Friday, 25 March 2011

African Union to the rescue


Anonymous said...

How dare he cling to power so obviously? What he needs is a rotating Communist dictatorship called democracy.

Anonymous said...

14 months after the earthquake in Haiti, the place still looks like the same shithole it always has been. Typical slothful, lazy golly behaviour. Absolutely no visible recovery made.

Now on the other hand, the Japanese have also suffered from an larger earthquake plus tsunami and ongoing nuclear radiation leaks.

Take a look at this link. The picture is from near the coast in Japan where the earthquake hit. A section of road was devastated. A mere 12 days later, the Japanese, through hard work and pulling themselves up by the bootstraps have already made it good as new. This was reported on CNN and Fox yesterday.

What does this prove?

Shiftless coons cannot take care or responsibility for themselves. These parasites will always need whitey to support them. The Japanese however, are a civilized people. You make the comparison. PC twats cannot do this.

As I see it.

Simon Q

Anonymous said...

Likewise, compare the behavior of New Orleans Hurricane Katrina "victims" with the Japanese tsunami victims. Is a common denominator beginning to emerge about the innate black behavior, perhaps? "HEP ME!!! HEP ME!!!! SOMEBODYS HEP ME!!!!"

SAVANT said...

100% correct Simon. In fact I'll do a post on this topic soon.

Anonymous said...

Simon Q, I saw that and thought I pay £220 pounds a year road tax and we have potholes that I'm sure have been around since the fucking Romans built the road.

Unknown said...

anonymous; the romans never built roads in Ireland. If they had, we would probably not have these potholes!

Anonymous said...

If those Romans had employed immigrant labour it would still be under construction.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, an ancient road has just been discovered in England that pre-dates the Roman occupation by a hundred years or more.

Apparently it's in pretty good shape as well. When I find details, I'll post them.

Uncle Nasty

Heraclitus said...

Uncle Nasty: That puts a whole new construction on 'what did the Romans ever do for us?'

Anonymous said...

Found it!

This is about the pre-Roman road recently discovered in Shropshire. It's a nice little read, and I recommend it.

It comes from the Guardian, but it's not political comment, so I'll assume it has a basis in reality.

Uncle Nasty