Friday, 22 October 2010

"Three Lords a-thieving"

The headlines always reveal – at least to me – the perps.

“Huge organised welfare scam uncovered”

“Doctor struck off for mis-stating his qualifications”

“Massive consignment of drugs intercepted at [any] airport”

“Father murdered daughter as mother ‘stood by’”

I could go on with dozens of the same, but they all have one thing in common: The perps will turn out to be ‘cultural enrichers’. Invariably. Inevitably. It might be only revealed somewhere in the small print, or emerge months later. But the result is always the same.

However, the headline in last Sunday’s TelegraphExpenses Scandal: Three peers to be suspended” did not elicit a similar reaction. After all, you could count the cultural enriching peers in the House of Lords on the fingers of one hand. And one of these “Lord” Ahmed is already out of the equation, being otherwise engaged slopping out at one of Her Majesty’s prisons - he killed a kuffar woman while texting and driving at the same time at high speed.

To remind you, this is the Pakistani immigrant who, in the finest traditions of parliamentary democracy, threatened to ‘surround Westminster with 10,000 Muslims’ if Geert Wilders were allowed to address the House of Lords. He, who made his money via a string of grimy fish’n’chip shops in run-down Rotherham, described the subsequent withdrawal of the invitation as ‘a great victory for Islam’.

Which it was. And another cringing retreat for the dhimmi Brits.

Anyway, going back to the Lords in question, imagine my surprise when it emerged that all three of the perps were in fact cultural enrichers. And what a motley crew they make. Former Lords like Wellington, Churchill and Atlee must be spinning in their graves as they consider the low-life scumbags who now infest that august forum.

Roll of drums, ladies and gentlemen I bring you……

Exhibit 1: “Baroness” Uddin of Tower Hamlets.

This specimen fled the poverty, violence and corruption of Bangladesh in 1973 and came to Tower Hamlets – which has since been turned into a replica of the poverty, violence and corruption she left behind in Bangladesh. The difference of course being that the British taxpayers (99% white) now provide the wherewithal to keep this little Dar al Islam flush with welfare and community ‘cohesion’ funds.

Quick to spot her chance, the ‘Baroness’ became a ‘community organiser’ (now where have I heard that term before?). Smart move. Because from then on the goodies came her way by the truckload. Finally, the egregious Tony Blair, in a futile attempt to buy off ‘moderate’ Muslims, elevated her to the House of Lords. She refused to adhere to the normal swearing in protocol, preferring instead to loudly invoke ‘Almighty Allah’. Did Churchill do that I wonder?

Once her paws were on the loot she tucked in and in a short time had swindled the white taxpayers of at least £125,000. Probably feels surprised that doing what she had done to become a peer was now frowned upon.

Exhibit 2: “Lord” Bhatia.

This specimen is an Ismaili Muslim from East Africa who made his money in ‘finance’. Yeah, right. While describing himself as, inter alia, a ‘philanthropist’, a closer look at his ‘charities’ shows that they’re almost exclusively focused on extracting funds from the taxpaying kuffars and shovelling them to his own class of colonists. I have in mind here ‘outreach programmes’ to ‘disaffected youth’ (a.k.a. black criminals), ethnic minorities and ‘disadvantaged communities’ (a.k.a. black and Muslim welfare scroungers).

One of his more surprising innovations was the Charities Evaluation Service. I say surprising because this was the kind of thing likely to rumble charities misusing funds. And “Lord” Bhatia was misusing funds big-time. This included £60,000 diverted to his private account and the spending of £10,000 on a ‘research project to Dubai’. I kid you not.

He now faces suspension from the House of Lords but can console himself by retreating to his luxury £1.5 million house in south London.

Exhibit 3: “Lord” Paul

This guy is listed as Britain’s 88th wealthiest man, but this didn’t stop him reverting to his South Asian nature, i.e. scamming, thieving and fraud. I suppose he did feel a bit aggrieved in that his peerage cost him £400,000 (in the form of a donation to the Labour Party) – well above the going rate, and he felt he was entitled to recoup some of his investment. He was also stung for a £20,000 donation to Gordon Brown’s leadership election campaign.

Despite being mired in corruption and controversy throughout his career, he was nonetheless appointed to the Privy Council and made deputy speaker of the Lords. The first, and hopefully the last, Indian to do so.

So there you have it. These were all ‘people’s peers’ appointed by Labour. Now I ask you, how could Africans and Asians be considered people’s peers in Britain?

Oh wait!


Louis IX said...

when you say being raised to peerage to the House of Lords, is 'Peer' a nobility title?
Is a Peer a Lord?
I thought only the Queen could make you a Sir, how come Tony Blair could make you a Lord ?

SAVANT said...

Not too sure about how Bliar worked this. Generally the PM can, on his party being provided with a wad of cash, 'suggest' nominations to HM. This is usually a formality for the Queen.

But there are also Law Lords and religious ones.

Stein4 said...

The crimes comitted by the "Lords" in your post show a disregard for the tax-paying public. These people were only out for themselves.

Are Lords elected in England or are they still appointed? If elected, it will be interesting to see if they are re-elected! In minority areas of the U. S., their representatives are often re-elected after they are found guilty of crimes!

Harriet said...

They have handed back the money they stole but a commoner giving back the silverware he burgled would still go straight to jail.

They should go from the House of Lords to a House of Correction!

Venerable Jeeves said...

If you look at report on "Lord" Paul's claims it states: "Lord Paul explained his interpretation of the term 'main residence' by reference to his cultural background.

"He insisted that 'anyone coming out of India would not understand what main residence means'.

God isn't he an awfulold fool. amazing how he made £800 million.

Anonymous said...

Pity me, I live in Tower Hamlets.


Anonymous said...

Richard, is it as bad as our Savant paints it? Reticence is not his strong point!

Henry IX said...

Seeing as those scum are prepared to rob the hands that feed them they should be subjected to a full and vigorous audit by the Inland Revenue.

Krokodil said...

So, what IS the going rate to get into the house of Lords?

I want to see if I can scrape enough cash together - would one grand do? (Oh, and of course, a couple of quid for a tin of shoe polish).

Failing that, I'm prepared to donate to any party several billion - in genuine Zimbabwean.

I'll start working on my acceptance speech now...

Jose Maria said...

They are right on thinking you are like pigs or dogs, because you are as stupid as animals, they kick your ass and you don´t return the kick, according to their minds you are cowards and stupids and you deserve it.
Sooner or later they will rule your country and they include your wome

RegThe Hedge said...

As an aside, has anyone noticed how the lifeblood was drained from the Angela Merkel story. The news of her stating Multiculturalism was a complete and utter failure was reported and then not a peep more.

A fundamental change of direction such as this from the leader of the third biggest economy in the world and no follow ups?

It is this blatent suppression of awkward news that has me totally convinced that there is some international (reads - western) administration hierarchy at work here.

Think about it folks.

Bemused stare said...

@ Jose Maria

That was very inciteful Jose, but I can't help thinking that being polite might have been constructive over here. Would you care to elaborate on that statement? I am sure some would love to engage you.

Jose Maria said...

Yes, what I mean. You stupidly take all shit they give you, so then of course you seem as stupid for them. Fight back. Fuck them!

Bemused stare said...

I see Jose. You are completely correct. By the by, Are you Spanish?

kulak said...

This is a simple cultural misunderstanding.

Lords have ALWAYS been thieves in some way (though perhaps that is not all there is to them.) THAT is not what is different here.

THESE lords are just stealing in the way that people in THEIR cultures steal.

How ALL of the people in their cultures steal.

Lords do not even EXIST in their culture; THEY all steal in exactly the same way, from the highest of the high to the lowest of the low.

And that is why they can NEVER be lords among US, no matter what we CALL them.

Anonymous said...

Jose Maria,

You are absolutely right. But fighting spirit is one thing which seems to be sorely missing among Europeans these days. Look at the wonderful national spirit of Chile, as they recently rescued their trapped miners - and compare to the faggacious wilting weakness of the UK, France, etc.


Anonymous said...

Jose Maria said...

"Yes, what I mean. You stupidly take all shit they give you, so then of course you seem as stupid for them. Fight back. Fuck them!"

I have to agree, Jose. But there are a few small problems. You can't just necklace the first traffic warden you see ... it causes comment.

But now I have to ask a question.

Where are you from, and what have you done to fight back? More to the point -- how successful have you been. You personally, I mean.

I am not asking for an address and phone number of course.

Just a country will do.


Uncle Nasty

Jose Maria said...

I am from Portugal. We do not take shit from immigrants here. This you can chek out. Wo do not have so many come here and so many do not want to stay in Portugal.

Anonymous said...

Bom Dia Jose Maria. I've been to the North of Portugal a few times and was impressed by the lack of chaos causing immigrants there. Life is orderly, people dress well on Sundays and parents really love their children. The few blacks I did see in Porto seemed to be well behaved and integrated. There was only a few, no critical mass of immigrants. All in all I like Portugal very much. I wonder was Portugal saved form the evils of liberlaism by the dictatorship of Salazar.

kulak said...

Re: Portugal

50000 muslims. 1000 jews.

This is proof they have no money. Nobody will demand reparations from Portugal.

The Catholic church may yet screw 'em. The complexion of immigrants changed in the 1980s. in 1999 they got an anti-racism law. Give it 20 years.

Truth is Portugal is fairly mixed already. Portugal imported slaves, and mixed with them, quite some time ago. Thus their atypically low average IQ score, for Europeans.

That may actually protect them a bit. They might not be smart enough to genuinely FALL for anti-racism, despite the law.

Louis IX said...

"1000 jews.
This is proof they have no money"

yep, zero jews in the Yanomani amazonian tribes.

G.G. said...

mmm.... Lioux IX. Could also mean they have no money BECAUSE there are no Jews there. Just a thought.....

Anonymous said...

I live in benighted Tower Hanlets which has just elected a genuine mad Muslim as a Mayor. The Evening Standard has exposed this nutter, one Laghfter Ruffmann, for what he is but 20 odd thousand Bengali Muslims voted for him anyway.

Turn out was 23 per cent. Re British grandparents rasing mixed race grand children. There must be tens of thousands in London doing this in London. About ten years ago a drug crazed mixed race grandson raped and murdered his English gradmother in Bow, East London. Paul, London

kulak said...


Could also mean they have no money BECAUSE there are no Jews there.

Why is Israel so poor?

Everybody does better in a white society.

Why do Chinamen do well in America?

They don't have to deal with CHINESE corruption.

G.G. said...

kulak - you seem to suggest that Portugal is poorer because there are no Jews there. That in fact was my point but I'd be surprised, given your track record, if this were what you had in mind. (Full disclosure - I'm Jewish).

I think the issue of Israel's 'poverty' is hopelessly mishandled in your reference. First, annual GDP of $36,000 compares very favorably with most countries, second, we're a war economy (not by choice), and third there's a largely unproductive Arab population (about 20%) drawing down the average. As they do everywhere, of course.

Robert said...


Anonymous said...

As far as I know Portugal is also not involved in any wars.

This is also a benefit of haveing a very low percentage of jews.

Another benefit would be cultural cohesion. No jewish activism and nation wrecking practices that are ever so prevelant within jewish circles.

If you notice, nations without a large jewish occupation have a great level of national pride.

Anonymous said...

Kulak said,

Truth is Portugal is fairly mixed already. Portugal imported slaves, and mixed with them, quite some time ago. Thus their atypically low average IQ score, for Europeans.

That may actually protect them a bit. They might not be smart enough to genuinely FALL for anti-racism, despite the law

This is intresing to say the least. Ive pondered this for some time.

In fact the lead race of jewish empowerment is lead by the White race. The lead race of blind shabbos goyim are White.

I myself am White and I find it disturbing that my own would put down another culture that doesnt further the jewish thieves.

The Portugese are not as smart as the White nations of Europe? The same nations that are the bitches of the jews? HUMMM.

Something doesnt add up here. How are the Portugese stupid by keeping jew controll outside of there sphere of everyday life??

Lets reanalise this volks.

Last I checked the UK, Ireland et al. of Europe has been importing cheap labor from mud nations. Their populations are rapidly losing racial purity. Yet no one seems able to stop the flow.

And the cultures are going to pure shit. Not in Portugal though.

So which nations are stupid??

Anonymous said...

anon 6.29. You must realise that the Portuguese are not doing this deliberately - it's not a policy on their part. This is happening for a number of reasons, but a formal "keep jews out" policy is certainly not among them.

Anonymous said...

8 26
So what policy is in play?
Explain, Im very intrested in how a major nation with coastal intrests is ignored by jews.
Perhaps the people of said nation?
Portugese people are a rogue people of Europe.
Maybe they have figured out something others have not.
They dont speak Spanish or English for good reason.
More power to them, more power to Iran and any other nation with a low population of jews.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Savant,

You run a great site here, Free thinking men and the topics of our time.

Views differ, but the one thing stays constant.

Civility and the sharing of information.

God bless and keep up his work Sir.

Master of Cohesion said...

These poor people were lured in the wicked ways of the white man BY the white man! Do not blame these examplary citizens for any of your own wrongdoings! Have you no shame?


SAVANT said...

Very nice to hear, anon 10.18. Thank you!

Bowery boy said...


We need some of those. FAST!

Californian said...

You run a great site here, Free thinking men and the topics of our time.


Anonymous said...

@Paul 18.30, what were the names of the grandmother and the mixed race grandson who raped and murdered her ten years ago? Funny how these things aren't given more coverage in the mainstream media.

SAVANT said...

Thanks Californian. Gives me motivation to continue. Spead the word, as Google has cut the site out from their search engine.

Anonymous said...

SAVANT said...

"Thanks Californian. Gives me motivation to continue. Spead the word, as Google has cut the site out from their search engine."

Once again, the word "incandescent" comes to mind.

Liberals -- exemplified by Google in this case -- share a characteristic with anopheles mosquitoes and small yappy dogs.

They will never, ever, EVER just leave you alone. And then they are utterly amazed when you finally swat them -- or in extreme cases, boot them over the fence.

God, I hate them.


Uncle Nasty

Bemused stare said...

When it comes to corruption, you guys are like boy scouts.