Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Celebrating diversity in Texas

Being just 12 years old, Jonathan Foster was undoubtedly looking forward to Christmas. But on Christmas Eve he was kidnapped from where he lived, and his badly mutilated body was found on waste ground a few days later. There were no broken bones or any signs of strangulation or head wounds. In fact he had been burned to death with a welding torch. Welding torches get very hot. ‘Crematorium hot’ as one police office on the case said, adding “I’ve never seen burns like this.”

Investigators believe sexual abuse was behind the crime.

Well, what else could it be? It wasn’t robbery, nor assault, nor was there a ransom demand. And it can't be a hate crime either. Why not? Because the suspect is black, and a woman, and the victim was white. Any of which eliminate hate as a motive. That’s why the head of the investigation team informed the media “that’s the only other motive (that makes any sense).”

Of course.

Despite the fact that the perp, grandmother Mona Yvette Nelson , immediately got on to local ‘community organiser’ (where have I heard that term before), a Black Power advocate who rejoices in the name of Quannel X. Even before she got an attorney! Surprisingly Mr. X thinks Mona’s innocent, libelously throwing the blame onto Jonathan’s step-father.

This was despite the fact that the fiend admitted dumping the body (she hadn’t much choice, she’d been identified) and that detectives had found burned carpet, the same twine found around Jonathan’s hands, and welding torches in her apartment. And the fact that she’s a rap sheet as long as your arm, going back to her mid-teens. Despite this including many serious felonies, she was free to work at the apartment building where Jonathan was kidnapped. Don't blame the employers. They’re prohibited, under disparate impact legislation, from checking on an applicants criminal record. Dat be racis’.
I bring you this disheartening news because you won't see it anywhere else on the MSM, apart from Fox and some local agencies.

In conclusion, I suggest that this is what the good people of Texas would have done in the good old days. And I never thought the day would come when I'd say something like that.


Martinus said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now and I've noticed a definite swing in your political 'orientation'. I must say, it has been fun to see.

Keep up the good work.

SAVANT said...

What swing would that be Martinus?

Caleb said...

He appears to have been a nice friendly boy but was from a broek dysfunctional home. Which probably made it easier for hih murderer.

Piet said...

All it takes for this sheboon to walk is a suitably 'diversified' jury. Texas is now about 30% 'minority'. All it takes is 3 out of 11 and she walks or gets a reduced verdict.

Jack Quinn said...

I'm surprised this sub-human cretin didn't use the excuse "by any means necessary".

Perhaps it will take a necklacing within the U.S. border to convince our pc authorities that racial animus may - just may - be involved.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely appalling. Just absolutely sickening beyond words. Piet (4/1/11 23:19) mentioned that Texas has already reached ady a 30% parastic moocher class level. That's extremely unfortunate for that once great state.

Mary said...

I have noticed the 'swing' too.......and I am glad.
I echo Martinus's good wishes.

Ps: God rest Jonathan Foster's beautiful soul. How sad he had to see that ugly, vile murderer's face in his final moments.

Bemused stare said...

Let's assume a human did that to a butt-dumpling. How much media coverage do you reckon the story would get?

Anonymous said...

It'll be back, Savant - it'll be back if we ain't careful. That pendulum startin' ta swing a bit TOO far!

Anonymous said...

@anon 7.50 says it'll be back if we ain't careful. That pendulum startin' ta swing a bit TOO far!

What do you mean by 'it'? The Waco type of response? If so I for one wud ot be sorry. This is all going too far.

Anonymous said...

Given that someone like Quannell X was involved I wouldn't be surprised if this were some sort of Black Power initiation rite, like happened in SF about 30 years ago.

kulak said...

I used to get mad about these things.

Not anymore.

Their voices were even and low.

Their eyes were level and straight.

There was neither sign nor show

When the Saxon began to hate.

And it ain't blacks I hate. They're just doing their thing, given their environment.

It's the anti-whites who LOOK like me that I hate.

kulak said...

Modern Art

RegThe Hedge said...

It is disgusting to say this and quite easy for what I say to be misinterpreted but...
The more of these things that happen the better. The more outrageously unfair and vicious the better. It is only until each of us can personally recount a story like this that the stupid marxist bastards can see what they have done and the brain dead tv watching gutter press reader can be awaken from their selfish insular world.
All here know that the corporate media have a political agenda well beyond their remit. The low life CEOs are playing with peoples lives to their own benefit.
I say it will take each to have personal experience because we are being deliberatly deprived of vital information we need to make the tough decisions.
At some point in time there will be a reversal of the insidious marxist agenda. These things usually come as a surprise to the casual observer. To the watcher they are rarely a surprise.
I just hope the purveyers of this toxic filth will be alive to witness the reversal. Historically when these types of things reverse there is always a period of retribution where the former supressors have to pay for their treason.
A catalist is usually needed to kick off the end. I have believed for quite a while now that the calamitous economic conditions that are soon to start will be the catalyst. As usual the media are taking their stories from vested interests (Governments and banks) and they have not bothered their barney actually investigating what economic conditions are coming down the line. You think the last two years were bad? You really haven´t seen anything yet.

RegThe Hedge said...

A few things that will happen in the next few years I´m very confident most will happen.
1) Many former media mogals will go the way of the builder. The corporate media are loosing readers by the second, more and more people are using the alternative media. This will increase until the ability of Murdock and his ilk to sell a story has disappeared completely.
2) European countries will withdraw from the perverse European Convention on Human Rights. This is the law that ensures a failed Iraqi asylum seeker can kill several English people (including children) and then claim his human rights are being denied when the judiciary try to deport him.
) The asian bubble economies will burst.
) The Federal Reserve Bank will loose the right to issue US Dollars.
) For international trade in comodities such as oil the US dollar will be dropped in favor of a basket of currencies.
) The US dollar will go into hyperinflation.
) There will be widespread civil unrest in the US where something big could occur.
) Germany will withdraw from the Euro along with other fiscally prudent countries. A club med Euro may remain where they devalue their way out of their massive debt. Ireland is a tough one, they may return to the punt, I can´t see them staying in the club med Euro as the economies have no commonalities and the lack of commonalities was the reason for the problems in the first place.
) I think national socialist parties such as Front national of France and the BNP of the UK will make massive inroads.
) The Spanish will go bankrupt or be rescued right at the edge.
) Unemployment will shoot up accross the West causing resentment of foreigners.
) Despite what the controlled media say we have gone Japanese. There is NO WAY OUT, the next decade or two are going to be marked by serious persistant high unemployment and stagflation then crushing deflation.

SAVANT said...

Reg - I find myself in such total agreement with you that I'm publishing your comments as a separate post.

Great insight, thanks.

Franz said...

@ Reg

For several years I have been a financial reporter with some major German news organizations. I quit that field in 2001 when the fraud within the media got just as bad as that in the financial sector. I simply had that "Liar Liar" moment when I couldn't do it anymore. Be that as it may, I have two obervations for you:

1. I believe you are underestimating the power of the traditional media apparatus. People don't belive what they see on TV for lack of alternatives or because they are stupid. They believe it because they are emotionally invested in the propaganda lies. People want to believe that everything is well and good because to admit that the state of affairs is otherwise would be hurtful and traumatic.

2. The western world will not turn Japanese in the sense of suffering two "lost decades". We should be so lucky. The Japanese have been diligent savers and producers and thus were able to absorb most of their bad debt domestically. Will the nations of the west manage to do so as well? Take your guess. How many diligent savers and producers do you encounter in your own surroundings? I know that I see far more borrowers and consumers. People who cannot absorb (fancy word for taking a hit) bad debt, but will gladly clamour for ever more fiat IOUs, courtesy of the nanny state. There, you have it. As soon as peak-ponzi is reached - which could take some more years - I believe that hyperinflation is unavoidable.

However, I would be interested in your reasons for expecting a Japan scenario as opposed to a global Argentina style meltdown redux!

Croesus said...

I was just thinking the same as Franz when I read Reg's post. And in fact was thinking that an Argentina or Iceland situation is far more likely than that of Japan. As Franz says, we should be so lucky.

Jack Quinn said...

@kulak 13:05

Yes, self-loathing Whites who fawn over the down-trodden poc...Susan Sontag et al. But as you also mentioned, the Saxon will not suffer silently much longer.

This article appeared this morning:


Anonymous said...

I agree that White are growing tired of the obvious racial violence encouraged by jewish owed media outlets.

This is a disgusting rap artist produced by jewish media outlets.
This is very disturbing.


View the video linked up this link. I only got thru about thirty seconds of it. This nigger is one of the biggest rap stars here in the US.

Robert said...

Thanks for Kanye West information.

Anonymous said...

I reiterate we need a rallying point and I feel that the best one would be a fire-and-brimstone Christianity.

Why? The base already exists. 2.1 billion Christians compared to 1.5 billion camelscrewers -- as at 2007, anyway.

Clean up Christianity, get rid of the carpet-munchers, the cassock-lifters and the marxist liberation theologists, preferably by burning at the stake (I'll bring the marshmallows) and you're ready to roll.

One dedicated Knight's Templar type Christian with an auto weapon is worth a hundred ragheads and niggers, any day. He can shoot a lot straighter, that's for sure.

Shit. I'd be there. You guys think I'm joking? Hell, I'm dead serious.


Uncle Nasty

beppo said...

Those interested in informing themselves on how they ae being lied to on economic matters which will impact on them heavily in the near future might want to look at Shadowstats.com and various interviews on the web with the owner of the site John Williams.
It is American oriented but I would strongly suspect it's the same the whole world over.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes ... Kanye West

I have been trying to sort something out in my head. Tell me what you think.

George Bush was recently asked what the worst moment of his career was.

His answer? Being called a racist by Kanye West ... a criminally-inclined rapper whose mother died while having her stomach stapled and boobs enlarged, for God's sake. And a boog, to boot.

And this was the president of the Yewnited States?

I would like to make a point here. And that is one has to forever be on guard against "Uncle Nasty's Theory of Leftward Societal Creep" as I like to call it. UNTOLSC.

Sounds quite catchy, like a James Bond hit squad or a poverty initiative ... I wonder if I can patent it? Or even con the United Nations into slipping me a few mil?

What I am trying to say is that -- as shown by the burning Bush above -- the spectrum of debate has been so neatly controlled, and guided -- by the left over the last few decades, that what was once quite "left" in the fifties or sixties, is now regarded as radically "right-wing" or even "Fascist"

How is this so? Let's pretend that the political spectrum is a horizontal bar with one hundred equal divisions. At the left (heh, heh) we have zero, denoting EXTREME liberal tendencies ... Like Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx, Lenin, Gramski and the Cloward-Piven duo. At the right (100) we have the extreme right, exemplified by Adolf Hitler, Satan, Tamurlane, Attilla the Hun and Margaret Thatcher ... if you are a Guardian reader, that is. These are the people who would supposedly regard Ghengis Khan as a pinko pantywaist.

So ... what to do? The left -- Liberal in everything but name -- demonise everyone to their perceived right. A relentless onslaught of criticism (just and unjust) hate, vituperation and calumny, bringing to bear the full power of the press, moving media (Hollywood), TV, Public Relations, mainstream magazines and popular books (Fiction and so-called non-fiction), propaganda in schools (later colleges and universities) and the hijacked Christian pulpit.

UNTOLSC End Part 1

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

The only problem I have with the hyperinflation scenario is that under our present system, there is no guarantee that wages will go up with the supply of money.

I can see commodities going up but that will just mean more money for the corporations and bonuses for the guys on top. The workers don't have to get anything.

This eventually just impoverishes the workers more and is not self-sustaining.

In the 70s we had alot of unionized workers who got cost of living increases regularly. Now even profitable companies are not giving out raises as they cannot meet their bottom line goals as stated to Wall Street without cutting some costs. Guaranteed raises are no longer true and the public employee unions are limited by the declining tax base.

Anonymous said...


After twenty or thirty years, those at the 80 to 100 mark get worn down -- criticised by everyone below 79, they are bludgeoned into silence by the sheer weight of negativism.

Not helping matters are those who are deemed "reasonable" ... the forty to sixty percenters who feel (naturally) that they, themselves are the voice of reason and sanity -- and join the chorused criticism of all to their perceived right, in turn.

Hey, we all feel that we are the voice of reason and sanity.

I am sure that Vlad the Impaler himself, would have had days when he plopped down onto the couch and said "Damn, what a fuckin' day. I never want to see another turkish arsehole or another gumpole again ... Honey, would you get me a beer?"

And Mrs. Vlad would have kissed him on the forehead, and said "I don't know why you bother, Sweetie. You're too good for them ... they just don't appreciate you."

Anyway, the leftward creep continues as the nineties and then the eighties, then seventies, sixties, etc., get pushed off the table like dominoes, but never the left .... oh, no, no. NEVER the left.
So the pinko's (the original 25% ers) now become the middle-ground who would NEVER use the terms "Wops, niggers, kikes or greasers" when referring to wops, niggers, kikes or greasers.

Thank you, R. Lee Ermey.

John F. Kennedy, the liberal darling of the early sixties, would now be regarded as way to the right of George Bush and presidents such as Andrew Jackson or (God help us) Teddy Roosevelt would be dragged to the block or, preferably, the stake.

So I guess what I am saying here, is that the right hand side of the spectrum is now so underpopulated, that I feel it my bounden duty to take up residence in the late nineties, where a man can breathe and still call a spade a spade.

Like oral sex, it's a dark and lonely job, but someone has to do it.

UNTOLSC End Part 2

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...


So now we move on ... to Leftward creep, part 3. How many of the group have ever been confronted with an opinion poll? Usually in the press or popular media, more common now on the internet.

Ever noticed how opinion polls also frame the debate? Or the limits of debate?

An example: Do you fell that president Obama (or Sarkozy or Netenyahu or Cameron or whoever) is ...

[_] (A) Doing the best possible job under difficult circumstances?
[_] (B) Doing the best he can considering every White Devil, Nazi, Racist Slave master lies awake at night plotting his downfall?
[_] (C) Is doing the job of a Titan and is successful beyond everyone's dreams?
[_] (D) Is second only to God and you should be grateful for the opportunity to kiss the hem of his robe?
[_] (E) Is ten times better than God. And who is this God character, anyway?

Please check one of the above.

Notice that at no stage are you given a check box stating that:-

[_] is a worthless sack of camel excrement, the best part of whom trickled down the crack in his momma's arse, and whose finest hour would have been an early abortion?

One can see this leftward creep in America -- right now -- with Republicans (Republicans! for God's sake) endorsing hundreds of statist laws and actually voting for the DADT regulation (NEVER a law) to be repealed, thereby destroying, at a stroke, the effectiveness of all branches of the US military ... not to mention their own credibility. For ever.

I cannot believe that the sheer dangerousness of this piece of legislation has not smacked every American between the eyes.

The utter betrayal of the American centre-right. If I were a conservative American, I would be chewing marbles in disbelief and bug-eyed fury.


Uncle Nasty

Percy, London said...

You make me laugh, Uncle Nasty! Great writing. Amusing while making great points with great astuteness. More!

Anonymous said...

I know I am going to get a bollocking for referring to niggers as niggers from some of the more sensitive subscribers, but ...

I challenge the NG to go here:-


... view for as long or as little as you wish, (it's interminable and it's all the same) and then not shake your head and murmur:-



Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Jesus Uncle Nasty, that vid is incredible!!! No wonder these boons breed like vermin.

I have a headache!!!

Elaine said...

Yes, Uncle Nasty, I for one would like if you, kulak, Piet and some others would cease this practice. This is a high-quality blog, and your contributions - well not Piet, I have to say - are always thought-provoking. Don't demean them with such terminology.

Anonymous said...

Fuck me what is that a boon pedo ring? The Mum was getting a toddler to simulate bumming her, and he knew what to do when he saw that fat black arse. This must be that proud nigger culture they keep banging on about. I knew ther had to be more to it than raping robbing and killing whitey.

As you said Uncle Nasty ...Niggers

Anonymous said...

Oh, and just to brighten your day.

You know the out-of-Africa theory of where we all come from?

Well, it's just taken another hit.

Stone Age tools found in Crete prove man sailed the sea at least 130,000 years ago


Read. Enjoy.


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Uncle Nasty - well, that's because our african ancestors were honing their pyramid-building skills at the time!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Uncle Nasty - well, that's because our african ancestors were honing their pyramid-building skills at the time!!",

You know, Anon., I am glad you brought that up. I've never been able to fathom the reason why the Egyptians should build a million-ton limestone monolith ... just to sharpen razorblades.


Uncle Nasty

(Losing it, I suspect)

Anonymous said...

@Bemused stare

A "person of color" decided she had been raped at Duke University by lacrosse team members and picked out one guy who was not at the party so despite this "suggesting" *cough couth* Twana Brawley*cough cough* Selena Roberts and the MSM (the protectors of Jayson Blair) decided that they were guilty and had the rest of their season cancelled. Goes to court and real courts cannot, yet, convict on a tissue of lies.
What happens next? The one sports journalist who stood up for the team is sacked and despite being "African-american" no li(e)beral gets their knickers in a twist to save his job because it went to Selena Roberts.