Monday, 14 March 2011

Why does Mike Tyson cry during sex?

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Mace will do that to you.


Franz said...

Except for their skin color, Mike Tyson and and the late Jack Dempsey could have been twins. Their physique was eerily similar and their boxing style rather identical. Both were known for brutalizing opponents with savage aggression.

Unfortuanatly for "Iron Mike", this is were the parallels end. Jack Dempsey lived a prosperous life well into his seventies and was a fixture of New York society. Mike Tyson is a bum, financially and morally broken to boot and well on his way into oblivion.

God is sooo racist for withholding the concept of impulse control from black people!

RegThe Hedge said...

Savant, sorry for the diversion.....

I'm not sure if people are aware but there is a group of connected people in the UK (Where I

live, Belfast) who are about to rip the arses out of MPs who won't support their cause. They

want a referendum on membership of the EU. The Anti-Euro sentiment in the UK is much more

advanced to that of Ireland. These people are going to have quite a big impact.

Now, you can take this at face value and start crowing about the UK leaving the EU and

probably come to the conclusion that the campaign will be surpressed because the UK

government will never allow this to happen. You would be right that the UK government will

not allow this to happen. They won't. That's odd you might say, surely if the voters want out

then the government will do what the voter wants. Not so. The government don't do what the

voters want they do what big business wants. Why? Because the voter doesn't get them elected.

Big business gives them the money they need to fool the voters into voting for them. If the

day ever comes where people ignore advertising and think for themselves then governments will

become populist.

I've always laughed when decitful politicians or media talk about populist policies while

holding their noses. The scumbags have convinced the drones (voters) that their desires are

inappropriate, contemptable and just plain wrong. Populist means popular, by definition a

democatic politician would strive to carry out the populist policies. Strangely this is not

so in our liberal/marxist prescribed version of democracy.

RegThe Hedge said...

Anyway, I mentioned previously on this blog that I was convinced that the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) was under threat. I said this becuase I believe it is now being set up as the fall guy for bigger threats. When this UK group start to have a big impact and the people demand the UK has an election to decide whether we stay in the EU or not, I believe the ECHR will be sacricificed to avoid putting the EU membership to the people.

I was at a meeting early this week where I was the only person in the room with a salary (well) under 100k. They mentioned a number of things that they couldn't possibly have known without direct contact with high ranking politicians. The tone of the insiders was without a shadow of a doubt one of leadership. They were not asking if x or y was going to happen they were deciding that x suited them best and x was going to occur. It was a heads up.

I suppose if I were honest I'd have to admit I have only become politically aware ten years ago. So far I've found that politics is absolutely anything but fair. However, I have also found that the biggest problem for the controlers of the present system is freedom of information. This is the reason I'm willing to share what I've been exposed to. It has engendered in me a contempt for the voter. Are we, as a species so stupid that we can be manipulated with such ease? Are we going to evolve now that the internet is allowing the free movement of information? Do the old folk, (non internet users) have to die off before we become the masters of our own destinies?

In terms of our destruction (the white race) I hold a very different view to most on this site. I also see a very different solution.

SAVANT said...

Reg - this is fascinating information. Amazingly, the thought had already crossed my mind that the ECHR was becoming so egregious in its decision-making that it was becoming a parody of itself.

If you like you can provide a more detailed piece on these developments and I'll publish them as a fukl post. This is a big issue - I feel it in my bones.

Anonymous said...

Mike Tyson is a good example of his race; he is a violent rapist and is totally inept when it comes to responsibly managing money and personal relationships.

After the grand tourages, and $300M later, he is on the bones of his arse and totally spent.

What a bum.

Simon Q

Anonymous said...

In a showdown between ordinary people and the establishment, the citizens might not do so badly after all.

"British Soldiers leave secret codes in Libya.

BRITISH commando units are scrambling to prevent a serious security breach in Libya.

Libyan rebels discovered that soldiers captured during a bungled operation were carrying scraps of paper with the usernames and passwords for secret computer systems.

Sources in Benghazi, the largest Libyan city in opposition control, told British newspaper The Sunday Times last week that they seized a cache of communications equipment when the joint MI6 and Special Air Service (SAS) mission went wrong nine days ago - and also found the details needed to access the computers on notes among their captives' belongings.

Several pieces of equipment were even said to have labels saying, "Secret: UK eyes only."

"It is so inept, it is unbelievable," one expert said.

This is what you get when you "liberal" the crap out of everything by putting PC Picks and Old Buddies in positions of influence.

This could work in our favour.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Reg The Hedge said...

" ... Are we, as a species so stupid that we can be manipulated with such ease?"

Short answer? Yup.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Salvant, the diversity police have swooped yet again!

Anonymous said...

well, how daft can it get? A producer fired for not having "diversity" in a remote English village. FFS!

Anonymous said...

At least Tyson got his sporting career back on track whereas Duke University Lacrosse team will never get their Selena Roberts cancelled season back.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was someone else who committed the crime a la Anita Hill sho proved that it is very difficiult to tell black men apart. (Where was "Rev" Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton when Hill was saying this?)

Franz said...

A Mike Tyson thread is the ideal dumping ground for any and each black pathology - so why not for this:

'Look this is very serious people I had to evacuate all my hoe’s from LA, Hawaii and Japan. I had to do it. Lol.'

This is the first thing rapper 50 cents had to say about the quake/tsunami/meltdown in Japan.

Imagine a white musician saying anything remotely as viscious during the Haitian crisis some time ago.

Alas, this is black privilege in a nutshell: A wild card to hurt others without reaping the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Tyson is a feral nigger, a perfect example of the black race in general.

Anonymous said...

Here's some comforting news. Suds of goldman sucks fame is one of the 17 contributors to the blueprint for Irish economic recovery thats in the news today.

Anonymous said...

I am now of the opinion that Europeans deserve everything they are going to get. I used to care, but when I see the apathy and stupidity of the average UK/Irish person, I realise we're fucked.

Or maybe I'm just one of the whipped?

Anonymous said...

50 Cent was also a crack cocaine dealer before he became a 'musician'

Franz said...

@ Anon 20:48

Your post just gave me this little sick, putrid idea of cross-breeding Mike Tyson and a Goldman Bankster. Mr. Blankfein perhaps.

Of course Mike would be catching (just like in his prison days), which would leave the pitching up to Lloyd.

The resulting creature would be an ideal biological weapon to parachute onto unsuspecting enemies as well as doing wonders for reviving the Hammer horror flicks franchise.

kulak said...


Mike Tyson is a bum, financially and morally broken

He's got a TV show now.

And to the extent they are amoral rather than immoral, it's not pathology.

I feel sorry for him; as I would feel sorry for any wounded (if dangerous) animal.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who has some time and is so inclined, here is a good read.

This online book descibes the scientific differances between niggers and humans.

Erectus Walks Amongst Us


white fang said...

kulak - that's a very insighful observation on Tyson. He's exactly like an amoral dangerous wounded animal. and he's also got his good side, like a wolf or a grizzly!

Franz said...

@ Kulak

Iron Mike's got a Tv show. Well Sir, considering the general quality of TV these days, I am hardly surprised.

I assume Iron Mike plays the title role in an urbanized version of "The Deadliest Catch". Anything else and I would be surprised.

Franz said...

This is f*****g hillarious:

People in Buffalo are throwing hissy fit because a Republican named Jack Davis suggested that "African-Americans from the inner city" engage in manual *gasp* labor picking crops in exchange for "a decent wage".

Apparantly the mere suggestion of a voluntary exchange of goods and services in the tradition of Adam Smith is now akin to quoting "Mein Kampf" in polite society.

Even if I repeat myself: Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

RegThe Hedge said...

Sorry Savant, I'm being paranoid but I don't really want to give any more info. I'm not keen on being exposed and if I give more info I could be. Besides I've given the guts of what I know any more details would only be gratuitious.
Maybe next time I've got something of interest I'll contact you direct, i.e no post ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just when you begin to despair ... something always crops up.

This is a legitimate article.

Go there, read the scientific definition of a Kleptoparasite and tell me to whom it refers. I'll wait.

Living proof that science is truly on our side. I am going to use this one until it dries up and falls off.

Uncle Nasty

SAVANT said...

Fair enough Reg, I dont think you're being paranoid. I've been on the recieving end of some strange happenings in the ether over the last few months.

Bemused stare said...

That's a great article, Uncle Nasty.
It even lists the behavior of beasts in their natural habitat.

Rob said...

@Reg the Hedge
In mediaspeak, a populist is someone whose ideological position is popular, but not on the approved list. It's OK to have popular policies on various harmless or irrelevant matters, but definitely not on immigration or anything to do with race. Mention these subjects are you're excluded from "civilized debate".
You might say a populist is someone caught practising democracy without a license.

heraclitus said...

"You might say a populist is someone caught practising democracy without a license."

That's a brilliant aphorism Rob.

Anonymous said...

6 footballers jailed over rape. Spot the jungle bunnies though you have to ask what were two twelve year old girls doing out at two in the morning.

Anonymous said...

anon 10.16 - no link provided.

Anonymous said...

This is the link. Other papers may have had the story but not the picture and I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty

Kleptoparasites? You must be referring to the pink-footed, burr-headed, sausage-lipped, evil-smelling jungle bunny.

Kleptoparasitism is the accurate and proper term to describe how these creatures feed themselves and get through life.

By stealing from whitey.

Simon Q

Anonymous said...

A pommie friend of mine had the best ornithological name for them.

The velcro-crested wallet snatcher.

Uncle Nasty


I read that about the psychotic Tyson, and sure enough that is a fair enough comment on the guy.
Before we become too complacent in this matter however, perhaps we might spare a thought for the late Jack Doyle, the “Gorgeous Gael” from Cobh if not indeed Queenstown in them faroff days, dontcha know.

Here we had a bloke gifted by a beneficent deity to quite an extraordinary degree. Unlike Brando, he was a contendah, he was somebody. If that wasn’t enough he was also quite coincidentally gifted with a lyric tenor voice good enough all on its own to have earned him a comfortable living.

But, in the ring, he genuinely could have been a world beater, he really physically had what it took to have become world champ.
What does he do? He pisses it all away, that is what he does. Every piece of gourmet ass that goes by, he was off after it. His head stuffed with little hairy triangles, he could not keep his mind on the job. In no time at all he was affecting a fancy Dan accent, aping his betters around Mayfair or somesuch, in no time he had buggered up his health with syphilis, in a twinkling he had splashed all his dough away, and in a trice was drinking to excess and finally died before his time—only living as long as he did because he was being drip fed with stipends from one Movita---living rough, sleeping in abandoned cars.
And for this criminal waste of a godgiven talent he is virtually idolised here in Ireland, here where only losers are looked up to.

Whatever about Tyson, who at least won the damned thing, I am afraid there is more African in we Irish than we either suspect or is good for us.