Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Reviewing Ireland's Peecee Bible

Took in the peecee bible, the Irish Times, over coffee this morning. Important to see what the enemy is up to. And by the way, just like its New York counterpart, this particular Times is being driven into the economic ground. In this case by its all female (mis)management team.

Another cappuccino please!

First up (p.3) a major study by one of the countless quangos (publicly funded of course) that focus on immigrant issues. This one says that, in the jobs carnage over the last two years, immigrant workers are losing their jobs at three times the rate of Irish workers. They decry this as discriminatory, unfair and all the usual stuff. So are they then suggesting that proportionally more Irish workers be laid off to compensate?

No No No No! Not that at all! Well, what then? How do they propose to square that particular circle? Hey, they have a solution: “Unemployment needs to be combated in a targeted intelligent way”. By Jove - they’ve cracked it! A quango with a solution! What next? But wait – there’s more! “Innovative thought must go into shaping our business strategies for the future”. My god, why didn’t I think of that?

The report ends up with a plea to recognise “immigrants’ contribution to Ireland’s economic well being”.

Maybe they have in mind people like ‘Cabra (Dublin) Man’ John Noghayin (p.4). Black as the ace of spades, he’s just been convicted of raping a Dublin woman. This stupid wench met three drunken Africans in a diner, and proceeded to accompany them back to their flat. Where she duly got raped. Hands up everyone who’s sympathetic to her plight?

Sentencing is to follow. And that could be interesting. You see legal precedent has been set in Ireland on the issue of ‘cultural differences’ being an exculpatory factor when it comes to criminality. We had some bush doctor in Kilkenny performing illegal circumcision on a child , who subsequently died from septicemia. Here again the ‘learned’ judge instructed the jury to the effect that if the defendant had acted in accordance with his, ahem, cultural norms, then, hey, that's ok.

He was acquitted.

Then there was the case of a Nigerian woman fired for robbing from the store where she worked. The case ended up in court. Not with her being charged…. silly! No, she brought a claim of wrongful dismissal against the store on the basis that it was the Nigerian ‘culture’ to, well, rob from where you worked. Here was a rare instance of a Nigerian telling the truth. The ‘learned’ judge was impressed. He ordered her to be reinstated to her job, and paid I think it was €30,000 in compensation for ‘humiliation and distress’.

I kid you not. So if John says it’s his ‘culture’ to rape stupid women, who’s to disagree? In which case legal precedent says he should walk from court. At which point maybe he could enter a compensation claim for the ‘humiliation and distress’ he suffered during the case.

And staying with matters legal,I see on the same page that “The number of new solicitors rises”. Well, isn't that wonderful? Just what Ireland needs now. Lots more lawyers.

Still haven't gone beyond page 4. Not even touched the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson exhorting his Irish fans to ‘claim what’s rightfully yours’. We understand Reverend, we know what you mean. Not sure it’ll work here though.


kulak said...

He was acquitted... He ordered her to be reinstated to her job, and paid I think it was €30,000 in compensation... In which case legal precedent says he should walk from court. At which point maybe he could enter a compensation claim for the ‘humiliation and distress’ he suffered during the case.

And a good news day it is!

"Some day, and that day may never come I will call upon you to do a service for me..."

Anonymous said...

When I read this kind of studd I feel like weeping.

Bemused stare said...

Have you considered importing a couple of hundred Russian skinheads? i've heard they have a culture of a less pc kind.

Anonymous said...

And of course the IT gave us a glowing report on Saturday on our rapidly growing Msulim population. All of them peacable tolerant people, it seems.

Franz said...

Here is an interesting parallel:

During a currency crisis, people refuse to use fiat money and turn to barter and the black market to supply themselves with goods.

During a media-credibility crisis, people refuse to believe the official story and turn to the black market to supply themselves with information.

The black market of information is called blogosphere.

The whole blogging thing would never have gotten of the ground if people were satisfied with the service provided by the MSM.

The fact that you have read this post (and subsequently this humble comment of mine) is proof enough of this credibility crisis.

The Savant is the black marketeer and all of us are his grateful customers.

Disclosure: I work in the MSM and often feel like 1984's Winston Smith spreading newspeak memos while from 9 to 5 while leading a second life on the side.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the front cover photos on the sindo every second week or so for the last five or six years

Anonymous said...

***Then there was the case of a Nigerian woman***

Savant, do you have a link for this? I'd like to raise it on politics.ie

Nemo said...

A similar story to the Nigerian store robber happened at Dunnes in Bishopstown in Cork. This Nigerian store robber wasn't even fired because management knew they'd only have to reinstate her plus a hefty 'compensation' for 'humiliation and suffering'.

SAVANT said...

Anon 22.44: Sorry, I dont have that link although I think Kevin Myers might have written about it as well.

Why not raise my post on politics.ie just to annoy the right-on crowd?

Californian said...

Is the new South Africa Sucks site down again. I checked it a moment ago and it is not there!

Ian said...

O/T : just discoverd zasucks.net has been suspended

Anonymous said...

The woman got raped because of her own stupidity combined with MSM brainwashing.
If people were allowed to know the truth about black behaviours they certainly wont act in this way.

Its time for the people to see the MSM for the criminals that they are.

We should no longer keep silent and participate in this crime .
Everyone that speak up will give others the courage to do so.

The cultural marxist and all their buddies should be permanently removed from power.
Are we so conditioned that we can not even see the insanity:

SAVANT said...

Seems that SAS is down all right. I'll check off line to see what the story is.

Anonymous said...

She reminds me of the University in New York which constantly tells its students not to use a certain park as it is full of "a certain type of people". One student knew better because she had been educated in the ways these people were vilified and she went there and was gang raped.

Anonymous said...

Guess who just got sold down the river?

"While our eyes were on Egypt, another big event took place on February 4th.

It looks like America and Canada have merged. In a Lisbon Treaty-esque move, both countries have interfered with their constitutions but little of this historic signing made it to the MSM. On its face, it looks like a simple trade agreement, but we have heard that story before, haven't we children?

(Report begins):

The United States announcement of this “merger” between these two North American Nations was made February 4th by a posting on the WhiteHouse.Gov website of President Obama and which, in part, says

“Today, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper have directed the creation of a United States-Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC), composed of senior regulatory, trade, and foreign affairs officials from both governments. In recognition of our $1 trillion annual trade and investment relationship, the RCC has a two-year mandate to work together to promote economic growth, job creation, and benefits to our consumers and businesses through increased regulatory transparency and coordination. They have directed that the first meeting of the RCC be convened within 90 days by the relevant agencies in the United States and Canada.”

and ...

"The New York Times didn’t mention the Harper-Obama agreement (though it did quote some remarks the Prime Minister made about Egypt). There was a story inside the Wall Street Journal, but if any other U.S. media reported on the meeting and press conference, I can’t find it."

original here:-


Uncle Nasty

Croesus said...

Uncle Nasty - that's an amazing story, the fact that the MSM hasn't mentioned it. Surely control can't be that strong. Even I'm starting to have doubts now.

Anonymous said...

What have immigrants given us?

Politicos the excuse to setup an Immigrants Council whose chair takes legal action on a journalist who wrote an article which was not about immigrants in the first place.


kulak said...


How much of this can be attributed to U.S. meddling, like with France?

SAVANT said...

kulak - Without reading the memo you quote I'd have said little direct intervention from the US, albeit plenty of indirect fromthe likes of Hollywood.Truly, I'm amazed at such gross intrusion in another country's internal affairs, especially an area that has no direct bearing on the US. Having read it I'm not so sure that something similar wouldn't apply to Ireland. Why not? Culturally we're a lot closer to the US that is France.

Amazing. It seems this kind of thing is being driven by some high level apparatchiks in the State Dept. Wonder who??

Bemused stare said...

SAVANT said...

kulak - Without reading the memo you quote I'd have said little direct intervention from the US, albeit plenty of indirect fromthe likes of Hollywood.Truly, I'm amazed at such gross intrusion in another country's internal affairs, especially an area that has no direct bearing on the US.

Being from South Africa, I am amazed at your amazement. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

SAVANT said...

"... Amazing. It seems this kind of thing is being driven by some high level apparatchiks in the State Dept. Wonder who??"

Indeed, Savant ...

Extract from Speech of Joseph McCarthy, Wheeling, West Virginia, February 9, 1950

"This is glaringly true in the State Department. There the bright young men who are born with silver spoons in their mouths are the ones who have been most traitorous. . . .

I have here in my hand a list of 205 . . . a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the State Department. . . .

As you know, very recently the Secretary of State proclaimed his loyalty to a man guilty of what has always been considered as the most abominable of all crimes—being a traitor to the people who gave him a position of great trust—high treason. . . ."

Joseph McCarthy was endlessly vilified throughout his career as an "Inspector Javert" and a red-baiter. Recent FOI requests have proven that McCarthy was on the nose all along.


Look at the list (at the bottom) of those who jumped all over McCarthy. Lillian Hellman, Pete Seeger and all.

Uncle Nasty

joelgp said...

McCarthy was NOT "on the nose all along." He was just less wrong than many of us took him to be. He never had a list of 205 Communists at State.

Anonymous said...

joelgp said...

McCarthy was NOT "on the nose all along." He was just less wrong than many of us took him to be. He never had a list of 205 Communists at State.

Fair enough, and McCarthy did revise his list to an alleged 52 -- although never published. However one traitor in the US State department would be more than enough to wreak incalculable damage. What damage could just these six have done? Plus Alger Hiss, of course.

Laurence Duggan, Secretary of State Cordell Hull’s personal adviser for Latin America, who provided the NKVD (Soviet intelligence) with confidential diplomatic cables, including one from William Bullitt, America’s ambassador to Moscow; reports on Nazi and fascist activity in Latin America; and State Department personnel information before falling to his death after being questioned by the FBI.

Michael Straight, an intimate family friend of President and Mrs. Roosevelt who was recruited into Soviet intelligence by members of the Cambridge University spy ring while he was a student there. The FDR protégé used his position at the State Department to provide the NKVD with an armaments report and list of potential recruits.

Duncan Lee, descendant of Robert E. Lee and protégé and trusted aide to OSS chief William J. Donovan, who became the NKVD’s most senior source in American intelligence; Lee informed Moscow of the impending D-Day invasion in 1944.

Not all of Stalin’s spies were so selfless:

Boris Morros, the “flamboyant” Hollywood producer-director and agent- turned-FBI informer placed Soviet agents in need of cover identities in Paramount offices overseas and used NKVD-approved funds to finance his music publishing company.

Samuel Dickstein, the New York congressman whose NKVD handlers
code-named “Crook” due to his greedy compensation demands, gave Moscow information on fascist groups in the U.S. and war budget materials. He lived to regret his instrumental role In establishing a committee (later renamed the House Committee on Un-American Activities) to investigate fascist and Nazi groups in the United States after it shifted its attention to Communist organizations.

Martha Dodd, the daughter of America’s ambassador to Nazi Germany who enjoyed a passionate affair with a Soviet intelligence officer while providing Moscow with confidential embassy, State Department, and White House information, including her father’s correspondence with FDR and Hull.



How about Walter Kendall Myers, age 73? His wife, and accomplice, was identified as Gwendolyn Myers, age 72. Sentenced 2010.

On July 16, the Department of Justice issued a press release stating that an official of the State Department, and his wife, were sentenced to “life in prison without the possibility of parole and 81 months in prison, respectively, for their roles in a nearly 30-year conspiracy to provide highly-classified U.S. national defense information to the Republic of Cuba.”


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...


"Amazing. It seems this kind of thing is being driven by some high level apparatchiks in the State Dept. Wonder who??"

From a person supposedly in the belly of the beast:


Robert said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Robert said...

Making me laugh out loud is against all the rules of blogging.

Robert said...

Information for Europeans that you will not see in your press, nor in the American press.


Anonymous said...

What is rightfully yours. I feel the Jacks man is referring to Twana Brawley who was kidnapped by whitey but not the whitey who was picked up because she felt she was.

came across this shy and reclusive troll elsewhere where she wrote great column.

Obviously she was thinking of here.


Anonymous said...

We here in the Us can thank Ted Kennedy ( may he roast in Hades) for the Immigration Bill that practically ended all European immigration to America.

IN less than 50 years these bastards whom we elected while in self induced collective coma have destroyed our country.

Anonymous said...

kennedy was only fronting for more sinister forces.

Anonymous said...

March 8th will be the 100th anniversary of International Womens' Day. It will be recognised.
March 13th will be the fifth anniversary of the Duke University rape scandal which I expect to be forgotten because it is not a serious enough anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Madam's favorite sexist moron wrote

No man would be let away with such guff so surely that too is an example of gender apartheid.

(looks conspiratorially left then right then up then down)
We campaigned for decades to get access to contraception.

According to a book on Dublin if a Pharmacy had "French spoken inside" on the window you could buy what were known as French Letters inside but never let the facts get in the way of a good whinge by a liberal!

Anonymous said...

Kennedy was only fronting more sinister forces is correct.

While technology "expert" karlin lillington was not hired on her watch look at the hires she made

fisticfury said...

I think there's a ix-up between Ted Kennedy and Geraldine (cross-eyes) Kennedy, editrix of the Irish Times. Yes, she reshaped that organ, ran it into the ground in the process, and is now walking off into the sunset with a handsome pay-off.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen Lynch, Vincente Marrone's thesis supervisor at UCD?, was in today's paper getting fulsome praise.
Niamh Brennan and Joan Burton got the same praise but none of it was from former students.
She was on a commission for people with disabilities which wanted these people looked out for by an agency such as the Equal Staus Agency which spent €500 000 on trying to make 70 associate members of Portmarnock Golf Club fullmembers who did not want to be full members and took an insurance company to court because a 5' 2" 15 stone equality officer wanted to pay the same premium as normal healthy people. They had their budget cut then lost the Crowley-meister and improved.
These days an epileptic who was refused entry because "wE don't want your electric boogyiong here" would not be ignored for having ginger hair?

Hector G said...

One good thing about the recession is that these useless quangos will have to be cut back.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone remember a letter in Madam's paper calling Derek Leinster a liar because bad stuff only happened in Roman Catholic orphanages?
Three different letters from an eyewitness to an event that did not happen got published describing three different ways the non event occured?
A letter or two from a prominent surgeon who treated a patient for something thta was all the RC churches fault and his former colleague having to write in to say thta it was a complete exageration?
Plagiarising stuff off the internet and putting false addresses on it to pretend that a letter writer had sent it in?

"Reviewing Ireland's Peecee Bible?"

It stinks!
It stinks!

Why the hell do you have to be so critical?
I'm a critic! It's my job!

Madam's reign has been a failure for comercial and writing purposes but A1 ultrafine for PC reasons.

fistic fury said...

anon 23.00. There's no doubt that much of the material on which the Church has been critised has been invalid. From a position where everything the Church said was believed it's now in a position where NOTHING she says is believed. Take my word that a lot of innocent clerics have been tormented and accused by people looking for revenge and/or money.

Yes, I'm familiar too with the Derek Leinster afair.

Anonymous said...

@fistic fury
Better a 1 000 innocents be punished in the hope of punishing one guilty is the "liberal" motto.
This was shown when one of the abusive swimming coaches was defended on RTE because his charges set three national records.

Anonymous said...


Leading shakedown artist the Rev Jesse Jackson has called on the Government to make room for a meeting between President Barack Obama and the Traveller community on his trip to Ireland.

He has also called on the Government to recognise Travellers as a distinct ethnic group in a speech yesterday at the launch of an education DVD for Travellers.

“They are trying to make him a Traveller. (Ya wha'?) They are trying to marginalise him,” said Mr Jackson, who also advised that Mr Obama visit Northern Ireland.


Anonymous said...

A Reverend is a type of Parson so I demand, in the interets of politicalcorrectness, that the Rev Jesse Jackson be called a Civil

Corkonian said...

Yeah, I'm sure the 'Reverend' could provide the knackers with some good guidelines on how to enhance their take from the lawful community.

Anonymous said...

Coca Cola only "gave" their franchises to "Whitey" and black activists did not like this.
Any idea of the name of those who got the AFRICAN-American franchises after the heroic actions of a civil-rightist?
Chimpan A or Chimpan Z?

Anonymous said...

Madame editor a La Vecchia Signora is wetting her knickers because of some comments made at the Shell to Sea campaign which trivialises rape.
Lucky for RTE that the woman who falsely complained to be raped in Galway a few years running and had each of those complaints make the RTE news did not happen under her watch or she would have taken them to task for this trivialisation.

Anonymous said...

Sports journalist done so statutory rape. Hint hint.
The Bigot's Dustbin can reveal the true nature of its hypocrisy!

aviatrix said...

Too cryptic anon. 11.37. Who's the guilty party?

Anonymous said...

The Bigot's Dustbin took the position that it they were the judge and jury on child abuse and that any accusation against a member of the Catholic clergy was held to be true on sectarian reasons and any against Protestant clergy was clearly a lie.
Sure wasn't William McGrath and chums only following their traditional route.
On three separate occasions the letters page printed an eyewitness account to an event that did not happen from someone who was not there at the time that the event did not happen but that was good enough Madam's staff.
Another occasion they printed a letter from an eminent surgeon who treated something caused by the Catholic churchs teaching but a fellow colleague went though the records of admission and found no such patient.
Must have been a different year as my memory would be a bit faulty. Faulty all right. Never let someting called accuracy get in the way of TIT's prejudices.
The practise of lifting stuff from the internet and presenting it on the letters page with a false name and address continued under la madame.
When Denis Leinster finally got a letter printed about mistreatment at the orphanage he went to in Rathgar he was denounced on Pravda's letter pages along the line of that could not have happened to him because though I was not around at the time I read the Irish times and have come to the conclusion that only Catholics can be big boldy boldys.
A swimming coach is guilty of statutory rape but those he coached set three Irish records. Three Irish records. And besides it happened at a Protestant school so nothing to see here folks move along.
Why are they pushing for Douglas Gageby's, a former editor, daughter to be Chief Justice?
Because she is "a woman and a Protestant".
La Vecchia Signora Ireland's answer to a "youthful" Torino football team.

Anonymous said...

don't worry - le madame will be gone soon as the bankruptcy looms ever closer.

Anonymous said...

The accused has not been named according to Jim Cusack and Maeve Sheahan but sister paper Sunday World did. Strange that.

Anonymous said...


However, Ms Hannon said things deteriorated after she changed her name by deed poll and sought to live fully as a woman in the workplace.

If Madam Editor was expected to share a toilet with a man she would not do it. Thats discrimination you cross-eyed cow!

Corkonian said...

anon 18.47 - good point. And I see s/he walked away with €35k. Just the sort of thing to encourage small local businesses here.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember Mayo publicans been hammered for closing down when certain traveller families went to Westport?
These poor travellers could not get a drink wah! wah!
Balbriggan a pub was taken over and the riot police had to remove these travellers (How did you guess?) from the premises who had been the reasonthe Westport pubs had shut. ( Again, how did you guess?)

How can people behave like this? our betters asked. Padraic Nally knows.

Reason it is the way rational beings propose and consider explanations concerning cause and effect, true and false, and what is good or bad.(So therefore it is worthless at the Trinity Sociology Department at print)

Anonymous said...

The PC bible is down 18 000 sales and losing 100k a week but we must not mention that this has ocurred under two "wimmins" under pain of catapult.

Nor can we mention that Charles J Haughey's "special" FFriend was in charge of Permanent TSB when big bad boldy men were hiding Anglo Irish loans.

A man would have been expected to know if 1/6th of their deposits were leant to Anglo but a FFashionista FFriend of Marian FFinucane who got FFree plugs from FFriends on RTE when running Budget Travel but no other travel company had the same access to FFree advertising

F McCul said...

Yes, I'm fucking delighted that it's going down the tubes. However, just like the politicians that they used to excoriate, the wimmin (editor and chief executive) have fed off the fat of the land and set themselves up beautifully as thet depart to their next disaster.

Schadenfreude - loverly!

Anonymous said...

How wet is Madame's knickers over the Obama visit?

(o) Moist
(iii)Barfs up breakfast, dinner and tea at the thought of how this PC Moron is going to cover it

Anonymous said...

I have just heard a neutrino star as being described as so dense the weight of the universe could fit in a sugar cube. So as dense as an Irish Times columnist then.

Anonymous said...

Was this "alleged" newspaper taken in by the Gay Girl in Damascus hoax?
It would be right up their street to be taken in by this.

F McCool said...

The answer to your question was the Irish Slimes taken in by Gay Girl in Damascus hoax? is yes. They fell for it hook, line etc.

Anonymous said...

GAA bashing in today's Irish Times.
Where did Tom Humphries and his chicks with sticks articles go?

Anonymous said...

Should that be
"Reviewing Ireland's Peecee Bbile"?

Anonymous said...

Why the falling on their knees for fake reverends like Jackson and Paisley?
Something wrong with our "elite"(giggles) newspaper?

Anonymous said...


Does not remind me of anything I want to do with Madame!

Anonymous said...

Obamasturbation: To write ludirously about Chief Obongo as if one's other hand was stimulating oneself.

EG Tintan O'Fooole and the other slimers triping about him.

Anonymous said...

New editor as madam departs two months early. Will the slide be arrested?

fordie said...

well, that's the catastrophic reign of the two bitches over. hopefully it'll be a long time before they appoint a woman to such important jobs! may be a change - thye must realose the error of their ways by now.

Anonymous said...

Fordie this is The Irish Times and all their beliefs are right (even when they are conclusively proven wrong.)

Anonymous said...

Will Roisin Ingle be expected to work under the new man compared to her previous arrangement with madame?

SAVANT said...

What's the story with Rosin Ingle's 'arrangement'?

Anonymous said...

Roisin Ingle's column is such a self centered waste of space it would be rejected by the Sunday Independent for being substandard yet people will happily bash the ever deserving former Senator Eoghan but someone (who weighed 15 stone) forgets to go to a radio programme due to a hangover keeps her job as a contributor after forgetting to turn up.
Seems as if the media works on different standards to non-mediums.

SAVANT said...

I agree about Rosin Ingle. Every column was about how aful it was for her and she being treated so unfairly. I deepky sympathise, but it's not what I want to read from Journalist, hence my question to you.

John Waters was the same for a long while after his split from that nutcase. How fathers - i.e. himself - were getting a raw deal. He was right, but it's not what I want to read about,

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention Ingle's mother was a joutnalist and when Roisin was finished in London working for a local paper where she gained her experience and a husband who needed an EU citisen to marry a job matierialised for which she was the "lottie ryan".

You cannot keep talent down as the Fannings, Keanes, Harrises have proven.

Anonymous said...


NIGERIAN ASYLUM-SEEKER and mother-of-two Pamela Izevbekhai is likely to face deportation after the European Court of Human Rights rejected her complaints that her rights had been violated.

Silly eejit. She has a non-existent son with her husband over there. (He might also have the same status as the son as no one could be bothered to check?)(Or does he reside in the UK? Again no one has bothered to tell us which tale is true.)

Besides as that case in Waterford(?) showed us some Irish judges deem that the local african habits are perfectly all right despite them being illegal here for example performing circumcisions the african way.

SAVANT said...

Glad to see some sense from the ECHR at long last. I suppose that can't get everything wrong. This Pameal woman has lost nothing, but a legal friend of mind told me that the total costs associated with her legal marathon are close to €2 million.

Anonymous said...

€2 million?

9th of Nov, 2007 Likes to overcharge indeed.


Brophy who spoke for her on some radio programme.

I found (metroeireann.com) story on Metroeireann, concerning a Nigerian (Olaitan Ilori) convicted for people-trafficking into Ireland. He's Nigerian and has been in Ireland for some time, though it dosen't make it clear whether of not he's an Irish national. I would suspect and as such I would object to his being referred to as 'Nigerian-Irish' rather than Nigerian.

If he is an Irish national, how was he naturalized? According to his solicitor (complaining about the severity of his sentence -four years):
Quote Originally Posted by Chinedu Onyejelem of Metroeireann
...he [Mathew Emeka Ezeani of Ceemex and Co Solicitors ] believed that the judge should have been lenient in handing down the jail term because it is the first main crime that Ilori has committed in the State.
Why wasn't he deported before this?

I also find it interesting, his (Nigerian) solicitor whinging about the supposed severity of the sentence. If the perpetrator had been an Irishman or other white nationality they would've been amongst the first to call for the maximum penalty, I would imagine.

If he has not acquired Irish citzenship, will he be deported upon his release?

Very hard to find Pamela (means "all honey" by the way) I's soliciotrs but they be them.

How come it is never asked if she arrived in the UK why did she not apply for asylum there? (Where her husband might be if he is not back in Nigeria with her son who she is concerned about.)

As Rotimi proved there are no direct flights from Ireland to Nigeria and therefore Ireland could not be the first place of refuge.

SAVANT said...

@anon 12.57. You ask several times why 'they'd didn't ask various questions. Well, the answer is that if they did they'd be shouted down as racist. Both the Rotimi and Pamela cases were two absolute and total crocks of shit. They should have been flung out at the first instance. But we know what happened.

Will the people-trafficker be deported? Can't be if he's now 'Irish'. If he's not we'll go through the same protracted tax-payer funded charade all over again. Even then, if he is sentenced to be deported he'll just disappear into the Irish-Nigerian underworld, to reappear in some other court case in due course.

Anonymous said...

Ilori arrived in Ireland in 1998 and sought asylum but he withdrew this application after marrying an Irish woman. He was granted full citizenship in 2002.

He had a number of road traffic convictions for which he received fines and was disqualified from driving for 12 months.

Ms Donnelly asked Judge Nolan to take into account that this was not a case were the immigrants were physically harmed. (?)

She also said there was no question of the people in Ilori's case being sexually exploited.

She said Ilori still maintained his innocence.(WTF?)

Ms Donnelly said that Ilori lost his business, The Equity Office, based in Dublin, because of the publicity around the case.

Unfortunately dude is non-returnable to africa.

Again an asylumseeker who could not have come here directly and thank you idiotic citizengranter we really needed to be enriched.

Anonymous said...

Harry Browne
The Irish Times, champion of bourgeois privileges

In Dublin the local elites are also national elites. And their "local" newspaper, the Irish Times, is able to think of itself as a national institution despite its readership being overwhelmingly based among the capital's middle and upper classes. The newspaper's senior ranks are more geographically diverse, though you'll rarely hear a working-class Dublin accent among them.

The nearest thing to an exception is Tintan O'Foole, in many respects the outstanding, albeit overstretched, Irish journalist of his generation. O'Foole's misfortune,if he can be said to have one, is to have attached hinmself to the Irish Times just as it emerged as the fdefinitive journalistic expression of the needs and priorities of the national bourgeoisie (much of which had previously regarded it as suspicious;y Protestant). This meant that O'Foole, with his strong personal and political connection to the historic radicalism of working-class Dublin, could never be editor.

In summary the Irish Times home of the millenium

Clogheen said...

Tintan O'Foole had a piece this week in which he attributed the economic growth in Texas to 'immigration'. I kid you not. He then went on to talk about places like Fresno which have been brought to their knees by mass immigation. Apparently the cause of this was 'right-wing economic policies'.

Heads I win, tails you lose.

Anonymous said...



This transgendered former airport screener considers herself a woman, she has long, highlighted hair and pops hormones to look like a lady.

and so wants to pat down women but someone #I doubt women want to be patted down by a (s)he.

Is the TSA home of the weirdo?

Anonymous said...

No doubt that the TSA attracts wierdo's.

Anonymous said...


People don't you understanbd the child needs a helping hand
or he'll grow up to be an angry man someday.

Traveller woman asked to leave shop by male meber of staff despite there being no male member of staff to ask her to leave.

Take a look at you and me are we too blind to see ?
Do we just tuen out heads and look the other way?

Equality officer Tara Coogan, who chaired the tribunal, said Ms Connors and Mothercare gave “honest accounts of their version of events”.

Well the world turns and a hungry boy with a runny nose plays in the street as a cold wind blows

She found the company did not take the allegation seriously enough and did not give consideration to the possibility that a male employee from outside the Carrickmines branch was visiting the store.

Ms Coogan found Ms Connors was a credible witness and she had been discriminated against.

On a day off did a bit of shoplifitng spotter duty in another shop?

Well lucky for Tara the ghetto of not offending "minratahs" means she will never have to live in the real world.

And Miss Connors can play the ghetto lottery and get €1 500 which will be paid by big bad faceless corporations.

The Irish Times is owned by a charitable trust and thus have their staff have no interest in profit unlike those horrible Ferengi.

SAVANT said...

@anon 13.10. In fact I was thinking of doing a post on this. How anyone in the right mind would believe ANYTHING a knacker says is beyond me. Then when they showed that there could not have been a man there they come up with this fantasy. The only good thing is, those equality bastards are going to get run over as we run out of money.

Anonymous said...

2.1. The dispute concerns a complaint of unlawful discrimination by the complainant in relation to the provision of goods and services contrary to section 3(2)(i) and section 5(1) of the Equal Status Acts. The complainant maintains that she was refused service and asked to leave by members of staff of Mothercare Ireland Limited (hereafter "the respondent") on 19 November 2009 at approximately 4 pm. The complainant submitted that because she was given no reason to justify this refusal she can only surmise that it was because she, her brother and children are members of the Traveller community.

1.1. Ms. Margaret Connors (hereafter "the complainant") referred a claim to the Director of the Equality Tribunal under the Equal Status Acts on 21 April 2009. The complainant was granted an extension of time to notify the respondent in accordance with section 21(3)(a) on 28 October 2009. In accordance with his powers under section 75 of the Employment Equality Act, 1998 and section 25 of the Equal Status Acts, the Director then delegated the case to me, Tara Coogan, an Equality Officer, for investigation, hearing and decision and for the exercise of other relevant functions of the Director under part III of the Equal Status Acts on 19 April 2011. An oral hearing, as part of the investigation was held in Dublin on 24 June 2011.

4.3. The respondent submitted that it was not in a position to comment on the allegations other than to state that after the respondent became aware of the complaint, it questioned staff at the store in question about the alleged incident and stated that the staff knew nothing about it. It was submitted that CCTV footage was only stored for up to 30 days and as the respondent only learned about the incident in mid January 2009 (when the complainant's representative wrote to the respondent) it was too late to examine whether it could shed light on the facts as alleged by the complainant. The respondent questioned the fact that the complainant has sought legal representation instead of approaching the respondent herself.

The five witnesses are her four children one who was one years old at the time and her mentally impaired brother.

She was granted an extension which meant the store was only contacted after the CCTV footage was wiped.

"How very convienent" to quote Homer Simpson.

This stinks. And I have not wimmintioned that Tara has a M Phil from Trinity for working with Travellers!

Stupid cunt should never have been allowed take the case.

Anonymous said...

This is a fucking disgrace. and businesses closing all over the country

Anonymous said...

How anyone in the right mind would believe ANYTHING a knacker says is beyond me.

Cough cough

Anonymous said...

The Irish Times had the Church of scientology's revenues down by 150%.
So they cannot even to bother to read themselves?

Anonymous said...

Mary Stokes has gone the the High Court because her son did not win in the lottery to get into a Christain Brothers school.
Wants to be treated like ordinary people when it suits mbut special treatment otherwise.
We are paying through the nose again for this.

Anonymous said...



Has the slimes sports columnist got his day in court yet?

Anonymous said...

One in four calls for McQuaid inquiry

“If the allegations are true, then we must know the extent of the sexual abuse, who else was involved and crucially if the church or civil authorities of the time had knowledge of the abuse but failed to act. If records exist, they must be examined.”

She urged “anybody who has been affected by the publication of these allegations to contact One in Four for support”.

Why hasn't anyone asked if four in one were abused why there are so few abuse victims around?

How many abuse cases involve travellers?

Why do they not ask if travellers have a bias towards this like they insist that some clergy but not members of a different religion do?

There are none some blind as those that do not want to see.

This guy got a pardon despite serving no time in prison

Bernie Fine not investigated though it was known about in 2003

For some reason the Southside Dublin Slimes reminds me of the New York Slimes.

F McCool said...

It's becoming more clear every day that these claims are bogus, purely a cash-raising wheeze.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You couldn't make it up

It remains one of the cruellest and most ham-fisted attempts at a stitch-up in years. When Leonard Watters went to police and made demonstrably false allegations against Louis Walsh he threatened a good man's career and reputation.

In fact, it completely devastated Walsh and infuriated his many friends who know the real Louis. It didn't take long for the tales to be exposed as the complete bunkum everyone knew they were and one would have assumed that despite apologising to Walsh in court, Watters would do the decent thing and disappear from sight, wallowing in the social isolation he brought upon himself. But you would be wrong.

Because, incredibly, reports emerged yesterday that gardaí have been handed letters from Watters to a 'celebrity agent' (now I wonder who that could be?). Watters wants the agent to represent him.

He is also reported to be planning a book and fancies himself as a bit of a celebrity who will be paid by nightclubs to make personal appearances.

Well, if I was his manager I'd certainly rule out the last option. After all, Walsh has lots of friends in this country and plenty of them would be only to happy to meet this lowlife in a club . . .

A book was written about the well received story of a survivor of Magadlene Laundry abuse who was in a building 2 years before it was built among other things and it was just ignored.

How many abuse victims are fantasists who should be treated for their fantasies rather than be given space to spread their fantasies?

F McCool said...

How many abuse victims are fantasists who should be treated for their fantasies rather than be given space to spread their fantasies?

Answer: A Lot. One reason - just look at the number of knackers putting in claims. Decades after the so-called offence. It's swung the other way totally.

Anonymous said...

Too bad, its filling up fast. Basicly involves giving long patronising speechs about people who live somewhere else (thankfully) while bursting into tears periodicly. In between comes much dining and travel while enjoying the proceeds of your ex university person pension, ex president person pension, ex most important person in the UN pension, etc, etc. She was always good at the multi-tasking was Mary.

Insufferable windbag.

Stole this to tellyou that Mrs. Mary Robinson TCD Craduate, former president, furherin of the Mary Robinson Centre for Environmental Justice and Ppointing Out That The Sun Shines Out Of The TCD Graduate's Ample Arse will be giving a lecture at UCC on January 18.

Hope I have given you enough notice and no she is NOT from Tipperary's Ballina but from Mayo's.

Mary Raferty is subject to a love in by the media.

Will anyone ask whether she did an Aoife Kavanagh on her States of Fear programme or will it be ignored like the Senile Lady's sports journalist and him liking what they criticised clericsfor liking?

You gotta admire Noddy's ability to turn on the waterworks. Almost makes her believable!

Anonymous said...

These idiots printed a story that Shane Geoghans murderer was not as bad as other murderers because even though he was known to the Gardai for drunk driving and other things and even though he knew that he did not have the right guy he went chasing after him after his first shots missed because he did not want to leave a witness he had not murdered before and he went to a good schoool.

Some people are saying that La Vechia Putana is one of Europe's finst newspapers but I would not miss it if it went in the morning.


Anonymous said...

PEOPLE WHO knew Barry Doyle say he had it all. He was a good- looking young man who excelled at sport, a good student who was skilled with his hands when he chose to put them to good use.

He was from Portland Row on the deprived mean streets of Dublin’s north inner city, and was educated just a few hundred yards from his home, at O’Connell’s CBS on North Richmond Street.

As a student he played Gaelic football and was regarded as a hugely talented player. He went on to serve time as a bricklayer, but never qualified, having lost his way as his teenage years gave way to his 20s.

So a Dubliner northsider bogballer ranks higher than a Limerick rugby player.

But obviously not higher than a Nigerian. That would be just perverse wouldn't it?

SAVANT said...

Yes, i've been struck by this Barry Doyle treatment as well. He seems to be, well, not your everyday murderous hitman. IMHO he's a lot worse in that he shot some totally innocent person in cold blood, someone he diodn't even know or know about.

What gives? Can't be a Dublin v culchies thing, can it?

Anonymous said...

96 000 and failing.

Anonymous said...

The Phoenix has an interesting feature on a sports journalist who features here.

Will he get his job back because he is not going to be charged whereas the whiff of such a charge is enough for them to demand that action be taken (provided it is not to one of their own.).

Anonymous said...

Madame X-Editor has being made a journalist expert in University of Limerick (Limerick which is home to the banana thrower and borders Tipperary.) and not Trinity College, Dublin as the Tipperary woman presided over The Bigots' Dustbin losing 10 000 sales and a dumbing down by upping the girlie content but not getting competent girlies to Clichy the content.

Ok Yah! 2 chicks like you know made professors in like journalism in boggertown

Former editor of The Irish Times Geraldine Kennedy has been appointed as adjunct professor of journalism at the University of Limerick, along with Sunday Times columnist Justine McCarthy.

The two women will work with journalism students on investigative journalism projects and newspaper production and will give master classes in journalism.

I do not fancy either of them as being a good mistress. Of their craft. I could not have meant anything else.

Anonymous said...


PA has contributed alot to this great country over its history, and all it took was one infamous child rapist and it all goes out the window

Penn Alum bemoans the fact that they only covered up one rapist.

It is a bit like the swimming coaches whose charges set three records outweighing the rapes.

Some people do not understand.

Anonymous said...

Ninnie Brown did a hagiography on The Irish Times last night and drew stick for pointing out that Gerldine Kennedy was female.

Damn blast it man the 4 inches long stinking fur, the inability to moderate noises made in the throat and the strange swaying motion with the paws sliding along the ground makes it difficult for humans to tell Tipperaryers from Tipperaryesses.