Saturday, 2 April 2011

Britain cuts deal with Gadafy

A statement just issued by Downing Street and quoted in today's Irish Times shows that the UK has made an offer of immunity to the Libyan leader to get him to quit power and leave Libya. The announcement stated 'the UK has not made any offers of immunity to the Libyan leader to get him to quit power and leave Libya.'


tsnamm said...

Of course new age double speak....the truth will be exposed shortly...good eye Savant!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Savant, simple and brilliant, you bring home the realities of living in a totalitarian society.

You know, we may laugh of all the stories to have come out of Soviet Russia, but at least they knew the deal and how to read the news, sadly the west doesn't.

Macaw said...

Ok, as I am nowhere clued up about what is actually going on in Libya as you folks in Europe and the UK, do you think he will be allowed into the UK?

I know our mickey mouse government granted exile to aristide (who thankfully has buggered off back to Haiti)

Franz said...

I think that the paper shuffling reptiles of London, Paris and DC have picked a fight with the wrong dictator.

I'd be honestly surprised if Mr Gadafi is prepared to hand over his fiefdom to a bunch of rag tag "rebels" and their infidel sponsors.

Before that happens G-Dafy (sounds like a relation to Puff Daddy) will probably treat the world to the spectacle of live coverage depicting burning oil wells.

The only deal G-Dafy might countenance would be the delivery of Carla Bruni as his new nurse and body servant of choice, an oath of alegiance by the queen of England and the severed, salted ears of Obama as a stark reminder of what happens to those that offend the mighty Moammar.

RegThe Hedge said...

Sorry Savant, I'm always going off point.
Here is a legendary story of a stupid Irish bitch and her collaberation in the destruction of our race.
Sorry it is on the anti white BBC, you'll have to take a shower after visiting that site.
Bitches like this and Miss Ireland will get their comeupance when the liberal marxists have been defeated. Look up the treatment of dutch collaberators with nazis for ideas.

awakened said...

Anon 16.59. I always think that this is true. at least under Communism the people KNEW that they were being told lies. In the west, with our so-called free press, the sheeple think they're getting the full truth.

RegThe Hedge said...

Have a read of this. I can't believe the media have ignored this one.

Euroserf said...

very clever Savant. Had to read it twice before I cottoned on.

Northern athiest said...

I see that the main US Senate instigators of taking Gadaffy out are Lieberman, McCain and Grahame. What's odd about that? A couple of years ago they were all in his tent in Libya, praising him and planning for great things in the future.

Strange, no? They must be SOOO upset at the thought of all those civilian casualties that he'd inflict. (Sarcasm off).

Fourth Chop said...

Excellent political acumen Savant - now that’s what I call “reading between the lines”.

Ian said...

@ REg The Hedge 21:46 I can't see what the link you provided does but you can watch a video list of the Labour 25 here :

Franz said...

@ Northern Atheist

Liebermann and McCain are like snake and serpent (you decide which is which). By now G-Dafy is probably sorry he ever hooked up with those characters.

What fascinates me is the prospect of blowback Europe and the USA can expect from their latest intervention in Lybia.

The last time G-Dafy's house was bombed (1986) he arranged for the downed 747 at Lockerby and supplied the IRA with the war materiel to blow up the Baltic Exchange in the City of London among other things.

Should G-Dafy survive the ongoing fight, he will probably become a very generous sponsor of anybody promising to kill infidels. Simple: Send him your resume and mission statement, get all the semtex and AKs you could wish for.

He alreay promised to send a tidal wave of black riff raff across the mediterranean and I expect him to make good on that promise.

Despite his crazy demeanour and various excentricities, G-Dafy has a record as a man of action and one who stays true to his word. Woe to those stupid enough to irritate him but subsequently failing to kill him.

Simon Q said...

IMO we should never have attacked Gaddafi. What a dumb, poorly thought out action.

Gaddafi is a wily weasel - we all know that. But the nutcase of Libya kept his people in check and should have been left to deal with the uprising. He didn't attack them, it was the other way around.

The Mulatto Messiah decided to intervene but in such a tepid way that the issue is now at a stalemate, and the civil war is likely to drag on indefinitely by all accounts.

CNN reported earlier on that the rebels looted Gaddafi's weapons arsenal in Benghazi. Surely I wasn't the only person to see a scruffy camel-jockey holding up a Strela SAM-7 Grail, shoulder operated surface to air missile? That caused my sphincter to clench I can tell you.

It was reported a few days ago that some of these missles have already fallen into the hands of Al-Quaeda in Libya. They must be rubbing their hands with glee.

I fully expect a European airliner to be shot down with one of these in the coming months.

We should never have attacked Libya. What a disaster.

Canuck said...

Simon Q. I agree totally. and then there's the other aspect. Whatever happens there will be a neew wave of mud people into Europe. and if Gadaffy wins he'll do all in his power to speed up the process. Total madness.

By the way, where's kulak? Haven't seen him for a while?

Californian said...

Well, if he moves to Britain, perhaps he can apply for welfare and any other benefits as a refugee?

jeremy said...

Californian asks perhaps he can apply for welfare and any other benefits as a refugee?

Let me assure you, he'd get them. He has all the qualifications, violent Muslim, never did a notmal days work... you get the drift.

Anonymous said...

For the group's information, it appears that the Coast of Lampedusa is going to be a little smelly over the next week or two.

"I’ve been writing a lot lately about the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa, which has been flooded with tens of thousands of refugees from North Africa since the Jasmine revolutions began in January. The situation is not really new — for the past four years or so we’ve posted on and off about Lampedusa, because the migrant crisis there waxes and wanes, but never really ends.

Today, however, marks the first time I’ve ever seen the island in the top headlines of the MSM. The occasion was the sinking of an overloaded boat carrying about 300 refugees from Libya, most of whom are presumed to have drowned. The boat was on its way to Lampedusa or Sicily when it went down in rough seas. This was enough of a tragedy to put the story into the major international wire services.

It is pointed out that so-called refugees pay up to 1000 Euro for the one-way trip so the skipper has made a cool 300,000 Euro ... cash.

Pretty good. Three trips -- if he makes it, and he's well on the way to a second and bigger boat.

For that kind of money I'd get in the business. I'm surprised the hebrews haven't. Or haven't they?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

A good question, UN, a good question indeed!

Anonymous said...

Further to this ... here's something to make the Italian's blood run cold.

Scroll down to the pictures and Playing the Game According to French Rules

A quote:-

The European refugee crisis just keeps getting more and more interesting.

The European Commission — which up until now has granted lavish rights to the Lampedusa boat people and demanded that the Italians comply with them — has decided to uphold the new French rules and place restrictions on the movement of the refugees across borders within the Schengen Area.

This is significant, because it will force Italy to cope with the flood of refugees — which may exceed 250,000 over the next few months — on its own. Even if Brussels coughs up the promised money, the Italians will still be faced with a huge logistical and social crisis. The refugee camps on the mainland have thus far failed to contain the migrants effectively, so that new arrivals frequently break out and scatter to the four winds.

Add to this the fact that the latest batches of immigrants whose boats originate in Libya are mostly from sub-Saharan Africa. This means that Italy will face the likelihood of riots in the camps and the sort of massive crime wave that follows Somalis and Eritreans wherever they migrate.


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Lock, Stock and Barrel

Reg? Franz? As our financial gurus ... any comment? Do you think the Default of Iceland was a good thing for Iceland?

A quote:-

"Without entering into too much hyperbole, are we entering a new age where democratically elected governments are quite literally replaced by banks? Citizens become mere overdrawn "customers" to be held in ever increasing debt slavery and bondage to unelected masters? Icelanders knew this and simply defaulted, leaving outraged "bondholders" who had bought into power AND return holding the stinking nappy, unable to suck the future earnings of Icelanders with 60% tax rates. The EU is DESPERATE to get Iceland into the quicksand so that it can control Icelands debt and more importantly, the only means it has to repay. The very labour of the future people of Iceland.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Goldman Sachs managed to lose nearly all of the money it had been given to invest by the Libyan government, which eventually led the giant Wall Street bank to offer shares as compensation that would have effectively made Colonel Gaddafi one of its largest single investors.

I guess it was thought to be cheaper to get everyone to pay for his removal than allow this ti happen?