Saturday, 30 October 2010

Britain's death spiral

I see that Mohammed was the most popular name for new babies born in Britain last year. This news seems to have let Britons largely unfazed. The unfazing will of course be undone in the not too distant future, but by then it'll be too late.


What has become of the British?


What will become of them?


I lamented this tragedy on this post. By way of comparison, consider the special rules brought in for a golf club directly in the path of the Luftwaffe's attack on England in 1940 - sorry the writing is so small but it's an image taken from a fax. Not much of that sang froid left, is there?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why would you want to beat a German when you have an abundance of niggers infecting the UK?
Germans are the least of your problems.
Dragging out the old Hitler/Nazi situation has no relavence now.
This comment is directed towards 2:22, not to the post.
In fact, I believe, the legacy of Hitler will take on a more positive perspective in the near future.
A nationalist who loved his nation and race.
We are on the cusp of such a man gaining great popularity within White nations that are tired of being screwed in the ass.

J Bull said...

Funny enough, I think the old bulldog spirit is still there, it's just been atrophied by the relentless PC indoctrination from childhood up, from every possible source.

Master of Cohesion said...

The so-called political correctness is a blessing for the UK as well as the entire world. Never before has such an onslaught of an intelligent, self-preservation-enhancing, and astonishingly rational philosophy been unleashed opon a world still in the grip of the middle ages.

God bless Labour, those brave individuals selflessly fighting for a more rational world!

While these brave men and women of Labour et al are bending over and taking things from various interest groups in the bum, what are YOU doing?

Pass them the lubricant, that's all you're good for!

Lazarus said...

Much of the commentariat has described our fear of Islam as 'irrational'

We ARE afraid of Islam, afraid of how it will treat our Grand Children and their children under Sharia Law.

I don't want my little daughter Marth to be forced to wear the veil or eat Halal food and observe Ramadam

kulak said...

Our daughters should of course instead dress like Lady Gaga.

Very few things in life are all bad. On the plus side, Muslims are ridding the schools of Holocaust 'education'.

Remember, no child can be considered properly educated until he has been traumatized by pictures of piles of emaciated corpses.

There's a symmetry about these things. Hitler's problem was he hated Jews more than he loved Germans. So guess what the Marxist Jew's problem is today?

They hate whites so much they don't even notice they're destroying themselves even faster.

Bemused stare said...

"Much of the commentariat has described our fear of Islam as 'irrational'"

I don't see anything irrational in being afraid of your children being used as slaves and your grandchildren being used as sex toys by some griny bag of hair.

guest said...

What I think is if we want to guard our freedom of religion and demand that our religious symbols be protected by law, we should defend also the same rights for Jews, Muslims, Buddhists,...

In a modern democracy it can't be otherwise.

Anonymous said...

guest, you say "modern democracy" is that the same type of charade as 'old democracy'?

Democracy certainly has more credence as a word, than it does as an ideology.

Anonymous said...

Savant, that's a fantastic post but you really must reference it before I pass it around and discover it's concocted somewhere.

Source, please! (Of the 1940 golf club memo)


SAVANT said...

Potgeiter: I've already gone to my source on this who tells me that it's genuine but has been photocopied dozens of time. I've also received assurances from a golfing friend in the UK that such notices actually were posted in golf clubs at that time.

That's the best I can do I'm afraid.

George said...

A local rule allowing one to take cover during a bomb run? Cowardly , I say...