Friday, 15 October 2010

Vulnerable youths in Britain

There’s nothing very special about Birkenhead, a town of about 80,000 people across the Mersey from Liverpool. Apart maybe from being home to Tranmere Rovers. So why mention it?
I do so because Frank Field, Labour MP, and now an advisor to the Tory Government on ‘social cohesion’, has pointed out a remarkable fact about this town, and by extension the country at large: There were more violent crimes recorded in Birkenhead last year than in the whole of England in 1960.

That's correct. A town of 80,000 people sees more violent crime today than a country of fifty million did less than fifty years earlier.

Now moving swiftly on, let’s take an article from the Guardian, from its home deep in the heart of Britain’s PC multi-culti fever swamp. (Incidentally, the author disports the ancient Anglo Saxon name of Randeep Ramesh.) Randeep tells us about a new report (from one of the thousands of taxpayer-funded “human rights” quangos) entitled How Fair is Britain. Apparently the report aims to set out how to measure “fairness” in Britain. And you know what? It finds that Britain isn't fair at all. Why? Because it shows that that ethnic minorities are “substantially over-represented in the custodial system” and that “the proportion of people of African-Caribbean and African descent incarcerated here is almost seven times greater to their share of the population.”

Ipso facto, the country isn't fair. And we even have experts and politicians to assure us of this fact. Randeep tells us “experts and politicians said over-representation of black men was a result of decades of racial prejudice in the criminal justice system.”

So that’s the reason! Who could have guessed?

Why are so many blacks bunged up? Well, shaking his head sadly, Randeep, presumably channelling the "experts", talks of the “damaged relationship” between law enforcement agencies and the, ahem, “vulnerable youths” (a.k.a. black criminals) on Britain’s streets. “Evidence of this damaged relationship can be found in the commission’s report. On the streets, black people were subjected to what the report describes as an “excess” of 145,000 stop and searches in 2008. It notes that black people constitute less than 3% of the population, yet made up 15% of people stopped by police.”

So there you have it. That’s the explanation.

If the police stopped checking out the vulnerable youths you wouldn’t have so many blacks in jail! And you know what? He’s right. Because the vulnerable youths would then be out on the streets, doing what these vulnerable youths do.

So there is in fact a kind of crazed logic to this.

This should be seen in the context of figures on crime and ethnicity issued by the London Metropolitan Police. Momentarily escaping their PC handlers, the cops, according to the Telegraph, “show that among those proceeded against for street crimes, 54 per cent were black; for robbery, 59 per cent; and for gun crimes, 67 per cent. Street crimes include muggings, assault with intent to rob and snatching property. Just over 12 per cent of London’s 7.5 million population is black, including those of mixed black and white parentage."

What this shows of course is that the ratios for stop-and-search, criminal activity and imprisonment correlate very closely. As you would expect.

What this also shows, when we take in the figures from 1960, is that Britain has been changed fundamentally and drastically for the worse in the intervening time. The people that would have fought Hitler to the last man to protect their lands and heritage have now handed them over to a different group of foreigners who neither look nor act like native British people, who represent a huge financial and social burden while show not showing a scintilla of gratitude or appreciation.

Ah, yes.

If you're in a masochistic mood, I've already written some more stuff on Britain’s self-destruction here.


J Bull said...

England is truly f*cked. We were lead by the nose into the disaster.

Anonymous said...

What has the British government been thinking for the last few years as they allowed their island nation to turn into a multicultural shithole? What in God's name were they thinking??? What did they think the end-result would be???

Anonymous said...

Randeep tells us “experts and politicians said over-representation of black men was a result of decades of racial prejudice in the criminal justice system.”

That clanging noise you hear is my jaw dropping. I am beginning to despair.

Your site, Savant, is, I feel one of the sharpest tools in the arsenal of "Wake-up" material on the net. But, -- oh God -- so slowly.

What do you, or any of the posters for that matter, feel is the proportion of slowly-awakening realists to the hypnotized masses sleepwalking into the abyss?

This is a serious question to the NG, by the way.

How many here have figured out the percentage of ALL their friends, relatives, workmates and acquaintances that fall into the (A) "Awake and furious" category, (B) "Waking up or becoming concerned and beginning to ask awkward questions", (C) "Confused and terrified" and (D) "Eternally Comatose" categories?

For me the percentage is about

A=12% B=8% C=30% D=48%

And this, in a country that seems to NOT have too many immigration issues ... although who knows what we are NOT told?

Seriously, what does everyone else feel? Are we winning? Are we losing? Are we winning so slowly, that it makes no difference anyway?

Are we doomed?


Uncle Nasty

Master of Cohesion said...

This is again blatant racism!

The troubled youths in the UK only need understanding and a healthy pat on the back on their way to becoming fantastic and constructive members of society.

It has been scientifically proven that stabbing people does reduce one's stress-levels. So these poor youths are only trying to cope!

We should be ashamed of ourselves. We should offer our bodies to these extraordinary triumphs of human civilization, so that they could stab-and-purify. That is the only path to progress.

p.s. Racism! Racism! Racism!

Robert said...

Fighting Hitler was a truly stupid move.

Abu Abdullah said...

By the same token, they need to jail more East Asians to ensure fairness, since East Asians are under-represented in the prison population.

Anonymous said...

I guess there won't always be an England.We have similar statistics here in the U.S.Blacks about 12% of the general population and something like 40% of the prison population.Same BS excuses here too.
What,oh what was England thinking.And Ireland too,for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Spot-on, Savant. But the white British have only themselves to blame for being too gutless to resist. Where's the British Tea Party? Why didn't the Tories get an absolute, ass-kicking majority in the last election? Why didn't the BNP get a bigger electoral share?


pdf1 said...

If you go to the original article on the Guardian you'll read “Although the charge rates for some criminal acts amongst black men are high, black people are more than twice as likely to have their cases dismissed, suggesting unfairness in the system.”

Absolutely correct. The unfairness, however, is that a lot of judges, I’m sure, feel like they have to throw out black cases for fears of being called racists and losing their job.

“I cannot think of anything more vile than racism. The issue here is not racism, it is one of multiculturalism.”

How ‘bout murder, rape, terrorist bombings, armed robbery… Hell I can think of lots of things that are worse than “racism,” why can’t he?

SAVANT said...

Uncle Nasty wonders on the respective percentages for: (A) "Awake and furious" category, (B) "Waking up or becoming concerned and beginning to ask awkward questions", (C) "Confused and terrified" and (D) "Eternally Comatose" categories?

My take:

A: 5%
B: 20%
C: 5%
d: 70%

Island-man said...

For generations, going back to early man, Blacks in Africa got mates and property by violence and aggression, not by intelligence. You're not going to erase those natural inclinations when they come to a civilized society. Hence the madness in allowing them in.

kulak said...

Uncle Nasty --

I don't think we're doomed. Lots of people have forbidden thoughts, but for the most part they remain thoughts.

The question, like with alcoholics, is whether whites high bottom or low bottom.

But it WILL end. Because nobody feeds darkie except for whitey.

Savant --

Eternally comatose == not white.

I hesitate to make prognostications about specific white countries, but in the states I'd say liberals are a dying breed -- they either don't reproduce or mate with non-whites, thus removing their defective genes from the white gene pool. Probably 80% of whites or so know something is wrong on a visceral level, but PC conditioning makes resistance a bit floundering.

When the dam breaks, it'll break BIG. It'll be an avalanche.

Still, even floundering, Soros says he won't stand in the way of an avalanche.

Smart man, he is.

Last winter as I was shoveling snow from my driveway, my neighbor said as he walked by "See? It's just like Wisconsin [where kulak was raised]. Just not as white." Surprised the hell out of me. We shared a big grin.

Little episodes like this give me hope.

SAVANT said...

I hope you're right kulak. I'm just commenting based on the people I know. I posed on this in "I'm with the pessimists". The biggest problem is that they're just not energised. Guess until it hits them directly they won't be. But by then will it be too late?

Krokodil said...
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Krokodil said...

Having lived in the UK for many years I can make the following observation: every time I saw an opinion poll conducted on TV (usually BBC or channel 4) with regards to ethnic immigration, the polls have always shown a fairly clear majority (esp. Whites) who say: no more.

The only poll I can recall where there was a slight majority of the populace going against this trend, was where the question had been asked: "has Britain benefited from other cultures coming to these shores?". As stated, the majority (not overwhelmingly so) of replies were in the affirmative.

Now, bearing in mind that opinion polls have an element of error built into them, I can either accept or be at least skeptical about some of the poll results. However, with regard to the former polls, they consistently were against any further large-scale ethnic immigration, whereas the latter poll was a one off (that I've seen - there obviously could have been more) and might or might not reflect the UK public's point of view.

A couple of observations are in order:

1)Despite a constant bombardment of incessant propaganda by the MSM (especially the BBC and channel 4), whereby if you are against ethnic-immigration or multiculturalism you are at best a reactionary out-of-touch sort and, at worst, a racist/fascist/nazi (take your pick), a majority of the White British STILL don't want all these wondrous "benefits".

2)When the news readers have delivered these results it was clearly noticeable to me how, when the poll results were "wrong", they would typically wear an expression of grave concern, frowning slightly, and conveying the impression that, quite
frankly, these non-conforming racist oafs had not yet enlightened themselves. By contrast, the "positive" result I mentioned, was delivered with a warm smile and almost perceptible nod of the head. Do they just read the news, or is it part of their brief to convey to us how to interpret it?

I have Black and Asian friends. I have Muslim friends. Some of the non-Whites I know are as sound as the proverbial pound, and much better people than VERY many Whites I've known. But an individual is one thing, group identity is quite another. We are not just personal islands - we are tribal by nature. Multiculturalism would seek to destroy or at least deny this fundamental truth - but it won't happen (though the nation-state anarchists might give it a good bash).

What is society without community, and what is community without group or tribal identity? And like it or not, though many on the left do not, race is a very clear form of tribal identity.

J Bull said...

Great post krokidil. So much wisdom, and it reflects my own experiences exactly.

Anonymous said...

from a friend in chicago, england made its greatest mistake by not getting the BNP in.

kulak said...

Savant -- too late for what?

I'm not saying we won't lose a lot. But you gotta pick what you awfulize about. The rest you have to be prepared to jettison, if need be, and suck it up.

When I say the issue is white survival, that anti-racism is white genocide, I'm not joking.

Everything else (mass immigration, Islamification of Paris, etc. etc.), however pressing at one moment or other, is secondary.

Anonymous said...

The negros are nothing but an animal race.
Most wont say it but, WE ALL KNOW IT.
The lack of honesty is a reflection of the brain washing that is so prevelant in our times.
Your article is just another example of the utter foolishness of this whole muti-cult crap.
This is a new form of warfare on the White race.
I, as a White man of middle age am discusted by the tolerance afforded to negros to rape and pillage my race.
Excuse me for being somewhat blunt, but it needs to be said.
Multi cult in White nations=the end of the most prosperous, intelligent, kind race on earth.
This is our donwfall. TOLERANCE.
Negros are not equal to Whites. Get it out of your head you brainwashed liberal idiots. You are sewing the seeds to your own destruction.
Negros are the lowest form of life, it is clear why any nation that hosts these beasts spends countless tax payer money on COMFORTING THEM..
Im so sick of people giving these savages the benefit of the doubt all the time.

N Ackerman said...


Have you read about these attacks by 4 black youths - it seems the Irish Times has now removed the reference to their ethnicity (even though that would presumbably be helpful with identifying the suspects)

"Gardaí are seeking the public's help ... All four are black and are thought to be in their late teens to early 20s. ..."

Gardai investigate Temple Bar attacks - The Irish Times - Fri, Oct 15, 2010

N Ackerman said...

Inconvenient truths : science, race, and crime / John Paul Wright

SAVANT said...

No, I have not read about these attacks. Good. They're starting here right on schedule as the 'happy little learners' of ten years reach, ehem, maturity.

Ben said...

Merkel says that Multi-culturism doesn't work in Germany. Surely the first such comment by a mainstream European politican

I love the Germans

Anonymous said...

It's not even the blacks that are the problem. It is the lazy arse, waste of space liberals, preaching from their leafy suburbs and priviledged media positions. Target them and the problem takes care of itself. One good way to hurt these bastards is don't watch their shit on TV and DON'T pay for TV licences. It's so easy to bankrupt these wankers. Taking an axe to them, is an optional extra.

Anonymous said...

All parents should make this compulsory reading for Liberals and other children:

Essex-boy said...

Sorry - blacks ARE the problem. The TV and other MSM pundits are not mugging and raping us. However, I would dearly love to see those bastards forced to live in a 'vibrant' neighbourhood, get medical treatment from only black medical staff, etc.

Anonymous said...

This thread concerns England, but back to Ireland for a moment.

How in hell were illiterate, illegal brown-skinned Brazilians able to invade Ireland in recent times...specifically Gort??

See these videos and note the young Irish blond girl wearing her yellow "Brasil" t-shirt.

"T" as in impending trophy!

Anonymous said...

What will "wake whitey up" is a drastic drop in the comfortable existence he has grown used to post WWII. When it sinks into the mind of the mobs in Paris and elsewhere that there is no more money no matter how much they march the real violence will begin.

The elites will then turn their heads in the direction of the immigrant hordes to save their own skins. Merkel fired the first shot in this direction only this week. If things get REALLY bad economically in Europe (I think they will) foreigners (whether they were born in Europe or not) will be lucky to be just deported. Interesting times ahead.

Anonymous said...

Essex-boy, yes, they are A problem, not THE problem. Kick the liberals out and you'll soon see your average black(and white)criminal will learn to respect the law again. If they didn't, they would rot in jail, or be shipped out. Simple.

RegThe Hedge said...

N Ackerman said...
I read that article myself and as you say it specified the perps were negros.

Fucking shocking that they would change it.

Essentially they are less concerned with catching the Nigerians than they are about stopping people knowing the nature of the negro.
I mean eight or so years back there wasn't a Negro in the country now the useless pieces of dirt are attacking Irish people. What can we expect in twenty years?

If you look at Europe's history you will see we have purged ourselves in the past. We will do it again. All it takes is hard times.

RegThe Hedge said...

Anonymous said...
17 October 2010 10:30

I agree. I go out of my way to avoid the controlled media. I used to buy the Times on a Sunday and I stopped. I also refuse to pay a TV license since the BBC is a multicultural propagandist. Look at kids tv programs and see the percentage of minorities presenting. Absolutely disgraceful, completely out of proportion. Obviously I don't let my kids watch it.

Californian said...

If Britain is so unfair, then why do all these third worlders want to move there? Why do they not migrate to the rainbow nation of South Africa, where there is a black majority government which treats everyone fairly and that hands out black economic empowerment and all the other goodies?

Essex-boy said...

anon 16.40. My point too and I think Savant who makes the case for the recession to get worse so that it will bring things to a head. I think his expression was 'let the bad times roll'!

Anonymous said...

Did you see that bitch Diane Abbot. Railed against private schools, then sent her son to one of them. She said he be dragged into gangs if he went public (i.e. he'd be mixing with other blacks!)

What a fucking hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Birkenhead have one the lowest black populations in England? Would be interesting to see how crime increased in places like Brixton and Handsworth.

cockney rebel said...

Don't know the population ratios in Birkenhead, but the crime in Brixton etc. must be through the roof.

Thripshaw said...

Reminds me of that prophetic English band the Smiths ("What She Said" 1985)

What she said "How come someone hasn't noticed
That I'm dead
And decided to bury me ?
God knows, I'm ready !"

What she read
All heady books
She'd sit and prophesise

It took a tattooed boy from
To really really open her eyes

By the way, I remember Nick Griffin speaking favorably about Frank Field in a BNP video.