Monday, 15 August 2011

The BBC surpasses itself

As London goes up in flames, as 'Asian' youths establish shariah-compliant no-go areas there, I ask you to take a quick look at this piece of BBC brainwashing. We're asked to celebrate the fact that the capital city of the greatest nation that ever existed will within a few years be dominated demographically by invaders from the Third World.

Strange, no?

Like, why should the voice of the British Establishment relish such a development? Do they really think that by replacing Londoners with Africans and Pakistanis, London will not come to resemble the places those people fled?

And as this short piece endlessly extols the virtues of diversity, why is it only white countries that must be diversified? I mean if it's such a great thing, why not suggest that Africans go to China and Japan in equal numbers? Or that the Chinese flood into Pakistan? Or that large numbers of Europeans, Arabs, and Latinos flood into Africa?

Strange, I've never seen any such suggestions. Certainly not from the Beeb.

Of course it's propaganda of a blatancy that would have embarrassed Goebbels. How effective is it? Worrying that the young kids seem to be parrotting what they've been programmed to believe. On the other hand, surely anyone with an IQ above room temperature must realise at some stage that they are, in fact, being programmed?

Time will tell.

But at that stage of course London will be a fusion of Karachi and Lagos.

PS: Any Blogger users out there? I'm unable to use a lot of the features for the last few weeks (e.g. embed a link, change text characteristics - in fact anything on the features tab?)


Anonymous said...

Divide and rule. Who wins? Destroy popular solidarity, and the elites' dominion is unchecked.


Anonymous said...

I am proud to see that my comment on that BBC snivel tube vid from 4 months ago was voted Top Comment.



Thrasymachus said...

The elite do not like the native white people- in any white country- and want to replace them with more pliable subjects. Actually it isn't necessary to replace them completely, only introduce a large number of aggressive, stupid foreigners into their midst to beat them down and keep them off balance.

Anonymous said...

Surprised they included comments from the two middle-aged white women, such as that they can no longer leave homes open and unlocked. Talk to anyone who remembers London from before the 1960s and it really was like that. A safe, solid city.

I caught a glimpse of it in late 2003 (I believe it was) when the England rugby team displayed the World Cup trophy from an open-topped bus in central London. The crowds were well-mannered, polite, overwhelmingly white: I felt as if I'd gone back in time to 1946 or something! (Did I mention that everyone was speaking a pleasant, articulate ENGLISH?)


Digby said...

JP, yes, they did interview two older women. Even the BBC has to nod in the direction of balance. However, at least to me, there was a subtle juxtaposition, old, bigoted has-beens against the vibrant up-and-coming open-mided youth. Then again, maybe I'm overly cynical...

S. Thompson said...

I am actually quite cheerful about this BBC report. I thought the demographic situation in London was far worse, but there will still be white majority 2 decades hence. Hopefully, I won't be around long enough to see Europe undergo the transition to a 3rd world hellhole like SA.

Gary Paul, South AFrica said...

How the mighty have fallen! It's difficult to be believe that England once "ruled" the civilized world! From one whose ancestors came from your midst's, you lost the plot with the bleeding-heart attitude that you started implementing. You gave your children adult rights, allowed everyone anti-English to live on your small island, and most of you mocked God by relegating him like you would a football team. Having spent some years in your schooling system, I've seen first hand what you have done to your children!

You have turned them into third world hooligans knowing absolutely nothing about discipline or morality. And ever the analysts. There is no crises to which the English will not form a committee to analyse the causes, eventually producing some long-winded report! So enjoy your fruits chaps!

Anonymous said...

Left wing evil, like rust, never sleeps ...

Left-wing London police authority orders cops to stop neighborhood watches.

The same people who ordered law enforcement to stand down and watch rioters burn and loot for days, is now ordering police to disperse neighborhood watches.

Hundreds of police officers are being diverted from fighting the riots to harass law abiding citizens. The police authority is calling all efforts by local citizens to defend private property “vigilantism.” Members of the English Defense League and the British National Party are being especially threatened with arrest if they attempt to stop rioters from committing crimes.

In one London Suburb, a group described as 60 white men aged 20-60 filled public benches in a business district and began chanting pro British slogans. The effort was apparently organized by the English Defense League. The group said they were there to keep thugs from committing arson and looting in the area. Rather than thank the men, the police authority diverted 300 street cops to drive the good Samaritans out.

The Radical left-wing British Parliament member Clive Efford condemned the EDL for starting a neighborhood watch in the area.

They are not your friends. Never forget it.

Uncle Nasty

Hector said...

S Thompson - you might not have to. There's something big going down and what Uncle Nasty showed us about the reaction to the EDL, well just maybe white people are starting to wake up. The sleeping giant may just be stirring himself.

Anonymous said...

Know who your friends are ...

SHOCKING! Amazon UK halts sale of self-defense items.

Amazon UK wants British citizens to make easier victims for the thugs. They are citing the massive riots as their reason for halting the sale of legal self-defense items. Amazon UK says they don’t want any “vigilante” using the items to stop rioters from committing crimes. Mass arson, looting, beatings, and three murders have occurred.

Radical left-wing British news outlets are claiming that British citizens are “applauding” the decision by Amazon UK to further disarm the public.


Following calls by politicians, media and the police for Brits not to buy baseball bats and engage in what was disparagingly termed “vigilantism,” Amazon UK has followed suit by banning self-defense items from its online store, after sales of makeshift weapons soared through the roof as a result of riots plaguing the country.

In the immediate aftermath of widespread looting and rioting which was directed primarily against private homes and local family businesses, Brits left defenseless by a blanket gun ban that makes it virtually impossible to own a private firearm rushed to Amazon to purchase whatever could be used as a weapon to protect their families and property from attack.

The need for self-defense was exacerbated after police in London were ordered to stand down and let the rioting take place for the first three nights of chaos as a result of a Scotland Yard directive.

Just can't win. Even Amazon wants you dead.

Uncle Nasty

PS The MSM spin being put on the riots with the whitewashing of the nog hordes is astonishing.

The message being sent here is: "We can't protect you, so we're fucked if if we're going to let you protect you ..."


Krokodil said...

To add insult to injury, the Brits must actually pay for this propaganda, directed against themselves!

A mass boycott of the license fee would be a very good thing.

Several years ago, an English student who had been imprisoned in Burma said he would refuse to pay the license fee because of a program which he deemed to be anti-Catholic - the Beeb got cold feet and pulled the program. Just one individual!

It can be done - it would only take a relatively small, vocal minority.

Also, very noticeable how the only dissenters to this "brave new world" codswallop were both very young and non-White (though I don't blame them - kids are impressionable), and the only dissenters were White and middle-aged.

The Brits must stand up and repudiate this treachery - it is up to themselves! The alternative is only inevitable if allowed to be inevitable.

Anonymous said...

the uk's population is predicted to grow by another 10 million over the 1/4 century , with an already overpopulated country where will the immigrants fit in , and the english people escaping , where will they go ? i think it's time we here in old ireland brought in some sort of border control between us and the uk , the amount of english sounding africans and asians walking around ireland now is quite disturbing , i started to notice a number of asian shops opening around my area , with names like west end foods and the like , i dont think they should just be allowed to open up new territory because some of them were born in the uk , with the world going the way it is i wouldn't be surprised if old blighty decided to reoccupy ireland sometime in the future , maybe because of population pressures , How do you say Liebensraum in urhdu ?

Anonymous said...

You ask why is it only white countries that must be diversified?

The simple answer is that the Khazar Jews have no interest (yet anyway) in destroying these societies.


Anonymous said...

anon 00.1. You riase a very valid point. Here in Limerick I see exactly what you say happening on a large scale. 'British' blacks and asians are here in very large numbers. And we have no legal way whatsoever of stopping them. Maybe our economic collapse might not be such a bad thing after all!

Anonymous said...

It looks like the UK is in a much worse position than we Americans are.

We have vast areas that are still White, we are a very large geographic nation as well.

I also don't believe that Whites will still be the majority in London in twenty years, that is hog wash. The immigration machine will only increase after the pathetic display of nationalism shown in the recent rioting. The immigrants must look at the average Englishman as a fucking joke. This will only embolden them and the Askenasi Jews in charge of the island.

England has been a corrupt nation run by Jews for hundreds of years.
The English people don't run England and soon there will be no White England anymore, just welfare dependant savages with hatred of the once indegenious Brits. The system is set up to displace the White native English, if the system is not somehow bucked, your fate as White Englishmen has already been written and you will lose your nation, just as sure as I'm sitting here.

Anonymous said...

It just simply amases me how the Brittish have all but surrendered London in just a thirty year span with little to no resistance.

tsnamm said...

"the transition to a 3rd world hellhole like SA. " @ S.Thompson...the hellhole SA has become was forced upon it by the "enlightened Europeans and Americans". Simply because SA had more blacks than whites made it a guarantee that it would go straight to hell quickly, as soon as "majority rule" was implemented. All the while the West chanted against apartheid, they paid little attention to the first victim; Rhodesia, which was on the fast track back to the Stone Age as Mugabe's paradise Zimbabwe. Although demographically it may be a decade or 2 till whites are marginalized numerically in in England, they have already been culturally and politically marginalized already. As has most of the whites in the English speaking world incidentally as well.

Anonymous said...

Gary said::

you lost the plot with the bleeding-heart attitude that you started implementing

The affair of the governor of India's wife with the darkie was kind of a hint, wasn't it?

A spectacle 200 years in the making.

Anonymous said...

Tell us again how the system isn't rotten ...

Michael Conahan, and Mark Ciavarella, Jr., two former judges presiding over the Luzerne County Pennsylvania juvenile court system, were convicted recently of what prosecutors called a 'kids for cash' racketeering scheme that sent juvenile offenders to privately run detention facilities in return for kickbacks.

Together, they accepted $2.8 million in kickbacks from the owner and builder of two privately-run juvenile detention facilities in return for closing the county’s own juvenile detention center and a guarantee of sending children appearing in court before them to the new private detention center.

Ciavarella often sentenced young first-time offenders to detention and had a reputation for cutting constitutional corners in the process. Many of the kids who appeared in his courtroom, for example, were not represented by a lawyer, and were never advised of their right to counsel. Upwards of 60 percent of these unrepresented children were sentenced to time in a juvenile detention facility, i.e. imprisoned against their will.

Uncle Nasty

Thor said...

Uncle Nasty: Time for a break in white solidarity, but my wroking assumption is that anyone with an Italian name is corrupt. Check it out yourself - you'll be amazed. I've always believed that this is why Mario Cuomo never went for higher office - there was too much dirt on him.

J Bull said...

And I see that bastard Ed Milliband has come out and attacked Prof. Starkey for telling the truth. Traitorous bastard.

Mac an Rí said...

It's a race against time.

Increasingly, word is getting out about the significant genetic contribution to IQ (; the same goes for the significant differences in IQ that appear to exist between different races. However, if this only becomes widely accepted after the average IQ in Europe collapses due to mass migration, then it will be a bitter realisation.

It's hard for people to instantly alter their beliefs, which by their very nature are largely irrational. IQ is not character...but it probably has a major role in determining the best methods and approaches necessary to impart an admirable character when it comes to peoples of one racial type, rather than another. Or just as importantly, people of one class versus people of another. And, dare I say, men versus women.

If the mass media weren't top heavy with individuals (women, minorities) who benefit from, or who are enthusiastic advocates of the multiculturalist/diversity agenda ('feminist' men), then the pace of upheaval might more easily be slowed, then reversed.

That's why we need more people using their blogs, their websites, and any and every online resource possible to raise awareness of information that contradicts and refutes the dominant ideology.

PS no trouble on my end with blogger..

Heraclitus said...

Mac an Ri - on reflection, yes, it does seem a race against time for the reasons you adduce. A tipping point will be reached, if present trends continue, where there's no going back. I believe that California will shortly be at that stage. And if it can happen to the Golden State, what chance do the rest of us have?

My hope, paradoxically, is a severe economic crisis. And I mean a really severe one, with up to 30% unemployed coupled with a drastic decline in living standards. Such an occurance would concentrate peoples' minds wonderfully, and make them fundamentally question the propaganda the likes of which Savant had provided with this link.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that there are more Zimbabweans in SA tan Zimbabwe as it has not been "Rhodesianized" yet?

Piet said...

There sure are more WHITE Zimbabweans in SA than in Zim.

Anonymous said...

Joshua NKomo was a political rival of Robert Mugabe.

After independence loyal state troops went into (Matabelaland?) and killed their rivals dumpinmg their bodies in wells to poison them and to make them useless to the survivors.

Independence for a lot of them meant fleeing to Apartheid South Africa where they were safer under Apartheid than under free black rule.

Mac an Rí said...

I would, sadly, tend to agree with you Heraclitus. Most people are literally in a state of trance. They are entranced by the virtual reality fashioned around interrupt this hypnotic state will probably require a short, sharp, snap of the fingers.

Personally, I pray that in such a situation, those with the power to lead will do so with a sense of nobility and, while introducing the necessary changes, will also manage to void any violent outbursts generated.

john said...

this is disgusting... As has been pointed out, the jew is of course behind all of this. "Esau" has been trying to kill "Jacob" for millenniums....
However, one thing might be noted - the red chinese ARE flooding into other areas. They are 'invading' both africa and central America. The chinese government are 'relocating' millions of their own to these places to subjugate them economically, knowing that the dark races are easily controlled, taking control of the natural resources and what infrastructure there is left that whitey installed, and naturally, setting up military installations/departure points.
Folks, we gotta get our countries back. Fast.

Anonymous said...

What you are seeing here, in the video, is nothing less than an apocalypse. It is monstrous in its depth and scope. If you can't understand that by seeing the video then pay a visit to the countries you see depicted here in mudface.

Anonymous said...

This won't mean much to non-Irish readers but I was in Croke Park on sunday for the hurling semi-final,supporting Dublin,but in the middle of a mostly Tipperary crowd.

The banter was excellent and as entertaining as the game itself.I felt completely comfortable and at home amongst my own kind from Dublin,Tipperary,other parts of the country and even a couple of French and Italians,there out of curiosity.

I saw no black faces but,just to be sure,I watched a full recording of the game when I got home.If there were enrichers at the game then RTE would have been guaranteed to zoom in on them.
I think this must be the law:no matter how Irish an occasion,it can only be improved by the presence of africans.

But,to my amazed delight,not a single black face,no "new" Irish.

So even though Dublin lost a thriller,my brother and I agreed that we had not enjoyed such a perfect day for a long time.

No real point to make in this post,but just to say life can still be good.


Franz said...

Has anybody noticed that the anti-white propaganda is getting clumsier by the minute? Third world tinpot dictatorships wouldn't put out such a puff-piece in the week after such destructive race riots.

Do a little experiment on yourself. Replay the clip and turn down the volume completely.

Now replace the BBC voiceover by saying over and over: "tractor production is up tractor production is up tractor production is up tractor production is up tractor production is up tractor production is up tractor production is up tractor production is up tractor production is up tractor production is up .

I find the experience to be the same as seeing the clip for the first time with its original viceover.

Anonymous said...

I caught an interview on BBC with teenage girl.The point of which was not only blatantly propagandist but mind bogglingly stupid.

"I don't have a father figure in my life"said the girl "But I've never been arrested"

That was the gist of it.This,by the BBC's lights,"proved" that an intact two parent family is no better than a single mother family.

So,she'd never been arrested.The fact that she is from rural Oxfordshire,was white and middle class may have had something to do with this?.No?.

Franz is correct.It IS getting clumsier.I would like to think this is because of increasing desperation.

P.S. Franz:Tractor production is up.Tractor production is up.
Love it!!


SAVANT said...

Franz - I've noticed something similar. I think they'rer getting more shrill, not sure about clumsy. Sign the evil ones are getting worried?

Speaking of tractor production (LoL) do you know enough about what I see as the German economic miracle (considering the massive boycotts etc.) in the 1930's to do a piece for this blog? Maybe some lessons for today??

Anonymous said...

"If it ain't broke, why 'fix' it?"

A video street scene in London from 43 years ago in 1968....HERE.

...but now it's broke, so how does one fix it?

Clogheen said...

mr. a. - I was in Croker as well, but with the victorious crowd. In fact I wondered the same thing, would I see any of the 'new Irish'. But nary a one. Praise be!

Incidentally, isn't it great that GAA games can mix crowds without a problem?

Anonymous said...


They are 'invading' both africa and central America.

Like whites did once. Asians copy.

China will mine lots of minerals to create giant cities that nobody lives in. Except niggers.

Asians copy.

China will also go to the moon.

China will not build undersea colonies because whites haven't (quite yet) done that. China could never imagine a Captain Nemo, or love the sea like a white sailor.

China isn't actually interested in the outside world per se, like the white man is. So don't worry about it.

Anonymous said...


Congrats,you just about deserved it,you bastards.

And yes it is great that supporters are mixed,the wit and slagging on sunday was brilliant.But it could have been any sunday in Croker,any two countys.

If we ran this country the way the GAA run themselves,we would have few problems.(Never thought I'd say that.)


tsnamm said...

@ Mr A...I'm glad to hear it... I experienced the same thing going to an NHL hockey game here in the US...10 to 20,000 spectators and I didn't run across one black face in the bunch, no annoying hip hop or rap music in between periods or breaks in the action...the absolute lack of "diversity" was refreshing and welcome...and the general civility, unlike say at Dodger Stadium recently,overrun with Mexican gangs...

Anonymous said...

`@tsnamm and Clogheen.

I am no lover of Ice Hockey tsnamm:to be honest,I barely understand the game,but,of course,I know exactly what you are saying.You simply felt amongst your own.I know.

Clogheen.The controlled ferocity,the 100% commitment of all 30 players(and subs),the awesome skills.Not a foul blow struck,well not many,and only when Tipp deserved it.

All you inferior foreigners,watch the above.You are inferior because you don't Hurl.Joking,but watch anyway.


Anonymous said...

From Anon> 16:11

Not sure about the "Error Message" to the above link, but try it again>

Franz said...

@ Anon 16:08 & 21:08

Don't you see that Carnaby Street of '68 vintage was indeed broken and required urgent fixing?

They even had (gasp!) Union Jacks on display there. And all those hidously white vigilante BNP supporters shamelessly walking about in public! You know who they are because the are W-H-I-T-E.

Seriously: You remember the scene when Dr Zhivago came home from the war and was greeted by the commissar? "Your attitude has been noticed", the commissar said.

The same goes for you Anon. You're lacking sensitivity. Reeducation awaits!

P.S. Savant, check you e-mail account. Got a question for you in there.

James Lord said...

anon 16.11. You can't fix it - it's too late. But we could improve it by repatriating every illegal resident and almost totally prohibiting any further immigration from the 3rd World.

Krokodil said...

Um, seeing as there's a kind of sporting theme to this post then, off topic, let me say the following: the Irish national anthem(s) are absolutely great when sung before rugby internationals. Truly stirring stuff!

Anonymous said...

Confession time....I'm a rare book dealer in Southern California, USA. For what it's worth, for the last three years, I've been including in my book shipments to buyers in the UK special 'defensive items' that can be used against rioters and attackers. My hope is that these instruments will be used against third world terrorist-rioters, and will serve to 'alert' the English public to the scale of what they are facing. We are in a most distressing situation.

cyclops said...

That's why we need more people using their blogs, their websites, and any and every online resource possible to raise awareness of information that contradicts and refutes the dominant ideology.

I'm doing my best

kulak said...

Of course it's propaganda of a blatancy that would have embarrassed Goebbels.


Goebbels knew very well that blatancy is perfectly fine for the right audience.

Anonymous said...

When rioters targeted Aaron Biber's barber's shop in Tottenham, they stole the hairdryers, smashed the shop up and broke the windows.

However of the things they chose to leave behind, one was a signed photo of England footballer Peter Crouch.

So when the England star heard of the attack on the 89-year-old's shop he decided to pay a visit... and even had time for a trim.

Hey! Guardian your precious looters were only after free stuff they did not give a damn about the forgotten shot armed guy nor "cuts to the local library".

Funny too how you were not complaining when Tony Blair was PM and cuts were being made to libraries.

Also maybe when the Mail runs a BBC sucks story it could be because the bbc does suck?

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful ...

Squatters said I was dead as they drank my wine

A woman returned from a night at the Royal Albert Hall to find a family of Romanian gipsies squatting in her house and the women wearing her clothes.

Julia High, 55, was even invited in and offered a glass of her own wine as the family of eight insisted their bogus tenancy document was legal.

She had left her terrace home in Leytonstone on a Friday morning to go to work and spent the weekend visiting her elderly parents in Guildford.

Neighbours raised the alarm on the Monday evening as she attended the Proms, and she returned to her home of 30 years to find the Romanians sitting around the dining table. Her possessions had been stuffed into bin bags and thrown into the back garden.

What's wonderful about this, you may ask?

The woman works for Britain's immigration department ... that's what.

Oh ... joy.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

And another ...

Mask up properly, Cambridge graduate tells looters

Mark Blunden

A Cambridge University graduate is using Twitter to advise rioters on how to avoid being caught by the police.

Jacob Bard-Rosenberg, 25, has defended his actions in publishing information telling looters to cover their faces and providing names of legal firms to call if they are arrested.

Post-graduate Mr Bard-Rosenberg, from Archway, tweeted: "For anyone heading to places where riots are: 1) Mask up. Properly, not just a hood."

He gives contact details for several legal firms "if you get nicked".

Mr Bard-Rosenberg said he was simply interested in ensuring the 525 people arrested mainly for public order and theft offences had proper legal advice.

He said: "I'm simply giving out numbers of good solicitors, which I recommend that people use."

Mr Bard-Rosenberg, who has been compared to Private Eye's Left-wing comic creation Dave Spart, refused to condemn the looting.

He even went as far as to warn alleged rioters: "If you're pictured get rid of your clothes and change your appearance!" after the Met released the first images. He told the Standard: "I'm not standing up for anyone, but it depends on what they are looting and why."

However, Mr Bard-Rosenberg, who studied for an MA in Cultural and Critical Studies at Birkbeck College, did not distinguish between "people who can't afford food" and those stealing trainers.
The Left-wing blogger wants to "buddy up" with others to be riot legal observers.

He studied studied for an MA in Cultural and Critical Studies?

Back to Tel Aviv with you, my boy.
I guess you can pretty much stick a fork in England ... it's done.

Uncle Nasty

Beowulf said...

Establishment will become more clumsy, shrill, and...vicious.
It's a dying animal.

@Anon 17:29
Very, very, true:
Whites create,
yellows imitate,
blacks destroy.

Kevin said...

anon 1.16. That's good to hear. And you're going to need the same thing in CA as La Raza get into gear!

euroserf said...

That story about the gypsies. UN, you've made my day. Oh God, so beautiful!

Jeremy said...

Another British institution, the Oxford Dictionary, has decided to become 'less British'. Could the fact that they've put an Indian in the top position have anything to do with this?

Shaunantijihad said...

Incredible that Amazon denies Brits DEFENSIVE weapons. Kinda tells you a story, huh?

Anyway, totally off-topic, for you gardeners, Amazon sell a useful weed slasher called a Silverline weed slasher. Great for slashing those weeds, and under a fiver. Do be careful not to use it near people or animals though, it is potentially quite dangerous.

Happy weeding.

Corkonian said...

On RTE tonight's News on Leaving Cert results. They must have scoured the country for every cultural enricher in the place.

Anonymous said...

The BBC surpasses itself.

And STUFF (New Zealand) ain't doing too bad a job either.

STUFF(NZ) is dahnundah's answer to the various Ministries of Truth. Happily, a lot of Kiwis don't buy into it, and regard the print MSM as fish-wrap and NZ's TV channels as chewing gum for the eyes.

Check out this completely sanitised -- and bleached whiter than white -- video showing only the half dozen white chavs they could find ... not a nog to be seen among them.

Needless to say, in a year's time, all casual searches for rioting pommies will only show these as the default. Happily the WN sites will have cached all the real evidence.

I am happy to report that the local press (mostly owned by the mad Irishman -- O-fucking-Reilly) are in dire enough straits that day-old papers are given out free by cafe-owners, free copies are available for taking (on the day) at various banks and weekend editions are often complimentary.

All this in the forlorn hope that the cage-liners will magically rocket in sales.

Fat chance. That's what happens when you breed for illiteracy.

Uncle Nasty

PS. While I mind, the (white) chavs shown above received four-year sentences. What would the sentence have been if they were enrichers?


See if I'm wrong.


Anonymous said...

SAVANT said...

Franz - I've noticed something similar. I think they'rer getting more shrill, not sure about clumsy. Sign the evil ones are getting worried?

Speaking of tractor production (LoL) do you know enough about what I see as the German economic miracle (considering the massive boycotts etc.) in the 1930's to do a piece for this blog? Maybe some lessons for today??

Savant ... in the absence of any answers to your query, I offer this without comment.

... and will try to find more.

Uncle Nasty

PS It's a loooong thread.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it's not going away ...

‘Fast and Furious’ weapons found at more violent crime scenes
August 17, 2011

Source: WashTimes

Weapons purchased during ATF’s controversial “Fast and Furious” undercover investigation, which included the sale to “straw buyers” of hundreds of AK-47 assault rifles, have turned up at a dozen violent crime scenes across the Southwest, the Justice Department told a Senate committee.

In a letter to Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, Vermont Democrat and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and the committee’s ranking Republican, Sen. Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, the Justice Department confirmed that the illegally-purchased weapons recently were found at the site of at least 11 violent crimes.

The department did not specifically identify any of the locations, but Congressional sources and others said the weapons were located at crime sites in Arizona and Texas. More than 40 weapons alone, the sources said, were recovered near El Paso, all of which were traced back to the Fast and Furious operation.

The 11 sites are in addition to the Arizona desert location just north of the border where U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry was killed on Dec. 15, 2010, in a firefight involving Mexican gunmen. Mr. Terry, 40, was among four Border Patrol agents attempting to arrest bandits who prey on illegal immigrants when he was fatally wounded about 10 miles north of the Arizona-Mexico border near Rio Rico, 60 miles south of Tucson.

... and I am doing my best to help it not go away.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...


Indeed!.I avoid the RTE news like the plague every year on that particular day.

By the way,about all those students with their 8 A1's.I had a look at the Honours Maths and Honours History for this years Leaving.Dumbing down is'nt the word!.

I thought the history paper was a parody.To paraphrse one question:"Who were Bakunin and Feagus O'Connor?.Christ!.

The Maths...well I did my Leaving way back in 1976 when i was barely 17.I still have the papers in a box.I was excellent at maths and got an A,but I knew that I barely scraped it.

This years paper?.I did most of it in my head at a glance.


Andreas said...

It's just amazing that this Mexico gun thing hasn't expolded across the USA. After all, there are no 'vulnerable minorities' to offend. Seems amazing.

Anonymous said...

Despicable MSM.

The guy with the bottle of water which he would not have been charged with shoplfiting is said to have an entire slab of bottles and as he was in the building after it was closed to the public he was trespassing.

In Manchester 31 year old uber-chav with 62 previous convictions gets a 10 month suspended sentence.#

That will learn her to beahve!

Hector said...

Over time the black rioters will disappear from MSM photo stocks, only whites remaining.

Anonymous said...

Andreas said...

It's just amazing that this Mexico gun thing hasn't expolded across the USA. After all, there are no 'vulnerable minorities' to offend. Seems amazing.

I think the "vulnerable minority" here is the BATF, Napolitano and Eric Holder.

Latest info ...

ATF Promotes Supervisors in Botched Gun Operation

The ATF has promoted three key supervisors of a controversial sting operation that allowed firearms to be illegally trafficked across the U.S. border into Mexico.

All three have been heavily criticized for pushing the program forward even as it became apparent that it was out of control. At least 2,000 guns were lost and many turned up at crime scenes in Mexico and two at the killing of a U.S. Border Patrol agent in Arizona.

The three supervisors have been given new management positions at the agency’s headquarters in Washington. They are William G. McMahon, who was the ATF’s deputy director of operations in the West, where the illegal trafficking program was focused, and William D. Newell and David Voth, both field supervisors who oversaw the program out of the agency’s Phoenix office.

Secession from the Union seems to be a viable option ... again. It might work better this time around.

Uncle Nasty

rebel said...

"The ATF has promoted three key supervisors of a controversial sting operation that allowed firearms to be illegally trafficked across the U.S. border into Mexico."

OK. What it say to me, these guys been promoted upsstaits to keep 'em quiet. No?

Anonymous said...

Gates of Vienna BBC surpassing itself again

Tower Hamlets is the place with the Sharia Zone posters yet they have a problem with a march which the police have intelligence that it might become violent. And where would this violence come from? Unite Against Fascists and other violent scum.

J Bull said...

Yeah - that's a laugh, isn't it? The anti-Fascists violently preventing a march.