Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ireland celebrates diversity. Again.

A few days ago I posted about how about 5% of Irish 20-35 year old age cohort are emigrating every year. They have to - can't find employment. Well, I've got a solution. Go to Bosnia, change your name to Izebogovic, and return. Tell them you're a refugee. Bingo! You and your family will be placed on the equivalent of an €150,000 p.a. salary, equivalent to €95,000 after tax.

That's what an as yet unnamed Bosnian family are on at the moment. Not bad, huh? Especially when you consider that the per capita GDP in that country is €4,000 p.a. According to today's Irish Examiner, the weekly payments to this 'devout Muslim family' are made up as follows:

() Father’s disability allowance — €322.

() Guardian’s pension for child taken in — €286.

() Rent supplement — €276.

() Mother’s carer’s allowance — €380.

() Child benefit — €288.

() Daughter (17 years) special needs — €211.

Er, did I mention that Ireland is bankrupt?


Anonymous said...

Jesus, what mugs we are.

Shaunantijihad said...

I want the address. This must end. This must end.

Caucasia for Caucasians. And in the end, someone must expand. Who? The fnucking mozlems or hiphopstersnegroids?

Surely it is time for race realism to assert itself?

Anonymous said...

Er, did I mention that Ireland is bankrupt?

If you did, that just means you're not yet revolutionary.

Mug indeed!

If the king's purse be empty, then guard yours.

Anonymous said...

Have you a link to this Savant? This must be made public.

And could you give me a link to that cartoon in an Irish school showing 'diverse' students planning a Christmas show. It's only a friend of mine would like to see it. Thanks.

Franz said...

Totally off-topic, but I'll wager that you all get a kick out of this. Apparently the Nigerian 419 scammers have figured that a certain occupant of a certain White House in DC might just be dumb enough to fall for their craft:

To My Closest of Friends President and Professor Barack Obama,

I send this missive to you with deepest urgency. My embarrassment at importuning you in any way in your busy life is beyond expression. Please excuse my rushedness, but I, your friend and associate, Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan, have lost my wallet, passport, and Kabul Bank deposit book in the men's room of Kabul International Airport.

It is to my dismay to discover, in addition, that the $31 billion in small bills I had secured within the sleeves of my chapan, thanks to your most generous heart and the reconstruction abilities of the American contractor, is now gone as well. Without it, I cannot return to the presidential palace.

Please let me ask whether you can at moment soonest respond at this email address and let me know that you are willing to deposit a new $33 billion in the Kabul Bank for me. I will then, of course, provide you with the necessary account numbers and transmission information. (Lest you would think me in any way dishonest, my dear friend, I hasten to point out that Kabul Bank is the shining light of Afghan Banking and the extra $2 billion above and beyond the lost $31 billion, are deeply necessary if I am to present alms on my way from the airport to the Palace.)

As we are the closest of companions, I reassure you immediately and in no uncertain terms that this money of yours, a mere pittance compared to what is surely available to the President of the United States, is Absolutely Safe in the Kabul Bank (whose small troubles will soon be straightened out) and will in no way be lost to you. If you remit the said sum to me with all due speed, I will return it to you with $2 billion in interest within the month. You have my sincerest promise of that.

Act with great haste, my erstwhile companion!

Your Friend and Associate in Need,

Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan

I pulled this from Lewrockwell.com. Even though this letter could have been faked by Breitbart & company, it is still pretty remarkable. After all, nobody has ever thought it funny to compose fake scam letters to, say, Vladimir Putin.

The assumption that the Godking has dog poo for brains is really starting to gain traction.

Kulak - are you serious about voting for this creature? Say it ain't so!

Thor said...

Surely it is time for race realism to assert itself?

It's BEYOND time Shaun. But there do seem to be stirrings.

SAVANT said...

anon - here's the link. http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/call-for-welfare-pay-cap-as-couple-claim-90k-a-year-168808.html

Don't know what cartoon you refer to.

Rob said...

To halt our descent into racial extinction, Ireland would have to pull out of:
The European Union, so we can make our own laws again.
The Council of Europe, thus removing ourselves from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights.
The United Nations, under whose auspices we're bound by the various refugee treaties.

Ireland is too small a country to go it alone in these matters. It would face crippling boycotts and numerous sanctions from the "international community". We'll have to wait and see if Britain or some major economic power goes there first, the grab hold of its coat-tails.

In the meantime, the best we can do is spread the word through blogs like this and convert as many of the sheeple as we can.

Dave C said...

Anon 2121 is looking for this cartoon at a guess.


Croesus said...

Rob, all we need to do is redact those bloody ECHR laws that are relevant to this subject. We're entitled to do that. I wouldn't worry about the UN. Nobody else does. 99% of the world totally ignores the UN's refugee requirements. Only the west addresses them and only the west gets criticised. No need to leave the EU, even tho' I'm not a fan.

But yes, let's keep spreading the word.

Anonymous said...

I'm depressed. I'm Irish by blood and genetics but sadly stuck over here in America where I never wanted to be in the first damn place, but that would go all into to spiritual stuff, reincarnation and all sorts of things most of you won't try and comprehend.

I wish we could come over there and help fight and save our homeland of our ancestors.

Anonymous said...

Dave C, Thanks-that's the one I was looking for-unbelievable!

kulak said...


I am!

There is nothing about the anti-white order worth saving. Nothing.

The United States Government, too, is essentially bankrupt.

The United States Government is not America.

The United States Government is the ENEMY of America.

The United States Government is the ENEMY of white people.

It ought to LOOK like it.

Cause a lot a whites are just plain slow.

EVERYBODY else here gets it. And it don't take 'em very long after they arrive to catch on.

If you can, don't let it get to that point in your country. There's still time for you to head that off.

Here, the battle against illegal immigration is already lost, and most whites won't admit it to themselves.

Here, the battle against legal immigration is already lost, and most whites won't admit it to themselves.

That would be racist.

There is only one thing here left worth fighting for.


There is only one thing here left worth fighting against.

White genocide.

Everything else is just a holding action in a long retreat.

We don't lend our strength to those retreating.

We don't throw our strength into battles fought in the context of consent to white genocide.

Practically everybody fighting Obama on the "right" consents to white genocide.

Practically everybody fighting Obama on the "right" would agree, in principle, that having a black president is acceptable. They consent to multiracialism. They renounce the desire to have a nation of their own.

They renounce survival.

So they should HAVE a black president.

Anonymous said...

I'm 22 y/o, white and a recent graduate, and right now I'm concerned not so much about the welfare the immigrants take as by the changes in identity they are causing.

I'm going to have to emigrate; there is no way in hell I can spend the rest of my life here, subsisting on what survives of the welfare system.

The humiliation would be too great - welfare is for protecting *our* people who can't care for themselves, not paying off healthy young people so thay don't riot. The government and the elites have chosen the property oligarchs, the EU bureaucrats and the immigrants over people like me.

I've had - at least - 5 years to come to terms with this. In some sad way, I'm done with it and will simply leave for any country that will take me for any length of time.

The part that is crippling me is what the greater tribalism that I see, and in which I will have to join at some point.

The great thing about being of the same ethnicity as the majority of your compatriots is that you don't have to consider tribal or ethnic identities.

(And for all the hyperbole about religion in Ireland, I've never had any problems from white Irish people about being a Protestant. Irish Americans are a different kettle of fish.)

But if we lose that majority culture, we lose that sense of easiness about tribal identity. I don't want to have to organise myself into a tribe for protection. I just want to be X, and take people as I find them. I think most people want that.

This is why the Irish Americans make me cringe, apart from their obnoxious assumption that I'm not "really" Irish. I don't want to ever have to ally myself with some foreigner over ancestral or genetic similarities.

But that is not possible unless the vast bulk of the population have no reason to consider ethnic and tribal identities. If we keep letting more and more non Irish in, we *will* end up having to coalesce and I will be forced to unite with people I wouldn't give the time of day to in the current circumstances.

That's what scares most white people. It is horrible to go from being able to freely choose your acquaintances to being forced into a tribe.

kulak said...


I don't want to ever have to ally myself with some foreigner over ancestral or genetic similarities... It is horrible to go from being able to freely choose your acquaintances to being forced into a tribe.

You are the problem. Not blacks. Not muslims. You.

Sung to the tune of the Harvard Whiffenpoof song:

I cannot have all my wishes filled

Whine! Whine! Whine!

I cannot have every frustration stilled

Whine! Whine! Whine!

Life really owes me the things that I miss

Fate has to grant me eternal bliss

And if I must settle for less than this

Whine! Whine! Whine!

That our countries were for us used to go without saying.

And that didn't mean you had to associate with whites you didn't want to, any more so than you do today.

What you really dread is work. What you really dread is life.

kulak said...


Another way of saying it:

For most on the "right" in the U.S., Obama is a PERSONAL enemy.

Only a racist opponent of Obama can have nothing PERSONAL against him.

Pussy anon 12:54 wants to be able to have Obama or people like him as PERSONAL enemies.

That is a VICE.

It is a VICE of white supremacy.

Anon 12:54 simply lacks character.

kulak said...


Blacks are excellent mimics.

That is, until a bug flies into one's mouth.

Hat tip: Richard Spencer and Alternative Right.

john said...

I'm curious...since when did being Irish equate with catholicism Anonymous? This is a serious question; I understand that a great many Irish do embrace that particular, uh, 'religion' , but from reading your comments, you act like everyone in America of Irish ancestry has a picture of the pope tattooed on them. Surely a goodly portion of us [and y'all] understand that the problems in Ireland are a political thing that hides behind a veil of supposed religious differences? Certainly we all realise that in the past at least, Ireland was not only a staunch supporter of, but also a stronghold/bastion of Christianity? [and that is NOT catholicism] I mean some of the very first Christian congregations were in Ireland, and we were copying the Scriptures whilst the Angles were still painting themselves blue and living in trees. Just google "how Ireland saved western civilisation" or similar.
Regrettably, I have never been to the emerald isle, but, being quite interested in and proud of my heritage, I do spend a bit of time around Irish cultural gatherings and others of Irish/Celtic descent, including some [somewhat] recent immigrants. My Christianity doesn't seem to be an issue...even with the catholics I know. We may have the occasional 'lively debate' , but thats the extent.
And I still cannot agree w/Mr Kulak. I sorta understand his reasoning, in a way if i stretch, but to hasten the fall of whats left of the country? Cant go with that.
But I will take Savant's advice under consideration and consider the name change et al. Might get to go to Ireland and make 3 times the money I do now for free! Disgusting...

Andreas said...

ireland expects the Germans to pick up the tab for their expenditure and they're paying welfare at the rate of twice the rest of Europe. Get real.

Heraclitus said...

anon 12.54. You make some great points and I heartily agree with what you say. It breaks my heart to see good intelligent hard-working young people having to emigrate, irrespective of the immigrant scam here. All I can say is that, on the basis of your post you're a credit to us Irish and you'll do well wherever you go.

Anonymous said...

Kulak 15:06.

"That our countries were for us used to go without saying.

"And that didn't mean you had to associate with whites you didn't want to, any more so than you do today."

Please read my comment again. I am agreeing with you.

The whole point of maintaining a stable majority race and culture is that people can forget about race.

I have no obligation to feel tribal allegiances to white Irish people because we're surrounded by 4 million of them. It's nothing special.

If, however, Ireland were to become a - *shudder* - multicultural state, then that would not be the case. Claiming a tribal allegiance *would* create a connection, no matter how unwelcome.

Look at the US - all the ethnic groups, have had to band together to some extent, no matter what their personal feelings for the individuals involved.

I don't ever want that, and that is why I want to maintain Ireland as a white, independent country.

Anonymous said...

@John 16:33

Perhaps I'm a little sensitive. It's just that I'm a little sick of being asked if I really *feel* Irish. Or being refered to as an Anglo-Irish. Or the time (very recently) when an American told me that "being born in a stable doesn't make you a horse."

I'm not trying to impugn all Irish Americans, and I apologise if that's how I wrote it.

joelgp said...

anon - I wouldn't take too much notice of kulak. He goes in for the schock effect - accuracy doesn't matter.

Kevin Rafferty said...

The best Irishmen have been Anglos, IMHO. And, as you can tell by my name, I'm not an Anglo.

kulak said...


but to hasten the fall of whats left of the country?

Such as?


I stand by every word. I know my "typical white persons."

They either dejectedly fade into the sunset, or come to Jesus.

Kicking and screaming all the way.

kulak said...

At the end of the day, the emigre (possible exception: South Africans) is just running from himself.

The grass might seem greener elsewhere. It might even be greener elsewhere.

For a little while.

The emigration game is just a big game of musical chairs where, one by one, a darkie takes the chair next to you, sending you looking for another chair.

You might find one.

Darkie will follow.

Darkie will ALWAYS follow.

If you LET him.

Anonymous said...

off topic savant, do you ever get the horses asses over there with their dirty clothes and loud mouths talking about they are south side irish from chicago, and they want to join the ira blah blah blah,these idiots are the same ones whose fathers ran and hid during the viet nam war,they have no visible means of support. and they are usually drunk before noon bothering people with did you know my grannie from mayo etc etc,i could have had a entire life time on the police force locking these fools for the shit they caused here in chicago, John old rtd chicago copper.

S. Brady said...

@Anonymous 18:00

I am a catholic Irish man and most Irish-Americans really nauseate me with their support for liberal causes. Along with the Jewish lobby, they must absorb alot of the blame for pressuring politicians to enact various pro-immigration policies are destroying that country. They forget that Irish people are whites but seem to revel in cheering for the underdog who isn't genetically related to them. If Irish-Americans cared about being Irish, they would understand that other white races should be preserved as they represent potential allies in the upcoming racial conflict.

Therefore, I regard most Irish-Americans as being non-Irish as they have no interest in their own racial preservation. A fundamental part of being a member of the tribe is the survival of that tribe. They should also consider that the 'Old English' were about one third of the Irish population when they started to mix with the native Gaelic population around 1600AD.

B Boru said...

John - a lot of those people talked a lot about the IRA but few did anything. Remember Bella Abzug's solution 'the British must leave Dublin'. That's the level of debate.

S. Brady, guilty as charged. It sickens me to see all those police chiefs and governors with Irish names ramming home white racial destruction.

Rob said...

From the Sunday Independent 25/9/2011:

And a new fingerprint system being implemented by the Department of Justice and the gardai ran €5m over budget and is not being fully implemented because of industrial action at the Garda National Immigration Bureau.

And here we have waste that begets waste. Because the new procedure was not being used, it meant that the immigration and welfare systems were open to further fraud.

The report reveals how even the limited introduction of fingerprinting in Nigeria, for example, led to a dramatic fall-off in visa applications from there.

It is well known that the lack of such a fingerprinting system in Ireland -- which the gardai, through industrial action, won't use -- has led to massive welfare fraud by immigrant gangs and others.

One national newspaper was working on a major story about such scams but had to drop the story because of a perceived lack of cooperation from the gardai. Why? Because apparently it might show that the gardai were not on top of this highly controlled fraud from the very beginning. And anyway, why is this 'below-the-radar' industrial action still going on? Why has it not been sorted out?


Anonymous said...

Every few weeks, I like to visit Fred on Everything ...


Fred resides in Mexico, so, it's difficult to label him with the "raciss" epithet, and, truth be told, he has never made a single vitriolic comment on the race of anyone. So ... I feel that when he describes one of the "dissafected Yoof", he is being as fair as possible:-

Read his take on the London riots and of the makeup of the average Third World yoof.

There was the usual puzzled, or pseudo-puzzled wondering: Why did the “youths”--they are always called youths—doing it? Curiously, it was a black conservative on Hardtalk (of the BBC) who said it: the rioters were , criminal, unsocialized to civilized norms and simply wanted to rob stores selling things they liked.

Which led me to think about the US. It 's a little more complicated. Imagine a black kid of seventeen in Detroit. He can't read or, if he can, barely. He has never read a book, and never will. He doesn't know where England is, or Africa, or the United States. His mental world is small beyond the imagining of the literate. He has no grasp of government, and has never heard of any author. He cannot do simple arithmetic. He has perhaps never seen a checkbook, and will never have one. He doesn't watch the news. If he did, would not understand what he was seeing. Ideas like prime minister, exchange rate, and United Nations are utterly beyond him.

I am not being cruel. I am describing a condition, the normal, usual, unexceptional condition of American blacks of the urban slums.

Of history, the kid knows only that blacks were enslaved by whites. He cannot approximate the dates of the Civil War (as neither, astoundingly, can many white “college graduates”) and cannot name a single country in Africa, but he knows that blacks were stolen from their homes and very badly treated ...

A very, very interesting take. This is what we'll have to contend with -- with more and more whites as well.


Anonymous said...

By the way, read this and tell me there's not an overpowering aroma of rat.


We'll need 170,000 workers, says BHP

BHP Billiton has predicted Australia's resources industry will need an extra 170,000 workers in the next five years, underlining the job bonanza set to hit mining states.

Forecasts from the mining giant say the resources boom will create 90,000 continuing jobs by 2016, and demand for temporary construction workers will peak at 80,000 in 2014.

In a sign of the growing risk of skills shortages, BHP's prediction is almost 60 per cent higher than a previous government forecast used to develop policies for meeting skills demand.

A federal taskforce into resources employment last year said 61,500 mining jobs would be created by 2015 and the construction workforce would peak at 45,000.

Anyone want to place a small wager on just where Julia Gillard's Socio-green government wants to recruit from?

You can bet it won't be from laid-off miners in Wales, Welkom or West Virginia.

Nope. They'll be recruiting from those well-known mining communities in Vietnam, Somalia and Kenya, obviously.
The coffee mines of Mogadishu are world-renowned, I am told. Fortunately, I believe everything I read.

Watch your back, Oz.
Uncle Nasty

john said...

@ Anonymous - no worries. It actually was /is a serious question. Reckon that living in the southwestern part of the country, I don't hafta put up with all the BS described in 'rtd chicago copper's' post and such. Count yer blessings, huh? :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, no wonder all the jokes about paddies being stupid. They can't even learn the lesson of what's happened across the pond to England (sad fulfilment of ENOCH POWELL'S prophetic words, alas). Stop importing the Third World, you fucking eejits!


navan man said...

Yes, looks like another good chance for race replacement in Oz.

navan man said...

Rob - that fingerprint story is an outrage and just shows how weak our governments are. The police in question should be given 2 simple alternatives: Operate the system or collect your cards. There are plenty more to take your place.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the US got just what it asked for in electing the fraud calling himself Barack Hussein Obama. Obama is a Marxist and a black racist. If he were a white man, instead of a half white man, he would have already been impeached. And now whites are trying to elect another black man so they won't be called racisssss. I mean if Colin Powell, Eric Holder, Bill Cosby, Whoopi Goldberg, Obama, Morgan Freeman, and numerous other prominent, wealthy, and famous American blacks are not enough to convince whites that all blacks hold Whites in little regard then there is no hope for the Whites.

I guess the jew controlled media has indeed done a complete brain wash of the White race, if even now Whites are not convinced that the US must return to White control of the US government.

As for electing another black as US president I recommend reading Richard Spencer's article about the blacks inate ability for mimicry.

kulak said...

@S. Brady

Along with the Jewish lobby, they must absorb alot of the blame for pressuring politicians to enact various pro-immigration policies are destroying that country.

That is true. The hall of shame is large.

But Irish-Americans mostly lost their ethnic cohesion by the 40s, some 20 years before the 1965 immigration act.

It's mostly t-shirts, mugs, and a sense of humor now. Not exactly AIPAC here.

I suspect Jewish-Americans might have been absorbed also, if not for Israel.

kulak said...

“In Vermont I had wonderful conditions, better than anything Tolstoy ever had... I could have stayed there peacefully and in great happiness. But it would have been running away from my duty not to have come back. I could not escape our people’s pain.” -- A man of character

S. Brady said...

I'd like to say another thing about the Irish-American commnuity. It's supposed to be 40 million, but actually it's a great deal smaller. A large portion of this number are those of Scots-Irish descent. From a white nationalist perspective, they have a far better reputation than their Irish counterparts. Very few members of the Irish-American community are of purely Irish descent. Indeed, many are not even 100% white. I visited cousins in Maine and I was sickened by this mulatto who said he was 'Irish' by descent.

Women are attracted to those with higher testosterone levels. Obviously white men have lower levels than blacks-which is why racial preservation is impossible without complete geographical separation (not half-assed segregation). But even within the white race, however, there are probably differences in testosterone levels. Irish men are not as genetically attractive as their Mediterranean, Slavic of Germanic counterparts. Many Irish women in the USA mated with these men and black males after one generation. Many of my uncles and granduncles left Ireland and never married.

In summary, this claim of '40 million' members in the Irish-American is totally bogus.

Anonymous said...

17;45 you mentioned i see Vermont once a great state of free men and revolunionary rebels, these guys would be rolling over in their graves if they could see what invaded this once proud state,NY jews with attitudes in small road side cafes and resturants insulting young kids about their serving habits,and giving the locals snide remarks about back woods people etc.a few such people took the bait and punched a few heb snozzes in the parking lots, saw jew liberals at the beach harrasing young goyim girls sun bathing with usual obnoxious banter until daddy or big bro showed up, these people are impossible to insult.but stone cowards

Anonymous said...

I worked in a hotel for the Summer in Vermont. The owner hated Jews, always looking for special rooms, free stuff, special discounts etc.
Don't know if he was right or not.

Anonymous said...

S.Brady - "Women are attracted to those with higher testosterone levels. Obviously white men have lower levels than blacks-which is why racial preservation is impossible without complete geographical separation (not half-assed segregation). But even within the white race, however, there are probably differences in testosterone levels. Irish men are not as genetically attractive as their Mediterranean, Slavic of Germanic counterparts. Many Irish women in the USA mated with these men and black males after one generation. "

Why do all studies show that white women are much more attracted to white men, then brady?

And I assume you have some evidence that mediterraneans, slavs, germans have higher testosterone than irish men?

you wouldn't be talking absolute shite by any chance would you ?

S. Brady said...

Obviously, not all white women like men of another race. But in the USA 10% of white women do not have fully white kids. Even if this percentage holds steady for the generations to come the numbers of 100% white people will eventually dwindle to nothing. However as liberalism grows, this percentage (non-white births by white women) will actually increase thereby further hastening white demographic decline.

A number of factors contribute to masculinity and many of these are heritable. I don't think it unreasonable to say virtually all women prefer men of a more masculine disposition. Everybody knows that there are more black male-white female couples than vice-versa. Similarly for white male-asian female. Perhaps I was wrong to pin it solely down to testosterone levels, but it's obvious that men of different races have varying average degrees of masculinity. The underlying biochemistry is complex but is undoubtedly heritable.

Just as races differ in this respect, I fail to see how it is difficult to see this may also be the case within a race. It's plain to see that Italian/Spanish men have a greater ability to attract women than Irish men. Aside from exceptions one can point out, there are far more Italian/Spanish male-Irish female couples than vice-versa. I don't mind this (obviously I'm opposed to miscegenation on grounds of racial preservation).

Anonymous said...

did you see The Secret Millionaire programme last night?
Guy in Shandon from Darfur had a sign Management resereves the right to refuse admission.
Tsk! Tsk! That is Corkonians fer ya!

Anonymous said...

Jesus H Christ - some coon from Africa reserves the right to keep Irish people out. makes sense in a way I suppose.

Anonymous said...


I take your point on a certain level but as for testosterone,well,that is disproved by the physically aggressive sports played in this country.

Gaelic Football,Hurling,Rugby,Boxing.Even the brand of Football as played by the Irish and NATIVE British is far more aggressive than that played elsewhere.

Not played very well,I grant you,but certainly more physical.

"Soft" sports--Basketball,Volleyball,Field Hockey have no following here precisely because they ARE soft and seen as unmanly.


Anonymous said...

Sirrah! This stuff is of no interest to use Montrose elite. Tooodle pip old boy!

On the evening of the 23rd May 2011, RTÉ broadcast a Prime Time Investigates programme entitled "A Mission to Prey".

Before this broadcast Prime Time conducted an interview with Fr. Kevin Reynolds, the then parish priest at Ahascragh in Galway.

This interview took place beside the parochial house after the annual First Holy Communion Mass.

During this interview allegations were made against Fr. Reynolds. He immediately protested his innocence and denied all the allegations.

Between the interview and the broadcast, Fr. Kevin Reynolds, through his Solicitors, repeated his protestations of innocence, asked RTÉ not to broadcast the interview and volunteered to
undergo a paternity test.

Prime Time duly broadcast the programme accusing Fr. Reynolds of raping a minor named Veneranda while he was a missionary in Kenya and fathering a child named Sheila as a result of this rape.

Anonymous said...

Jenny McKeever was sacked for breaching Section 31 which meant that nobody was allowed to interview someone from Sinn Fein.

Someone from Sinn fein was overheard when she was interviewing someone else.

Will anyone be sacked over the "A Mission to Prey" fiasco?

I mean it would free up an interviewing role for a Sha'quila or a Scamela!

Anonymous said...

Page 2 and 3 of today's Indo is of the faces of Ireland.








Didn't the phtographer get the memo on diversity?

B Boru said...

In fairness the Indo is far from being the worst offender.

Anonymous said...

Benefit cheat too fat to wear electonic tag

An overweight benefit cheat who was too fat to fit in a court will not be forced to wear an electronic tag because it will not fit round her ankle.

Clinically obese Beverley Douglas, 44, had jobs as a CCTV operator and a bus driver which earned her a salary of around £16,000 but she carried on raking in handouts for five years.

The former businesswoman also faked tenancy agreements to pocket rent on two properties she never lived in. Douglas, a mother of four, collected £34,000 in benefits, the court heard.


The SHAPE of things to come!

Anonymous said...

Oh Holy Hell!

For those of you who do not want to read the article.

Big BIG Gurl benefits cheat

navan man said...

Now that Big Gurl is what I'd call a useless eater. Not a bad car tho' Welfare payments must be good.

Anonymous said...

Not a bad car tho' Welfare payments must be good.

£22 000 at its cheapest?

Anonymous said...

Tonigh Vincent Browne is doing a special with Niall Crowley ex (dick)head of the Equality Autoratah, Siobahn O'Donoghue head of the Migrants'Rights Centre, Independent TD Kildare North, and Aodhan O'Riordan Labour Td.

When his quango's unafforadable budget was cut he buggered off in a huff which Kevin Myers remarked that that was the best service he ever did the state. I cannot find the link but includes such gems as the guy who got an award because his account was stopped for a few days because he had a name close enough to a wanted terrorist.

I amsure it will be easy enough to find on the blogosphere rather than the Independent's archive.

Clogheen said...

I say again and again. We need the economy to descend into toal shite. Then they'll have to close down all those useless fucking quangos. Let it roll.

Anonymous said...

Then they'll have to close down all those useless fucking quangos.

But will they?

Anonymous said...



Equalirt resignation struff.

Corkonian said...

That useless PoS Niall Crowley did immense damage to Ireland. I guess he thought that everyone would revolt when he resigned. LMAO!