Sunday, 3 July 2011

Wimbledon woes

Wimbledon represents everything that's good about England. Lush greenery, well-ordered, spotless, polite, dignified – you know what I mean. All officials, from the President down to the lowliest ball boys, should be white and speak with plummy BBC accents. Nobody from the Celtic fringe allowed. Nor from Yorkshire either. “Bugger off! The bloody ball was in, you pillock!” is not the kind of officiating I have in mind. It’s really rather a private English event, with the rest of us kind of looking over the fence to gratefully get a glimpse of the action.

But Wimbledon has degenerated over the years just like every other western institution. You see, it’s been celebrating diversity like, well, Oldham, Blackburn, or, closer to home, Tower Hamlets. The officials this year reminded me once again of the bar scene in Star Wars. Ball boys/girls and lines people (how I hate that expression, but they are of both genders) came in every hue and size. Swarms of blacks, needless to say, supplemented by turban-wearing Sikhs, inscrutable Orientals and a variety of others of indefinable origins. Meanwhile, ‘celebrities’ and politicians of all kinds, who never see a tennis game from one end of the year to the next began to infest the stands as the tournament reached its climax.

You see very few minorities playing, or officiating in, UK tennis. It’s an overwhelmingly white sport. Understand that the majority of British people cannot get tickets to even watch the event. They’d kill to become part of it, even to the extent of carrying out the players’ bags. Yet the officials and crowds looked like a diversocrat’s wet dream.

Now the ultimate gift that Wimbledon Tennis can bestow on anyone is to appoint them as Chair Umpire for the Men’s Final. To my horror I saw that this year’s All England Club umpire was a black man (pictured) – one with the most ridiculous accent. He looked as out of place as a Pope on roller blades.

For those of you who don't follow tennis, the umpire’s job at Wimbledon is almost ridiculously easy. There are judges for every line, and if there’s a line dispute Hawkeye will resolve it. If an issue with the rules arises you call the Tournament Referee. It’s so easy a monkey could do it. (Stop sniggering at the back please!). There must – quite literally - be a hundred thousand devoted capable tennis players and administrators living in the region, plus any member of the All England Club, who’d die happy were they given this job.

Where the hell did they dig up this guy?

And why?

Well, I don't know where they got him, but I do know why. Wimbledon is bowing to the PC multicult hurricane. And, the sad part is that they, almost uniquely, don't have to. They are unique and untouchable. All the have to do is appoint their own people, and tell the race and diversity hucksters to take a flying fuck if they don't like it.

But no. They meekly give way and dig their own graves. Like just about everyone else in the West.


Anonymous said...

SAVANT BRAVO,the guy in the picture is Tyrone the Great sometimes blues singer and and all around bust out druggie, dealer and known shoplifter of low end stores here in chicagos south side, my God havent thought of him in years,made a arrest with him as offender on state street where he went into the nasty friendly neighborhood Arab store and stole some packaged lunch meat, on way to the station he told me the devil made him do it, great old time funny guy, non violent and great for a chuckle,John old rtd, chicago copper.

Franz said...

Funny that you saw Wimbledon in such a negative light Savant. Granted, I did not follow it closely, but nevertheless observed that in the end, the usual suspects triumphed.

That being: Whites with amazing quickness, hand-eye coordination, stamina and amazingly often, moviestar good looks. In other words: Natural nobility.

Although both didn't quite make it this year, I find it very reassuring to see that people like Maria Sharapova or Roger Federer still exist in this increasingly uglyfied world.

Also, it was heartening to see that Serbian chap triumph. His kind has had two fairly rough decades and it was high time they had some success to rally around.

And although the folk on the sidelines have been diversified, those on the field of glory have not, especially since the Williams fluke seems to have worn off.

I reckon that their steroid supplier ran out of product. Dragging their ample bulk over the field must be hard work without a helping hand from the pharmacutical industry. To paraphrase Truman Capote: It is high time these "bulldykes" took their "cotton-pickin' hands" off the tennis racket.

SAVANT said...

@Old John - well it looks like Tyrone has a new job!

Franz, you bear out my point really. Which is that tennis is an overwhelmingly white sport. Far more than virtually any other. Even more so in England.

Why therefore should not the officials be representative of this demography? I just found it intensely unbearably annoying. TO be honest I dont know why it annoyed me so much.

Franz said...


I know how it feels when diversity robs a previously cherished activity or occasion of its joy.

In younger years, I was one of the few Germans who dabbled with playing American Football. These days, I'm completely repulsed by the shameless performances of the National Felon League.

But as we both agree, Tennis is a different matter. I sincerely hope the colored powder monkeys fetching balls for Mr Federer won't ruin it for you.

Rob said...

The only event where you can still be assured of seeing nothing but white faces is the awarding of Nobel Prizes in the Sciences.

Anonymous said...

While we're on the subject of blacks suitable for the task, i give you this:-

Scroll down to the video: Obama Flake? ... and see how well Chairman Zero -- the great orator -- gets on without his teleprompter.

Admittedly Bush was no Demosthenes
but the media would have been all over him like a cheap suit if he had pulled any of these howlers ... let alone all of them.

BTW, the First Monkey speeches are immediately followed by footage of the Obamawagon hanging up on the speed bump in England. Great fun.

Considering how he handled his state visit to Airstrip One, what with his own doctors, chefs and his own food, I would have handed the little prick the number of the local AA and left him there, teetering on the berm.

Uncle Nasty

SAVANT said...

No Franz, I wouldn't even allow them in the crowd. It's just........wrong! And I still haven't worked out why I'm so annoyed at the umpire. It ruined a great match for me.

Rob, don't be too sure that we'll see nothing but white faces ats the awarding of Nobel Prizes in the Sciences. What about this guy??

Anonymous said...

Rob, don't be too sure that we'll see nothing but white faces ats the awarding of Nobel Prizes in the Sciences.

There's a very good reason why we won't.

It would rob the prize of a mystique that benefits the Tribe.

Anonymous said...

Not strictly on topic ... but irresistible ...

When the wind sucks, part deux

The UK has liberally sprinkled vast wind farms all over its green and pleasant land, but without much effect.

Gaia, it seems, is not without a sense of humor:
Onshore wind as a percentage was 1.9 per cent of all electricity in 2010, down from 2.0 per cent in 2009. This represents a six per cent fall in the amount of energy generated from onshore wind compared to last year. A DECC spokesman blamed the weather but insisted the UK is on track to meet targets, in large part thanks to a massive increase in the amount of energy generated by offshore wind.

Hundreds more giant bird shredders were erected in the past year, yet actual energy production was down 6%. That’s math only a government could love.

but only if she lets one rip

Red-faced greens have more problems ahead as it turns out that the island nation, and Europe generally, is a less windy place than it used to be:

Flags hang more limply, kites are struggling to get aloft and the washing takes a little longer to dry. According to an astonishing new study, the weather has got noticeably less windy over the last few decades. Since the 1970s, the average near surface wind speeds across Europe have dropped by between 10 to 15 per cent…

The discovery that winds are dropping comes as Britain is becoming increasingly dependent on wind turbines to generate electricity.

It’s as if the pesky planet doesn’t want to be saved, or something.

Oh, how we laughed.

Uncle Nasty.

PS ... the Daily Bayonet is a highly recommended site by the way.

His byline is "Skewering the Clueless since 2006."

Anonymous said...

"Considering how he handled his state visit to Airstrip One, what with his own doctors, chefs and his own food, I would have handed the little prick the number of the local AA and left him there, teetering on the berm."

Bad manners it may be to quote one's own posts, a thought just struck me.

If the O'Bumbler brought his own grub, doctors and chefs to the UK, why didn't he just airfreight the whole Washington branch of the AAA out to lever him off the speed bump?
... or just stuff Michelle under the drive wheels for a bit of traction. I'd pay money to see that.

God, I can be a fucking wretch at times.


Anonymous said...

"It's not whether you win or lose it's how you play the game."

Anonymous said...

On a minor point, it was in Ireland that he got caught on the speed bump.

Anonymous said...

I had lost interest in tennis for many years until watching the great Federer/Nadal final of a feww years ago.

My interest rekindled,I began to watch it again,at lest the Majors, Wimbledon,the US Open,the Australian Open.But not the French:I cant stand clay court tennis.

Anyway Savant,you are quite correct that Wimbledon is a quintessentially English event and to be enjoyed that way.Even to the point of smiling indulgently as the crowd goes into hysterics when a bird lands on the court.

But the presence of so many enrichers was a shock after so many years absence.

Also,did you notice that the umpire for one of the semi-finals was Swedish?.

A Mr.Muhammad something.......


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

On a minor point, it was in Ireland that he got caught on the speed bump.

My apologies. To atone, I offer you this. You won't believe it. I still can't.

Send Migrants from Israel to Australia

How do you like this for a fucking cheek? It appears that the hebarrhoids are finding third world immigration a threat to israel's -- get this -- "Jewish identity"

So ... what's their solution? Simple. Ship all their nogs to Oz.

And surprise, surprise. An Oz MP thinks it's a really great idea. No wonder Australian pols are regarded as the best money can buy.

From The Jerusalem Post: Danny Danon: Send African migrants to Australia

Likud MK and Australian MP discuss "humane solution" for thousands of 'Muslim infiltrators' in Israel: Send them to live down under.
Talkbacks MK Danny Danon (Likud) asked Australian MP Michael Danby on Wednesday to propose, in parliament in Canberra, sending African migrants from Israel to Australia.

Danon and Danby discussed the issue during the Australian politician’s visit to Israel for the World Jewish Congress’s International Conference of Jewish Parliamentarians.

“The arrival of thousands of Muslim infiltrators to Israeli territory is a clear threat to the state’s Jewish identity,” Danon told The Jerusalem Post.

“The refugees’ place is not among us, and the initiative to transfer them to Australia is the right and just solution.

“On the one hand, it treats the refugees and migrants in a humane way. On the other hand, it does not threaten Israel’s future and our goal to maintain a clear and solid Jewish majority,” he explained.

Danon said Danby enthusiastically agreed to present the idea to the Australian Parliament.

Notice how the poor, starving "refugees" become "infiltrators" while they're in jewtopia.

We were discussing arrogance once? And why the tribe got expelled from country after country, ad nauseum?

I'll say it again, they are not that smart. Not as smart as they think they are.

Read and be horrified .... especially if you're an Aussie.

Uncle Nasty

Martinus said...

Tennis doesn't interest me. I have, over the years, slowly stopped watching sports (first cricket, then rugby) all together except for swimming and gymnastics. With these two sports there is no place for monkey see, monkey do; no simian imitation. Swimming especially; there are few things funnier than seeing one of the sophisticated black gentlemen 'competing' in a swimming gala.

Anonymous said...

BBC launches gadget silecing Wimbledon grunts

Now for me, the grunts of, say, Gabriela Sabitini were always part the charm of the sport.

Anonymous said...

ICK!! WTH is that picture? Quit stressing me out!

Shaunantijihad said...

Martinus, now, now, young man. Here is a Negro actually winning his swimming event at the Olympics, in unique style:

Anonymous said...

@anon 16.25

Had forgotten about Gabriella and her dark,sultry Argentinian good looks.

And her grunts too of course


Anonymous said...

Good article, Savant. Indeed,the English, and northern Europeans in general, have had an inherent self-hating & "self-destruct" streak ever since Hitler gave racial solidarity such a bad rap. This streak, in my mind, explains why we have so readily thrown our culture and societies away by opening them up to third world "minorities."

Franz said...

In tune with the cultural pessimism which the Savant has expressed vis-a-vis Wimbleton, there is another item, linked to by Matt Drudge, which has caught my fancy. It's an article about the last space shuttle mission and the internal struggles of NASA.

Isn't it amazing that Western civilization once possesed the knowledge to go to the moon(!), but now appears to regress to the status of mere earth dwellers? And not for want of money, mind you. NASA has 19 billion dollars for 2011, four times as much as in 1969. Even figuring in inflation, this is no chump change.

Of course NASA now has diversity, an outreach program to the Muslim world and promises to deliver valuable data on climate change.

Alas, to the moon it cannot go no more.

It seems as though the hard won knowledge about manned space travel is dissipating in slow motion under our very eyes. This would not be catastrophic in and of itself, but it induces melancholy that a technology which not so long ago busied the greatest minds and kindled the highest aspirations of mankind is once again slipping from our grasp.

Of course, when the Romans stopped building new palaces and baths, they did not immediatly regress to crapping in mudbrick outhouses.

However, 200 years after the fall of Rome the inhabitants of Europe had reached the point at which building materials were restricted to straw, mud and wood. And when confronted with the magnificent marble ruins of the past these barbarians could do naught but oogle in stupefaction.

I am not saying that we are going back to these times, but it strikes me as sad that heady things such as manned space travel are are now taking a backseat to subjects like flash mobs, closing the education gap, bailing out banks and other assorted nonsense.

Actually the regression from apex to somewhere further downhill is noticable in so many walks of life, that space travel is just another manifestation of a lamentable trend.

Maybe this reminds some of you how it actually felt when SO MUCH MORE seemed possible:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

ICK!! WTH is that picture? Quit stressing me out!

That's stressing you out? Let's take a trip to exotic India, Land of the Taj Mahal, Bollywood, the Tata automobile and Micro$oft customer service.

Here we have the more -- shall we say -- everyday face of India as recorded by two Chinese in their trip down the Ganges.

Breathe deep as you scroll down and view every image.

And you'll never look at at an Indian takeaway the same way again ...

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

If nyone were to refer to the soon to be exfiltrated Scamela as an "Infiltrator" what would be the condition of the Irish Slime migration correspondent knickers?

Eimear said...

Re the Indian takeaway. My friend works for the Irish Consumer Protection Agency. She said after doing several inspections she would NEVER EVER eat an Indian or Chinese meal again.

Jeremy said...

Franz, that regression you refer to at NASA is analogoues and applicable to many other areas. There should be no surprise here. If you replace intelligent capable and diligent people with lower levels ones, of course there will be a net regression. sure, the lower ones will come up a bit, but the higher ones will regress.

Look at California. It's more like Mexico/Latin America every day. Inner cities are like Africa. And Wimbledon is another canary in the coal mine. We'll undoubtedly see a decline in its former impeccable standards as the THird World makes it become, well, more Third World.

There should be no suprise at this. Regret, yes. surpise no.

Anonymous said...

It was a great match. The Serbian guy was brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Hitler didn't give white racial solidarity a bad rap. The people who moved heaven and earth to bring him down ( Churchill Roosevelt ) did.

Rob said...

@Anon 22:57
Don't expect this lying bitch to be "exfiltrated" yet. Her lawyers probably have to do another few laps of the Human Rights circuit (at the cost of another few hundred thousand euro to us) before she finally gets the boot.

SAVANT said...

Uncle N: The story you refer to "Send Migrants from Israel to Australia" is just breathtaking in its chutzpah. Nothing surprising there. What it does for me is move along the spectrum towards your position which says Jews are not really that intelligent. Not so much that, rather a sense that their over-endowment of intelligence leads them to make silly strategic mistakes.

I always remember what a Lebanese friend said to me many years ago, to the effect that Jews will ALWAYS end up by over-playing their hand, to be followed by retribution from the goyim. He seemed quite surprised that an erudite chap like myself didn't know that!

Franz said...

@ Jeremy

Yes, you are right of course. I should not feel surprised.

But then again the hope of reaching for the stars is a metaphor for so many brave things.

These days young people in Germany eschew not only the hard sciences, but so often any sort of noble aspiration. Instead of next generation Wernherr von Brauns the universities are now producing social workers trying to get Ali's and Muhammad's whelps interested in reading Anne Frank's diaries.

Not even a sad regression, since there is scant precedent for such foolishness. Rather an outhright degradation.

While I am confident that the wave of multiculturalism will eventually be beaten back, I am not so sure that the cultural and technological heights that were once attained can be reached again.

Makes me feel like Edward Grey at the eve of the first world war: "The lights are going out all over Europe: we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime".

Anonymous said...

Back in troublemaking mode ...

Six years ago this week, on the morning of July 7th, 2005, someone detonated four carefully placed bombs in London.

There are probably many people in the world at large quite unaware that Britain had its own 9/11 incident in the form of 7/7 -- where, supposedly, four "home-grown" Islamists planted bombs on the London Underground and a bus, killing fifty odd people.

Like 9/11, however, the incident is full of amazing coincidences.

A few:-

Amazingly, on the morning of July 7th 2005,a UK-based crisis management firm, Visor Consultants, was running terror drills that simulated bomb attacks at the very same train stations as the actual bombings.

Can it really be a mere coincidence that a crisis management company was running a terror drill that simulated terrorist bombings on the very same London underground trains and stations at the very same time as duplicate real bombings were occurring? Should the fact that the very same coincidence occurred on the morning of September 11th 2001 when FEMA was conducting a simulated bioterrorism attack in New York raise any eyebrows?

What about the fact that on the morning of September 11h 2001, officials at the Chantilly, Va.-based National Reconnaissance Office had planned and was running an exercise in which an errant aircraft crashed into one of its buildings?

The US government called this a "bizarre coincidence". What would you call it? At what point does 'coincidence' become evidence of criminal activity?

how about:-

On the morning of 9/11, with FEMA, ... a Mr. Richard Sheirer, in his capacity as Director of the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management, was heavily involved in overseeing the City's rescue and recovery operations. On departing the office of the Mayor of New York, Giuliani established Giuliani and Partners, a company "dedicated to helping leaders solve critical strategic issues, accelerate growth, and enhance the reputation and brand of their organizations in the context of strongly held values", and other nonsensical business-speak. The important point is that, as a close confidant, Giuliani took Mr Sheirer with him, with Sheirer currently enjoying life as Vice President at Giuliani and Partners. The 'bizarre coincidence' that I want to point out here is that Sheirer, and the above mentioned Visor Consulting director Peter Power, are quite well acquainted with each other and, as of January, 2005, both were serving on the advisory board of the Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness and both Guiliani and Partners and Visor Consulting specialise in security preparedness and mock terror drills.

My, how dem coincidences do pile up! But it gets better.

End Part 1

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Giuliani and Netanyahu On The Scene

Guess where Rudolf Giuliani just happened to be on the morning of July 7th 2005? Rudy was lounging at the Great Eastern hotel just a few yards from Liverpool street station where one of the bombs went off. In the same Great Eastern hotel where Giuliani was staying, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange just happened to be hosting its economic conference. Guess who the keynote speaker was? Israel's then Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The same guy who, when asked by a news reporter on the afternoon of September 11th 2001 what he thought of the 9/11 attacks, responded:

"It's very good... well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy for Israel"

As it turned out, Netanyahu never arrived at the Great Eastern Hotel because, as news reports in the days after July 7th informed us, Netanyahu had in fact received a warning from the Israeli embassy, (by way of the British Metropolitan police) that bombings were to occur and that he should stay in his hotel in Mayfair. Again, the official British government report makes no attempt to address how British police knew at least 6 minutes (probably longer) in advance that the bombings were to occur when, 'officially', British authorities were not even aware that they were dealing with bombs, believing that the explosions were the result of a power surge, until the bus bombing one hour after the first train explosion.

To read it all:--

To watch the videos (highly recommended) go here:-

Oh, and go here:

Apparently Strauss-Kahn (the prick that will not quit) has another rape/sexual assault trial awaiting him back home.

This time, it's quite a pretty little cookie. Hopefully Dominic the Dick will have an HIV check before he gets back to drilling the French hotties.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Rob said...
The only event where you can still be assured of seeing nothing but white faces is the awarding of Nobel Prizes in the Sciences.

That and American hockey. (NHL)

The niggers still have n't figured out a way of ruining hockey, yet

Anonymous said...

Franz you should be wrong but I fear that you are not.

Anonymous said...

@Jeremy and Franz

What you say has not much to do with Wimbledon,but going off at a tangent can often be useful and stimulate ideas.

I recall reading an essay a while back in which the author(I can't remember who:perhaps it was our own Savant)argued very convincingly that the peak of human,ie White accomplishment was reached about 1975.

The Space Programme was being wound down,getting to the moon WAS the ultimate achievement.White scientists and engineers did it,using basically,slide rules.

Since then there have been many advances of course,but the basis for these were already there.The medium we use now-the Internet-had already been envisaged,by Xerox of all people.

Great advances in medicines and electronics yes,but all built on the foundation of what went before.Automobiles are surpassingly more efficient,but we still use internal combustion.I cannot think of any completely new technology invented and developed-perhaps others can correct me on that.

And,of course,in many ways regression has occurred,Space being the most obvious example.

Could NASA get to the Moon by "the end of the decade"?,not a fucking chance.


Henry IX said...

This information from UN on the London bombings is breathtaking. I pride myself on keeping fairly well up with things here in the UK but had heard nothing of this. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Something that has always fascinated me. The fact that brilliant Southern white guys with -- wait for it -- slide rules put man on the moon, several times, around the moon several times and sent probes to Mars, the outer planets and out of the system.

You may be interested to know that on July 20 1969, the total amount of computing power available To NASA was far less than you'd get in the cheapest Chinese cellphone today.

For techies:-

Cheers, UN

Anonymous said...

@Uncle N.

Not ALL Southerners UN.They may have lived and been based mainly in the South(and California),but they came from all over the States.

Some of them were even European.


p.s.The slide rule,along with the bicycle are two of the simplest but most efficient machines of all.


Anonymous said...

@Uncle N

I do,however,accept your implied point without hesitation.

That is,NASA's astonishing achievements in the 60's were almost entirely due to White,Protestant Men.

No problems with that at all.


Professor Magoo said...

The bicycle and the flush crapper - relatively simple in their engineering, but two of the greatest ever inventions, I reckon.

Shaunantijihad said...

Uncle Nasty,

Watch 7/7 Ripple effect:

The foreign power occupying Downing Street issued a Euro Arrest Warrant to the Irish film maker above. Under Corpus Juris of the Lisbon Treason, he is incarcerated and guilty until proven innocent.

If we ever regain control of our nations, I want to see Europe renamed Caucasia, and make it clear in no uncertain terms that Negroes and Muslims are unwelcome.

RegThe Hedge said...

Thought people here would enjoy this article.

Franz said...

Besides the space program, I cannot fail to notice that regressions are happening in so many walks of life.

Take trollops for example.

No, really.

There have always been women who were famed for little more than having loose morals. In decades past, two famous examples of the It-girls du jour were Anita Ekberg and Britt Eklund. Hardly any man would deny that these two were genuinly gorgeous.

Fast forward to 2011: The most famous It-girls are Skeletor (aka Paris Hilton) and that bow legged tart with the arse-implants, Kardashian. These two may not have been beaten with an ugly stick, but are they really the two prettiest women in the world as their status as celebrities would suggest?

Also and amazingly, it seems as though bitter old women are now considererd by many as "desireable & doable". With respect to this category, that sack of bones, carthilage and sinews called Madonna comes to mind as a striking example.

If the world is loosing its compass on such a fundamental and instinctive thing like beauty, something is seriously out of whack.

I won't even start with art. Let's just say that the notion of perceiving a crucifix smeared with faeces and stored in a jar of piss as just as valuable and artistic as Michelangelo's David strikes me as odd.

That's what I mean by cultural regression.

P.S.: One question for UK readers. Do you know of a group called "Common Purpose"? Are they some post-modern form of Freemasonry? I've read some doubtful things about them. The reason I ask is that they are planning a sort of roll-out event in Germany and many of the highest ranks of civil servants are attending.

Anonymous said...

Here's a neat one. If 9/11 was not set up by ragheads. Who would have the ability to pull it off, and who would have the motive?

How about covering up $2.3 trillion (not a misprint $2.3,000,000,000,000.00) stolen and never accounted for by the Pentagon ... ONE day after Rumsfeld (for what that's worth) announcing the deficit?

And, while you're there check out the related ones in the sidebar.

Amazing what comes up, when you scratch.

Uncle Nasty

PS. Oh, and Shaun ... Renaming the white state "Caucasia"? Stroke of genius! That's what I call grabbing the RSP's and the mud people and rubbing their hooked and flat (respectively) noses in it!!

Snort. Snort. Snort.


Anonymous said...

Franz makes an interesting point, here.

Also and amazingly, it seems as though bitter old women are now considererd by many as "desireable & doable". With respect to this category, that sack of bones, carthilage and sinews called Madonna comes to mind as a striking example.

The notion of a "hog smeared with lipstick " was, if I recall, a leftist construct used to smear Sarah Palin, but it would suit the First Ho' pretty well.

Just look at the creature for God's sake. A pair of shoulders that her nancy-boy kenyan would kill for, a set of teeth that resemble the business end of a Steinway, and an arse that would stun a Clydesdale stallion.

Yet, leftie MSM journo's swoon at the idea of being enfolded in her massive arms and lulled to sleep.

Regarding the degeneration of art in the late nineteenth century and plummeting ever since, I refer you to two books i read in the sixties and seemingly unavailable.

"The Art Game" and "The Art Game Again"


Caucasia genero est!

PS. there is a persistant rumour that Madonna started her career as an underaged hooker in Michigan and underwent several abortions before the age of fifteen.

Anonymous said...


The beautiful thing about a Duke candidacy is what the Republican establishment couldn't say about it:

"He'll split the vote and throw the election to the Democrats!"

Anonymous said...

Maybe this woman can qualify for a job with Wimbledon.

negro female erectus cleans herself on the subway

Clogheen said...

What I find so astonishing about the massive theft from the Pentagon is the extent to which it's been played down by the MSM. Hang on, SHOULD I be surprised?

Anonymous said...

While I am on the subject of massive theft, Franz, what do you know of this ...?


... making trouble in any language for thirty years now.

Anonymous said...

Clogheen said...

What I find so astonishing about the massive theft from the Pentagon is the extent to which it's been played down by the MSM.

Okay ... who owns the US MSM? The Left-wing jewish government.

Who owns the US government? The US Military-industrial complex.

What is the function of the US military industrial complex? The real function?

To protect israel.

What happens when the US collapses? The Jews will move on to another host as they have done for three thousand years ... and so on, ad infinitum.

All of this neatly outlined in George Lincoln Rockwell's little ditty:- "The Fable Of The Ducks And the Hens."


Anonymous said...

"But Wimbledon has degenerated over the years just like every other western institution."

My thoughts exactly. The site of a grinning Asian, nigger and seemingly sycophantic white female dressed in British military uniforms surrounding a white Mongol child whilst he flipped a coin to decide who was going to serve first was toe curling to say the least.

Watching Nadal jumping up and down like monkey to the applauds of teh sycophantic fans was equally nauseating.

I couldn't be bothered after that.

The event was dead in the water for me... I had much more fun digging in my garden where no ethnics will be seen or tolerated.
Lovely day it was too :)

Franz said...

@ UN

I don't know anything about that one. However it is well known in Germany that the MSM is but a mouthpiece of the governing class. But then, that situation is fairly typical.

As concerns our gold: Yes, it would appear that it is in New York and never to be seen again. Actually most nations face similar situations because central bank gold has been "leased out" extensively in the 90s and 00s. "Leased out" is of course but a euphemism for "given to private bankers for a pittance and then sold for huge gains".

Kevin Rafferty said...

Franz: Your 'gold' statement. Why would any government do that? Or is that a stupid question?

Franz said...

@ Kevin Rafferty

Just a decade ago, governments and central banks were convinced that they were doing their respective nations a favor by disposing of gold at firesale prices.

It was deemed that the "barbarous relic" was holding back the devellopment of a "vibrant service economy" or some such tripe.

When he was chancellor Gordon Brown sold of most of the UK's gold at some laughable price around $300 an ounce. That low point in gold prices hase since been known as "Brown's bottom". Legend!

Actually most commodity prices reached their nadir somewhere in the 90s or 00s. It is hard to believe it now, but back then, the world had a genuine love affair with paper.

Since then, the concept of real tangible value has come back with a vengance.

Kevin R. said...

Thanks Franz - explains it nicely. Gee, aren't we lucky to have such great politicians?

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is where they got the umpire!

Anonymous said...

A little something:-

TSA abuses and failures:

"Many Americans continue to fool themselves into accepting TSA abuse by saying 'I don't mind giving up my freedoms for security.' In fact, they are giving up their liberties and not receiving security in return. Last week, for example, just days after an elderly cancer victim was forced to submit to a cruel and pointless TSA search, including removal of an adult diaper, a Nigerian immigrant somehow managed stroll through TSA security checks and board a flight from New York to LA -- with a stolen, expired boarding pass and an out-of-date student ID as his sole identification!"

TSA wins another round: "My frequent-flyer friend told me that he has noticed two things since the groping started. First, he has seen the attitude of TSA employees change with the new procedures. In his words, 'they seem more like East German police' than they used to. Second, other frequent flyers are getting upset. Going through the Syracuse airport a couple of weeks ago, my friend commented during a TSA grope, 'This is stupid.' The groper replied, 'If you keep this up, I'll call the police and have you arrested.'"

Coming soon to an airport near you: "If you fly within the United States in the future, keep your expression neutral, do not blink too much or too little, and do not sweat. Carefully maintain a normal respiration and heart beat as you submit to demands from Homeland Security agents. If you question or resist their demands, you could be detained as a pre-crime suspect, fined up to $11,000 and added to a No Fly list.

Ever see the mainspring break on an old Westclox alarm clock?

Good old US govt. Winding the clock spring ever tighter and tighter ... ignoring the little pings, creaks and snaps coming from within.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

IfWimbledon was Wimbleton as some people pronounce it it would be Not El Bmi W with El Bmi being something of non English origin.

Anonymous said...

(CNN) -- A former Transportation Security Administration employee was charged with two counts of grand theft for allegedly stealing electronics from luggage, authorities in Florida said Thursday.

A Continental Airlines employee Monday caught Nelson Santiago-Serrano, 30, stealing an iPad from a suitcase in Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, according to the Broward County Sheriff's Office.

andy1964 said...

anon 10.2o. It's called having the monkeys looking after the banana's.

Eimear said...

That alarm clock you spoke of UN. It's going to go off pretty soon - with a loud bang, IMHO. Was there some time ago, groping was unreal and the general reaction from passengers was a controlled - for now - fury.

Eimear said...

That alarm clock you spoke of UN. It's going to go off pretty soon - with a loud bang, IMHO. Was there some time ago, groping was unreal and the general reaction from passengers was a controlled - for now - fury.