Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Chimpout at Alabama State

Dublin’s private Institute of Education is deeply unpopular with the Irish educational establishment - teachers unions, government mandarins, educational quangos etc. Yet, in a country where secondary education is free, ‘The Institute’ will not accept a penny from the government, preferring to charge its student a hefty €7,000 (nearly $10,000) per annum fees. Its discipline is rigid, with simple breaches resulting in expulsion against which there’s no appeal. Underperforming teachers are fired, underperforming students told to leave, and there are no recreational facilities – you’re there to get academic results.

And boy, do they get results! And the graduate students speak of it in glowing terms despite, or is it because of, the strict environment? Diversity? Forget it. The teachers and administrators are selected on ability alone. Students on the basis of a) having the money and b) being prepared to work within the rigid learning environment.

So why their unpopularity with their pedagogical colleagues? Well, for exactly the reasons I listed above! These are the very reasons they’re hated. You see, they’re completely outside the establishment. And refusing the government’s shilling enables them to apply the discipline they believe essential, to avoid getting tied up in bureaucracy, to refuse to have teachers’ unions, to have merely a skeleton crew of administrators, and to focus on results.

Poison to the Establishment.

And the results show up the public system for what it is: Designed and run for the teachers and bureaucrats, not the students.

Which brings me back to the heading on this post. If you want to see what the polar opposite of what the Institute of Education stands for, check out this link which provides us with an understanding of pedagogy at Alabama State.

By the way, I'm reliably informed by my academic friends in the US that the graduation rate at Alabama State is in single figures. Maybe they’re taking the piss out of me, but I wouldn’t be surprised looking at the young scholars in action.


Anonymous said...

Monkey see, Monkey do

Syncretism said...

Alabama State -- We are Diversity.


Lee said...

The MSM reporting of the incident does not convey the seriousness of this incident - but that shouldn’t surprise us when black crime is the story

kulak said...

But do you love me? (sorry)


Higher education is a bubble. And as with the housing bubble, black education will fall hardest.

The one thing that would improve this school the most is to keep blacks out of historically white schools; the latter siphon off the best black students, leaving the historically black colleges to recruit from the dregs.

Kiwiguy said...

OT. Well done on the cricket Savant!

kulak said...

Proper use of an ASU diploma.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article IS.

Tried to follow the link to the apparent chimpout in Alabama, but it seems that the thought police were ahead of me. It requires to register sign-on whatever.


I won't be tracked by Big Brother or Big Chimp.

So I couldn't see the clip. Bet where I've been before I've seen it, or something quite similar.

I am a white man and I love my race.

Simon Q

Anonymous said...

Simon Q. You can see it in all it's glory here:

W Baker said...

I'm sixty miles from ASU. They're graduation rate is much higher than single digits, but the "instructors" and "professors" are not much brighter than their charges - so grade inflation is at Zimbabwe levels. (Most "teachers" come from other "historically black universities" (HBU), so there's little to no infusion of outside learning.)

As you might suspect most HBU's are dead broke and there is talk about shutting them down. Their graduates never do much in the way of careers. Most of them simply become middle management government workers.

And the Federal plantation continues....

Anonymous said...

@W Baker. But that's the good thing. When the gub'mint runs out of money these paraistes will be on the road.

surfer said...

They arrested ONE person, and nothing about any 'student' being expelled. Is it any wonder tey behave like they do.

kulak said...

Anti-whites admit blacks to white schools for two reasons:

1) To pat themselves on the back for helping blacks and pooping on lower and middle class whites.

2) To prevent the formation of a cadre of black leaders, alums of the same black schools.

It is on this second point that there is the possibility (not necessarily a good one) of alliance with blacks against the anti-white system.

Judging by results, that system also happens to be anti-black.

Rob said...

I can see why the government/educational elite loathe the DIE. Unfortunately, as our education system gets more "vibrant", a lot of hard-pressed parents will be working themselves to the bone to come up with the seven grand to get their kids into it, instead of letting them into the state-run hell-holes their taxes are paying for.

Franz said...

Did I mention before, that I am friends with Jane Goddall? We are, really, we hang, you know.

Anyway. Five days ago Jane called me and said "I'm in Alabama and I've just shot the most wonderful footage!" She was all giddy about the primates in question using improvised tools during a confrontation of two packs. The article referred to was obviously the folding chair, decisively applied to another primate's head.

After I saw the footage, I couldn't contain my curiosity: "What prompted this terrible brawl in an institution of higher learning?", I asked Jane. This is what she told me:

Primate A (henceforth referred to as Shaniqua) walked up to Primate B (henceforth referred to as La'poo) and asked if Hegelian dialectics could in any way be applied to organize "ma pimp game an' keep dem hos in line."

La'poo retorted that Hegel "be a chump nigga, you feel me?" and suggested that Shaniqua study the philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer.

The very mentioning of Schopenhauer's name got Shaniqua all confused. He assumed that La'poo suggesting that he should consider shoplifting as a career choice and get out of "da real game."

Thus spoke Shaniqua: "I be tired of yo messing with ma dialectics. Now step up or step off, nigga, coz you gonna get got."

You see, It was only a disagreement over 19th century philosophy that prompted this brawl.

I'm glad Jane helped to clear that up.

George said...

@ W Baker- yes, the grad rate is much higher- 21% (according to the site).
Also-"The government reported that the median federal student loan amount for Alabama State University is approximately $15,100. At the same time, 83% of the recent Alabama State University graduates have failed to maintain their federal student loan repayments in 2009.

This rate of loan repayment failures (83%) is extremely high and might lead to a conclusion that Alabama State University graduates have truly questionable career perspectives."

Anonymous said...


For those of you who live in the UK:

This link points to entitlements that the UK will have to pay for eastern European migrants.

How much more will you be taxed to pay this scheme?

It seems to me that from Zimbabwe to Poland most find legal/illegal methods to wend their way to the UK and to tap a little entitlement money.

You poor bloody serfs. You guys always seem to take it in the shorts for someone "less fortunate" than yourself. Isn't the UK broke?

Simon Q

Anonymous said...

Savant, I agree with you notion that education in Ireland is designed to benefit staff and not students. Have you been on an Irish university campus recently? Frightening stuff. Students learning languages doing their translation exercises over some internet translation site. Lots of blacks roaming about studying courses on immigration and how they're been persecuted. Social science courses that have no value in the real world and even science subjects where the aim is to pass exams just by learning by rote. The Irish education system needs to be radically overhauled. There's too much poor quality eductaion out there and not enough training.

Anonymous said...

Rob - my conclusion from this post is that the public education system should be run like the DIE. That of course would mean the students wud come first. i.e it's not going to happen.

Tony in Va said...

This reminds me again why I want to avoid all things black.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic but just found this site..

I was under the illusion that Mugabe had been 'sanctioned' and wasn't allowed in countries like the USA or UK / Europe etc.???

Did the BBC unban itself recently now the white farmers are almost extinct? I notice they report 'freely' all of a sudden completely unannounced using anti white nigger lovers like Fergal Keane as anchors?

We truly have a disgusting 'elite' ruling our planet but it's OUR fault!!

I want to do something but WHO can I trust as a group to join that WILL do something?

fed up said...

anon 00.55. "I want to do something but WHO can I trust as a group to join that WILL do something?"

This is the big issue we all face. It seems damn difficult to organize anything.

Anonymous said...

@ kulak


Simon Q

kulak said...

anon asks:

I want to do something but WHO can I trust as a group to join that WILL do something?

Start your own group:

Have 12 kids.

Apart from that?

Unplug the TV. You'll know the guy when you see him.

Have 12 kids. Unplug the TV. You'll know the guy when you see him. That's my advice to every Nativist R. Johnson.

Anonymous said...

"Start your own group:

Have 12 kids.

Apart from that?

Unplug the TV. You'll know the guy when you see him."

Is that what you've done?

If so are they supported on government handouts with ya'll living cheek by jowl next to niggers and whigger trash..?

No thanks - not me.
Not now, not ever in this world as it is now. I could never forgive myself for bringing kids into it even if I was loaded and able to guarantee a Harvard or MIT education.

What is the point in having wealth when you're surrounded by and under the cosh of a collective of avaricious and for the most part Asiatic vermin?

We are fast becoming the latent Aztec's

I read Charles Lindbergh's biography who's truth about the world even then saw his kid kidnapped and murdered for telling it.

Free men are not equal and equal men are not free - Pierce

kulak said...



Which one?

I'm actually serious about potential alliance with American blacks (mean IQ higher than Africans); we missed a very real opportunity with Malcolm X.

After almost 50 years of dysgenic welfare policies, maybe it's a lost hope.

But I try to keep an open mind.

kulak said...


Indeed. My biggest single regret in life is starting to have kids too late. I have but two, and my wife, for reasons of age and health, cannot attempt to have more without putting her life at grave risk. I wish -- oh how I wish -- that we could have more.

They are a joy. But one day my wife and I will be gone, and our children will need allies.

The importance of children was impressed neither upon me nor my wife in our upbringing. I am doing my best to correct that in my own children.

People without kids just don't get it. Maybe intellectually, but not viscerally.

The economic houses of the West coped with the dearth of white children by osmotically attracting foreigners.

As Srdja Trifkovic said:

Both the loss of the will to define and defend one’s native soil and the loss of the desire to procreate send an alluring signal to the teeming favellas and kazbahs: Come, for no Western nation has the guts to shed blood—alien or its own—in the name of its own survival.

The willingness to have children, in spite of all that faces us, IS the will to fight.

kulak said...


I could never forgive myself for bringing kids into it even if I was loaded and able to guarantee a Harvard or MIT education.

I'm not sure if it would be in good taste, but you could nominate yourself for a Darwin award.

Sorry, but that's a totally pussy attitude.

Anonymous said...

Now can you imagine something like that happening at Oxford in their canteen? No you cant. While it hasn't been posted all over the world as a hot topic, is because thats why how we all expect them to behave. Even the lib idiots arent outraged, because deep down they know. You can take the monkey out the jungle, but you cant take the jungle out of the monkey.

white4ever said...

One interesting thing about this vid: I dont see any children of white liberal apologists here. Any white children at all. Just shows the libtards are total hypocrites.

Anonymous said...


"I'm not sure if it would be in good taste, but you could nominate yourself for a Darwin award.

Sorry, but that's a totally pussy attitude."

You're right! I totally agree with you, but as you know many of us don't adapt to 'change' that easily.

I'm pleased for you that you've adapted as such.

You see I was deluded into believing that the community (country) I was brought up in initially, a proud and essentially white community, would unite and stand up for me and my brethren as any self respecting white European would expect.

It doesn't. It's caved in to the liberal 'fascist' diktat of multiculturalism and 'equality for all', something that Israel or any other Asian country would never tolerate.

My modern multi-kulti race and society doesn't give a fuck about me or you, your children or any other white person and their children so I don't feel obliged to add to the mess.

Anything that arrives on Western shores has access to taxpayer hound outs to look after their offspring which isn't my style. I'm too proud. It wasn't like that in my forebears days.

In my job I have to compete with aliens from all over the world who have the same 'rights' as I have in my own country to the point where they can force me out of a job.

Every European country I have visited has the same self loathing suicidal tendency except Russia possibly. We don't make things anymore and neither do we farm like we used to.

White women are raped virtually en masse almost everywhere and what do we do about it as a 'civilised society'? Black or Asian women aren't touched not that we'd want to anyway.

Simultaneously we're surrounded by WHITE feminists who encourage their so called 'sisters' to sleep with boons and other non white filth. What do we do about them? They're more anti white male than niggers!

Years ago my forefathers would castrate a nigger if he so much as tried to molest a white female.

4 decades on this is what we've been reduced to and I don't see anything on the horizon to suggest there'll be any changes or that we're better for it - if anything it'll probably get worse still.

I sincerely hope it does change as I'm young enough to have children... (men can have kids at any age)but as we've collectively sat back and allowed our world/ourselves to be dictated to by an elitist band of self loathing treacherous whigger scum I don't believe it's fair to myself or my children potentially if I had any to subject them to this and worse. That would be selfish and arrogant on my part as I could never afford to extricate them from the misgivings of the 'real world' as it is now.

Anything can breed - animals are 'bred' today as they've never been bred before in our freak show world of 'equality' and consumerism to meet demand.

The world is now a very small place and "equals" are bred for slavery without even realising it.

I nor any children of mine will ever be one of them.

I'd rather die!

Award please!

Heraclitus said...

anon 14.35. I'm due an award too. I certainly fear for the future of my children, and most definitely my grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

Got kids? Want kids? Better plan how to protect them.

A quote:-

"“Oral sex, masturbation, and orgasms need to be taught in education,” Diane Schneider told the audience at a panel on combating homophobia and transphobia. Schneider, representing the National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers union in the US, advocated for more “inclusive” sex education in US schools, with curricula based on liberal hetero and homosexual expression. She claimed that the idea of sex education remains an oxymoron if it is abstinence-based, or if students are still able to opt-out.

Comprehensive sex education is “the only way to combat heterosexism and gender conformity,” Schneider proclaimed, “and we must make these issues a part of every middle and high-school student’s agenda.” “Gender identity expression and sexual orientation are a spectrum,” she explained, and said that those opposed to homosexuality “are stuck in a binary box that religion and family create.”

Read it all ... it's short but informative.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Went to a uni with a guy who deserved to be there and had gone to school in segregated South Africa. Here was a case of someone libtards could look up to and what did they do? Never spoke one word to him.

Elaine said...

anon 16.58 - why did the "libtards" not speak to him????

Anonymous said...

Considering the US govt. subsidizes negritudinal schools with taxpayer's dollars, I don't regard this as off-topic.

Any old excuse, eh?

Please go here:-

For our American cousins, please watch your tax dollars at work.
Don't feel too bad however, I see that the UK finally (and recently) stopped giving financial aid to India and China.

China? China?

Financial Aid to CHINA???

Yup. China.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

I guess they did not like the left-handed?

Anonymous said...

I have sent this video all over the world. Thanks for exposing and sharing the truth. Seeing IS believing.

tony said...

here's another chimpout at the MTV awards! LoL



The recent posting about the Institute of Education resonated with me, inasmuch as there is another entity here which is deeply unpopular with the “right thinking” in this alleged country, and that of course is Ryanair.

We think in terms of there being two airlines here but this is not really the case. There is only one major and that is Ryanair. Aer Lingus is an operator of aeroplanes, Ryanair is an airline, and there is a world of difference.
Ryanair is a transport business and earns its living by carrying the greatest number of passengers to where they want to go at prices they can afford; Aer Lingus, even now, is an operator of Aircraft and are happy to tell you that they could do this far more efficiently if they could get shut of the friggin’ passengers altogether.
Ryanair is a real world entity, like the Institute of Education; on the other hand Aer Lingus, like our education system, like Irish Rail, like virtually every thing in this absurd statelet---indeed, like the statelet itself---is simply an exotic form of tax-payer funded welfare, run for the benefit of its higher management, their pals in the Trade Unions, and there old muckers in whatever government department is relevant.
Has the Health crowd ever given a toss about health; does the notion of defence even exist for the Department of Defence; does the….but why go on?

Everything here is a travesty of what it should be, even and perhaps especially the whole Free State itself, and if there is one thing hated and indeed feared by those whose vested interest lies in this or that travesty it is the appearance of the genuine article; you know, the one which actually does what it says on the tin.

Anonymous said...

I think this is relevant ...

Over one third of all US “wages” are Social Security and Welfare.

From CNBC…

Government payouts—including Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance—make up more than a third of total wages and salaries of the U.S. population, a record figure that will only increase if action isn’t taken before the majority of Baby Boomers enter retirement.

Even as the economy has recovered, social welfare benefits make up 35 percent of wages and salaries this year, up from 21 percent in 2000 and 10 percent in 1960, according to TrimTabs Investment Research using Bureau of Economic Analysis data.

From here:-

Notice the comment tossed casually in about the economy "recovering".

Oh, man. When it hits there is going to be such a bang

Uncle Nasty

Tony said...

Over one third of all US “wages” are Social Security and Welfare.

That is incredible - and one more reason why the 'system' wont last.

Anonymous said...

"The world has nothing but admiration for the dignity and decency displayed by the Japanese in dealing with this catastrophe. One cannot help but recall the scenes that followed in the US after Katrina with people looting and displaying barbaric behaviour. The resilience of the Japanese people will ensure that they emerge a stronger nation than before. The re-construction work that will follow will ensure the Japanese economy recovers and is there in the forefront of developed nations. "

Post on Daily Mail

{cough cough} New Orleans is full of ever seen who turned up in that season of Curb Your Enthusiasim?{cough cough}

Anonymous said...

Rice University used to be the top university in Houston. Then it got ethnicised in that white males were discriminated against so that hispanics and blacks with lower scores could get onto courses. This meant that big bad whitey went to what were lesser universities rising the standards there.
All hail Jesse Jackson for raising the standards at third level!

Anonymous said...

The Rice experience is being replicated all over the US.

Anonymous said...

I think the Rice thing shows academia for what it is. You only need two or three other people to sign off on something for it to be true. Academic decided that giving people places on merit gave places to people who merited them rather than "deserved" them. These people who sign off stuff do not even have to exist as you can make up fictitious names if you are of the right school. Stockholm rather than London! (Syndrome mention)

Anonymous said...


In a surprising outbreak of common sense, Delaware Supreme Court decided (though doubtless only after million-dollar expenditures) that cinema managers and patrons could ask Blacks to quieten down (News Journal [Michigan], 23 ii).

{However, few were likely to exercise their non-racist right, for doing so would result in sundry attacks and ‘accidents’ by Blacks for the rest of the film.... Many Whites had long since ceased attending performances where young Blacks were present.}

De man be diskriminalateing against de blak man!

Ad Oonivercitie dey want de blak man 2 spel whitey bud whitey wurd nos the rich afrikan heritage wurd blak man use!

Jeremy said...

When I see such rulings (blacks in cinema) I get a glimmer of hope that change might be on the way. But it seems one step forward two steps back a lot of the time.

Anonymous said...

Who is the judge appointed that ruled in favour of Hispanic and African firefighters in that they should be subjected to lower standards on their tests so that they could get promoted?
Was it "“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white (honkey what is cause of (and solution to) the problems in the world)"?
I ask because after giving free money to Cosmoplitan for years for ads saying if there was a fire you would be glad to see this fireperson woman and despite this the fire service remains 1.5% female whereas Jack Straw wanted it 15% so to get to this level standards are being dropped.
I believe that two men could carry a stretcher for the US military but when women were added it had to be four person teams as two women could not lift a stretcher.
Us real world dwellers have to pay for idiotic ivory tower dwellers from academia.

Jeremy said...

@anon 19.27 - they've continued t lower the entry standards for firefighters everywhere, although a test case is now headed for the Supreme Court in the US.

As for Straw, that bastard did more damage even than Blair to the real England.

Anonymous said...

I am retired from the fire service in the US. You are making a big mistake by lowering your standards. You WILL decrease the quality of your service and you will pay for that mistake.

- TJ Jackson, White Pine, Arizona, USA, 10/4/2011 17:40

My emphasis
Read more:

Comment on article and article itself.

jeremy said...

Have read that article. Yes, it's a total disgrace and still going on, stronger than ever, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

(In)Justice Department Demands Dayton Lower Police Test Scores For Blacks

The City of Dayton, Ohio would like to hire some new policemen to replace a number who have recently retired. Part of the process for hiring new cops includes an exam. When the exam was given applicants had to score 66% on one portion of the exam and 72% on another portion. Those scores equal a D and C-, they don’t exactly require applicants be rocket scientists. But these scores were not good enough for the Obama Justice Department. The Justice Department stepped in and demanded that the scores be reduced to 58% and 63% on the two tests so that more black applicants would pass.

What bothers me more than anything is that the Federal Justice Department is sticking its nose into the affairs of Dayton, Ohio. It seems the city had to submit its passing score proposal to the Justice Department for approval prior to declaring who had passed or failed. My first question is how in the world is this a Federal issue? What business is it of the Federal government’s who does or doesn’t pass a police test in Dayton, Ohio?

Even the NAACP said they opposed allowing folks who fail the test to become Dayton cops. Lowering requirements for blacks or other minorities isn’t helpful for anyone. It casts a dark cloud over all minorities, (even)especially those who were well qualified.

Jack Straw messed around with the English fire brigades because he wants 15% to be women no matter what.

Lancashire has bought special tenders which have a setting which allows the back suspension to be lowered so that women fire fighters can reach equipment easier.

A Parachute regiment veteran wrote elsewhere that a woman has passed the Royal Marine selection test. Not quite she was exempted from the stuff that would have failed her (The wall, going through the water filled tunnel) and the men around her were made carry her equipment.

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life,” and would realise that "chimp in" might be easy but it is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Someone made the point that all the Assistant Fire Chiefs who were interviewed by RTE about over-staffing at high levels were women and they would probably have never seen a fire in a work capacity themselves.

Clogheen said...

In 1996 there were 2 Assistant Fire Chiefs in the Cork Region. Today there are 27! and fewer fires because of better buidling standards.

Anonymous said...

Christy Mangum of Duke University fame.

Vincent Clark, a friend who co-authored Mangum's self-published memoir, said: 'I'm sad for her. I hope people realize how difficult it is being her.'

Read more:

Does not mention her arson case which prompted someone to write that her not being put in jail for all her crimes would lead to her murdering someone.

Unfortunately that someone has been proved right and the Duke University staff with Minnie Mouse degrees in diversity and white man hating havce been proved wrong.

Anonymous said...

Crystal Magnum (sounds like a chemical) is now in the frame for murder, I believe?

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time since the lacrosse scandal Mangum has been in custody. In February 2010, after an argument with a different boyfriend, Mangum was charged with attempted murder and arson, among other charges. Police said Mangum set some of his clothes on fire in a bathtub and assaulted him in front of her children, in addition to threatening to stab him, according to court documents.

Feminazis call it self defence.

Where as the Imigrants Council idiots when newspaper articles said that the Scissor Sisters (Mullhalls) mother was a victim of domestic violence and therefore has a right to defend her against african? They are meant to be the voice of imigrants aren't they?

"How many honor students steal cars and then try to run over police officers?"

Good question

"it takes the soul of a murderer to do what she did to those guys in '06."

And that says a lot about our MSM.

Anonymous said...

For example, I’ve heard a lot of people say that black people like to riot at Chuck E. Cheese pizza joints. And I’m like “EXCUSE ME?!?! FOR YOUR INFORMATION, PAL, THEY LIKE TO RIOT AT DENNY’S, TOO!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is the restaurant at fault? Surely one has to question the thinking capabilites of parents who take a 12 year old child to such a restaurant? DId the parents not consider a pizza place or even McDonalds for such an event. Going to Hooters, with it's clear reputation seems as though they were setting something up.

- Susan, London UK, 5/6/2011 4:29

Obviously they could not go to Chuck E Cheese as Bristol City is the home of the Saint John's riots which took place becoz Babbalon wud not led de man sell weed!

McDonalds? It is like a jungle in there!

Anonymous said...

Bristol: A once beautiful and elegant city ruined by blacks and ragheads.

Anonymous said...

Turning a basketball court into a Chuck E Cheese? Disgraceful.

Some people haven't eveolved much since Moonwatcher found the monolinth!

once more said...

Re this last vid, they even sounded like chimps!!

Anonymous said...

Chimp make progress? Society regresses.

Anonymous said...

Dere b a famin here!

She say she r te manager.

hector said...

Can't open that site (previous comment). Has it been taken down??

Anonymous said...

Youtube closed the account!

Anonymous said...

Cleveland show and not Seth MacFarlane's

Chuck E Cheese


Enjoy(?) before they get pulled.

once more said...

This is correct. Jewtube is pulling all of those chimpouts. As soon as one goes up and goes viral, it's pulled. We're being manipulated like the sheep in animal farm.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theory tells us that e coli faeces (aspartame) and other stuff is added to food to pacify the population.

Does not seem to be working to me!

once more said...

Only one way to pacify these scum: A Magnum 44!

Anonymous said...

Roger Huerta had the right idea!

Really dealt with that scum and had him knocked out in under 1 second.

Former Texas Longhorn product Rashad Bobino, a professional Football player and undrafted former Atlanta Falcon. Bobino was released by the Falcons last year and never saw action on the field.

I would guess that was because cheerleaders are on the sidelines?

once more said...

So he knocked out the scumbad in 1 second? Pity. I'd like to have seen him kick the shit out of him for an hour!

Anonymous said...

Psychopaths gain satisfaction through antisocial behavior, and do not experience shame, guilt, or remorse for their actions.

Psychopaths lack a sense of guilt or remorse for any harm they may have caused others, instead rationalizing the behavior, blaming someone else, or denying it outright.

Psychopaths also lack empathy towards others in general, resulting in tactlessness, insensitivity, and contemptuousness. Psychopaths can have a superficial charm about them, enabled by a willingness to say anything to anyone without concern for accuracy or truth. Shallow affect also describes the psychopath's tendency for genuine emotion to be short-lived, glib and egocentric, with an overall cold demeanor. Their behavior is impulsive and irresponsible, often failing to keep a job or defaulting on debts.

Wikipedia forgot the grandiose sense of self worth.

Tayshaun Chaunte Bershawn goes off to the doctor for a health check. He comes back two hours later in a huge strecth limo with expensive hos hanging out the sun roof.

Tennoa Crystal Bwana axs him "Why did you get that car and pick up those hos?"

Tayshaun Chaunte Bershawn "De docta says I'm impotent so ize gonna look impotent"

SAVANT said...

Re psychpathy and race, check my post here

Anonymous said...

San José is 31.7% Asian yet crime there is not 31.7% Asian.

I would have liked to see Rashad Bobino getting a good "Kinging" that he richly deserved.

Anyways seeing as we are speaking of chimps when Palin was blamed for Giffords shooting because of inflammatory Democrat websites somebody wrote

Why do you not a have a problem with someone banging his chest, screeching Ah! Ah! Ah! and flinging feces (American site) which translates as "If you bring a knife to the fight we bring a gun"?

I forget which Troglodyte niger said that?

Anonymous said...

Fox DMV link.
Natasha Brown spokeswoman could not have forseen that there would be trouble where a pile of sub-humans were gathered. I guess she does not know many Ty'Quils or Twanas?

Anonymous said...

You see whites sits on chairs like this whereas the black man (adopts 2001 Chimps voice, screeches)("back" to civilisation) throws chairs to express an appreciation of the ingenuity of white man making a weapon that could be sat upon.

I see a modernitysucks thing on chairs then and now.

I think we see why Detroit Public Libraries went for expensive European lounge chairs rather than the easier to throw kind.

Canuck said...

Is this kind of feral behavior becoming more common in recent times or just getting more publicity?

Anonymous said...


There was a guy from Toronto who now cannot enter parts of his own city because of the addition of people from Jamaica, Haiti, Somalia etc.

It is becoming increasingly common as we are forced to take in people that will not assimilate.

This has happened in France, Belgium, Netherlands, UK and just about all of Europe.

Wikipedia has a list of cities and towns with majority "americant's" and each and every single one of them is turning into Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Bristol: A once beautiful and elegant city ruined by blacks and ragheads.

Anonymous 6 June 2011 16:07

A black woman done for racism? That is sexist!

Don said...

Yes, Bristol WAS a beautiful ENGLISH city, destroyed by 3rd Worl RIFF RAFF! The fuckers are now doing the same to York. Hardly any of the fuckers even 3 years ago, now the place is SWARMING with them. It'll be like Bristol soon.

PS - I studied in lovely Bristol before it was FUCKED. Pardon my language.

Anonymous said...


Convicted of racism by the liberal(?) London media.

The riots were because the police came down heavy on drug dealings. Bristol burned and they were told to be easier on drug dealers.

Now they "own" more of the city that they did from the 80s such that the quickest route to the University cannot be used because it has been afro-Carribeneanised.

Bet the orange order would not spend a summer and autumn winding them up.

Don said...

Yes, totally. When I went to the university that area was just starting to become 'vibrant'. But the bastards who caused it won't have to live with the consequences in their gated homes.

Anonymous said...

At that point our flustered female delivers her closing line before walking off: 'No do not tell me to go to customer service. I am not a crazy person. I am a very well-educated person.'

A minute later, there was an announcement asking all passengers to please not use profanity on the train, 'especially those people who went to Harvard or Yale or are from Westport.'

The link from the Mail says the account was closed.

Is it a case of a demi-boon looking down on a full boon?

rebel said...

I've seen a lot worse from those sheboons. The conductor was lucky to escape uninjured. Like the announcement made later on the PA tho!

Anonymous said...

Somewhere else on this site.

Sheboon barges past a guy at the front of the queue shouts and roars her head off when the concept of queueing is explained to her.

Someone rings the police.

Upshot is that the white man is charged with aggravated Racial Assault or some such nonsense.

Another crime solved by our heroic Metropolitan Police.

rebel said...

anon 18.08. You're surprised that the sheboon became the victim? This is standard practice in Black-run America.

Anonymous said...

Annoyed would be the word.

Anytime someone expects dark skinned dudes to behave "daz rayciss".

Lousy importation of "Dr." Michael "Plagiarist" King's dream is a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

That was the entirely reasonable response of one woman in redneck country in Georgia who was livid when the delivery was the wrong order.

And the cops have released a frankly brilliant 911 tape of the call which hears her saying: "I ordered food and they done bring me the wrong food. I done brought it outside and they ain't gonna give me my money and I need my money."

They "done bring me the wrong food?" "Idone brought it outside"?

Sounds more ghetto but let us not let obvious facts get in the way of white devil bashing!

Anonymous said...

Surprising lack of aggression here.

The first rule of chimpouts is that you do not talk about chimpouts.

The second rule of chimpouts is that you do not talk about chimpouts.

"Liberal" media do not like it.

But you are allowed to laugh at the videos.

Anonymous said...

Original florida chimpout

FAST FACTS: -Three relatives are charged in robbing the Burger King on Austin Peay. -One of them is an employee at the Burger King. -Their family members believe the employee was framed.

(Memaphricas TN 6/22/11) Three relatives were charged in a robbery of the Burger King near Raleigh Springs Mall Monday night.

Chimpin' ain't easy except for

Ooh, there ain't no other way, baby, I was born this way

I'm on the right track, baby, I was born this way. Don't be a drag, just be a welfare queen ...

(This video and story was made possible by all those black people who cannot be bothered to behave like normalpeople do. Keep diggin' "minoraths"!)

Anonymous said...

Under the Golden arches we met.

I don't think anyone would be chimpin'out with this guy around.

rebel said...

Re Golden Arches - that's what's needed. No more chimpouts.

Anonymous said...

I for one welcome our never lost a match against a fast food restaurant athletically superior overlords!

Anonymous said...

City Council Votes for Armed Guards to Patrol Newark Fast-Food Joints at Night
Restaurant owners balk at security costs; initiative would take effect next month unless Booker intervenes.

On the heels of an uptick in violence that claimed the life of an off-duty cop, Newark's city council voted Thursday to require all late-night restaurants that serve less than 20 people at a time to have an armed security guard posted from 9 p.m. to closing.

Tony said...

Read that about the armed guards at food outlets. Let it roll - it's coming to a head!

Anonymous said...

We is undiversified so that is why there was trouble?

Anonymous said...

Flash mob robberies continue

Anonymous said...

Oh Look! Free shoes!

Anonymous said...

Chimps in the community

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree.  Those gutter bitches got exactly what they deserved. Shame on McDonald's for firing him.

The video doesn't show it, but after the cashier refuses to accept their counterfeit $50 dollar bill the sow slaps him. These two sheboons have been behaving this way their whole lives. Verbally and physically assaulting people. Now it finally caught up to them. Kudos to this cashier for not cowtowing to these loud obnoxious pigs, and giving them a beating they won't soon forget.

racism will stop when negroes behave in a civilized manner and not a second sooner.

BTW - Fuck Alex Witt from MSNBC. With her racist ass. Watch their version of the video and you'll clearly see that one of the two bitches slapped the McDonald's employee first before he swung back immediately after. But you'll also notice Alex Witt stating a one-sided report, and completely ignore what actually took place in the video and blatantly lie about the employee possessing a crowbar at the time of the slapping. Her real name should be Alex Witch...fucking bias whore.

(This is a CNN feed and it is "doctored" if you follow my drift that Chicken Noodle News sucks.)

They totally deserved it. If he didn't do anything they would have beat him into a seizure like those 2 other black girls beat up that transgender person a few months back. When getto bitches like those attack... they do so to cause as much damage as possible

See the Polis beating in Maryland.

Anonymous said...

Disturbing video of a woman being attacked and it posted on worldstarhiphop by perps friend

No Roger Huerta in this one I am afraid.

kudzo bob said...

anon 15.56. Thank you. Really enjoyed seeing the shit being beaten out of this sow. But it seems the beater was also black, no?

Anonymous said...

Rayon McIntosh, 31, is accused of brutally attacking the women at the 24-hour restaurant in Greenwich Village, New York, after they shouted obscenities at him, slapped him and then jumped over the counter. Read more:

If you can't stand the heat, keep out of the kitchen.

- Ricky T Tarvi, Rip-off Britain, 17/10/2011

But it seems the beater was also black, no?

Obviously he has experience of what sheboons can do from living near them and working in the establishment where Chrissy Lee Polis (Transgendered) was attacked.

Was going to link to a video of a 16 year old being attacked by sheboons (One athletically gets to lift herself up in the handloops to kick a guy on the side of his face) but cannot find it on youtube.

"We Don't Condone Hitting Women But This Is Some Real Bitch Sh*t: Boys From The Bay Area Knocks Out A Mentally Disabled Woman!"

Worldstarhiphop comment on the beating of the mentally disabled woman. Which has not been removed unlike the Mcdonalds one.

Anonymous said...

PC Version of Dabru's and Rachel's beating by Rayon

Video still available here. Thank you Arianna!

Best comment Do you want a large order of whoopass?

TBone said...

Quite honestly - check this. If you close your eyes and just liten it sounds EXACTLY LIKE CHIMPS IN THE ZOO. Go back and listen again. LMAO! (I'm talking about the McDonalds beatdown referred to by the last commentator)

Anonymous said...

The Monkey sanctuary programme on around channel 200 had an Orang Utan who was obese due to liking sugary stuff and was getting too difficult to discipline so it was sent to the sanctuary.
I guess it was the bad influence of Africa that was responsible for that!

Anonymous said...

<a href="> 6:12 Ghettoenss at the Gas Station</a>

Woman Goes Mad For Being Charged 20 Cents For Water & Starts Talking About Slavery, Racism, Hair Salons & More!

Thor said...

"Woman Goes Mad For Being Charged 20 Cents For Water & Starts Talking About Slavery, Racism, Hair Salons & More! "

And why should she not? She's been raised on a diet of victimhood since she was born.

Anonymous said...

After driving away, Edgell apparently changed her mind, and directed Page to “return to McDonald’s so that she could get breakfast,” according to a misdemeanor criminal complaint filed in Circuit Court. At this point, Edgell allegedly began striking Page in the face and biting his right arm. Page also told police that when he pulled his car over during the assault, Edgell got out of the vehicle and climbed atop the hood to keep him from leaving.

Maccy D what a dreadful way to treat your customers?

Anonymous said...

You see you can take the chimp out of Africa with the modern transportation devices and all that but you cannot take Africa out of the chimp because the dechimpinator has not been invented yet with the DNA separation and restoring. Oh MAVEN!

Monkey power came to Leicester June 19 2010.

Anonymous said...

Nigger who is your fucking man?

A big shout out to me homies at wordlstarhiphop who don't be sensoring da blak man like u-tube douz!

The college grants associate degrees in a number of subjects (98% of the students are accepted for transfer to four year schools); but also offers two bachelor's programs in Dance and Arts and Entertainment Management; as well as bachelor's degrees in conjunction with Boston-based Suffolk University.

Doesn't that mean that Dean College is .. you know?

kudzo bob said...

That apr who attacked the guy at Dean was in the college purely for football. As were all the heroic onlookers.

Anonymous said...

I was going to link the video of the chimpout for Air Jordan sneakers but unfortunately despite numerous apologists pointing out that there were unseen white participators the footage was withdrawn such that now the 99% cannot be seen as they wait for the $180 shoes.

Anonymous said...

You can take the chimp out of africa but you cannot take the Africa out of the chimp.


Anonymous said...

In that vid even the noise they make sounds like chimps.

Anonymous said...

Vous pouvez remove les chimps from ze jungle mais vous ne pouvez pas removez le jungle oooot of said chimps

Et le singes n'utilise pas les lettres francais!

Anonymous said...

So I am allowed to judge someone by the content of their heart?

She is a massive failure as a human being.

Happy Marchin' Lootin' Kleptomania Day!

Anonymous said...

George Wallace has been criticized for trying to stop the enrolment of black students.

Could the liberals please prove to me that he was wrong?