Sunday, 14 November 2010

Irony, or what?


Anonymous said...

Gee, Dorothy, if its Sedgwick County, we must be in Kansas!

Love the picture...Toto must be in jail...

Anonymous said...

There used to be an Oulaw Bikers club on the Blackwall Tunnel approach road in London.

Next door was the 'Intensive Supervision Unit' of the Probation Service.

George said...

Probably housed in the same building...

CrystalClear said...

Irony sure - but more like REALITY!

Anonymous said...

love it..... in Chicago we once past a store front church that had its window broken and was replaced with plywood and a crooked hand lettered sign that read THE NEW CHURCH OF THE HOUSE OF PAIN. John old rtd. chicago copper.

Anonymous said...

I guess we're entering the silly season, now - and not a moment too soon. If you need proof that you can take the negroid out of the ghetto, but ...

Go here:

And watch (shudder) Michelle O'Bongo adjusting her dhimmi clothing.

I love the way the oh, bummer's grasp every photo-opportunity to look like a pair of utter prats.


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Wot? No sign of Michelle's broomstick?

kulak said...

The nice thing about the Mexican invasion is these signs will eventually be in Spanish.

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note, I think you'll enjoy this ...

Go here:-

(A very good blog, BTW), and read "The New Illegal Immigration Problem - American Liberals Invade Canada"

Says it all, really.

On a more serious note, Savant, I have read a few headlines referring to Ireland's looming balance-of-payments crisis and refusal to accept a bail-out.

Any opinions from one on the ground, so to speak?


Uncle Nasty

kulak said...

Now here's irony.

Everybody wants to be white, but this couple took things just a little too far!

Anonymous said...

When stupidity, like bad behaviour, has no consequences, this is the sort of thing you get:

"A Sunday Telegraph investigation can reveal that senior Foreign Office officials have held detailed discussions with a British security firm employing former members of the Special Boat Service (SBS) about setting up and running the operation.

The controversial plan – indirectly funded with aid money from British taxpayers – will see the ex-special forces team sent to train Somali nationals to take on the pirates along the country's lawless coastline. "

Go here to read the whole sorry story:-

Will these Pommie Pols NEVER learn?

The reason that the Mexican drug cartels now have a body count in excess of 30 000 is because they were trained and now behave as para-military units.

Aaaaand who trained them? Why, the DEA and the U.S. Military.

On second thoughts, this is NOT stupidity. Sheer blithering incompetence -- and the law of avarages -- dictate that they get it right half the time.

This, like the feel-ups perpetrated by U.S. Airport security, is spoiling for trouble -- they want confrontation.


Uncle Nasty

Kevin Rafferty said...

Uncle Nasty - this is so very very true. How often have stupid/incompetent westerners have to be at the receiving end of blowback before this particular penny drops?


The solution really is that simple.