Thursday, 7 October 2010

The MSM outdoes itself

I've written a lot lately about the grotesque lies and distortions peddled by the MSM. But I see in the South Africa Sucks blog that they have outdone themselves over there.

They published the picture below as the lead in to a horrific story on infant abuse by a psychopathic mother. As you can see from the image, both mother and infant are lilly white. But, assuming you follow up on the story (many won't, for a variety of reasons) it becomes clear that both victim and perpetrator are in fact coal black.

Seriously, how can these editors and journalists look themselves in the mirror? They're betraying, in the most egregious way, the most fundamental principles of journalistic integrity. And can you just imagine the reaction had they reversed the 'colour scheme'?


Anonymous said...

how can these editors and journalists look themselves in the mirror? They're betraying, in the most egregious way, the most fundamental principles of journalistic integrity.

They're Niggers thats how !

Tallgrass said...

I observe the press with a somewhat jaundiced perspective, I hate it basically. I can not count on getting anything from ANY news service that accurately represents anything.

Piet said...

I doubt very much if the journos in SA are mostly 'niggers'. Or has BEE gone that far in my absence?

Anonymous said...


kulak said...

Seriously, how can these editors and journalists look themselves in the mirror?

That's not actually a problem for blood-suckers.

kulak said...

And can you just imagine the reaction had they reversed the 'colour scheme'?

The complementary dirty little secret is that every editor and journo believes that all babies can and should be treated the way whites treat their babies.

Be careful not to implicitly agree, Savant!

Babies aren't all the same. Asian babies stop crying soonest, for example, when comforted.

Black babies are black business.

Anonymous said...

The point on commercials is well taken. It always amazes me that a compny trying to sell a product uses black 'goodies' even though they know that 90% of their 'paying' customers will be white. I wonder why they go along with this?

Jack F. said...

Statistics from Screen Actors Guild have shown blacks heavily overrepresented in TV commercials, relative to their numbers in the population. I'm sure this would also be the case in print advertising. In TV commercials, there tend to be characters in the know and characters who are clueless. Blacks are overrepresented out of sight in the former category.

No, SAG hasn't tracked this; but all you have to do is watch TV to see the pattern. And the demographic group most often shown as clueless? White men. If you don't see this as propaganda, you haven't studied propaganda.

Henry IX said...

This reminds me of a series of ads for some hotel group in England. It showed a couple of jigaboos cavorting around the room. How the hell was this supposed to act as an inducement to potential customers?


jame1 said...

Why would marketers choose to depict their target market as people more likely to steal you car, ID or wallet rather than those who truly have expendable income for cars, retirement planning and dining out.

RegThe Hedge said...

I actively discriminate against advertisements that use non whites. If non whites are selling the product I won't buy it and I'll make sure the wife doesn't buy it.

Anonymous said...

Just on the topic of advertisements, it was refreshing to see the new Denny's meats ad the other night. Lots of happy, wholesome, white Irish children and not a black blow-in in sight. Well done Denny's!

Bemused stare said...

"And can you just imagine the reaction had they reversed the 'colour scheme'?"

Don't worry, they regularly do. Take these two links,
First we have the headline blurb, showing poor dear black woman being ignored in her plight.

Then we get to the meat of the story and anyone who is even familiar with SA will know the woman is in fact white.

Here's a tip for overseas readers, "I told my son to hold his puppy, Kassie, tightly". Little Afrikaner boys own puppies called "Kassie", butt dumplings don't.

SAVANT said...

This comment thread has veered off into the issue of advertising, but it's a very interesting concept. I've often put myself in the position of a maketing executive desperately trying to sell some product or service. I know that 90% of my potential market are whites, and the 10% blacks, as someone else said, are morelikley to rob and pillage rather than buy.

So what must I feel when the ad agency brings in a PC production? Go back to the hotel advert referred to by Henry IX. I saw this as well. How could any sane hotel chain sales manager believe that using blacks to promote the chain if effective? In fact, again if he's sane, he'll know that the polar opposite is true.

Would not any normal white person (90% of the market) say, well, I'm keeping well away from THAT chain?

So why does the sales guy go along with it? They're profit-driven enterprise yet they spend a fortune on what they MUST KNOWis at best sub-optimal, at worst counter-productive.

Again, why do they go along with it?

kulak said...

Again, why do they go along with it?

Rule #1: The customer is always right.

Rule #2: If the customer is wrong, see rule 1.

And in this case the customer is always white.

It's not suboptimal for the sales guy if the customer is in on the lie. Many, maybe most of them are not only in on the lie, they DEMAND it.

Their faith is weak.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bemused Stare said , among other things, "... Butt Dumplings."

Thank you for that, BS, I shall put that into my arsenal of imaginative names to call pavement monkeys.

One of my favourites comes from an old friend (Hi, Mark) ... South Africa's national bird -- the Yellow-bellied, velcro-crested Wallet-snatcher. Feel free to steal it.

But, back to the point. I may be able to clarify a few things here, as, back in that Golden Era of the mid sixties, I stumbled from high school (Expelled, actually ... some things never change) through Art school and into the shiny world of advertising -- until the late seventies.

Advertising in the sixties in South Africa was, how shall we say? ... cool. A great game to be in. You worked your arse off with really bright and NICE people who encouraged you to improve yourself. No tall poppy syndrome there. Others enjoyed your victories as much as you did and helped you over your many, many failures. A continual learning process in which, every day, you were encouraged to get just a little better.

The industry running joke of the time was ... "I'm in advertising, but please, don't tell my mother ... she thinks I play the piano in a brothel." Still, and all, it was great fun.

In '76, the agency I was at, became about the fourth or fifth ZA ad agency to be merged with (bought out by) a big multi-national. Oops.

As they say, all good things must end sometime. For me the rot set in when, a few months after the takeover, the announcement was made that we were "beating everyone else into the 21st century ..." or something.

In one fell swoop, the agency hired a new "creative team". An art director who could not draw a stroke, an account exec who couldn't sell pussy to Clinton and a copywriter who could not even spell ... let alone write. To say that the rest of us were bemused at this "All-new, hotshot Creative Team" is to put it mildly.

My life in Advertising ... end Part 1.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

My life in Advertising ... begin Part 2.

The "Yay Team" all had one thing in common, though. They were all politically correct in an era when the term "Political Correctness" did not yet exist, and they made no secret of it. some office wit called them the "Righteous Brothers." One of them (the so-called writer) sported the first real ponytail we'd ever seen -- well, on a so-called guy.

He had even acquired the habit of removing his rubber band, shaking his hair out -- like a girl -- and re-tying it. He was immediately dubbed "Miss Clairol".

All the rest of us thought of it -- if we bothered to think of it at all -- as coincidence.

God, we were naive, then.

One bright spot was Miss Clairol in a client briefing, who kept trying to sell an ethnic campaign to, wait for it, a really tough and single minded jewish chick. The woman finally lost all patience and said:- "Look, pal. Enough of the ethno-bongo crap ... this is for whites, not boogs. When I'm selling to woozies, you'll know it ... because I'll tell you." No liberal, she.

I thought the guy(?) was going to pop a blood vessel. We never got the account, though.

I left the agency world that year, and never went back. You think it's coincidental that advertising, world-wide, took a dive from then on? Nope. The process of decay had begun -- in the seventies.

So ... what is the point? Simple. The sole aim of the MSM -- and advertising IS part of the MSM -- is to advance the agenda. Why do Hollywood and the big TV networks, in particular, keep advancing a left-wing agenda even when it loses them money? Because, to them, money is nothing. Money, they can always get.

Every now and then, of course, they get lucky, like Whatshisname Cameron's POS "Avatar", but these days, enough explosions and flashy-flashy scenery and shiny tech will bring in the Slurpy-sucking sneaker-wearing backward-cap fan-boys with their dollars, and their "Aaaaawsoooome ... Dood."

Power and influence ... that's the aim. When you have power and influence, money comes.

It's us, to whom money is scarce, that money has value. To the power network, money just ... happens. It's like air.

We cannot imagine living without air ... just as they simply cannot imagine living without money.

Sorry about the ramble, but it is Saturday.


UIncle Nasty

Bemused stare said...

The advertising bit grinds my ass a bit, but the outright bullshit regarding news really cheeses me off.

Anonymous said...


apologies if I saw this on your site beforehand. Not that I would ever had bought a Fix-It-Again-Tony in the first place, but after this, make that never.


trish said...

UN - this is thought-provoking, specifically about money not being the primary objective. Could be true. If they can bludgeon/lull us into comatose acceptance they can extract as much money out of us as they want in due course.

Never had thought about that way I must say.......

Anonymous said...

Some very outside the box thinking there kulak. I'm not sure I buy into it, but god help us all if you're correct.

Kanuk said...

From Canada: One of my favorite MSM ruses was the imagery that made the rounds in Canada during the VE-Day celebrations in Europe. The Canadian MSM was given a golden opportunity to work its magic because Stephen Harper and Gilles Duceppe (leader of the separatist Bloc) sat next to each other at several of the functions.

Of the thousands of stills that were available, the CTV made sure that the most unflattering or “conspiratorial” looking images were used. It was deliberate, it was disingenuous, and it was dirty politics from the so-called impartial media. The MSM imagery reinforced the notion of sinister collusion between the two men, which was a theme in Canadian politics at the time.

Jay M. said...

What about the overwhelmingly disproportionate numbers of Black and Latinos who are on death row? Statistically, someone on death row is inevitably going to be innocent. This is perhaps why an astronomical amount of cases are decided on plea bargain, even among the innocent.

In addition, some traditions such as slavery, discrimination, and smoking as a socially desirable trait should be left in the dustbin of history forevermore.

Bemused stare said...

@Jay M.

Statistically there will be one poster on a blog that makes me wonder if dearest slipped some funny dust into my beer.

Uncle Nasty, you make a good point about the money bit. After all, when they need money they simply cook up a story of why you have to fork it over.

Anonymous said...

Reading the TV listings in todays Irish Daily Mail I came across a program on channel 4 called " The Genius Of British Art "

It gets a feature picture in the listings showing the African presenter who is going to examine and interpret Our European Art for us.
His face is supper imposed over one of William Hogarth's paintings depicting a typical 1800 century English street scene.

The presenters is called Gus Casely Hayford an arts critic a former director of Africa 05 an African arts season that was hosted in London. Apart from that I can't find any other qualifications to explain his meteoric rise as an authority on English Art or any other sort of art.
Yet there he is lecturing the English on their own art.

Anonymous said...

Continuing on this slightly "off-topic" venue, I'll admit, this notion of television over-representation of the NON-white kind, in White-based western countries, is one subject I eagerly broach whenever possible.

Most won't touch the subject matter for fear of being tainted with the "R" word, and some, to my amusement will attempt to re-direct my monologue to the containment of much safer subject matters of unimportance.

For Cdn. viewers, ever notice how the vast over-representation of the 2% Blacks (half are foreign-born) hold sway on T.V., whether in commercial advertising or TV roles? (United States is 13% black, and although I've tried researching Ireland's newly "enriching" Black influx, I've yet to find reliable figures.)

Toronto's Black population has now risen to over 8% from about .003% some forty years ago.

How often have you seen Blacks portrayed as criminals on TV? They're almost always placed in distinguished or professional leadership roles who command respect from their White male underlings.

On the topic of real life "Canadian" criminals, check out these photos.

Shootings happen every day of the week and almost all involve Black people. The Toronto Sun newspaper can attest to that fact, even by their scant coverage of said happenings.

Nevertheless, we seriously need to break the strangle-hold that P.C. has over our power of speech.

Bemused stare said...

Anon 17:49

Don't be afraid of that word. Tell the truth every chance you get and let them squeal it at you until they are blue in the face. Every time they squeal it, that word loses a bit more of its power. Keep it up and one day that word will be as taboo as incest.

Anonymous said...

this is standard in the west in theUS. happens all the time. they go to great lengths to hide the illegal aliens and the color, even police sketches of perps have snow white skin when they are brown ( and I mean brown not tanned) or black.
also in the US , they no longer show white people in ads, they show generic brown skinned people that look like the illegal aliens. brown skinned- straight hair- seriously I am in shock if I see a white person in an ad, I didnt know we existed any longer ps
quit letting google slowly torture you, no one posts serious blogs on google anymore

Anonymous said...

ITs mexicans and generic brown people they are peddlingly to inAmerica, They know they are the breeders and the consumers , they only put a black in occasionally and it is a bi-racial black. I went through Redbook magazine and counted 400 images in one issue of Non White European people and about 15 of whites. When you consider that being a consumer it the same thing as a citizen then you can see why congress keeps pushing amnesty and hiding the crimes of illegals. by the way, they are a very ugly race with a lot of african slaves mixed in. short squat heavy featured, hideous mix in the dna pool

pissedoff said...

anon 15.21... are you suggesting that commercial interests are focusing on brown/hybrids because they're the fastest growing market?

Doesn't make sense to me. Whits have all the purchasing power.

Anonymous said...

Okay, let's talk about the MSM. My personal experience.

In 1960 I was a thirteen-year-old growing up in Johannesburg. Thanks to a now-outmoded form of
education, I and all in my class had actually been reading (really!) since about seven. My dad lent me my first grownup Sci-Fi novel when I was nine. He was a keen fan of science fiction.

Anyway. A little incident occurred in a small town called Sharpeville. You may have heard of it.

The gist was thousands (literally) of rioting, screaming spear chuckers who beseiged a small rural police station with the intent of murdering everyone inside.

Just before this, On The 23rd January 1960, an angry mob attacked 4 white and 5 black policemen at the Cato Manor Police station (near Durban); they butchered all the men and mutilated the bodies.

The mutilated bodies, with genitals stuffed in their mouths, were then dragged through the streets by the mob.

Sounds just like Somalia, thirty years later, eh? Some things never change.

On 21 March, a group of between 5,000 and 7,000 people converged on the local police station in
the township of Sharpeville, south of Johannesburg. Later the crowd grew to about 20,000, and the mood turned hostile. About 130 police reinforcements, supported by four Saracen armored cars, were rushed in. The police were armed with .38 revolvers, .303 Lee Enfields and four 9mm. Sten sub-machine guns.

The Cato Manor massacre was pretty fresh in the minds of the cops, so, when the nig-nogs -- after
their fashion -- stormed the station, some of the officers opened fire, triggering a spontaneous fire from other officers.


69 dead pavement monkeys and nineteen thousand, nine hunded odd in dire and urgent need of a laundry. As is so often the aftermath of such events ... nothing left but shit and tennis shoes.

Image here:-

This where the MSM comes in.

A friend, the son of pommie expats, used to lend me his folk's copy of a Brit newspaper that was a digest of all the dailies, bound into one and sent out to Brit expats all over the world ... I think it was the weekly Mirror or weekly something else. Whatever. Best thing about it were the titty shots on page three. Something we weren't used to in South Africa -- they held quite a fascination for a growing lad, such as I.

However. On the front page was the Brit media take on Sharpeville. The usual sob stories about the Cheeeeldren (quite a few of which had cheeeldren of their own) and a photo of Sharpeville with bodies and everything ... heaps and heaps of bodies.

Except that it wasn't.

(Continued later)

Cheers to all,

Uncle Nasty

End of Uncle Nasty MSM Part 1

Anonymous said...

Uncle Nasty MSM Part 2 (Continued)

In the middle of Johannesburg was a green spot called Joubert Park. Not exactly Hyde Park in size, but big enough to accommodate the Johannesburg Art Gallery and the Botanical Garden, with lots of room around. Trees and swings and things ... Johannesburg's green lung. This is where all the yard monkeys who worked(?) in the city would take their lunch break, throw all their lunch wrappers and empty bottles and (you guessed it) sleep for the rest of their break. I should point out that there was a dedicated team of cleaner-uppers who would cart away a full truckload of rubbish every day, after the niggers had gone home.

Well, someone had snapped a picture of these dozy buggers, snoring in the sun and used it in the Brit Weekly whatever -- and said that it was the aftermath of Sharpeville, implying that Sharpeville was a Johannesburg-sized city ... if not a suburb of Johannesburg, itself.

The art Gallery itself was a distinctive structure -- and clearly visible in the background.

I borrowed this and showed it to my folks, who, frankly, were not that surprised, but here's where the fun began. When I returned the paper to my buddy, and pointed out that something was wrong here, his parents flew into me and told me I was wrong ... this was genuine. When I attempted to show them the picture, I was informed that this was an ENGLISH newspaper, and that I'd better watch my step.

The friendship went downhill after that. I was clearly not a fit companion for their little lad, and they would prefer it that I do not come around again.

Bit of a shock at the age of 13, to discover that the NEWSPAPERS can get it wrong. Bigger shock than the truth about Santa Claus.

Ah, well.

Cheers to all,

Uncle Nasty