Monday, 29 August 2011

I bring you tidings of joy!

Today I bring you tidings of great joy. Who among us hasn’t lain awake at night, bathed in sweat, tortured by the thought that the population of the Congo might be in terminal decline? Their rich civilisation destroyed, an end to the stream of refugees who have so enriched our own societies. The very thought of which is just unbearable.

What would have driven your fears? Well as you know, things have been a bit dodgy in the Congo since they achieved ‘independence' there. According to Wikipedia, the earliest inhabitants of the Congo, were generally hunter-gatherers who lived in the forests. Strangely enough, they don’t point out that, eh, the current inhabitants of the Congo are also hunter-gatherers who also live in the forests. Anyway, despite a population which is apparently ‘friendly, hard-working and resilient’ they haven’t exactly done a South Korea in terms of progress.

In fact the whole country has been one seething mass of fighting and warfare since ‘independence’. Which is surprising given how friendly the people are supposed to be. And this brings me to the nub of my story. Unimaginable numbers have succumbed to either direct killing or starvation. According to the Beeb ‘The International Rescue Committee says 45,000 people are dying every month in the central African state - a total of 5.4 million dead over the past decade."

And it’s not just the number of deaths, but also the nature of the atrocities. "The disturbing stories that have come out of the Congo defy imagination: women and young girls being raped by militia men in front of their families; rape victims ranging from as young as six months to as old as 83 years; women and girls faced with unwanted pregnancies and raped intentionally by men known to have AIDS. Says Dr. Sese Mukwege, (who was awarded the UN Human Rights Prize in December 2008 for his humanitarian work), “attacking women, the bearer of life, with this level of terror, I believe it has nothing to do with sexual desire. I think it’s about destabilizing society, trying to destroy society and bring about its complete destruction."

That’s bad, but the good news is: Despite this incredible death toll, the country’s population continues to increase. Despite being raped, starved and beaten, these ‘resilient’ Congolese women continue to breed at a rate that’d put any self-respecting rabbit to shame. Why would this be? Maybe they want lots of kids to share in the delights of Congolese living? Or maybe, despite all the problems, could it be that there’s never a shortage of food.

Yes indeed. The country’s staple diet (pygmies and children) are still in plentiful supply. This from Australia’s The Age. ‘Militiamen grilled bodies on a spit and boiled two girls alive as their mother watched, UN peacekeepers have charged. The report said: "In one corner, there was already cooked flesh from bodies and two bodies being grilled on a barbecue and, at the same time, they prepared her two little girls, putting them alive in two big pots filled with boiling water and oil."

Not everybody’s cup of tea, but I suppose needs must. The only problem on the horizon is that the supply of pygmies, that favourite of the sophisticated Congolese palate, is beginning to tighten. Lightly roasted female pygmy beats shank of missionary any day, apparently, and just as with the roe of the sturgeon, demand now exceeds supply. But the important point is, we are not about to run out of Congolese.

Ok, sarcasm off. Seriously, what sort of a species are the so-called humans who infest that ‘country’? (What I've listed above only skims the surface of the atrocities. A simple Google search will reveal the extent of the unimaginable atrocities that the people there visit on one another there –where Conrad called the Heart Of Darkness). Yet we allow vast numbers of them immigrate to the west. Apparently there's a ‘thriving’ Congolese community in Ireland.

Dear God - do we really expect such people to change their nature if we give them a house, schooling and other forms of welfare? Under a thin veneer of civilisation, they’re still the same people. And they will be for generations to come. As the Chinese, Japs and Arabs crack up laughing at our stupidity and gullibily.


Elaine said...

You write some good and necessary stuff on this blog but every so often you let yourself down badly with posts like this. Do you really think mass murder of women and children is a subject for levity? Well I'm not PC but and decent self-respecting person will be appalled by it.

SAVANT said...

Oh dear, one's knuckles have been severaly rapped. My post has been driven more by exasperation and disgust rathen that looking for laughs. I just want to make the point that such people have no business whatsoever in Ireland or any western country.

Bemused stare said...

Elaine, it could well be argued that they died of natural causes. Being as how ending up on the dinner table comes as being natural to Congolese.

Baldowl said...

You're no Jonathan Swift, but I doubt Elaine realized that. The rest of us recognized your levity as satire right away.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but did I correctly hear on the radio this evening that the South African government is encouraging white farmers to return to their (stolen) farms in order to feed the populace???

Anonymous said...

Paul Theroux (1977): A man from Kigezi [Uganda] wanted to go on a course in Wales as soon as possible.

"He had, naturally, participated in the Urine Ceremony of the Bakiga. This ceremony is a necessary part of the marriage vow. The groom and all his brothers place their hands on the seat of a stool, and the bride-who has been chosen for her obesity and the wide gaps in her teeth- lifts her skirt and jams her naked buttocks onto their hands. Finally, with a certain amount of encouraging hilerity, she urinates and in this way shows that she is symbolically wedded to each of the hands she taints. the brothers of her husband. The husband has the stongest claim, but if he happens to be out of town, any of the brothers may sleep with her."

Certainly, a more classy ceremony by far than that boring royal wedding in London.

Robert in Arabia

Anonymous said...

What a relief. Where would we be without our Congolese?

Anonymous said...

Elaine - these fucking animals don't deserve respect - in fact they don't deserve anything from us.

Anonymous said...

Elaine ... the nogs feel absolutely no guilt or remorse in murdering, raping and mutilating one another -- or us, for that matter -- in industrial quantities.

I feel no guilt in laughing at them. One must learn to take pleasure in the little things.

Uncle Nasty

B Boru said...

'One must learn to take pleasure in the little things.'

Uncle Nasty, you're the most evil, and amusing, bastard on the blogosphere! That now and the AIDS Angel!

Anonymous said...

An uncle of my wife fought as a mercenary in the Congo.He fought in many other places also for that was all he knew from the age of 17.

Anyway,he saw many horrific things there-none of which seemed to bother him too much-but what did get to him was the fact that,even when food was available,many natives preferred to eat human flesh.

At the time I did'nt believe him but he was proved correct the more I read and learned.

Nothing much has changed then.


kulak said...

Do we condemn the crocodile for eating its young? Are we horrified by it?

Love of the Negro and hatred of the negro have the same root:

Radical egalitarianism.

An egalitarian who loves his own folk must hate the negro.

An egalitarian who loves the negro must hate himself.

Bemused stare said...

Off topic, but did I correctly hear on the radio this evening that the South African government is encouraging white farmers to return to their (stolen) farms in order to feed the populace???

No surprise there at all. These things can give a Hasidim(sp) a run for its money when it comes to cheekiness.

Franz said...

I appreciate the Savant's satire and Elaine's sensibilities. But has it occured to either of you that the things we call atrocities could be really no big deal to the Congolese?

Many authors, Nietzsche included, have written about the high pain threshold of lower forms of life in general and Erectus in particular. Sure, they are apt to do some drama if they get hurt, but that could very well just be an instintive defense mechanism.

Fact: Thugs in highly developed societies break their victims with torture methods which are trifling compared to what Erectus does to its own on a daily basis. Whether it is Blackwater guys administering waterboarding, or SS-men in the 40s depriving their victims of sleep and slapping them around.

While these things appear incredible cruel to us, I'd wager that the average Congolese would scoff at the notion of being "tortured" through some slaps and sleep deprivation.

Might be barely enough to keep them from getting their freak on.

P.S.: Some while ago I read that the Congolese not only eat Pigmies, but use them as medication as well. Apparently raping a male Pigmy cures all sorts of ills. Isn't this wonderful? I bet Pigmy hides and bones also serve some useful purpose. Nothing is being wasted. The Congolese truly live in accordance with nature.

Anonymous said...

Yes Franz,it means little to them.Neither the perpetrator nor the recipient,of whatever atrocity, feels it to be abnormal.
To both it is simply a fact of life.

The spoils of victory,so to speak.

Physical torture rarely worked on erectus,but the mere threat of witchcraft,juju,voodoo,whatever you want to call it would make them sell their own children-if they had'nt already done so ,of course.

Of the Pygmies,I have little idea about their "culture" or habits,but I find it hard to imagine a more harmless people on the entire Continent,a people who simply want to be left alone.

No chance!Either from savage erectus or White documentary makers,these poor people are doomed.

My heart does not bleed for any african,but in this case......?


F McCool said...

C'mon Franz - give credit where credit is due. Nobody in the west was able to discover that pygmies were the cure for most diseases.

F McCool said...

"make them sell their own children-if they had'nt already done so ,of course."

Christ there's great humour on this blog!

Anonymous said...

Franz said...

I appreciate the Savant's satire and Elaine's sensibilities. But has it occured to either of you that the things we call atrocities could be really no big deal to the Congolese?

... and first prize goes to Franz for smacking the nail firmly on the head.

Any South African ... or anyone who has spent any time with africans can tell you that as a race, their sense of empathy is absolutely zero, while their, shall we call it, threshold of horror or disgust is stratospherically high.

This is something that amateur** liberals simply cannot get their heads around. They live the comforting fantasy that blacks are merely whites with a sunburn ... a liberal canard from the sixties.

I am reminded of the pogue colonel in Full Metal Jacket who said: "Son, inside every Gook, there is an American, trying to get out ..."

I have been around awhile and most of it in Africa, so there is very little that shocks me, but even today, I am appalled at what the negroid will inflict without a change of expression. Those flat, dead eyes you see in nigger mugshots are not a trick of the camera.

It's the way they are. Never ever think that kindness, empathy, sympathy and all those nice fuzzy western things mean a thing to a nigger. It's like putting a pink bow on a tarantula ... utterly pointless.

In a similar vein, have you ever noticed that liberals are most likely to have creatures like lizards for pets? I am convinced that it shows their liberal See?-I-can-love-anything-no-matter-how-repulsive credentials.

Uncle Nasty

PS **Amateur liberal (n.) One who really thinks they are a liberal, as compared to, say, community organisers and race-hustling politicians.


Eimear said...

Uncle Nasty - this isn't a rhetorical or a leading question, but have you known blacks whi did demonstrate 'white' qualities such as empathy and compassion? I'd really like to know - genuine question.

Bemused stare said...

Eimear said...

Uncle Nasty - this isn't a rhetorical or a leading question, but have you known blacks whi did demonstrate 'white' qualities such as empathy and compassion? I'd really like to know - genuine question.

We'll wait and see what Uncle Nasty gives us.

Until then, having given it some thought, I can't say I have ever seen such a thing as true empathy or compassion in them in nearly four decades living in South Africa. I use the word "true" because what they do at most is really a mimicry of what they know you would expect.

On the other hand, a lack of such traits I have seen plenty of, on a level that would make your hair stand on end.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why ETs don't abduct negroids. After Barney Hill they stopped. They were likely out to try and figure out why a White woman would be with one. They certainly didn't want his genetics!

Negroids are still eating human flesh in many places in Africa. The urine wedding story is disgusting as well. Figures I'd have to read this right before bed so I can have nightmares of flesh-eating negroid butts.

Piet said...

I agree with BM stare on this. His point about mimicry is good. It seemed to me that they used to show qualities that they thought the white man approved of, but to me anyway they weren't natural to the boons.

Henry IX said...

mr. a - I can't agree that 'these poor people are doomed.' They'll breed like rats and invade here for our welfare. and the west will continue to feed them. As this post shows, even when killing each other like flies they'll still grow the population.

Anonymous said...

@Henry IX
You misread Henry.I was referring only to the pygmies.


Anonymous said...

Eimear said...

Uncle Nasty - this isn't a rhetorical or a leading question, but have you known blacks whi did demonstrate 'white' qualities such as empathy and compassion? I'd really like to know - genuine question.

Eimear and BM Stare, I have been mulling this over for a while and can only come up with this:-

A very good friend of mine, now resident in the UK, has been wheelchair bound most of his life.
Involved in an auto accident in ZA a few years back, he was dragged from his flipped car by two black samaritans and propped up, waiting for police, ambulance, etc.

After they were fairly sure he was okay ... they then stole his watch, cellphone, wallet and credit cards -- and disappeared.

If you can figure that out, you will then understand Africa, and, quite possibly, make a lot of money on the talk show circuit.

Many South Africans and expats will just say: "Yup" and nod their heads.
We know it's possible, but cannot sensibly explain it. That's Africa.

Uncle Nasty.

PS: News Flash

Obama’s approval ratings are so low now, Kenyans are accusing him of being born in the United States.

Couldn't resist, sorry.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why ETs don't abduct negroids. After Barney Hill they stopped.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

Another keyboard shot to hell. Thank God I buy them in bulk at flea markets.


Clogheen said...

Speaking of the Congo, I see that here in Ireland a rejected asylum seeker from there was released onto the streets by a judge just before due to be deported. He was sternly ordered to report for the next flight. Surprise surprise! When they went looking for him next time they found he had disappeared into 'Ireland's thriving Congolese community'.

Anonymous said...

Saw that Clogheen.Fucking idiot judges.
What is it about judges in ALL western countries?.

I was talking to a friend last night about this post,about the congo.

He claimed to be able to pick out a congolese amongst any random collection of erecti.

He says they have kind of scrunched up faces and are unmistakable.

Now they all look the same to me but has anybody else noticed this?


F McCool said...

mr. a. that's amazing as I have been working hard to try to identify different Africans. and yes, it DOES seem to me that Congolese have kinda crunched up faces. Amazing! I also find that Ethiopians and Somalis are easy to identify. The big fat utterly horrible ones tend to be from the east of Nigeria.

And yes, I too was aghast when I saw that jig coming on for Slovakia.

Anonymous said...

I believe than many commentators - and even the Savant - are rather badly missing a crucial point:

Beginning this year, the majority of new-borns in the United States will be non-Euro White.

Currently, 5 states are majority non-Euro white (including Texas and California) and within a very few years a number more. Of the 10largest metropolitan areas in the U.S., 6 (soon 7) are majority non-Euro White. Certainly I don't have to recite the statistics Re. Ireland (lovely country; been there numerous times)and the rest of the EU. Thinking of what has happened to the UK since I began going there in '72 makes me choke with grief.

However, let's be honest with ourselves. Nature has one determinant of species success - one and only one. It trumps all else however much we Euro-Whites dwell on cultural quality. That factor - which trumps all others - is survival and population increase.

Therefore, while you cultural sophisticates can express horror and revulsion at Negro life style attributes, the reality is that Negroes are growing in number and insinuating their race and culture into every nook and cranny of White-Euro civilization and increasing exponentially while your folks (and mine) long ago embarked on a program of auto-genocide. In fact, they are remakably successful in not only increasing in numbers and displacing you where you live, but also becoming an increasingly significant component of your gene pool! And you cluck, cluck at their backwardness....

Not to be crude, but mass rape may well be the Negro's cultural response to population decline pressure. Indeed, that's the obvious reason for the Congo's population increase in the current environment. As an aside, the Muslim treatment of women acccomplishes much the same result - keep females isolated, dependent, and pregant with the requisite periodic beating to keep them on the mommy track. No worry about population decline, there!

Sooooo..... In summary, Euro-Whites are simply the root cause of their decline vis-a-vis other races. We have simply not developed the powerful drive for self-preservation that other races and cultures have. We are weak, and they are strong, when viewed in that manner. While you may bemoan the existence of the politically correct, there is something deeper going on here. We simply lack the cultural attributes required for species survival - whatever it is that Negroes and others have in abundance.

Your Friend, Thoby

SAVANT said...

Thoby - this is a very thought-provoking analysis. And a depressing one. But I wonder is it correct. The capacity and willingness to procreate will of course overwhelm in numerical terms those not of that disposition. But it only leads to power - and you've touched on this - if the fast-breeders are allowed into and given equal rights to the slow-breeders.

And of course you mentioned how those people are insinuating themselves into every corner of our societies, where they settle and breed. So that is the key issue. Otherwise Ethiopia would be more powerful than Switzerland!

Japan is also a very slow-breeding society but they protect themselves by allowing only miniscule immigration.

That's what we should do.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your keyboard UN, but the ETs don't want the negroids either. They are never seen on the ships. It's too bad they don't round them up and drop them off in space somewhere, but they would destroy the whole universe like they do everything else.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your keyboard UN, but the ETs don't want the negroids either. They are never seen on the ships. It's too bad they don't round them up and drop them off in space somewhere, but they would destroy the whole universe like they do everything else.

The bells of recollection went from being a faint tinkle to a clang after reading that. Many years ago, I read a serious SciFi novel where aliens descended and all they wanted were ... all our negroids and part negroids.

Give them our 'groids and we would be flooded with Hi-Tech treasure.

By today's standards that would be a no-brainer, but this was written in the guilt-ridden sixties or seventies.

Reassuring noises were made that they would be well treated and all that ... but many people suspected that the relocated 'boons would become long pig or an equivalent.

One never found out in the end, what actually happened to the "Evacuees". I think the story was more a sociological exercise on whether we would toss the 'groid's out of the lifeboat ... probably a variant of all the save-a-heeb-from-the-ovens crap that spews endlessly from Hollyweird. The memory grows faint.

Anyone read this, back in the day?

Uncle Nasty

Hector said...

Haven't read it or even heard of it UN, but it seems like a rivetting read!

Mary said...

Thanks for the link to the IRATE IRISHMAN :)

Anonymous said...

@Uncle N

Never read that but it sounds like a similar premise to the story by Asimov(?)or Dick(?),where an alien manual is translated and turns out to be a cookbook.

But Christ,would'nt it be marvellous if negroid munching aliens did appear?


Anonymous said...

U.N., no, I never heard of that book, but they certainly aren't going to be rounding them up, though I bet it's an interesting read.

Research the stories of Enki and Enlil from the traslated Sumarian tablets that were found in the late 1800's. The beings came down here and messed around with various species. They failed miserably when making the negroid. We are the only White people and it isn't because of climate. We are different and there is a reason for that. Ancient drawings all over the world show beings from space. The Dogon tribe from Africa knew about Sirius A and B before B was ever found because beings came from space and taught them about it and said that's where they were from.

There is also a lot of proof that humans walked with ape-like creatures (which we still do, lol). 'Forbidden Archaeology' is a great book. It is by Michael Cremo.

Extraterrestrials are a very true and real thing. We are not the only things in the universe. Far from it. They were here before we were. They are still around too.

Archaeologists are finding massive beautiful cities all over the world buried under tons of sand that were built with a technology we can't even match today. Look at some of the megaliths in places.

I'm sure some of you have heard of Admiral Byrd and what happened to him when he flew over the North Pole in the 40's. Agartha (Hollow Earth)is an interesting thing. There is a lot going on with this planet that is being kept from us, so maybe Admiral Byrd was telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Mr. A

The Simpsons checked this out in a Tree of Horror story which ended with the book being revealed as How to Cook for Forty People.

I believe the original story was from The Twilight Zone.