7:10 / JP - it's not decadence as much as stupidity in many cases and the rest of us are too busy working trying to keep our heads above water. But when those of us that are too busy and tired no longer have to go to a nonexistent job, when we have time to raise a stink, then, as has been said, watch out. Remember what happened in 1776...

Oh, and the World series isn't the issue - thats the one stick and ball sport that white folk still watch. The nfl and nba does represent a major part of the problem tho!

blueboy said...

I'm not convinced. Bread and circuses have worked since Roman times.

Franz said...

@ Anon 12:47

I agree that many of the protestors in Manhattan seem to be a leftist rabble and quite useless.

On the other hand, it is a good sign indeed if radical leftists are taking the fight to collectivist terror organizations aka the banks.

It shows that things on the far left are seriously out of whack. After all, Goldman, JP Morgan et al almost single handedly bankroll that other terrorist organization known as "The Democrats" and assorted other terror cells such as the $PLC and ADL.

The fact that these groups now draw the ire of left-leaning young people demonstrates that the powers that be are not only busy alienating conservatives but are doing their best to anger liberals as well.

In fact they are following the same playbook that worked so well for the French and Russian aristocracy: Strip-mine the country, ruin innocents for a quick buck and then pretend to yourself that this is a sustainable business model. Not.

RegThe Hedge said...

Excellent article.

Robert the Biker said...

"Bread and circuses have worked since Roman times"
Worked out really well for them too...bankrupted the greatest empire the world had seen, left them with a mob of indolent layabouts who the politicians pandered to at election time and ignored otherwise. The army was filled with and run by foreigners, and when the barbarians finally came there was no one left to defend them. Any of this sound familiar? IT FUCKING WELL SHOULD.

Croesus said...

From JPMorgan's website:

"JPMorgan Chase recently donated an unprecedented $4.6 million to the New York City Police Foundation. The gift was the largest in the history of the foundation and will enable the New York City Police Department to strengthen security in the Big Apple."

Methinks our Savant may be on to somethiing!

Anonymous said...

Question for Franz.

A very persistent rumour is that the last bailout from Germany is going to be the last bailout from Germany.

Another one is that Germany is re-coining and re-printing the Deutsch-mark -- right now -- in preparation for abandoning the Euro ... while it is still possible to do so.

Any truth here?

Imagine the consequences. If this is the case, even though Sarky and the Dago dwarf may kick and scream, confidence in the Euro will evaporate overnight, and the financial dissolution of the EU will begin ... soon to be followed by the actual dissolution.

The really alarming thing is that these are exactly the conditions that may frighten some desperate politicians into blaming -- and then declaring war on -- a neighbor ... or two.

Impossible? That's what they thought in 1913.

Uncle Nasty

northern athiest said...

I think the powers-that-by, NWO( or whatever WANT the people to riot in mass. That gives the president an excuse
for Martial Law – to circumvent the Constitution and bring us into the NWO.
And I knew that the same scumbags would be behind the riots. It’s quite simple, actually.

Franz said...

@ Uncle Nasty

That isn't merely a rumor. It would appear that this government wouldn't survive another extension of the bailout. Sadly, the oposition is all giddy at the prospect of manning the scrip cannons themselves.

Anyhow, the Christian Democrats (currently in the majority and pretending to be conservatives) are rapidly following in the footsteps of their Italian brethren who imploded in the early 90s.

Last week, prior to a bailout-vote, two party bigwigs had an altercation which has since become public knowledge. One said: "I can't vote for that. It's unconstitutional." The other answered: "Leave me alone with that shit."

That shit.

Washington DC is not the only place were constitutions are publicly micturated upon.

(For Baldowl: That constitution really tied the room together.)

SAVANT said...

The Irish government is also supposedly secretly printing up reserves of the old Irish Pound. I wouldn't be totally surprised as there has to be contingency planning of this sort. Then again, our politicians seem to be surprised by the sun rising every day..........

Krokodil said...

@Robert the Biker

Well said. Unfortunately, for all the "we must learn from history so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past blah blah ..." we do anyway!

Empires/civilisations come and go - Europe/the West appears to be on the tipping-point of that cycle. However, a lesson of history is that these declines are not necessarily inevitable, but are created by the civilisations themselves!

Now, just in my opinion, the Western embrace of humanism, and the subsequent abandonment of Christianity, has done no favours at all for Western civilisation.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats are desperate. Their illegitimate president is under water in the polls and can't win. The Dems in congress are going to get smashed as well. And the whole left-wing agenda is going down the tubes.

Okay. Well, maybe not. But they're in trouble and being blamed for the economy. So they're trying to get out in front of it and harness the anger for their own side. This was an astro-turf stunt to energize the base. And they're trying to copy the Tea Party to do it.

I don't know whether it will gain any real traction. But it's not a bad strategy considering they're going to get creamed unless they do something. Google "Progressive Tea Party".

Heraclitus said...

My view on all of this is that the motives of the protesters don't matter. History shows again and again that the original protest can be swayed and controlled by other forces waiting in the wings, as it were. Let's just hope that the high jinks continue.

kulak said...


Has anybody here read Mamet's book?

TBone said...

You are absolutely correct. The problem is, those who are glued to TV reality shows and haven’t felt any pain over the last few years, will find themselves hit so suddenly, there won’t be time to prep. They will go from comfort to victims in a tent city, with no survival skills or “tools”. It has been my long experience in trying to spread the word that ,many people are afraid. Their response to threats are: if they don’t talk about it, don’t hear about it, won’t acknowledge the problems, nothing bad will happen. I see the same thing on chat boards all across the internet. By the way, I no longer try to wake anyone up. The fence sitters and deniers are not worth one more moment of my time.

Andreas said...

kulak - do you refer to The Secret Knowledge? I have purchased it fro Amazon and can actually see it as I write this, but no, have not read it yet.

Anonymous said...

This mob's chant of One man, One vote, One dollar seems like a pretty good idea to me.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

watch the U S stock mkt, collapse before the end of oct.

Croesus said...

There are lots of people betting right now on such an occurance.

Anonymous said...

Wall Street banks fail.
They are rescued.
They will fail again.
They should be let go if they cannot do their jobs.

Derek said...

Interesting to see some of the media reach for the big guns straight away. Expect to hear of the racist elements of the occupy wall street movement next week.

RegThe Hedge said...

Off topic.
A little while back Uncle Nasty was talking up copper, aluminum and other indudtrial metals. I disagreed with his view. My reasons. . . I believed these metals would collapse when China began to go under.
Well, China has started to bomb and the industrial metal commodity market with it. This means Australia (being a supplier of industrial meyals) is in very serious trouble too.
This is phase two. We are looking at a paradim change now. The Euro has maybe two months left and China is about to hit the rocks. Iy's a perfest storm folks. I am likely to be out of work soon. I should have got out of investment banking when I had the chance. Now I'm gonna sink with the maggots who made a fortune. Those pricks have a golden bouy, I've got a friggin cheerio.

Heraclitus said...

Sorry to hear of your personal impending trouble Reg. God grant that you'll come out of it ok. You seema really intelligent and switched on guy so you'll survive.

On a more macro scale the problems you refer to will cause us all pain but will, I believe, give rise to a catharsis in the west. Dupes of the MSM and the multi-kults will rise up when their bread and circuses are taken from them. Which is the net result if what you're saying is true.

kulak said...


Yes, that book.

I'm curious to know if he's just a neocon. Hard to tell for sure from the blurbs.

Anonymous said...

Reg, forgive me.
I am inclined to use too much metaphor when I write, so, I think it best that I clarify my fondness for certain industrial metals in these troubled times ... especially when you want to keep what is yours ... yours.

I like to invest in steel, aluminium alloys and wood or Glass-reinforced plastics, but only when they have been cunningly wrought into rifles by Heckler and Koch and the Molot and Izhmash factories in Russia.

Same with the lead, brass and copper. I think you can see where this is going?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

A most interesting graphic .... showing how 37 mega-financial money institutions have -- through mergers and takeovers -- been reduced to just four.

All of them ... too big to fail.

Whoever dreamed up that really dumb expression should be kicked down the up-escalator, simply so that we could have the pleasure of kicking him back down ... again and again.

Doubly so for those nitwits who actually believed it. After all, the various East India Trading companies were also too big to fail.

These babies were not above declaring war upon one another or upon other countries -- and often did. Amazing how some things never change.


Many people think (when they think of them at all) that the Opium Wars (for instance) were the altruistic and highly moral British stamping out the Chinese drug trade.
They would do well to look here to see the real picture:-




Dr. Wassell said...

anyone who thought the opium wars were altruistic needcs their head examined.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the Too Big To Fail become Too Big To Succeed and they when they go belly up they have to be rescued else they would fail.

Lehamn Brothers had a leverage of 50 to 1 and that was not counting thta they pretended some of their assets were sold so were off the balance sheet at audit time.

AIG Finacial Geniuses sold credit default swaps, taking the difference between the safe rate of interest and what was being paid, so that if that firm defaulted they would pay anyone who had taken out a CDS the value of the bonds.

This meant that anyone could insure any firm and that then there was huge payments to be made if a firm was unable to pay.

Because AIG had not enough money to cover poor Goldman Sachs they had to be bailed out.

Anonymous said...

And So It Begins – The First Major European Bank Has Been Bailed Out And More Bailouts Are Coming

By Michael Snyder

And so it begins. The first major European bank bailout of 2011 has now happened. French/Belgian banking giant Dexia has failed and both governments have pledged to participate in a rescue plan. But Dexia will not be the last major European bank to fail. Even now, governments all over Europe are feverishly developing plans to bail out major national banks in the event that the current financial crisis goes from bad to worse. Instead of learning the lessons of 2008, most major European banks have continued to pile up huge mountains of debt, leverage and risk. Now the bill for that stupidity is about to be passed on to the taxpayers of those nations. But with most nations in Europe already drowning in debt, are bank bailouts really the right course of action? What is it going to happen to Europe if dozens of major banks start failing and trillions of euros are needed to bail them all out?

Dexia is the first victim of the new credit crunch. It got to the point where Dexia simply could not get access to the funding that it needed in the credit markets.

Another quote from the same article:-

For a long time there was speculation that it would be weak nations such as Greece that would leave the euro.
But now it appears increasingly likely that if someone is going to leave the euro it might be Germany.
Most German citizens would be in favor of such a move. One recent poll conducted for Stern magazine actually found that 54 percent of all Germans would favor leaving the euro.

But if Germany left the euro it would absolutely implode. German economic strength is the primary thing holding the euro up at this point.

Hoooo, Baby. One wonders what kind of Christmas awaits us.

Uncle Nasty

Croesus said...

The banks and banksters need not worry. They can take all the risks they want. If they go belly up the taxpayer will rescue them, then the whole process starts all over again. Multi-million bonuses continue to be doled out as before.

Anonymous said...

Back to one of my favourite subjects, the BATF cock-up and the part played by Holder.

10 Arizona Sheriffs Call For Eric Holder to Resign or Be Fired

Sheriff Paul Babeu led a press conference with 9 other Arizona sheriffs today, to blast Attorney General Eric Holder and the Administration for the disastrous ‘Operation Fast and Furious’, calling it a a “betrayal of state law enforcement”.

Standing in front of a Phoenix memorial for fallen law enforcement officers, including Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry – murdered as a direct result of the operation – the sheriffs called for the president to launch an independent investigation and for Attorney General Eric Holder to step down or be fired. They are demanding that Holder reveal the truth behind the scandal, and believe that those responsible should be criminally accountable for allowing 2,000 guns to be purchased on U.S. Soil and turned over to the Mexican drug cartels.

Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever said:

We are here to help defend America, whether it’s beyond the border or any place north where the tentacles of these cartels reach into our communities across this nation every single day. And for our own government to be complicit in helping them conduct that business is offensive to us ...

Ah ... if there was true justice in the US, they would not be aiming so low. They would be calling for Holder's immediate and very public arrest -- handcuffs, leg-irons, video cameras, perp walk and (oh, if only ...) clocking the bastard's head on the roof of the patrol car while saying "Mind your head".

I have a deram ... draem ... darem.

Dream of this every night.

Damn. Is there no strikeout key available in Google HTML?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

RegThe Hedge said...

Excellent article.

Nail on the head, Reg. Absolutely top notch article on how America's immigration policies went from eminently sensible to bat-shit crazy in a hundred years.

A few very interesting points from the body and some of the comments:-

"Throughout the 19th century, American Jews fought all exclusionary immigration laws, even those aimed at Asians. They were particularly opposed to the quota acts, which they saw as an anti-Semitic reaction to the recent arrival of large numbers of Jewish immigrants ..."

"Jews were almost the only segment of American society pressing for more immigration, and Jewish organizations poured enormous amounts of money and effort into helping pass the 1965 Immigration Act."

"Senator Edward Kennedy, who guided the bill through Congress, reassured Americans that “our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same ..."

"Recently a few Jews have begun to wonder if massive Third-World immigration is not quite so good for them after all. Stephen Steinlight, a former executive of the American Jewish Committee wrote a paper in 2001 in which he argued that Hispanics and Asians are not sufficiently sensitive to Jewish interests, and that Muslim immigrants are a clear threat ..."

Note Steinlight above .... could he be getting the picture, at last?



Anonymous said...

Uncle Nasty - I have a similar dream about Holder. as an expat american he really pisses me off how this West Indian coon comes into our country, is provided every opportunity by it's native inhabitants, reaches one of the highest positions in the land thru our good offices, and yet hates and undermined us.

Educated Edsel said...

Educated Edsel said;
Sorry, a lttle late with this, (I was away) but Robert the Biker is quite correct in everything he says. All that bread and circuses stuff is true. Might I however further flesh out certain aspects of this. It is widely thought that the Imperium collapsed because it was overrun by the barbarians, which to all intents and appearances it was. But the question, asked by Nietzsche among others, is "how could such an empire have reached a condition so pitiable that even a crowd of roughnecks, Germans and the like, could have prevailed over it?".
The thing is, Rome was vampirised from within, and by the very same sort of subversive forces which are gnawing away at the cills of our own society today.
A key stratagem, and it is the same in both cases, is to "fill their souls with ill-will towards themselves". Primitive christianity--judaism of the freer confession---was the instrument back then,liberalism, its bastard offspring, does the job today.
BUT, of infinitely greater importance is this; by whom are we being overrun? In the Roman case, it is all our everlasting great good fortune that the conquerors were Tacitus' "wild, free, brave, generous hearted, blue-eyed fairhaired people" because, naive and untutored though they were, they would eventually give us the High Middle Ages, the great cathedrals, the Renaissance, grand architecture, the lions share of all the world's great music....the list is almost endless.
We are not being overrun today by people of this magnificent calibre; we are getting mutilators, child rapists----that element of humanity which embodies destructiveness and nihilism; we are emphatically not getting creators, artists, builders,
Cavour said that having created Italy the task now was to create Italians. It is instructive to look at that country even now, fifteen centuries later, to see what he meant , because across the middle of Italy we see the tidemark between these two great movements.Down into the peninsula came a great germanic people, the Lombardii, who seem to have come to a standstill north of Naples, south of Rome. Above this we see Ferraris and Aida and Michelangelo and Galileo and the whole of the Renaissance. Below it, where we encounter mere christianised arabs,
behold endless corruption, bodies in the street, universal graft, screams in the night, poverty, crime and all three of Europes criminal syndicates. And a very similar scenario may be seen all along the Rio Grande; to the North, Texas, Arizona, the Sunbelt states, a sense of right and wrong, and the finest written constitution ever evolved; to the South, well.....

SAVANT said...

Edsel - this is superb. I'll shortly enter it as a full post as mots, but by no means all, will have missed it, having moved on.

Educated Edsel said...

Educated Edsel says;
Thank you Savant, good to be appreciated. Do please keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Edsel says:-

Above this we see Ferraris and Aida and Michelangelo and Galileo and the whole of the Renaissance. Below it, where we encounter mere christianised arabs ...

I can vouch for this. I travelled Italy and all of Europe in 1970/71, and found the place delightful. However ...

Upon telling some Italians of my plans to head further south to Naples, they threw up their hands in horror ... including two transplanted Neapolitans. When I innocently said that I would then head straight to Sicily, even the Neapolitans turned white.

I never found out if they were over-reacting.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Nasty

Italians (Guess where from?) have a saying South of Rome Africa begins.

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Eamon Bejayzuz said;
I think your man Edsel is right about this, because I sensed something of the sort in Spain, even if it was less obvious. You see, in Spain there is this Generalitat of Catalonia with its four cities of Barcelona, Tarragone, Zaragoza and Lerida, and this is the most advanced and prosperous part of Spain. As you go off South and Southwest there seems to be a subtle change in the people, inasmuch as they seem more flashy, superficial, insolent on occasion---more sort of African in their attitudes, while still looking exactly the same. Now this may seem rather farfetched and faintly ridiculous but a Spaniard--a Catalan--explained that I was not altogether imagining it. He told me that Catalonia today was in former times called Gotalonia, and I asked if he was winding me up but he said no, read your history. He described then what seemed to me to be a similar case to what Edsel said about the Lombards; the relevant nordic/germanic tribe in Catalonia were the Visigoths--this area of GOTHAlonia is where they settled, and this accounts for the feeling I had that it seemed differant, ie better, more progressive, more well ordered then much of the rest of Spain. It seemed to make sense; anyone else got any ideas that might expand this?

Anonymous said...

Well d'uh!

They are hardly hoing to cover the racists who are objecting to the fat cats inactive Wall Street defending puppet in the Half Caste House.