Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Now this IS bad news

Over at the Huffington Post they wetting themselves at the news that “Slovenia elected its first black mayor on Sunday, an immigrant from Africa known as the "Obama of Piran," the town where he lives.” Adding “Peter Bossman, a Ghana-born physician, could be the first black mayor elected anywhere in his region of Europe.”
What joy!
Now I spend a lot of time in Eastern Europe and one of the reassuring things about it is that lack of vibrant diversity. Now I had attributed this to a number of factors: People in that region not being contaminated by cultural Marxism PC bullshit (they’ve had quite enough of Marx, thank you very much), language difficulties for the cultural enrichers, and last but by no means least, not very generous welfare systems.

So what happened here? In fact I know Piran well. An absolutely gorgeous town of about 15,000 people perched on a peninsula jutting into the Adriatic, ancient, narrow, winding cobbled streets, scrupulously clean. So what are they doing electing an African to lead them?

Well, I think the explanation can be gleaned from local ‘political analyst’ Vlado Miheljak. He informs us that the vote in Piran was a test about whether Slovenia was "mature enough to elect a nonwhite political representative."
You see, the big Achilles heel of the Eastern Europeans is, well, that they are Eastern Europeans. Specifically they see the east as a relic of communism, dowdy, poorer, and much less ‘advanced’ than their western counterpart. This is very very obvious to any regular visitor. They almost squirm if referred to as “Eastern” Europeans.
So as they look enviously west they see the place overrun with cultural enrichers, enjoying all sorts of ‘advanced’ legal entitlements, and occupying a variety of prestigious posts. Therefore they will take pride in showing how progressive and civilised they are by electing this guy.

Time will tell whether it’ll be a flash in the pan or the start of the destructive trend that now plagues the west. Maybe if the mayor replicates what happens elsewhere, namely encourage a flood of blacks to into the town, the good citizens of Piran might gain an insight into what multiculturalism really means, and nip it in the bud.

Here’s hoping.


George said...

Savant, you are right that the Slovenes long for approval from Brussells. However I would not claasify them as eastern europeans. Their historical ties are much influenced by the Venetians, Austrians, etc., more than they were during their relativly brief sojourn with the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, and then as a republic in the doomed Juogoslav entity. Viewed in that light it is not surprising to me (a Serb) that this election has happened. Rest assured that it will be a long time before most eastern Europeans accept intrusions of third-worlders except as footballers.

SAVANT said...

That's good to hear George. What you say is true, but they would see themselves in the sense of being a former Communist block country. In fact the distinction you make is very clear. Slovenes will ALWAYS emphasise that they are closer to Austrians than to the fellow Yogu Slavs, despite the language issue.

Anonymous said...

Needless to say,this guys wife is white. And he can't even speak Slovenian properly.

Hector said...

"And he can't even speak Slovenian properly."

But he has perfected "the money was just resting in my account"

Anonymous said...

How the hell did the black Mayor of Port Laoise top the poll twice? Was his vote entirely Nigerian or did white people actually vote for him.

Anonymous said...


The town in the picture looks absolutely beautiful, The Orc in the foreground looks about 3000 miles out of place.

Hector said...

anon 20.05. He wasn't directly elected mayor of Portlaoise. He was elected to the Council (huge numbers of Nigerians in Portlaoise) and was then elected by the members.

Those who voted against him had to grovel to explain that their opposition wasn#t motivated by the R word.

It's been well established he's here illegally, but who worries about things like that.

Savant has several posts on this guy. His name is Rotimi something.h

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm...even in America the proportion of non-whites holding elected office is low. Look at the Senate. In the EU it's even less.

kulak said...

Rest assured that it will be a long time before most eastern Europeans accept intrusions of third-worlders except as footballers.

Now George, did you learn nothing from Savant's previous post?

I'm only half-joking. Dixie resisted integration in sports, too.

The whole tenor of American football has changed.

I say this as a former pro football fan. It's just too negrified now.

If it really makes no difference in soccer, so much for soccer.

Master of Cohesion said...

As long as EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN in that backward, deplorable country is NOT BLACK (or at least very, very brown), the whole continent is shameful and should pay reparations for things that occured generations ago AND publicly consume goat-feces as a part of a proud ritual of mankind's most advanced forefathers.

Magnum said...

I honestly can't imagine why they elected a black mayor. The decision was certainly influenced by the same people who promote multiculturalism, but as I gather from comments on local websites people are excited because they like „new and exotic things“. In Croatia, we have maybe 10 blacks in the whole country, and half of them became TV stars upon immigration. People like them because they are different from the native population, things like competency for the job is not important. Let's not even start discussing hostile gene pools.

You summed the situation in Eastern Europe (or more specifically the Balkans) well, but whatever some people say to you, know this - people are almost the same as in the rest of the Europe -brainwashed by the media to think that multiculturalism and all that goes with it is the only way we can live. The only reason we don’t have flood of African immigrants at our door is because our countries are much poorer that the neighboring countries like Italy, and they know it’s better to be without a job in richer countries.

Piet said...

What an incongrous picture. First thing I thought when I saw it was 'what's that porch monkey doing in a place like that?'. Then I find out he's mayor!

Anonymous said...

Magnum - I suppose those "TV stars" have knocked up a large number of your local airheads by now?

Rob said...

The one who got to be mayor of Portlaoise lied his way into this country, claiming asylum when in fact he'd been living in England for a couple of years and came across from there, having no doubt heard the astonishing news that we're even bigger mugs over here.

He was given an interview by Lemming Central (aka the Irish Times) and guess how many questions they put to him about his questionable past?

clogheen said...

This Rotimi guy knows full well that he won't be called to account. Everone has looked the other way when some guy who worked with him at LT flushed him out. This is a disgrace, but what would you expect here?

Anonymous said...

I know why they voted him in. They see what a brilliant job black government officials and mayors do everywhere. 'We want a bit of that' !!!

Anonymous said...

Of course A "physician" from Ghana is barely qualified to wash test tubes in the civilized world.

Reactionary_83 said...

Richard Lynn once said that as USA and W.Europe decline and undergo decivilization the torch of civilization will be passed to Eastern Europe and NE Asia. I had my doubts about Eastern Europe because their very low birth rates would eventually leave their borders indefensible. As it turns out, They're not even going to bother to defend them anyway.

George said...

@Kulak, yes, I understand what you say. The US,however, has a large underclass of blacks (legacy of slavery). They have been allowed to become a force in professional sports through skewed college addmissions where their only purpose is to hone their sporting skills, all well and good. In easrern Europe we are not saddled with a large underclass that is unemployable (we are all underclass inhabitants). We do have a sizable number of gypsies, but they are not athletically inclined.

Woden said...

George - I forecast that once 'eastern' european income and welfare levels start approaching those of the west you WILL start to develop "a large underclass that is unemployable"

AFricans are watching and waiting, and will go where free goodies are easoiest to get.

Anonymous said...

Piet said --- First thing I thought when I saw it was 'what's that porch monkey doing in a place like that?'. Then I find out he's mayor!

Exactly the same reaction from me, even if my words would have been a little more charitable!

Cultural pessimist said...

Here Srdja Trifkovic laments the westernization of Eastern Europe and explains the forces behind it.

Woden said...

@cultural pessimist. This is a very VERY interesting linl. Thank you.

eh said...

I commented on this story here.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. But again, we had a part Gypsy president in my country in the person of that loathesome idiot Iliescu.

There will be a cold day in hell though when we will have an African president or mayor though.

Hector, why the heck did Portlaoise import Nigerians? I doubt they were needed for their scientific brilliance.

kulak, I rooted for the Spanish national team over Germany because Germany isn't really German. But yes, I hardly watch football anymore. When clubs no longer have ties to the communities in which they operate and when national teams are multinational teams, it's pointless to watch. Ok, and the owner of my team is an idiot.

Magnum, here we have a few African 'stars' too. But people don't really consider them cool. Quite a lot of us see them as socially inferior to us.

Anonymous, we have this guy:
I don't mind him that much though(the chick is his girlfriend). He actually isn't a dysfunctional idiot, but that's probably because he's already half Romanian. :P Our Africans aren't quite bad - they're all students and if they don't get good grades, they get thrown out(I think this is why I always see like the ten African students my university has in the library lol).

Still, the biggest problems for Eastern Europeans is that we think the West is good, not that it's an unmitigated disaster. So we try to emulate the West.

Also, unlike in the West, we had, for example, a demographer on TV explaining why we have low birth rates and he even mentioned how idiotic Sharia is(lol). But yes, if things don't change in the West, we will eventually import the insanity. We do have a TV show that has Gypsies who achieved squat in life, but in my circle of friends, at least, we make fun of the people on that show if we're to watch it.