Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ireland's Ghetto Lottery: The gift that just keeps giving

We might have been driven to the edge of ruination by our crooked bankers and incompetent politicians, but some things go on as if nothing at all has changed. In particular our Ghetto Lottery and the various 'human rights' quangos that disperse the shrinking reservoir of taxpayers' funds to offended cultural enrichers.

This week we learn of a Zimbabwean man who claimed he had not been promoted and had been made work unpleasant shifts. So what? You may well ask. We don't all get promoted and don't all get to work our preferred shifts. But the Equality Tribunal (yugh!) deemed that dat be racis' and awarded the 'victim' €25,000. Nice one. How did the tribunal, comprised of lawyers, trade unionists, human rights 'activists' and other useless parasites, none of whom ever had even come close to running a business, how did they judge that the company's decision was based on race?

Well, they just did, that's all.
An interesting point: The company did not even bother to attend. Why? Because they knew that with the stacked deck, and the bizarre cost assignment rules (the complainant gets his fees even if he loses, but the company does not get their fees even if they win) meant they just saved time by not attending.

Then a black South African was awarded €15,000 for 'discrimination regarding access to promotion.' How did the tribunal know if the lack of promotion was not justified? See above. Although the fact that a white (shudder) South African was in a management position could have had something to do with it.

And the final bunch of winners in this week's exciting event were a group of taxi drivers in Galway. They picked up nearly €50,000 between them because they were 'discriminated on the grounds of race'. How? They wanted to become shareholders in a company but were refused.

Now isn't that interesting? In fact it's a ground-breaking ruling. It says that a private company must accept every black who wants to become a shareholder. Now isn't that something? What about a company that strikes oil? Must they open their shareholders' register to any black who comes along? Now that should prove to be interesting.

My only hope is that, if things get bad enough here, that this insanity will be brought to a halt, simply because there won't be any more fools' money to pay for it.


Anonymous said...

OK, I finally figured it all out. The socialist countries need these people to buy stuff and pay taxes in order to pay for our entitlements. Well hopefully they will generate some tax revenue eh?

I was not a racist but am becoming one.

Bemused stare said...

I'm surprised they even botherwith thinking up a thinly veiled excuse for handing your taxes over. Ten years from now they will probably announce that they are adding ten percent onto your taxes which will simply be paid to parasites with no questions asked.

Anonymous said...

"there won't be any more fools' money to pay for it."

They can get more from "fools" in the USA.

What the hell, after 13 trillion
dollars what does it matter.

Anonymous said...

A Somali gentleman and Irish citizen named Mohamed Hassan went to Western Union offices in Dublin to collect £50 sterling sent to him from Britain. Western Union told him that under US law (Western Union being American) he would have to present a passport to claim his money, because his name resembled that of a suspect, and under FBI regulations, he would have to prove to the FBI's satisfaction that he was the good Mohamed Hassan, and not the bad one.

He complained to the Equality Authority, and it took up his case. An Equality Tribunal inspector ruled that Western Union was entitled to freeze the money under a European Council ruling, but not to check his name with the FBI in the US.

She ruled that Western Union had indirectly discriminated against him on religious grounds, and awarded him €4,000 in compensation.

Within days of Niall Crowley's resignation, came the great triumphant harvest of his sowing. Thirty-seven cases were heard by the Equality Tribunal, and 35 of them -- mostly from Travellers, and at great investment of time and toil to Authority inspectors -- were dismissed. Two other cases were sustained.

One was by an African gentleman who alleged that a car showroom had refused to sell him a car. The showroom had since shut, and no-one was there to defend the case. He was awarded €500. (Who's going to pay it? Good question). Another complaint came from a medical student who said he suffered from attention-deficit disorder, for which condition his college had made no provision. He got €1,000.

Niall Crowley has resigned as chief executive of the Equality Authority in response to an act of political revenge. He was a rare public official who stood up to ministers and senior civil servants. His resignation is also a very rare act of courage in Ireland and highlights the contrast between the finger-wagging impotence of Irish financial regulators during the boom and a public official who was prepared to put his job on the line.

These are the pepole(?) who employed Ten Ton Tessie herself an equality officer who at 5' 2" and 15 stone had a Body Mass Index of 38.84 and she wanted to pay the same health insurance as normal healthy people.

Viking said...

the taxi thing is particularly interesting, Savant - since when has there been a lack of foreign drivers in Ireland? In fact, there are more black drivers than ever before by my observation.

And if you actually read the report:

It contains the usual guff and of course, more money needed for the usual parasites who live off calling us all racists.

F McCool said...

Savant - you're on the button re the composition of all those 'rights' quangos. 'Activists' of all kinds, useless fuckers good only at dishing out taxpayer's and employer's money. No balance at all.

Gearoid said...

I've checked out that Kevin Myers link. One excerpt:

We have a global war which is being waged by extremists in almost every corner of the world -- but to check a potential terrorist's identity (but not to withhold his money) is apparently a violation of this innocent man's human rights.

But does this mean that every time Western Union checks into the movement of money which might involve a terrorist recipient, and then causes the FBI to investigate, it is to be fined? And does this also mean that the only people who may NOT be investigated as suspects in Islamic terrorism are people with Islamic names? In which case, Mr Mohamed Atta, go to the front of the Western Union queue: $20m from a Mr Bin Laden awaits you there!

Anonymous said...

I must guiltily admit that, deep down, I find this sort of thing amusing, since you Europeans are finally getting a taste of bullshit affirmative action lawsuits which we Anglo-descended Americans have had to endure for the last 40 years. Misery loves company, no?

Anonymous said...

An addendum to my last comment....(Misery loves company)... I'm really not "gleeful" about the wrong turn Europe has taken. After all, northern Europe is my ancestral homeland, but perhaps enough disgusted people in the West will get together in Cyberland and come up with a plan of action to stop such effing bullshit. That's why blogs such as this one are so important.

Anonymous said...

Just make a law that all white businesses must hand over 51% to a black. That would break new ground against the racist pigs!

Oh, wait, Zimbabwe already did. Not a peep from the msm, shockingly, about the black racists in Zim.


Anonymous said...

Bonkers! The West is collapsing under the weight of its own idiocy.

Jeremy said...

"perhaps enough disgusted people in the West will get together in Cyberland and come up with a plan of action to stop such effing bullshit. That's why blogs such as this one are so important."

Yes indeed. What we CAN do is spread the word, in blogs like this, in comments in the MSM (if they dont get scrubbed) talk with friends, annoy politicians. That will gain some momentum and at a low cost. The damage being done by such things as the ghetto lottery will also help as it drains the money away.

Anonymous said...

None of this crap is new, you know.

I remember about thirty yeas ago, the Swedish movie director Ingmar Bergman ... history here:-

-- was nailed by the Swedish govt. for tax evasion. I remember the case very well. It was reported that Bergman received a demand from the tax-suckers for 104% (one hundred and four percent) of his income.

The impossibility of this was lost on the authorities who simply demanded that he pay ... and got really uppity when he refused.

It's not so much the stupidity of your average public servant, but their habit of indulging in petty spite and vindictiveness that will bring about their downfall.

It takes a certain kind of very, very small mind to be a petty bureaucrat.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Jeremy said...

"perhaps enough disgusted people in the West will get together in Cyberland and come up with a plan of action to stop such effing bullshit. That's why blogs such as this one are so important."

There is only one plan, Jeremy. And that is to change your way of thinking. To get you started, read the "Covington Chronicles."

They can be downloaded if you trawl the net for a bit.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Seeing as shakedowns are being mentioned it would be remiss of one of you readers to forget to mention a leading shakedown artist.

Jesse Jackson is a modern day highway robber who uses cries of racism to steal from individuals, corporations, and government, to give to himself, says veteran investigative reporter Kenneth R. Timmerman.
Until now, however, no one has been brave enough to say it and diligent enough to prove it. But Ken Timmerman has cracked Jackson's machine, found Jackson cronies willing to break ranks, and uncovered a sordid tale of greed, ambition, and corruption from a self-proclaimed minister who has no qualms about poisoning American race relations for personal gain.

Shakedown reveals:

* Jackson's massive defrauding of the federal government - and how both Republican and Democratic administrations have chosen to ignore it.

* Jackson's financial ties to Third World dictators - including Mohammar Qaddafi of Libya.

He is a modern day Afreakin'-American robbing from the poor, the middle class, and a little from the rich to give tothe rich black man.(That spelling mistake reminds me of the tithe. People must pay part of their salary to a minority community that they do not belong to because that minority community has declared itself as socially superior. That is why the spelling mistake is left)

Get a copy for yourself and perhaps donate one to your local library?

Maybe even to your local university where they have muppets doing (something)-studies courses who worship this fraud.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph belongs with you always.Always.

Oprah Winfrey

Shame bungle junnies only see that statement as an ad for dry weave top sheets

Rob said...

Any scientist who cares to be honest will tell you that there is no such thing as equality in the natural world beyond the molecular level. No two people, no two species, no two races, no two horses, no two amoebae, are - or could possibly be - "equal".

Rob said...

There's surely an equality payout here for this Jamaican monster, if he gets hold of the right lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Nasty's story was highlighted by a guy who wrote a book about a Swedish detective who was self employed which meant that 52% of his salary went to the state (52 KR out of 100)but as he was self employed 52% of his fees was also owed to the state (another 52 KR per 100 KR) which is where the 104% tax rate comes from.

Anonymous said...

This chimpout was primitive enough for the Huffington Post to report on. I don't troll the web looking for this type of crap, but here it is for all to see.

Witness a charming sheboon by the name of Kimesia (a lovely Irish name BTW,) doing her jungle thing in a Burger King, encouraged by her bucks.

Don't get me wrong, civilized folk misbehave all the time, but not in quite the manner that these shovel-nosed bitches can. Frankly they enjoy it. It's an inate part of the chimp.

This took place in Florida during Spring-Break. Imagine if you and your family were having a sandwich there when this happened?

Simon Q

Anonymous said...

Rob - this link is no longer available.

Anonymous said...

Here is the Burger King video. I had to it post thru the comment section of another blog.

Nigger behavior at it finest!!

Anonymous said...

Any word on a new incarnation of SAS?


Anonymous said...

One of the best EPG description ever

Anonymous said...

Last Fifth of November, I brought you the story of Mark Sanderson who was arrested and held in police custody for four hours, accused of letting off fireworks after 11pm in his garden at Chislehurst, Kent.

He was charged with breaching the curfew set by the Fireworks Regulations Act 2004 and given an £80 fixed penalty, which he refused to accept — preferring to take his chances with the local magistrates.

The case came to court recently. He was found guilty, fined £175 and ordered to pay costs of £620, plus a victim surcharge of £15.

"Fireworks are a loud nuisance and anyone letting them off as late as 11pm should be fined. Kids enjoy fireworks and I don't really mind displays being put on for them but any adult buying fireworks just to show off and make a loud noise in their garden is an annoying pest and should be prevented from doing it. - Fergus Sira-Lexon, England, 25/3/2011 00:27"

------------ I agree, I just wish that Warrington council would take the same action against the Hindu temple behind my house. Every Diwali they set off fireworks until the early hours of the morning. Needless to say, I won't be holding my breath until they do!

Y duz lai ownlie applie 2 whitey?

Henry IX said...

The Oprak link is FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!!

Rob said...

@Anon 23.47
Sorry, this is it sorted.

Anonymous said...

Emergency Plans to give the city the power to “commandeer private property” and “seize” buildings in a crisis in Louisville Raise Eyebrows

is it just me or is the madness accelerating?

It lays out a line of succession in city government should anyone become incapacitated, allows the city to shut down roads, compel an evacuation and establish a curfew.

In fact, said Louisville Police Chief Bruce Goodman, much of the language was taken from ordinances in other places.

That includes Boulder, which updated its emergency response plan in 2009. Its protocols also give the city the power to "commandeer or use any private property," but doesn't assign it the right to seize anything.

Goodman, who has been pushing Louisville to adopt an emergency preparedness plan for several years, said he understands how some of the draconian language in the ordinance raises "red flags," including a section that empowers city officials to "seize any food, clothing, water or medical supplies necessary to sustain displaced disaster victims."

This has been in place for years. It's called RICO.

A quote from wikipedia:-

In many cases, the threat of a RICO indictment can force defendants to plead guilty to lesser charges, in part because the seizure of assets would make it difficult to pay a defense attorney. Despite its harsh provisions, a RICO-related charge is considered easy to prove in court, as it focuses on patterns of behavior as opposed to criminal acts.[4]

Are we there, yet?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

and another:-

The N799WW Mystery: CIA Linked Plane Left Libya On Eve Of Action

A quote:-

"Source: Political Scrapbook

What exactly was a CIA-linked jet doing landing in Tripoli as the UN Security Council met to approve military action?

Exchanges with air traffic control recorded by amateur radio hams show a plane with registration N799WW was cleared for landing at Mitiga International Airport 11km east of Tripoli on the evening of 17 March.

The Bombardier BD-700 plane is registered to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA, a subsidiary of US superbank Wells Fargo & Company.

What has set tongues wagging is that the same subsidiary is the trustee for a Raytheon Hawker aircraft with a tail number N168BF which was allegedly used for extraordinary rendition flights by the CIA.

Curiouser and curiouser ...

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, you're going to love this.

I thought I was knocking on a bit, but this is really getting old.

Britain's solution to pensions looted by the banks? Raise retirement age to 80!!"

A quote:-

In a move intended to halt the trend for workers to spend a growing proportion of their lives in retirement, the Chancellor announced a mechanism to raise the state retirement age automatically in line with life expectancy. The pension age is already due to increase to 66 by 2020.

But with one in five people alive today expected to celebrate their 100th birthday, ministers have concluded that more radical steps are necessary.

Mr Osborne said it would no longer be “affordable” to provide an adequate state pension when most people could retire at the relatively young age of 65 or earlier.

Those pommies that actually work, that is.

You both have my deepest sympathies.

Uncle Nasty

aviatrix said...

Uncle Nasty - re your post on RICO etc. I'm not sure that your interpretation is correct. This could signal that in fact things are going in the opposite direction. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

aviatrix said...

Uncle Nasty - re your post on RICO etc. I'm not sure that your interpretation is correct. This could signal that in fact things are going in the opposite direction. Think about it.

Okay. What I was saying is that many small-town (and not-so-small-town) police forces in the US are doing a roaring trade in plundering the public legally.

Got a thousand bucks in cash in your pocket or purse? A "probable-cause" search can get it confiscated by a crooked cop and judge and prosecutor, with the onus on you to prove rightful possession.

Type the term "illegal police confiscation" into a search engine.

Bing brings up one million and sixty thousand results.

The first article on the first page:-

A few quotes:-

"Throughout America, police are now seizing cars, houses and bank accounts — without trial . . . and killing innocent Americans.

The police now have the legal power to confiscate anything and everything that you own. Without trial, conviction, or even indictment, police are seizing cars, bank accounts, homes, and businesses from at least 5,000 innocent Americans every week. If you resist a police confiscation, they can even cripple or kill you with impunity.

Do you want proof? Every Wednesday, Section D of USA Today newspaper lists the latest confiscations by the Drug Enforcement Administration. There, in tiny 7-point type, you will find the latest list of weekly seizures of pocket cash, bank accounts, cars, and homes, by just this one government agency.

How's this one?

If you are stopped by police in Volusia County, Florida for a minor traffic violation, it may cost you a lot more than a $100 ticket. If Volusia police stop you on I-95, they ask, "How much cash are you carrying?" If your answer is more than a few hundred dollars, they routinely seize it.

Volusia police say that carrying more cash is "suspicious behavior." Under current laws, suspicion is all they need to confiscate your property.

If you are also carrying valuables — such as jewelry, or driving an up-scale car, they often confiscate that as well. In the last four years, these legalized highway robberies have brought in $8 million for Volusia County.

Stalin would be astonished ... then proud. How's that for direct taxation?
200 years ago they were called "Highwaymen" and hanged at Tyburn.

Time to revive some of the old customs, I feel.

Uncle nasty

Anonymous said...

Something that may or may not be of interest.

Do we have any Canadian correspondents that can inform us more?

Canadian government collapses

I must say I was astounded to read that Canada heads for its FOURTH election in seven years.

Is anyone actually running the shop, there?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Okay, wrong thread, but still ...

"Sweden explained — one giant backfire.

In order to have the adult generation working and creating wealth that can be taxed (current tax rates for low income earners are at approximately 65% of earnings), the Swedish welfare state continuously launches progressive programs to protect them from incidents and problems. Welfarist freedom is a trouble-free, responsibility-free, and benefits-rich existence created by the welfare state.

What we are now seeing in Sweden is the perfectly logical consequence of the welfare state: when handing out benefits and thereby taking away the individual’s responsibility for his or her own life, a new kind of individual is created — the immature, irresponsible, and dependent. In effect, what the welfare state has created is a population of psychological and moral children — just as parents who never let their children face problems, take responsibility, and come up with solutions themselves, make their offspring needy, spoiled, and utterly demanding.

Interesting. the answer to why a race -- feared by all (including the Scots) 800 short years ago has devolved into a herd of jellyfish.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Franz? Reg? You there?

It's really dark in here ...

SPAIN BREAKING -- 3rd largest savings bank has to call in Madrid Government



Any, ah, comments?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

This would make an amazing movie.

The Stoner Arms Dealers:

And you think a revolution cannot succeed?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

It appears that Marin County is very white. A little too white for Obama.

From what I read, Marin County is also pretty gay and pretty jewish.

“Whitest County” Seeks Nonwhites

The federal government recently took Marin to task for not reaching out more to people of color when it comes to providing affordable housing. The feds say Marin is not fully in compliance with the 1964 Civil Rights Act… … A county spokesman tells me it’s difficult to build any new housing in Marin. … Marin County is now promising to do more in a report just issued this week. The feds are reviewing it.

Uncle Nasty

Canuck said...

Uncle N. re Canadian Gov collapse. Nothing to do with immigration or any of the things that bother us on this blog. Just pols scrabling for the spoils of office.

Canuck said...

UN Re: Spain. I'm not sure they're going down. They've decided to let the banks go to the wall if necessary. No taxpayer bailout a la Ireland and the US. So interesting times ahead.

Anonymous said...

Mums and dads of obese kids will be taken on tours of supermarkets and urged to ditch junk food and replace it with fruit and veg.

Council and health bosses are confident the ten-week scheme for 30 families will help cut obesity in Greater Manchester - where almost a quarter of ten and 11-year-olds are dangerously overweight.

(I) I Doubt that those 30 families are responsible for all the 25% of dangerously overweight 10 and 11 year olds

(II) Remember the 15 stone Public Health nurse giving out about overweight children? Yes we all know how that worked.

Anonymous said...

Re fat Mancunians, all paid for by the taxpayer of course.

Anonymous said...

these guys just dang well won de culcharal en richer!

Their crime lists include theft, aggravated burglary, robbery, stealing cars, assaulting police and possessing cannabis.

They were among a mob of five who tried to rape* two girls aged just ten and 11 just months before Damilola was stabbed to death.

The youths, who were prominent members of the Young Peckham Boys gang which terrorised the North Peckham Estate, were accused of assaulting the girls in a park in 1999.

They were said to have fled afterwards, shouting: ‘We’re the untouchables.’

* Dat nod rape-rape but anly rape witch nod as bad as caryn Jackson knows.

F'n disgraceful.

Henry IX said...

So they got the award because of their 'hurt feelings'? THis means they actually do have feelings. And does this mean that anyone who's charged and acquitted can now sue? The law is SUCH an ass!

Anonymous said...

When the hell will Pamela I be kicked out of the country?

It is her (non-existant) son that she left behind in Nigeria that I am concerned about. Never knowing his non-existent sister who was subjected to the practise that does not occur in Pamela LIe's part of Nigeria. Growing up alone because she was not able to take him to the nearest place of refuge to get asylum.


Clogheen said...

This Pamela lady is STILL in Ireland, and her lawyers still racking up massive fees (padi for by you and me) as the latest appeal goes to Europe.

Anonymous said...

That demo in Sligo or Galway she was one of the participants complaining because the free wi-fi was down.

Go already!

You are a proven liar backed up by other liars.

We do not need that sort here.

Speaking of here. To get here she had to go to the UK and then travel across to Ireland.

Ireland was not the first place where she could have sought refuge and corrupt MSM will not point this out.

white shark said...

anon 1.03. ALL so-called asylum seekers in Ireland have to come via some other counyty. Hence NONE of them are genuine. Simple really.

Anonymous said...

The gift that keeps on giving.

Remember the study that proved that employers "were racist~" (an' sheeit) due to "whites names" getting almost as many offers of interview than "black names"?

200 replies were sent out with "the same" CV for two fictitious people one with an "irish" name and another with "Kimnesia" or something and employers were found to be twice as likely to call "white named" to interview.

8 replies were received for "white name" 7 replies for "Kimnesia" 6 of them were from the same employers so the 3 different replies 2 going to the "white name" and one going to "Kimnesia" proved racism (am'sheeit1).

Not one individual in the MSM pointed out how flawed this study was. But then again the Ghetto Lottery is the gift that keeps giving.

Anonymous said...

A British Airways computer expert who is in jail for plotting to blow up a passenger jet has complained that he is not allowed to use Skype to contact friends and relatives abroad.

Rajib Karim, 32, who was sentenced to 30 years in prison in March last year for planning to launch a 9/11-style terror attack from the UK, is furious that he cannot use the free video and telephone system while behind bars.

The father-of-two claims using a prison payphone costs him too much money

Read more: Terrorist not allowed to use skype.

Boo hoo hoo!

Should not havbe committed the crime if you cannot do the time.

Anonymous said...

Jail for Tube racist whose champagne-fuelled tirade was viewed by thousands on YouTube

Jacqueline Woodhouse, 42, abused passengers on the Central Line train and was given a 21 week jail sentence today

13 weeks more than Liam stacey who harmed no one and 21 weeks more than 4 Somali thugs


Yes I hit Cpas Lock by accident but this wants shouting from the rooftops how can you put someone who done no GBH in jail and leave those who committed real life GBH out?

Anonymous said...

Guy who made false claim against Louis walsh gets an extra 5 months suspended to his sentence yet women who make false claims never get sentenced for anything.

This poor gay man it is worse than the holocaust for him!

Anonymous said...

Simon Cowell's stalker does nor get jail

Obviously one of the Gloucester Zaloumises to get away with it. They are big into the jewdiciary.

The wife of the boss of a major rose breeding firm killed a teacher while drunk at the wheel – but was spared jail after a judge heard she suffered from depression.

Francine Austin, 54, ploughed her Audi convertible into Brenda Wilson, 62, killing the primary school teacher instantly.

She also hit Deirdre McFadden, 48, who was walking her dog with Mrs Wilson, after her car left the road and 'headed directly towards the pavement'.

Rich bird not jailed owing to her having depression

On the same page is a soldier with PTSD getting jailed. Wrong sex I guess.