Thursday, 4 August 2011

Same question again

Ok - I know I'm becoming a bore on this subject, but I just can't help myself. Subject in question being the practice of money-grubbing whores to pass up cash by being PC. Latest manifestation is the recreation of Spiderman as a half-black, half-Hispanic hero. Who looks, quelle surprise, like a cross between Mein Obama and Tiger Woods.

Apart from the obvious one, this move is problematical on a number of counts. What struck me immediately was the transitioning of Spiderman's objective: “The theme is the same: With great power comes great responsibility” according to Marvel/Disney. Mmmm... given that 99% of the crime in New York derives from blacks or Hispanics, doesn't seem the most obvious ethnic group for such a saviour, does it?

Will his famous utility belt be equipped with burglary tools and a crack pipe? And how did he get his super-human powers, from a nuclear-charged welfare cheque?

Will they enhance verisimilitude by endowing him with the body odours we normally associate with his ethnicity? And by having him depending on welfare and mugging whites for his income?

It's going to be a costly failure. Reminds me what they say about the National Inquirer - the newspaper for people who can't read. Few blacks or Hispanics can, or want to, read. Those that do will undoubtedy acquire a copy that attracts the Detroit Discount - i.e. shoplifted. So Disney will thankfully lose a shedload of money before they can the project within a couple of years.

But going back to my main question: Why money-grubbing slimeballs like Disney (Michael Eisner anyone? he'd disembowel his own mother for a buck) why would they enter into such a guaranteed commercial disaster as this? Do they really want to destroy the white gentile male that badly?


Anonymous said...

"Do they really want to destroy the white gentile male that badly? "

Answer: Yes they do!

Tony in VA said...

We've been over all of this in earlier posts. All I can add is that at some stage whites will rebel against all this shit.

George said...

If they go all the way and make the character homosexual then the franchise is surely finished.

motoboy said...

sidering a gay Spiderman at some future stage!!

Anonymous said...

RABOBI RABOBI..... hahahaha The South Africans will get it.

Anonymous said...

How much of a slimeball is Eisner ? I hear you ask.

He calimed that he found Walt Disney's grave which had been forgotten about.

Absolute rubbish a his daughter explained to James Stewart for Disney War.

great white said...

Another one to add to my boycott list.

Piet said...

RABOBI - yeah!

Anonymous said...

I'm South African and I had to google it. Who the hell watches kaffir TV, anyway?

Krokodil said...

Was it to get someone of "acceptable" ethnicity the reason they dumped Toby Maguire? Or did he simply not want the job?

Most of the casting for the previous Spiderman movies was spot-on, in my opinion, especially TM and Kirsten Dunst. Unfortunately, number 3 was a crappy movie, but, viewed overall, an enjoyable franchise and series nevertheless.

Hollywood's obsession with "racial uplifting" of our Black and Brown brethren is seriously irritating - and a major cause of at least some people giving up on the film industry. Case in point, watched fairly forgettable movie last night starring Bruce Willis (can't remember name) and the police captain was a Black female. How many Black females are police captains in the USA? Are there any?

Still, I'm not really bothered that the latest Spiderman is to be a non-White - I didn't know this until Savant posted - (as opposed to the seriously crappy Thor movie where one of the Norse Gods was Black) but, all said and done, if this film bombs, well then, maybe the message might start to get through to the Hollywood elites (or at least their wallets)...

Anonymous said...

It seems when a country makes the change from backwoods to civilized, the need for real brains and manpower go out the window. The civil society prospers with religious and intellectual guidance. At some point, when wild west bandits are under control the manly doers are replaced by the feminized thinkers. With no threats to keep strong men as an asset, the country degenerates to a level where it is easily overtaken by some despot or collapse of some sort. Our collapse is begun from within in places such as LA, Detroit, etc and weakens our resolve. Obama, a feminized radical thinker, has accelerated our demise with the help of a fully feminized free press and federal bureaucracy,

Macaw said...

@Anon/Piet - LOL. Man, that was in the 80s if I recall. Eisch

Shaunantijihad said...

Or are they positioning themselves as good White-male-hating citizens of the UN World Republic? When the Communist takeover of Western civilisation happens (will it happen?) they can point to such as this and say, "Yes, we helped in the deconstruction of the enemy of the human race, the White male."

Am I going too far? Are the leaders of Western civilisation really plotting a Communist World Government, with mass immigration and the deconstruction of the White race as just one aspect of it?

Have a look at these short videos, from which I take this quote of an Australian politician (a Senator?):

"The United Nations has given Federal Government a Mandate of ownership for housing, farms, property and business to Government Control, once the Republic has been proclaimed."

Will the Jewish-Communist horror against Russia, Hungary, Romania etc prove to be just a testing ground before the worldwide Communist takeover with the UN as the world government and the EU, African Union, North American Union etc as the smaller local ruling Communist government? Does that explain all the false flags, 911, 7/7 etc to introduce the police state in readiness for the coming attack?

Watch them all:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Do they really want to destroy the white gentile male that badly? "

Indeed they do. The tribe have a pathological hatred and terror toward whites that will cling to them until extinction.

I don't know if this is some kind of race memory dating back to the first expulsion (Carthage Ca. 250 AD) or whether -- like blue-arsed flies -- they just can't take a hint. I am inclined to the latter theory. That and the theory of projection ... projecting your own fears and prejudices onto your enemies -- real or perceived ... and then acting on that projection.

You'll notice that some countries expelled them more than once. France, Hungary and Germany may as well have set up a revolving door. If it were me, I'd take the fucking hint.

Unfortunately, the tribe seem incapable of realising that most of the world simply wants to be left alone. Rather like the bull in the ring.

But no. They will pick, and goad, and mock and stab and then pick and goad again ... and when they get to a position to crow, they will crow long and loud about the dumb goyim and how they have pulled the wool -- once again.

The amazing thing is their genuine surprise, shock and horror when the Cossacks, goaded beyond endurance, kick down the door and drag the whole family, grossmutter and all, to the scaffold ...

Our Scandinavian shooter being, I think, a perfect example of a cossack goaded beyond endurance.

I give you my favourite grossmutter gerbil as an example of a goader.

Needless to say, jocomo and Joelgp will have a few words to say to me about this. Bring it on, lads.

Debate is always welcome -- even with the Hasbarah.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Piet said...

RABOBI - yeah!

Admitting total ignorance. What the hell is RABOBI?


Anonymous said...

Cant Recall if Rabobi ever took his mask of,

"Do they really want to destroy the white gentile male that badly? "

They are currently hard at work, make no mistake...

Croesus said...

anon 2.51. I think you are correct. The really interesting thing though is what happens next? Given your two stage 'progression' the third stage is what counts. Now we are heading into that.

Anonymous said...

UN - I think the original point made about Rabobi was that he never took off hiis mask and just as of now, we have perople doing things to us who are disguised (kind of).

Anonymous said...

In keeping with the times, the new Spidey gets to keep Kirsten Dunst as his girlfriend. She won't know that her new boyfriend is also the new Spiderman.
In the US mud babies being born now out number white babies being born. Whites are minorities in four states now and are minorities in many major cities in the US. There is no sign of let up in this racial change that is coming about. So it's out with the whites and in with the muds. The comic books must reflect this racial change. It's all the rage in movies and pop culture, so this racial change needs to be reflected in comics as well.
When Jerry Siegel first invented Superman the comic book character was an arch criminal. Siegel even published the first Superman character as an arch criminal, it just didn't sell. He tried three more Superman as a master criminal he just couldn't get it to work. He changed the Superman character to what we know now and the rest is history. In keeping with the times maybe Siegal would want to switch the character back to a master criminal.

occasional said...

Definitely he'll keep a white female partner. THat's all part of the program you see. White girls must pro-create with colored partners. Damn it, how else do you expect the whites to die out?

Anonymous said...


DaSean Lincoln is waiting in line fo da welfare. Little do his fellow spongers know, but he is THE REAL SPIDERMAN! Suddenly, on one of the Federally-funded HDTVs in the welfare office, a newsflash comes in from CNN:

"Armed and dangerous, possibly racist white man in red pickup truck with Utah plates seen leaving freeway!"

Spidey rushes to the toilets to change into his Spidey-Zoot-Suit, now enhanced and enriched with encrusted bling with P Diddy's "Bad Boy" label prominently displayed. Beyonce wails the new Spidey anthem somewhere in the background, and as Spidey is about to leap out the window to thwart the evildoer...
He notices that another shiftless lombombo has nicked his place in the queue! He beez gonna miss out on his check!

Springing back into line, Spidey intimidates the usurper with ghetto-stylee chest-biggin' - yo! -collects his check and EBT top-up, then slouches downtown to meet his weed dealer.
Justice has been done!


Anonymous said...

Excellent Jp, excellent! LoL!

Bemused stare said...

The shitstorm just got a little closer. At this point I am wondering, A) what it will take for our folks to wake up and B) how big the explosion will be when they do?

Franz said...

Methinks I can solve your riddle Savant...

These days it is far more important for the legacy media to please governments than their consumers.

Take the example of General Electrics. It has transformed its subsidiary NBC and its derivatives to mere propaganda arms for the US government. Of course, that led to losses of viewers and revenues.

But GE more than made up for that in government contracts awarded by a grateful Obama administration. Heck, they even called GE CEO Jeff Immelt onto the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board where he can award contracts to himself.

I am somehow rather certain that Disney's Eisner is getting his back scratched as well for ruining the Spiderman franchise. Not to mention all the other forms of "behavior placement" that Disney engages in these days.

We are all witnessing the slow motion unveiling of the new paradigma for a centrally planned economy: Screw the customer, it is Big Brother who turns the money spigots on and off. Do business accordingly.

By the way: Legacy brodcasters like Disney'S ABC and GE's NBC just lost the ratings war to a Spanish-language channel. Univision is now the king of the hill in US broadcasting:

They truly need Big Brother as a friend. Joe Sixpack has turned his back to them.

SAVANT said...

Franz - you make an excewllent point. All the MSM TV channels are owned by major non-mdeia corporations. They need to keep in with the gov.

That's also why there's no problem supporting GW Bush opne minute and then supporting a pretty different regime thta sollows it. Just keep in with the ones in power.

And this in turn will lead to increased pressure to control the Internet.

Anonymous said...

It seems that there was huge violence at the Wisconsin State Fair.Perpetrated,of course by feral negroids on Whites.

It makes deppressing reading:the passivity of the white victims.

I'm nearly 53,but I'm big,strong and reasonably fit.I have no doubt,even at my age,that I could take out at least three of the average negroids I have observed on frequent visits to the States.Vermin.

Pride alone would make me fight back.To protect my family I would go go Beserker.Insane rage would be the key.

I'm not just sitting here typing bullshit:this is how I would react and how I once did have to react.

What the FUCK!


Anonymous said...

Did anyone see this story last week, About a HSE junior doctor so inept they could not even take a pulse.

Typical of the media they called her a Romaninan doctor, but were too lazy to really check her background, with a surname like Ndaga we can give a good guess what continent she was from!!!!!

But that would spoil the celebration of diversity story!!!!

odin said...

mr. a. i'm with you on this. and no bullshit from me either. not only are whites taking it lying down, but they're 'forgiving' the perps in many cases. yugh!

SAVANT said...

I have it from a friend in Coleraine (where this 'doctor' lives) that she is from Gambia and 'qualified' in Romania in 2008. I.e. paid a wad of money to some currupt ex-commissar) and was then unleashed on the gullible Irish. Who would be terrified to question such a culturaal enricher. Amazing too how she's been described as Roumanian. Can't let the people get the real facts.

john said...

Yes, they do. eisner is a jew, as are his cronies, many of them queer. Disney has been nothing but a propaganda machine since Walt died.
And yes shaunantijihad, there is a concerted conspiracy if you'll allow that term, for a communist, one world tyranny. It's oft called zionism, and whatever you call it, is backed and implemented by the jew.

Anonymous said...

More negroid misbehaviour:

Franz said...

@ mr a

At your age the Roman Republic would have expected you to be a Triarius in the Legion and the Spartans would have you steady the Phalanx by placing you behind the more jittery young bucks.

I am two decades younger than yourself and have long thought that my own generation was rather lacking in the physical prowess and courage department when compared to the one preceding it.

However, those young entities (males?) now ranging between 15 and 25 are often positively effeminate. I don't know if it was all this metrosexuality junk pushed by the media or if there is indeed something in the water.

Professionally I am dealing with lots of guys in that age group and it is truly depressing. They always ramble on about shopping trips to London, little coffee houses where the Latte is that much better and about their feelings in general. Much of it I simply don't understand.

Just the other day, I was in the streets humping a camera when a young guy of perhaps 17 chatted me up out of interest for that thing I was carrying. I was a total stranger to that boy, mind you. Out of nothing, he starts to tell me how SCARED all this atomic energy in the world makes him feel. Yuck!

In summary: Boys and young men itching to let others know about their feelings are debris. You can't expect to coax out a precise, declarative sentence out of those creeps, much less fight.

They are rather reminiscent of the generation that gave up the Roman republic for autocracy because the latter provided more games and foreign trinkets. Back then young men took to wearing makeup and relished general gender confusion as well.

P.S. Nice anecdote about a truly virile man, former boxing champion Jack Dempsey: The guy was 78 when two young bucks tried to mug him. He punched both their lights out and the police had nothing more to do than scoop up the trash. Dempsey oozed so much Testosterone that it is hard to imagine him in today's world. He'd probably end up in prison or topping himself rather than listening to others talk about their feelings.

Franz said...

Re my earlier remarks about masculinity or the lack thereof. Did anybody notice that the new Spiderman is not only black but crying as well?

Those comic books are intended for consumption by little boys. Nice way to geld them before they even reach puberty.

Anonymous said...

the funny part of this whole senario is that Walt Disney strongly disliked jews and blacks.

Anonymous said...

Savant if you want to see a liberal jew movie from WW11 Isuggest you get MISSION TO MOSCOW with the great WALTER HUSTON playing the role as ambassador to the soviet union,he is talking to Joe Stalin and states we in america are astounded at your 5 year plan and stalin replies yes, but we had to overcome a great deal.;LIKE STARVING UKARANINS AND KULAKS TO DEATH,YOUwont beleive the total shit in this film of lets all love mother russia, goes to prove that the jew liberal reds had control of the industry back then. John old rtd chicago copper.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the topics that were dated 5th August ?

Anonymous said...

the funny part of this whole senario is that Walt Disney strongly disliked jews and blacks.

He built the brand and the masculine beer makers and work shy have set about using it for their own ends.

When the anti-communist hearings are brought up Wlat Disney always cops it as a bad guy.

cited is 1932's "The Wayward Canary," in which Mickey is seen using a cigarette lighter with a swastika painted on the side.

The swastika is still on some Finnish state items but one American Army brigade does not use it even though it predates the Nazis use of it.

Elaine said...

Franz, personally I like the idea of toning down the ultra-nationalism that we had in Britain and Germany (and many others) in which it took just a signal to send them off killing one another in great numbers for reasons that were at best dubious. Two World Wars anyone?

However I agree that it's gone too far. Now we celebrate the destruction and emasculation of national pride. No happy medium it seems.

Franz said...


I doubt that manlyness and outwardly aggressive ultra-nationalism are the same thing.

Nor do I think that the current generation of metrosexuals will spare the world further disasters by ending their days in peace.

If all they have to do to kill other people is to fly a remote controlled drone, they'll be fine with it... assuming they get to talk about their feelings with a therapist thereafter.

That's why they designed the drone controls around a La-Z-Boy:

Bemused stare said...

However, those young entities (males?) now ranging between 15 and 25 are often positively effeminate. I don't know if it was all this metrosexuality junk pushed by the media or if there is indeed something in the water.

Actually Franz, it IS a "twofer" as our Ami friends would say. On one hand we have the social system that is heel bent on destroying boyhood and by extension manhood. Part two is a hormonal problem that literally is in the water supply and is screwing up young boys inheritance (look it up if you will).

In short, if I tell you the average complete flamer, circa 1940 had more balls than the present day Nascar fan, I am NOT kidding.

Anonymous said...

@ Franz

You put it better than I can Franz.

I was the youngest in a family of five and the only boy.I came along a bit later and I don't think my mother knew how to raise a boy.My father was firmly of the old school:big boys not only did'nt cry but never showed ANY emotions.

Now possibly that was taking it a little too far as I found myself unable display any emotion at my own mothers funeral despite falling to pieces inside.

I too loathe most young males that I meet with their stupid haircuts and hair gel,false fucking tan for Christs sake!

And yes Lattes and fucking handbags and.... I'd better stop,I'll have a coronary.

Nice one about Dempsey.Mind you,Tunney,his conqueror,was hated not only for beating Jack,but because he had the nerve to read BOOKS.Obviously,the hard bitten fight fans back then did'nt like any displays of the intellect.

Jack Sharkey,who fought slightly later,had the wonderful nickname of "The Weeping Lithuanian".He was despised for his shows of emotion.


Anonymous said...

@Elaine. If you look throughout history, you notice that history is more or less war. It's an awful part of the human condition. It's not going away, unfortunately. However, do we really need to bring future wars into our own lands, which will in effect, become very nasty race/religious wars.

Take Northern Ireland as an example. Here you have people, which, for the most part are the same people and look how utterly vicious and ruthless some could be.
Now take entirely different ideologies and races and put them altogether on a small landmass and allow to stew for several decades.

I for one am glad I probably won't be around to see it. My worry is my descendents.

Civil wars are very nasty affairs. The US lost more men in the American Civil War, than all wars they have fought since.

Anonymous said...

Touching on the Boxing theme again,I recently had a conversation with a young male who had just watched the film "Hurricane" on T.V.
"Terrible how Carter was treated"says he."Terrible how black people were treated then"

Me:"I have no idea whether Reuben Carter was or was not guilty of that robbery,but,being a nigger,he probably was.However,I believe the film showed him being cheated out of the decision in his title shot by the Mob.This is demonstrably false,so if the writers,producers and director of the film were willing to lie so openly about the fight,which Joey Giardello won by a country mile,then I can only presume they lied about everything else."

Of course the words I actually used used were rather more salty than the above.I've never seen the film of course and never will.


Corkonian said...

Franz - your post 10.48 - that's a great point. I was after reading Elaine's comment and nodding in agreement. Then your comment provided a much deeper understanding. Yes, because extreme violence can now be fully sanitised.

Corkonian said...

Dempsey and Tunney - both 1st generation Irish-American. Oh for more of that type.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disillusion you corkonian,but Dempsey was of very mixed blood.Irish,Cherokee possibly even some Jewish.
His parents were both converts to Mormonism and Jack always regarded himself as a Mormon,while playing up the Irish angle for the box office.

Both Tunneys parents were from Mayo.I don't know about you but I have never come across the name here in Ireland.


Anonymous said...

Bob Dylan no longer plays The Hurricane live anymore due to its, erm, parting of the ways with reality.

Canada stick to being goofy within your own borders.

Franz said...

I didn't know you guys were so interested in boxing. Hence, a little rarity: Jack Dempsey appearing in a game show.

Note how articulate and gentlemanly the great mauler is when he puts his mind to it.

A great champion in every sense of the word.

@ Corkonian

I think that Dempsey actually had some Cherokee blood which implies that his family had been in America for some time. Still, I think that the Irish can be prouder of that distant relative than the creep O'bama which claims descent from your country as well.

Hector said...

I've come across a few Tunneys here (the meat baron, for one). I also understand that it's the same origin as Tierney, a very common name.

Anonymous said...

Dempsey was one of the Greatest Americans.
His early life was one of such hardship that it is inconcievable to us today.For instance,he learned to fight in "Battle Royals"in which 5 or 6 fighters were thrown into the ring and the last man standing took the purse.
negroids have claimed that this practice was only done to negroids,but,of course,they are lying.
When Dempsey lost his first fight with Tunney,his then wife(Estelle Davis?),anyway,a minor silent movie star asked Jack what had gone wrong.Dempseys reply was typical of the man:"Honey I forgot to duck".Reagan used the same line when he was shot.

After the famous Long Count second fight with Tunney,not a word of complaint did Dempsey utter.He knew that he himself was to blame,not Dave Barry the referee.

At his best in the ring,Dempsey had hands like rattlesnakes,incredibly fast and powerful.

He,along with Babe Ruth,encapsulate the Roaring 20's,except that Dempsey was,outside of the ring,always a gentleman.Ruth was a complete boor,a prototype of the modern negroid athlete.

By the way,talking of Cherokee.I have met many Americans who have claimed Indian blood-usually a safe 1/16th or 1/32nd.Without exception,ALL have said they carried Cherokee blood.

Now the Cherokee may have been an unusually active people,but I can't see how Whites,with no ancestral connection to Georgia or Tennessee,could have any connection to this unfortunate and rather gifted Tribe.

Perhaps one of our American correspondents could explain this anomaly?.


Anonymous said...

True about Dylan. He now knows that the Carter myth was just that - a myth.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! Marvel are right. This is how you change social perceptions. You start with the young kids and your subtle messages feed into their subconscious. And at the end of the day that is how you make a more diverse society.

I still remember learning Irish in primary. 'Tá mamaí sa chistin, tá daidí sa gháirdín' and all that or good old Tom and Nóra... Irish society is still reaping the repercussions.

Marvel is leading the way and should be praised!

The Voiceof PC has spoken!

Clogheen said...

Learning Irish made me hate that language with a psassion!

Franz said...

How would "The Voiceof PC" like a whack in the mouth?

Anonymous said...

I think this sort of behavior is what one can more realistically expect from niggers in masks.

Shaking hands in celebration on a bus, thugs who had just hunted down a schoolboy, 16, like a pack of animals and stabbed him to death

By Colin Fernandez

Leaning across the bus seat, these teenage killers shake hands in a sickening moment of self-congratulation.

One is heard to say to another: ‘You’re the new young boss.’

Just half an hour earlier they had been among a vicious gang who hunted down a schoolboy ‘like a pack of wild dogs’ before knifing him to death.

Triumphant: Lamarr Gordon and Dale Green shake hands on a bus after the stabbing of Nicholas Pearton, with Gordon heard to call Green 'the new young boss'

The gang are now behind bars. They were jailed for a total of 74 years yesterday over the killing in broad daylight in a busy shopping street of 16-year-old Nicholas Pearton.

The teenager was pursued across a suburban park by his attackers, many of whom were still in their school uniform, before he was stabbed through the heart and collapsed in a shop doorway in front of his mother, Kim.

I wonder if Stan Lee or Marvel Comics will bring out a commemorative issue on the lives of these Masked Marvels?

Notice the sentences. I have always been in favour of the death penalty ... but applied at the scene of the crime -- not by the corrupt state.

Secondly i have always been amazed by the liberal claims that the death penalty costs more than imprisonment. If this was the case, then why do poverty-stricken third-worlders apply it so often?

I am sure I could get it down to about 15 US cents a pop.

Bargain of the century.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Ndaga the doctor who could not take a pulse was Roumasnian. Or should that be Rumanian?

Elaine said...

Uncle Nasty - I'm not a death penalty supporter but this is one case where these animals would have merited it.

Your question about costs and the 3rd world: It's dearer here because over there the sentence is carried out immediately after the verdict. Here there are endless appeals often lasting up to 20 years. The lawyers clean up and the taxpayer picks up the whole tab. So yes, it could be dearer here.

Anonymous said...

15;14 Tunneys people came from Mayo in the Charelstown region on the Sligo border.

Anonymous said...

Please allow me to introduce you to one of my favourite writers ... Luke O'Farrell.

The name may be familiar. He, along with Simon Sheppard ran the blog Heretical Press from 1998-2008. They are the Heretical Two whom the Tribe had locked away. Their story here:-

An example of O'Farrell's writing:-

" ... Meet Diplostomum pseudospathaceum. You might think crazy name, crazy guy – only it’s not a guy and it’s not crazy. It’s a parasitic worm and it looks after its own interests with ruthless efficiency. One stage of its life-cycle is spent in fish, the next in birds. But how does it get from one to the other? After all, fish do their best to avoid being eaten by birds. Diplostomum ’s solution is simple, ruthless and highly effective. It travels along a fish’s bloodstream to its eyes and blinds them. The fish can’t see shadows falling on the water and soon gets eaten.

Now meet Toxoplasma gondii. This is an even simpler parasite that faces an even bigger problem: how to get from rats to cats. Rats don’t rely much on their eyes, so blinding them wouldn’t do much good. Instead, the microscopic parasite goes to work on its host’s large and complex brain, destroying its innate fear of predators. Rats infected with Toxoplasma become suicidal: they’re actually attracted to cats and Toxoplasma is soon snug in its preferred host. Scientists suspect that it can infect human beings and affect their behavior too, but you don’t need to look down a microscope to see a parasite of human beings that behaves like Toxoplasma – and like Diplostomum too.

Yep, meet Yiddus maxischnozzus, the far-too-common Kike. Jews hate standing out as a minority in the White societies they parasitize, so they set to work blinding their White hosts and manipulating White brains. The mass media are supposed to act as our eyes, observing the world and reporting important patterns to us so we can protect ourselves from harm. This is why, just like Diplostomum swarming to the eyes of a fish, Jews have taken control of the mass media."

I think you can see why Yehudi and the Mob** moved heaven and earth to get these guys framed and incarcerated. Highly recommended.

Uncle Nasty

**Yehudi and the Mob ... sounds rather like Benny and the Jets. May be some money to be made there.


Anonymous said...

Spidey (PP) only had his spidey senses to use. This guy (LG) will be able to mix with the criminal element the way a news photographer could not.

kulak said...

Now the Cherokee may have been an unusually active people,but I can't see how Whites,with no ancestral connection to Georgia or Tennessee,could have any connection to this unfortunate and rather gifted Tribe.

I can't speak for anybody but myself, but I do claim 1/32. My maternal grandfather always claimed to be 1/8th. I do in fact have an ancestral connection to Tennessee, and I've found the census records showing my great grandfather living in Indian territory in Cherokee land within Oklahoma.

It doesn't really require the Indian being prolific. It only requires the white mate being prolific. It was not unusual at all for people in that day to have 9-14 kids.

My wife's great-great grandmother died in 1962. She was survived at that time by 80 grandchildren. Admittedly an outlier, but demonstrative of white fecundity in America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Bemused stare said...

Learning Irish made me hate that language with a psassion!

Please help me understand this. I was born in South Africa and I adore the language of my ancestors (German). Why does an Irishman hate his?

I ask with honesty as I can not imagine losing ours. To the point of always learning what I can.

Anonymous said...

kulak - great to have you back man. thought that maybe your 'friends' had done a Luke O'Farrell on you!

SAVANT said...

Let me add to the weldome kulak - Great to see you back in action. Feared you had gone over to the Dark Side.

SAVANT said...

@Bemused. This attitude is very common in Ireland. Most people - assuredly including myself - have a highly negative view.

First it was literally beaten into us at school - not the first tongue for 90% of the population. Then it's a VERY hard language to learn.

For me the biggest turnoff was the hypocrisy that surrounded it and the self-appointed priesthood who assumed that only they were truly Irish.

Anonymous said...

kulak - that 1/16 Cherokee is where you get your vitriol from! Be glad of it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply Kulak.

I still can't understand why everyone says Cherokee and not Cheyenne,Mohawk,Navajo whatever.Never mind.

@ Bemused
I'm 100% Irish as far back as I can go but English is my native tongue or,rather,Hiberno-English,spoken with a Dublin accent.

I don't know how far back in my ancestry I would have to go to find a native speaker of the language but it would be many generations indeed.

I too had Irish beaten into me at school and actually I was quite proficient if not quite fluent.Nowadays I could barely put a sentence together.

If Irish was miraculously restored in the morning as our National language,then I would be quite pleased.

If Irish disappeared in the morning,I would barely notice.


pdf1 said...

Only a matter of time before Luke O'Farrell got nailed.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the fair Whites have been beaten psychologically. I was attacked by three boon once and kicked the shit out of one them and held of the other two. They're generally bullies who will crumble if you fight back. But we've been sold the tale of the invincible negro hard man. part of this is done through sports. I remember when all of the top heavyweight champs were black it was all over the they're getting their arse's kicked regularly by Whites, we get a lot less exposure to the sport when Tyson Fury recently smashed a boog a few weeks after another boog was beaten - he'd hurt his little toe ..honest - we heard nothing in the press. To much for the tribe to handle I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I marvel at the introduction of a character that disnae make sense!

kulak said...

Good to be back. ;)

And I've inherited grandpa's 1928 tenor banjo.

Needs a bit of restoration because it hasn't been maintained for 10 years, but it's still got a great resonator and a fat sound.

Anonymous said...

A genuine redneck banjo!

Anonymous said...

I recommend this:-

Will Israel Assassinate Barack Obama?

January 6, 2010 by Jeff Gates · 89 Comments

Below is the fifth installment in a 5-part series regarding Pakistan.

To assassinate an American president with impunity requires pre-staging. For Israel to succeed would require an Evil Doer on whom the deed could plausibly be blamed. The emerging fact patterns suggest that such pre-staging is well underway and that a Pakistani could be the perceived culprit. The recent history of Evil Doer branding offers insight into what to expect.

Over the course of several years, Saddam Hussein, a brutal tyrant, morphed from a loyal and valued U.S. ally to the leader of a state portrayed as a member of the Axis of Evil ready and able to deploy weapons of mass destruction on a moment’s notice. Though that depiction was a lie; a plausible lie sufficed in the creation of a credible Evil Doer to help justify the invasion of Iraq.

Far fetched and ridiculous? Absolutely. Until one stops and thinks -- who really runs America?

The article is old, yes. But guess what? The anti-Obama jokes are appearing in the MSM.

You know the honeymoon is over when the comedians start

The liberals are asking us to give Obama time. We agree . . . And think 25 to life would be appropriate. –Jay Leno

America needs Obama-care like Nancy Pelosi needs a Halloween mask. –Jay Leno

Q: Have you heard about McDonald’s’ new Obama Value Meal?
A: Order anything you like and the guy behind you has to pay for it. –Conan O’Brien

Q: What does Barack Obama call lunch with a convicted felon?
A: A fund raiser. –Jay Leno

Q: What’s the difference between Obama’s cabinet and a penitentiary?
A: One is filled with tax evaders, blackmailers, and threats to society. The other is for housing prisoners. –David Letterman

Q: If Nancy Pelosi and Obama were on a boat in the middle of the ocean and it started to sink, who would be saved?
A: America ! –Jimmy Fallon

Q: What’s the difference between Obama and his dog, Bo?
A: Bo has papers. –Jimmy Kimmel

The deconstruction of the First Nog begins ... and why not? America implodes and the future generations will blame a nigger. He has served his purpose.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Could it be?

Californian said...

One more reason to boycott the mainstream media. You are cancelling your cable TV, aren't you? And vetting movies so multicult agitprop does not get your hard earned dollars, euros, yen, or whatever?

Funny thing is, the left has been screaming about the "corporate media" for years (see Noam Chomsky), yet it has been that same corporate media which is pushing PC agitprop.

J Bull said...

Californian - yes. And I noticed that the front page of the Guardian showed a rioter throwing a device. He was white - probably the only white one in the mob!

Anonymous said...

J Bull

hTe Graudina; then came a dose of conscience and decided it was the poot oppressed protesting tory cuts so they changed tha picture from a mindless rioter to a poor oppressed "minoratah" protesting tory cuts the only way he could because nobody would engage him as an equal!