Monday, 11 July 2011

More MSM treachery

Some of you may have seen this article by Peter Hitchens on the Daily Mail - it's about the third time it's appeared. It purports to explain the dramatic decline of Detroit, in essence, why the place has been detroited. Needless to say, every possible explanation other than the obvious one is adduced.

The interesting this here of course is that the Daily Mail is supposed to be right-wing and conservative. Yes.

To amuse myself I did a little test. I commented on the piece using five different identities (cookies were disabled so they had no way of identifying the repeats). In these comments I pointed out, in a variety of ways, in moderate and polite language, that race might just have played a role, and that white flight just might not be the preserve of bigoted racists.

Not one of my comments was published. Not a single one. Of those that were published, all - every single one - congratulated Hitchens or else took a similar line to his - i.e. the fault lay with heartless capitalists and bigoted whites leaving the poor blacks to their own devices. How many more negative comments were blocked by the Commisars?

The MSM is a hopeless case. Let's just hope that it continues its trajectory towards financial ruin.


Henry IX said...

I have noticed this before on the Mail Online. Whoever moderates the comments is a true-blue PC multi-kult.

Anonymous said...

Not quite on topic, Savant, so please forgive.

When last did anyone, and I mean anyone on the news group hear a single word about Japan's recovery from the tsunami? Final death toll? Final costs? Japan's progress towards restoration?

Have they fallen off -- or were they washed off -- the map?

All we've heard about (ad nauseum) is the doings and the screwings of of the batrachian hebrew.

Uncle Nasty

Franz said...

"The MSM is a hopeless case. Let's just hope that it continues its trajectory towards financial ruin."

The legacy MSM is monks copying scriptures by hand and faking holy relics. The former for purposes of self-referential mental masturbation, the latter to be sold to the gullible.

The internet is the printing press.

Sooner or later consumers and investors will both get hip to this situation. So far the consumers are ahead of the curve, but sooner or later investors will follow. Then it'll get funny.

Without unlimited credit lines and fuzzy logic accounting, most MSM companies would be broke right NOW. And the money junkies are not in the business of charity. When they get convinced that the MSM is beyond redemption, they will cut 'em loose.

We'll probably live to see the likes of Katie Couric reduced to turning tricks in public restrooms so that she can afford the Taco Bell value meal.

I for one won't shed no tears.

Anonymous said...

I hand you to Theo Spark on the sluttification of America.

Casey Anthony, Miss America

By Alan Caruba

Casey Anthony, the mother of a toddler whose body was stuffed into a bag and tossed into a swamp, will walk free in a day or so. A jury was unable to conclude that the abandoned body, its face covered in duck tape, was murdered. There wasn’t, they insisted, enough “proof” even though the child’s mother did not report her to be either dead or missing, and then lied to family, friends, and law enforcement authorities until the body was recovered.

Remember my post on the selfish and relentlessly stupid little slutweasel who was tossed out of the Dallas theatre for texting?

Well here she is again. Five years down the road and writ large.

Bring on the cleansing hellfire.

Uncle Nasty.

PS. You know something equally sad ... or almost? A mainstream journalist wrote the above, and did not once question the term "Duck Tape"

For those who are interested, the now-ubiquitous, silvery-coloured, cloth-backed highly adhesive tape was developed for sealing air-conditioning ducting, hence the correct name ... duct tape.


jjt said...

Peter Hitchens. FYI.

Anonymous said...

Right on the money. Feds propping up the minorities with white money.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the present editor of the Daily Mail but around 10 years ago I believe the then editor was very definitely a "former" communist on a salary of £600K PA and very friendly with Hitchens - also a "former" commie.

Dave C said...

Just keep them busy deleting truthfulness and picking up their whore money.

Anonymous said...

@Last anon

tbf to Hitchens he does frequently acknowledge that he was a former Trot and you can tell he's embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

@ UN

If you refer to Duct Tape as such you will be corrected to the FACT that is is >>>< tape

Anonymous said...

Cough cough but if the blacks are left to their own devices and cannot survive doesn't that mean cough cough they are, um, ..?

On another matter Hitchens is not a useful idiot he is an idiot who is occassionally useful.

There is a world of difference.

Ian said...

@UN There Is a proprietary brand of tape on sale in UK called "DUCK tape" complete with line drawing of a duck on the package. It was the most well-known if not the only brand here for many years and is still avcailable

Anonymous said...

"cookies were disabled so they had no way of identifying the repeats"

As a "technology thought leader," you should already know that all of your comments were still coming from the same IP address. No cookies need to be enabled to track that (as is done on Wikipedia edits).

Anonymous said...

I like Hitchens,I always have:his column is one of the first things I read on a Sunday morning.
But his analysis of problems has always been race blind.

He decries the decline of Britain and accurately nails many reasons for this decline.

But never race.

Nobody,NObody who has ever been to Detroit can,for one moment,have a single doubt about the cause for the catastrophic decline of that once great city.


SAVANT said...

anon 14.47 - you could be correct in which case I'm in the process of wiping a large egg from my face! But are you sure about this? I've had comments published before under different nommes de guerre - if they were doing by the IP address I'd have been nailed. Seem to me it'd be a lot easier to drop a cookie on the PC. I do know for a fact that cookies are used for this purpose, but in case you're correct, I retire to my corner!

Anonymous said...

mr a.

Anyone seeing the Top Gear where Jeremy Clarkson went to Detroit to test the new GTO would be in no doubt why Detoit was detroited.

Franz said...

On this very thread I opined that the legacy MSM funds itself through unlimited credit lines and the utter behind-the-curveness of many investors.

Well, I stand at least partially corrected by the good folks at

"Over The Past 4 Years News Corp Generated $10.4 Billion In Profits And Received $4.8 Billion In Taxes From The IRS"

In other words: For every two Dollars in earnings, Mr Murdoch is gifted 1 Dollar which was previously extracted at gunpoint from the tax paying John Q Public.

While not paying a single Dollar of taxes himself, of course.

I knew before that Mr Murdoch has a reputation for knowing where the skeletons are burried and thus has much leverage in his dealings with the state. However, I never assumed that he would be that brazen!

The list of MSM-sins has just grown to include the honorary title of "flaming wellfare queen". Add that to "genocide concealer" and "brain cell liquidator" and some others a current fit of rage prevents me from making up.

That TV in the living room really isn't good for much except replaying old DVDs.

Anonymous said...

Duck® brand Tape is manufactured by ShurTech.

Was the prosecutor jcochraned on the fact that it might have been gaffer tape?

Louis IX said...

I also think that there is absolutely no privacy on internet.
This must be clear: everything you type, search or email under cover of 'anonymous avatar' and 'freedom of yadayada' can be immediately accessed by IP, then name, adress, latest financial transactions and so on follow.
The biggest protection humans could expect came from the sheer volume of internet communications, trillions of messages sent every day. Obviously it means that, as interconnecting persons of lower interest, a blog such as this one is not monitored by a human being in a CIA agency, instead Artificial Intelligence softwares must filter the trillions of messages and I am sure that these robots are a little bit more advanced than the primitive 'key words search of the eighties.
In fact, I believe that it goes way further than a simple automated mail filtering system. So called machine-learning programms that can interconnect billions of events in meaningful probabilistic informations can be used to simulate and infer the behavior of 'groups' such as terrorist or hate groups.
These softwares are already used to simulate the economy and in sciences, so why not for people behavior and people political behavior? and by extension people involved in activities that are legal but nonetheless a threat for the 'system'?
The totalitarian elite in control has certainly the means to monitor, simulate, predict and therefore control OUR behavior.
For example, I think that the arab-revolutions initially launched by social-networking might have been monitored, controled and perhaps triggered, this way.

Currahee said...

Detroit...? It's those LIBERALS!

Anonymous said...

My chance to apologise too.

I just looked up the history of duct tape ...

... and I stand corrected.

"... Like duct tape, the force, is;
A dark side it has, and a light side;
Hold the universe together it does ..."


wexford-slob said...

Did Clarkson actually go to Detroit?? Now that would be something. Pay good money to see that show, so I would!

Anonymous said...

"The MSM is a hopeless case. Let's just hope that it continues its trajectory towards financial ruin." Here! Here! Indeed, with the advent of the Internet, cable news, etc., it seems that our hopes can be realized.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Duck® brand Tape is manufactured by ShurTech.

Was the prosecutor jcochraned on the fact that it might have been gaffer tape?

I did some small work in the film industry before leaving South Africa, and on a one day shoot, walked into a studio as a large, white electrician was bellowing at his new, truculent, and obviously inexperienced black assistant.

Gaffer tape, you stupid fuck! Gaffer!! With a fucking "G"!!"

South Africans will get it.


Anonymous said...

You want treachery?

In which it is revealed:-

Paris talking about little else as L’Affaire DSK takes new turn

In another bizarre twist to the now collapsed case against Dominic Strauss-Kahn, the Sofitel Hotel in New York yesterday confirmed that it had indeed placed a telephone call to Sarkozy security aides ‘within minutes’ of maid Nafissatou Diallo raising the alarm following what she claims was an attempted rape last May 14th.

“All is not clear in the behaviour of Sofitel and Accor group management, and there could have been links between the Accor group before or after the affair and perhaps certain secret service groups,” said François Loncle, a Socialist MP. Michèle Sabban, the Socialist vice-president of the Paris area regional council, went further, claiming Mr Strauss-Kahn had been the victim of a “political attack”. These being socialist politicians, it is of course entirely part of their agenda to accuse the Sarkozy regime of being somehow involved in a plot to put Strauss-Kahn out of the 2012 Presidential race; but even in that context, the confirmation that the call was made has shocked even the most resistant to DSK conspiracy theories.

I love the small of RSP's crashing and (dare I say It?) burning.

Smells like (Hmmmm ...) VICTORY!!!

The day improves.

motoboy said...

Uncle Nasty - it sure looks like Sarko set this thing up. Yours is just the latest info. Only downside, DSK could end up in the Presidency after all, put there by an outraged electorate!

So another RSP would be Pres. How about that!

AnalogMan said...

Uncle Nasty - "Gaffer tape" - love it!

Peter Hitchens is useless and dishonest to boot. I once commented on an article he wrote where he asserted flatly that all races were equal. I asked him how he could state that as a fact, and asked him to comment on James Watson's statement (which cost him his job) that

“there is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically. Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so”.

His response was that I'd misssed the point of the article!

None of them will ever respond to that challenge. They don't need to prove that we're all the same; just give one firm reason why we should be. Can't be done.

Anonymous said...

Hitchens is clever enough to know the truth. He just doesn't want to be Watsoned.

Anonymous said...

Clarkson would have been in Detroit sometime around 2004 to 2006.
I reckon 2004 because he was showing the which was to be introdiced.
You might be able to catch it on Dave.
On the report the cops were watching him in the expensive prototype because there was no one around to admire it but plenty to carjack it.

Euroserf said...

What interestied me about Clarkson was that he calls it like it is. Not sure if he'd go so far as to give the REAL reasons for the decline, but he wouldn't be like Hitchens, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

An excellent read is Hitchens' "A brief History of crime",which details the destruction of traditional policing in Britain,led by the appalling Roy Jenkins.

Anybody remember a non-top Gear visit Clarkson made to Detroit?.My memory is vague but I remember him talking to the great Bob Seger about why Detroit produced such great music.

Great music and,with a few honourable exceptions,shit cars.


Anonymous said...

@Uncle N.

You are right.I have not read or heard a single thing.The last mention was of them repairing a destroyed road in record time.But that may well have not been in the MSM.

On the other hand the "struggle" of Haiti to "recover" from their Quake is still regularly brought up.Such brave,enterprising souls.


Anonymous said...

Savant, here is a good source of inside msm info for you:


SAVANT said...

Thanks Shaun - I can use that!

Anonymous said...

“there is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically. Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so”.

and we are ordered to

Franz said...

I thought for several minutes on a worthy synopsis for this video. But the title really says it all: "Ape with AK 47".

Maybe THIS is the answer to overpopulation and famine in Africa...

RegThe Hedge said...

I said before that there are no new ideas and I have been proven correct.
I mentioned my interest in starting a web site that encouraged people to boycott products that pushed the white genocide agenda. Well thankfully some superb individual has already done it.

By God it looks like our US based kin are subject to far more extreme racism than we are.

Absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Got as far as "bigoted southerners". Maybe Hitchens is trying to get a job with the BBC.

Aoirthoir An Broc said...

" A mainstream journalist wrote the above, and did not once question the term "Duck Tape"

For those who are interested, the now-ubiquitous, silvery-coloured, cloth-backed highly adhesive tape was developed for sealing air-conditioning ducting, hence the correct name ... duct tape."

Actually the historicity of the name is in dispute. The usage of the name DuCK tape is old enough that this may be the origin.

Anonymous said...

Got as far as "bigoted southerners". Maybe Hitchens is trying to get a job with the BBC.

My son Stan saw the cartoon
and now he is off to join the Klan.

Bigotted southerners are at fault!

Anonymous said...

A little light relief here folks.

Focus on th eimportant stuff.

None of the riff-raff that voted for Soetero will be able to attend. (Unless they come as a flash mob.)

Franz said...

Way off topic, but allow me to bounce this little thought of mine around:

Obama is again acting like the petulant little b***h that he is. And it is absolutely marvelous for waking people up.

I am of course referring to the negotiations about the absurdity-ceiling. The one he walked out of.

If that Mau-Mau spawn doesn't even manage to continue his previous extend-and-pretend policyand allows the faeces to hit the fan on his watch, the Greater Depression will forever be associated with a black face.

Much better to our cause than a Bachmannesque soccer mom presiding over the crumbling of life as we know it.

At this point I am almost ready to root for an Obama/Presciousmetal-stein ticket in 2012!

Tony in VA said...

Franz, a lot of like minded people here want him to win a 2nd term for that very reason. He won't just be there when it happened, he'll be the face of it for years.

Anonymous said...

Once again ... there ain't a dime's worth of difference between the two parties --

-- and there ain't a dime's worth of brain betwixt the ears of the average voter, so, that being the case, the mulatto will quite possibly get in for another term.

Is this really a bad thing? Of course -- it's a catastrophe. But it will be no less catastrophic than the GOP winning. The US merely swaps rogue administrations, the circus continues ... and the whole creaking structure groans and rattles down the track. But slightly slower than before.

The great unwashed will not be behind you if there is a chance of trimming the rot with a lady's razor ... but they will be there, when it's time for the chainsaw.

or at least, they won't get in the way.

The politicians will oblige us by acting like politicians. Why am I so sure?

Because even at the height of the Stalinesque purges in Russia, where no one but no one was safe from the NKVD, did any of the officers or bureaucrats or statisticians or tractor-factory managers make a run for it?

Vanishingly few. They all thought or prayed that the tumbril would pass them by.

It didn't.

Uncle Nasty

pdf1 said...

Uncle NAsty - you be like Madame LeFarge, at the foot of the guillotine! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Many people are aware that the US govt has been thoroughly subverted since the days of Wilson. Others, a little less forgiving, say that deed happened while Jackson was fighting off the Rothschilds.

But here is an interesting article showing that the rot had entirely taken hold by the 1930's and 40's

In which we read of Whittaker Chamber's lonely battle against the subversion of the US government.

Featured, North America, Radical Islam, Social Movements, Socialism/Communism »

Whittaker Chambers, Alger Hiss, and Panettagate

By Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in Media

Whittaker Chambers

On the 50th anniversary of Whittaker Chambers’ death, July 9, it is appropriate for the media to address the legacy of international communism and the Western response. Andrew G. Bostom has written a thoughtful essay, “Whittaker Chambers, Communism, and Islam,” which examines how radical Islam is a threat comparable in its external and internal dimensions to communism.

In this context, former Soviet KGB officer Konstantin Preobrazhensky told me, “The communists have considered Islam their ally from the very beginning because in the early 20th century, Islam was the religion of the ‘oppressed people,’ of ‘the oppressed nations.’ Support of Islam was considered part of Russian-based anti-colonialism. It is very significant that Vladimir Lenin in 1917 addressed his second message to the ‘Muslim toilers of Russia and the Whole World.’ So they considered Muslims a reservoir of people for the world communist revolution.”

Uncle Nasty

BTW, we may castigate the great unwashed for their obsession with triviality, but here's an interesting point.

I made a comment a while back on DUCT vs DUCK tape ... and received about 6 comments about it.

Well and good. We could all use a laugh.

However a few days previous, I posted (I thought) one of the most fascinating revelations I could imagine on 9/11 in which it was pointed out, that if any US institution needed a black-op shelter from a shitstorm of scandal i.e. Fourteen Trillion US Dollars Stolen -- and had the capacity to pull it off -- that was the Pentagon ... whose monumental financial fuckup was revealed one day before 9/11 ... on the tenth of September 2001.

Not a single response or comment.

Ah well.


Heraclitus said...

UN - as one of those who read your comment about the stolen money and 9/11 - all I can say is that we've seen so much about the conspiracy that all we do is silently nod and agree.

Anonymous said...

The head of Dallas County Health and Human Services defended the agency's handling of a Thursday morning event at which hundreds of people broke ranks from an estimated 5000-person crowd and stampeded toward a stadium to obtain section 8 vouchers ...

If you find the video the white girl who holds down three jobs and goes to college is .. Damn I thought there was a point to be made there but I cannot quite remember it.

Anonymous said...

People lined up Thursday morning to apply for Dallas County Section 8 housing vouchers. Dallas County sheriff’s spokesman Kim Leach estimated the crowd at about 5,000.

The office at the Jesse Owens Memorial Complex wasn’t supposed to open until 8 a.m., but some applicants started lining up at 10 o’clock Wednesday night.

It is not first come fisrt served just a registeration to see if you qualify.

3 minute version Fox5

6 minute plus News8

Zx said...

"Hitchens is clever enough to know the truth. He just doesn't want to be Watsoned."

I think it goes beyond that. I might say that of, say, Leo McKinstry or Kevin Myers. Those two seem to me like good people who know that they would not be published if they revealed the full extent of their knowledge.

Not Hitchens. I think he really wants his readers to swallow the racial egalitarian tripe he feeds them. Every election time he instructs his readers not to vote BNP. He even once dismissed Enoch Powell's fine 1968 speech as "paddling in racial sewage". He has written before (in true left-liberal fashion) to ridicule the idea of racial differences as 19th century pseudoscience. Taking all this into account, it is uncanny that his articles on almost every other issue read like exactly what a sensible nationalist might believe. I can only put it down to mendacity. Either that or he is also deceiving himself. (As to why, I can only speculate. Family connections perhaps?)

Anonymous said...

Racail pseudoscience.

Hosea! Look at the negroes ability to sprint and jump.
Fall on your feet to the magnificent specimens!
(But do not mention that the flatter distribution curve means that blacks are much more likely to be overweight than the rest of the population)

great white said...

ZX - May be Hitchens IS deceiving himself. But I for one find it hard to believe that someone as intelligent as him would believe that blacks are the equals of whites. There's only so much cognitive dissonance any one person can handle.

Anonymous said...

“You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” wrote Ayn Rand

But perhaps if you live in an Ivory Tower reality is less obvious?

ironman said...

@ZX - good point about 'family connections'. Not convinced about this guy at all......

Anonymous said...

Something else you won't read on the MSM ...

The Rothschild's South Sudan Oil Grab

July 16, 2011

By Dean Henderson- BLN Contributing Writer

On July 9, 2011 South Sudan became the world’s 193rd nation. Less than a week later violence has erupted in South Kordofan, an area on the new border between Sudan and South Sudan which is controlled by Sudan and rich in oil. Not content with the seizure of South Sudan’s oilfields, the Rothschild-led Eight Families banking cartel looks set to push the new border further north, grabbing yet more crude oil from the Sudanese people.

For decades Western intelligence agencies backed the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) in an attempt to lop off the southern half of Sudan for the Four Horsemen of Oil. The region contains 75% of Sudan’s oil reserves. What became Africa’s longest running civil war finally came to an end when Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir was pressured into ceding the southern part of his country to the IMF/World Bank vampires after the conflict they created left more than 2 million people dead.

Within days of declaring itself a sovereign nation, South Sudan’s state oil company, Nilepet formed a joint venture with Glencore International Plc to market its oil. Glencore is controlled by the Rothschilds. The PetroNile joint venture will be 51 percent controlled by Nilepet and 49 percent by Glencore.

On Friday South Sudan’s new President Salva Kiir Mayardit signed a law formally establishing the Central Bank of South Sudan. Sudan is one of five countries - along with Cuba, North Korea, Syria and Iran - whose central bank is not under the control of the Rothschild-led Eight Families central banking cartel. It is therefore no coincidence that the currency of this newest Rothschild oil fiefdom is called the South Sudan Pound.

Whattaya know. The same old dogs performing the same old tricks.

Not, I should add, that I give a rat's arse about Sudan. I merely point out that those who wring their hands and say they do ... don't either.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Dominique Strauss-Kahn had 'brutal' sex with the mother of an alleged attempted rape victim in his Paris office, it was claimed today.

In the latest episode in one of the most squalid cases in French political history, 65-year-old Anne Mansouret said her fellow Socialist 'took me with the vulgarity of a soldier' while they were both supposed to be working.

The encounter took place in 2000 at the Organisation for Economic Coordination and Development (OECD), where Strauss-Kahn, now 64, was working as a Special Advisor.

He just wanted a mother-daughter set not that there is anything wrong with that. (Only if you are a leftist though!)

Or should I sign off with

So she told her daughter not to tell on him because she was a former lover?

Anonymous said...

Atlanta is 54 percent Black and 38 percent white

Black people account for
100 percent of the homicides;
88 percent of the rapes;
91.6 percent of the robberies;
92.8 percent of aggravated assaults; and 93 percent of burglaries.

Atlanta- The city too stupid to survive?

Anonymous said...

Murder victim automobile is stolen yet this is not a robbery.

I cannot think why they are losing sales!

Anonymous said...

For DSK watchers here.

Testimony: Ms Diallo told ABC News' Robin Roberts that she had made 'mistakes' but that should not stop the prosecutors from moving forward with the case against the former IMF boss

Would "mistakes" be an euphenism for outright lies?

Anonymous said...

Anyone with a Guardian Comment if Free account should head across and see how unfree the comments are when you dp not agree with the groupthink!

Jeremy said...

It's not just the Gruaniad. Every MSM outlet is the same. They seem to get all the moderators from the same school.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail more often have stories with x number of comments mentioned and then when you gte to the story the comments section has a blue (-) indicating that no comments are being accepted.

The guardian just deletes stuff that was previously approved.

Anonymous said...

1700 or so arrested
Between them, they had roughly 16000 convictions, thats an average of 9 previous convictions per person arrested.
And people like Diane Abbot coming out and saying it was under-privileged youths

Diane Abbot ab idiot who wants to twin London with Detroit!

J Bull said...

Diane Abbot is far from being an idiot. She knows the score full well but has built a prosperous career spouting this nonsense. Like her opposition to private schools. Then she goes and sends her own son to one. What a fucking hyprocrite.

Anonymous said...

Blonde won't be able to join RAF due to MSM reporting

you maniacs.
you blew it up.
Damn youall.
Damn you all to hell.

Digby said...

Well maybe she's not that stupid. Maybe she has two left feet??