Thursday, 14 July 2011

Yet more MSM manipulation

When I first checked out the Chicago Tribune and its utterly misleading reporting on the mahogany mobs, I've been taking an interest in that slime sheet. One of their features is Mugs In The News.This lists 150 mug-shots of the city's criminals. Now, if you follow through - as I've been doing for the last three weeks or so - all 150 you'll see that, on an average day, about eighty are black, sixty Hispanics, and ten white.

No surprise there then.

So what's my point?

Well, this electronic rag, working on the assumption that most readers will look up only the first dozen or so, lumps all the whites into that very space. The dirty manipulative conniving bastards.

And it gets better. As a teaser they show a couple of mug shots on the main page. And guess what? Yes - they're invariably white.

I tell you, the degree of manipulation and mind control the MSM are subjecting us to is just beyond belief.


Franz said...

When the Bolsheviks ran out of Kulaks to rob, deport and murder they simply resorted to making up new Kulaks to fulfills their kill quota. Many poor buggers who hadn't eaten meat for the better part of a decade thus found themselves accused of being rich&evil exploiters of the peasantry.

It seems the cultural Marxists within the MSM now are in the process of fully reverting to type and thus making up new white criminals to fulfill their quota.

Author Tom Wolfe described it first, I believe. When the underworld is black and brown the hunt for the "great white defendant" goes into overdrive.

As long as they are only printing white faces in their dinosaur newspapers, it is regrettable but not tragic.

Just wait until they are so desperate to highlight white crime that cases of self defense are reclassified as homicides.

It could happen. And soon. The first store owner to fire into a rampaging flash mob better be Korean. Should the shooter be white, that individual will have to bear the brunt of the state/MSM lynch mob enthusiasm.

P.S. Speaking of Korean store owners... This always brings a smile to my face:
East Asians always seem so nice and docile. But woe to those who irritate them beyond reason.

Anonymous said...

Please forgive the off topic post, Savant, but this I feel, is too good to miss.

Although I have admitted to being a financial ignoramus, even I can see the train wreck coming here:-

West’s governments face war of attrition in four dimensions

No doubt it is Sod’s Law, but at the very time when we are at last paying attention to the Murdoch cancer we’ve been growing for forty years, an enormous double-decker truck is rumbling towards us – and hardly anyone seems to have noticed.

Sources in Berlin are tonight confirming that Frau Merkel’s Government is retreating in the face of banking intransigence about Greek default. And in turn, US sources are talking about rising panic in Wall Street regarding an unwinnable war on two fronts: one against Washington’s inability to agree on a debt ceiling, and the other against horrendous eurobank insolvency insurance claims they’ll have to pay out on, as and when Greece defaults.

I agree, it doesn’t make sense: but bankers are bankers, and they want cream on the jam on their bread buttered on both sides: they have put Brussels on alert with a clear demand that taxpayers should cough up for 60 cents on every dollar of Greek debt…..while they pick up at most 10 cents of the hit; and they’ve told Wall Street that should this bargaining ploy fail, they want every cent to which the US insurance entitles them.

This has (as you’d expect) had the phone satellites between Washington and Berlin jumping out of orbit on the subject of who is or isn’t going to pay for what and by when. And the equally predictable result is that it is going to be taxpayers or bust. Otherwise, the US is screwed royally either way.


andreas said...

What I would like to know is - do the editorial people get together and openly decide a manipulation such as this one is?? If that is so it must be an opne secret that they are not a news media rther a propaganda arm.

Anonymous said...

How's this for synchronicity?

After my last post I hop to "The Classic Liberal and what do I see?

Folks, please, tonight put on your slippers, make the world's biggest pot of cocoa and take a look at this.

Not a Dime’s Worth of Difference

We've been warned time and time again. We may hear what they say, but we refuse to listen. Expediency, er, uh, pragmatism, PRAGMATISM is our favorite excuse. And our values, wealth, and liberty withers away.

In a blistering review of America's emerging plutocratic imperial state published in 1922, South Dakota's first Senator to the United States Senate, Republican Richard F. Pettigrew, opened his 1922 book "Triumphant Plutocracy: The Story Of American Public Life From 1870 To 1920" (later published as "Imperial Washington"), warning:

The American people should know the truth about American public life. They have been lied to so much and hoodwinked so often that it would seem only fair for them to have at least one straight-from-the shoulder statement concerning this government "of the people, by the people and for the people," about whose inner workings the people know almost nothing.

The common people of the United States, like the same class of people in every other country, mean well, but they are ill-informed. Floundering about in their ignorance, they are tricked and robbed by those who have the inside information and who therefore know how to take advantage of every turn in the wheel of fortune. The people voted for Roosevelt because he talked of "trust-busting" at the same time that he was sanctioning the purchase of the Tennessee Coal and Iron Company by the Steel Trust. They supported Wilson "because he kept us out of war" at the same time that Wilson was making preparations to enter the war. The rulers can negotiate "secret treaties" at home and abroad. The people, knowing nothing of either the theory or the practice of secret diplomacy, commit all sorts of follies for which they themselves must later foot the bill.

Say what you wish, rotten politicians have been with us forever, but there were some good ones ... once.

Uncle Nasty

Rob said...

The dinosaur media don't seem to realize they're committing collective suicide. In pre-Internet days, they could afford to indulge in this kind of deception, and many of them seem to think it's still 1990. All the truth you need about race is only a click away.

Heraclitus said...

'All the truth you need about race is only a click away.'

Rob, that's true. But that's where bread and circuses come in, in the form of a dumbed down alternative to real news. These epople know what they're doing.

Canuck said...

If Franz's nightmare scenario comes to pass it's all to the good in my book. Whites are - for sure - gooing to react at some stage. THe more their faces are rubbed in it the angrier they'll be. That's why, like Franz (if I understand him correct) I'm cool with the Trib printinmg this type of garbage.

Anonymous said...

Here's the "fade to black" LINK you refer to.

john said...

@ Franz - its already happening. Just recently in Oklahoma City Oklahoma, a white pharmacist shot a [surprise] black robber who walked in, pulled a gun and demanded money and drugs. the pharmacist was just convicted of murder...
Oh, it will be appealed, and maybe even overturned, but that wont be reported...
Used to be the saying was "Better to be judged by 12 than carried out by six" - apparently if you're white, theyre gonna kill you either way, by any means available.

Anonymous said...

Teacher brands Barack Obama a 'n*****' and tells pupils he 'doesn't like Jews'... but he is allowed back into the classroom

Read more:

Do black maths teachers go around calling Gordon Beown a honkey?

(Whispers Are there any?)

Anonymous said...

While we're on MSM manipulation, let's read a little about the other side of the Srebrenica Bosnia massacres.

I recommend this:-

Bosnian Muslim Jihad killings of 3,500 Christians

By Lee Jay Walker

Bosnian Muslim government Jihad forces

The image of Srebrenica tells us more about the reality of the majority of the media and of course the “Muslim victim card” is being used in order to cleanse the Bosniak Muslims. After all, from enslaving Orthodox Christians during their brotherly love with the Turkish slave masters of the Ottoman Empire to having Muslim SS units who supported Adolf Hitler; then “victimhood” is needed in order to justify their history and culture.

Of course the wishy-washy brigade will tell us that the Ottoman period was enlightened and that the system of taking the eldest Christian boy (devshirme system) in the Balkans and converting them to Islam was noble. Yes, slavery in the modern era being justified and not mere slavery because the system meant that they would kill their own people in the name of Islam after being indoctrinated by Islamists in the Ottoman Empire.

However, the liberal agenda tells us that Europe owes so much to Islam. Strange because Islam took the sword to Europe and enslaved and colonized and this reality shames historians and commentators who manipulate history.

Uncle Nasty

Bemused stare said...

Old hat chap. Sav, look up (South Africa).

Articles; Mommy boils baby, mommy chops baby up for juju medicine, mommy pimps baby out to the hordes for bus fare, the list goes on. What do they all have in common? A pic (standard stock photo of course), of a white person. What else do they have in common? The perp was NOT a white person.

Anonymous said...

john said...

@ Franz - its already happening. Just recently in Oklahoma City Oklahoma, a white pharmacist shot a [surprise] black robber who walked in, pulled a gun and demanded money and drugs. the pharmacist was just convicted of murder...

John, the pharmacist basically did everything wrong. Instead of putting a few more into the nigperp immediately after downing him (he was going for a gun, yer honour) the pharm chased the second robber, then came back in and - rightfully but not too photogenically - popped him again ... all on tape.

Right actions ... wrong P.R.

he also drew an "emotional" jury ... probably packed with nogs, coal-burners and friends of the deceased,

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Good link, Savant - what a scary bunch, black, brown and white! Is this truly what America has come to?


Anonymous said...

To be fair, Savant, there are way more than ten whites in there, and they aren't all grouped at the front. Sadly, almost all the child porno/sex offenders are white. And a lot of East Europeans.


Franz said...

Funny blunder by the MSM. They published a study that shows Erectus to live significantly longer in captivity as opposed to freedom:

When I looked it up, I could hardly believe my eyes. The first lines of the article read as though they were published in the "Richmond Independent" ca 1862.

Alas, a bit later they had to put their spin on it: "Ironically, prisons are often the only provider of medical care accessible by these underserved and vulnerable Americans."

Spin notwithstanding, I am simply flabbergasted that Erectus better manages to stay alive inside as opposed to outside. Not even I would have dared dream that their inability to adjust to civilization goes this far.

If there ever was positive proof that Erectus needs to be transported back to Africa and there left alone to fend against intelectually superior chimps, this is it.

Maybe we should keep a couple in a zoo, though. After all, they live longer in captivity.

Anonymous said...

@ Bemused Stare

The BBC (internationally respected impartial broadcaster) did that trick. Story of a childkilled stock photo white woman perp _____?

Clogheen said...

That's offensive Franz. The chimps in Africa are surely inferior to erectus? Not by a lot, mind you!

Clogheen said...
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Shaunantijihad said...

John & UN,

It's true the pharmacist did it wrong, but I want to ask a couple of questions:

1. If the perp was still alive, is it not possible he was a threat, or at least, is there reasonable doubt he might have been readying to fire?

2. If the perp was dead, then shooting him again is no different than a surgeon in autopsy cutting him up.

So, where's the crime?

great white said...

@shaun: What you say is true but it's not the issue. The whole point now is to find, as Tom Wolfe had it, the great white defendant. Make an example of him. The solution will come when enough of these libtards become victims themselves.

rebel said...

If their living longer in captivity - that's a good reason to let 'em loose!

Shaunantijihad said...


"If there ever was positive proof that Erectus needs to be transported back to Africa and there left alone to fend against intelectually superior chimps, this is it."

OK, Franz, you asked for it! Keyboard Alert Major, i.e. do not have any liquid refreshments near your computer whilst watching this:

The truth, once again, is stranger than fiction!

RegThe Hedge said...

If you like the photos on the racist newspaper you're gonna love this....

Anonymous said...

Serotonin antagonist and reuptake inhibitor were done for selling scratch cards without a license to pay for their frontline staff. Did this make the media compared to them using sports to peddle their media approved kool-aid?

Anonymous said...

I just want to kick their worthless, GD hides. You know what? The Department of Justice puts MEXICANS (especially ILLEGALS) who commit crime listed as WHITE here in America! Heck, the frigging pics over there are all Mexicans listed as WHITE!! They aren't WHITE, but are classified as such to schew the numbers! Go look on the site! I'm telling the truth!

Makes me F-ing sick!

GD, save yourselves Ireland from what we deal with.

Franz said...

@ Shaunantijihad

I already knew that video but it bears watching over and over and over again.

Actually, if the rest of the world were to seal off Africa and give Erectus no new bullets for his AKs, no metal blades, no antibiotics and retro-viral medications, I could imagine a scenario in which Chimps and Gorillas would become the dominant species in some territories.

After all, the Chimp does not die of Aids and assorted VDs. Erectus does.

Anonymous said...

Franz, I don't even want any of those F-ers in the ZOO! They don't even belong in civilization at all!

I'm not joking when I say this. I've seen, smelled, and listened to them. They are a creature unlike the rest of us and that has been proven recently by science. They are the only ones who cannot be traced back to a DNA link with Neandethal Man. They were created by something else- Homo erectus and APES. That is why their animal side is so predominant.

Read "Forbidden Archeology" by Michael Cremo as a start. Much proof we "humans' were in existance with ape-creatures.
Ever wonder WHY we White people are so different? It isn't because of landscape. Our ancestors are not from here at all, though everyone here might have a hard time grasping this concept. Especially those brainwashed into religion. Yes, if you are religious, you are brainwashed into EXACTLY what the elite controllers want you to be. If you want to be a truther, you also have to be research religion, it's origins, and what it has done throughout the years. Who has the atrocities served all of this time? Wake up. Throw off your sheeple garments.

Don't waste your time rebutting me with bible versus either. It was written by the same powers then who are destroying the world now.

F, look at what it's done all over the world with deaths and meyham. Look at Northern Ireland with Catholics and Protestents bombing each other, walking on different sides of the street even! Does that F-ing acomplish squat? NO. IF they came together and bombed the hell out of negroids taking over the country and making YOU (yes YOU, hardworking Irishman) support their sorry asses, then bombing might be productive.

Save Ireland (Aryaland, home of the true Aryans if you want to research the origins of words and facts) Never let anyone make you feel that you are less because you are Irish. We were the first civilization on this planet. All written languages stem from the Gaelic. We are talented, beautiful, and intelligent.

Through the times it is us who these evil ones always want to destroy, and they do a good job destroying us and making us destroy ourselves. Wake up to who you are and where we come from.

Deacies said...

anon 19.24. Ireland has just one thing going for it now. The recession. They're going to HAVE TO cut back on all the free shit that made us a such a target for AFricans. Do you know that the 'asylum' applications ARE AFTER FALLING AWAY TO ALMOST NOTHING? The leeches know this and they're looking for wealthier white fools to feed off. I see less of them around now, it seems that way to me anyway. Don't know what other's seeing.

Heraclitus said...

Folks, there are lots of angry comments here - understandably so. But I think Savant's main objection here is not to the behaviour of erectus, as Franz calls them, rather to the depth of conditioning to which the MSM are subjecting us.

Calls for whites to rise up and defend our interests will be almost impossible as long as the MSM remains the main source of information for about 90% of the population. That's the challenge.

Heraclitus said...

Folks, there are lots of angry comments here - understandably so. But I think Savant's main objection here is not to the behaviour of erectus, as Franz calls them, rather to the depth of conditioning to which the MSM are subjecting us.

Calls for whites to rise up and defend our interests will be almost impossible as long as the MSM remains the main source of information for about 90% of the population. That's the challenge.

Anonymous said...

OK, Franz, you asked for it! Keyboard Alert Major, i.e. do not have any liquid refreshments near your computer whilst watching this:

Sadly, Shaun ... it ain't the truth.

It's part of a viral marketing campaign for the new "Planet of the Apes" movie.

No one's sorrier than me,

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about this being off topic, but a video exploring if race is in fact just a natural part of human behaviour has to be just about the greatests heresy imaginable in todays pc west.

Anonymous said...

Broken record time.

Folks, the niggers are the distraction. They are the Great and Powerful Oz. They are the bouncing, dancing, screaming marionettes that distract us. They are not even human. They are simply beasts, that have an unfortunate resemblence to humans.

They are the plague fleas that bite us and kill us, but they are not the bringers of the plague.

Here is the little man behind the curtain ... the one who owns and runs the media ... the plague rat.

Read A Review of “Capitalism and the Jews” by Jerry Z. Muller, Parts 1 through 4 ...

Don't worry too much about the book ... read the review.

It's here:-

Please don't be distracted by the niggers. They are merely something for us to focus on and be distracted with. The way a mother wavs a colourful trinket at the baby while hiding the crystal.

Uncle Nasty

Henry IX said...

Uncle Nasty - I think this is what Heraclitus and the post generally is saying. About the MSM anyway if not your man behind the curtain. One and tthe same you'd say I imagine!

Anonymous said...

Oh for fuck's sake negroids aren't just the shiny rattle when they are out robbing, raping and killing our people by the numbers on a daily basis. Maybe you haven't been around them much, but I have. I f-ing KNOW other stuff is going on, but the negroid is the most dangerous species on the planet right now.

As much as I know what Jews are doing, I'd live next to them anyday over a negroid, because not all Jews are bad, but all negroids are in my book. They are not like the rest of us and I'm sick of tolerating their nasty habits! It isn't "culture" it's beastly. Nothing disgusts me more than a negroid.

Good god quit making excuses for those creatures. 3 words. Channon and Christopher.

Anonymous said...

You may think this is a parody, but unbelievably it is not. It appeared in "Esquire" magazine.

You may recall the had-to-be-a-faggot MSM reporter who (I am not joking) reported a "thrill" running up his leg on actually speaking to the anointed one?

This is an example of what happens when the left gain some form of control or influence ... and are allowed to say what they feel. Please read this and realise just how complete is the disconnect from reality.

Well, here is the opposite of Bush hatred: Obama love, of which we may fairly observe that it is, for the Obama lovers, a constant ecstatic force in their daily psyche. Stephen Marche writes in Esquire:

July 12, 2011, 9:00 AM

How Can We Not Love Obama?
Because like it or not, he is all of us

Before the fall brings us down, before the election season begins in earnest with all its nastiness and vulgarity, before the next batch of stupid scandals and gaffes, before Sarah Palin tries to convert her movie into reality and Joe Biden resumes his imitation of an embarrassing uncle and Newt and Callista Gingrich [FIG.1] creep us all out, can we just enjoy Obama for a moment? Before the policy choices have to be weighed and the hard decisions have to be made, can we just take a month or two to contemplate him the way we might contemplate a painting by Vermeer or a guitar lick by the early-seventies Rolling Stones or a Peyton Manning pass or any other astounding, ecstatic human achievement? Because twenty years from now, we’re going to look back on this time as a glorious idyll in American politics, with a confident, intelligent, fascinating president riding the surge of his prodigious talents from triumph to triumph. Whatever happens this fall or next, the summer of 2011 is the summer of Obama.

And that’s just the first paragraph.

This is what we're up against. An attack from a lefty is like being savaged by a dead sheep. The only power they have is what we allow them.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Me again.
Someone once said that the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was in convincing everyone that he did not exist.

Nope. His was the second greatest trick. The really good one was that of the RSP's convincing everyone of their innocence, or, at the very least, their harmlessness.

Allow me to introduce you to Bela Kun of Hungary.

A quote -- from Wikipedia, mind you:-

One bitter repercussion was the association of Hungary's Jews with the suffering inflicted by the Communists; since Kun and most of his colleagues were clearly Jewish[citation needed], many Hungarians recognized a Jewish element in the Bolshevist conspiracy afoot in central Europe. As Louis Birinyi observed,

The personnel of the "government" were selected from the ranks of the agitators, about ninety-five per cent of "whose names tell us that they were of Jewish origin." The country then was divided into districts, and at the head of each district a commissaire was placed. It was not uncommon for the Bolsheviks to appoint janitors of Jewish churches to the office of commissaire who held in the hollow of their hands the life or death of the people in their districts. Terror squads were organized, and the "red terror" was in full swing.

These people are not and never have been "victims of circumstance" ... leaves blown upon the wind. They are at the core of everything. They are the core.

Ignore the theatre.


jocomo said...

Uncle Nasty - you omitted to tell us - an oversight I'm sure - that Stalin sought out Jews to put in these positions as they were the least likely to 'go native'.

Anonymous said...

The topic appears to have disappeared here so I'll go further off-topic.

Last thursday,a glorious sunny day,I went for a walk with the wife around the grounds of Castletown House(an Irish National Treasure).So we were strolling along by the Liffey when we saw a negro male jogging towards us.

Now this was highly unusual in itself-you NEVER see negroes exercising-and this one looked on the verge of collapse.
"Thats the most unathletic negro I've ever seen"I remarked to the wife.
"Oh no"says she" They're ALL like that.Have you not noticed?"

Well I thought about this and realised that the woman was dead right.Yet again.
"Our" African males,mostly Nigerian of course,in their physique,the way they walk,in their lack of coordination ARE a refutation of the supposed athleticsm of the negro.

Anyone else noticed this?


corkonian said...

Uncle Nasty - I agree about the puppet masters. That's what Heraclitus was saying too I think, that not to get diverted by the nignogs. They are just a symptom of what is wrong.

Shaunantijihad said...

UN, thanks for pointing that out. Damn. It was so funny too.

Oh well, here's the real Erectus at work, in South Africa, Confessions of a Killer:

corkonian said...

Mr. A. I thought you were going to say that this black had a beatiful white girl in tow with three half-caste kids. What a relief! I see them occasionally at my local gym and they don't seem overly fit. Spend most of their time preening in the mirrors.

corkonian said...

Mr. A. I thought you were going to say that this black had a beatiful white girl in tow with three half-caste kids. What a relief! I see them occasionally at my local gym and they don't seem overly fit. Spend most of their time preening in the mirrors.

great white said...

Whar that cretin wrote about Mien Obama is beyond parody.

Think about it. What had the Great One achieved at that stage? A shady community organizer in Chicago who just read what was put in front of him on the autocue.

Just the ultimate white guilt trip in my view.

great white said...

Whar that cretin wrote about Mien Obama is beyond parody.

Think about it. What had the Great One achieved at that stage? A shady community organizer in Chicago who just read what was put in front of him on the autocue.

Just the ultimate white guilt trip in my view.

Franz said...

@ UN

That Obama deification rant is a funny thing. Replace the name of the Godking with "Stalin". Further replace the monikers of his opponents with "Trotzky", "Zinovjew" et al and you feel as though you are riding a time machine.

However, as I said before, Godking Obama is the best thing that ever happened to white nationalism. At long last the globalist uglyness has a fitting face attached to it. If his vice president's name was some variation of Presciousmetal-Stein, even more white people would begin "to see".

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. It really is mind-boggling and absolutely vile. You can be sure I'll be sharing this article of yours.

Henry IX said...

Franz - I don't think it's the same as Stalin et al. That was driven by fear. THis is driven by white guilt and possibly homo-eroticism from this tremulous wimp.

RegThe Hedge said...

Mr A,
The Bahamas is the most athletic nation on earth. Many Carabean islands are also right up there. In America there are many very talented Black athelits. African nations don't appear very high on the list.
Think about the reason for that.
Slavery created a compressed natural selection process. Any slave who was not strong died en route. The biggest and strongest slaves were picked out by their masters for breeding.

Anonymous said...

These people are not and never have been "victims of circumstance"

That's right. They're victims of soycumstance. Big difference.

Anonymous said...

Please don't be distracted by the niggers.

The problem is anti-whites.

Of WHATEVER hue or religion.

Anonymous said...

As much as I know what Jews are doing, I'd live next to them anyday over a negroid,

In either case, it's not the Jew or the nigger I have to worry about.

It's the anti-white neighbors who kiss Jew ass and nigger ass.

Now THEM I can say I truly hate. They're traitors.

Jews and niggers don't owe us loyalty.

Anonymous said...

Presciousmetaltein........ love it!

Franz said...

@ Shaunantijihad

For the hilarity which only Erectus can provide:

It is an interview with a Negro prisoner in SA. Skip forward to 2:55 for this exquisite exchange:

Prisoner: I have sex with the men.
Interviewer: 19 years you had sex with the men?
Prisoner: Yes.
Interviewer: Does that make you gay?
Prisoner: No.
Interviewer: So you are a man. But what about the guy that get's fu**ed. What is he?
Prisoner: A Woman.

Anonymous said...


RegThe Hedge said...

Just saw a disgusting advertisement for Pearldrops. A black is waiting for at the airport for his white male friend. The friend arrives and introduces his nice blond girlfriend. The negro looks lustfully at the blond girl. Sudenly another blond girl steps out and throws her arms around the negro. The white male friend has brought a girl back for his negro friend. Sickening.
I'm gonna write and let them know their advertisement offends me and of course I'll never use their product. Who knows, maybe theyll get a few thousand letters and they'll drop the ad.
I'll keep an eye to see if the ad disapears in a week or two.
We don't know how many people that kind of thing offends. Judging by own feeling I'm guessing plenty of people will take offence.

Please help me out and write to them.

white rose said...

anon 19.56. You sure this is a valid link?

Ian said...

@ White Rose Maybe Anon 19:56 meant this :

Anonymous said...


To say that my gob was smacked would be to put it very, very mildly. At first I thought this was some sort of parody site.

I notice baroness Scotland and every other nog was all over Blair like a cheap suit, though. Covington was right. The generals wage the war, but it's the accountants that surrender.


Hector said...

Well said Reg. I'm joining the boycot and will also write. Even a small number of us doing this mighht make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Good old lesbain marxist Bea Campbell OBE one time member of the Communist Party of Great Britain blaming people who are not involved.

Black community leaders reacted after Mr Blair said the recent violence should not be treated as part of a general crime wave, but as specific to black youth. He said people had to drop their political correctness and recognise that the violence would not be stopped "by pretending it is not young black kids doing it".

Nor will it be helped by pretending that people not involved in it are invoilved in it innit?

Anonymous said...

A kick in the teeth from Tony Blair

The black community carries no blame for the violent crime that afflicts it - no matter what the prime minister says.

Tony Blair's comment that the black community "need to be mobilised in denunciation of this gang culture that is killing innocent young black kids" is a kick in the teeth to five generations of the UK's black community and the countless foremothers and forefathers who fought for our freedom.

No Blacks resposible for black crime gangs.

Scott Trust go bankrupt and take your morally bankrupt paper with you.

(If you cannot find Blair from the above this one will lead you to it)

Martinus said...

Talking about mainstream media manipulation. The following article is from the Times Magazine, 1952. Sister Mary Aiden was eaten by a mob of marauding savages yet the article merely mentions a mutilated corpse - msm manipulation as far back as that! Funnily enough, what those cops say in 1952 is identical to what we say here now i.e. 'a white skin means death'.,9171,817360,00.html

Bemused stare said...


"Tony Blair isn't brave, however, he's wrong. The inexorable rise and rise of knife and gun culture isn't about black communities, or even black boys. It is about boys."

I nearly hurled. It took every fibre of it's being for this dyke to keep herself from just blurting out, "we need to castrate them!"

Jeremy said...

The one good thing about this Blair thing is that almost all the comments from the Guardianistas are negative towards the writer. This is a good sign folks.

Anonymous said...

good conversation on blog today Savant, but i wish to know how MISS Ireland and her Nigerian main squeeze nigger are getting along, has he beat her yet or busted up the apt or perhaps set it on fire with her in it,enquireing minds here in states wish to know, John old rtd chicago copper.

SAVANT said...

anon 7.12. I read somewhere that Miss Waldren was as much the user as the used in this grisly relationship. It's been said that she's built up a major profile for herself by hyping up the attacks she and her mate have been subjected to, gaining much airtime to express theiir mutual regard etc.

Don't know if this is true, but sadly, yes, it seems they're still coupling.

Ian said...

Sorry When the link provided by Anon 19:56 didn't work I did a search on the Guardian website and found article for which I gave a link but as subsequent poster showed that was not the correct article

Anonymous said...

Blair admits PC not helping

· Political correctness not helping, says PM
· Community leaders react angrily to comments

Comment Claudia Webbe

A kick in the teeth from Tony Blair

The black community carries no blame for the violent crime that afflicts it - no matter what the prime minister says.

During the Thatcher years, these community-based resources, including supplementary and Saturday schools, were attacked and we slowly saw their depletion over time. The black community has long campaigned for sustainable resources and support and an involvement in the decision-making processes of grant-giving bodies. The response has been slow and patchy. Despite years of government inner-city regeneration, those that have benefited have invariably been white, including large multinational contractors, private equity groups and building companies.

Thatcher had been gone 17 years when this Guardian columnist rubbishbringed this.

It's a guy thing

The rise of knife and gun culture isn't about black communities. It is about boys

1) Original Blair
2) Columnist one's intervention
3) Heavy hitting Lesbian marxist brought in toshow Guardian readersBlair's errors.

Anonymous said...

You are,of course fully correct about Miss Waldren using the publicity for her own gains.

In fact one could almost feel some slight sympathy for the negro when she inevitably dumps him.Well maybe not,but you know what I mean.

He will be gone soon enough and she will marry money:I venture a guess that it could be a Tribunal lawyer?.
A Junior Council,but one who has,nonetheless,made millions in the past few years.


Anonymous said...

Blair's initial

Webbe's reply

Lesser Marxist puts him to right

These are the three guardian things. Do not know why people are having trouble with obtaining them.

though if pusged I blame ythe guardian!

Anonymous said...

Hi Reg I've sent an email in and have joined the boycott of Arm and Hammer products! and all parent company's( Church Dwight and Co) products. Might be an idea to contact them as well to let them know.

Shaunantijihad said...

Franz, thanks for that laugh. Only Erectus does not require a visit to room 101 to conclude that 2+2=5. Pure Erectus logic, and yet, they are winning the gene wars, with a little help from their friends...

Piet said...

I hope she DOES marry a tribunal lawyer - and gives him a dose of the clap she picked up from Sipho.

Anonymous said...

The article requested is no longer available.

Wikipedia Omar Thornton Racist murderer, thief, and liar

Strange how the media took the claims that there was racist material all around the place which he never complained about untilhe was forced to resign for stealing.


Now why would thta be?

Anonymous said...

No more
Mentadent for you!

UK Brands

Other products

12%ers already boycott some of their products. (Hint. STD rates ;) ;0

Anonymous said...

Racist past of a journalist and academic

Franz said...

Again, I'm way off topic, but I heard a good one today:

Merchant Sliverstein buys a barrel of fish.

A few days later, merchant Goldstein takes it of his hands for a 10% markup on the original price.

A few days later, merchant Rubinstein buys it for a 20% markup.

A few days later, merchant Rubinstein sells it to a gentile storeowner for a 30% markup.

When the storeowner opens the barrel, the stench of rotten fish is breathtaking. "This is not edible", says the gentile to Mr Rubinstein who retorts: "Oy, you're not supposed to eat it, but to sell it!"

Anonymous said...

"Thatcher had been gone 17 years when this Guardian columnist rubbishbringed this."
A few coonments down a young black illegal immigrant and recent muslim convert was trotting out the slave trade(a black muslim convert complaining about the slave trade in a white country he moved to???) as an excuse for black violence. The passage of time, whether 17 or 150 +, seems to be no barrier to good excuse. Unless of course the sin is a black one then it's all about "moving on and healing".

"It be yt's fault and dats dat"


northern athiest said...

anon 15.59. "Racist past of a journalist and academic"

Read the excerpt in the book section. Says how he and a few of his fellow thugs beat a passing white boy senseless. Is he regretful? Not really. Just puts it in context - a rage against the man.

Imagine if the races were reversed! How long would he hold his "academic" sinecure?

Enough to make you spit blood. Hopefully American whites are beginning to wake up.

Anonymous said...

Larence Summers spoke some home truths.He thought African Studies money wasted.
He was witch hunted out of Harvard.

Obviously they have higher standards in Mass than they do in the ignerant red nek suth.

Essex boy said...

"boycott Arm and Hammer products! and all parent company's( Church Dwight and Co)

YES! Let us all go for it. Also write to the bastards and let them know why!

Anonymous said...

(Angelina Jolie says she loves her adopted non-White kids more than her biological one with Brad Pitt)

If anyone can find that this is true boycott the sicko!

RegThe Hedge said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SAVANT said...

Reg - my post here might explain something. May be worth a re-read.

Anonymous said...

Re MSM manipulation ... what are the chances of this example of the religion of piss ever seeing the light of day? Tell me if the BBC ever runs it.

It's on the Pakistan border and it's pretty graphic.

Avoid semites of all stripes. They're all fucking mad.


motoboy said...

UN - did you intend to provide a link?

Anonymous said...

Please go here for a bit of history:-

Scroll down to the story of the end of the Romanovs ... entitled

The House Of Special Purpose

It was code-named The House Of Special Purpose by the Bolsheviks. Lenin ordered that Nicholas II, ex-Tsar of all the Russias, and his family be imprisoned there, but that was not the ‘special’ purpose.

On the night/morning of 16/17 July 1918, the family was awakened, told to dress quickly as they would have to leave in a hurry, ushered into a basement room, and were murdered by a bunch of local Bolsheviks.

This week is the anniversary of the butchery of the Romanovs.

Read the story, read how they came to their end, and never, ever forget who ordered and executed this. here's a clue ... it wasn't niggers or mexicans who did it.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

motoboy said...

UN - did you intend to provide a link?

My apologies, motoboy:-

As I say ... it's informative, but not pretty.


Anonymous said...

You think the law is on your side in the UK? Think again, sweetheart.

Father fined £1,000 and found guilty of harassment for warning families about a paedophile

By Andy Dolan

Last updated at 8:45 AM on 11th July 2011

A father who warned another parent about a convicted paedophile has been fined £1,000 and found guilty of harassing the sex offender.

He was horrified to find his ex-wife’s new husband – stepfather to his daughter, 11 – had served three jail terms for sex crimes.

A reporting restriction imposed to protect the stepfather’s identity means that none of the family members can be named.

One of the stepfather’s sentences was for molesting two 12-year-old girls as they slept at his house.

Attack: The father identified the paedophile to another parent after discovering his criminal record - which included molesting two 12-year-old girls as they slept at his house

A court heard the father raised the alarm after discovering four of his daughter’s friends had been invited to the family home for a sleepover to celebrate her birthday.

When he showed the mother of one girl a newspaper clipping revealing the stepfather’s convictions, all the parents stopped their children going to the sleepover.

Following that action, as well as repeated phone calls to the home of his ex-wife and her husband, the father was arrested and convicted of harassment at Worcester Magistrates Court and fined £1,000.

Well, now we know whose side the judge is on. Make some room on the lamppost, folks.


Anonymous said...

Something Rotten this way comes.

They got that right.

There were two stories last week that illustrate just how bad the situation has become in the wake of the virtual capitulation by President Barack Obama during Netanyahu’s triumphal May visit to Washington, the first time in recorded history that a small nation with less than eight million citizens has subjugated a much larger country with a population of more than 310 million.

The first story is about the annual meeting of Ralph Reed’s evangelical Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington on June 3rd and 4th, which included cameo appearances and a number of speeches by Republican presidential candidates. Support for Israel was on the menu du jour in nearly every speech and for every panel. It dominated the conference. One panel had as its subject “Israel: surrounded yet undaunted in the face of evil.” Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s oddly named Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission spoke for fifteen minutes about Israel, saying “If we want God to bless America, then we have to bless the Jews. God gave that land to his chosen people forever. That issue is settled by God almighty.” Land called Obama “…the worst president of the United States that Israel has ever had,” an assertion that probably had much deeper meaning than he intended. Danny Danon, a Knesset member for the Likud Party, warned President Obama “Take your hands from Jerusalem! Jerusalem will remain under Jewish control forever!”

Danny Danon, you may recall is the heeb who wants to dump Israels nog detritus on Australia.

Folks, It pains me to say this, but I feel that the only hope for the west is if the USA collapses even faster than expected.

Broken record time:- Read Covington's take on the damage done by the support of Fundamentalist Christianity for Israel.

Uncle Nasty

Kevin Rafferty said...

Uncle Nasty - those 2 stories say to me at least that the degeneration of society cant go on for much longer - something has to break.

Anonymous said...

Reg Anon 13:10 et al

"I am, to say the least, deeply disappointed that QVC caved to this kind of insane pressure by some well funded and organized political extremist groups. And that they did it without talking to me first.

I could have pointed out that threats of boycotts are nothing new for me and have never prevented me from having best selling books and exercise DVDs, films, and a Broadway play. Most people don’t buy into the far right lies."

Well just tell
Church and Dwight though it might be like trendy among the coke sniffers at Madison Avenue we do NOT want their far left lies.

And if that silly moo, who had a body double in the cartoonified Beowulf (Seriously that was a pro model who then had Jolie's face grafted on by computer1) really said that about her own offspring boycott her films. Though I guess they are so bad that that is being done already.

Take this with a pince of SALT Film 2010

Henry IX said...

Great news about Jane Fonda. Not before time. Also shows that public campaigns, like the one we're proposing here on the toothpaste ads, can be very effective.

Shaunantijihad said...

Texas is also being plagued by "white males", apparently:

Anonymous said...

The Rothschilds protecting their new investment:-

South Sudan Independence: Thousands of Peacekeepers to be Sent to Prevent it Becoming Failed State

Mike Pflanz, Telegraph (London), July 7, 2011

The UN Security Council will vote on sending up to 7,000 armed blue berets to the Republic of South Sudan, which wins independence from its former enemy Sudan at midday on Saturday.

Ban Ki-moon has recommended that the new mission should focus on protecting civilians—with force if necessary—and on reforms to the police, army and justice systems.

There are fears that from its outset, the world’s 193rd country will be unable adequately to police its territory, guard its borders or protect its eight million citizens.

Sudan’s majority Christian south fought its Muslim north for 38 of its 54 years of independence from Britain, and the hangover of that war is almost a million guns, mostly in civilian hands in the south.

The southern army, born from the rebel force which fought the war, is bloated with troops and drains as much as 60 per cent of South Sudan’s annual budget. One diplomat in Juba quipped that it was “in essence the state’s welfare system”.

The police force, provincial administration, courts and tax systems are, at best, stumbling, raising the risk of widening public anger among a population expecting an instant windfall from independence.

I particularly like the line:- " ... to Prevent it Becoming a Failed State."

The telegraph has a sense of humour? Who'da thunk it?


Heraclitus said...

South Sudan is on a predictable trajectory. And I can see who'll be allocated the task of cleaning it up, and paying for the clean-up as well.

Anonymous said...

Should this go under the "Yet more MSM manipulation" thread? Yup. I think it should. Everyone else has clambered aboard the Harry Potter bandwagon ... why not we?

I was going to write my own thoughts on this ... purely to order my mind, but these kind people have done a good deal of it for me.

Was Voldemort Right? What type of world is Harry Potter fighting to Protect?

Editor's note: In talking with a friend about what compels one to be 'good', we started discussing the wildly popular Harry Potter book and movie series. Phenomenon would be a more apt word. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 came out last Friday and tens of millions of people went to the theaters to watch the finale.
Steve Sailer wrote an interesting article for Takimag that discussed the world of Hogwarts, wizardry, and Harry Potter. Titled Harry Potter's Story of Race and Inheritance, he wrote:
Yet, because Muggles are so boring, the main impetus of the plot comes not from conflicts between Muggles and wizards, but from the war over race relations waged among wizards. On one side are our tolerant heroes. On the other are the evil Nazi purebloods—such as Voldemort and blond Draco Malfoy, Harry’s archrival from Slytherin House—who denigrate wizards of mixed-ancestry as “mudbloods.”

Although Rowling, who once worked for Amnesty International, makes her books ostentatiously anti-racist, there’s something fundamentally bogus about her façade of conventional modern politics. Wizardry turns out to feature a politically incorrect dependence upon nature rather than nurture. Blood will tell. As Chris Suellentrop scoffed in Slate at Rowling’s eugenic worldview: “Hogwarts is nothing more than a magical Mensa meeting.”

I have always felt that Rowling was, at best, a fake, and at worst a committee-designed construct to earn a few bucks ... rather like the Spice Girls. Yes, I have read the books (I'll read anything) and I am convinced that most were ghostwritten, or at least, collaborations.

It's fun and it makes sense. Enjoy some weekend reading.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Just for fun, I give you another politician who has really grand plans for, wait for it ... Canada.

I would have thought that Canada was pretty much planned to death by now, but there's no pleasing some people.
I would like to se his five, ten and twenty-year plans.

"Electricity is the future, Comrades! We must have our own Magnetogorsk!!! Onwards and upwards!!! Together we march into a brighter futu ..."
"Oh, wait. Someone did that already."

Anyway, I hand you over to to Comrade Kaplan. No, really.

"A not worthwhile Canadian initiative

Canada's population has been steadily growing due to immigration. It's now up to 34 million from 27 million in 1988. Immigrants have, not surprisingly, stayed away from Manitoba and Saskatchewan, while crowding into Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

Canadian Liberal Party senior statesman Robert Kaplan enthusiastically explains in the Toronto Globe & Mail that tripling the population of Canada would be terrific for Canada's ruling caste.
Fulfilling Laurier's vision: A Canada of 100 million ...

"We don’t have enough people. The Liberals should stand today for a strategic immigration policy of reaching 100 million by 2100.
If we become a nation of this size:
1. Our culture would be less strained to survive. Our arts, books, magazines, newspapers, movies and music, electronic media, with more than triple the producers and consumers would become self-sustaining. They might even become better. Our comedians could be funnier. Our elusive search for definition as Canadians could be realized."

A Canadian = A random foreigner.

Don't you just love the reference to Somalis, Vietnamese and other third-world trash preserving Canada's "arts, books, magazines, newspapers, movies and music ..."

And they call me a broken record ...

Uncle Nasty

Canuck said...

The sad part UN is that this po-faced shit will probably get his way. The anti-immigration lobby has been very effectively marginalized and gets weaker all the time. And yes, what exactly would be Canadian about the resultant 'culture'?

And yes, I did note his name.

Anonymous said...

I stole this from IQ and PC by Chris Brand:-


At least there was a prospect that Britain would soon be able to stop spending £1M per day on stimulating civil war in Libya: its great new aircraft-carrier-armed ally, France (famed for its endless defeats in battle at the hands of Britain and Germany), announced (singlehandedly, without so much as a polite word to Daft Dave) that clothes-horse Col Gadawfu could not be beaten and so it was time for some nice big dipomatic dinners all round (Sun, 13 vii).

{At least this admission of incompetence and/or cowardice and/or bankruptcy would save Britain a bob or two – necessary in view of CamCo’s continuing to raise the national debt (scheduled to peak as a new government took over in 2015) and to spend billions on ‘international aid’ to nuclear-armed India, Pakistan and China.}

{Why Britain had made itself dependent on French aircraft carriers, bellicosity and – as here – occasional common sense was a mystery; let alone why CamCo had let its first year in office go by without across-the-board public sector savings of 15% accompanied by a 10% reduction in taxation.}

The point of this, I guess, is that everyone seems lees and less interested in the Libyan war (Police action? Intervention? No-fly Zone? Plundering of Libya's assets? ... you name it.)


So, Gadaffi's going to want his money back.
I am really enjoying this. If the Libyan enterprise ends, who would you bet on? Gaddaffi or the bankers?

Notice how news reports from Lampedusa refugee centre have sort of ... dried up? Maybe the refugees have decide to avoid the Eurozone crash and have stopped coming.

Uncle Nasty

Tony VA said...

Whatever the real reason for the Libya 'human rights intervention, we're not getting it from the MSM. What a totasl fuck-up from start to finish. Just saw now that a mass grave of pro-Ghadafy prisoners has been found.

Anonymous said...

If you are concerned about illegal immigration in America, border security, and the growing separatist movement in the nation, then please consider boycotting the following products of the Absolut Vodka Company due to their offensive ad and billboard that ran in Mexico.

Level Vodka
Frïs Vodka

Malteserkreuz Aquavit
O.P. Anderson Aquavit

GAMMEL DANSK Citrus Bitter

Cruzan Rum


Plymouth Gin
Plymouth Gin Navy
Plymouth Sloe Gin
Plymouth Fruit Cup

Gato Negro
Chill Out
Opal Springs
Santa Christina
Chymos and California

rebel said...

anon 21.44. What did the ads say?

Anonymous said...

In an Absolut World

Link to the offewnding ad.

rebel said...

Did Absolut actually do that????

Anonymous said...

The In An Absolut World advertising campaign invites consumers to visualize a world that appeals to them -- one they feel may be more idealized or one that may be a bit "fantastic." As such, the campaign will elicit varying opinions and points of view. We have a variety of executions running in countries worldwide, and each is germane to that country and that population.

The coke snorters of Madison Avenue say it is humourous other people take the Ron Gonchez view.

Anonymous said...

Boycot Absolut.

Anonymous said...

GP submitted a patients blood as her own to try to beat a DUI charge. 21 comments when I last looked 23 it says are available and then we are sorry comments not available for this article
Simon Heffer on the EU 483 this morning says 492 but comments not available.

Look idiots if you want to write Sally Bercow is a slapper goto the Big Brother page.

Cheryl Clone. headline.Really scraping at barrel's bottom to keep the Peoples' Princess in the news!

Guardian Loses Fight for Web Readers Even After Taking Out Murdoch Tabloid

Bizarre headline. I did not know that they were in competition with the NOTW.

I would put it down to the censorship of non on-message posts in their comment is free section but what would I know I am not in the business of running a trust owned newspaper.

Anonymous said...

The Gruainiad is by far the worst when it comes to censoring copmments. Good to see the fuckers suffering.

Anonymous said...

60 pages. Is this the study where 8 replies and 7 were enough to deem that non-Irish names were 50% less likely to be called to interview?

I know the US study was severly flawed and nobody bothered to point that fact out.

No I cannot think why people are deserting the LAme Stream Media.

Yes Savant the 50% was deliberately highlighted for you and you will know why.

Anonymous said...

Thye used a sample of eight to extrapolate those figures. Jesus Christ. A 1st year undergraduate woud be failed if he tried a stunt like that.

Anonymous said...

Girls go geek again
Because we can’t ask applicants their gender, we guessed based on first names. It’s not perfect, to say the least, but it’s the best we have.

Sean Young was in Blade Runner!

I tried to find the study, and comments, thereon on "Ghetto" names not being called back for interview.

Someone pointed out that Ghetto name was 50% less likely to be called as only 10 from 200 were called for interview whereas 20 from 200 white names were.

No! No! Someone pointed out. White names were 100% more likely to get called back.

Isn't it amazing that something wrong you might do as an undergraduate can get you a Ph. D? Or that a Ph. D can do it any nobody says anything.

Anonymous said...

Child in LA shows us how important CNN is.

Anonymous said...

The Guardian sucks! Plank Confirms

Feminism makes some men very scared, others very angry. Tom Martin, who is taking legal action against the London School of Economics, risks being seen as falling into both of these categories. A former student at the LSE Gender Institute, Martin claims he had the misfortune of being subject to a torrent of anti-male discrimination during his (very brief) time there, and has cited the Gender Equality Duty to support his case. The irony of attacking feminists by invoking a piece of legislation whose existence is largely down to the energy and commitment of feminist campaigners scarcely needs pointing out.

Martin alleges that the course material he studied during his six weeks at the LSE was systematically anti-male overlooked men's issues, and ignored any research that contested a "women good, men bad" line of reasoning. Furthermore, Martin claims that the Gender Institute drummed into the students, with quasi-religious fervour, a simplistic view of women as victims and men as perpetrators. If his experience is anything to go by, any self-respecting male should steer well clear of such institutionalised misandry. Well, male readers, before you start cowering behind the sofa fearful of the castrating gender studies professor who's about to get you, let me reassure you. Although I don't know the specifics of Martin's experience, I am a male academic active in gender studies, and was a researcher at the very institution that Martin is suing. And yet for me, as with many other male gender studies scholars and students, my academic engagement with feminism and gender issues has been nothing short of life-affirming.

Anonymous said...


Mini riot at Minnesota dance event. Braysgaun disappointed

Sometimes newspapers cannot avoid the news.

Anonymous said...

Rioters came from 44 different countries

Getting back ad da man as the Gloucester story says.

Foreign looters from 44 countries have been locked up over the riots which scarred the country in August.

Robbers, vandals and thugs from as far afield as Afghanistan, Cuba, Ethiopia and Samoa joined in as shops were plundered and businesses set ablaze, causing millions of pounds worth of damage.

The sheer number from different corners of the globe who took part in the mayhem is one of the strongest indicators yet that the riots had nothing to do with political protest or civil unrest, but was born of greed and opportunist criminality.

Yep nothing to do with the poor armed innnoent drug dealer who was all shotted by big bad police!

J Bull said...

I'm amazed the ratio of foreign looters isn't higher. Native Brits are in a minority in those areas where the riots occurred.