Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Mr. O'Bama's Irish visit

There’s a prevailing narrative in the Irish MSM in relation to President Obama’s forthcoming visit to harvest votes from US-Irish voters this country. It goes something like this:

“Ireland is in a truly dreadful state and we desperately need some form of inspiration. Where better than from Barak Obama via his forthcoming visit? Here is someone who, because of his race, has faced – and through his genius overcome - insuperable odds to record incredible accomplishments: Entry to Harvard Law School and appointment as first black President of the Harvard Law Review, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and election to the most powerful position in the world, President of the USA. “Yes we can” indeed.”

As usual with the MSM, they’ve got things 180 degree wrong. Far from his race providing ‘insuperable obstacles’, it in fact opened the door for him at every stage of his career. Consider:

Getting into Harvard

Were he white he’s not have got into Harvard at all. His biographer, make that hagiographer, David Remnick, conceded that Obama’s grades were ‘unspectacular’ all through college, quoting a Northwestern University professor who says of Obama, "I don't think he did too well in college." With that kind of encomium we can expect grades in the range of 60% to 70%. Yet he got into a law school where applicants' LSAT scores are typically in the 98 to 99 percentile.

President of the Harvard Law Review

Making President of the HLR is a serious accomplishment, achieved only by the most outstanding brains and those who contribut a wide range of signed legal scholarship. Yet Obama’s grades at Harvard are literally a state secret – they’re in permanent lockdown by both himself and the university, and he never contributed a single signed word of legal scholarship ever, anywhere, even after leaving Harvard. Laura Ingram a while back said she was on the HLR at the same time he was the editor and she doesn't remember him at all. That says something. Although not directly cited, this lead to such an uproar that Harvard changed their appointment and grading procedures.

His genius:


“There's a lot of -- I don't know what the term is in Austrian, wheeling and dealing.''

"I've now been in 57 states -- I think one left to go"

''The Middle East is obviously an issue that has plagued the region for centuries.''

"In case you missed it this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died - an entire town destroyed"
- not understanding the difference between 1o and 10,000

Add in exam grades probably lower than those of GW Bush (who was forced to reveal his) and you get a sense of this man’s genius.

The Nobel Prize

Possibly the biggest farce of all. What did he get it for, other than being black and not being GW Bush? He did absolutely nothing to merit it. There were about four billion people on the planet who had as much claim to the prize as had he.

Had Obama been white and pursued a law career, with his grades and lack of publications he’d now be, and remain, a small town lawyer. Had he pursued his career in politics he wouldn’t have got beyond the Iowa caucuses as his record would have been subjected to merciless scrutiny.

No, his achievements are not despite his being black, rather because he’s black. Which, in terms of solving Ireland’s problems makes him a rather poor inspiration, despite the MSM’s wittering. After all, Ireland isn't a black country. Well, not yet.


Anonymous said...

I want to see his grades. I also want to see what classes he took and what he wrote to get his grades. I strongly suspect that he took easier classes and that at least some professors gave him a leg up.

And he could prove me so wrong by just releasing the info.

That's what confuses me. Even after Dubya released his grades and it turned out he did better than John Kerry, the media just ignored it. What would stop them even trying to do the same with Teh Won?

Anonymous said...

You gettin' paid by the syllable Savant? Narrative, sheesh.

It's a myth.

"Narrative" and "discourse" are normally dead giveaways that whatever else the author said was bullshit.

Sorry. Pet peeve. And good morning from the evil empire.

Anonymous said...

1. “We must realize that our most powerful weapon is racial tension. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the Whites, we can mould them to the program of our cause. The terms colonialism and imperialism must be featured in our propaganda. In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the Whites a quilt complex for their exploitation of the negroes. We will aid the negroes to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the negroes will be able to intermarry with the Whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause” – Israel Cohen in “A racial program for the Twentieth Century” written in 1912.

Anonymous said...

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life,” and that is what made her qualified to sit on a bench somewhere even though she had done nothing to deserve it and so that as a wise half-caste man with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn'tlived that life which is why whitey GPAs which shows that non-Nobel Laureate George W Bush had better grades tahn John Kerry we have to judge by what is in the heart which shows why Barack Obama is greater than George W and Barack Hussein Obama is better than Sarah Palin who is not someone's daughter not someone's mother and not human.

PS Spare change?

Anonymous said...

What would stop them even trying to do the same with Teh Won?

The longer they hold back information, the longer white people won't notice he's black.

Derek said...

Moneygall is milking if for all it's worth. One of the local graveyards put up a plaque declaring some of Obama's ancestors were buried there.
Expect the media to gold plate anything he says or does when he gets over here. I await the inevitable newspaper editorial stating how important the visit was and how inspired the Irish people should be.

rastus said...

"I want to see his grades. I also want to see what classes he took and what he wrote to get his grades. I strongly suspect that he took easier classes and that at least some professors gave him a leg up."

This is a certainty. Some law classes are very rigid of the yes/no variety, many others are graded at the discretion of the profs. Barry opted for most of the latter and admitted that he was helped by AA>

the judge said...

Long before Obama became the first black PRESIDENT of Harvard Law ... with poor grades received preferential admits to Harvard Law School? How did he get into Columbia and Harvard Law school with poor grades... proof of income and good credit before offering a loan. Obama is not releasing his grades because they were poor.

It's like having African on your birth certificate instead of Negro.

Obama's important business? Going on Oprah.

Franz said...

There is something very fishy about the presidency of the Pharao/Godking Obama.

I am not referring to the fact that many white Americans actually voted for what - ostensibly - amounted to a transition to black rule. I got over that shock long ago.

No. What I am referring is a growing sense that the Pharao is mereley a puppet for certain interest groups.

The Savant listed some examples of the man's general ineptness. There are also funny clips on youtube from situations where the Pharao's teleprompters malfunctioned. Let's just say that the flow of brilliant oratory does not last very long without electronic help.

What I find astonishing is that the career civil servants at the white house apparently and increasingly so refuse to cover up the Pharao's more obvious weaknesses.

Take the photo from the situation room during the OBL saga. Hillary actually looks like an emphatic human being, the bureaucrats competent, the soldiers like they are in charge and Barry... sits in the corner, sulking, like the slow witted kid no one wants to play with.

It's almost as if the vacuum between the Pharao's ears is treated as an in-joke by the White House staffers.

All this makes me wonder if the presidential absurdity depicted in the movies "Wag the dog" and "Manchurian Candidate" has not been eclipsed by reality.

There is historic precedence for this. When the Mamelukes (a Turkish warrior class) ruled Egypt, their official status was that of military slaves. However, behind the scenes they installed and deposed of their puppet Caliphs as they pleased. Allegedly, at one point they went so far as to purchase a wretch from the slave market, dressing him up, putting him on the throne and mockingly swearing allegiance to him.

That arrangement pleased everybody. The Egyptians had the pleasant illusion of being governed by "one of their own", the wretch on the throne could live a life of splendour with no reponsibilities whatsoever and the Mamelukes could very much do as they pleased.

Of course, when something went wrong the natives took their wrath out on the puppet, completely ignoring the puppeteers.

Also, in the terminal phase of the Roman empire, Germanic warlords ruled through a succession of puppet emperors, as well.

I wonder if all the hype around the Pharao is really much more than a stimulus for ailing msm corporations. For the life of me, I cannot imagine somebody of so limited intelectual faculties and such a shoddy biography to be the "real deal", controlling an arsenal of nuclear weaponry.

What I can imagine is that - in case something goes awfully wrong and the teaparty breaks out the pitchforks - the puppeteers behind Obama will gladly discard their little plaything and replace it with a new and improved version in order to sooth the anger of the great unwashed.

Anonymous said...

Do all African or part african Nobel winners have a connection to Kenya?

Franz said...

To interrupt the flow of deep thinking, now for something completly different:

Hard on the heels of McDonalds - which, as we know, is "365 Black" - the Budweiser corporation has decided to go MauMau, err, black:


This site features - and the reason for this escapes me - an "interactive gallery of the Great Kings and Queens" that allegedly have been black.

I learned there that the great Carthaginian Hannibal was really an earlier incarnation of the "Duke" from "Escape from New York".

Also, the Braintrust behind "African American Bud" confused BC and AD, leading unsuspecting readers to believe that the ancient Pharao Hatsheput lived some 3000 years later than she actually did.

If I didn't know better, I'd wager that the source of the content for this gallery has been Barry O'Bama's midterm paper for history 101.

If you're feeling down, open a bottle of Becks, go to "African American Bud" and hillarity will ensue. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Heraclitus said...

Franz - you and most of the readers of this blog would find endless amusement on the Bud site. Problem is, most of the airheads who look at it will see confirmation of their delusions.

Canuck said...

Franz - there's no doubt that he's a bit of a puppet. But he got elected, of course not for his 'achievements' - negligible, as Savant points out - but because he was black. If whites didn't vote for him they were racist, if blacks didn't they were Uncle Toms. It's nt so much that a clique put him in, rather that, as an empty suit, he makes ideal material for a Manchurian Candidate style takeover.

Anonymous said...

Don't do it Franz,Becks is owned by the same blgian group who own Anheuser Busch who brew Bud.So is Stella Artois,Labatts and other brands.

Boycott them all.


Jack Bauer's dad said...

Wait, Obama is going to help Ireland with their economic recovery?

Why does he hate them?

redneck said...

Just one f*&%ing vacation after another. What drives me bugnuts is DingleBarry still has these insane loons that defend his behavior. Here is a major difference between lefty lunatics and conservatives. When Bush screwed up, we all howled at him. The Libs are on some kind of Thorazine zombie drug, they love this nincompoop idiot boob no matter what he does.

Anonymous said...

His live birth certificates states he was born in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Why bother being concerned?

Can't hold us down


Children for gay sex.


Robert in Arabia

Anonymous said...

Jiggin' on his jack jones
Biggin' up his black bones
Tryin' 2 make da play -


Anonymous said...


Hilarious Afro-American Bud site! News to me that Hannibal was a booner - surprised the Romans never mentioned that interesting fact in their many accounts of him.


Franz said...

@mr a

Thanks for that. Becks resides now on my personal blacklist - right next to Bud and McDonalds.

Thank god we have plenty of locally owned, non afro-marketed competing beer brands here.

Anonymous said...

That Christina Aquilara video is about as debased as it can get. Only think it shows the scum up for what they really are.

Anonymous said...

Not Out of Africa by Mary Leifkowitz is an account of how this crap got accepted. I remember the BBC having the leadinf proponent on but no one to say anything against it. Typical BEEBboob then

Anonymous said...


There's something very strange about that Christina vid.

The streets are dirty, but the niggas is clean.

They just don't look sufficiently... yeasty.

Piet said...

It's ok that the coons look clean. The background shows it as it is.

Anonymous said...

Face it. If actress Jeri Ryan Had NOT refused to blow her husband in public; "O'Bama," would not have been elected and Ireland would not be hosting Americas first affirmative action commander in chief.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Savant. This is not a joke?

The nancy-boy-in-chief is not really coming for a visit?

The enormity of this has only struck me now.


Anonymous said...

Excelllent read. Spot-on. Indeed, Western Society's guilty-ridden, self-destructive policies have propelled black buffoons to the forefront.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the nancy-boy-in-chief should stay home for a week or two and try and fix America.

Are things that bad in the US?



A quote:-

You know what they say - "as goes California, so goes the nation".

What is happening in California now is eventually going to come to your area.

Right now California is also having a huge problem with gangs. Gang violence in America is getting totally out of control. According to authorities, there are now over 1 million members of criminal gangs operating inside the country, and those gangs are responsible for up to 80% of the violent crimes committed in the U.S. each year.

But instead of ramping up to fight crime and fight illegal immigration, police forces all over California are being cut back.

For example, because of extreme budget cuts and police layoffs, Oakland, California Police Chief Anthony Batts has announced that there are a number of crimes that his department simply will no longer respond to due to a lack of resources. The following is a partial list of the crimes that police officers in Oakland will no longer be responding to....

grand theft
grand theft: dog
identity theft
false information to peace officer
required to register as sex or arson offender
dump waste or offensive matter
loud music
possess forged notes
pass fictitious check
obtain money by false voucher
fraudulent use of access cards
stolen license plate
embezzlement by an employee
attempted extortion
false personification of other
injure telephone/power line
interfere with power line
unauthorized cable tv connection

Not that Oakland wasn't already a mess before all this, but now how long do you think it will be before total chaos and anarchy reigns on the streets of Oakland?

Uncle Nasty

Simon Q said...


Muslim expose. View the powerpoint display.

Apparently "the prophet" was about as close to being a camel humper as one could get.


Very interesting indeed.

white fang said...

@UN. CA is dire, but there are other places - cities and counties here - that are worse. They all have one thing in common: blacks and latinos. It's going to be a hell of a ride here I can tell you!

Hector Grey said...

@Simon Q: This video should be compulsory viewing for everybody in the west from age 6 upwards. Especially for the useful fools on the liberal/left. Great link. I encourage everyone to pass it on to as many associates as possible.

Anonymous said...


Bemused stare said...

Off topic, has anyone noticed posts and whole blog posts disappearing?

Anonymous said...

Oh he's coming here alright UN. You see, the Irish voters have been deserting the Dems in doves. Need the fodder back. What better than 'discovering' an Irish ancestor and visit the ould sod?

Anonymous said...

maybe the ra can finally get something right or at least make one nigger good .

Anonymous said...

Bemused stare said...

Off topic, has anyone noticed posts and whole blog posts disappearing?

13 May 2011 22:58

Most definitely. A list of some of the blogs that suffered an extensive lock out over the last 36 to 48 hours ... Could this be a denial of service attack?

The Irish Savant
Stuff Black People don't Like
Old Holborn
IQ and PC Chris Brand
Dissecting Leftism

And something else. The US Attorney General -- another KKK like Chief Zero gave testimony --
after a fashion -- at the hearing into just why the ATF smuggled milspec weaponry (up to and including .50 cal snipers rifles) to the gangs in old Mehico.

Holder was upset. How dare they?


Last week, in testimony before Issa’s committee, Holder took umbrage with the charge that the ATF operation had been responsible for the death of Terry or Zapata:

"The notion that somehow or another that this Justice Department is responsible for those deaths, that assertion is offensive ..."

Don't you find it interesting that whenever a leftie is caught with his dick in the gears, his or her
first -- and often only -- response is to tell you how "offended" they are?

What is offensive is the frivolity with which the ATF approached this entire affair. An email sent by the ATF agent in charge of the operation, David J. Voth, reads in part:

"I don’t know what all the issues are but we are all adults, we are all professionals, and we have a exciting opportunity to use the biggest tool in our law enforcement tool box. If you don’t think this is fun you’re in the wrong line of work — period! This is the pinnacle of domestic U.S. Law enforcement techniques. After this the tool box is empty. Maybe the Maricopa County Jail is hiring
detention officers and you can get paid $30,000 (instead of $100,000) to serve lunch to inmates all
We need to get over this bump in the road once and for all and get on with the mission at hand.
This can be the most fun you have with ATF, the only one limiting the amount of fun we have is you!"

Voth was responding to very real concerns and complaints by fellow ATF agents. CBS reported that they were living in fear that the weapons they allowed across the border would be used to kill

Now I can understand the concept of enjoying your work. However, the kind of Rah! Rah! from Voth (above) -- notwithstanding the continual references to Fun! Fun! Fun! is the kind of adolescent up-and-at-'em talk very prevalent in govt. departments who are given grown-up and dangerous toys to play with. Are these the kind of overgrown children to whom one entrusts automatic weapons?

Their enthusiasm is often tempered when the lead is flying back again -- incoming.


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Savant. We were getting worried.

I think you'll appreciate this:-


Teach Your Children Well

Prepare your kids for the new Golden Age.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Oh he's coming here alright UN. You see, the Irish voters have been deserting the Dems in doves. Need the fodder back. What better than 'discovering' an Irish ancestor and visit the ould sod?

I think the closest connection he'll find is that one of his ancestors was horsewhipped or hanged for stealing by one of your ancestors.

Hey ... that makes you almost family.


Anonymous said...

I love a good detective story.

Go here:-


Scroll down to:- Obama releases his long-form birth certificate

This one's pretty neat as it explains, most thoroughly, that the First Boog's birth certificate is a fake, and what's more, explains exactly how this has been determined.

A neat little lesson in how computer graphics files really work. Especially the embedded information.

Not many people know this, but, for instance, if you take a snapshot on a modern digital camera, there is a heap of additional info embedded in the picture file.

It's called "metadata" and the additional information may include:
The camera model; If different photos were taken with different cameras; was there more than one photographer?

The serial number of the camera; Again, was there more than one photographer?

Technical information, such as the f-stop, exposure time, ISO speed, and focal length; Did the photographer alter the way the scene really looked by adjusting the settings?

As well as, of course, the date and time that the image was made.

Imagine ... all that hidden in the shot of the cat on the kitchen table.


Simon Q said...


My post got deleted by those Google cunts.

For an insight into the goat-fucking Islam dumbshits, please look here:


You will be amazed at the researched, factual and horrific effect of Islam on our world.

Please take a look.

Goat/Camel/Incest/homosexual activity by dipshit Mohammed (Peace be upon him).

This is the man who had a 9 year old wife and who amongst many, many other things, shagged his aunt.


SAVANT said...

Hi folks - great to be back. I think in this instance the explanation is not sinister. Although I dont blame anyone for being suspicious. It was simply that Blogger was down for maintenance. I checked out sveral other sites based ob Blogger/Google and they were all down, except in a read-only sense.

Essex-boy said...

I work in IT and I can tell you that the scene is abuzz with the Obama birth document. Very interesting to see how it plays out. The ferocity with which the MSM and the leftie blogs are reacting to this latest development suggests that maybe their getting worried!

Anonymous said...

Off topic Savant,but of crucial importance and beer related.

I have heard an appalling rumour that Guinness is planning to introduce a new shaped pint glass.

Now this country is enduring so much:my own personal endurance level is extremely high,but this would finish me off,no doubt about it.

Could you use some of your high level contacts to find out if this abomination is true?


Clogheen said...

Teach Your Children Well

Great link, Uncle Nasty. Teach Your Children Well indeed!

Anonymous said...

Sod you Jack Ryan is correct.

As Jeri Lynn Zimmermann is from Munich I presume she does not speak German.

SAVANT said...

Mr. A. Re the Guinness glass, rest assured, I'll ensure that this plan is wothdrawn forthwith.

SAVANT said...

Simon Q. Had not heard of this about the 'Prophet'. Just confirms that the guy was a murdering psychopathic pedophile pervert.

What a guy.

topper said...

Simon Q. Thanks for that link about the 'Prophet'. What a devil. If he's the perfect man that Muslims should emulate, well fuck me, it's no wonder there's trouble.

Anonymous said...

If they want you ... they'll get you.


A travesty of justice in Germany again

Some things have not changed much since the Nazi period

"John Demjanjuk Guilty of Nazi Death Camp Murders," ran the headline on the BBC. The lede began: "A German court has found John Demjanjuk guilty of helping to murder more than 28,000 Jews at a Nazi death camp in Poland."

Not until paragraph 17 does one find this jolting fact: "No evidence was produced that he committed a specific crime."

That is correct. No evidence was produced, no witness came forward to testify he ever saw Demjanjuk injure anyone. And the critical evidence that put Demjanjuk at Sobibor came -- from the KGB.

And here's us thinking that the days of the Star Chamber and the Inquisition are over.

Silly us.

Uncle Nasty

PS Savant, I realise this is off-topic, but I can find no suitable slot.

Anonymous said...

Back on topic, Savant.

A request? When the First Dipshit arrives, could you ask him a few questions?

Like when is America going to actually, like, y'know, declare war on Libya?




The reason I ask, is 'cause his much-anticipated trip might be a softening up ... or a reconnaissance. I would be apprehensive, if I were you.

Quite a few people in New Zealand got really nervous when Hillary, the Sea Hag, popped in for an unannounced visit. They were wondering just what plans she had in mind.

Rather like your local tax man knocking on your door and saying he was just in the area, and thought he'd pop in for a cup of tea.

Uncle Nasty

SAVANT said...

I'll raise your concerns, UN. He's due to pop in for a coffee and I'll tell him they came from you. I'll also tell him quite foribly that I wont tolerate an invasion, if that's what he has in mind.

Anonymous said...

John Demjanjuk

It is what we refer to as a Selenaroberts prostituition

Anonymous said...

Is it true he is Obama because he was not smart enough to draw two lines?

Anonymous said...

For F's sake couldn't one of you crazy Irishmen taken "care" of that ugly biped for us here in America while he was there? We really didn't want him back.

Anonymous said...

Dammit. Cheryl Tweedy is in LA so there is no one in the UK capable of such an attack!

Anonymous said...

gilescoren 2:35pm, 12th May 2011

John Demjanjuk, 91, finally found guilty. Lock him away safely, men. Together, we CAN stop the Holocaust...

I am a twat look at me! Me! Me!

Anonymous said...

Show this article to all of the brainwashed Irish that were "welcoming home" that obongo creature trying to claim some Irish blood.


Just look at his maternal grandfather and tell me what you see.

Anonymous said...

Funny how George W is an ignoramus yet scored higher marks than John Kerry and Obama?
He has excellent co-ordination lookhow he keeps the colours separate and in the lines!

topper said...

"Funny how George W is an ignoramus yet scored higher marks than John Kerry and Obama?"

But that's just the point, isn't it? We don't know what Barry scored.

Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein Obama

Spent his entire youth doing drugs and hanging out with radical Leftists.

Attended Colombia and Harvard, but no one knows how, and all his papers and grades are in lock down.
(Possibly because he is an ignoramus?)
He was a Community organizer. He organized pic-a-nics and demon-strations.

Got elected to office by lying, cheating, and the help of millions of dollars from mysterious donors and a fawning media.

Par-teh! Par-teh!

Anonymous said...

"I've now been in 57 states -- I think one left to go"

Come off it people. His neck tie was a little tight on this occasion cutting off blood supply to his head.

Great Liberal excuse whereas Sarah Palin's I can see Russia from my house was clearly a joke and not taken as one.

That is sexist and I am sure Hillary Clinton, Whoopi Goldberg and Nancy Pelosi among others let no one forget this. Right? Er, Right peeople?

Anonymous said...

The Harvard Law Review is used to show how clever he is because he was elected to it.
Out of 1 000 or so students 110 are elected to it so he had a 1 in 9 chance of getting on it normally and a greater chance through Affirmative Action.
All hail O'Bongo leader of the free world!

Anonymous said...

and we still don't know what his marks were.

Anonymous said...


Whitey side of shakedown artist is letting down this poor woman!

Anonymous said...

We voted for our brother Barack, a beautiful human being with a sweet heart and now he's an assassin. They have turned him into them. We have a murderer in the "Honky" House.

Louis Farakkkan has seen trhough the issue du jour for what it is.

Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability, and I want you to know that we are with you, hatta al-nasr, hatta al-nasr, hatta al-Quds

Anonymous said...

The media feeding frenzy in America over the release of 24,000 e-mails written by Sarah Palin during her period as governor of Alaska has certainly been unedifying.

Alaska can release e-mails.

La Court can force Jeri Ryan and her former politician former husband divorce papers made public yet Harvard University cannot release the Big O's marks?

Just goes to show how backward Harvard is!

Anonymous said...


Barack Obama reportedly even gave a toast to a former PLO operative, Rashid Khalidi, at this celebration.

So his grades, his attending a racist church, and disliking "Hymies" a la "Reverend" JJ are not signs of a flawed character.

You live and learn.

Anonymous said...

Bit of a Detroit-discounting here.

O'Bama - the JaNarcus Russell of presidents.

Anonymous said...

This is the guy who called them Corpsemen THREE times in one speech. He's as dumb as a stump! American's elected a Marxist Chauncey the Gardner as Commander in Chief.

"First time I saw 10th Mountain Division, you guys were in southern Iraq. When I went back to visit Afghanistan, you guys were the first ones there. I had the great honor of seeing some of you because a comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously."

SSG Sal Giunta, of the 173rd Airborne, was the first living recipient (2011) of the MOH who fought in Iraq/Afganistan. SFC Jared Monti, 10th Mountain Division, was KIA in Afghanistan in 2006. He was posthumously awarded the MOH by Obama in 2009.

How about a thicko-watch on the stupid things that O'Bongo says?

Bigotted Woman and Obama beach really showed Gordon "The Clown" for what he was.

Anonymous said...

O'Bongo is a fan of the White Sox who ended a 88 year wait on winning the World Series and Comrade Zero could not name any of their players.

Go boon!

Anonymous said...


Byron York, a conservative columnist for the Washington Examiner, characterised Mr Obama's space policy shift as moving "from moon landings to promoting self-esteem"

Dude done failed so therefore he did not deserve the Noble Prize.

Anonymous said...


The race card the last refuge of the idiot.

Anonymous said...

Dude who campaigned in 57 of the 58 states and borrowed 50% of the US debt in 29 months, increasing it by 33%, not responsible as it was all down to whitey in Europe.


None of his brain cells were harmed in coming up with this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

@anon 22.26. but, but but - we thought he was a genius?

Anonymous said...

Taking Liberties

Recent times have revealed the irrationality of the liberal media.
Firstly, we have Barack Obama, who has turned the once all powerful US economy into a virtual basketcase (yes, he can!).
Yet because of his ethnicity and the fact that he is a card carrying member of the liberal/feminist fraternity. the media won't hear a word said againmst him and, in a number of cases, has turned logic on its head and blamed the Republicans for the meltdown.
Secondly, we have David Norris, paedophile apologist and anti-Papal ranter. Yet because of his sexual preference and religious affiliation (we can't offend those nice Protestants!), the media luvvies rush to the barricades in his defence and posit some ridiculous conspiracy theory in his defence.
Yeah, it's obvious that the CIA and Mossad made all this stuff up. Now I know what journalists mean by silly season.

Letter in today's Mail on Sunday.

Vincent Browne show with Sam Smyth had various journalists on saying Norris must go but lamenting how boring the race would be now that they would have to do real work rather than just boost a media luvvie.

Also some of his supporters have said he was made pull out by homophobic people.

Wait a minute! His campaign staff worked with him, a confirmed bachelor who wouldn't have minded being introduced to the world of sex by an olderman, for a few months and they never noticed he was gay?

What a bunch of morons our liberal media elite are!

Clogheen said...

Yes, O'Bama and Norris are high in the PC victim totam pole. Having said that, a lot of journalists said he'd have to go. Are they improving?

Anonymous said...

MaYBE. Else it was just down to them not being able to explain it away with nobody as intelligent as Whoopi Goldberg to explain what happened was not rape-rape.

Anonymous said...

It was only when I came across a book on the Gulf spill that I remembered Comrade Zero called BP British Petroleum all the time.

They ceased being British Petroleum a good while ago most certainly after the merger with Amoco(?) when the majority of the shareholders came from the US.

Did any of the media point out Zero's error?

In fact were they complicit with him in misleading the public?

Do Ursine mammals defecate in the place named after the team from the City Ground as distinct from Meadow Lane?

Anonymous said...


It was the Nobull Prize he was meant to get as he is all hat and no cattle!

Anonymous said...

(don't you wonder why Obama is the only US president to not disclose his academic record?)

Obama has his on an iPod in superior AAC format.

navan man said...

But I thought Obama was a genius?

Anonymous said...

Obongo said that Steve Jobs created the iPhone.

No engineers beneath him did and he as chief marketeer promoted them.

Just as it will all be whitey underlings fault when Obongo's boondoogle does not work.


Anonymous said...


Obongo got a Connecticut SSN despite never having lived there?

Dr. Wassell said...

It is now clear to anyone that Obongo is illegal. Invalid SSN and obviously forged birth cert. Yet no ifficial action. Why?

Anonymous said...

The Boonman is sending 100 troops to Uganda to protect 2 billion barrels of oil. (By which I mean peace.)

Just as he helped Libya be peaceful.

Maybe a second Paece Prize for his greatness?

F McCool said...

There are two constants in any American war. One, oil, and/or Israel wants the 'enemy' attacked for their own reasons. Uganda = oil.

Anonymous said...

57 states
His wife Michael

@anon 22.26. but, but but - we thought he was a genius?