Saturday, 5 February 2011

On irony and black holes

It’s been said that irony died the day Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Well, let you be the judge of that after I relate the following story.

Hallmark Cards have published a new vocalised graduation card for physics graduates. The card's theme is the solar system and emphasises the power of the graduate to take over the universe, even the notorious energy-absorbing black holes. "The intent here is to say that this graduate is not afraid of anything," explained Hallmark spokesman Steve Doyal. At one stage the card vocalises "and you black holes, you are so ominous. Watch your back."

So what? You ask. So what?

Well, it seems the Los Angeles NAACP, not being too well up on astrophysics (now isn't that a surprise?), understood ‘black holes’ to be something altogether less cosmic. "That was very demeaning to African American women. When it made reference to African American women as whores and at the end, it says 'watch your back,'" said NAACP’s Leon Jenkins.

I kid you not. Check it out here.

You know, each time I doubt that the NAACP and their ilk could surpass themselves, I discover fresh evidence of their invincible ignorance. The level of which the gods themselves contend in vain.

Oh, just in case you were wondering. Once the local NAACP apparatchiks bared their rotting teeth at Hallmark, the cards were pulled from the shelves nationally. “In any situation where there is a circumstance that we need to be sensitive to, we try to learn from that experience," said Doyal, from his supine arse-up position on the floor.

Roll on the revolution.


Anonymous said...

And they wonder why america scores so low on international scores.

Bemused stare said...

Ah, those butthurt types from the NAACP. Funny, they seem to have the same IQ as the ANC types like Zuma and his bumboy Malema.

Franz said...

Funny things, black people.

They can ape human speech sufficiently to create rap songs.
Yet they never seem to grasp the little intricacies of language.

Like the difference between hole an ho.

Like the difference between nigger and niggardly.

My little theory is that this weakness in linguistic comprehension explains why black people have been so unsuccesful in culturally enriching East Asia.

Mandarin, Cantonese and above all Japanese are languages in which meaning hinges on very subtle variations of pronounciation.

Now, if da black playa be plowing tru da Jap-speak like a chainsaw, he must appear incredibly rude to Japanese people. Or all East Asians for that matter.

Various times, I have tried to engage Asian guys in honest conversations about black people. While they seem too polite to openly voice disgust, I got a distinct sense of "nudge nudge wink wink say no more".

If you want to know how East Asians REALLY feel about black folk, look at this clip from the LA riots:

H Lone said...

East asians - and South Asians, find blacks loathsome and disgusting. Take it ffom me - I'm from Pakistan!

Anonymous said...

It says a lot when Blacks hear the word and automatically hear 'whore' and associate it with their women.

Anonymous said...

Didnt care much for what that black food stamp queen had to say at end of that report.
" Don't let it happen again "

Roll on the economic collape, and sequentially her government food stamps bouncing.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, how bad does it have to get before people cotton on to this insane ripoff? This stuff just does my head in!

Anonymous said...

Celebrate black history month. I mean Afro-American Herstory month.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes.... our commendable NAACP... We Americans pride ourselves on having such an intellectual group of cerebral advocates for our African-descended population. Did you guys over there in Europe catch news of the recent NAACP rally at a public square in Columbia, South Carolina, where they built a wooden box around George Washington's statue so they wouldn't be reminded of slavery? Unbelievable, insulting, but true.

At what point will the the tipping point be reached when society's producers decide to "cut off" the parastic element which continually insults and assaults the host animal??????

Bemused stare said...

Jesus, how bad does it have to get before people cotton on to this insane ripoff? This stuff just does my head in!

A question I have asked myself for bloody years. I suspect it works a bit like an elastic band. It stretches out a good way before it snaps, the further it stretches of course, the harder the snap back.

I believe when this finally goes, it willbe a doozy.

pdf 1 said...

@bemused stare - the further it stretches of course, the harder the snap back. I believe when this finally goes, it willbe a doozy.

I'm going to lie back and savor the thought!

Franz said...

@ Bemused stare

I like your analogy of the torn rubber band violently snapping back. You said it with respect to the "you-be-raciss"-extortion business which is currently keeping a certain sort of Simian affluent and comfortable.

Let me broaden the analogy to a few other cases where I think the rubber band is stretched and close to snapping:

-Totalitarian aspirations of groups like feminists or homosexuals
-The acceptance of pseudo science such as global warming / cooling / climate change
-The silent invasion of white homelands by assorted infiltrators
-The gutting of national industry in the name of Globalization

If the rubber dosn't snap within the next ten years, I fear the white man will share fate of the red man and - at best - be allowed to subsist in some form of reservation.

A rather likeable native American chap shares my view and even made a video about it: "Welcome to the reservation"

Anonymous said...

Sad when whites are still so delusional they keep expecting blacks to act like other races. That could be one definition of a liberal. Ain't gonna happen, get over it.
Hey Savant thanks for the kind comments about my people. We like the Irish too, in fact many of us are part Irish.

Anonymous said...

Hi Savant, thought you might be interested to know that the Wordpress Thought Police have given the SASucks blog the chop again...

Bemused stare said...

And yet again the SA Sucks blog is down. Some people just can't handle the truth being shoved in their faces.

Rob said...

Just when you think you've seen the's something worse.

J Bull said...

@Rob. The only good thing about this insanity is that it HAS to create a reaction. I just cannot see this kiind of thing continuing.

Anonymous said...

@ Rob 7 February 2011 10:31

Re the "jungle drums" story submitted, here's the contact details for the Wiltshire racial equality council (your tax money at work??).

I couldn't narrow down a photo of said instigator (Sonia Carr), but take your pick here.

Anonymous said...

are you sure this is the right Sonia Carr? I understood she was in her fifties.

Rob said...

@J Bull, Anonymous 10.31
I can see now why the jungle reference upset her: I believe she's the third from the right in the photo here

Anonymous said...

Rob - I dont see anything on this link about Sonia Carr.

Anonymous said...

This is Wiltshire link sees African not named in picture.

Girlcott Wiltshire now!

Anonymous said...

"we try to learn from that experience," said Doyal, from his supine arse-up position on the floor."
Clearly he was not watching his back for black a-holes...

eh said...

If I could think of how to use the word niggardly in a germane comment about this, I would.

Anonymous said...


won't have me as a member. Daz wacist!

Anonymous said...

Rob said...

@J Bull, Anonymous 10.31
I can see now why the jungle reference upset her: I believe she's the third from the right in the photo here

I'm confused, Rob. By "third from the right" are you referring to the little redhead peeping out from behind the jungle bunny?

Couldn't resist, sorry.

Uncle Nasty

BTW Rob. Something seems to have gone a little wonky with your link ... if one opens it in the comment box, it does not wrap, but shoots clean across the box. creating a horizontal scroll bar.

Very odd.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous at: 8 February 2011 12:44 says:

"Rob - I dont see anything on this link about Sonia Carr".

Take another can you NOT "see" Sonia Carr in the photo??

...and it should be no surprise that Sonia Carr is Black, maybe imported, with perhaps a name change along the way to disguise her identity roots. Political aspirations, Sonia??

Also, note that American Renaissance picked up the same news story.

Anonymous said...

Link is ok now. Had same problem as UN.

Ian said...

Sorry my link for Sonia Carr pic was for " On Irony and Black Holes"thread

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The thing about niggers is they are inept to live in a civilisation. They are savages, plain and simple. I figure they need another 40 to 50 thousand years of evolution before they can even come close to any kind of progress. Without White colonisation they would still be bush men. And when the Whites either die out or leave, they will surely revert back to bush men. And their numbers will sharply decrease back to pre colonisation times. They will die off ten fold without White enablement.

They are the lowest of any race on earth and will remain the feral animals they are for eternity. No matter the nation they are in, they remain at the bottom rungs of society.

This is not racism, this is FACT.

clovis said...

anon 4.56. 100% correct. But in today's world, fact has little to do with anything.

Ian said...

You can see pic of Sonia Carr here :

Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson will be yapping somewhere in Ireland tonight. Lefty luv in.