Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Maybe I AM paranoid, but still.........

The mayor of Darby Borough (an exurb of Philadelphia) is pleased. Calm has descended on the town. Calm has descended because she's imposed a curfew – you know the kind of thing we read about in Baghdad, Syria, Gaza and such places. For those of you still surprised to see the sun rise in the east every day I’ll add that Darby is overwhelmingly black.

And why the curfew? Guns are causing a problem, according to the authorities. Not, mind you, the people who discharge said guns. Rather the guns themselves. Strange, no? Maybe they should give out different guns, then everything would be ok.

So the US has reached a stage where curfews are added to the list of rights violations. We can add violation of:

() the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.

() the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers

() the entire Constitution by starting undeclared foreign, wars

And, as uniformed thugs like the TSA and black mobs run riot, the ‘authorities’, embodied in AG Eric ‘my people’ Holder, have made it a priority to confiscate legally-held guns – violating the 2nd Amendment

Am I paranoid, or are certain people preparing for certain events for which a disarmed white citizenry is a requirement?


Anonymous said...

Here, sadly, is my take on what will happen over the next week or two or more.

Some guy -- probably an old guy (remember the old guy who punched out the nigger on the bus?) will hear of a boog riot down the street, climb into his pickup with his $200.00 surplus SKS -- or if he's older -- with his DCM Surplus M1 rifle. He will drive to a spot about a hundred yards from where de chimps do chimp.

And he will take out a half-dozen or so. And that is where everything will turn to to poo-poo. Eric Holder will get a call that hizz pipples is gettin' caps busted in dere ass, and the shit storm will begin. I would not be surprised to see Apaches and AC130 Spectre gunships deployed over de hood as the might of the US gubbermint is deployed to show them white redneck racisss, cracker bastards jes' who is running this show.

This will be the excuse (not the reason, the excuse) for a crackdown of epic proportions. Draconian gun control laws (hand them in, every one, or we'll just kill you) Surveillance cameras, drones flying over the hood, Up-armoured humvees with up-armoured thugs patrolling the suburbs. Doors kicked in at dawn, families dragged out (white families of course). Blog and internet censorship. Press censorship ... why bother? Curfews (for whites) Food and drinking water shortages -- and rationing (for whites) Electricity blackouts (for whites).

After that? Things go bad (for whites).

I pray it will not happen, but I fear it will. Read the Covington Books.

Uncle Nasty

freeman said...

We know that Eric Holder would not investigate these actions because it is Black criminal actvity. He is the head of the Black KKK. And this new uprising of black lawlessness is a direct result of Obama as president. It has given blacks a new level of arrogance.

pdf1 said...

Why dont we stand up?

I quote Solzhenitsyn

"And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?...

The Organs [read black mobs] would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward."

Anonymous said...

This is why they(jews) put a nigger in the White House. To stoke the flames, get the ball rolling towards a race war.

john said...

You're not paranoid Mr Savant - this has been brewing for a long time and several "toe in the water" operations have already gone down.
I will not be surprised to see something play out like Uncle Nasty proposes, but if so, you can bet your bottom dollar the "shooter" will be a government operative.
You can also rest assured that "they" underestimate the number, and resolve, of us redneck cracker ass raciss's...

Anonymous said...

Check Censorbugbear Reports for a fresh report of new gun control laws in South Africa directed at whites only. I think she just put it up today.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should give out different guns, then everything would be ok.


And yes, of course you're paranoid.

UN on the other hand is fantasizing.

Elaine said...

Maybe you are a bit paranoid Savant. It's all too easy to join up a load of dots and come up with a totally wrong picture.

Anonymous said...

Port Arthur Massacre.

This nigger violence is a pre-text to gun control.

Anonymous said...

American history.

Heraclitus said...

I don't think that there's a cabal of conspirators sitting in secret planning such things. But I do think that the confluence of these disparate trends points to a very unhappy conclusion.

Anonymous said...

On A lighter note ,


Ireland's birth rate is the highest in Europe

The birth rate of 17 per 1,000 of population, up from 14.4 per 1,000 in 2000, was the highest of any of the 27 countries of the European Union in 2009, according to the Perinatal Statistics Report 2009 published yesterday.

The Irish fertility rate achieves the level required for the population to replace itself in the absence of any net inward migration.

Irish people are being replaced alright , by non Irish people .

Anonymous said...

Heraclitus is correct.

Look back at the Community Reinvesrment Act of Jimmy Carter which demanded that banks lend to unsuitable borrowers if they resided in the same district rather than lending to better borrowers elsewhere as has been done since time immemorial.
This gave you sub-prime mortgages through Achtenburg.
O Bono (OG ) gets elected to the White House and that is taken as a sign that people who ruin Pi Pis Splashtown, Indinanapolis Black expo,etc. can do whatever they like.

Some people (85 IQ average) are too dumb vote.


Changing peoples behavior by passing laws does not work but legislators will never realise this.

Anonymous said...

Further to this, Savant, here's an interesting thought.

The blogs Devil's Kitchen, Old Holborn and others made quite a few mentions a year or so back about the UK Labour govt under Gordon Brown -- with the connivence of the upper echelons of the police -- trying to provoke a "Summer of Violence" in England -- essentially so the govt could act in the most extreme fashion in putting down the planned insurrection.

Forcing a showdown, so to speak.

In the case of the UK, however, I do not think it would work as well as it could in America.

The royal armed forces, for one thing, have been backstabbed so thoroughly ... and so often by the extreme left in Labour, that they might just decide to throw their lot in with the insurrectionists.

Imagine that. A coup de etat in England.

Maybe why the british govt. backed off.

Anyone out there remember this potential situation?


great white said...

Why should the British government want a "Summer of Violence"?

Just askin'

Anonymous said...

@anon 11:42, RE "American History"

Nice vid until about 7 minutes in, when it starts telling, not showing. Falls apart then.

And you gotta hit the mantra.

The enemy can tolerate any and all criticism not mantra connected.

Louis IX said...

Another case of white teen beaten up by a bunch of 13-19 years old black kids.
They crack the skull of the victim who almost lost one eye, plus his life, to steal a cell phone.
News anchor Matt Lauer described the blacks as 'good kids who did a bad thing' and he had a hard time restraining himself to say the word 'black', instead insisting heavilly on the good cristian forgivenss yadayada. The victim's parents must have been briefed before the interview because they didn't mentioned it either.
I imagine Lauer menacing: ' avoid to mention the ethnicity or your interview might be edited'.

Response of the city officials? extended curfew!

Anonymous said...

The Organs [read black mobs] would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!

That's silly. Mobs don't have officers.

This is why they(jews) put a nigger in the White House. To stoke the flames, get the ball rolling towards a race war.

Jews don't want a race war.

In a race war, we win.

That's why so much that's available about South Africa is about lawlessness, or cronyism, or socialism or communism.

Africans are not communists and never will be. Sure, they can say the words, but that doesn't make them communist.

It's also why the usless right in the U.S. calls Obama a "socialist".

He's not.

A racial war between whites and blacks would be no contest, and over quickly with a minimum of bloodshed.

But whites would have to fight it as a racial war.

The more racially aware whites are, the less they'll have to fight.

Without that awareness, we're defeated -- genocided -- in detail.

No pun intended.

Anonymous said...

Changing peoples behavior by passing laws does not work but legislators will never realise this.

Sure it does.

It changes the behavior of the law-abiding.

Anonymous said...

Guns are the problem not the people using them reminds me of the raped aid worker in Haiti who blamed white society for her ordeal.

Franz said...

Well, yes. I think there is a bit of paranoia involved here (though that doesn't mean there isnt't somebody out to get you Savant).

I have no doubt that the US government would love to confiscate not only guns causing trouble but all that are in civilian hands.

Democrat pundits as well as the Alex Jones crowd seem to be convinced that all it takes to take away the Americans' fireamrs is one executive order - and presto: Let the gun confiscations begin.

So far for the theory.

But how would it work in practice?

Fact: There are 200 million guns owned by 60 million Americans.

Fact: There are 7.6 million living Vietnam Veterans and 4.5 million living Gulf war veterans. All of these can be presumed to have at least some basic shooting skills. Police and FBI will have to convince that demographic to submit and hand over guns peacefully.

Fact: 12 million Americans are active hunters. They obviously know how to shoot. Some of them must be presumed to be even more skilled than the veterans. Police and FBI will have to convince that demographic to submit and hand over guns peacefully as well.

Fact: Police and FBI are unsure what percentage of their rank and file would decline to carry out confiscation orders.

Fact: All that anti-insurgency warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq has been a glorified disarmament operation. Both missions have yielded only temporary success at best. And that despite the fact that the elite of the US military has been in constant deployment for almost a decade.

These facts lead me to conclude that it would be outright suicidal for the Obama administration to confiscate privatly owned firearms. Even if they found enough willing enforcers, the numbers are too heavily stacked against them.

Even if the majority of gunowners would submit, a small percentage of lone gunmen would suffice to plunge the country into chaos and decimate law enforcement. Here is a video of a cop trying to take away a gun from an ill-tempered and seemingly unstable veteran:

Multiply this video by 100,000 and add some Joe Stacks. This is what gun confiscation would look like.

Not happening.

However, there is always a caveat to add. If that nuclear plant in Omaha goes ka-boom and millions of refugees are on the streets, the administration might use the ensuing confusion to confiscate guns in order to "make America safer".

In that case I would expect AIPAC controlled Republicans like Michelle Bachmann to appear on TV and tell conservative Americans that they "must submit to preserve our freedom and constitution."

That would be the all-bets-are-off scenario.

Anonymous said...

Let memake just one point:
the lives of black Americans have NOT improved during the Obama presidency. Unless you count extended welfare and the purported healthcare.
But sadly, whites in this country are little better. Show me one lazy-ass nigger sittin' on his black ass dicking the system, and I can show you two whites.


Piet said...

Ireland's population? 25% of the births are to immigrants and you can bet the majority of them are ragheads and Africoons!

Anonymous said...

The 'authorities' advise to the law abiding citizens of Peoria, now besieged by marauding black mobs “Residents were advised to simply keep inside and to lock their doors.”

Is this what it's come to in America?

Anonymous said...

About the attack on that boy Carter Strange,in South Carolina.

Happened upon Occidental Dissent,an excellent site,and one of the comments by a reader struck me so much that I made an agreeing comment on the site.

The original comment was about the reaction of the boys father,in which everything was mentioned except the race of the savages and the fathers lack of desire(at least stated lack of derire)for revenge.

The comment that really struck me was "What about Honor?".

That got to me.I would spell it "Honour" but if it was my child, Honour would be paramount.Honour would insist on revenge at the first opportunity.

Easy to say here,I know,but what has White America come to?


Anonymous said...

Yo, check dis, Savant:



Tony VA said...

This woman claims the Chicago beach riots were covered up. But even tho she was there she can't bring herself to admit who the 'youth' were. http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/beach-north-124629279.html

Anonymous said...

great white said...

Why should the British government want a "Summer of Violence"?

Just askin'

Having no ready answer for this I thought to myself "Did I really read that?"

So I did an Altavista search on "British Summer of Violence" and got twenty one million hits.

So, yes, I guess there is something there. Try it.

Uncle Nasty

white fang said...

In Philly - an apartment block has prohibited the flying of the Stars and Stripes! http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2011/06/27/flier-prohibiting-the-hanging-of-flags-in-burlington-county-apartment-complex-stirs-up-controversy/

Anonymous said...

Feds Sue New Berlin for Racism

MILWAUKEE (AP) — The U.S. government has filed a lawsuit alleging New Berlin city officials caved to pressure from their largely white community by deciding not to build low-income housing that could attract more black families

The mayor and other city officials voted in May 2010 to allow the construction but reconsidered following an immediate backlash from the community, according to federal prosecutors...

The city Department of Community Development recommended that the application be approved. A few days later the city planning commission, of which the mayor is a member, voted 4-3 to approve the general application.

Over the next few weeks, city officials were inundated with emails and phone calls, the majority of which voiced opposition to the project, federal prosecutors said.

“Some of the opposition was based in part on fear that the prospective tenants would be African American or minority,” the lawsuit said.

The communications included references to crime, drugs and gangs, and some included the N-word, according to court documents.

The mayor also received threatening phone calls at home, his car tires were slashed, his car windows were shot through, and a sign reading “(N-word) lover” was placed in his yard, the lawsuit said.

About two weeks later the mayor asked the planning commission to let him reconsider his vote, saying he was concerned about certain parking waivers included in the original approval.

Anonymous said...

Jews don't want a race war."

In a race war, we win."

Perhaps in the end, we win, but the Jews crave disorder and chaos. Racial tension destroys the fabric of a nation.

Jews are firmly in control here in the US, just look at our media. The public thought is dictated by media venues. Its all connected.

The insanity in our nation is done thru trend setting in our media.

Anonymous said...


A Solution to the Male/Female Imbalance Caused by China's "One Child" Policy.


Anonymous said...

I remember just a few years ago I would turn on my idiot, jew spew box and hear about two, three hundred dead young Americans a month in Iraq.
The powers that be are unpredictable and capable of anything. This power system is always on the offensive.
Morality, as we know it, means absolutely nothing.
I advise the readers here to separate their inherant sence of moral thought when analyzing
these beasts.
Morality is lost on these animals.

Henry IX said...

“Some of the opposition was based in part on fear that the prospective tenants would be African American or minority,” the lawsuit said.

When sanity reasserts itself, maybe generations from now, people will look back and ask why the hell law-abiding citizens should have been prohibited from allowing feral black from polluting their neighbourhoods.

Californian said...

One interesting thing is that ever since the Civil Rights Revolution of the 1950s-60s, the government has been tearing up the Constitution ever more: as you note, curfews, gun control violations of search and seizure laws, property seizures, paramilitary policing, et alia, not to mention surveillance cameras up the wazoo (literally with the TSA porn scanners). And the list goes drearily on.

Yet somehow the history is being rewritten such that the USA is moving towards more freedom!

In no small part, the Civil Rights Movement morphed into a system of repression: look at such things as speech codes on campus, or the endless numbers of bureaucrats who vex Americans with the requirements for racial quotas, and the non-stop indoctrination for multicultism with regularly scheduled two-minute hates.

Bait and switch, it seems.

One wonders if/when people awaken that they will ask (like the aforementioned gulag denizens) why they did not resist?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


A Solution to the Male/Female Imbalance Caused by China's "One Child" Policy.

There goes the neighborhood.

Note some of the comments.

Interestingly enough I have quite a few Chinese friends, and frankly, I like them very much. I find them very civilised, for want of a better term.

A very interesting thing about them is that they regard the few negroids they have met as violent, frightening and unpredictable animals.
And it took a looong time for me to get a straight opinion from them.


iraniboy said...

Jesus - how bad must Chinese men want it if their importing black ho's from Africa.

Mind you, the one in the pic isn't too bad.

Anonymous said...

I understood the Chinese hated blacks???

Anonymous said...

Can't understand the importation of African women either,even if the numbers are very small.

Even hygenic whites don't smell too good to Orientals so what must these negresses smell like.They stink to me.

You are right UncleN,most Chinese loathe blacks but I've found Koreans hate them even more.

On the other hand Koreans hate EVERYBODY who is non Korean.And they ar'nt too fond of each other either.Great people.


Anonymous said...

For twenty five years I was a deputy sheriff. I am retired now so I can speak with impunity. The powers that be will not come for yours guns in the middle of the night. That is just ludicrous. Insted, one day you simply will not be able to buy bullets or shells. There simply, and myteriously, and without explanation will not be any ammo period. THe gunsmiths who make their own ammo will suddenly be out of suppliers. It will just end as quick and as clean as that. Food shortages? Electrical shortages? Yes! Those are ccoming. But not before the bullets disappear. And who is the worlds largest manufacturer of ammunition. Isreal

Clogheen said...

From the ex-deputy. Well hell, I never thought of that! Of course, that's a simple way to disarm a rebellious population - whites in particular. So stock up on the ammo!

Franz said...

Re: Chinese men / black women

When the first harvest of Chi-latto kids reaches maturity and critical mass to form flash mobs, they'll wish they had raped goats instead. Incidentally the latter's smell is not so different from that of black people.

But don't fret for China's continued wellbeing. When the Japanese find out that their neighbours are suffering from jungle fever, Sony and Panasonic will flood the Chinese market with cheap black sexbots able to squeal in Cantonese/Suaheli and smelling of goat poo.

That should give the middle kingdom some relief.

Anonymous said...

Wars creating ammo shortage for police departments

In New Jersey, experts tell Gannett New Jersey it has yet to become a safety issue. But rising costs and a decreased supply have put a burden on law enforcement to stockpile ammunition, and that can be a problem during lean economic times.

Some orders take a year to fill, forcing towns to make larger orders to compensate, and that can stretch budgets...

Fairfield Police Chief Charles Voelker said departments used to be able to borrow ammunition from neighboring towns while waiting for orders to arrive, but no more.

"We are all in the same predicament and cannot afford to lend any, since there is uncertainty as to when you can repay what you borrowed," he said.

Lacey Township Police Chief William Nally recently told a budget workshop meeting that ammunition prices have doubled for his department. He told the news service that he expects prices to rise up to 35 percent for some ammunition.

There was a lot of news after Obama was elected about shortages as well.

There was a sustained burst of ammo purchases by Americans.

Franz said...

Having mentioned the word "Japanese", I can't help myself but linking to this great article from Taki's. You won't regret spending five minutes of your life reading it.


Anonymous said...

Masterly effort to stay on topic ...

Police Forced Out Due to Budget Crisis

06/29/11 Baltimore, Maryland – “We had to do something drastic,” says Jerry Flowers, a city councilman in Alto, Texas.

Lately, we’ve find ourselves in the curious habit of collecting stories of impending calamity from around the nation. This morning is no different.

“The police department,“ the curiously named Mr. Flowers goes on, ”being a nonmoney-making entity, was the easiest to get rid of while we catch our breath and build up some cash.”

And just like that, Alto did away with its police force.

The chief and his four officers put a padlock on their offices two weeks ago today. They’ll be back in six months, assuming the town’s balance sheet gets the love it needs.

In the meantime, for protection against ne’er-do-wells, petty thieves and outright criminals, citizens of Alto will have to rely on the Cherokee County sheriff’s office, headquartered 12 miles away.

“I’m going to try,” commented the county sheriff when notified, “but I can’t guarantee you there will always be an officer in the town.”

Until recently, drastic cutbacks like this were the province of down-and-out medium-sized cities like Camden, N.J. – where half the police force has been let go. Or Oakland, Calif. – where the cops no longer answer burglary calls.

Now, what we have here is a glass-half-full moment.

Many people living in Baltimo' as I understand the Forces of Darkness call it will be uttering the Cambodian prayer for salvation:-


Whereas the more, shall we say, independent-thinking souls will be visiting this site:-


... and saying "Oooohboy"

Ignore the derogatory remarks about the SKS as a cheapie. Mr Simonov was tasked with designing a cheap and effective main battle carbine with the simpliciity of a breadboard ... and Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov took his task seriously.


Remember it was Russia, it was 1945, and those who bucked the system and did not take orders seriously, had a life that could be called brief and full of incident.

I have owned several SKS's. You check them by taking a hundred rounds to the range, firing them and if not satisfied you take it back and demand another.

Rinse 'n repeat.


Anonymous said...

Internet Cognitive Dissonance Ops

Savant and anyone else who runs a blog or a website will be very very interested in this:--


In which the author lists the ways that an anti-establishment site can be white-anted from within.

A quote or two:-

COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum..

There are several techniques for the control and manipulation of an internet forum no matter what, or who is on it. We will go over each technique and demonstrate that only a minimal number of operatives can be used to eventually and effectively gain a control of an uncontrolled forum.

Technique #1 – Forum Sliding

If a very sensitive posting of a critical nature has been posted on a forum, it can be quickly removed from public view by "forum sliding."

In this technique a number of unrelated posts are quietly prepositioned on the forum and allowed to "age." Each of these misdirectional forum postings can then be called upon at will to trigger a "forum slide." The second requirement is that several fake accounts exist, which can be called upon, to ensure that this technique is not exposed to the public.

To trigger a "forum slide" and flush the critical post out of public view, it is simply a matter of logging into each account both real and fake and then replying to prepositioned postings with a simple 1 or 2 line comment. This brings the unrelated postings to the top of the forum list, and the critical posting "slides" down the front page, and quickly out of public view. Although it is difficult or impossible to censor the post, it is now lost in a sea of unrelated and unuseful postings. By this means Cognitive Dissonance operatives effectively keep the readers of the forum reading unrelated and non-issue items.

Technique #2 – Consensus Cracking

... and so on.

I understand it was Cato who ended every speech in the forum wih the words "Carthago Delenda est!" or "Carthage must be destroyed"

Well, I ain't Cato so I'll simply sign off with "Read the Covington Books."


PS:- Did I say "Read the Covington Books."?


Franz said...

While this thread has focused on the USA and the (unlikely, I think) possibility of gun confiscation, there is something else brewing.

Watch the violent, thuggish behavior of Greek cops, especially at the beginning and end of the clip:


The EU has come full circle. When its foundations were laid in the 1950s it was intended to prevent violence among Europeans by promoting cooperation.

Now it is the chief instigator of violence in Europe, encouraging corrupt governments to channel their inner Ceausescus onto their disarmed populations.

Now the Savant knows what will befall Ireland if the Micks don't submit and take whatever the EU and IMF dish out.

Now I know what will befall Germany in case we dare to not pay our taxes to finance the madness.

Being the armageddon-optimist that I am, I can't see this asset stripping, diversity enforcing monster of a centrally planned failed state called the EU getting through with its evil designs so easily.

The EU will either have to switch into full-red-terror-mode or be overthrown by people who don't like to see their fellow contrymen and women bludgeoned to bloody tatters by mentally diseased thugs in uniform.

P.S. Incidentally, since there is a retired deputy sherriff amongst us: Do you think that some of the cops shown in this vid will come to their senses? Or do you think that groupthink and career-mindedness are enough to keep cohesion within the ranks?

Franz said...

Allow me to hijack this thread for as second and turn your mind towards Greece, where a cabal of corrupt politicians and their body-armour brandishing thugs are bludgeoning their own countrymen into submission:


After a night in Athens in which fellow whites (including tank top wearing girls) were mercilessly beaten by Ceacesuc's heirs, one of the largest German news platforms displays this as the leading item: "Right violence on the march in East Germany".

Mind you, there was no actual event of right wing violence last night. The latest example of a hate crime they cited happened in October '10. They just felt it was the right time to run a "timeless" article.

I write this at 10:36 am. Maybe they get so embarrassed that they'll take it down later. The coment function has already been turned off. Anyway, this is the url:

1984 wasn't a novel, it was a manual and it is now being used as such.

PS: Since there is a retired policeman among us, I'd like to ask: What goes on in the heads of these Greek cops beating girls in tank tops? Is it groupthink? Career-mindedness? Are all the sane guys ordered to take a vacation when trouble threatens? Are the crazies free to run things as they see fit? I don't get it. Let me just say that in case one of these thugs in the video catches a bullet or a petrol bomb, I for one won't shed no tears.

Anonymous said...


I watched the vid.

I did not see girls in tank tops getting beaten. I saw one guy get a bloody tear in his scalp. Scalp wounds bleed a lot and look worse than they are.

I saw a lot of healthy kids who looked like college students. Protesting is a goddamn hobby for them, and I can't say they get much sympathy from me.

You mentioned that they are "fellow whites."

Are they?

I grant you they look white.

But are they white between the ears? Were they protesting as whites?

My bet is that many, maybe most of those protestors are anti-white. Fuck 'em.

The cops, who deal with the fucking dregs every day, are far MORE likely to know the score.

And dealing with the dregs every day, they are more likely to see everybody as scum. The nature of their job can't help but warp them a bit.

When the POLICED were better -- better behaved towards each other, more white -- the POLICE were better.

Multiracial societies are always tyrannies. They have to be. And these are the police they produce.

And they can be turned to our side.

RegThe Hedge said...

Anon 30 June 2011 13:39
You have taken the other extreme position. Maybe they are Marxists maybe they aren't. It's probably best to withhold judgment.

Are Greek police allowed to hit the head? I know in most civilised countries Police have strict rules of engagement. I'm guessing the police can do whatever they want as they don't have any ID tags. ID tags are vital for accountability.

That type of protesting never works anyway. They need to do it Northern Ireland style. A number of volunteers get onto high buildings with rifles. An area is attacked. The police come to control the crowd. The crowd withdraws. The police follow. The crowd stops at a wall where hundreds of petrol bombs are ready to go. The crowd in front begins their assault while smaller crowds come down side streets with bludgeon weapons. Then the rifles start to crack off.

They were the tactics at the height of the troubles. It is not done now, there is a type of gentlemens agreement where either side just gives a bit of a kicking and no attempted killing takes place.

The above tactics puts the authorities into full retreat and they don't come back. Of course the army then shows up and there is always the threat of the brave army boys firing off automatic in the crowd. However once they do that they have to be careful every time they are out of their APCs. A crack splat frays the nerves of any army boy.

The Greeks need to get hardcore or just forget about it. Vaseline and petrol are a great defense against a nightstick.

Franz said...

Forgive the quasi double post...

@ Anon 13:39

Watch the end of the video, where a bunch of club wielding police storm a tent full of protestors, including that tank top wearing girl. I only metioned her because it seems so absurd and evil to hit people like that. Because they might be hiding petrol bombs under those bras? Give me a break!

As for the alleged leftism of the protesters: I don't care. Even leftists malcontents should be able to voice their disagreement with government policy without fear of receiving a beating or being tear gassed. Especially if they try to prevent the assest stripping of their country for the benefit of the EU, JP Morgan, Goldman et al.

By the way: I wouldn't assume that all those protestors are leftists. Right wing groups appear to be pretty influential in Athens, and not at all shy about taking to the streets:


Californian said...

Back in the 1960s, the USA had its "long hot summers" of inner city (blacks) rioting. I wonder if today's flash mobs are a related phenomenon? Instead of burning down their own neighborhoods as they did in the 1960s, today they are raiding into White enclaves. You have to look at the political aspect of this. The multicult has spent decades demonizing White people, and agitating among minorities to think of themselves as victims fighting oppression. Can these flash mob attacks be a new form of urban guerrilla warfare?

We can expect the liberals to turn up the propaganda machine and excuse these attacks, or to justify ever more social welfare spending--and jobs for themselves.

And it will be interesting to see what will happen the first time a White armed citizen shoots one of these flash mob Che's in self defense.

Anonymous said...

From what I saw of the Greek riots,they were typical WHITE European riots.

That is middle class over privileged students fighting with working class cops.

A bit like Chicago in '68.


fistic fury said...

@Californian - they're ALREADY doing exactly that now! They're (a) not identifying the race and (b) denying that race had anything to do with the attacks.

fistic fury said...

"armageddon-optimist " Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

You have taken the other extreme position.

I saw no girls in tank tops getting beaten.

Whites who are fired up about everything BUT white genocide must lose.


And we all know they will lose.

So waste no time or energy on their concerns, except as you can connect it to white genocide.

These people are not ours. They don't belong to us.

If you're not a racist, you're anti-white.

Franz says:

Even leftists malcontents should be able to voice their disagreement with government policy without fear of receiving a beating or being tear gassed.

Like Mr. Adams said, be the friend and well-wisher to liberty everywhere, but champion only of our own.

Leonid Brezhnev was a communist we could have allied with.

He knew he was white.

They don't make them like that anymore.

Franz said...

@ Reg

Give the Greeks time. I understand they were rather mean snipers in their wars of independence against the Turks. More recently, they gave the German Wehrmacht a very, very hard time in WW2.

However, if the Athenian method of thuggery is the way the EU wants it, even us Germans will probably have to re-learn our martial skills and put them to use. Which would be a pity. Because somehow, I liked peace.

@ Mr a

"That is middle class over privileged students fighting with working class cops."

I beg to differ. I think that the greek middle class is in the process of being obliterated. Check this out this excerpt from the austerity programme:

"(...) Other measures include the lowering of the tax-free threshold to 8,000 euros from 12,000 euros."

I couldn't live a middle class lifestyle from €8,000 a year, let alone pay taxes from it. I doubt that the Greeks can. The poor sods are literally fighting so they can eat.

Remember that all the taxes collected from these poor folks are not reinvested within Greece but transferred offshore to fatten Bankers' bonuses (yes, it's that simple) and finance the diversity wielding agenda of the permanent, unelected bureaucracy within the EU.

The way the Hellenes are set up for anal gang-rape by the EU and the banks is in fact highly ironic, considering that it were the ancient Greeks who invented the practice.

If it weren't so sad I would ROFLMAO.

Anonymous said...

Remember that all the taxes collected from these poor folks are not reinvested within Greece but transferred offshore to fatten Bankers' bonuses (yes, it's that simple) and finance the diversity wielding agenda of the permanent, unelected bureaucracy within the EU.

You understand Franz.

But I'll not shed not one tear for them until THEY do.

Anonymous said...

I think this is topical.

You may have heard about the 95 year-old granny who had TSA gropers rooting around in her adult incontinence nappy (diaper for our American friends)

Well one of the saner New Zealand site points out that because of the "all-of-us-are-equal" madness fostered by the unthinking left, there is no difference between, say, a jihadist goat fucker and a white American granny .... and that this is all fine and good.

Pop over here to see a trio of people who, in the eyes of the left -- and the TSA -- are all equal.



Anonymous said...

This blog was unavailable to me for about three hours 8:00 to 11:00 PM GMT.

Just thought I'd mention it.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

I know I often preface my posts with the sentence:- "This is interesting."

Well, this is downright fascinating ...


It's written by a jew.

Steve Sailer’s review of Jared Taylor’s White Identity made a very politically incorrect argument to make a relatively politically correct point. Namely, in arguing against the utility of any sort of White racial consciousness, in favor of a multiracial American nationalism ("citizenism"), he brought up the taboo subject of Jewish political power.

Almost as an aside, Sailer said that White Identity has slim political prospects because "more Jews don’t want it to happen than do want it to happen."

Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance organization has appealed to Jews with some success. But Sailer believes most Jews think they have no reason to support White Identity because they are apparently doing quite well in the emerging multicultural regime.

Read it ... really.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

The Greeks should not have been in the euro in the first place. Figures were massaged to gte them below the 3% budget deficit threshold. And the massagers were Goldman Sachs who convienently turn up to help them through this crisis.

Corkonian said...

I've read about the Steve Sailer review UN. Jews may be doing fine now, but if and when the SHTF the much put-upon whites might start looking for scapegoats. If collapse is bad enough the end result won't be pretty.

Bemused stare said...

@ Corkonian

There is a vast difference between a goat (scape, mountain or any other kind) and a termite.

Anonymous said...

And the tax evasion Franz.Its everywhere of course,but a generous estimate is that only 5% of taxes are paid.

Greeces shipping billionaires are LEGALLY exempt from paying taxes-because of the supposed benefits they bring to the country.

If the Greeks paid even half the 45 billion that goes uncollected annually,well it would'nt solve their problems overnight but it would help.


RegThe Hedge said...

Hey Savant
I was in a toy shop today. I spend a lot of time there with kids going to parties and all. I am always amused at the number of negro dolls. I mean who the hell buys these things? Belfast is more than 90% white as it friggen well should be. I pretended that I was gonna buy a negro doll for my daughters party. She nearly had a fit. I told her we were there long eough and we were leaving so we had to take this doll for her friend. She absoluelty lost it and when I offered to swap it for a white doll she calmed down. It wasn't the doll she wanted but it seemed to be far better than the negro doll.
Now my questions still stands. What fucked parent buys something like that for their daughter. Also how does the kid take it. Can you imagine the vomit enducing maggot that would force something like that on their kid for the sake to political correctness. My services are availble if someone needs to correct such a parent.
Anyway that got me thinking. There are lots of stats available for toy purchases. It would be intetesting to check these out and see what is the proportion of races buying particular toys.
Another thing. When I'm bginging the kids to football practice many of the kids have football shirts with the names of professional players. I'm a bit of a numbers nut so I started counting up the players most commonly on the kids shirts. Now you understand there are only two non white kids in the team and the team has maybe 150 kids in different age groups. Anyway I can't recall ever seeing a child wearing a non whites shirt. This yrar the Spanish team are the most popular as they won the world cup (with no non white players - there was a mullatto but he didn't get a game as he wasn't even in the same class as the real Spanish.) Do the US readers know that the Spanish won the baskeyball world cup the year before last. With no negros on the team. Serbia are always at the top of basketball too and needless to say no non whites. Highly paid US negro basketball players don't seem to make the grade in Europe.

Croesus said...

"The Greeks should not have been in the euro in the first place. Figures were massaged to gte them below the 3% budget deficit threshold. And the massagers were Goldman Sachs who convienently turn up to help them through this crisis."

Yes indeed. And one of the massagers? The very new head of the ECB!

Franz said...

@ Reg

If parents buying negro dolls for their kids gets you worked up, you should read the truly inspirational story of Kathy Witterick and her husband David Stocker.

They apparently decided that their new kid "Storm" should be raised gender-neutral so that he/she has "freedom of choice" about what sex he/she wants to have.

In order to maintain gender neutrality, they vowed to keep Storm's sex a secret. From friends. From family. And most importantly, from Storm.

You see, sowing maximum confusion about Storm's gender is actually good for the little rugrat, because knowing if you are man or woman is liable to mess with your head:

"I believe that it puts restrictions on this particular baby so that in this culture this baby will be a singular person who is not being given an opportunity to find their true gender self, based on also what’s inside them", explains Mrs Witterick.

This is NOT a belated aprils fool story. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1389593/Kathy-Witterick-David-Stocker-raising-genderless-baby.html#ixzz1QspzIUxm

Apparently this particular form of child abuse is perfectly legal. And why not? I am certain "Storm" will grow up to be a perfectly healthy human being. After all, what could go wrong?

Anonymous said...

@Reg "I told her we were there long eough and we were leaving so we had to take this (black) doll for her friend. She absoluelty lost it and when I offered to swap it for a white doll she calmed down. It wasn't the doll she wanted but it seemed to be far better than the negro doll.

Not sure whether you know of this story, but here's a recent follow-up to your little scenario.

Anonymous said...

'even us Germans will probably have to re-learn our martial skills and put them to use. Which would be a pity. Because somehow, I liked peace'

As an Anglo-Saxon - who's been to war and loved it - I love war we should forget the Jew inspired shit that's turned us into pussies. We've only loved peace since 1945 before that we knew who we were and what we are. War is our forte


Anonymous said...

It does not matter that Whitterick and Stocker try to raise their child gender free it will still be a, er, canadian.

Anonymous said...


It would be intetesting to check these out and see what is the proportion of races buying particular toys.

You know the answer.

Everybody wants to be white.

Do the US readers know that the Spanish won the baskeyball world cup the year before last.

Americans mostly don't watch niggerball any more. Our top two watched sports are:

1) American Football
2) Nothing

(followed by niggerball, baseball, and golf. Personally I've always liked American football and women's tennis.)

Franz said...

@ Rob

Let me guess: You went to Iraq or Afghanistan, lit up a bunch of wogs and loved it. Good for you.

Now bear with me. And I know it sounds implausible, but sometimes war not only consists in YOU bringing the hurt to another corner of the world, but also in THEM bringing it to you, your family, your friends.

Preferring peace over war is not a jewish conspiracy, but merely common sense. If common sense makes me a pussy, then so be it.

P.S. If you love war so much, you should probably start an armed insurrection against the anti-white government of whatever country you live in. Right now. Put your money where your mouth is.

Henry IX said...

I think yout over-reacting to Rob's comments, Franz.

Hector said...

anon 7.22. Is it true that Americans don't watch basketball that much any more? I though it was HUGE there?

Franz said...

@ Henry IX

I deserved that rebuke. It's no good getting all emotional and so forth.

Anonymous said...

Franz I got blown up and my friends died I have put my money where mouth is, at home - fighting reds - as well as abroad.

What are you doing? I hope more than just posting on blogs because there seems to be so many clearly intelligent nationalists - with a lot to offer - that wont come out from behind their keyboards. If we're going to win we have to take our message from the virtual and safe world into the real and unsafe world.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Henry IX said...

I think yout over-reacting to Rob's comments, Franz.

2 July 2011 15:41

Without starting a flame war here, I think I may be able to broker a peace. I lived, like Franz, in a country that won all the battles and lost the war.

While I was exempted from conscription (bad knee, long story), a lot of my friends weren't and saw action as SAP in Rhodesia and regular troops in Ovambo, Caprivi and finally in Angola. A few of them came back very, shall we say, changed, but no one came back better for the experience.

What I guess I am saying is: be prepared for conflict ... even armed conflict, but try not to fall in love with it. It is full of unintended consequences.


Corkonian said...

I understand where Rob is coming from, but in general I just hate those armchair warriors like the neocons and GW Bush - prepared to fight to the last white American. The only thing is that moving decicisevly early on, even if it takes violence, mightprevent something very much worse later on.

Anonymous said...

Not wishing to sit on the fence here,but bot Franz and Rob are correct.
Of course peace is better than war,Franz is right about that but without putting words into his mouth,I'm sure he would be the first to admit his admiration for those like Rob who have put their lives on the line.

I remember when I was very young living and studying in Munich.I had,as a neighbour,a cranky old bastard named Udo,who for some reason took a liking to this young Irishman.

Udo had fought on the Eastern Front and was not the stereotypical,stoical old soldier who never spoke of his experiences.No indeed,Udo liked nothing MORE than talking about the war and what he had done in it.Especially after a few belts of scotch,his favourite tipple.

Anyway,he told me things that he had done and seen,nothing criminal in the context of that savage struggle but more than enough to get you locked away in a society at peace.Maybe locked away in a secure mental unit.

He cured me of any romantic illusions about war while letting me know that ordinary people are capable of doing the most extraordinary things when necessary.

Those deeds may well need doing again.Some will be capable but looking around me,I fear most will not.

Hope I don't sound too over-dramatic:I'm really not that type.


RegThe Hedge said...

Democracy is not the way to go for us. Each day that passes the democratic option is less and less likely to address our concerns.
I'm convinced people are becoming nationalistic all the time but the problem is this. Our numbers are too small to use democracy and by the time Europeans awaken we will be in a minority. We need to stand up now. We need to make Marxists and anti Europeans hurt every time they do or say anything.
The problem is how do you start it. It will take a rare individual to get the ball rolling at the start. This means you are unlikely to have any friends or family who will become active. Best place is, well, here.
If you were planning something how do you vet someone over the internet? Loons, Lefts looking to give someone a kicking, gov agencies? It's a mine field.
Just for the gov agencies who read this - I'm not planning anything and never will.

northern athiest said...

Reg - you summarize it perfectly: "Our numbers are too small to use democracy and by the time Europeans awaken we will be in a minority."

Exactly. And of course the MSM is totally against us. Which means, in the absence of a charismatic leader, the use of alternative media and our own personal circle of acquaintances.

We can all write letters to the paper and comment electrinically on MSM sites. Use every opportunity to link to RELEVENT posts on sites like this and others similar. This will encourage readers to see sites like this probably for the first time and will open up a whole new perspective for them.

Never forget that a movement that develops momentum becomes self-growing. I think it's the only way.

RegThe Hedge said...

Northern athiest said...

Comments won't do it. Not a chance. Letters won't do it either. Democracy won't do it either. The BNP are a diversion that's all. They are tolerated to tie up people who would actually do something useful.

Nope. I have followed the BNP for quite a while now and the BNP are doing more harm to the Nationalist cause than they'll ever know.

Think about a mouse encircled by a cats arms(legs really). The cat pokes the mouse and flicks the mouse but every now and then the cat lets the stoic little mouse(The BNP) nip his claw. The mouse feigns a howl of pain and turns away from the mouse winking at the other cats who are looking on. Make no friggin mistake the mouse is never going to win that fight. The mouse needs to run for cover, gather as many mice as he can with pitch forks and shovels. Then they need to sneak up and whack that cat again and again until that cat can't lie down to sleep, sit down to eat or get to work without fearing a hundred pitchforks up his arse. That bully cat will leave only then.

No folks. The pen won't win this one. It has to be the sword.

Franz said...

@ Rob

Like I said, Henry's rebuke was well deserved. Assuming things is foolish. I assumed you were one of the guys who fondled desks somewhere far behind the fighting and use the anonimity of the internet to declare themselves supreme warlords.

If you truly fought against the Reds in Vietnam, Korea, Angola or anywhere else I salute you and am grateful to you.

I still maintain - as I have before - that the way to topple anti-white governments ought to be patience, economic boycott/sabotage, street protests and the ballot box as well. That is the way the Eastern Europeans got rid of their despots.

If my hope for a peaceful solution turns out to be futile, I'll have to follow others who are determined to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.

I'm not sure I will be brave and I certainly don't look forward to such an outcome. The fact that in my hometown there are virtually no buildings of pre '45 vintage left should serve to explain my hesitance. It is a stark reminder indeed.

One more thing: Assuming that you are real and seriously committed to violence, I'd recommend for you to be less forthcoming with such information on the internet.

These things are tracked now via IP-Adress. If they put their minds to it, Google and by inference your government will know who you are and where you live.

As soon as any "incident" in your home country is attributed to right wingers, you could find yourself rounded up with the usual suspects.

If I felt compelled to avoid detection, I would at a minimum use the (free) "Tor" software which serves to re-route your connection through some fairly exotic countries and makes tracking you so much harder.

Just a suggestion of course.

Anonymous said...

Synchronicity strikes again. Further along in the direction this thread takes, I offer you this:-

America’s War Culture: Commander-in-Chief Idolatry


I do not think it extreme to link the breakdown in moral standards in all spheres - economic, educational, and political - as well as in family life - the effects of two major wars - celebrated wars! - in this century. What is in the first instance licensed, as it were, by war stays on to develop into forms which have their own momentum.

One of the great appeals of war in the modern world especially has been its capacity to effect moral crusades on the grand scale, with the enemy seen, or made to appear, as the embodiment of evil and the challenger of all that is good. It was the French Revolution that first moralized military operations in a large sense.

A great deal of the spirit of localism, of grass roots, and of pluralism that had characterized so much of American reform thought ... disappeared with the war. A very different spirit, rooted in the centralized power of the national government and which in a sense took war-society minus war as its ideal of planned economy, replaced the older one.

Nothing has proved more destructive of kinship, religion, and local patriotisms than has war and the accompanying military mind. Basic social institutions can, on the incontestable record, survive depression, plague, famine, and catastrophe. They have countless times in history. What these and related institutions cannot survive is the transfer of their inherent functions and authorities to a body such as the military ...

A truly outstanding article ...

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Hi Franz I fought against the 'Taliban' in Afghanistan, the reds I mentioned are our government sponsored commie street army the UAF who until recently could terrorise nationalist opposition into not taking part in street protests..their cry was 'Nazi scum off OUR streets' ..not any more. We now taunt them with "whose streets? OUR streets" they're running away from us


Anonymous said...

I don't think we 'have' to be violent but I do think we have to do what ever we are going to do primarily in the real world. I read posts written by intelligent men and women and know that if they took that and did something outside of the net we would stand a chance.They could provide real leadership for a movement or fashion some kind of response to the threat we're facing. Any response is better than sitting here waiting for seems to be the inevitable to happen, we have to be pro-active.


Essex-boy said...

Rob said "Any response is better than sitting here waiting for seems to be the inevitable to happen, we have to be pro-active."

Amen to that. In fact violence and riots could focus people's minds and bring the problem out into the open. Not nice, but as Rob says, better than sitting back.

Anonymous said...

Interesting points from Rob, Uncle and Franz. Excellent points. Start by turning off the TV and opting out of the mass media brainwashing. Get back to your roots (when was the last time you cracked open a firsthand account of REAL history by De Wet, Churchill or Julius Caesar?). Focus on your family, friends and community. Where is your money going? Where are you taking your vacations? Which charities/movements are you supporting?


Franz said...

Excellent JP. May I add to that the notion that even reading worthy works of fiction is better for your sanity than watching TV?

A truly marvelous book which I have recommended to many is "Gates of Fire" by Stephen Pressfield about the 300 Spartans holding off the Persian hordes.

Now that I think of it, I should probably start to compile reading recommendations for race conscious whites. The Christians in the USA have started a whole subculture by doing just that. Maybe we should, too.

Heraclitus said...

In terms of battling back against the MSM TV, I have a simple and non-too-demanding approach. I don't wantch any of the American channels nor BBC. I get 95% of my TV news from Russia Today (RT) and Al Jazeera. Are these two unbiased? Of course not. BUt you get a perspective that you won't get from watching the western channels. You're also denying them viewers.

Try it!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, back in the jewessay:-

Send Lawyers, Guns, And Money…

No, it's not a Warren Zeavon revival tour.


Don’t look now, but the real action in Washington this week isn’t the partisan wrangling over the debt ceiling but something — literally — even more incendiary: Operation Fast and Furious, which seems about to explode right in the face of Attorney General Eric Holder — and maybe other administration officials, too.

Also known as Project Gunrunner, the Arizona-based operation was supposed to be a sting, under which the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which is part of the Justice Department, allowed "straw purchasers" to transfer weapons from gun shops in Arizona to Mexican drug cartels to trace and halt crossborder arms-trafficking.

That’s the official version, anyway — but it’s crumbling, fast.

The ATF’s acting director, Kenneth Melson, has been singing like a canary to congressional investigators as he pushes back against administration pressure for him to resign and take the fall for something that, at the very least, had to include the US Attorney’s Office, the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration and possibly the Homeland Security Department.

In a letter to Holder released yesterday, Rep. Daryl Issa and Sen. Chuck Grassley accused the Justice Department of blocking their investigation into the burgeoning scandal (which has resulted in the deaths of at least two American agents and countless Mexican civilians), muzzling the ATF and involving other federal agencies, including the FBI and the DEA, in funding the crackpot scheme.

I love it ...


Anonymous said...

?Uncle Nasty. THis is a truly joyful development. I'd just love to see Eric 'My People' Holder fighting for his political life. That bastard has done a lotof damage.

Anonymous said...

Okay ... not strictly on topic, so please forgive me.

I saw yesterday an image of DSK and his childhood sweetheart (alright, his yentl, if you must know ...) re-united in the New York sunshine.

Arm in arm, bravely facing an uncertain future -- you know what I mean, tiny cherubic string quartets playing and all that.

Roses strewn across their path; together again at last.

Oh, yeah.

Then the thought struck me, as they are inclined to do.
He hasn't had time to fix himself up with more New York city poontang ... well, that quickly, anyway.
So, what are the chances that DSK would attempt to jump the bones of wifey that evening. And more to the point -- what thoughts would go through wifey's head upon gazing at DSK's quivering little circumcised weenie ...

... and realising that two short weeks ago, DSK was using it to violate the snotty bits of an AIDS-infested Ghanaian hooker.

She must be so proud.


PS. Maybe like Hillary, she'll shut her eyes and think of israel ... and the money.

Anonymous said...

Absurd MSM.

Some journalist said that there was evidence of vaginal evicdence taken place therefore he could have raped her.

Didn't he receive an act that Jack Ryan did not? (As revealed from the records that were sealed in Ca. Court but unsealed to help Barry Soetero (who cannot find his birth cert..) win his senate seat.)

SAVANT said...

Jay - welcome to this forum. I have to agree with the earlier commentators tho that getting Irish people to carry concealed would be an utter impossibility. Things would have to get unimaginably bad for that to happen.

However, I do see one glimmer of light from this episode - the police called it out for what it was: A rascist attack by blacks on whites.

SAVANT said...

Franz - the idea of writing to shareholders is great. I've given up a long time ago writing to the newspapers themselves - they just cull out anything non-PC. As I think it was mr. a. said though, the Independent Group is far and away from being the worst offenders. That honour falls to the irish Times, which as someone else pointed out, is a trust. But again I do believe that it is in some finacial trouble. Hopefully!

Anonymous said...

What was the classic definition of fascism?

Ah, yes .... collusion between capitalism and the state to the detriment of the public.

Anonymous said...

Keep believing in fairness..

I.R.S. Drops Audits of Political Donors

The Internal Revenue Service on Thursday abandoned its effort to force five big-ticket donors to pay gift taxes on contributions they made to nonprofit advocacy groups that are playing an increasing role in American politics.
The memo was a sharp reversal for the tax agency, which had invoked a rarely used, 30-year-old ruling to warn the five donors in February that they might owe gift taxes on their donations. Organizations heavily financed by conservative donors like David Koch, or in the case of Crossroads GPS, tied to top Republican strategists like Karl Rove, would have come under such newly enforced rules, were they to be imposed across the board.


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks. A very quick question for the financial gurus on the group. I have to transfer some money out of another country to my current one. Any reason I should not use Paypal?


Croesus said...

Uncle Nasty: Paypal is virtually 100% safe, assuming your computer and internet connections are safe. Also be aware that it's quite - make that very - difficult to set up a new account in a 'western' country. Not sure if you already have an account there. anyway, Paypal is just about 100% safe otherwise.

PS - you might want to post this question in a later post. I just happened to be 'passing by' on this one!

Anonymous said...

Hey Croesus, I thought I posted a thank you, but it seems to have gone missing, so, thank you.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...


Was this guy inspired by NWA on the matter?

rebel said...

anon 18.16. Their the guys we need.

Anonymous said...

Is there a valid reason why betfair promotions are available in the UK and ROI but not in Northern ireland? Or could this be construed as racism 'n sheeimra?

LOL at the guy who does not know his geography