Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Speaking of America's decline........

The previous post suggested The USA was exhibiting some disturbing Third World symptoms.

I present the following scenes from WalMart as further and conclusive proof of irremediable decline, and rest my case.


Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong, Savant.
All I see is "normal" people going about in their "normal" attire perhaps displaying a completely "normal" sexualised fashion statement.


jethro tull said...

I agree with Beorn. Nothing at all unusual in today's diverse and tolerant Amerikay.

Anonymous said...

You know, I have often thought that the US and the UK would actually benefit (in the long run of course) by being occupied by a hostile, moral and thorough invading force ... in the military sense of the word. Sort of a crusade.

Not the soft invasion currently happening.
Rather more like France, Belge, Singapore, etc., in 1942. Replete with enablers, politicians, chavs, gangbangers ... turning slooooowly in the breeze.

Kind of a huge laxative. An unfortunate metaphor, but I think you know what I mean.

Some would say a bit harsh, perhaps, but that's just me.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hi savant, i want to know if that nigerian radiator hose guy killed his irish beauty queen yet,or at least give her a good ass kicking,

Anonymous said...

That's true Uncle Nasty. You're harsh but fair!

pdf1 said...

You want an idea what our world's coming to? Check this out.

thor said...

Sorry to disappoint. But we are having similar things in the likes of Oslo and Stockholm today. Side by saide with woman in burka's!

Anonymous said...

The Irish did great in the Midwest economically, not so great in the Northeast, on average.

They did so for the same reason Jews do great in white countries, not so great in Israel.

Zero sum power needs somebody to sum against.

Californian said...

So much for breakfast...

Clogheen said...

anon 16.48. Silly comment. Why shul it be a zero sum game?

Franz said...

Maggie Thatcher once called the Soviet Union - and I paraphrase - "Kenya with nukes". Sadly this verdict doesn't even begin to do justice to the current state of the remaining "superpower".

Also sadly, the condition of most western countries, my own included, is not much better.

The West, explained in five seconds:

Not all the world is raving mad however: Today I had the opportunity to visit a Japanese enclave in Germany for a press conference regarding art and poetry. It was held inside a compound that contained a park, a kindergarten and a Shinto temple.

To begin with, the whole place was clean beyond belief. I would not have hesitated to eat sushi from the floor of the restroom.

There were at least fifty little kids playing in the park, while their mothers huddled together exchanging gossip. Among the kids, not one was of mixed race, while among the mothers there was not a single tatooed and/or painted trollop. Also, no one was overweight.

The whole thing made me painfully aware of what we once had and then decided to squander during the few disgrageful decades following 1968.

What a class act the people of Japan are and how low we have brought ourselves!

P.S: @ Tony VA: I still owe you a linke re treasury bonds

Tony in VA said...

Thanks for that link Franz. yes, the Chinese are pulling back but the Japanese, earthquake and all, are increasing their holdings. If you don't mind, could you suggest why this might be?

Mr Irrelevant said...

Hey Thor, I watched your movie today - yep, the one with Black and Oriental Norsies (!??!)

Mind you, I could have lived with that, but for one small problem - the film was utter shite!

Directed by Kenneth Branagh? Plastic Paddy, I presume. Wasn't much of an actor, but a truly dire director.

Right, now how do I even vaguely link this to the current discussion ...

Anonymous said...

Police now have more shackles and handcuffs than criminals. This is what happens when the shyster lawyers and ACLU types make shooting criminals a criminal offense. 30 years ago this guy would be laid out for his last rites due to much deserved acute lead poisioning. How can anyone be an advocate for such mental miscreants...

Macaw said...

Looking at those pictures makes me wonder of the true meaning of freedom of expression where the code of conduct is thrown out of the window.

Surely, these "people" should have some sort of moral value, or have I missed the plot?

Anonymous said...

i beleive the IMF gentlman was trying to, whats called here in America give the old gal some corn hole action,

Franz said...

@ Tony VA

Right after the eathquake there was a meeting/teleconference of the G7 central bankers. Remember: Back then the Yen was going bonkers vis a vis all other currencies.

In the end, the G7 banks intervened to calm the FX markets. Nobody knows what the exact quid pro quo for that intervention was. Maybe it was continued treasury purchases by the Bank of Japan.

Anayhow, $17 billion of Japanese purchases stretched over a whole month is a pittance compared to how much debt Timmy Geithner issues these days. Most weeks it is something between $40 and $50 billion.

If the Fed wasn't buying up a huge chunk of it, you would quickly see an escalation in the bond markets.

P.S. Wasn't it just great how Pharao Obama promised billions in aid to the north Africa and the near East yesterday? Don't his handlers realize how absurd it is to debate about an obscene debt ceiling of $16 trillion at home while promising vast monies to foreign countries which happen to have handsome deposits of oil and natural gas?

Croesus said...

Yeah, it's amazing to see Barak Hussein promising to send so much cash to the despots in his real homeland. It's payback time. Looks like the printing presses will be working overtime to keep up with this promise.

Great isn't it? Just print yourown money!

Kevin Rafferty said...

Macaw - yes, standards have fallen so low so fast. I almost feel like the previous commentator who seems to suggest opening fire on such creatures. Let me think about that!

Bemused stare said...

It's what I call the "can't beat em, join em syndrome." The fuckwit in the first picture has been brain washed from birth with the idea that his people are not good enough. This is why he is trying to emulate the hideous she-rilla in picture two.

You can thank the fact that everything about us has been vilified for decades in everything from the media to education for this lovely turn of events.

captain zero said...

@Bemused stare: yes, there's a kind of symbiosis between the 2 creatures in the pics. In very different ways they depend on one another.

Bemused stare said...

@ Captain zero

Indeed there is to some extent. As always, the "give" is mostly from the side of humanity. To explain. A long time ago, humanity made a sharp turn in its evolution, when we decided that it was a good idea to coddle the fools and the weak. We did this because we are essentially geared in a social sense to being "nice". We feel that one ought to care for the old, the frail, the handicapped, the sick, orphans, lost puppies and of course, idiots.

We took measures to protect them from stuff that ought not to be a danger to a retarded five year old.We even went as far as taking steps to ensure they don't burn their lips on their coffee when they buy a McDonalds idiot meal.

The result? We are being swamped by morons and they are breeding way faster than those of us who possess a neural network. Having seen where being "nice" got us, you now know the law of unintended consequences.

Ultimately you have a snowball effect where it is now required by the gods of pc, that we all lower the bar and allows ourselves to devolve into something resembling the starring role in a fifties, B-grade horror flick.

This is why you have a fetid three hundred pound gang banger factory posed on the front cover of Cosmo as what we ought to view as beauty. Of course, when confronted by said "beauty", reeking of last weeks chicken wings that got caught in a fold, those of us who toss up our breakfast are thumped mightily about the head with the "R" word.

Franz said...

@ Bemused Stare

Excellent points. To prevent the onset of fatalism, I'd like to add a little something.

Reversion to the mean.

There have been previous periods in history when humanity thought it wise to pull a number on the forces of evolution.

Ancient Rome is the most famous example. During the late empire, its inhabitants were multicultural drooling idiots, addicted to chariot races and gladiator fights, unable to feed themselves except for the generous dole upon which they had come to rely.

What happened?

Evolution reasserted itself.

In other words:

Reversion to the mean.

After the collapse of the empire and with it of institutions such as the dole and free games, the Romans simply could not cope. They died of like flies. Centuries of dysgenic procreation had made them unfit for survival.

Depending on which sources you trust the approximatly one million inhabitants of Rome during the late empire were reduced to anything between a few hundred and 35.000 by the beginning of the early middle ages.

Such a reversion to the mean is ugly and sad from a humanitarian point of view.

It seems however to be a law of nature that that which cannot be sustained will not be sustained.

P.S. Anybody interested in the subject of dysgenics as well as coarse, red blooded humour will enjoy the film "Idiocracy":
Some might argue that "Idiocracy" is in fact not a fictional film, but a documentary.

Anonymous said...

Anyone see the My Super Sweet 16 with the HUGE "naturally talented dancer" going to the dance studio with an Army T shirt which was probably XXXXXXLarge?

(We are through the looking glass people!)

topper said...

My Super Sweet 16 are these people at an earlier age. Maybe there wealthy parents will help them avoid it, but it's the usual dumb-down drivel.

Anonymous said...

After the collapse of the empire and with it of institutions such as the dole and free games, the Romans simply could not cope. They died of like flies.

Rubbish. The Romans simply weren't Romans anymore.

They went brown.

So they went down.

And not at all all at once. They just slowly fell apart. Once all that was left was held together by nigger fixes alone, there wasn't much point in sticking around.

@Bemused: The fuckwit in the first picture has been brain washed from birth with the idea that his people are not good enough.

Hey may have at that.

But that only works with whites.

Know yourselves, white men.

The enemy exploits a suicidal, fatalistic tendency that they did not give to us.

Be sure you're not just saying what the enemy wants you to say about your race and its future.

hector grey said...

anon 23.41: Touche!

Franz said...

@ Anon 23:41

"Rubbish. The Romans simply weren't Romans anymore."

I used the term Romans to designate the population living in that city at the described point in time.

I am well aware of the fact that they were a rather brownish lot by then. Definitly not much like the founding stock of 753 BC.

I would have thought that the term "multicultural drooling idiots" had made that abundantly clear.

In Germany we have a saying. It sounds much nicer in our native idiom, but I am confident it translates well enough for you to understand:

"Those who are able to read have the advantage."

Anonymous said...

Have you read THIS piece yet, Savant?

Who needs niggers when you have stupid white elites to fuck it up for you?


Clogheen said...

anon - that doesn't appear to be a valid link to the Irish Slimes.

Anonymous said...

(Stolen from another poster)

In honor of Africa Day will we go out raping, pillaging, and looting?

Rob said...

@Franz 18:11
I think you could summarize what you are saying thus: just when you think you've cheated natural selection, it comes up from behind and bites you in the ass.

Rome - even in its terminal stages - was a stern and uncompromising meritocracy
compared to modern states with their welfare/affirmative action/equality legislation. Their inevitable implosion will not be a pretty sight.

Anonymous said...

Google "Morgan Kelly - Irish Times" for full piece.


Michael Dean Miller said...


Dear God,

Please save America from the Wal-Martians.


Anonymous said...

What amazes me is that most of the Walmartians are white. Or is that again just judicious editing?

Piet said...

Joined at the hip? That boon's legs are joined at the knee! How can she breed?

Anonymous said...

Piet we hope to f*** that she does not but when she hears about welfare cheques then .... .

Anonymous said...

That boon's legs are joined at the knee! How can she breed?

Answer: Wave a big dick or a large welfare check and she'll open like a ballerina.

Anonymous said...

Okay, we've looked at Americans from the shallow end of the gene pool ... the WalMartians as some unkind bugger called them.

Sooo, let's take a look at the -- how shall we say -- more enlightened segment of America? The segment that would "tut-tut" the WalMartians to death.

Please go here:-

And let us read about the Happy Shiny People Holding Hands mentioned in this cosy little scenario.
Strangely enough, there is no murder, rape or putting little niglets into microwave ovens even mentioned here.

But I challenge the reader to get to the end and tell me that these two so-called progressive parents are not the creepiest you have read about in a looooong time.

And these two will be admired by their peers.
Remember, to the end ... you'll find the comments enlightening as well.
It's best described as a slow-motion Amy Biehl but without the laughs.

Uncle Nasty

fistic fury said...

Christ, these poor kids. Storm, Jazz and Kio, all genderless. Sure;ly there has to be a law against this kind of thing? Can you just imagine how these kids will grow up? Sickening.

Anonymous said...

Something else to give one pause.

I guess I'm not the only looney in the bin.

In which Gordon T. long states:-

Historic debt growth was built up without the disease of inflation infecting the US economy. This is explained by inflation that was effectively exported whenever increasing levels of US dollars were printed by the US Treasury.

Any threat to this strategy was rapidly challenged by US military power. As an example, when Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq, decided to sell Iraq oil denominated in Euros, he was invaded by US forces three months later and removed from power. When Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi wanted gold in exchange for Libyan oil, he almost immediately found himself the target of US planned military intervention.

Presently, oil is still sold only in US dollars, but more and more trade deals are being negotiated between China and its trading partners. This is a serious threat to the US and the US Dollar Reserve Strategy ...


Anonymous said...

And here we have the core of the problem ...

... A congruent opinion is expressed by prominent Jewish social scientist and ethnic activist Earl Raab, who remarks very positively on the success of American immigration policy in altering the ethnic composition of the United States since 1965.1 Raab notes that the Jewish community has taken a leader-ship role in changing the Northwestern European bias of American immigration policy (1993a, 17), and he has also maintained that one factor inhibiting anti-Semitism in the contemporary United States is that “an increasing ethnic heterogeneity, as a result of immigration, has made it even more difficult for a political party or mass movement of bigotry to develop” (1995, 91). Or more colorfully:

The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-white or non-European. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country.

We [Jews] have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to bigotry for about half a century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible—and makes our constitutional constraints against bigotry more practical than ever. (Raab 1993b, 23)

(from here):-

The RSP's are so blissfully unaware that they turn ordinary people into Nazis ... simply by relentlessly being joos.

They are not that smart.

They are certainly incapable of seeing that should YT finally go, that they are now surrounded by gazillions of Haitian niggers and mestizos who will -- by then -- learn to hate them much, much more.

We won't even talk about the Muslims who are old hands at hating them.

Ah, well.

PS ... it's true. They are not that smart. Once again look at the little Swedish budgie --- utterly convinced of her place in the brave new world.

Anonymous said...

While I'm at it ...

Download Chapter 7 of Kevin McDonald's magnum opus ... lots of really interesting quotes.

And should any trolls say:- "Oh God ... UN's on his Joo Croosade again ..."

Folks ... they hand me the ammunition. I just pass it on.


Anonymous said...

Oh. And while I'm at it ...

I don't know if he is Irish, but if he is, he's my kind of Irish.

Lots of good comment.

Uncle Nasty

Apu said...

Uncle Nasty: If the oil sales issue was a/the cause of US anti Iraq and anti Libya, why has Europe moved in so enthusiastically behind the latest? I'm not disagreeing with your thesis, but this does seem to contradict it.

Anonymous said...

Apu said...

Uncle Nasty: If the oil sales issue was a/the cause of US anti Iraq and anti Libya, why has Europe moved in so enthusiastically behind the latest? I'm not disagreeing with your thesis, but this does seem to contradict it.

Apu, I would recommend that you revisit the link:-

... and read it to the conclusion.

I am not really a financial person and can make no claim to any nation's behavior as far as finances are concerned. I merely have a habit of seeing -- what I think -- is strange or subversive behavior and mentioning it.

Franz or Reg, I think are better at the hidden meanings and motivations.

I am sure that one of them will comment.


Philip Grey said...

Uncle Nasty, I have just read that article through to the end and I mus agree with Apu. I see nothing in it that suggests a motive for Europe supporting the Libya involvement.

Anonymous said...

She looks like she is dressed for the Urban Beach party at Myrtle Beach. Could perhaps pick up some items for free from the shops there!

Anonymous said...

The findings of a study conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto suggest that knowledge of the science behind the human body might be able to help defeat racism. The study authors assert that educating individuals about our genetic similarities -- specifically, the fact that humans are 99.9 percent genetically similar -- can do a lot to diminish the meaning we attach to physiological differences.

Behind the research was the idea that people often mistakenly assume that superficial ethnic characteristics are a reliable sign of significant genetic difference. The result: Study participants who were more informed of genetic overlap between strangers were less likely to racially profile.

According to the researchers, the results suggest that people's beliefs about genetic variation are malleable. Education, therefore, could be a useful target for anti-prejudice interventions. "People without a strong motivation for prejudice -- and even those with professed egalitarian ideals -- frequently display signs of racial stereotyping," they concluded. "We suggest that people with egalitarian ideals may still exhibit stereotyping at least partly because they harbor particular assumptions about genetic variation."

We can all be guilty of focusing too much on identifying, criticizing and being frustrated by racism, and not enough figuring out how to do away with it. This is a step in the right direction. And while it strikes us as surprising that a little awareness of the biological version of "we all have more in common than we think" could do so much to alter long-held beliefs about race, if it works as well as the researchers suggest (at least as one piece of the puzzle), we're all for it.

Kwanaza suggested that Black women are always found to be less attractive than white women (No I cannot think why either) and it produced this reply from a group called

once more said...

@anon 22.12. And we also share 98% of our DNA with the chimpanzees. Thise small percentates make a big dufference.

Anonymous said...

@ once more

Isn't it funny how the meme that blacks are better "affleeets" because of genetics meme is acceptable yet pointing out that these "better athletes" commit 50% of US murders despite being a small percentage of population is not?

It is almost like there was one rule for the MSM and a different one for other people!

once more said...

anon 8.44. That's true. Innate differences, where blacks are supposedly better, are fine. But the negatives, well, race is just a social construct.

Anonymous said...

Taboo by John Entine

Entine has compiled abundant evidence to support this politically incorrect belief, and it is more than convincing

The Black World Today

Carefully researched and intellectually honest.

Jay T Kearney, Former Senior Sports Scientist, United States Olympic Committee

The real value of the book is its willingness to address racist thought in the context of the black athlete and seek an honest dialogue on the topic

Brain Gilmore,

This is the guy who omitted cycling because um I guess they did not have time to show black superiority here. It is not as if he had as much time as Michael Moore to do the story in a longer timeframe.

Yes it is up there with Black Athena.

Anonymous said...

Larry Platt Pants on the Ground

Looking like a fol with your pants on the ground.

He breached the age limit but was allowed on television to mock a certain fashion trend.

Simon Cowell Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability, and I want you to know that we are with you, hatta al-nasr, hatta al-nasr, hatta Albuquerque.

Anonymous said...

Innate differences

which Entwine conveniently chose to ignore was that your woman is from the race where she could be expected to be in the top percentage that could run the 100 metres in around 11 seconds. She is also from the race that she could be expected to weigh 300 lbs and she looks like she is on the way to achieving that!

In other words whereas whites are distributed around a standard Bell Curve more "african" originated people can expect to be at the top of the range in sprinting ability but also more "african" originated people can expect to be overweight. The distribution is flatter.

Anonymous said...

But doesn't the Orange Spongerland of Norn Irlan wid there owen ebionics pruff dat we are all out of Afrikkka?

rebel said...

anon 17.13. This is an excellent video. Should be mandatory viewing for everyone, especially the libtard criminals who run the west.

rebel said...

anon 16.36. You are of course correct. It always make me smile when I see libtards craving to acknowledge blacks' superior athletic capabilities, but knowing that if they do they're letting the genie out of the bottle! Loveley!

Anonymous said...

Should be mandatory viewing for everyone

Did you spot the only real face on the cover of Scientific American?

Yes, a scientific magazine was advancing an ideology and not science.

"For shame sickos at modern Brides magazine".

Anonymous said...


I give you JaMarcus Russell who showed both ends of the spectrum as regards athleticism and tendency to be overweight and who was supposedly the most talented quarterback in that years draft. (Except for the one that was I am guessing)

Goes out and blows his money on furs coats and cannot be arsed to deliver on that talent.

In the year of his release he comes back weighing as much as a linebacker b'cos dem's nuggets be tasty.

Maybe he was putting on subcutaneous fat so that he could be a Navy SEAL?

Anonymous said...

Were they expecting there be a large black attendance?

white fang said...

Re JaMarcus Russell. amazing. A good black quarter back! Was it an AA appointment?

Anonymous said...

Height: 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m) Weight: 335 lb (152 kg)

Albert Haynesworth

Height: 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m) Weight: 285 lb (129 kg)

JaMarcus Russell at the time of his signing

Height: 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m) Weight: 355 lb (129 kg)

At the time of his release.

Al Davis just signs the tallest and fastest players without regard to their quality.

Very "Liberal" of the owner of the most dysfunctional team in the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Re JaMarcus Russell. amazing. A good black quarter back! Was it an AA appointment?

He thought he was an AA appointment. Could turn up overweight be the third lowest ranked quarter back with a passing pct of 35 and he would still start because whitey owed him a living.
Even Al Davies does something competent now and then and realised that the guy he fired because he did not want Russell drafted was not the problem and Russell was.
Now Russell is just a problem for Russell. (Until he gets busted and goes to the bighouse as a guest of Uncle Sam I guess.)

Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of JaMarcus?
See the big girl without the big girl blouse.

Anonymous said...

I cannot remember the name of a guy who was given as a bigger draft bust than Ryan Leaf as he had a stutter.

Try one of the youtube videos of JaMarcus mumbling. You cannot even make out if it is ebionics he is mumbling.

Brought to Oakland by Al Davis.

JaMarcus a mumbling
Al Davis a bumbling
Raiders fans a humbling
Eoic Beard Man and an idiot a rumbling
Call Amber Lamps says an idiot his voice a fumbling
in a city with idiots covered in dumb bling
But unlike Detroit Michigan not yet a tumbling

"keep the city SAFE and Clean"

Sonny Barger founder of the Hell's Angels tells of a time when local boons, see picture on front of this story, were threatening to foricibly multiculturize (and burgalarize and vandalize) promeniently white neighborhoods the Hells' Angels stood at the end of the bridge that the march had to cross and they sort of decided to stay home in their own ruined ghetto rather than trying to force ghetto on pristine lawns.

Piet said...

Well what I hope happens is that a lot more Hell's Angels style groups start forming and keeping us safe from the porch monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Once you go brown the only way is down

Anonymous said...

You can put a monkey in a suit but a monkey it will remain.

Still not up there with Scotland's shame.

Anonymous said...

Terelle Pryor or Terrel Prior looks set to be the new JaMarcus Russell (who has nearly gone through all the $31 million he "earned").

He was at a Quarterback work out with John "Chucky" Gruden who,like AL Davis, really knows his quarterbacks.

Brady Quinn, Kevin Kolb, John Beck,
Drew Stanton, Trent Edwards, Isiah Stanbuck, Jeff Rowe, Troy Smith, Jordan Palmer, Tyler Thigpen, Matt Moore.

These guys were all available at the 2007 draft.

Anonymous said...

Visit Eugene, Oregon for higher standard dress code! (Daily Mail)

Bikini no-go: Sandy McMillin says she was kicked out of Wall-Mart for wearing (a) bikini top and will now sue for discrimination

Anonymous said...

While there has been some speculation that Pryor's future could come as a receiver or tight end, Raiders coach Hue Jackson said he views Pryor as a quarterback and he will start his career there.

Read more:

Historu repeats itself as the raiders draft a guy who dropped out of college to be the next black quarterback.

JaMarcus is going back to LSU to finish his degree as no other NFL team would take a chance on him.

Funny how every other NFL team ran the rule over Terell and could see no reason to make an offer.

Anonymous said... for Latinas with am curves?

Anonymous said...

Photo credit: Nicky Hambleton-Jones, © Gianni Diliberto
The key to making the latest fashions work for you is to understand your body shape, and here style and beauty expert, Nicky Hambleton-Jones, shares her know-how to help you identify your shape and the styles that will work best for you.

Nicky says...

A is for apple
Apple-shaped bodies are larger on top and smaller below. Women with this shape tend to have broad shoulders and full breasts and are likely to carry weight around the tummy, but have smaller hips and bum and slim legs.

Flatter your shape with fitted tops that fall just below your belt-line, or V- or deep scoop-neck tops, which will make the most of your cleavage, lengthen your neckline and draw attention up to your face. Opt for wide leg trousers to balance your frame. Avoid pockets which can be unflattering and attract unwanted attention to the upper body. Go for long-length dresses that hang loosely from underneath the breasts.

Avoid wearing busy patterns on your top half, or opting for pieces that have lots of detail on the upper body, such as wide collars, buttons, frills, lapels and puff sleeves – these will only accentuate any extra inches. Never choose a dress that is figure hugging, as this will only draw attention to your waist. Polo necks will make you look top-heavy and square off your shape- so steer clear!

Celebrities with an apple shape
Fern Britton
Beth Ditto

Go with the muumuu

Anonymous said...

Doesn't make sense. What she calls apple shape is really V.

Anonymous said...

I'm not lazy fat or a junkie. Jamarcus Russell

He explains it here about the apnea and the putting on weight easily.

Anonymous said...

LameStream Media are going on about food deserts in major US cities.

Now why would supermarkets refuse to go into a place where there are theoretical customers?

Theoretical customers is a hint at Tuskegee which is the only place to have lost a Wal-Mart because it could not attract "customers" and there were sodd sales at it.

great white said...

This is the thing. They make out that chains pull out of 'minority' areas for seemingly unspecified reasons. Of course they'd go anywhere that they can make money. They can't make money when their customers are impoverished thieves.

Anonymous said...

Sloth-like dumbshit that can be found 'grazing' at any Walmart at any time. Usually morbidly obese with a gaggle of hoosierlings.

Walmartian is also a perfectly cromulent term.