Friday, 15 April 2011

The end of the 'achievement gap'?

The issue of the ‘achievement gap’ between black and white students has exercised the finest educational minds for generations. Without a glimmer of success. A new technique developed by a pioneering minority academic may offer a breakthrough.

Check it out here.


Syncretism said...

Her methodology is intriguing.

I like the idea of minorities encouraging each other to learn using methods that are relevant to their everyday lives.

She's speaking his language--perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Your pardon Savant. I see all details appeared in another thread.

Ah, senility, thou art a heartless bitch.

Uncle Nasty

Franz said...


Between the breakthrough you discovered and this musical instruction which I think we have discussed previously (, the Africans seem to have come up with a wholistic new concept to education.

The constant dual stimulus of both fear and the sex-drive from an early age on is something which so far elluded us Westerners - with the notable exception of some catholic priests.

I'm certain that the new afrocentric philosophy of education will result in a generation of Africans with the means to shatter all glass ceilings when it comes to professional and scientific achievement.

The DRCSC (Democratic Republic of Congo Simba Corps) is eager to tap into this marvellous wellspring of human resources and have just released a new recruiting ad for TV and the interwebs:

Be all you can be boys!

Franz said...

Oh, I forgot: While we are talking video, I can heartily recommend the show "Hardcore Pawn". It is - not so surprisingly - about the life of a pawn shop purveyor in Detroit, so I am sure most of you have now a clue what the bulk of his clientele looks like.

There's plenty of "Hardcore Pawn" on youtube as of now, so have a look-see before it's thrown out for being "mean", "hateful" and in "violation of community standards".

Anonymous said...

Checked out the Hardcore Pawn. Superb!!

Franz said...

@ Anon 18:20

The longer I think about the show, the more I am surprised that the $outhern Poverty Law Center hasn't yet issued a fatwa against the producers and demanded them to be drawn and quartered in public.

Anonymous said...

Hard Pawn - Jews versus blacks. Just what I like too see.

Anonymous said...

I'd say this is the only language the boons understand. Let 'em at it, but dont let these teacher's near white kids!