Friday, 20 May 2011

A genuine question

It’s been established in many different ways that white audiences generally prefer white actors in films. We also know that, despite this, Hollywood uses every opportunity to foist ‘people of colour’ on the viewing public. I think we can take it that they do this because most of them are signed up to the anti-white agenda, and are prepared to forego some profits to pursue this objective.

I can understand this, up to a point. (Do Hollywood execs really believe in anything but money?)

But the following I can not understand. Have any of you seen the TV advertisements for some hotel chain featuring a black family cavortimg around their room? Now I can readily understand using blacks to promote something like sports gear. But your hotel? Who in their right minds would do that? Could anything be a greater turn-off for a prospective customer?

My question is this: Who approved such an ad campaign, and why? Now I know (from my time as an executive in the auto industry where I had to sit through agency presentations) that agencies quake when presenting new creative concepts. I've seen them torn to shreds because of perceived misalignment with the demographics, age group, disposable income or whatever. These things were worked through in exhaustive and acrimonious detail before eventual sign-off.

Put yourself in the position of the sales and marketing people of that hotel chain. Their careers depend on achieving high occupancy rates. And they come out with a campaign like this? What in God's name can they have been thinking when they signed off?

I really and truly don't know.

Do you? Maybe Uncle Nasty does – was he not in the advertising, ahem, 'profession' at one stage.

Anyway, explanations welcome. Because it beats me.


Anonymous said...

I think the answer lies in the fact that the great majority of white people, even if they live in a "diverse" part of town, nevertheless still live, work, and socialise in a very white world and are very naive about the importance of race to more or less everything important. There is also the observation made by someone that "diversity makes you stupid", meaning that people will make awful decisions if they think they can raise their status vis-a-vis other whites by being nice to minorities.

thor said...

It's the same with sperm donors. 80% request blue eyes, Nordic looks.

Hector G. said...

@anon 23.57. But why would the hotel chain use an ad like this? I think this is what savant is getting at. Makes no commercial sense at all.

Franz said...


if the Hotel in question is an upscale concern, they have to take into account that most of their patrons will be globalist/elitist scum. As such, it would be unwise not to include a bit of diversity in your commercials.

The odd Russian billionaire might be attracted to an establishment that advertises its whiteness. The likes of Blankfein, Dimon (not to mention Strauss-Kahn) not so much. Groupthink does the rest: If Lloyd and Jamie don't like the place, middle management will shun it as well.

Your post reminded me of a commercial I saw some 15 years ago. It was the last campaign by Mercedes before political correctness took hold in Stuttgart. Note how convenient a luxury vehicle is for shutting out the deafening babble of the dark races:

Now you and I might be tempted to buy a Mercedes now. However, the groupthink crowd would be confused and repelled by this commercial. Since they apparently are the more lucrative demographic to pursue, Mercedes has decided to phase out this glorious commercial in favor of the usual current fare.

As for the situation of the agency presentation you have described: Do you seriously think that in these times someone from upper management would rise up and call them out on their bu****it? "What's that coon doing in our commercial!?" Not very likely. At all.

Corporate mercenaries are not noted for their propensity of going against prevailing notions of groupthink (again that pesky term).

That sort of thing only happens in companies that are NOT publicly traded but instead controlled by a single owner or a family. Luckily we still have many companies like that in Germany. They are the backbone of our economy, led by men and women not known for giving in to the prevailing spirit of madness.

As for the publicly traded corporations led by mercenary CEOs... All they do is papering over losses and leeching of the taxpayer. And that sad fact is reflected in their indifferent (at best) or degrading (at worst) advertising campaigns.

Bemused stare said...

Sav, I can only believe that both the advertisers and their audience have reached the level of delusion where this actually seems normal.

After a decade of not having such a thing in my home I am now living in an apartment that has a telly. I switch it on and feel like I am in some sort of alternate universe where everyone is completely reversed like a photo negative.

I just don't think many have retained enough sanity to take umbrage to the idea of using a hotel that prides itself on hosting bongo parties.

Anonymous said...

Put yourself in the position of the sales and marketing people of that hotel chain. Their careers depend on achieving high occupancy rates.

Their careers also depend on the chain not being sued for discrimination.

And thanks to government jobs, there is a black middle class, in income at least if not morals and work ethic, and they tend to be spendthrifts.

john said...

The "reasoning" for the ad is simply the continued 'desensitisation' of the white, paying audience. Also, I firmly believe implicit in this process is the attempt to propagandise us into believing that black families [what few there are] behave and live just like us. It's just politics. That, and if enough black folk don't show up in commercials, jackson, sharpton et al will ramp up their extortion demands from the company/industry in question.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, spot-on Savant. When have you ever seen a McDonald's or KFC advert featuring whites?


Anonymous said...

Savant is quite right. I did once work in the advertising industry ... but, please don't tell my mother. She thinks I played the piano in a brothel.

All old bad jokes aside, you put your finger on something that I still have not worked out to my satisfaction ... i.e., why individuals -- and companies -- and whole countries, for that matter, make decisions that are patently and obviously self-destructive and wrong, wrong, wrong.

Closer to the point, though, there were several campaigns I was involved in where everyone in the agency -- and I mean everyone, knew that they would not merely be ineffectual, but damaging to the client and the product. This was even pointed out ... to no avail.

I think it's the natural perversity of the human being. Strangely enough, in my day, advertising people were damn conservative. Lefties just didn't make it. Even the gays were conservative.

Uncle Nasty

pdf said...

Maybe the board of directors was suitably 'diverse' and insisted on this kind of crap?

SAVANT said...

Thanks guys, some interesting input here that goes at least part way in explaining my conundrum. I'm not sure of the hotel chain but it's certainly not upmarket, more like Quality Inns or such.

Franz cites the example "someone from upper management would rise up and call them out on their bu****it? "What's that coon doing in our commercial!?"

Well, for sure they wourldn't. But from what little exposure I've had the response would have been more along the lines of 'well ok, but do those actors represent our main customer base, and/or our main target?' No sane person could answer in the affirmative. The objector doesn't have to mention race at all, far less what he's actually thinking --- What's that coon doing in our commercial!?"

Some other commentators suggest collective brainwashing. Maybe. But again, the guy whose ass is on the line and needs to fill rooms. Can he REALLY believe that?

And this is a British/Irish ad. There's a tiny black middle class here - all gub'mint employees - and most other races would check out if they felt that the patrones were black.


Rob said...

Uncle Nasty said:
Closer to the point, though, there were several campaigns I was involved in where everyone in the agency -- and I mean everyone, knew that they would not merely be ineffectual, but damaging to the client and the product. This was even pointed out ... to no avail.

Very interesting. Are you talking about race issues in commercials, UN?

Anonymous said...

You'll know paper dollars are well and truly dead when they put a nigger on one.

Anonymous said...

(Do Hollywood execs really believe in anything but money?)

Hollywood makes the occasional PC flop. This does not stop them.

Maybe they're idiots. Maybe they hate white people. Maybe they're desensitizing -- second-order money-grubbing.

On the other hand, who cares?

They make shit that ain't good for us.

Let's stop them.

Franz said...

@ Uncle

"Closer to the point, though, there were several campaigns I was involved in where everyone in the agency -- and I mean everyone, knew that they would not merely be ineffectual, but damaging to the client and the product. This was even pointed out ... to no avail."

Well Uncle, I am fairly certain that many of us working in many different fields have made the same experience. Certainly I, being involved with the MSM dinosaur media, know exactly what you are talking about.

Many pieces of "journalism" are released and shows launched although everybody involved knows perfectly well that ratings and/or credibility will suffer.

In my experience these designated failiures are used by the top brass to ferret and subsequently weed out the "malcontents". You know, those pesky characters that insist that 2+2 equals four. The remaining underlings have now performed an important ritual: "submission through willful denial of common sense." (SDCS)

I know of hardly any corporate careers that have been launched without the performance of the sacred SDCS-ritual. Only those vetted through the ritual may advance on the corporate ladder.

Coming back to my earlier post, I have to point out that these designated failiures seem to happen more frequently in large corporations. The top brass there can launch their little power games and stick the bill to the stockholders.

People who own a business and manage it as well are most often reluctant to engage in such behaviour as it is liable to cost them money as well as their reputation.

Franz said...

@ Anon 13:00

So do it.

On earlier threads I remarked that I am personally boycotting McDonalds as well as any brand associated with Budweiser.

Boycotting Hollywood is equally simple.

Buy a book. Permanently turn off the TV. Or if you can't do without: At least pirate their films.

Great things have small beginnings. The people of communist Eastern Europe didn't start out with huge demonstrations on the streets.

They sabotaged the state economy by slacking on the job, stealing from the job and putting all their energy in their private little ventures.

The best equivalent to those tactics are decentralised boycotts. If you have the means, you might also consider buying prescious metals in order to defund their system.

Each one of us can do it.

I know that I alone won't bring down the pyramids of fraud upon which our rulers' thrones stand.

However, I couldn't live with myself if I didn't do my bit to chip away at the foundation.

Withold your money and your obedience from all those attempting to demean & destroy you.

That's the least all of us can do.

elena said...

I know that advertisment Savant,and on first viewing,my reaction was the same as yours:what the fuck!.Even the Mrs,who rarely swears or uses racial epithets,took Our Lords name in vain.

12 years ago when we moved back to Ireland(at least I moved back,the wife is a Kraut--sorry Franz but she IS a Kraut--,she immigrated),it entailed the usual wearying details of changing and opening new bank accounts etc,etc.

We went with Bank of Ireland,no problems until,about two months after the account was up and running,I saw a newspaper ad showing a little white girl being kissed by a little enricher boy.
So,despite the hassle and aggravation involved,I went straight down to my branch,brandishing the ad and told Customer Services that I was closing my account forthwith and showed them my reason for doing so.

I was persuaded by the lady behind the counter(alright yes,I fancied her}to wait while she made a phone call.15 minutes later she told me that the ad was being pulled:mine was not the first complaint.

It worked then but enrichers were not as all pervasive as now.Would a complaint work now?,I don't think so.
I'd probably get prosecuted for Incitement to Hatred.


Anonymous said...

You see this very clearly on Pampers packages-black mothers with black babies. It think it's a right turn off and wouldn't buy Pampers because of it.

topper said...

"You see this very clearly on Pampers packages-black mothers with black babies."

Could be worse, could be black mother and white baby! Wait for it.

Anonymous said...

Savant, entirely off-topic here, but I have another "genuine question".

After reading this vdare article, would you re-considered using another blogger service?

Anonymous said...

Rob said...

... even pointed out ... to no avail.

Very interesting. Are you talking about race issues in commercials, UN?

Not at all. These were just bad marketing decisions in general.

Even though I lived in South Africa, this was the seventies. There is fifty, a hundred times more obsession with race today in the west than there was in South Africa, then.

One thing that the left would rather tear it's own eyes out than admit -- is that 99% of blacks and whites in South Africa just accepted the difference between them and lived with it.

They would be doing it today if it weren't for the race hustlers.
Ignore the shit about gangs of feral whites tracking down and beating poor little ninnersimp boogs for fun.

It happened, yes. from time to time -- and on a minuscule scale. I once saw two drunken white arseholes intimidating a middle aged black couple outside a suburban cinema. I was about to intervene, but my girlfriend tore a strip off them and that, as they say, was that.

She was Irish, and as Basil Fawlty once said, could kill a man at ten paces with one blow of her tongue.

But it was not, not, not the national sport that the left tried to convince everyone of ...

Uncle Nasty.

PS. While I mind, some clients had pretty strong ideas about how they wanted their stuff marketed.

A potential or new client was generally received by a big agency contingent for the first one or two getting-to-know-you meetings.

During one of these, the resident agency lefty poof decided to assert itself and started throwing out suggestions for an African themed approach -- even though totally inappropriate. The client, a tough and smart jewish woman, resisted politely ... at first.

At his third attempt, however, the client lost it. She slammed her notepad down, glared at him and said: "I'm talking abour serious marketing here, Pal. Enough of this ethno-bongo shit!"

The term became a catchphrase in the agency, and (God, I can be a spiteful bugger) was a great way of driving the little prick into a marble-chewing fury.

Interesting how lefties cannot laugh at themselves. Proof that they are somehow lacking.


Anonymous said...

Franz has got it a hundred percent.

Each one of us can do it.

I know that I alone won't bring down the pyramids of fraud upon which our rulers' thrones stand.

However, I couldn't live with myself if I didn't do my bit to chip away at the foundation.

First thing ... absolutely first thing. Get rid of your TV set. if for no other reason than this.

Seriously. It may just be a start ... but it's a huge start. Television rots the brain.

Watching television for want of anything else, results in lower brain activity than sitting back with your eyes closed.

Really. You don't have to sell the plasma. just unhook the broadcast and use it as a means of viewing your classic movies.

Uncle Nasty

SAVANT said...

@anon - I've looked at other potentila hosts but the problems were in fact laid out in the clip you linked to. We've seen that the supposedly safe Wordpress capitulated at the first challenge, and there's no reason to believe that others would not do the same. Unfortunately.

Franz said...

@ Uncle

Great points concerning TV and brain activity. Especially those things called "reality shows" are designed to severely reduce cerebral capabilities. One of the main tools to achive this goal is truly mind-numbing repetitevness. Let's look at Jersey Shore, for example.

Snookie: "I was the first to spot Billy and now Jwow is hitting on him and I'm really pissed."
Narrator: "Snooky is frustrated that Jwow is making out with the guy she wanted."
Jwow: "I can't help it if Snookie is pissed. I told her I wanted to score some cock tonight. Not my fault that she is so fu***ng slow."
Narrator: "Now Snookie is really angry that Jwow is making out with Billy and confronts them."

Although I am no physician, I venture a guess that a single episode of Jersey shore does more neurological damage than a hit of methamphetamine.

Now comes the scary part: The average American watches five hours of this meth-TV. Every day. Blacks even consume seven hours of it.

From a corporate standpoint dumbing down your audience makes sense. I am quite certain that an avid fan of "Jersey Shore" is more receptive to commercial messages than, say, a connoisseur of noire-crime dramas from the 30s and 40s.

Kicking the habit of meth-TV is not only an act of economic self-liberation, it is vitally important for mental health.

As concerns classic movies: Every decade saw abundant amounts of trash produced. However, in times past, directors, scriptwriters and actors of high caliber were often unleashed to produce great agenda-free movies that engaged (as opposed to numb) the brain as much as the finest piece of literature.

Example? How about...

...Treasure of the Sierra Madre
...The third man

In conclusion, I would suggest that every person considering him/herself as strong, independed and racially aware should be offline with regards to meth-TV.

Failing to do so makes one a worse hypocrate than those 300-pound fast-food junkies who claim to be survivalists because they store some beans and ammo in their basement.

Anonymous said...

I'm after seeing this ad as well. And you know what - I thought exactly the same thing? I said, well that's one hotel group I'm stearing clear of!

Rob said...

@Uncle Nasty 0:17
I think the "resident agency lefty poof" may be a prominent feature in entertainment and advertising. There seems to be a correlation of left-wing, race-denying views and creativity.
The vilification of White South Africans as violent bigots was one of the longest-running acts of libel perpetrated on any group. I remember being amazed to read in the mid-80s that a large percentage of blacks were against sanctions to South Africa, and that people emigrated there from all over sub-Saharan Africa. In fact they still do so today, eager to grab the last opportunity to pick off the corpse of that unfortunate country.

Heraclitus said...

Having heard so much about it I watched an episode of 'Jersey Shore'. It is so dreadful, as the excerpt from Franz illustrates in chilling detail, that it's hard to believe that it's not a deliberate calculated act of Cultural Marxism aimed towards rotting the minds of the target/victims.

RegThe Hedge said...

Just for the record.
I boycott any product that shows ads with whites and enricher partners. This ranges from bank accounts, mattresses and food products to even holiday locations.
I refuse to buy Tesco lamb, any deoderant without alcohol and I refuse to shop in Asda due to their all halal stores in east London.
We rarely watch tv and the kids are banned from watching the BBC for obvious reasons.

I am working like a maniac to become independently wealthy at which point I will be a major benefactor to the Bnp and any other European nationalistic movement. One must be independently wealthy to donate to nationalism as many racist groups will imediayly set to work to separate you from your wealth source the minute they find out you are trying to stop their war of genocide.
I will probably fail but if there are thousands out there like me then we will not fail. Our surest way to stop the marxists is to fight them with wealth. Look at the success that scumbag Soros is having with his war of genocide against us. He would not be able to do it without the vast capital.

Tell me at least a few people here are trying the wealth approach.

Anonymous said...

John has already provided what I believe is the answer - that the adverts are method of conditioning white society into accepting ethnic minorities as part of modern Britain - even those who live in rural and/or remote areas who don't see them.

It doesn't just apply to adverts, in the UK prominent news readers (e.g. Moira Stewart and Trevor McDonald) have been black, for example.

What you have to ask yourself is who owns these firms? I bet most big businesses, the sort that can afford to advertise on TV, are owned by those advancing the NWO agenda.

Franz said...

@ Elena

Don't worry about using the word "Kraut". I myself am rather fond of a robust sense of humor and laughed out loud at Basil Fawlty's "don't metion the war."

As Uncle Nasty pointed out: The ability to occasionally laugh at ourselves is what differentiates human beings from chimpanzees and Marxists.

Croesus said...

Reg - although irish I made a modest donation to the BNP. Even though I never gpt a receipt (maybe better off without it?) I don't regret it.

Anonymous said...

Some important Interbrew brands are Stella Artois, Boddingtons, Beck's, Staropramen, Bass, Leffe, Labatt and Hoegaarden.

Damn you Anheuser-Busch!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Music Tele Vision behind the promoting of Hip-hop, rap and other abominations?
Now they give us Monkey Television with Jersey Shore, My Super Sweet 16, Teen Mom and other assorted crap from people who did PhDs in real life.

Franz said...

@ Reg

Congratulations for your boycotting efforts. In marketing parlance we are something between innovators and early adoptors.

I have no doubt that the boycotting of poisonous goods and services will spread and ultimatly cause serious disruptions. That will be the point when the laggards also refuse to buy and consume. Either because of some newfound idealism or because of economic hardship.

On more fun factoid about TV: While staff rarely ventures from the "hard news" side to fictional programming such as "The Sopranos", there is very much an open door between news programs and reality shows such as Jersey shore.

I personally know several people who have left the "hard news" in order to become involved with reality shows, who then came back to "hard news" in a supervising capacity.

The next time you see a news feature explaining the necessity of the war in Lybia or the plight of refugees on Lampedusa, you ought to remember that there is a very high probability that the producer of the thing has spent the last six month of his/her life piecing together footage of lowlifes like Snookie or aspires to do so.

These people are trained to tell a story. Any story. Sometimes the story somewhat reflects reality. Sometimes reality is deemed unsatisfactory for spinning a good yarn and thus discarded.

This is what media types and spin doctors mean when they use their favorite buzz-word: "narrative".

This is why watching the dinosaur-media's newscasts often feels like watching a reality show.

Because it is a reality show.

The methods are the same. And to growing degree the people are the same as well.

Just something to ponder for those who remain convinced that a TV in the living room/kitchen/bedroom is the most important thing on earth.

essex boy said...

Unrepentent BN says - John has already provided what I believe is the answer - that the adverts are method of conditioning white society into accepting ethnic minorities as part of modern Britain

Yes, but why do company's commission the ads if they know they won't sell as well as they could!!! Makes no sense to me.

RegThe Hedge said...

If I was as wealthy as Soros I would offer 5000 for any israeli familly with a muslim or negro as papa and an jewish girl as the mama. Each child produced gets a 2500 grant. I would justify it by saying the more enrichers the more tolerant a place israel will be. I would advertise this on billboards all over israel. I would also extend it to the US. I would hype up the numbers using stats to enrage israeli nationalists. Of course I'd offer to stop when certain conditions are met but my program would need to run for thirty years first just to play catch up. Part of the conditions of stopping would be arranging suitable enrichers to marry sons and daughters of all labour politicians.

Anonymous said...

essex boy said...

Yes, but why do company's commission the ads if they know they won't sell as well as they could!!! Makes no sense to me.

I think I can answer that one, Essex Boy.

Back to advertising in the seventies in the good ol' RSA.

In the seventies I worked for a small ad agency partnership in Johannesburg. The senior partner was a sharp, bright and really nice guy, from the wrong side of the tracks, who I shall call "R" ... a rough diamond, so to speak. His partner, a lumbering, piss-ignorant and terminally bewildered man who I shall call "A" ... he in turn, was born with the proverbial silver spoon.

"R" was the hustling, bustling ambitious guy who went out and snared clients. "A" was the guy who lost them hand over fist. I sat in on more than one meeting, where a client -- driven to tooth-grinding rage by "A"'s relentless (and I mean relentless) stupidity -- would storm out, taking his account with him and swearing never to return. This may sound like an extreme reaction, but I was amazed that the client was as patient as he was.

One day, my boss openly asked "R": "When are you going to dump this loser?" "R"'s response? "He's got connections. Without his connections, we wouldn't have the clients we have ..."

I later found that "A", before I met him, had a history. He had bankrupted one company and driven another to the very edge of failure before the shareholders pitched him out. This was not corruption ... just incompetence.

How he could get a job as a teaboy, puzzles me still.


Henry IX said...

UN - interesting story, but, eh, I don't get the point?

Anonymous said...

Dumbed down world.

There is no E in Snooki.

I mena you do not spell Snooki with an E.

Anonymous said...

Henry IX said...

UN - interesting story, but, eh, I don't get the point?

I guess the point is, when you reach a certain societal level ... for want of a better term, that talent, drive, hard work and intelligence seem to count for nothing. You jump to the head of the queue, regardless.

Gordon Brown and Tony Blair seem to be a case in point. If anyone was a candidate for euthanasia -- or the rope, it should be them. But they're doing just fine, thank you. Nothing sticks to them.

Modern day aristocracy? Consequence-free existence?

To be frank, it eludes me. Any comments from others would be welcome.


Jack Quinn said...

@ UNc

Interesting background, Unc...who would have thunk it? - Advertising.

I believe I know who "A" is though...escaped to the States and is now an actor in this series...5 years and running in the addictive as salted pistachios. Woe betide us who suffer the "legacy" partner:


Kiwiguy said...

In NZ I haven't seen such hotel ads :-)

I'm guessing it's to show they're progressive while at the same time they believe the audience doesn't really expect to find those people at the hotel.

btw. I was disapointed to see 'Brighton's Rock' had succumbed to pc casting. They've adatped the 1938 Graham Greene book to 1964 and inserted a token to play the Dallow character. It is distracting to watch because he seems so out of place - there are no other minorities, even in the background extras.

fistic fury said...

It's the same in the law business. Useless long-term partners leeching off the real fee earners.


Anonymous said...

And the purposeful destruction of the US continues unabated ...

Amnesty for All Haitians in U.S., Save those Arriving in Last Four Months

By David North, May 19, 2011

Amnesty for all Haitians who arrived legally or illegally in the U.S. by January 12 of this year has been offered by the Department of Homeland Security.

Previously this form of amnesty, Temporary Protected Status (TPS), had been available to Haitians who were here on January 12, 2010, at the time of the earthquake in that country. Now the arrival date has been extended by one year.

According to DHS about 48,000 had secured this status during the earlier amnesty, a number smaller than the government had expected.

Now tell me again, just what is it that the Department of Homeland Security is supposed to be there for? I, for one, did not know they dictated US immigration policy.

Have all US govt. departments finally become completely interchangeable?

Or is this a further jerking of the chain?

Jes' askin'

Uncle Nasty

pissed-off said...

Uncle Nasty - it IS a further jerking of the chain. Why in the name of the Almighty would anyone allow 48,000 Haitians into their country, unless there was malicious destructive intent?

Look at Belle Glade in Florida if you want to see how Haitians 'benefit' their new homeland. It is intentionally destructive, without a doubt.

Anonymous said...

Further to Henry IX's query.

I quote from my own post:- "He's got connections. Without his connections, we wouldn't have the clients we have ..."

Connections, connections, connections. To quote the hackneyed old phrase: It's not what you know ... but who you know.

Even truer now, I suspect than when it was first coined.

Hopefully this clarifies my point.


Ironman said...

Agreed. Giving permanent residency to nearly 50,000 Haitians is pure sabotage. And what the fuck is Homeland Security doing issuing the permits?????

Anonymous said...

Whoneeds Al-Qaeda when you have Haitians?

Anonymous said...

There are a few people who feel the third-world Gangsta thing is purely an American problem.


Go here:-

Scroll to:-

What Kind of Britain Do You Want Your Children to Grow Up In?

watch the video and weep. Or be enraged ... your choice. It ain't going to get better by itself.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

We have been warned about "Gangsta" culture.
The St John's riots in Bristol?
The man was not letting Afro-Carib sell weed mon and Babalon hat 2 b tawt dat biznes iz biznes.

Brixton? The Met dared to search a drug dealers flat so he called out his goons to burn the place.

Funny how the press never mention this.

thor said...

uncle nasty - you get gangsta "culture" anywhere you get blacks. It's as simple as that.