Friday, 8 April 2011

The next US President

You just have to watch these two vids (this and this). Colorado woman Ann Barnhardt socks it to that wimp Senator Lindsey Graham after his groveling apology to ‘offended Muslims’ after the Terry Jones book burning. What a woman! If only the US and Europe had more of her. She gets my vote To replace Barak Hussein.

The videos have gone viral but have got zero exposure in the MSM. Amazing, isn't it?


Franz said...

Itching to meddle in American politics, aren't we Savant? If I had any say in the matter this guy would get the Republican nomination in a heartbeat:

I'm sure Uncle has plenty links to suitable and eligible candidates, as well. As probably do other readers.

Heck, let's have a straw poll to find the most politcally incorect candidate possible (yes, valid birth certificate is a must).

If we reach an agreement, we write a nice letter to the Republican National Committee (RNC), claiming to be a "council of concerned world citizens" and demand that our choice be declared president forthwith.

If our demands are not complied with, we reveal our true idendity, tell them we are a group of Chinese treasury bond holders and threaten to crash the Dollar.

Who knows? The demented bats at the RNC might fall for it...

Anonymous said...

And on the same page, we have sand niggers rioting in Lampedusa.

Amazing. They have not yet gotten off the island and are causing trouble.

This will not end well.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

LOL....I enjoyed this so much....Graham is such an ASSHOLE

Simon Q said...

Very impressive. She has more testosterone in her than in most men.

I agree with most everything she says, and I particularly liked her bacon strip bookmarks. If you want to piss off muslims, diss the effing koran and burn it after reading excerpts using bacon bookmarks.

Going forward I will monitor her health with great interest.

Key takeaway from this: we should all burn a copy of the koran. Screw those camel-jockey rapists.

Macaw said...

Ok, I am going to say it and it might get me banned from this site, but here goes...this woman has balls bigger than obama's ego

Anonymous said...

Any one want to bet that this is not the beginning of a trend?

The Dutch have basically abandoned their means of self defence by shutting down their army ...

"Over 6,000 military service personnel and defence ministry civil servants are facing compulsory redundancies, ahead of Friday’s cabinet decision on how to make savings of €1bn in the defence budget, NOS television reports.

In total, 12,300 defence ministry jobs will go as part of the savings package, NOS says. Some 2,300 vacancies will not be filled and a further 4,000 people will not be replaced when they leave.

The ministry currently has a workforce of almost 69,000.

The job losses will affect all ranks in the defence ministry, according to government sources quoted in the Volkskrant.

Defence minister Hans Hillen also plans to scrap tanks and Cougar helicopters, to cut the 87 F-16 fighter jets by around a third and to sell off a number of naval vessels.

The controversial purchase of a second JSF fighter jet for €100m will go ahead to protect the participation of Dutch firms in its development and production.
The reporting makes it sound as if 'some' tanks are scrapped, but in actuality all Leopard MBTs will we stricken from the inventory,
as will all Cougar transport helicopters and, astonishingly, all minesweepers.

Leopard MBT's are amongst the the most advanced tanks on the planet ... and they're being dumped?

Could it be that they are putting their defence into the hands of muslim immigrants?

Uncle Nasty

RegThe Hedge said...

Folks, she didn't do this for nothing. She wants 1,000,000 people to do the same. This means any simple minded midevil turd coloured cunt will have 1,000,000 diminji infidels insulting the words of the peadophile mohommad. Where does the cunt start?
I watched this a few days back and I wanted to join her. My wife talked me down. She explained I would be sacked. Her and the kids could be attacked. I explained that the attacking thing was never going to happen. However, I am sure I would be sacked. Also, since the UK government has bent over for the muslim scum I would also be arrested and charged with "offending muslims".
So I am left unable to express myself and I am even more angry because of it. How many others out there whos anger builds by the day?

Anonymous said...

The US govt is threatening to shut down ... which is rather like your most hated enemy threatening to kill themselves if you don't come to their birthday party.

Some people feel they shut down a while back -- and nobody noticed:-

Your government will protect you

Air traffic controllers have been catching a lot of grief for sleeping on the job lately. But do you know what Transportation Security Administration officials have been doing -- or rather, not doing -- lately? A federal watchdog revealed this week that TSA's counterterrorism specialists failed to detect 16 separate jihad operatives who moved through target airports "on at least 23 different occasions." The name of the TSA monitoring program paying for all this flying-blind failure, I kid you not: SPOT.

Under the "Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques" plan, TSA's designated behavior detection officers are supposed to closely watch travelers who pose potential security risks and who exhibit any number of appearances or activities "indicative of stress, fear, or deception." But long-entrenched, bipartisan American political correctness hampers the kind of effective, efficient national security profiling that Israeli airline security officials practice so well.

The result? TSA's snoozing SPOT-ters catch nobody -- for fear of being accused by the grievance lobby of singling anybody out.

Uncle Nasty

Clogheen said...

"valid birth certificate is a must."

Good one Franz!!

Jeremy said...

@ Reg. Exactly. We need millions to do this, and yes again, I'm AFRAID to do it. Not from some Muzzie cuthroat, rather i know for sure I'd be fired. (I'm in England)

Sad scene..

Anonymous said...

I want to have her babies!

Robert said...

I agree with the lady's constitutional arguments, but I find the Holy Bible riddled with as mush disgusting stuff as the Holy Koran. Marcion had the right ideas ditch the Old Testament and its savage god.

Toby said...

Me too about the Holy Bible stuff, but hey, we don't have too many with balls like her today.

Randy said...

She is clearly the bravest woman in the entire West. Just totally fearless and proof that islam doesn't have a monopoly on martyrdom. Everybody, please plan on burning a quran this Fourth of July, and support this brave warrior of the counter-jihad, she speaks the truth for us all.

Simon Q said...

There's something odd going on.

NONE of the MSM has picked up on this - not even Al-Jazeera (English).


Have all media outlets decided/conspired to suppress Ms. Barnhardt's anti-muslim speech?

Tony Va. said...

Simon Q - you can bet your bottom dollar that the whole MSM has conspired to keep it out. Not so much that they all kinda meet in one room, but they recognize that this kind of thing is dynamite and best left uncovered.

Anonymous said...

A story has done the rounds for quite a while, now, of General Pershing (during the Philippines campaign) burying dead muslim Moros in pig blood and offal to discourage future activities.

I can't vouch for the veracity -- and neither can SNOPES (for what that's worth) but it's an idea.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Always digging, me.


In the 1960's British-born Dr. Anthony Sutton was a Fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institute when he discovered that, in spite of the Cold War, the US was supplying the USSR with its technology, including weapons used against American soldiers in Vietnam. Sutton dug deeper and discovered that Wall Street had sponsored both the Bolshevik Revolution and the rise of Nazi Germany. The resulting books which are on line cost Dr. Sutton his academic career ..."

Link here:-

Links to the books:-

Definitely worth a look ...

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

You want conspiracies? Here you go ... all the conspiracies you can shake a stick at.

Just for fun.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

I'm reluctant to correct a fellow admirer of this physical and intellectual hottie (she requires just a sword and I swear I'll give it up for Lent...;-))... but what you surely mean is you want HER to have YOUR babies, right? Perhaps it's just seamantics...


Anonymous said...

I'm reluctant to correct a fellow admirer of this physical and intellectual hottie (she requires just a sword and I swear I'll give it up for Lent...;-))... but what you surely mean is you want HER to have YOUR babies, right? Perhaps it's just seamantics...


benjy said...

Doing this and more will automatically make America a inhospitable place for oppressive ideas like Islam, liberalism, and socailism which all share a common thread of allowing a few elite to control and oppress the many

Anonymous said...

Burn a Koran? Good idea, but I certainly wouldn't waste my money to buy one in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Some AMAZING links here Uncle.

Anonymous said...


Maybe it's 'semen-tics' LoL.

Anonymous said...

This post may strike you as a little odd, but I have a very good reason for posting it.

Like the lady with the burning Koran, it gives the anarchist in all of us a bit of hope.

A person who says, basically:- "You don't like it? Well, fuck you. What are you going to do about it?'

"why world governance won’t. hasn’t. cannot."

Link here:-

and a quote:-

"there is the force of law in yakima, washington and in the other places in the county were population densities and economic activity will support compliance with law. where there is not those conditions, there is no law, period.

trust me. i tried to enforce it in the civil departments for my friends in the planning and zoning departments, and i tried to enforce the law in juvenile court with regard to truancy violations, and dependency actions and the like, … , and, i know for a matter of fact, that the law has precious little hold on areas much beyond the paved road.

it is, if you will, as simple as that.

governance has limits.

beyond which, it does not govern.

even world government, which has amply demonstrated in any number of fashions, that it is no government at all, and is not likely to ever be. pavement factors, and all that.

It's quite heartening. It reminds one of the green lefties and PETA weirdos who'll fling red paint at starlets and fashion models for wearing animal skins or fur.

They won't try it at a Hell's Angels rally.

Strange, that ...

Uncle Nasty

Redneck said...

Frankly, I just can't handle the sacrilege in this video. She is throwing all that bacon on the floor! What a waste!

Anonymous said...


Screw the bacon, I'll have her for breakfast. Wait, let me rephrase that...


Simon Q said...

Ms. Barnhardt's web page:

john cully said...

All I can say is, I hope there are a few more like her at home.

Anonymous said...

You want to read something really odd?

I had read about HAARP quite a few months back. Anyone else have any comments?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Here is a very interesting person. He has instigated Lawful Rebellion against the slugs in power in the UK.

So far ... he seems to be winning.

A few quotes:-

"I am not going to complete your census forms. I cannot. On July 15th 2009 I entered Lawful Rebellion. This is a right, an obligation, which every Briton must exercise when evidence comes to light that the monarch has violated her Coronation Oaths, and/or that parliament has committed treason.
Both of these things have occurred.
I sent a total of four affidavits to Elizabeth Windsor at her London residence. She has not disagreed with my lawful standing. She knows that I have revoked my allegiance to her and sworn it instead to the Barons Committee formed in 2001. My instructions from the Barons Committee via Magna Carta 1215 Ch. 61 are clear: “together with the community of the whole realm, distrain and distress us in all possible ways, namely, by seizing our castles, lands, possessions, and in any other way they can, until redress has been obtained as they see fit…”

Uncle Nasty

PS ... from the same site:

How America Took Over The World
They used guys like John Perkins.

""AMY GOODMAN: John Perkins joins us now in our firehouse studio. Welcome to Democracy Now!

JOHN PERKINS: Thank you, Amy. It’s great to be here.

AMY GOODMAN: It’s good to have you with us. Okay, explain this term, “economic hit man,” e.h.m., as you call it.

JOHN PERKINS: Basically what we were trained to do and what our job is to do is to build up the American empire. To bring -- to create situations where as many resources as possible flow into this country, to our corporations, and our government, and in fact we’ve been very successful. We’ve built the largest empire in the history of the world. It's been done over the last 50 years since World War II with very little military might, actually. It's only in rare instances like Iraq where the military comes in as a last resort.


pi31416 said...

Anonymous (Uncle Nasty) said...

You want to read something really odd?

I had read about HAARP quite a few months back. Anyone else have any comments?

Yes. They need a new keyboard. The '1' key of theirs tends to stick. They're predicting an eruption of Mount Fuji on April 11. That should be April 1st.

Anonymous said...

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

jeremy said...

anybody know how this Captain Ranty is getting on? will he get away with it?

Anonymous said...

jeremy said...

"anybody know how this Captain Ranty is getting on? will he get away with it?"

If you bounce from his site to some of the links (and the older posts) it would appear that he is getting away with it.

I seem to recall this guy performing a citizen's arrest on a judge in his own court. I'll have to check it out.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

At last. The question answered.

Bonded Labour

Any comments, Franz? Reg?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Found it ...

Please go here:-

or better here:-


Heap of links in the sidebar

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

All right, I am going to pretend that this has relevance to the topic. After all the woman is carrying a pink M16

This for those deluded types who think that making firearms illegal will wipe out crime.

"Found under a nine-year-old's bed: The weapons arsenal of gang who killed schoolgirl, 16.

Schoolgirl who dreamed of going to Oxford gunned down by gang as she queued in takeaway.
Members of notorious gang jailed for life for using sub-machine gun in killing.

This is in England, right? The safest country in the world 'cos they banned those eeeevil guns in 1998, right?


Look on the bright side, though. When we do see the EOTWAWNI, at least you can still arm yourselves -- it's not as though there's a shortage.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Something to contemplate:-

I do not, as a rule, take this guy seriously, as he often waffles on about innocent little crims being bullied and having their rights trampled by "Da Man".

Sometimes, though, he gets it right.

"It doesn’t matter what “the law” is

In one of the more memorable passages in Orwell’s 1984, Winston Smith contemplates the inevitable doom that will follow from the first entry which he is preparing to make in his diary. The act was not illegal, he reflected — there were no laws in Oceania — but its discovery would nevertheless result in ten years in a forced labor camp.

If your tastes tend more to the lowbrow, there’s that great line from National Lampoon’s “Vacation”: “It ain’t illegal. Hell, I oughta know — I’m the sheriff!”

We see an increasing number of instances in the United States and the “Free World” in which citizens can be punished without any specific legal pretext.

To take one example which has been around for a while, there is no written law against carrying large amounts of cash on one’s person, nor any specific statutory definition of the threshold at which the amount of money one carries becomes a criminal offense. Nevertheless, anyone stopped by a police officer and found to be carrying thousands of dollars in cash will be presumed a drug trafficker of some sort, and their money seized according to the usual procedure of “civil forfeiture.”

Watcha think?

Uncle Nasty

white fang said...

When you ban guns it just means that law-abiding citizens wont have them. Only criminals and state enforcement officials will have them. Maybe that's the whole idea?

white fang said...

Yes, we're becoming a nation - nations - less of laws and more of offending prevailing orthodoxies

Anonymous said...

Not strictly on topic, Savant. And an old post into the bargain, but ...

Mummy, Daddy, Children. Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I'll begin


Your children, if aged 13 and under have only ever lived under a New Labour government. That means you have not had to take responsibility for their education, discipline, welfare, behaviour or aspirations. You have been taught to give them all they require and send the bill to the Government who promised to look after everything as long as you voted for them. Nike trainers, PS3's on demand, iPhones for under 10's, the lot. and if you couldn't afford it, Labour made sure that every credit shark in the business could lend you money you couldn't afford to repay.

If your partner legged it, so what, more tax credits. If little Timmy punched a teacher, so what, he'll get extra sweets from an ADHD diversity coordinator and if he burnt down the house, so what, Labour would give you another one. If he can't read and write, so what, he'll go on the Social and get a flat for his now pregnant girlfriend he met last night. No need to worry about the kids, that's what the state is for, ain't my fault, innit.

Well guess what? That's coming to an end. If you didn't bother to nurture your offspring, the State will no longer take responsibility for them. You will. Chardonnay is not going to get a council house because she dropped them as soon as she could to the first passing asylum seeker with no forwarding address. She and her halfling are going to be living in your spare room, smoking your fags and wolfing down your pot noodles.

Print it and stick it on the toilet door.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

I recommend the site "Dissecting Leftism" -- with reservations.

Like so many so-called right-of-centre sites, a bit philosemitic, but, occasionally a nugget of sense.

A bit:-

On 3.10.11 Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said that President Obama's administration was "focused like a laser beam" on gas prices. The article can be found here. The article goes on to say that in Thursday of that week gas was at $3.59. In February it had been $3.17 and in March of 2010 the price had been $2.76. As I write this 4/12 the price is $4.00. Three months before the last election, then Senator Obama called for release of fuel from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which had recently reached $4.11. The source can be found here. So I don't get it, if he is focused like a laser beam, he makes several speeches over a two week period that have no effect, he doesn't take the action that he advocated a previous President take and then he moves on with no effect to show for the effort.

To some extent President Obama is our creation. We as a people, and here I am stereotyping, have attention spans comparable to gerbils. Our ADD President was hired by us primarily because of his ability to entertain us not because of his track record of doing anything. Did we really expect that a Senator whose major accomplishment during his tenure in Illinois was to vote "present" was going to suddenly learn to roll up his sleeves and stick with problems until they are resolved?

If past behavior is indicative of future behavior, what behavior and results should we expect from this President? I think today's announcement by Michelle Obama is a good case in point. The template seems to be that a close advisor (Treasury Secretary, Transportation Secretary, First Lady) makes an announcement that some issue pressing to the populace has risen to the President's attention (Unemployment, Oil Prices, The state of military families). The President then makes a speech or speeches indicating that 1) He feels our pain 2) He will make it a high priority (Job No.1, Focus like a laser etc.). The "focus" and by this I mean speeches, last for about two weeks and then he moves on to NOT solve another problem.

I've given you examples from the past, I gave you an example from the present, now let me predict the future. In the next few days some close advisor to the President will announce that it has come to the attention of the President that the Federal Debt, associated interest payments and tax burden are strapping middle-class and poor people. That the President will focus like a laser on this problem. For two weeks (until the Federal Debt Ceiling is raising by another Trillion dollars) we will hear speeches indicating his knowledge and caring on the problem, how he is "rolling up his sleeves" and "locking arms with Republicans" and other such crap and then our attention will wane and he will move on.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Further to my last rant, It was mentioned the attention of the US public is being grabbed by the rise in price of gas (petrol) to US$4.15 a gallon.

It should be (in fairness) pointed out that the US gallon is smaller than the more-commonly used Imperial gallon.

A US gallon is 3.8 litres, while the Imperial Gallon is 4.54 litres.

Even so, it's hard to feel too sympathetic with the US motorist, when in New Zealand, the price is hovering around NZ$2.20 a LITRE ... and that's for regular. Premium usually carries a (you guessed it) premium.

What are petrol prices in Ireland, UK, Germany right now?

Just curious.


Anonymous said...

Here is probably one of the best and most reasoned essays of why the hebrews, when they decide to be stupid, are so very good at it.

i.e. Why do they persist in such glaringly obvious self-destructive behavior?

It's long, but I really, really recommend it.

And here:-

A quote:-

Mass Moslem immigration into America combined with world-wide Moslem Jew-hatred poses an unprecedented threat to American Jews — a "perfect storm" that is forcing at least some Jews into an agonizing re-appraisal of their traditional support for open immigration. So says Stephen Steinlight in his hard-hitting essay, "High Noon to Midnight: Why Current Immigration Policy Dooms American Jewry," published by the Center for Immigration Studies. A former director of national affairs at the American Jewish Committee and now an outspoken advocate of immigration reform, Steinlight tells his fellow Jews that they, along with the rest of America, face a momentous choice. If they turn away from their extreme immigration liberalism and help move America toward sensible immigration restrictions, the growth of the Moslem community in this country can be slowed substantially and even stopped, and a decent existence for the Jews themselves can be preserved. But if Jews and others continue in their embrace of open borders, in thirty years time the Jews will find themselves a besieged and powerless minority in an Islamic-dominated, anti-Semitic America.

That's what Steinlight is telling them. But will they listen? As he explains it, immigration to the U.S. in the early 20th century was literally a life or death matter for Jews—life for the immigrants, and death for those who stayed behind in Europe or who were closed out of America by the restrictive immigration policies of the 1920s and 1930s.

My emphasis immediately above.

The RSPs, so terrified of the Aryan boogeyman that they themselves have created are, as yet, barely conscious of the real monster that stirs in the cellar. The Muslim.

The jews have spent the last four generations persuading themselves -- and everyone else -- that they are hated victims, and that the whole world wants to kill them ... render them extinct.

Well, congratulations, lads. To some extent, you have succeeded. In the words of Donald Day, you have dug the pit again, fallen into it, again, and now there is no-one to respond to your piteous screams.

We're all too busy, stuck in our own damn pit.

Uncle Nasty

"The Jews are not nearly so clever as many seem to think. They dig their own pit and fall into it without being pushed. And when they are in it they shriek for help from the same people for whom they dug the pit. And, when they are rescued, they began immediately to dig another."

Donald Day in Onward Christian Soldiers

Anonymous said...

If only the MSM in the US had an editrix as fearless and courageous as Madame Editor at TIT and she would have a story that Ann Barnhardt deserved to be president as "she is a woman and a Protestant". (Or is that only reserved nepostically for the daughter of a former edtior?)

Anonymous said...

Mr Obama, Sir? Your boss in on the line ...

Every now and and then, after I publish another anti-RSP screed, a poster, usually anonymous, will appear like a small puff of methane in a crowded elevator, and say something like: "here goes
Uncle Nasty, the shithead, blaming the jooooz, again. It's always the Joooz -- always the Joooz!!"

Well, here's the interesting thing. Almost invariably, whatever I publish is a quote .... and usually straight from the mouths of the guilty.
Like this one:-

"The Ashkenazi chief rabbi of Israel, Yona Metzger, told congregants in a Sabbath sermon that if U.S. President Barack Obama seeks reelection, he must release Jonathan Pollard, Israel Radio reported on Sunday. Here's what that bloated toad, Henry Kissinger had to say -- and we all know who's side he's on ...

Benjamen Netenyahu also would like Pollard released ...

In the sermon delivered at Yeshurun Synagogue in Jerusalem on Saturday, Metzger told said there was a feeling that many American Jews that had supported Obama in the last election were disappointed in him, in no small part because of Obama's indifference to Pollard.

Now .... tell me once again, how the joooz are not running the US govt.?
Conspiracy? What fucking conspiracy? It's all blowing and flapping in the wind where everyone can see it -- and trip over it.
Isn't it wonderful? Just as you begin to run low on ammunition, your target pops up right next to
you and hands you belts and belts of the stuff ...

Uncle Nasty

PS ... some of you you may be saying "who the fuck is Pollard, anyway? ..."

He is this:-

A quote from the wikipedia article:

Within a few days, in June 1984, Pollard started passing classified information to Sella and received, in exchange, $10,000 cash and a very expensive diamond and sapphire ring, which Pollard later used to propose marriage to his girlfriend Anne. He also agreed to receive $1,500 per month for further espionage.

Well, at least it wasn't for filthy old money.


Anonymous said...

Who is the guy who stole millions from his companiess and their pension plans and got a state funeral in Israel?

Anonymous said...

Why did Michele Bachmann leave her church? She quits denomination criticised by Catholics for views on papacy

Read more:

Yet Comrade Zero was never called out over his membership of a church with a racist preacher.

Wright in this case not Sharpton. Or Jackson.

Anonymous said...

She is fourth on 8% in Iowa caucus with an error rate of 4.9 which means she could actually be in third place.
Who did the polls for Fox? Quntum research?

Anonymous said...

Bachman said that if Sandusky of the Penn state child molestation had done anything to one of her natural born or of those that she fostered she would have dealt with it.

So why is the media concerned that Joe Pa's reputation has been tarnished rather than asking if you saw someone being molested and you chose not to bash the guy's brains in but rather report it to higher authorities and they did nothing why would you leave it at that?

The guy was fired in 1999 and still had access to the football facilities?

Compare that to Duke University when allegations were made against their Lacrosse players they closed the programme as soon as they could.

(For those of you who do not understand the above yes the media are hypocrites.)

Motoboy said...

(For those of you who do not understand the above yes the media are hypocrites.)

Question is, to what extent do the general public realise this?

Anonymous said...

A policewoman is suing North Yorkshire police for sex discrimination, claiming she was offered a 'pink gun' by her boss and taunted by male colleagues.
The woman, who can only be named as 'Miss M' for security reasons, was led towards a cabinet containing a stash of pornographic magazines during a training exercise, Central London Employment Tribunal heard today.

Read more: Policewoman sues over a pink gun remark

You could feel real confident if you had her beside you couldn't you?