Monday, 21 February 2011

The Sky Sports scandal

Unless you’ve been on another planet you’ve heard by now of the shocking sexist rants by Sky Sports broadcasters Andy Gray and Richard Keyes. I'd rather not offend you gentle reader, with the specifics of what they spewed out. Suffice to say, they were overheard calling into question the suitability of female officials in soccer, and, eh, well that's about it I suppose. But it’s quite enough for me. And I'm happy to tell reassure you that they have now joined Britain’s lengthening dole queues.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm totally in favour of free speech. Absolutely. But not when it encourages hate towards non-white races, the Islamic religion, or the female gender. This kind of thing has to be stopped – and stopped now.

I long for a better-mannered and more innocent time. I played soccer and rugby for many years and I can tell you honestly, hand on heart, that during this time I never heard anything so vile as what Keyes and Gray spewed forth. In fact, while we engaged in the normal manly banter, whenever the subject of the fair sex came up a respectful hush fell over the dressing-room. The only terms I can remember were along the lines of ‘a splendid young lady’, ‘a fine mind’, while ‘virtuous’ was the most prized attribute of all.

And, unlike the thuggish Keyes and Gray, reference to female physical qualities were strictly eschewed. Ok, I did on occasion hear reference to some lady having ‘delicate hands’, but the look from the rest of the team quickly terminated this line of talk, I can assure you. Even the suggestion that one chap’s fiancée would ‘make a wonderful mother’ elicited a stony glare in response to what would have been perceived back then as an unwarranted personal intrusion.

Just like the ‘Reverend’ Martin Luther King, I too have a dream. A dream where the likes of Gray and Keyes have returned to their caves, never to emerge. But I want more. I want to see the curse of genderism banished from sport entirely.

First I want to see a slender female hunker down in Ireland’s front row beside Jerry Flannery for our next rugby international. Why not? Women now have their rightful place in hitherto ‘manly’ sports, and God knows, she’d hardly be much worse than Tony Buckley or John Hayes.
Katie Taylor
And why not have our own world ladies boxing champion Katy Taylor take on current World Heavyweight Champion David Haye for the Unisex World Boxing Championship (UWBC)? Imagine the excitement at that!

David Haye
And why not take it beyond sport? And beyond gender? What about the pernicious ageism that blights everything we see, especially beauty contests? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and, as we’re told repeatedly, is ageless. And it reflects what’s inside, not the superficial and transient externals.

With that in mind I nominate my beloved Aunt Gemima for the next Miss World competition. If the judges could just free their minds from stereotypical sexism and ageism, she’d wow them as she sashayed down the catwalk – which would of course have been modified to accommodate her Zimmer frame.

Aunt Jemima

These are just a few modest personal suggestions. I'm sure you could all come up with some more if only you could free your benighted minds.

And in conclusion, I’m told that Sky Sports plan to replace the two troglodytes with a female anchor. I fully endorse this appointment. Especially if she turns out to have big tits.


Anonymous said...

This is the guy you should be voting for in the upcoming elections:

SAVANT said...

I've already registered my support here

Anonymous said...

I want to see midgets as door bouncers!

Anonymous said...

"I want to see midgets as door bouncers!"

On the (slightly off) topic of bouncers in a more serious light, check out this video.

Anonymous said...

"I'm totally in favour of free speech. Absolutely. But not when it encourages hate towards non-white races, the Islamic religion, or the female gender. This kind of thing has to be stopped – and stopped now."

Savant, I guess I just don't get you. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. I hear a lot about 'hate speech' these days. But just because you don't like something doesn't mean you hate it. Much of this I would classify as 'dislike speech'. For example, I don't like the Muslim Religion. As Michelle Malkin says, "the religion of the perpetually outraged". Maybe by me saying this some feeble minded individual might now hate muslims. I'm sorry, I can't be held responsible for the beliefs of others when I'm expousing what I believe to be the truth. How can anybody deny that Muslims are violent fanatics who do not integrate into Western society. Have I inspired hate by saying this? Or just dislike? Should I be silenced? Or should I be imprisoned for my blasphemy? I think not. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. The truth hurts and is often etremely inconvenient. Sorry, too bad! But the truth should never be silenced.

When I read SAS I often feel contempt for black people. Is this hate? And so what if it is? If it is hate isn't it well founded? How about the stories of black men gang raping women. Or worse yet, babies. This is a very common treatment for aids in Africa. Are these facts, hate speech, or are they facts? Should we fear the truth? Should SAS be shut down by the thought police?

Uncle Butkis

SAVANT said...

@Uncle Butkis: This post was satirical - thought that was obvious! In saying I favour free speech but..... I was taking the piss out of the very thing so-called liberals always say. I.e. I support free speech - except when I don't agree with what you're saying.

I take it then that you don't think much of my proposals for a modelling career for Aunt Jemima?

Dex said...

Hey Savant!

I like your blog - you tell it how it is, and with humor, too.

Your article on Jews was kinda interesting, and got me thinking and searching. Here's some interesting stuff I found:

Chairman of the Fed is one Ben Shalom Bernanke (Jewish), his deputy is Janet Yellen (Jewish). Bernanke's predecessor is Alan Greenspan (Jewish) and his deputy was Donald Kohn, who I suspect is also Jewish.

Add to this, their control of Hollywood and their control of foreign policy - ever heard of the Wolfowitz Doctrine and the Project for the New American Century? and you can guess who's altered our society in such a fundamental way over the last half a century.

SAVANT said...

Thanks Dex - spread the word!

I take your point about Jewish influence of course. However, as I said in the post you referred to, I blieve it a great mistake to lump all, or even most, Jews into the hochjuden category. These other Jews have views similar to those appearing in this blog and IMHO we should reach out to them.

Anonymous said...

Gray was sacked in January for something that happened the previous December (NOT the Sian Massey incident) so that Murdoch could get into the good books of the Lib Dems as he wants to the part of BSkyB that he does not own at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Jeez Butkiss - you need a humor transplant.

Franz said...

Knowing Sky Sports is so politically correct these days, their new on air "talent" will probably be some painted hermaphrodite tart.

Speaking of hermaphrodites, I have to mention this video by blogger RamZpaul:

He poses as a transgender guy and calls the Miss USA organization to join their pageant. Because, you know, no discrimination allowed.

RamZpaul has a great sense of absurdist humor and some days I am half convinced that he and The Savant are really the same person.

Anonymous said...

"Jeez Butkiss - you need a humor transplant."

Sorry about that. The subject of freedom of speech is a hair trigger for me. I lose my ability to think rationally. So few people get the concept, that I blow a gasket whenever it comes up. I still cannot believe that they have 'hate speech' laws in Europe. WTF!!

My apologies.

Uncle Butkis

Essex boy said...

The whole Sky network has been a big disappointment. Once Tony Blair bought off Murdoch it was all downhill.

Genderender said...

I am with you on this gender thing. It is high time events like Wimbeldon are rendered de-gendered(deredered?). The thought of a ladies final as well as mens final is offensive, time consuming and duplicitous. Such events should be terminated as they have run their course, belonging to a by gone era. Game, set and match!

One prize for the best player, period. (oops, sorry did not mean that!) But definately only one prize.

Maybe we can train some animals to take part just so bunny huggers can also feel included.

And then of course and not in any particular order or preference, you understand we can do away with separate events for the disabled.

I mean let us be consistent in our disdain for any form of discrimination and level the playing fields as it were.

My Grandpa Cedric would make a fine entrant for the Miss World contest with his Moobs(Manboobs) which for an eighty somesomething year old are really not sagging as such.

J McEnroe said...

Tennis is one of the craziest examples of equality. Same prize money for men and women at Wimbledon, yet if it were an open draw there wouldn't be a woman beyond the third round.

Anonymous said...

This country is a joke

J Bull said...

anon 13.00. I agree, this country has gone to hell in a handcart. That award is beyond belief, even in a madhouse like here. She's supposed to be a psychoitherapist and she can't handle something like that? Bonkers.

Rob said...

Keep your aunt Jemima out of it, Savant - if we want zimmer-frame porn, there are loads of sites specialising in ladies who have opted to spend their golden years with their legs spread to the camera, for reasons better known to themselves.
I'm still outraged at the fact that Aer Lingus still hasn't one blind pilot - and they say equality is making great strides.

Rob said...

Just as I finished my last comment, I come across this!

Anonymous said...

Governmental policy of including the minority groups is in full swing with a vast number of people in a persistent vegetative state having been installed in Government.

And today I hope to see Arsenal sign Stephen Hawkin as a replacement for Theo Walcott

vonbock said...

Third Round at Wimbleton in a true open format!!! No woman would get past the first round of pre-tourney wildcard matches. And just to get that opportunity to be crushed, she would need an entry exemption.

Anonymous said...

The same money for less play. Remember wimmin only play best of three sets and one mens match lasted longer than the female winner played that year.

Anonymous said...

Government employed sexist not required to resign over her sexist remarks.

Is there one rule for Andrew and another for Susan?

Anonymous said...

Don Imus
Blair J. Parker
Ron Franklin

Jason Whitlock His comments were also featured on several television networks, including CNN, where he was featured alongside Sharpton and accused Jackson and Sharpton of "exploiting these young people, making [...] the problems much bigger than what they should be."

He is a former contributor to an ESPN show which now has Selena Roberts canceller of Duke University Lacrosse team's season, lied in that case, wrote book about A-Rod who tipped pitches to opposing players and the evidence was that she believed he would have done that, she missed the point of the Bobby Riggs Billie Jean King match (Did she not understand the Satan takes a dive episode of South Park? It would appear not). Moron has not been sacked. Luckily for us Sky users Rupert Murdoch has higher standards than Ted Turner!

Anonymous said...

What!! Was Selena Roberts on the Don Imus show?????

Anonymous said...

IMUS: That's some rough girls from Rutgers. Man, they got tattoos and—

McGUIRK: Some hard-core hos.

IMUS: That's some nappy-headed hos. I'm gonna tell you that now, man, that's some—whew. And the girls from Tennessee, they all look cute, you know, so, like—kinda like—I don't know.

McGUIRK: A Spike Lee thing.

IMUS: Yeah.
McGUIRK: The Jigaboos vs. the Wannabes—that movie that he had.

Don Imus was acked for this.

"If the coaches are giving up," Rowe added, "what does that say to the players?" Franklin responded: "Holly, it's not giving up. It's 49-21, sweetheart."

In response to that, Mo Davenport, senior coordinating producer for college football said, "It was an inappropriate comment, and we've communicated that to Ron. There's never a reason to say something so mean-spirited. Ron apologized. We dealt with it internally."

Franklin addressed sideline reporter Jeannine Edwards in a condescending tone as "sweet baby"; when she objected, Franklin called her an "asshole".

ESPN fired Franklin the following day

ESPN rewards Selena Roberts for being a lying sack of shit.

That is sexist.

Anonymous said...

I want to see more wimmin given roles just because they are wimmin just like TIT does.

Anonymous said...

David Haye and Dreck Chisora make the news for ( ) will anyone call for their boxing licenses to be revoked?

What they did was worse than Gray and Keyes.