Thursday, 5 May 2011

Where's a feminazi when you need one?

Where have all the feminazis gone? There was a time when you couldn’t turn on the TV or open a newspaper without being assailed by a swarm of fat shrieking harridans, with hairy malodorous armpits (Andrea Dworkin, I'm looking at you) assailing the beleagured white male. Maybe because the white male has now been neutered, emasculated and lobotomised that they have returned to their university lairs, in Women’s Studies or Man-Hating Studies, which now masquerades as English Literature?

Sure, they did reemerge some time ago to oust Larry Summers from the Presidency of Harvard. Now Larry had made it easy on them, having already allowed his cronies use the Harvard name to loot billions from Russia, and of course Larry had already lost more billions for Harvard by way of injudicious investments. On the back of these achievements he then was immediately appointed as a top economic advisor to the US President.

All Larry said was that women aren’t as good at maths and hard science subjects as men. This should have been as controversial as saying the sun rises in the east. I've been involved in computer science almost all my life and I can bear out what Larry claimed. Very few women – and no blacks – can make the cut. And the women that do have a strong masculine dimension. Yet, this simple statement activated a hive of fanatics, clad in mysteriously-soiled flannels and Wellington boots, who put the run on Larry pronto.

A recent incident in Texas prompts my renewed interest. As we know, rape, or anything that approaches it (e.g. passing a woman a compliment) sets the sisters off like a rocket. Here, for example, is Marge Piercy, and an excerpt from her Rape Poem. “Rape fattens on the fantasies of the normal male like a maggot on garbage." Well, that's very nice Marje, thank you.

You’d expect then a strong reaction for a case in which a girl was raped by a thug, thug confesses but gets community service sentence, victim refuses to cheer for thug on college football team, victim gets fired as a cheerleader. Seems enough to have busloads of them swarming down to Texas to protest at this most vile of outrages. Except for one problem: The thug is black, the victim is white. That changes everything. Feminazis are silent. Don't hold your breath waiting for that to change.

Read the full charming story here:

Closing thought, can you imagine the reaction of the Texas townsfolk had this happened 70 or 80 years ago, like this?


ironman said...

Absolutely horrifying. How long will people put up with this kind of thing?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Savant,but you can't have it both ways.Some time back you rightly castigated a stupid bitch in Dublin for going back to a flat with three African males and promptly getting raped.

This girl from Texas was every bit as stupid a bitch.

No sympathy.Fuck her.

Anonymous said...

From Robert in Arabia

"a tale of two societies"

Anonymous said...

Closing thought, can you imagine the reaction of the Texas townsfolk had this happened 70 or 80 years ago

O.K. now this is the stupid thing about this story.

WHAT is a white girl doing cheering for a black athlete in the FIRST place?

Your hypothetical is just stupid Savant (but, you might know that.)

70 or 80 years ago they wouldn't have been going to the same school.

Except for one problem: The thug is black, the victim is white. That changes everything.

Well of course it does! Blacks don't have any money. Black men have nothing they want.

Simon Q said...

Good article Savant. We HAVE been emasculated by these hairy and ugly women. How come Pippa Middleton (what a beautiful WHITE woman) look-alikes never join the feminist uglies? Need I ask?

I wish we could have a lynching/burning once in a while where I live. It'd lower the animal component of the North American Pavement Ape and have him a little more subdued.

Never gonna happen though.

Until anarchy that is.

tsnamm said...

@ ironman...How long? Forever,that's how long...that this hasn't garnered any MSM traction should tell you everything. Compare and contrast this to say the Duke Lacrosse rape case. Those players were all considered guilty before any investigation or evidence was even brought forth. The fact that the black "victim" made it all up was of no consequence. They were all sent packing from Duke, their reputations were destroyed, the coach had to resign , and the Duke Lacrosse program was scrapped for 1 year, since it was obviously a bastion of racial insensitivity. Interestingly enough in the article on this case was the comment that "Rakheem" ( what a nice southern name that is), was the "number 1 defender on the team". So there you go. The fact that he can play high school basketball trumps everything. That he threatened to come back and "bust a cap in everyone's ass", shows what an intellectual he is. If white folks can't get angry over shit like this, I'm pretty sure nothing short of being rounded up will ever awaken them from their stupor...just horrible.

Californian said...

Well, same old story. Feminism sees whites as the ultimate enemy, so are more than willing to sacrifice a female here or there as part of the Revolution. Bear in mind that feminist anti-rape hysteria is a "tactic" in the Marxist-Leninist sense, an issue to be used to agitate among the masses. It will be discarded quite easily if some better tactic comers up -- such as bashing white people or supporting Sharia law in Western countries.

XXX said...

When I hear of criminal acts such as this I am both horrified and ashamed. If that girl had been my daughter or niece it would have been better had he been found guilty. Such an SOB making the threats he did would not long live. That her family does allow him to live and make such threats shows they care little about their little girl.

Lee said...

Here's what would have happened when Texans were Texans.

K. Rafferty said...

I see a good side to this (I think!). There's only so much more of this that whites will take. Such things will tip things over the tipping point.

Anonymous said...

Lee said...

Here's what would have happened when Texans were Texans.

One of the good things about the thirties, I guess .... people were much more active in the community.

Even more interesting -- from the article one gets the impression of a minuscule presence of so-called authority ... and without all that much authority, to boot.

Imagine the armoured vehicles, SWAT teams, militia-styled law enforcement types who would literally swarm the scene today.

The pressure increases daily.

Uncle Nasty

Simon Q said...

Forgot to add:

Who can forget Gloria Steinhem and her merry band of fuglies who claimed that every time a married man made love to his wife he was in fact "raping" her?

What a bunch of cunts! Literally.

Louis IX said...

'In my life, I killed more than 30 men, this is without counting the chineses, the blacks and the indians'

Jesse James

Mark said...

I ask myself how a whole race (white) can just lie down and let anyone who is not white abuse them without any repercussions?

I ask if we are really that weak maybe we do deserve to be eliminated?

But then I realize that we're in a coma induced by the MSM. This kind of thing won't feature there, and that's all 99% of whites use for the information. That's why this goes on.

LaToya said...

You guys should check out your facts. There's more to this story than the post shows. There's strong evidence that she went in their looking for it. It's not for no reason that the prosecutors didn't go for it. And she lost all her appeals all the way to the SCOTUS.

Anonymous said...

The US Supreme Court ruled against the cheerleader and now she has to pay $45,000 restituition to the school districts legal defence.

Here is the link:

Anonymous said...

Darkies tweet more than whitey, but does anybody here tweet?

"Rakheem Bolton

Trials come to make yu stronger all i wanna know is dat when yu fall down can you get back up....beezy..."

Anonymous said...

HARDIN COUNTY - KFDM News has learned a criminal case that caused deep divisions in Silsbee has ended after more than two years in the court system.

Special Prosecutor David Barlow on Wednesday dismissed a charge against a teen who was a juvenile in October of 2008 when he was among three football players accused in the sexual assault of a Silsbee High School cheerleader.

WednesdayBarlow told KFDM News he ordered the charge dropped because "the evidence was insufficient for prosecution."

In February Barlow dropped charges against a second former football player "in the interest of justice."

One of the three players, Rakheem Bolton, was sentenced to probation after he pled guilty last year to misdemeanor assault and not sexual assault.

Bolton and two other students who played football at Silsbee High School were accused of sexually assaulting a cheerleader in October of 2008 at a party away from campus.

KFDM News spoke by phone Wednesday with the girl's father. He told us he's very disappointed in how the case ended, with only one plea and charges dropped in the two other cases. He believes the evidence was compelling and says the witnesses were compelling.

"Why didn't someone give my daughter her opportunity to have her day in court? Why did a judge, why did an attorney make that choice to let it go, to let justice go," said the father.

Bolton spoke with KFDM News in September when he entered the plea and was sentenced.

"I have no hard feelings," said Bolton. "I never have and I feel like it was just a misunderstanding."

The former cheerleader and her family didn't attend the September court hearing.

Following the September case, Special Prosecutor David Barlow told KFDM News they were satisfied with the outcome.

"The State feels it's a fair resolution for the victim, and the victim agrees," said Barlow in September. "I think it's a fair resolution also. The State is happy he has finally come forward and admitted his guilt."

Barlow understood not everyone in the community would be happy with the agreement.

Anonymous said...

Black Entertainment Television chimes in:

The Cheerleader Rape Case Ends Horribly in Texas

If this is justice, then I’m terrified to see what injustice looks like. I’m not a lawyer, but it seems terrifying that an innocent involvement with a school activity like cheerleading is now being deemed as something over which the school has total control—so much so that administrators get to demand girls cheer or don’t cheer. What sort of precedent is this setting? Will Black cheerleaders have to cheer on racists? Will Jews have to cheer on anti-Semites? And all because they want to be involved in the harmless American pastime that is high school cheerleading?

Schools and teachers are already allowed a major amount of control over America’s children, largely because we trust that they have those children’s best interests in mind. It’s cases like this, in which a little girl had her entire life ripped apart all because the school wanted total control over her actions, that makes one wonder whose interests are really important.

Yeah, I wonder WHOse.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Magazine:

Newsflash: Cheerleader Denied Justice (Again)

...While it’s not surprising that the Supreme Court didn’t call the case up, considering that they hear only a small fraction of cases that are petitioned, the callousness and potential unconstitutionality of the lower court ruling should have caused the justices to at least consider it. Craig, Hillaire’s outspoken father, has said that his daughter was raped, then “raped again by the school district, and raped by the D.A., and raped by the appeals court.” Now he can add the Supreme Court to this list.

Caroline Heldman has spent the last seven months researching Hillaire’s case in Silsbee, Texas. A longer story on the case is forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

Women's Rights Petition: Tell Silsbee High School to Apologize for Treatment of Rape Victim

Alex DiBranco (Petition Creator)
The Supreme Court denied H.S.'s appeal this week, so the ruling that she is nothing but a "mouthpiece" and has to pay the school $45,000 for a "frivolous" lawsuit stands. Stay tuned for further updates to this petition.

Anonymous said...

NAACP protests indictments in cheerleader case (2009)

They questioned why the grand jury returned indictments when a previous grand jury chose not to indict the pair. The NAACP also said it believed the grand jury didn't hear from law enforcement officers, and members of the organization wondered if the grand jury heard enough evidence.

David Barlow is the special prosecutor who presented the case to the grand jury. KFDM News spoke with him Monday for reaction to the NAACP's statements.

"Whatever evidence they have regarding this case, I would urge them to turn it over to me as quickly as possible. It would be improper to get into the specifics of what evidence the grand jury looked at, but it amounted to substantial evidence gathered over the course of an investigation which lasted more than one year."


"Rakheem has received several football scholarship offers," said Morrison. "It's important for a child who can't pay tuition to receive a scholarship and get an education. The family had been working and preparing for this for years. Now there's a question because he's looking at a sentence of up to 20 years. I don't want to say the victim isn't devastated, but yes, it's devastating to Rakheem's family."

Attorney David Barlow was appointed special prosecutor to present the case to the grand jury when District Attorney David Sheffield recused himself after he was named as one of the defendants in a civil lawsuit filed by the cheerleader's family. The lawsuit alleges the D.A.'s investigation was improperly handled. In the past, Sheffield has strongly denied the allegations.


"It's interesting that this is the second grand jury to hear the facts that occurred more than a year ago," said Watts. "Another grand jury was scheduled to hear the case in September of this year, but because of the inappropriate release of information to the grand jury from the D.A.'s office, that grand jury was denied the opportunity to hear the case. This grand jury heard essentially the same information heard by the previous grand jury. They had the Silsbee P.D. case file. This has been available to the school district and they didn't do one darned thing except yank the cheerleader out of her activities because she protested having to cheer during a basketball game for one of the people accused of sexually assaulting her."

Anonymous said...

All in all, I see cracks in the wall.

Even among blacks.

The bank that wrote a blank check to niggers is bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

From Robert in Arabia

"a tale of two societies"

Most interesting video, Robert. Of course, being me, I would say that.

After viewing it, the question must be asked: "Can America, or indeed, the West, really be fixed?

The conventional, fitting-into-society part of me says no. The nasty, core part of me, says yes ... but it will take decades of iron dedication and unyielding effort and the streets are going to have to run with blood.

but ... who is up to making the effort?

Uncle Nasty

Simon Q said...

Mentioning times of "rage"; it's all the rage these days. Swarms of jigaboos enter a retail store, grab merchandise and bugger off leaving the proprietor literally at a loss.

Latest coon swarm seen here:

I wait for anarchy. Only the sheriff, the police and their minions protect these animals these days. Wait until open season when we can defend our loved ones, our businesses and our property.

One extra thing going for white men - we don't hold our pistols sideways when shooting, and neither to we have to utter idle crap threats about "busting a cap" etc, etc. Saying "I'm going to shoot you nigger" just about does it for me.

Anonymous said...

The reality is that Multi-culti marxism trumps faggotism trumps jooz which trump the feminazis.

Sorry me darlin's.

But the vile and violent femmes are, currently, a few notches lower on the totem pole.

Live with it, Andrea Dworkin.

There may be a little shuffling -- now and then -- of the pole positions, but for you and the carpet munchers, this is as good as it gets.

Uncle Nasty

PS. Nice pic of our Andrea, BTW, but in the fugly stakes you'll have to go far to beat this one.

Image here, and not for the faint of heart:-

... and a coal burner to boot. Your parents must be so proud.

Uncle Nasty

Jeremy said...

"All in all, I see cracks in the wall.

Even among blacks.

The bank that wrote a blank check to niggers is bankrupt."

Amen to that my friend!

Henry IX said...

Great to know that the rapist has no hard feelings.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know on what basis the chages were not entered. It seems the 'prosecutors' made the decision, despite plenty of witnesses.

John said...

Latoya – Were you their?? It does not matter the race, the question is weather or not he raped her. The fact he was willing to take a reduce charge to keep from going to trail or jail should tell you something! The question if that was your daughter being raped by a white man how you would feel? Also by your on remarks you have utter contempt for the white race.

Anonymous said...

And now for a word in defense of Rakheem.

LaToya's comment corroborates the boy's claim that it was a misunderstanding.

A black girl of that age would have known what she was getting into.

Think about it.

How do you think all them black teen moms become moms?

Back in the good old days, white girls knew that about black boys and girls.

Few would've gotten in that situation. Few black boys would've wanted to, either, not wanting to be strung up on a rope.

I suspect that the bigger criminals here are the rich white Southern university alumni.

They'd rather see a white girl get assaulted than lose a good "student" athlete.

That's how corrupt, decadent, and plain sick those fucks are.

Same sick fucks that adopt humongous black children and write them into their wills.

Anonymous said...


I loved it when the white gambler noticed something was going on.

"Wha-What? Should I be concerned about this?

Miraculously, I'm not being assaulted... where was I?"

Fuck, what a metaphor.

Anonymous said...

SAVANT,as i know real Texans this issue and the nigger are on borrowed time, never ever trust these people in any situation, the girl was trusting but these people are oppotunists my God they caught one who worked in the Cook County Morgue here in Chicago yrs back having sex with a corpse, put nothing pass them, John old rtd chicago copper.

SAVANT said...

Thanks John - glad to hear it.

Franz said...


besides inflicting justice on the rapist in question, I propose that the parents of the unfortunate victim be turned upside down and filled with concrete.

The fact that they could not (or tried not) to teach or at least prevent by physical restrainment their teenage daughter getting drunk in the company of intoxicated and arroused Orcs defies belief.

The whole upbringing of this unfortunate girl can be summed up with rather discouraging ease: Parents and teachers colluded to teach her to go through life waving a placard that says "Slut, sperm receptacle & designated victim".

That it is now considered virtuous for young women to be puking drunk, waking up in the gutter with their dress at chin level is the true terrible legacy of femminism. One that was probably quite unintended by the original Sufragettes.

Savage as their customs may be, the Islamists at least manage to maintain some modesty within their communities.

It is worth remembering that in the Western world we had in the past certain standards of behavior as well. Of course, we didn't need to reinforce those standards by stoning adulterers, just the occasional ostracizing of drunkards and whores did the job quite nicely.

RegThe Hedge said...

Savant. The BNP was hammered in the elections here in the UK. What the hell is wrong with people? Are they so stupid they dont see whats coming? Im on the verg of giving up. Maybe nationalists are one in a thousand. If that is the case then ours is a lost cause. Even if we all head to the nationalist areas of the north west us we would only end isolated and maybe attacked by the marxists. I look about here and the amount of brown faces is now upwards of 30% in Belfast city center. Worst still the amount of negros with Irish women is absolutely fucking shocking. What the hell is wrong with these women? Dont their friends or family say anything?
I honestly thought people were turning more to the nationalist cause yet nobody voted BNP. The stupid fuckers are againt immigration and yet they vote labour. The labour leader stated publically he was againt any cap on immigration and still the arseholes vote labour. I mean what the fuck? Cant they see the conflict?
Savant maybe a post on the lack of support for nationalism and the ironies that entails. Might be an interesting sibject.

SAVANT said...

@Reg: I agree with everything you say and it's most disappointing. I'd have thought that Belfast would be the last place on earth that would welcome coloured intruders, but there you go. I'd have said the BNP did badly because people might have felt it a wasted vote, but on council elections, well that wouldn't have applied.

I just don't know. I'll reflect on it and probably do a separate full post as per your suggestion.

SAVANT said...

Franz - are not the victim and her parents all part of the same problem: They've been bludgeoned and brainwashed into believing the all races are equal bullshit. I know if it were my case and my savantette were the victim, I can tell you for 100% sure that either I'd shoot the fucker or get someone (my friend the mercenary?) to do it.

Anonymous said...


The obvious conclusion you are avoiding is that nationalism and one-man-one-vote democracy are incompatible. Or perhaps the mix of the two is merely disingenuous, on the part of both voters and rulers.

There is always an aristocracy, whether it deserves to be one or not, whether it is formalized or not.

The BNP seeks the blessing of the voters.

This is totally wrong.

Voters want to follow. A party in order to win must either have the blessing of the state -- be a permissible choice to the ruling class -- or be fit to challenge the ruling class.

Voters won't follow anybody but an alpha.

The equality commission or whatever they called it humbled the BNP.

In succeeding, they proved the BNP unworthy. It never had the state's blessing in the first place, so it HAD to win.

They voted Labor not because they really liked it. They voted Labor because Labor is alpha.

But Labor is alpha only by default.

Remember Kipling's "Norman and Saxon".

The BNP are no Normans. They lost because they are unfit to lead. They are unfit to lead because they lost/caved to the commission.

They played by its rules.

Franz said...

@ Reg

I understand your desperation. The only people in Europe with the moral fortitude to vote for right wing parties BEFORE an avalanche of mulatoes saw the light of day were the Austrians.

They are well established in the parliament there and poised to take over once it becomes apparent to all that the current crop of elitist emperors has no cloths whatsoever. They have also done a great job in getting ordinary Austrians used again to the kind of straight talk that was common before 1968:

Even the "accident" of their former leader Joerg Haider and the subsequent besmirching of his character have not been able to stop the Austrian right from making huge advances.

In countries such as yours (and mine) we will suffer tremendously from not having tried and proven "true" conservative leaders ready to take over once Europe hits hour zero.

In some places this vacuum will be filled by violence, false prophets and the usual blame game.

@ Savant

I have a feeling that in the case of the Savantette, educational measures have been taken to prevent brazen & intoxicated fraternization with the Orcs in the first place. So I hope and pray that you will never have to go "Paul Kersey" on anybody:

jeremy said...

The BNP have been demonised as Nazis - and they have 'form' in this regard - and would always struggle for mainstream votes. Also Nick Griffin had a terrible performance on live TV.

Accepting what anon 1.50 says, the best approach is for like-minded people to try and take over one of the main parties.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The BNP seeks the blessing of the voters.

Voters won't follow anybody but an alpha.

The equality commission or whatever they called it humbled the BNP.

In succeeding, they proved the BNP unworthy. It never had the state's blessing in the first place, so it HAD to win.
The BNP are no Normans. They lost because they are unfit to lead. They are unfit to lead because they lost/caved to the commission.

They played by its rules.

How very true. would you vote for a polite self-effacing party? Above all, a guilt-ridden party?

Think back to the time when some BNP bigwigs were canvassing, got jumped by some paki's or whatever and beat the snot out of them. I would have voted for them right there.

The day the BNP didn't tell the equality commission to suck it, was the day they went down the pan.

First lesson in politics -- never show them your belly ... show them your teeth.

Ah, well. Maybe next time. If there is one.

Uncle Nasty

Franz said...

@ Jeremy and Anon 1:50

When the people are ready, a leader will come.

No matter how clever or insightfull a right wing movement is, there has to be a base of support waiting for the right candidate.

Joerg Haider found such a base in Austria in the 90s. A bit later Christoph Blocher did so in Switzerland. Victor Orban did so recently in Hungrary.

However, most European countries are inhabited by vast majorities of deluded, miscegenating, credit-binging slobs that are in dire need of a wake up call.

People who confuse rooting for a soccer team with standing up for yourself and yours. People who look to "the authorities" to tell them what to do and what to believe. People who believe that the TV set in their living room is their friend and would never lie to them.

The Savant and many others on this site have often put forth the prediction that a wake up call will come and that it will be rude indeed.

I agree.

If that wake up call makes people regain their senses, if it makes them truly ready, a new class of leaders will come.

Not leaders in the sense of dicators, but leaders who have the courage and the popular backing to order public affairs in a fashion based on common sense and basic morality.

Ben Franklin: "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters."

My hope is that as many European nations as possible will produce the modern day equivalents of Jefferson, Cato and Lycurgus.

Those that produce and follow monsters like the Lenins, Hitlers, Robespierres or dwarfs like the Merkels, Camerons and Sarkozys will go to hell and deservedly so.

There is still room in the dustbin of history.

Anonymous said...

Franz said...

@ Jeremy and Anon 1:50

When the people are ready, a leader will come.

One can only hope so. There is also the matter of synchronicity. When the leader arises, will there be a worthwhile people to support him?

Will there be enough of them?

Will they shun the TV and the shopping mall and show some self-discipline and restraint?

Will they be prepared to put themselves at risk?


Anonymous said...


I'm afraid that, in the Anglosphere at least, the national identity is going to have to be rebuilt almost from the ground up.

We have to fight for our ground.

Our ground starts where we are -- our neighborhoods and cities.

We win our neighborhoods.

Then our neighborhoods join.

We win our cities.

Then our cities join.

We win our regions.

Then our regions join.

We don't form a party and then try to win localities.

We win localities and then form a party.

We don't join a major party to make it national.

The major party joins the nation.

If we deign to let it.

euroserf said...

Let's hope you're right Franz. Must say I'm not 100% sure. People have been brainwashed to such a degree that they'll look everywhere but the right place for the solution.

RegThe Hedge said...

Why hasn't the BNP made a break through yet?
All English cities are overrun with non British. All you have to do is step outside

your front door, you can't miss it. Large areas of English cities are quite simply,

no longer English. The anti white PC environment has affected every white person in

England at some point. The extra competition for jobs and housing and even a

partner must have affected every English citizen. Yet there the vast majority stand

without resolve to do something about it. What does this mean?

1) They have no problem with losing their country and they see no difference

between an English person and a Pakistani.

2) They don't think they are losing their country, they don't think the level of

immigration and immigrants birth rates will result in whites becoming a minority.

3) They want to become a minority because they believe they and their ancestors are

bad and need to be wiped out or at least drastically reduced in number.

4) They have never thought about immigration and really know nothing about it.

5) They are unhappy with the level of immigration but don't think there is anything

they can do about it.

6) They are unhappy with the level of immigration but they trust Labour/Tories to

deal with the problem.

7) They are unhappy with the level of immigration and are unwilling to vote Labour

because they know Labour are the cause but they won't vote BNP due to their


8) They are unhappy with the level of immigration and are unwilling to vote Labour

because they know Labour are the cause and they will vote BNP.

I'm guessing the figures are probably about 1=2%, 2=21.5%, 3=1%, 4=5%, 5=30%,

6=10%, 7=30%, 8=0.5%

I want to focus on the people in catagory 7 because if these could be persuaded to

vote anti immigration then it would stop dead in it's tracks.

RegThe Hedge said...

The more I think about it the more I think the BNP are the problem. They take up a

space that might be filled by a more palatable party if they were not around. The

BNP are seen as Nazis. That is the reality. Most people simply won't vote for a

party like that. I don't think there is any point in further analysis.
So is it the BNP party or is it the leadership? If Nick Griffin walked away would

people be prepared to vote BNP? I think not. I think the BNP is probably one of the

most well known brands in the UK. I think the job of turning that brand from

sinister and nasty to open and wholesome would be a colossal task. Yet, the job of

creating a whole new brand would be an even greater task. Folks, nationalism in the

UK is in a great big mess.

The future for the BNP seems to be more of the same. Nick Griffin, after each defeat, always talks about the lessons learned. I'm sure he is learning but he and the BNP are not learning fast enough. I'm not saying Nick Griffin is the problem, I'm not convinced anybody could do any better given the same circumstances. When you are vilified to the point where the media portray you as the most hated man in the UK then it is not reasonable to expect to win elections where your personal popularity plays a part.

The vilification of the BNP and its leadership was not an accident. The UK establishment have orchistrated a campagne against the BNP through the media. The more popular (relatively) the BNP have become the greater the attacks. On top of this the BNP leadership has been continously attacked using the law (often enacted specifically to curtail the BNP). Arrests, imprisonment and later being released without charge are typical. Provokation by leftist police officers and then arrest for charges that do not exist in law are common. Just think of Stalin, North Korea or any other facist state and you will see the same tactics (short of physical torture) applied to the opposition. The PC UK establishment does not ban the party outright because they are well aware that if you take away a persons right to protest then you can expect when you next meet that person they'll be carrying a gun.
The way the BNP and its supporters are being suppressed amounts to the same thing as have the party banned. 560,000 votes in the last election and no seats? The carrying of the gun is simply going to occur later than if the party was banned outright. At this stage many BNP supporters must be questioning the sanity of playing the card shark with his own loaded deck.

Look at Northern Ireland. The republicans used the tormoil in N.I. to create clear divisions. By causing trouble the whole of the Catholic community was pushed into their arms because they left Catholics with nowhere to go. People could see this at the time but after the deed was done people no longer cared how the situation came about they were simply concerned with what side they were on, not how they got there. If the BNP took an approach like this I'm sure the UK establishment would start to back off and let politics occur naturally. At this point I wouldn't be surprised at 30% BNP MPs.

RegThe Hedge said...

I'm running out of time...

1) The BNP can continue playing with the rigged deck and remain on the fringes forever.
2) They could start agitating (republican style) whereby there will be successes but there will be serious pain for the BNP leadership on that road.
3) They could retire ALL current leaders and appoint media savy new blood to re invent the BNP as a soft inclusive nationalism where success is by no means guaranteed.
4) They could groom young members and get these to join the mainstream parties where they would help each other to take over the parties, very similar to how Blair and his eastern european marxists (Straw, Milliband etc) took over the Labour party.

I think Nick Griffin is great and he has given his life for his country and the ingrates in it, however, unless Nick is prepared to do number 2 above then he must step aside and have no more contact with the new leaders because the new leaders won't have a hope of turning things around if Nick is seen to be hanging around.

jeremy said...

@Reg: Great analysis. I think the various catageories and their percentages are pretty well spot on. I disagree though in that I think the BNP, especially with Griffin, but even without, is unsalvalgeable. The brand is toxic and the vilification will become ever greater commensurate with increasing votes. Must be a new party/movement.

Franz said...

@ Reg

You may be right about the BNP being a toxic brand and Nick Griffin giving his all but finding it is not enough. After all, you live there, I don't.

However, I think the British people won't be ready for a national awakening unless:

1. A financial calamity takes out premier league soccer. (I am not joking. Soccer, and professional sports in general are often the glue that keeps an otherwise unsound society from falling apart.)

2. The state runs out of money to pay the dole or the pound is debauched to such an extent as to make the dole worthless.

3. The blacks & the muslims overplay their hand by indulging in massive anti-white riots.

4. Such riots are broadcasted via Youtube and Facebook to such an extend as to make the MSM coverup an exercise in futility.

5. A member of the royal family is hurt/killed by marauding immigrants. Imagine (as horrible as that would be) Pippa Middleton gang-raped, beaten and disfigured by a pack of blacks.

I think at least four out of five of these conditions have to be met in order to arouse the people of Britain from their slumber.

Once they are awake, it remains to be seen if the choices they make are rational and directed toward self preservation.

Maybe they will simply look for some new class of "Kulak"-scapegoat to be blamed & punished.

Anonymous said...


I share your despair. The BNP has split recently into two factions, and many have walked away from the party. I was a member and on the leaked list, and I'm one of them.

The party may be reinvigorated, but there needs to be a change in leadership, first. There's a group called BNP Reform, whose videos you will find on YouTube.

Regarding white people generally This is a good video that explains the situation quite well:

Bemused stare said...

Reg, as always you make very good points. My take is a bit different. The biggest problem (hard one to beat), is upbringing.
Our people simply are not raising their kids.

Now I know that sounds like a horrible indictment but hear me out. The modern kid gets almost no input from family and ancestry. They learn everything they know from the idiot box.

Given what they are taught on the idiot box from the time they can sit upright, is it a surprise that they act against their own self interest?

And we saw it coming. I remember my Mom freaking out about people letting a tv bring their kids up in 1980. Look where it got us. The tv taught kids that white men are bad, that heroes are all black and that we are all nasty racists.

Go and look here.

That is ultimately why anyone who is a tenth of the BNP will have no chance.

J Bull said...

Of Reg's analysis, I'd say 2) and 5) make up over 90% of the people. The rest are not worth worrying about as their numbers are too small. Indifference and helplessness will (literally, in many cases) be the death of us, our country and our civilisation.

Anonymous said...

Cutting to the chase, I'm afraid that Reg has it in a nutshell.

At this stage many BNP supporters must be questioning the sanity of playing the card shark with his own loaded deck.

Look at Northern Ireland. The republicans used the tormoil in N.I. to create clear divisions. By causing trouble the whole of the Catholic community was pushed into their arms because they left Catholics with nowhere to go. People could see this at the time but after the deed was done people no longer cared how the situation came about they were simply concerned with what side they were on, not how they got there.

Kennedy once said something like:- "Those who make peaceful protest impossible make violent protest inevitable." Or similar ...
That, however, was when the left were ascending from a minority.

The left, however have hijacked and stolen all legitimate tools of protest.
Notice, I say "legitimate". By their very nature the illegitimate and dangerous tools remain available.

And they are illegitimate and dangerous because they work.

They leave us at a point where we realise that you can't win and you can't even break even -- playing by their rules.
This is where things go bad. People either stop playing the game, or they start making their own rules.

Uncle Nasty

Captain Logic said...

Ben Franklin: "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters."

Thank you Franz, for that.

Why is it that the great and good White men of the past were SO MUCH WISER than the stunted men-of straw we have ruling us today?

Increasingly, the countries of the West DESERVE their humiliations and subjugation.

Shitty cultures have been conquered by outsiders since time immemorial - the West's "culture" is increasingly decadent - so why are they any less subject to domination from others?

In countries like Britain, the homosexual agenda is seen as the cutting-edge of enlightened social reform. In most of the world (and specifically the new big kids on the block like China and India) this same program is seen for what it is: an utter disgrace!

Now, not to pick on the old poofters - much the same can be said for very many other social aspects, or policies, of Britain, and the West in general.

So, then, does the West DESERVE to continue as a viable independent entity?

As a Westerner, I'd dearly like to hope so but, many mighty empires have come and gone - do I think the materialism and pleasure obsessed West can buck the trend? Big, big no, in my opinion.

In other words, the issues confronting good folks like yourselves, goes beyond voter choices and the mechanics of demographics - it is more a matter of the soul.

Does the west DESERVE the shit coming it's way? Yes, in my opinion, but NOT because of the red-herring crap like slavery, colonialism etc., so often touted.

In other words, there is no conspiracy here; sound peoples would end up with sound(er) governments. We only have ourselves to blame.

Anonymous said...

The most important things in the lives of the majority of Anglosphere men on the Arabian Peninsula is their access alcohol and flights to the whore houses in Bahrain and Thailand.

Robert in Arabia

Anonymous said...

"A few honest men are better than numbers."

Oliver Cromwell

RegThe Hedge said...

Yea, I don't know whether the brand is unsalvageable however since starting from nothing is so hard I do think they should at least try rebranding.

I'm not saying that a big event won't wake people up. I am worried that there will be no event big enough to do the trick. At the moment it is like the frog in the slowly heating pot. The frog is boiled before he realises the danger. I honestly don't think there is long left. Once the non English reach >30% I think England is finished. Remember, the percentage of English that are old is far higher than Pakis and Nigerians.
Actually I thought more people would focus on point 2, agitation. I think this has the greatest chance of success. Look how the muslims are placitated. They get everything they want, they are treated far better than the BNP. Why? Because they threaten violence. The UK establishment has no stomach for it. Despite what the government and the media say groups like the republicans got what they wanted through these measures.

I can understand people backing Griffin and not wanting him to go. He has lived and breathed nationalism for so long he has an answer for everything that some muppet journalist could throw at him. He is quite charismatic. So, people cling onto his leadership because they cannot and do not want to take a chance on someone else. I believe now they have to. Nick and the other leaders have failed and it pains me to say it.

Just to go a little further on the shortcomings of the BNP....
Capt Logic reminded me of something that has been a concern for a while. The BNP estranges potential supporters for no good reason. For example, why publicly insult fags? Fags would be a natural supporter of any organisiation that seeks to remove muslims from our society. If the islamic maggots ever get control of our countries the fags will end in a world of hurt.
So, instead of garnering the support of fags and harnessing their inbuilt soft skills Nick Griffin calls them creepy. I mean what the fuck. Even if he thinks they are creepy he should do as successful politicians the world over do. Say nothing about them. I'm dam sure there are numerous fags out there who are anti islam zealots. Fags these days have peoples sympathies, many of them have the same attributes as Jews in so far as their ability to move up in places where great soft skills are mandatory i.e. politics. They have the drive of a man and the empathy of a woman. They are friggin made for politics. What a mistake to castigate them. Also, a hard line against fags is plain stupid. One of your kids could end up gay, another family member could be gay and what harm do they do anyway? When Nick leaves whoever takes over has to embrase (not trying to be funny) them.

RegThe Hedge said...

I tend to disagree. I think our tribalism is built into us. The state is using massive resources to stop the natural way of things. It is like redirecting a river off it's natural flow. Such a thing must be constantly monitored and maintained. So, it needs to be producing serious dividends to justify the resources required just to maintain the status quo. The minute this abhoration called multiculturalism has its funding withdrawn then you'll get a Northern Ireland like effect. Drive from Newry to Derry city at election time. Each town you go through has either Sinn Fein (Catholic) or DUP (Prodestant) posters. There is NO mixing. Mixed areas were cleansed a long time ago and it was not a pleasant exercise.
People are shocked at the way the UK has become a police state where citizens rights are disapearing left right and center. This police state is in part down to the massive controls needed to redirect that river called multiculturalism.
So, Bemused, I think the minute the state cannot afford the level of policing needed then you will quickly see race riots and all the stuff that goes along with that. Lefties will end up worst when this happens because they will be stupid enough to think their good (perverse) intensions are enough to give them a passport into Paki/Black areas. Severe beatings from the Paki/Blacks and then nationalists will show them they will not be forgiven for what they have done. For make no mistake they are responsible.

Franz said...

@ Captain Logic

The current public worship of sexual perversion is an interesting case in point.

There have always been homosexuals. Perhaps even among the the much revered founding fathers of the USA.

In the past men and women who were thus inclined had the good sense to put their sexuality where it belongs: In a private room occupied by consenting adults.

Nothing wrong with that.

However, the fact that sodomists now proudly parade their HIV diseased schling-schlongs through the streets on Christopher Street days (and most days in between) is a sure sign that we live in an age of complete decay.

Another interesting observation about loss of moral fibre: Yesterday we had riots in Germany. In Frankfurt, to be precise.

For those not in the know: Frankfurt is the epicentre of the banking oligarchy intent on impoverishing the nation. It is the focal point of an insane immigration policy. It's crime rates are not merely through the roof, but sky high.

So - plenty of legitimate reasons to riot there. Was any of these grievances the cause of the violence yesterday?

Of course not. The local slobs were dissatisfied with the performance of their F****NG SOCCER TEAM and proceeded to duke it out with the police.

To quote another wise man: "Stupid is who stupid does."


Henry IX said...

Reg says - I can understand people backing Griffin and not wanting him to go. He has lived and breathed nationalism for so long he has an answer for everything that some muppet journalist could throw at him. He is quite charismatic.

Well, maybe he is. Nut he completely blew his big chance on the Dimbleby show. He totally screwed up and seemed to show the exact opposite of what you claim, an answer any journalist can throw. again, ma be he has. But he didn't show iton the big stage.

Anonymous said...

Didn't an ARSE REBEL SNOT type once call the NFL the National Felon League?

RE NOBLEST ARSE will tell us what to think and we will think it!

Anonymous said...

Funny how it is wrong to say that he looks like a terrorist about de blak man but it is all right when scurrilousely having a go at one Neil Lennon.

RegThe Hedge said...

Henry IX,
Yes. He did blow up on Question time. He had facial ticks due to extreme pressure, you could see his mind was a mess. He was well and truly stitched up, his audience was rigged to heighten the pressure. A hoard of angry negros and pakis. He cut a very lonely figure and was of course set up to. Given who he is and what he represents to the invaders in the audience he was shagged from the start. If he pulled out he would have damaged the BNP so he had to walk into the lions den. I take a different view to his detractors I think he sacrificed himself for his beliefs. He knew what was coming, he could have backed out. How many of us would walk into a fight we knew we had no hope of winning? Not many I'd say. However due to its nature I'd say most nationalists would do the same. When the time comes you'll not see anything like the resolve of nationalists. At least a decade of outrage builds one hell of a fire in your belly.

Anonymous said...

O'Bongo is taking an interest in beefing up the rape laws on campus so the reclaim the night people will not be in fear of this type of neanderthal behavior.

Then again perhaps not.

F McCul said...

Don't be surprised at anything the Beasts of Ibrox will get up to.

tsnamm said...

"When the leader arises, will there be a worthwhile people to support him?

Will there be enough of them?

Will they shun the TV and the shopping mall and show some self-discipline and restraint?

Will they be prepared to put themselves at risk?"

You've hit the nail on the head! All pertinent questions Uncle Nasty. It seems to me the problem will have to be solved with knowledge and the education of those who remain ignorant of the situation, (either by accident or purposefully). The current sorry state of Western Civilization took several decades to reach this point, and has really taken off in my personal opinion when Multi cult and PC became the the philosophy dejure of elementary education. With the brainwashing of children in K-12 the full takeover of our societies became possible. Sort of a sociological, "hand that rocks the cradle". It will require a lot of work to turn the tide, but the alternative will be civil disorder and all the negatives that entails.

Olda said...

@ tsnamm: The current sorry state of Western Civilization took several decades to reach this point, and has really taken off in my personal opinion when Multi cult and PC became the the philosophy dejure of elementary education.

In a nutshell, my friend. Trouble is, it'll be hard to counteract a brainwashed generation. Look at the number of former East Germans who long for the ancien regime.

Anonymous said...

Reg The Hedge wrote:

'Yes. He did blow up on Question time. He had facial ticks due to extreme pressure, you could see his mind was a mess. He was well and truly stitched up, his audience was rigged to heighten the pressure. A hoard of angry negros and pakis. He cut a very lonely figure and was of course set up to. Given who he is and what he represents to the invaders in the audience he was shagged from the start. If he pulled out he would have damaged the BNP so he had to walk into the lions den. I take a different view to his detractors I think he sacrificed himself for his beliefs. '

That's an excellent analysis, Reg. It's a real shame.

SAVANT said...

Reg and Unrepentent - I agree with your analysis. However, I agree with the original poster - NG DID make a mess of it. It's elementary for anyone going on TV or radio to have pre-prepared answers for EVERY conceivable question, and to turn every response into getting your point acrosss, even if it has but the most tenuous connection with the original question.

He also could have turned his 'minority status' to his advantage, especiall w/r/t the home audience - the only one that matters.

In all modesty I can say that had I been in his place I'd have done 100% better. Unfortunately.

Captain Logic said...

Yes, reasonable analysis of NG by all here, unfortunately.

That the scum BBC were utterly biased (a pig wearing velvet is still a pig), is not in question. But NG was a terrible disappointment on the night in question.

Then again, the opinion polls were quite firmly in his favour post Question Time so, the question begs, why the no-show come the general election?

Not sure, but probably the fickleness of the average voter, short memories, sheer stupidity, or maybe the thought that voting for the BNP would be to endorse something like the Devil himself.

On the last point, this would be the propaganda of the MSM, political establishment and, unfortunately, social establishment (largely bamboozled by the former two), into labeling the BNP as utterly beyond the pale.

I absolutely take my hat off to Nick Griffin - whether he's the right man for the job or not, MOST people wouldn't have the balls to do what he's done.

The problem is not the political parties, and their leaders, but the people who actually vote for the same.

Sad to say, that's you and me.


Anonymous said...

Can't hold us down

Robert in Arabia

Anonymous said...

"Very few women – and no blacks – can make the cut."

Isn't the current Miss Ireland going out with one?

Anonymous said...

"Hey hey, ho ho, patriarchy has to go."

Anonymous said...

"Hey hey, ho ho, patriarchy has to go." (Along with Western Culture - Jesse Jackson and Stanford University idiots)

Schott-Mancini said she was herself a survivor of abuse by a former partner. "People belittled me, implying that it was my fault and that I shouldn't be an independent woman," she added. (? Seriously ?)

I was going to post the comment by some idiot saying that it was the cheerleaders fault for causing him to rape her which I saw yesterday on this case but canot remeber where.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so deprived, I got dragged to America and sold to slavery, Oh I can't get a job, Oh the White man owes me a living, Oh I get no respect from da man, Oh I ran out of free food, Oh Obama let me down, Oh not all my chill'ren ain't got no clean "draws", Oh Oprah ain't on the tube no mo', Oh Oh OOOHHHH. Your own "folks" sold you, read a history book, and find out. Go look for a job and quit making excuses, show respect and receive some in return, be accountable for you and your kids you got running around out of wedlock, be a parent, and pull up your d%$n pants. I don't care to see your "draws".

TRUE More "oppressed blacks were slave owners in what became the Confedearte states as a percentage than any other group.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video link, Robert.

I got a message -- at first -- saying that that video is not for viewing in my country, then a day later was freely viewable.

Here is one, however, that is available to all. Jacopetti's 1964 flick "Africa Addio"

You'll need quite a bit broadband though. It's the full, original movie, not the truncated travesty that was released in America under the captivating title:- "Africa, Blood and Guts."

It's ... interesting.

Basically it's Africa as it was then and as it is now.
No surprises. Well, not to me, anyway.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

RegThe Hedge said...

Yea, I don't know whether the brand is unsalvageable however since starting from nothing is so hard I do think they should at least try rebranding.

Strangely enough, I'm optimistic.

The BNP may have crashed and burned, but the supporters haven't evaporated.

They're still there, in the most dangerous place they could be for the establishment.

Underground ... waiting.

They will not simply throw up their hands and become call-me-dave supporters.

One charismatic person is all that is needed and they'll be back.

Why do I feel this? Because in spite of everything the establishment could throw at them, thay have grown in the rockiest of soil. People who have broken out of the state's brainwashing do not just go back to their crochet.


Anonymous said...

"Will there be enough of them?"

However many there are, it will be enough.


Even one is too many for the adversary to tolerate.

Someone once said that if only 1000 men think rightly and are true, then those thousand are the nation.

He was right about that.

And therefore:

The task is not to persuade the nation.

The task is to grow the nation.

Which is exactly what he'll do.

Franz said...

The drubbing of the BNP has certainly inspired a lot of pessimism on this thread. There is a bright side, though.

Today, Timo Soini, of the True Fins, of the recent April elections fame, has released an OP Ed in the Wall Street Journal (!!!) which is tantamount to a declaration of war on Brussels, Goldman Sachs and the whole one-world-open-borders-limitless-debt-crowd.

I beg the Savant to reprint it in full. However, here is a short excerpt to wet your beaks:

"The elites in Brussels have said that Finland must honor its commitments to its European partners, but Brussels is silent on whether national politicians should honor their commitments to their own voters. In a democracy, where we govern under the consent of the people, power is on loan. We do what we promise, even if it costs a dinner in Brussels, a "negative" media profile, or a seat in the cabinet."

Obviously, since I am very interested in financial matters, these words are pure ambrosia to my ears. However, Mr. Soini doesn't mince his words with respect to other topics such as immigration or foreign adventures either. Check out the man and the party:

I cannot stress enough how significant this is. Publishing a piece like this in the Wall Street Journal is the modern day equivalent of throwing down the gauntlet and warning the globalists not to come with a rapier to a pistol-fight.

Reg has commented on how the IRA and the Unionists managed to draw battle lines early during the troubles, forcing most everybody in Ulster to pick sides.

It seems as though Mr. Soini is instigating a similar process in Finnland, forcing the population to pick a side: You're either with the Finns or the globalists.

So far, it seems as though he can pull it off without car bombs and ambushes, but through articulating clear choices: Freedom or debt slavery? A mulattofied Finnland or a Finnland for Finns? Nato wars or peace?

I guess the people of Finnland were ready and their leader came to them.

P.S.: Maybe some of you wonder why the noises of some obscure political leader in a rather smallish nation should be so important. This is why: The construction of the European "bailout"-mechanism has a Finnish opt-out clause in it. A coalition government with the participation of Mr. Soini will therefore be able to throw a monkey wrench squarely at the dark heart of the whole Brussels machinery. The Wall Street Journal has realized this with a couple of weeks delay. And soon others will as well.

Anonymous said...

These guys have the same speechwriter.

Anonymous said...

Cyndi Steele reacts to the guilty verdict against her husband Edgar J. Steele.

Anonymous said...

No. I see no calls that the Texas cheerleader in the rape incident was asking for it nor for the Duke University Lacrosse team to be prosecuted because even if they did not commit a crime they were the wrong type of minority sport.

Anonymous said...

Re Miss Ireland, see this:

motoboy said...

Fascinating piece about the Finns Franz. Maybe hope at last?

white4ever said...

@aon 19.06. That's an amazing link showing Howard and Harper. Just confirms to me that we're all been manipulated by the NWO.

Anonymous said...

Oh God ... here's Uncle Nasty with another anti joo rant again.

Fucking right baby. The feminists, the niggers, the fags, the bankers are all the fleas that give us the plague.

But here are the rats that deliver the fleas:-

Once again, TinyURL has gone poopoo, so ... please be forgiving.

A quote:-

Chapter 14 of Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together (available here) recounts the events of 1917, a pivotal year in Russia. The main impression conveyed throughout the chapter is the sheer energy of the Jews—what I have elsewhere (pp. 24–26) labeled the psychological intensity of Jewish activism.

1917 in Russia was a year of rapid change, uncertainty and chaos—exactly the situation where even a relatively small but well-organized, energetic and highly motivated force may have a very large impact. As an analogy, consider how relatively easy it would have been to influence the structure of the U.S. government in the unsettled period after the Revolutionary War than it is today.

Jews developed a huge range of organizations of all types. Politically, they ranged from the center to the far left.

From the very first days after the February Revolution, central newspapers published enormous number of announcements about private meetings, assemblies and sessions of various Jewish parties, initially mostly the Bund [a socialist-labor party with a strong Jewish identity], and later of Poale Zion, Zionists, Socialist Zionists, Territorialist Zionists, and the Socialist Jewish Workers’ Party (SJWP). Already by March 7 we read about an oncoming assembly of the All-Russian Jewish Congress.

Busy, busy, busy little bees ... always busy. And they do their best work during chaos.

And they are busy now -- in times of chaos.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

And an interesting little something ... I think I see the solution:-

A Greek Tragedy

A quote or two:-

And now the banks and the EU want their payback. Except the Greeks are not playing ball. An article in this mornings Grauniad highlights that Greeks are sick of being squeezed. They KNOW who is at fault. They KNOW their "leaders" were sold the emporers new clothes and instead of knuckling down, tugging their forelocks to their new masters and working on the plantation are simply ignoring the State.

more and more people experience the lack of meaning, rationality, justice and freedom in their everyday lives. Some refuse to pay transport and hospital fees, tolls and debts, and others create tiny local networks of solidarity, alternative commerce or self-education in their districts. Some read blogs and narrate different stories reconfirming their dignity with humble, daily acts of resistance because they feel the difference between "us" and "them" that no media or state narrative can obscure.
Eventually, Portugal and Ireland will do the same. The Politicians will demand more from the slaves to pay back the debts they created to enslave them and the citizens will just decide to ignore them. You can trade in other currencies. Turks have never trusted the Turkish Lire and trade mostly in dollars and Euros. Silver and gold bars are now available in vending machines should you decide not to trust a bankrupt bank that is owned by a bankrupt state to keep your life savings safe (even now, the EU has told the Irish State to raid the private pensions and savings for cash).

I alway think of the Poles and the Czechs during the fifties. In every possible way they made the lives of the rulers a living hell.

Whenever an act of rebellion presented itself, it was used.

The future could be fun, after all.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Further to my previous post, I recommend a tiny (96 pages) book called "Bureaucrats ... and How to Annoy Them."

This was my bible. I still have my copy now after all these years.
A slim little volume, but every word is solid gold.
Rather like "The Elements of Style" by Strunk.

By following this guy's advice, and staying within the law I got the tax department to stop contacting me ... literally to pretend I did not exist.

People do not conceive this but it actually happens. Golden Rule: If you cause any bureaucracy enough trouble and work, they will leave you alone. You merely have to pretend to follow their rules and use their methods against them.

The author (with the delightful name of R.T. Fishall.) puts his philosophy into a nutshell ...

"Make the brutes work ..."

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

I love the internet. Further to a previous post, I now discover that the author of my favourite book, is none other than Patrick Moore -- the astronomer.

And a new edition is available.

Buy it ... use it!

Uncle Nasty

J Bull said...

UN you bring tidings of joy, especially those on how to annoy bureaucrats. Now THAT is something that would justify the Internet in itself! I shall immediately proceed to acquire a copy and master the techniques.

Thanks, mate.

white fang said...

yes, the one thing to defeat the bureaucrats - make them work!!! I have a feeling that the Brussels ones are digging their own graves.

Croesus said...

I dont agree with your analysis on Greece. They've pigged out for years by falsifying the books, retiring on full pension at 50 etc. Still, the fact that they're rebelling is great.

white4ever said...

This lady went into a locked room with a gang of niggers. WHAT THE FUCK did she expect? Hard to find sympathy, I am afraid.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange that Chris Brand and Larry Summers can be hounded out of jobs but talentless "wiimmin" are allowed to stay on

Anonymous said...


IMF head Strauss-Kahn charged with attempted rape of hotel maid

Riiiight. Let's see now. You think the sistahs of Dorkin et al will be squalling for the head of this guy?

Let's look at the playbook, shall we?

(1) Rampant Screeching Feminist trumps accused male? ... Ooh, yes.

(2) Rampant Screeching Feminist trumps nigger? Ah, no ... but thats okay, this ain't a nigger.

(3) RSF punches air ... Yesssss!

(4) Accused male is a jew. Aaaah, DAMN!

(5) Accused male is a rich jew. Aaah, fuck.

(6) Accused male is head of IMF. Aaah, FUCK IT!!! Back off, sisters ... maybe next time.

Sounds about right to me.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Does the head of the IMF know the name of a madam in Noo Yawk and mistoke the maid for a ho?

Anonymous said...

DSK giflé par une hôtesse de l'air

Perhaps the Air France hostess did not parle francais comme DSK?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know of Northwestern HS in Florida where a 15 yo raped a 14 yo girl but as they had a game to win it was ignored. I was looking to see what Selena Roberts had to say on Black high school coaches, black administrators and black teachers had to say on the matter but she is part of the cover up.

Anonymous said...

We have had slut walks all over the place to tell us that dress is not an invitation to rape yet here it was the reason the poor black boys were led on by the white she devil. Strange

Anonymous said...

I notice the slut walkers are angered by the statement made that "she made him rape her".

Leading Duke university group of 88 member said, and I quote " ".

Anonymous said...


The Arkansas point guard quickly deleted this crass comment after posting it, but it was already too late:

Im gettin it at workouts like a dude who doesnt understand the word no from a drunk girl lol

The tweet was particularly insensitive given the climate on campus: Just weeks earlier, three of Fortson's teammates were accused of an alleged rape at a fraternity house.

Obviously Arkansas is in the boondocks or Selena Roberts would have been there to see justice done!

Along with other crusading feminsts.

motoboy said...

So why do white Americans watch NBA then?

Anonymous said...

@ Motoboy
MLB All Star game was a failure drawing a 6.9 audience figure while NBA's drew 6.2 so perhaps they do not watch it?

Anonymous said...

Racist occupy Wall Street protestors gave the police information on sexual assaults that happened in Zuccotti Park. As explained in Haiti it is not violent when it is african being african.
(I am assuming Tonye Iketubosin is afircan-american due to mug shot not being out yet.)

nemesis said...

another delightful dilemma. Feminazis getting raped by coons. Must be some way they can blame YT tho...