Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A heartfelt thanks

A heartfelt thanks to all of you who've written in by way of comments and emails to console me during my recent 'bereavement'. Trust me, it's much appreciated.

I'm getting there bit by bit, but I still half expect him to be there when I wake up in the morning and when I arrive home. Even now I find myself talking to him as I'm at my keyboard, as he invariably parked himself at my feet.

Anyway, as I say I'm getting there and will resume posting today or tomorrow.

Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

No need for the inverted comments. Losing a well-loved family pet is most certainly a bereavement.

It's funny because my father has always been very much a man's man, and until a very lovable cat decided to move into his house he wasn't particularly a sentimental man (though had become vegetarian for health reasons - or so he thinks). But he was devastated when she died years later, far more so than when his ancient grandparents died.

If you have a 'proper' pet, like a cat or a dog, they can really become part of the family.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Savant.

Uncle Nasty

Macaw said...

I have a Blue and Gold Macaw that is totally part of my life. Actually I belong to her:)

Piet said...

Yes, I heard recently that parrots can be great companions. Highly intelligent and quite affectionate.

Anonymous said...

I had to put a dog down almost three years ago-I wouldn't come home from work and go home as I usually did-it was just too lonely with him not there-I would go and visit the places we used to go to-get another dog-it is the best thing to do.