Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Shocking news!

I'm sorry to be the bearer of dreadful tidings, but there's no getting away from it. Germany and the US are at war again! In effect, how can I say this, but WW II has resumed.

I learned of this shocking development from the AP news syndicate. Their banner headline says it all.

US Drone strike kills 8 German militants in northwest Pakistan

Now on first reading this I thought there had been a repetition of the famous case where Japanese soldiers, lost in Borneo, continued the war for forty years after its supposed ending.

.But that was clearly not the case here. I say this because Konrad Freiberg, head of the German police union, told the Passauer Neue Presse in its Tuesday edition that "ever more Germans are traveling to Afghanistan and Pakistan for militant training, and a large number of them have returned and are living here."

So the obviously know that WW II is officially over - yet they continue to fight on!

The only upside is that the neocons and the Israeli Lobby will be thrilled at the prospect of another war, and the chance to get even with the old enemy at last.


anthem said...

My belief (hope?) is that the MSM are making themselves increasingly incredible with this kind of nonsense. I know people who laugh at this kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

More to the point, I don't think many people are aware that Germany, this week, made the the last payment in her war reparations ... for World War One.

Over ninety years later.

Not bad eh? You get dragged into a war started by someone else, get betrayed into losing it, just when you are actually winning it -- and end up being blamed for the whole catastrophe -- and you are the only one who pays all the bills.


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Savant, i have noticed in your rants that you must be a person of great magnetism, physical strengh, a just a real dominate all around ass kicker.I would like to come to Ireland and get dominated, tied up. duct taped and humiliated and then given a enema on a busy street corner during evening rush hour, naked of course, no kinkeness please sir Savant.

Anonymous said...

You'll hunt high and low in any UK media to find that they didn't take a wrong turn on their way to Oktoberfest:

"Five German rebels of Turkish origin and three local militants were killed in the strike," a Pakistani security official said late Monday.


Californian said...

By "Germans" surely they can not mean German Muslims...?

SAVANT said...

anon 4.04. No problem, but please send photo - with as little clothing as possible. I think we could make sweet music!

Anonymous said...

I believe these 'Germans' don't eat schweinkopf.

Piet said...

That's a very, very interesting observation, Uncle Nasty. I wonder will the Germans ever wake up to the extent to which they've been - and still are - jerked around.

kulak said...

LOL! Veddy good Savant.

OT: Anyone know the name of Obama's National Security Advisor?

Somebody has a sense of humor!

Bemused stare said...

I am inclined to do the eisbein test in such cases. Eisbein served all around at my table, and any "Germans" who suddenly have no apetite get a closer look.

Anonymous said...

you do have to admit tho that the germans had the smartest uniforms, especialy the black ones with the red swastika arm band and the silver eagle and deaths head emblem, thanks Moishe old ghetto secret pork eater.

Anonymous said...

"Savant, i have noticed in your rants that you must be a person of great magnetism, physical strengh, a just a real dominate all around ass kicker.I would like to come to Ireland and get dominated, tied up. duct taped and humiliated and then given a enema on a busy street corner during evening rush hour, naked of course, no kinkeness please sir Savant."

Please, if this happens, give us a date and venue.

I, for one, will definitely buy a ticket.


Uncle Nasty

pissedoff said...

How many people are actually fooled by this PC bullshit? I guess not 1 in a 100.

Robert said...

Admirable people:


Anonymous said...

don't be too sure. Half the population are on the left side of the Bell Curve to some degree.

Anonymous said...

pissedoff said...

"How many people are actually fooled by this PC bullshit? I guess not 1 in a 100."

A question I have often asked myself. Going with the Pareto principle, I would say 80% know -- deep in their hearts -- that it is pure bullshit.

But 80% of that 80% have fallen into the trap of doublespeak, doublethink and (my favourite) cognitive dissonance ... and like Pavlov's dog, snap to attention and salute when the PC trumpet is blown. It's simply easier.

Pardon the mixing of metaphors, but you know what I mean.

80% of the remaining 20% are terrified of the tar-brush and know that their jobs, long-term careers, even personal safety depend on the low profile.

It's the last few percent who feel that they have literally nothing to lose who make the most noise.

And this is the downfall of PC. For, as the amount of people with nothing to lose, grows, so, will action be inevitable.

And what do I call action? The day when (say) some High-Viz-Jacketed council jobsworth in Britain whips out his pencil to slap a thousand pound fine on an OAP for dropping her hanky and is grabbed, beaten to death and set alight by a crowd of ordinary people using cricket bats. Terribly English, I think.

Now that is what I call sending a message.

I am no admirer of Kennedy ... even though I feel that if he were reincarnated today he would be regarded as to the right of Bush. But one of his supposed quotes has alway fascinated me ...

“Those who make peaceful change impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Of course Kennedy was bolstering what was then the left -- but the sword has two edges.


Uncle Nasty

twin cities realist said...

Implicit in what Uncle Nasty is saying is that there's a breaking point, i.e. where the dam restraining the people's festering grievances finally yields.

Problem is, I see little evidence of such (festering grievances) at least here in the US. Maybe, as he says, it's cognitave dissonance, which in turn implies that nobody, including those cognitavely 'dissonanced' knows the depth of the inner turmoil.

My own view is that bread and circuses are keeping the masses lobotomized and compliant. At least for the foreseeable future.

Anonymous said...

Twin cities realist, I think Americans still think they are living in a democracy and their vote means something. However, more and more are waking up. The fireworks can't happen until people realize there may be no other way to fix things.

twin cities realist said...

I think you are right that 'more and more are waking up'. I think so too but I often wonder whether I'm just projecting my own wishes onto others. Thanks for the reassurance.

Reactionary_83 said...

Another rule of multicultism. Non-europeans can be can be considered fully European but the opposite cannot be true, no matter how long the Europeans have been residing in a non-european country. This reminds me of an interview given by J. Paxman to Nick Griffin. NG said that someone of African descent (I think) can be civically British but not ethnically British. JP seemed to find this hard to swallow. If NG asked him if, say, PW Botha was ethnically an African, this PC wimp would have told him that was absurd. If the interview was live the double standard would be apparent for all to see and JP would have been exposed as just another brainwashed hack who is incapable of thinking independently.

Anonymous said...

A simple but important defence against the (mainly Jewish owned) MSM NewSpeak of "British" Muslims or "German" Muslims is to simply refer to Muslims as they refer to themselves - citizens of the Nation of Islam.

They are of the Dar al Islam, and all others are of the Dar al Harb. They do not view themselves as German or British, except for convenience, but as Muslims, and work as a community to end the existence of Germany as it exists now. How then can they be German? those who seek to abolish Germany in favour of yet another theocracy? They are not Germans, irrespective of where they were born. They are citizens of the Nation of Islam, temporarily residing in Germany. Or at least, it had better be temporary, or Germany shall cease to exist as surely as Byzantium ceased to exist.


Anonymous said...

Eustace Mullins said that the occupation of Germany since 1945 has never ended. They've still got American and British troops there. More white soldiers performing tasks not in the interests of their people. There's been speculation that Turkish police are going to be brought in by the German government to patrol the Turkish urban areas in Germany. That's how much beaten into the ground the Germans are. The most brilliant white nation they were. Is it a coincidence that they're the most battered.

Anonymous said...

The one thing all minorities fear is white solidarity. A return to the late 1800s when white men clasped hands in victorious brotherhood and straddled the planet as overlords. If they'd only desisted from WW1...