Monday, 7 February 2011

SAS pulled again

As my regular readers know, the Google thought police have done everything in their power to kill traffic to this site, including taking the site down on a number of occasions. Many of you have suggested transferring to Wordpress to avail of its alleged greater tolerance. Well, we can see now how far that tolerance goes.

South Africa Sucks, which has been really getting up the noses of the murderous kleptocrats who currently wield power in that tragic country, has been taken down. Again.

Cheer up guys. This means you're really getting the truth out and that your readership is large and influential. And, just like before, on several occasions, you'll come back bigger and bolder than ever.

When you do, let me know and I'll be the first to publicise the happy event.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"you will not fight like we fought "

" the day will come when we will trample those that oppose us "

" fight even if you fight with your back to the wall "

Bemused stare said...

One of the reasons would be little drama queens like this. Makes me sick to the stomach that this little attention whore breathes the air we paid for.

Anonymous said...

Liberals agre with your right to speak
provided you say what they want.

Demotivisational poster which is quite true

Anonymous said...

That is rediculous that they would take down a site exposing basically acts more heinous than war crimes. I am interviewing Dan Roodt this week in DC. Do you know of any more blogs about the genocide in SA?

Bemused stare said...

@ Anon 15:44

Try these,

Hope that provides a good start for any research you want to do.

Californian said...

South Africa Sucks has always been one of my favorite websites. They get right in the face of the multicult. Please keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, Maid of Albion is also good ...

Interestingly enough, SAS published an article claiming that Mandoodoo had fallen off his crusty perch at last -- quite a while back in fact -- and had caught the ANC unprepared. No big deal there; sunset catches the nigs unprepared every day. They're not that hot on forward planning.

Anyway the story goes that the ANC's universal and eternal popularity is crumbling a bit as the great unwashed (and believe me, these are unwashed) are waking up to the fact that after sixteen years now, things may not be improving.

They may be glacially slow, but even they get there.

The ANC're not quite sure how to spin this event, so they vacillate as the old fucker rots and their lefty euro handlers dream up the best spin.

One theory, anyway.

Uncle Nasty

Bemused stare said...

@ Uncle Nasty

I think they might actually be right about him drawing flies for some time.

They need to keep it quiet while they continue their operation of attrition.

Anonymous said...

What else can the ANC do other than attempt to quash "whitey" opposition? They sure as hell can't deliver on anything that would make SA a livable and worhtwhile society.

Franz said...

Incidentally, a banned blog is not so bad if you consider which country we are talking about.

South Africa.

Rather than worrying about the SAS crew's freedom of speech, I worry about them getting the Terreblanche treatment. Or the necktie. Or some other form of torture/killing.

I understand that the anonimity of the guys from SAS has been breached a while back. If they want to continue blogging and live to talk about it, they should seriously consider emigrating.

Africa is lost to the white man and no gallant sacrifice will make it unlost.

SAVANT said...

Franz - the current guys on SAS were not outed. The previous ones were and at least one, the Uhuru Guru, had to emigrate. His brother comitted suicide but there's no evidence to suggest that this had anything to do with SAS.

Franz said...

@ Savant

Glad to hear the SAS crew is (reasonably) safe.

Still, I wish the whites in SA would rush to more hospitable shores, leaving the ANC and their ilk to starve.

I hear that many of the Boers are industrious farmers and we sure could use such people in Germany. Over here they would encounter plenty of business opportunities, as the agricultural sector is booming and starved for qualified labour and entrepreneurship

Also, we havn't had a single farm murder since the Russians invaded East Prussia.

Now enough of this shameless national self-promotion. It's just that I'd love to see white Africans save and my country enhanced by their presence.

SAVANT said...

Franz - I'd love to see lots of Boers moving to Germany. They'd fit in perfectly - industrious, intelligent and honest. But I suppose these very characteristics would disqualify them!

Bemused stare said...


You might like the idea but your government will have nothing to do with us. They will import somalian rapists by the boat load but I have seen a few of our people turned away despite good qualifications and clean records.

No my friend, we are not wanted.

Anonymous said...

Bemused stare kindly offers a few links.

I highly recommend this one:-

Click on "How to Brainwash a Nation" in which a former KGB operative entertains the hell out of you for a truly fascinating eight minutes.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

I used to read SAS daily. Great site, although they steered clear of the jewish question.

Whenever reading the great articles, I would just think of the futality of their struggle.

Im not a nay sayer by any means, but we are talking about Africa. No amount of logic can overcome their position in that land. With Western powers always favoring browns over Whites, a violent revolution would be quashed.

The only solution, in my opinion is the complete emmigration of the Whites from SA. But where and what nation will give them refuge?

Its a sad tale for the mighty White men stuck down there.
It illustrates the bitter hate of competant Whites in our times. Not one European nation would accept these hard working smart group of Whites.

Im an American and Id love to see thousands of them decend in my city. Instead we get welfare mexicans whom hate us. Along with free loading niggers that sit around with their hand out demandind welfare.

I hope things change and they can get the hell out of nigger Africa.
Without them, the niggers would litteraly starve. And that would be a good lesson to all those stinkin filthy creatures down there!!

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought. Let's have a what-if ...

You know that I have advocated the reading of Covington's books in which he postulates the existence of an all-white state, and I often wonder what that would be like ...

Just imagine if a tough-minded fuck-'em-if-they-don't-like-it country declared independence from PC, Marxists, boogs and other muds and threw its doors open to qualified whites -- and whites only.

And even better, offered, say, two darkies for every one european accepted. Kind of a "Once Off -- This Year Only -- While Stocks Last" sort of deal.

By this I mean none of the "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, ..." drivel, which incidentally, was written by Emma Lazarus -- another good Scots name.

No. Measure off a chunk of land about the size of, let's say, Germany. Set up a border -- and I mean a border from Hell.

The first 5 000 approved families get 20 acres of land, a mule, a cow and a Kalashnikov with five loaded clips.

Nah .. just kidding. make that ten loaded clips.

Come on. Join in. Call it what a liberal would call a thought experiment.

Seriously. Any suggestions?

Uncle Nasty

Piet said...

anon 4.42. You said it man. Some of us have managed to get out but we can see evert day that white country's prefer the mud people to immigrate, rather than hard-working fellow European stock.

Piet said...

Uncle Nsty, sme of us are thinking about such a thing in South Africa. But we be attacked from all sides: the porch monkeys on one, the west on the other. Nice idea - no chance.

Jack Quinn said...

Unc., you've got a problem harder than Chinese Klerck screwed, blewed and tattoed white SA with his devil's pact viz. Mandela, ANC, et al.

Whites in the States don't know anything about SA except what they see on the Outdoor Network when sponsored by the Safari Club (SCI). Although during the 2010 World Cup The US got a quick peek of the Mandelites and their verdict?...sure glad we don't live there

But to your point:

Sorry Unc, the world is fresh out of Germany-sized arable parcels of land down your way.

Only-way-out Scenario?...Civil War following the coming global economic implosion (sooner than you may think). Fight for as much as you can, expel non-whites, seal borders, don't count on any trade from many western nations- is that so bad? Prepare for life at economic levels of the 1940's & '50's - is that so bad?

Perhaps drive the point home to the open borders, one-savage-one-vote crowd and call the country New Rhodesia?


Anonymous said...

South Africa Sucks can now be found at

Hope to see you all there..!

Anonymous said...

For those who ask: "has government corruption any limits?"

I invite you to read the following:-

A quote:-

Brunei is a family-owned oil Sultanate of 400,000 people located on the island of Borneo in southeast Asia. A brother of the sultan was finance minister until 1997, when the Asian financial crisis hit Brunei. The Arthur Anderson accounting firm was called in to audit the books. The accountants found that between 1983 and 1998, $40 billion had disappeared, and that the finance minister himself had personally spent $14.8 billion.

The finance minister had a collection of 2,500 exotic cars, 500 properties, five yachts, and nine world-class aircraft. He had managed to spend $900,000,000 in the London jeweler Asprey, apparently guaranteeing the old age retirements of a number of attractive women who consort with kleptocrats.

Hey, we could all use an extra buck or two ... but this? What the hell do you do with two thousand, five hundred cars?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

I often wonder why things are the way they are.
For instance, once you have pretty much stolen every penny that's not actually nailed down ... what then?

How about eternal life on a garden planet?

Read "Minus One ..."

A quote or two:-

Probably as close as a year ago I would have laughed off talk of Common Purpose or One World Government or the Bilderbergers as tinfoil hattery. I'm not laughing now. I've just gone though all of the film 'Endgame' and it is Metropolis made real.

The film mentions transhumanists, who are just trying to live long enough to have their minds translated into machine code so they can live forever in robotic skins. Even now I would laugh that off as the ramblings of the deranged if it wasn't for the fact that one of these transhumanists was recently the subject of a New Scientist interview

and ...

The New World Order is not political. It is scientific. It is not the Orwellian Party striving for power but the cold and calculating world of pure logic and numbers. If Science says only one million people should be on Earth, then the rest must die. It's not personal, it's not ideological, it is pure statistical analysis. You cannot appeal. You are surplus to requirements, so get in the truck.

Weird thinking? Straight out of Science Fiction? Absolutely.

Impossible? Don't know about that.

Your comments?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Now here's something interesting:-

In an unprecedented move, apparently one that has never happened before, nearly all U.S. Ambassadors to all nations have been called back to Washington for a summit conference. This event, mostly unreported, concluded on 4-Feb-2011.

Details here:-

Now ... why do you suppose they'd do that?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Jack Quinn said...

" ...Although during the 2010 World Cup The US got a quick peek of the Mandelites and their vuvuzelas*** verdict? ... sure glad we don't live there ..."

But to your point:

Sorry Unc, the world is fresh out of Germany-sized arable parcels of land down your way.

Too true, Jack. But I am an old Sci-Fi freak. I live in the world of what-if? One of the reasons I asked was because of the offer of Georgia (in the C.I.S) to settle hundreds of SA farmers in the region ... start-up capital, tax breaks and all.

What about those who are not sons of the soil? Never mind just South Africans ... how about dispossessed whites everywhere?. Think of Australia in the fifties and sixties. Accepting -- hell, begging for -- immigrants from all over the world, as long as they were white.

"Yew kin walk tall in Orstrilya, Myte ..."

Who knows?

Maybe there's a country somewhere, where they're staring Third-world ruin in the face and the rulers -- wide-eyed and white-knuckled -- are burning the midnight oil. -- Frantically figuring out ways to encourage whites to immigrate there and pull their chestnuts out of the fire ... without being too obvious about it.

I can dream ...

Uncle Nasty

***BTW, I dubbed them vulvazelas because of the dumb c***s that blew them incessantly.

Didn't make me popular.


Anonymous said...

Tell me this doesn't sound like bullshit ...

A quote:-

POLICE and MI5 foiled an Al Qaeda-inspired “dirty bomb” attack in Britain, it emerged yesterday.

A gang of terrorists were planning to unleash the first radioactive blast on a major shopping centre.
They hoped to kill and contaminate scores of innocent civilians and leave a wide area inaccessible for years.

The bomb would have included the highly toxic chemical osmium tetroxide which blinds, damages the respiratory system and turns the skin black.
After prolonged exposure, it can lead to an agonising, asthma-like death known as “dry-land drowning”.

Amazing. MI5, historically could not find it's own collective arsehole with both hands and a map, but they manage this stunning coup.

Note the mention of the 9/11 connection to add a little spice.


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Uncle Nasty: YOu could be onto something there about the NWO. I've always had the niggling feeling that, if there was to be any truth in it, it had more to do with scientific/human engineering and survival that pure power, which these people have anyway.

Anonymous said...

You want to see something really weird?

Avigdor Eskin is a Russian born Israeli who helped found the New Israel Right. He was a central figure, along with US Senator Jesse Helms, in the joint US-Israeli effort to supply anti-Communist guerrillas in Nicaragua with arms. In recent years Eskin has met with right-wing leaders in Russia, Europe, and South Africa.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Hi folks. Looking for the new SAS site - which seems to be gone, I discovered this little gem:-

In which:-

SA's Wild West Cops Factor in Mandelatopia's Criminal Mafia Parasite State, that breeds and feeds crime, for benefit of the TRC Fraud Elite

2011-02-13 10:00
Erna van Wyk
City Press

"A new study has found that police involvement in serious and violent crime is not limited to “isolated incidents” but a general pattern of behaviour that is common across the country.

Researchers say the 100 cases they examined are just “the tip of the iceberg” and they highlight alleged police involvement in serious crimes such as ATM bombings and house robberies, among others.

The research was conducted last year by the Unit for Risk Analysis at the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) and is due for release tomorrow.

The researchers studied media reports and gathered information from the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD). Within one week 100 cases of alleged police involvement in serious and violent crime were found.

The cases did not include petty crimes, poor service delivery or officials soliciting small bribes.

Three quarters of the cases studied took place between January 2009 and April last year."

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Sorry for repeating myself but it looks like the SAS site has been taken down again!