Friday, 11 March 2011

The Smiling Assassin: Update

A few moths ago I wrote here about Mumtaz Qadri, he of the beatific smile, happy at a job well done. The rewarding task in this instance being the killing of the guy he was supposed to be guarding, Punjabi Governor Salman Taseer. The reason? Salman had supported the repeal of Pakistan’s blasphemy law. In that post I wrote 'I'd love to show you a picture I saw in the Irish Times (print edition), which showed Mumdaz just after his ‘capture’ - beaming, and in what seems to be the relaxed and smiling company of his fellow 'bodyguards'.

Well now, I have an update on that comment, courtesy of the ‘anti-Imperialist’ writer Tariq Ali. Writing in January’s London Review of Books he reveals that he had been a close childhood friend of Taseer and had traveled back to Pakistan to attend his funeral. Using his many high level connections he brought us the following insights.

It seems Qadri had previously been kicked out of another army unit, being deemed a ‘security risk’ but had then, mysteriously, been recruited as a personal bodyguard for Taseer. Geo TV revealed that ‘he had requested that he not be fired on after killing Taseer but arrested alive’. Not exactly a glowing testimonial to his bodyguarding skills, or those of his fellow 'bodyguards'. But he held onto his job, duly killed Taseer, and duly was not fired on, but arrested by his smiling comrades.

Ali tells us that ‘Qadri is on his way to becoming a national here. On his first appearance in court he was showered with flowers by admiring lawyers (sic) who offered to defend him free of charge.’ After the first hearing the police allowed him to interact on national TV with his host of admiring supporters. For good measure, the Interior (i.e. police) Minister warned subsequently that he himself would personally shoot dead any blasphemer.

Hardly surprising then that the victim’s funeral was sparsely attended, with not a single Ministerial colleague showing up. Nor that earlier this month Shahbaz Bhatti, the only other Minister opposed to the blasphemy law, was assassinated on his way to work. To loud national acclaim.

All of which leads me wearily to ask, once again, what the hell is the West doing in those Islamic hell-holes, and why do we lavish billions of aid on them? And of course, why do we encourage millions of them into the West? The Muslim population in the UK is about 80% Pakistani in origin. Think about that.

However, I’ll end on a bright note. Here’s one of the comments from the Guardian blog, from someone called Mohammed (!)

"If anybody insults the Prophet he looses (sic) the right to live.

Peace. "

Priceless, isn't it?


Big Ben said...

Muslim Pakistanis doing what they do best: killing and killing - this time their own politicans.
Still makes a change from the over 10,000 innocent civilians (primarily women and children) who have also been slaughtered by adherents to that religion of peace.

kulak said...

There is a bright side to a Muslim takeover.

They'll repeal OUR blasphemy laws.

Nobody expects the Paki inquisition.

kulak said...

OT -- I have strangely not been able to find any news reports on the rapant looting in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami.

brojee said...

'Religion is the opiate of the masses'...Karl Marx, 18th century communist and political thinktank. The guy was bonkers whose ideas led to the Cold War but his ideas still ring true. Yeh he was an Athiest and I’m a Muslim so we have less in common than a bag of chips and a water balloon, but damn is religion the opiate of the masses. Pre-Industrialism people were led to believe that their sorry assed lives working in mines for tuppence a year was all worth while because they were going to be in heaven in the next life. Don't get me wrong, there IS an afterlife but working in a mine isn't going to get you there. Nor is destroying Pizza Hut (they do great cookie dough and ice-cream). Being honest, loyal, sincere, kind, loving and all the other nicey attributes will…and of course the all important belief in monotheism, His angels, His prophets, the Last Day etc. To all those commenting on other peoples religion, you're commenting on the people not the religion. Want to know the religion? Read literature. To learn what Islam is, don't ask Mo the Kebab Guy, read the Quran. The Quran Project is a website which dishes out free copies of the Quran in English. Seriously good read to educate.

PS I love the internet, can't think of anyone who hasn't benefited...apart from Gary Glitter

Rob said...

Same story in Egypt with the revolution that has so excited liberals in the West.

Anonymous said...

Delusional people who try to defend the undefendable.

(1) The terrorists are Muslim not White Christian bible thumpers.
(2)Blacks are hacking up White citizens in SA not Whites are hacking up Blacks.
(3)Twenty-Three Black men (so far) have been accused of raping an Eleven Year old Hispanic girl in Cleveland,Texas. The Black Panther party is calling it racist because only Black men have been arrested????????.
(4)And on, and on, and on into eternity.

Another Delusional Statement:

"Don't forget to read the Quran"

kulak said...

You knew it would happen.

john said...

Brojee, Myself and many others HAVE looked at the koran [or however you choose to spell it this week]. That is why we know it to be ridiculous, and anything BUT a religion of 'peace'. I firmly believe most people are indeed commenting on not only it's adherents, but the [false] religion itself. I doubt marx was including islam in his comment, as he was a virulent anti-Christ and was mainly concerned with the destruction of the white, Christian west. Islamists grow plenty of their own opium without their religion...

SAVANT said...

Brojee - it seems it's YOU who should do the reading. Here are a few excerpts from Mein Kampf - whoops, sorry - the Koran.

"When you clash with the infidels in battle, fighting Jihad in Allah's cause, smite their necks, killing many of them" Koran 47:4

"I shall fill the hearts of the infidel with terror: wipe the infidels out till the last. Fight them until Islam is the only religion" Koran 47:5

"O believers - do not hold Jews and Christians as your allies" Koran 5:51

Then we have the 'Prophet' himself, as quoted in Ishaq 576 "I liked the punishment the infidel received. Killing them was sweeter than drink. We galloped among them panting for spoil"

And just in case you have any doubt who the infidels are, the 8th Sura explains: "They are surely infidels who say Christ the Messiah is God"

And I suggest that you'll be like all the Muslims who occasionally comment here: say your piece and then disappear, unable to respond once your fatuous claims have been blown out of the water.

white4ever said...

Good link kulak: In Paris, Muslim and Jewish leaders pledge to stand together against the rise of extreme-rightist parties.

No prizes for the definition of extreme-rightist parties!

kulak said...

Not any worse than the laws of war in Ye Olde Testament though Savant.

The god of Abraham is a psychopathic god for psychopaths.


To all those commenting on other peoples religion, you're commenting on the people not the religion.


And different peoples tend more naturally to different religions.

Paul evangelized whitey for a reason. He knew his customer. "I know who'll buy THIS nonsense!"

all important belief in monotheism

Christians worship a triune god. Triune god for triune brains.

Being honest, loyal, sincere, kind, loving and all the other nicey attributes will…

Not according to Jesus.

What's amazing to me is that Jesus' critique of the Pharisees has been around for some 2000 years, but materialist racialists talk about "competetive altruism" and think they're saying something new.

Verily I say unto you they HAVE their reward.

the Last Day etc

And this is where Christianity too turns psychotic -- but in a way that is destructive of one's OWN tribe, rather than the other guy's.

Time enough there is for the afterlife. Sufficient unto this LIFE is the evil thereof.

Nordics/Celts + Judgement Day / Hell == Christianity == Psychosis.

It's all a con, the point of which is to feed and clothe the priest/rabbi/mullah.

Pagans were always more sane.

They expect something in return in THIS world for the prize pig's liver.

SAVANT said...

kulak - I'm with you 100%, in particular "It's all a con, the point of which is to feed and clothe the priest/rabbi/mullah."

However, I really get pissed off by Muslims patronisingly assuming that we have not read their, pass the sick bag, 'holy book'. Hence my need to demostrate to them that we're aware ofits true awfulness.

john said...

You not only misunderstand Christianity, but display symptoms of psychological problems/disjointed thinking yourself. As I assume, you are of kin, I can only hope and pray that you will come to the truth and listen to "the Law written upon your heart" as written in Scripture.
Also dearest blog owner/moderator, you appear to equate catholicism with Christianity from your comment. Please do not make this mistake ; they are NOT the same and the catholic government is actually anathema to true Christianity. If I assume incorrectly, my deepest apologies. I'm new to the blog, [which, btw, I enjoy quite a bit so far] and haven't read enough yet to get a solid picture of your position.

Anonymous said...

kulak said...

"There is a bright side to a Muslim takeover.

They'll repeal OUR blasphemy laws.

Nobody expects the Paki inquisition."

Nice one.

And while we mention the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. I will bet good money that Japan will have recovered completely in eighteen months under their own efforts, and without one red cent of foreign aid while the Haitians will have sunk even further into the mire -- despite the gazillions of aid bucks poured into the toilet.

In fact, I'd say Japan will be looking better than most other nations in the west.

Any bets?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Quran = Book of Mormon = Mein Kampf


Martinus said...

Kulak, Savant, you're not doing yourselves any favours criticizing Christianity.

Kulak, allow me to put some of your tirade against Christianity into perspective. First off, the foundations of Western Civilisation (you know, that thing that we're fighting for the preservation of) were laid with the precepts and principles of Christianity - not Paganism, agnosticism, atheism or whatever new, decadent and illogical fad catches the fancy of certain Western folk. Yes, there have been atrocities committed in the name of Christianity, but they pale in comparison to any other religion, especially the European protoreligion, i.e. paganism. Please tell me that you don't really believe that the pagans were peace-loving, forest-dwelling naturists. Do you think the Romans referred to them as 'barbarians' because of ingrained prejudice? The odd neo-pagans and wiccans of today are not the same adherents of that 'religion' as those of yesteryear.

We have built everything from our moral-code to our respect for human life on the precepts of Christianity. Attacking it, despite your feelings on the subject, is like trying to prop up a wall while at the same time removing its foundation.

As for the sanity of pagans, well I can understand the attraction of sacrificing and then eating one's young, especially when those little bastards make a mess of the house.

fistic fury said...

I'm with Martinus and John on this one. The ESSENTIAL message of jesus was peace, love and tolerance. The fact that various of his so-called followers confounded this objective does not mean it's not true. And yes, as Martinus says, this is really the bedrock of what we're trying to defend, is it not?

Anonymous said...

I have been accused of living in the past, and I freely admit that I like the past. It had people like President Johnson in it.

No, not that one.

a few quotes:-

Of a pro-black voting rights bill, he said:

"It would place every splay-footed, bandy-shanked, hump-backed, thick-lipped, flat-nosed, woolly headed, ebon-colored Negro in the country upon an equality with the poor white man."

His racial philosophy left little room for interpretation:-

"This is a country for white men, and by God, as long as I am President, it shall be a government for white men .... This whole vast continent is destined to fall under the control of the Anglo-Saxon race-the governing and self-governing race."

Uncle Nasty

PS. I am inclined to agree with Martinus, here.

I freely admit to being the worst Christian since Jenghiz Kahn, but I do feel that the Christians, for all their shortcomings, had an enormous civilizing effect on the world.

Especially -- and I am not being facetious, here -- when they carried really big axes and swords in places like Acre, Constantinople and Jerusalem.

Those were my kind of Christians. When they spread the gospel, people listened!


john said...

Wish I were as eloquent as Martinus. Thanx

Franz said...

On another note:

I talked to some Japanese expatriates in Germany yesterday. None of them yet had knowledge how their loved ones and their property fared in the earthquake and the tsunami. Yet they took it like troopers, not missing a day of work, not losing their composure, being incredible brave.

I myself had the experience of being in a flood zone some nine years ago. Not at all pleasant, I can assure you. What happened to the Japanese is magnitudes worse than what I saw. And yet the little yellow people give the world an example of incedrible calm and dignity in the face of adversity.

On this site we talk a lot about the faults of the non-white people. I think today is the day to take a moment in order to admire an example of true grit (to borrow a phrase from popular culture).

When whites in Europe and America have to face economical/ecological catastrophes - which I have no doubt we will at some point - I hope we will behave as admireable as the Japanese are now.

Hum along:

Bemused stare said...

Martinus, I find just waving the gun around a bit quietens the little buggers down myself.

awakened said...

Franz - I dont think we talk so much about the faults of the non-white people, more about blacks, muslims and hispanics. For me the eastern asians are highly admirable people, as you also make clear.

Anonymous said...

"God is merely part of the human brain, an evolutionary coping mechanism that developed to make bearable our awareness of our own death." -Greg Iles


"The belief that an unseen all powerful entity made everything in the universe just for you, and that your special, ancient and often re-written texts are the right ones, and that all those other religions are wrong, without a single shred of evidence.

Makes perfect sense." - Unknown

Simon Q

kulak said...

Trifkovic vs. Spencer: Another Neocon Purge

"After all, it is important for the neocons to make sure that followers follow..."

"There is a second reason that Horowitz’s employee came down on Srdja like a ton of bricks: The neoconservatives don’t want the anti-Muslim cause in Europe to get out of hand."

kulak said...


Nobody needs to be saved.

kulak said...


Western Civilisation (you know, that thing that we're fighting for the preservation of)

Speak for yourself.

I want white survival.

Now, I grant historical Christianity was not indifferent to the fate of the white man.

But I think that Jew Spengler who wrote for Asia Times was right:

That just means historical Christians weren't very good Christians.

They did not let a bunch of words in book screw up their brains too much.

Please tell me that you don't really believe that the pagans were peace-loving, forest-dwelling naturists.

Course not.

All I said was they expected something in THIS life.

Jesus had no worldly agenda.

I'll say that again, since that strange minority of a minority of individuals concerned for the West or whites and who also claim to be Christians don't seem to get it:

Jesus had no WORLDLY agenda.

And he said YOU aren't SUPPOSED to have one either!

"Western" Civ is just another disposable kingdom.

once more said...

The neocons' primary target is western christianity/nationalism. Islam and it's impact on Europe is only secondary. They betray their Marxist roots by purging everyone who deviates from the party line.

Martinus said...

White Survival goes hand in hand with the preservation of much of Western culture. By this I don't mean the rampant materialism - the consumer culture nor do I mean the current psedo-marxist cultural relativism.

The problem I have with the vehement opposer's of Christianity is that 99.9% of the time their hatred for this specific religion goes hand in hand with the marxist loony-lefty dogma. You meet a self-proclaimed 'atheist/agnostic' anywhere in the west and you can almost certainly be guaranteed that they are committed social-humanists.

As for the Christians of old, who's to say they weren't good Christians? You can't really attest to that, seeing as you're not one yourself. Christians of today take a much softer approach because of society. As for Jesus not having a worldly agenda, why exactly would He have sacrificed himself if the people of this world did not matter to Him? He knew life was fleeting, and it is. Much of the Bible makes reference to this and tells us to rather enjoy life - read Ecclesiastes.

And Simon Q, I can quote many people who have contradicting opinions, but I won't because as we all know, opinions are like assholes... I will say something myself though. Everything was not created for you, it was created by God, for Himself. I would rather believe in the concept of intelligent design than put my faith in some cosmic accident theory where primordial ooze is the father of life as we know it. Science has its place, but hypothesizing the origins of life is not it. When you can repeat the experiment under lab conditions with a control, then I'll believe it. Until then. And let me preempt your counter argument - yes I understand the Theory of Evolution, and I have much more than a rudimentary knowledge of human biology.

I don't really think this blog is for discussing religion, I may be wrong, I don't know. But the point that I'm trying to make is this, the majority of the White population on this Earth are Christians. The UK and Ireland are two exceptions, two places with a bizarre take on Christianity. You're not going to make any inroads if you go about breaking down the fundamental beliefs of your target market. If you're looking for socialist, racial egalitarians and you're trying to appeal to them, then the survival of the white race is the wring cause for you.

john said...

Martinus beat me to it, And did so more eloquently than I could have. But again Mr [?] kulak, you are incorrect and do not have an even remotely clear understanding of Christianity.
Marinus gives an excellent answer, but may I add one thing? Did not Jesus, when teaching us how to pray, include "Thy will be done ON EARTH, as it is in Heaven"?
The Old Testament especially is full of instruction on every earthly thing from sanitation and health laws, to liability and criminal law/punishment. And more than once we are told of a forthcoming new Heaven and new EARTH. The fact is, the Bible is "about" life on earth a goodly portion of the time. It also prepares us, while on EARTH, for the coming life, and states flatly that "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God", hence needing salvation. Even you mr kulak.
The ironic thing is, that if white nationalists/separatist as a whole had even an inkling of an accurate understanding of Scripture, they would see that it teaches strict separation of the races. They would also understand who they are as direct descendants of Adam, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I guess the world as a whole has been so blinded by the lies of the jews [whom Jesus called the 'sons of their father the devil, sons of hell, liars and murderers, etc] and the bastardisation of Scripture by the catholic government, that they cannot see the simplicity of the Word.
Well, at least some are beginning to see the simple idiocy of islam...

fisticfury said...

I addition, kulak and many others, including Mr. Savanthimself, by so viciously attacking Christianity, are, as Martinus says, making common cause with the very ones leading the attack on white civilization. I.e. liberals, jews, secularists, Muslims, marxists. "My enemies enemy is my friend"

kulak said...

Anybody else notice the symmetry most Christian opponents of Muslim invaders have with neocons?

A neocon says everything was bad about the 1960s except for all that snivel rights stuff.

A Christian rightist agrees with everything in the modern critique of ancien Christendom except for the critique of nationalism.

That dog won't hunt -- literally.

If you're not a racist, you're anti-white.

Corollary: If it's not racial, it's not resistance.

Defending Western civ is a waste of time.

Doesn't a neocon do as much?

kulak said...

One last thing before night-night:

Christians think the man who led a perfect life didn't have kids.

Think about it.

And don't you dare mention mormons.

fisticfury said...

kulak - staying on the Christian theme, I see your comments through a glass darkly. What are you saying man?

Martinus said...

Kulak, you're mixing conspiracy with your own opinion. For the record allow me to state: I am a Christian 'rightist' and I don't believe any of the crap you purport me to. I am not critical of 'ancien' Christendom as I believe that people are people are people, what we were then has not changed. I am also defiantly Nationalist. I am often labeled as a racist too, not that its a badge I attempt to wear with pride, it is just a result of the fact that I am a realist and great believer in the truth, PC is lying and thus against everything I am about. I'm not sure where your gripe with Christians stems from, but those 'liberal Christians' who add a good dose of humanism to their 'religion' are not true Christians, and you can see this by their fruit (in the Biblical sense).

As for western Civilisation - its not some lofty, pie in the sky concept that I'm trying to grasp at. We are Western Civilisation. I am not saying we should preserve the current state of dystopian decay - let it burn! But the ideals that built the Western world are the things we need to preserve. We're really on the same page here, and if it weren't for your temper tantrum against Christianity we wouldn't even be discussing this.

Anonymous said...

I highly, highly, highly recommend you go here:-

An example of what this man is saying:-

Pakistanis, Positive Feedback, and Alligators

"There are certain key dynamics underlying the growth of the Muslim population of the UK, dynamics that must be understood before one can really have the slightest idea of just how serious the problem is. We will use the Pakistani population of the UK as a proxy for the entire UK Muslim population here, so as to avoid having to operate in a purely abstract fashion. Being the largest, longest-established, and most psychopathic Muslim population in the country, it is ideal for our purposes.

It goes without saying that the matters we are about to discuss are extremely delicate, and that all decent and responsible people will treat with them with the very greatest of sensitivity. So, broadsword in hand, woad applied, and bloodthirsty battle cry issuing forth, let us storm the enemy citadel and burn it to the ground, slaying all we chance upon.

He writes under the name of El Inglés. This series was originally published as a single dossier in pdf format under the pseudonym “Pike Bishop”.

While we're at it, a request to the group.

Will the Christians in the NG stop slamming the atheists, agnostics and pagans ... and will the aforementioned atheists, agnostics and pagans stop stomping on the Godbotherers.

Save your venom and your bile for the semites and the khazars who so sorely need and richly deserve it.

When they've been sorted, then we can whack each other.

Uncle Nasty

kulak said...


the Christians, for all their shortcomings, had an enormous civilizing effect on the world.

The first Christian really DIDN'T give a thought for the morrow, to the point of not bathing or grooming.

Paul, the marketing guy, taught them how to be bad Christians.

Better to marry than to burn, and all that.

Which isn't exactly a big endorsement of marriage.

What you call the civilizing effect of Christians I see as the civilizing effect of the white man on Christianity.

Like I said before: Everything good about Christianity came from its practioners.

kulak said...

O.K. Here's another thing that pisses me off.

And it really pisses me off because for a long time I'VE agreed with it.

Some defenders of Christianity claim that religious people have more children.

First off, I'm not concerned about generic people.

The claim sounds reasonable until you remember PC is a religion.

The white PC nut's faith is HIS religion is stronger.

If white Christians have more kids, it's because they're LESS religious.

Martinus said...

Know what Kulak, you're starting to piss ME off! You have a limited understanding of Christianity at best, yet you continue to bash it like a 'special' kid with a piñata. If your hatred for Christianity is bigger than your love of your own people and race, then you are just a tool.

Anonymous said...

"If you could reason with religious people, there would be no religion."

I believe that religion is a blight on our society, practiced by mentally ill and feeble minds.

Let the flames come. Science always triumphs over myth and superstition.

Viva Dawkins, Russell, Hitchens, Sagan and Harris to name a few.

"Science - a candle in the darkness." - Sagan

Your mileage may vary.

Simon Q

Anonymous said...

"If anybody insults the Prophet he looses (sic) the right to live.

Peace. "

As an avid Guardianista and inveterate liberal, surely what he means is that those who insult the religious feeling of others are guilty of intolerance, and should rightly be beheaded. I can thus only applaud Mr Mohammed's zeal in standing up for the rights of minorities and his noble and even heroic stance against intolerance. Further, Mr Mohammed's inability to spell is a clear sign of an oppressed childhood by white racists and institutional educational prejudice.

shaun "tarquin" antijihad

Anonymous said...

"Let the flames come. Science always triumphs over myth and superstition."

The Soviet Union?

Bemused stare said...

Uncle Nasty once said something to the effect that, "the world will be on its way to achieving peace when the last Arab chokes on the thigh bone of the last Jew."

I suspect we actually may achieve peace one day when folks cease hacking at each other over which particular sky wizard they choose to worship or not.

Want to be atheist? Ignore the church bells and get on with it. Want to be Christian? Great, do your thing and don't nail psalms to the atheists feet. The rest? You can worship the Gunston's on my desk if you want to, just don't get in a screaming snit every time I light one of your gods and smoke him.

Above all, remember that while you're smiting one another upside the head with bibles and lab rats, there is an evil surging toward us all like a vast black tsunami. Put away your differences or all will be lost. And when we triumph, keep them put away lest we come up tasting the ashes of our own undoing.

Anonymous said...

Bemused stare said...

" ... Above all, remember that while you're smiting one another upside the head with bibles and lab rats, there is an evil surging toward us all like a vast black tsunami. Put away your differences or all will be lost. And when we triumph, keep them put away lest we come up tasting the ashes of our own undoing.

I concur wholeheartedly. As the man once said "We must hang together or we shall assuredly hang separately."

Seriously folks. I would never call one's religious beliefs inconsequential ... I like to keep my few remaining teeth where they are.

Now we move onto a subject that I have been wanting to broach for quite a few weeks, now, but never felt that the moment was right.

In the light of the catastrophe that has struck Japan and will adversely affect all of us, the unthinkable must be thought.

But we must maintain focus. Now, while we all may have different ideas of how we got here and who to blame, I think we all know where we are. The core questions must surely be just two.

Where are we heading, now?

... and more importantly, are we going into a future of our own making or are we going to allow it to be determined for us?

As it has been for nearly three centuries?

I think we are heading for an apocalypse, and I do not necessarily say that as if it is a bad thing. I have plans for maintaining my life ... if not my lifestyle. And, being a pessimist they include the precious metals. Steel, brass and lead.

Do you have any plans to future-proof your future?

If so, would you care to share? What do you see in the immediate future?

Your answer, if you get it wrong could literally be fatal.

Uncle Nasty

PS. Nice imagery, Bemused stare.

... and do they still sell Gunstons? Seriously?

kulak said...

On that note Bemused, I suppose it won't come as a surprise that I attend a Lutheran service.

kulak said...


That's not news you're pissed Martinus. You got personal right away.

You don't even understand your own scripture -- but that's actually a good thing.

The churches are emptying.

I think that's a good thing too.

I agree that no man can serve two masters.

Richard Pyror said of being caught cheating, "Who you gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes?"

So who should I believe? You or the other 95% of people who call themselves Christians?

Maybe it's like Marxism. I guess it just hasn't been tried.

Christian Identity might work; I do believe most whites will need some form of Belief.

Bemused stare said...

As a matter of fact they still do. One of the rare benefits one still enjoys in upside down land.

Martinus said...

@ Kulak. I did not get personal, just for the record. I never called you any names except in my last post.

I'm not asking you to 'believe' me or in what I believe in, and I'm certainly not trying to evanglise you; long ago I learnt that there are none so blind as those that do not want to see. All I asked for was for a bit of respect. You might not be a Christian, but (how many times to I have to repeat this point?) the majority of whites in the Western world are. The non US Anglophone world is a different story, but they account for far less whites than they think.

You're very abrasive and I don't have the time, patience or tolerance to put up with defending my 'side' to someone who is supposed to be on the same side, so I think we'll call this one finished.

Anonymous said...

I believe that religion is a blight on our society, practiced by mentally ill and feeble minds.

Let the flames come. Science always triumphs over myth and superstition.

Viva Dawkins, Russell, Hitchens, Sagan and Harris to name a few.

"Science - a candle in the darkness." - Sagan

Your mileage may vary.

Simon Q

You are,to me,anyway,such a religious person,even to the point of fundamentalism,simon.
"Viva Dawkins, Russell, Hitchens, Sagan and Harris to name a few."
"mentally ill and feeble minds."

kulak said...

Worth reading #1

Number 2

Number 3

Historical Christianity gave the white man a Beowulf who conquered the Grendels of Satan and death itself. That was extremely attractive to him, and amplified his virtues.

But it also gave to him Original Sin, and a hero who died not just for him and his but for EVERYBODY.

Those amplified some his virtues to the point of vice.

So what had to happen when the white Christian encountered the sub-Saharan African?

For starters, he sure wasn't going to leave the African alone.

He alternatively tried to use the African and save him -- for the African's own good, he would tell himself.

That might have worked with some other peoples. But it couldn't work with Africans.

It couldn't work because the sub-Saharan African is fundamentally amoral.

And therefore they do not sin. So for whom did Jesus die?

Kaboom goes white Christendom.

Christians had to either deny sub-saharan Africans are fully human OR worship them.

Christendom has had race-deniers since at least the days of extra-European empire. If I recall correctly, race-mixing for a time was official policy of imperial Portugal.

kulak said...

It was probably the Old Testament that tipped things in favor of worship.

In real life, sub-saharan Africans are amoral.

In the Christian mythology, who had no knowledge of good and evil?

Adam and Eve.

And acquiring knowledge of good and evil was supposed to be a BAD thing.

2000 years of Christianity might also be why most white scientists subscribe to out-of-Africa theory while most Chinese scientists do not.

I think on some level, whatever they may say, whites know blacks are amoral.

2000 years of Christian conditioning leads them to the obvious conclusion.

PC. The holiness of blacks.

At a distance anyways.

Anonymous said...

Kulak's links posed on 16 March 2011 at 21:23 (immediately above).

Nice ones.

Whether you are a believer or not, I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Take the time ... read them through.

Uncle Nasty

Heraclitus said...

re kulak's links, me too. Well worth a read, especially if you can manage it with anopen mind.

kulak said...

The Rise of Anti-[White] Christianity

Father Christmas is Odin

Mary said...

Cambria Will Not Yield is a breathtaking blog. I love the beauty, poetry and sheer brutal honesty he weaves....and yet it can be a very depressing read by times. He makes clear how far away we have fallen from our ancient faith, our values/identity, how far we are from truly loving each other as Kin.

I was surprised to see Kulack recommend them as he is not a believer!

Wonders never cease.

Anonymous said...

As I mentioned in another thread, I parted ways with religion in general and Christianity in particular, many moons ago. This was rendered pretty final with the rise of liberation theology in the sixties and seventies.

Following Kulak's thread (above) pretty much confirms my not re-joining in the immediate future.

As well as the news (back in the seventies or eighties from a friend who knew) that a Herc flying out of Botswana for the interior -- theoretically on a humanitarian mission -- took a GTA missile and went down with all crew and five members of Norwegian Church Aid.

In the wreckage -- apart from the extra-crispy remains of two priests and three female missionaries (nuns?) was enough military materiel to supply the Mozambican rebels (Renamo, FRELIMO, FAPLA) for several months.

You could call it an own goal, I guess.

Needless to say, scandinavians in general are not all that high on my sympathy list.

You paid big money for your shit sandwich boys, so take a biiig bite.

I'll watch.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Christianity provides the possibility of a unifying force against the Muslim onslaught. I know it's not doing it now, but it could if things get bad enough.

Anonymous said...

"I parted ways with religion in general and Christianity in particular, many moons ago."

It does not matter. PC types will still attack it to get a you for being the bad man for not worshipping PC types and their objects of devotion

Anonymous said...

Uncle Nasty said (among other things):-

Where are we heading, now?

... and more importantly, are we going into a future of our own making or are we going to allow it to be determined for us?
As it has been for nearly three centuries?

I think we are heading for an apocalypse, and I do not necessarily say that as if it is a bad thing. I have plans for maintaining my life ... if not my lifestyle. And, being a pessimist they include the precious metals. Steel, brass and lead.

Do you have any plans to future-proof your future?
If so, would you care to share? What do you see in the immediate future?

I hate referencing my own posts, but as no-one came up with any answers or comments, I ask the question again. The reason I have done this is because two short months ago, everyone in both the Middle East and Japan, woke up and said the raghead or japanese equivalent of "Ho, hum. Another day, another dollar ..."

Today, eight short weeks later, things are somewhat different. For them, the world changed forever.

And it can happen here.
That fast. That radically.

Now. Any comments?

Uncle Nasty

Canuck said...

Uncle Nasty - there's something going down. That's definite. So many signs. But as to what to do? I just don't know. Sorry.

Bemused stare said...

Uncle Nasty, I have a plan that is currently in motion. Loosely, it involves a small farm in a place that few others of our people have considered as a possibility. Assuming an earthquake or other disaster doesn't happen right on top of my porch, I will be able at least to survive with some modicum of civilization.

Naturally I will ensure that I have a stock of precious metals on hand in case of hard times.

Anonymous said...

Even in this day and age, there are those who think we need a little more diversity ... naturally to make things better.

Mayor plans to bring town back to life by attracting Muslims

Is there no beginning to these peoples' talents? Does it occur to Canada to troll around in, say, South Africa or England or Australia for immigrants? Check out the article and tell me this boy does not have "smug lefty prick" written all over him?

More years ago than I can remember, I had the opportunity to emigrate to either the US or Canada -- but never did.

I now begin to think that not all my younger decisions were bad ones.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Sorry Canuck. I realise that my last post was a bit insensitive, but in retrospect it was not really about Canada ... it was about Quebec. A different kettle of fish, I am sure we'll all agree.

Okay. Starting the ball rolling, i.e.:- Surviving the Approaching Apocalypse or a primer by Uncle Nasty who will probably live up to his name.

(SAA for short)

Here's a good site to begin with -- it certainly keeps me sane(ish):-

Some typical quotes therefrom:-

It’s NOT AT ALL clear to me that what’s happening anywhere in the Middle East has any kind of potential to disgorge anything democratic, rational, or un-Islamic. For the past 150 years while the rest of the world has been scrambling to rationalize politics, society, and economics, the Arab and Persian nations have been firmly in the grip of autocracy and Islamic whatever. Where enlightened efforts were made in Turkey, Iran, and even Afghanistan to break free of the mullahs, those nations have been or are being dragged back to the archetypical Islamic sand farm. One way or another, a Muslim state that purports to “modernize” can be likened to a satellite in a degrading orbit around the earth – huge, huge effort to get up there in the first place but inevitable failure down range.


Similarly, Al Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood lurk in the background of Libya and Egypt and are far likelier to command events in the near term whether we do nothing or make like Dudley Do-Right.

As the brilliant adage goes,

People usually are the way they usually are.

What we have in the Middle East is 1,400 years of Islamic locked brakes and nothing any arrogant ferengi, haoli, infidel dimwit can do is going to change that. Intervene anywhere in the Middle East and the end result will be Middle Eastern — replete with persecution of Christians, honor killings, first-cousin marriages, and flat-earth Koranic science.

Nice stuff. Refreshing.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Further to the invasion of Libya ... this from Vodkapundit.

"The Arab League chief told Reuters on Friday that the U.N. Security Council resolution on Libya was aimed at protecting civilians without backing any invasion, and said he did not want any side “to go too far”.

Last week, the Arab League provided us with the political cover necessary to impose the NFZ. But now the League doesn’t want anyone going “too far.” However, that doesn’t exactly square with the Resolution’s promise to “take all necessary measures” to protect civilians. Of course, the Resolution doesn’t square with itself because that very same sentence finishes by forbidding any “foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory.”

Is an “occupation force” different from a “we’re only here for a little while” force? Will the Arab League back that up? Or will the League do what it usually does, and turn and snarl at the West as soon as anything turns sour?

We don’t know. There hasn’t been any kind of public debate about our involvement. No presidential addresses to the nation, no Congressional hearings, no “authorization of force” votes, nothing. Clinton walked into the UN and we weren’t at war with Libya, then she walked back out and we were. We just got led into a war by an outgoing secretary of State. That has got to be a first.

This is astonishing. Hilary Clinton cooks up an invasion of another country with the same amount of forethought as I would have in ordering a pizza.

I am getting seriously concerned, here.

Uncle Nasty

white4ever said...

Uncle Nasty - just read the latest post here by IS on Ivory Coast, and then relate it to what Canada is doing. Bears out your point nicely.

Heraclitus said...

Good metaphor about the attack on Libya and buying a pizza. Unfortunate problem is that elements in the US always feel the need to show how tough they are. A little risk-free bombing in far off places does the job nicely. Getting out of the ensuing mess of course is another matter entirely.

Anonymous said...

God Damn!! I hate being right all the time ... :o)

I just asked myself why has the west jumped with such indecent haste on Libya's back?

Then I asked myself ... who owns Libya's reserve bank? The Libya who had all their funds frozen all over the world a few short days ago?

Yes ... that Libya.

Is it owned by the Rockefellers? The Bilderbergers? The Rothschilds? The usual suspects?

Like all the other central banks?


Are we having fun yet?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

While the coalition is giving Libya a pasting as a practice run for Tunis, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen and whoever the hell else, want to guess where Obama spent the day?

Surrounded by advisers? Poring over maps? On the blower to Putin and Sarkozy?

You got it. Playing football.

Every South African knows this by heart. Give a job to a kaffir ... you get a kaffir job.

I know. I know. I deserve to be punished ....

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff Uncle Nasty.

Anonymous said...

Another quick update for the NG

Yemen is already DJ Elliott

Elements of 1st Armored Div facing off with Republican Guards in the capital. Tanks facing tanks...

As to Iran - they are scared that their own population will start acting up again.
Which is why they are limiting their fishing in troubled waters to small-fry.
Can't afford to get too much of the security forces tied down in large-scale adventures.
Especially with their ally Syria starting to have protests.

Watch List for internal problems is
Red: Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia.

Yellow: Iran, Syria, Jordan, Saudi, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Algeria, Morroco, Lebenon, Palistine, Pakistan, Afghanistan.

White: Israel, Iraq, Qatar.

This is limiting the AOR to ME and North Africa.

It will spread.

This from Theo Spark ...

Uncle nasty

Anonymous said...


Now Yemen is sliding ....

I tried to find out if Yemen has its own Reserve bank ... no luck Yet.

Uncle Nasty

occluded said...

whats behind it, unclr nasty???

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Anonymous said...

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