Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Reflections on the Stockholm bombings

MSM coverage of the recent Swedish bombing underlines how deep into dhimmitude we’ve fallen. RTE, Ireland’s state broadcaster provided two bullet-point background information items like this:

* Perpetrator was of Iraqi origin, and a resident of Sweden

* Misunderstood meaning of Islam

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This was the written information RTE sought to provide us with. One of the many questions that leapt to mind was who knew at so early a stage that he ‘misunderstood the meaning of Islam’? Second, what the hell was this doing representing 50% of the written background on the incident? What the hell has it got to do with anything? I could think of a dozen more pertinent issues. But obviously none are more important than brainwashing us into believing that Islam is a religion of peace.

And as I'm at it, I have a lovely bridge in London for sale…….

What we do know about the bomber is that old familiar refrain. I'm sure all the MSM do a copy and paste every time a terrorist is caught or blows himself up: ‘Ah sure he was a wonderful lad, loved girls, football, even took alcohol occasionally. But then he began to change…..

Mysteriously, we’re lead to believe.

The remarkable thing is that this sudden change invariably occurs once the swell guy begins to take a greater interest in his religion. The more he learns about the Religion Of Peace, the more violent he becomes. And that's what happened in this case. The bomber got involved with the Islamic Centre in Luton. Now this particular establishment has form. Some of its members used to regularly protest at soldiers' homecoming parades, greeting the soldiers with placards saying "Anglian Soldiers: Butchers of Basra" and "Anglian Soldiers: cowards, killers, extremists". Naturally enough, even the mild-mannered Brits got a bit pissed off at this and set fire to the Center last year.

So here's the situation: We have a regular non-strict Muslim who goes to a mosque/Islamic Center whose membership includes quite a few extremists. He himself then becomes an extremist. At this point may I withdraw Occam’s Razor from its sheath and apply it to this situation? The Razor would surely suggest that he became radicalised at the mosque, would it not?

But we now know that's not true. Not true at all.

And how do we know?

Well, because the head of the mosque told us! And that's good enough for me. I saw him myself, in an interview on Sky News. With a wide-eyed ‘reporter’, nodding like a parakeet, gratefully and unquestioningly relaying the mullah’s words. Not only did he not become radicalised at the mosque, apparently the gentle people there became alarmed at how radical he had become! They tried to talk him out of it! Given that he planned violent jihad against the west, could they not have gone a wee bit further and reported him to the police.

Well, no, actually.

‘It’s not our job to do the work of the police, and we wouldn’t betray a fellow Muslim’ the mullah acknowledged, forgetting momentarily, to keep up the taqqiya.

Then again, maybe he didn’t forget, he just didn’t bother. Britain has now become so dhimmified and sunk in self-abasement that he felt it wasn’t really necessary.

And he’d have been right.


Iraniboy said...

Terrorist is a term which is used only and only for Muslims. The Muslims civilians who are dying by these NATO . Never gets any debate also these wrong doing of western by invading Muslims countries and israelis who killing civilians never get any westerns attention

Anonymous said...

Islam is a stone age death cult that needs to go the way of polio.

Anonymous said...

It's not often that I am at a loss for words ... but I am at a loss for words.

Thanks to this article, I now realise (to the very bone) that lefty-liberalism is not just an aberration, but a full-blown mental illness. A complete mental derangement equal to the witch-burnings of mediaeval Europe -- and modern-day Africa of course -- and the dancing sicknesses of the middle ages.

I am inclined to agree with Iraniboy above, however.

Round up and ship each and every Muslim and jigaboo (yea, unto the tenth generation) in Europe back to the fly-blown, third world shithole from whence they came.

Then withdraw every western soldier back to their homeland -- immediately, and cancel every penny of foreign aid.

Then, and this is the big "Then" -- every lefty-lib who moans about our starving Bruddas and Seestas in the third world is immediately transported and exiled to that very same third world and not allowed back for a generation or, preferably two.

That should knock a lot of the crap out of them.

Job done and dusted. Everyone happy.

Me especially.


Uncle Nasty

kulak said...

‘It’s not our job to do the work of the police, and we wouldn’t betray a fellow Muslim’

Like blacks say, don't snitch.

On the other hand, why should we police them?

Why should me and mine pay taxes to police them?

So me and mine can mingle with them safely?

I don't want to mingle with them.

At this point may I withdraw Occam’s Razor from its sheath and apply it to this situation? The Razor would surely suggest that he became radicalised at the mosque, would it not?

True as far as it goes.

It wasn't just any mosque.

It was a mosque in Sweden.

kulak said...

Friend says Stockholm bomber had Israeli girlfriend

SAVANT said...

Uncle N. - you've just articulated my dream! I'd hold it at the 5th generation tho'

Kulak, the mosque was actually in England, but I realise that this doesn't change your point.

Sohud said...

The reason Britain is a breeding ground for these terrorists is our own passion for freedon of speech. In other countries if you preach terrorism and hate you are arrested and punished no matter what race or religion you are.

If you are in Britain and a moslem you can preach what you like and get away with it. But if you are christian and preach hate against moslems you are arrested. Freedom of speech is great providing it applies to everyone. But unfortunately in Britain its not. The moslem community have done little to find extremists within their midst and report them to the police. This is another example of their misguided loyalty to fellow moslems. Theu must be more active in finding these people and letting the authorities know or the moderate moslems run the risk of being tarred with the same brush.

Anonymous said...

time to expel all the headhackers from Europe

Rob said...

If the Third World invasion had never been allowed to happen we could co-exist peacefully with Muslims, we in our part of the world, they in theirs. Their alien ways would be none of our business.

Unfortunately, the invade-the-world/invite-the-world death cult has taken hold. The West opens its borders to Muslims while simultaneously attacking their countries and killing innocent Muslims who are staying at home and are no threat to us.

White4ever said...

Rob - my views 100%. We shud have left their countries alone, and kept them out of ours. Too late now tho'

Krokodil said...

When channel 4 broadcast about the extremist mullahs in parts of the UK a couple of years ago, it was noticeable, and comtemptuously laughable, how the police critized the program makers (those fascist channel 4 types!) instead of going after the peddlers of vicious Islamic hate speach. What craven cowards!

What was equally laughable, was the fact that at around the same time there had been an episode of that celebrity Big Brother tosh, and the Indian actress had had some nasty things said about her by a couple of chavs. Big deal. But, no, the police were thinking of investigating, hot air was emitted in the house of commons and there was an apology by Gordon Brown to the whole of India but, on the vicious real-life racist speech by the mad mullahs, the silence was deafening. Pathetic.

After some investigation or other, it was determined that the program makers were right (gosh, who would have thought) and the police, therefore (whether said or not), in dereliction of their duty.

Yes, unfortunately, Britain has become a spineless, perverse country, certainly at officialdom level.

Regarding Islam, we must all go around pretending it's sunny when it's raining, and that the Emperor isn't in fact stark-bollock naked!

I do know some individual Muslims who've been very nice people, but as a whole sub-culture (where it desires to replace the existing mainstream culture), Islam has been a disaster for the West. And the UK continues to allow significant Muslim numbers into the country.

Stupid? Yes. Criminal? Very!

Anonymous said...

The final words of a suicide bomber.....never again!

Motoboy said...

Krokodil - as Uncle Nasty said lefty-liberalism is not just an aberration, but a full-blown mental illness. A complete mental derangement equal to the witch-burnings of mediaeval Europe -- and modern-day Africa of course -- and the dancing sicknesses of the middle ages.

Your comment just confirms this.

Anonymous said...

And just who was it that decided Europe had to go into "multicultural mode", with their Marxist Useful Idiot acolytes drooling in spineless servitude...?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Iranboy does have a point ,it appears to be the same globalist scum that intends to destroy the west that wants to destroy their countries. The muslims may be the enemy of some but the bankster mob is surely the enemy of all.

Anonymous said...

"He got to know an Egyptian imman at the mosque in Luton," a friend of the family told Expressen, adding that during his time there "he became another person. It's hard to say how. He changed and became more restrictive."

Do we need any further explanation?

Anonymous said...

btw, has anyone Read James Hider's 'Spiders of Allah'?

It is a superbly written account of an atheist journalist's time in Iraq just after the invasion.

(He was working for The London Times).

It is depressing as fuck. There are quite simlply too many deranged religious nutters in the Middle-East for there ever to be any chance of a lasting peace.

And, of course, we are importing millions of Muslim amongst are a goodly proportion of said nutters who fantasise about destroying the Western world.

I haven't finished the book yet. It will be intersting to see if Hider mentions this.


Anonymous said...


that is just bs.

Islam is globalisation for losers. Get back in your mud shack.

J Bull said...

And his bitch of a wife and their sprogs will now spend the rest of their worthless lives living on the British or Sedish taxpayers. In fact make that both sets of taxpayers. These people have mastered the art of ripping off the kuffirs.

Anonymous said...

I agree with iranian boy.
The war against you and yours is completely unfair. Its not your fault your muslim brothers blow themselves up.
And its not my fault my American brothers do this.


and this


Sometimes we do THIS.


Gotta love us YANKS!!

Anonymous said...

The J dam
Awfull weapon..


Not really a "Backpack" weapon.

Anonymous said...

Here's a heads-up for you, Savant.


Headline of the article:-

Watchdog slams Ireland over race discrimination

Well the article at least publishes the names of the guilty, now all one needs is their addresses.


Uncle Nasty

SAVANT said...

Yes, I saw this report on ireland. Aren;t we dreadful? The genius who heads up this outfit in Ireland (Manning) is on €236,000 a year! From my taxes!

Bemused stare said...

Check this out. Your head will want to explode at the audacity of this enricher bitch. Thank the gods this chaps patrol car recorded the incident.


pissedoff said...

What a thundering bitch! Lied through her filthy teeth. Bet she gets off in the end though.

Anonymous said...


Bemused stare said...

And here's another lovely to drive up your blood pressure with a much less happy ending.


Seems that the only ones who have no human rights in the UK today are the humans themselves

Louix IX said...


fuck! and please don't censure me because I say a word that could hurt some sensitivities while an animal is given a license to kill a 12 year old and her dad's victim sensitivities are uncensored hurted.
It might have been an accident, i don't care, who is the spiritual leader in UK, isn't it supposed to be the Queen? Obviously not. If there was a Queen, She should ask for decapitation or deportation, but she's not the Queen, just an old grany with no power. The buffoons and the Jewstice rule the World. If the Queen realises she can't do nothing in a case like that, because she's too old or whatever, no shame, but then she should abdicate immediatly to a King she thinks has the balls to be King. And I mean obviously Harry. I think he could do the job. But If he can't do nothing, then fuck off the royals, this is their raison d'être, if they fail it, they don't have any other purpose.

SAVANT said...

Reading all those links I wonder are we doing more harm than good. Speaking for myself I get so outraged it doesn't do me good.

Louix IX said...

It is the duty and purpose of a Monarch to defend His subjects, to protect the Faith, and to render Justice.
Ultimately, all those things are not of any concern for a prime minister, a House of Whatever or a Parliament.
A king can legitimately seizes power by force, that's his duty if he feels fit.

Anonymous said...

Folks, this may seem irrelevant, but I have definite point to make here.

Two weeks ago, all you read, every day, in every mainstream medium and every blog was the atrocious treatment of air travellers in the USA being subjected to humiliating and intrusive body searches.

Now? Nothing. Nothing at all. Total silence. Not a word.

Where has all the outrage gone? More to the point, where have all the stories gone? One begins wonder if we're not being played like salmon on a line.

Any theories?


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

We're not the only ones getting pissed off. Links to two well-known bloggers:-


... a snippet from his post:-

"Teenage daughter beaten up in broad daylight for refusing to give four coons she'd never met before a "line up (gang blow job)" on a train she has to take everyday to school.

I recommend you read the comments ...

And another from Captain Ranty:-


Stupid No More

Ranty's one gets particularly interesting towards the end ...

"We have one more tool in the box. Violent rebellion. We didn't want to use it but you leave us no choice.

So bring your tasers. We'll bring baseball bats.

Bring your guns. We will bring our own. Legal or not.

Bring your batons. We'll bring bow and arrow.

Bring your water cannon. We'll bring Molotov Cocktails.

Bring your enforcers. We will bring chaos.

These comments, BTW are from people who have never seriously advocated violence.

I recall following a very persistent rumour just before Labour lost the election, that ACPO (Britain's union of Police Chiefs) were actively working towards provoking a "Summer of Violence", so they could show the Brits -- once and for all -- exactly who runs the show in Merrie Englande.

I cannot help but feel that they may yet get their wish.


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Louix IX said...

"... It might have been an accident, i don't care, who is the spiritual leader in UK, isn't it supposed to be the Queen? Obviously not. If there was a Queen, She should ask for decapitation or deportation, but she's not the Queen, just an old granny with no power."

I think, Louis, considering that Elizabeth II is very, very, VERY high up in the Bilderbergers, that she is not quite so innocent -- and powerless -- as one would like to believe.

In fact she is far more part of the problem than part of the solution.

My opinion, anyway.


Uncle Nasty

Bemused stare said...

SAVANT said...

Reading all those links I wonder are we doing more harm than good. Speaking for myself I get so outraged it doesn't do me good

Doesn't do my heart much good either. However, I show it to everyone I can in the hope that our people will wake up in time.

joelgp said...

Don't forget also that the TSA is now big business. A lot of people have a lot of interest in keeping things as they are. Having said that it seems strange that the problems seem to have, as you say, suddenly disappeared off the radar.

Louis IX said...

Uncle Nasty, this possibility of the Royals to rebel against the system might be small, but it's still there. Somebody among the crowned might still have an ounce of self esteem and decide that enough is enough, that playing Polo or growing bio-tomatoes is not enough to justify the charge of the Monarchy.
In Spain, the King could decide that the spaniards and their faith are in great danger and he could try to interfere with the government by going ballistic in public, doing king things. He could not do it under Franco and was wise to wait, but now is another time and his people needs him. Not very legal, but that's something only the spanish King can do without upsetting his subjects.
In general, I don't understand the silence of the european royals regarding these problems. Are they blind? deaf? can't they see the obvious. They can't possibly be all Bilderbergers or just be interested in frivolous life.

once more said...

If the European royals, especially those in the northern part, did such things they'd be torn to shreds by the MSM and the political elite. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

The signs actually referred to a non-existent Royal Anglican regiment. I am sure you can appreciate the mis-spelling.