Saturday, 25 September 2010

Spam alert

Google in their wisdom designate about 20% of the comments (to this blog at least) as spam. (Some are genuinely spam). However, they only publish about half of those that I designate as non-spam. The reason I don't know. So apologies to those who've suffered this way. Please resubmit if possible.


Dave C said...

Surely you should be the only one who decides what is spam on your own blog, isn't it rather like having someone else turning away visitors to your home, your mother being stopped at the gate.

SAVANT said...

That's true Dave. However, a small - very small - proportion of them are obviously spam, as identified by the parameters of normal spam filters. Otherwise Google have chosen, as you say, to act as arbiters of what appears on my blog/

Anonymous said...

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Bemused stare said...

You speak of truth Savant. Not allowed mate.

Anonymous said...

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Derek. said...

Sorry to hear about your Google woes savant. On the plus side your blog has more comments, so maybe people are beginning to wake up.

SAVANT said...

Yes, the number of comments and hits overall is going through the roof. I can only assume that this is by (electronic) word of mouth. If so, please keep up the good work, one and all.