Thursday, 5 August 2010

Paying both sides in the war

One of the most remarkable things about Western democracies is how often they pick up the tab for the wages of both their own army and their enemies. A great example was during the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. Almost all of the IRA were on social welfare, so after a busy night shooting it out with the British Army, the survivors would head off to the local labour exchange to collect their money. Then back to combat.

As the previous post showed, strange things happen also in Norway, especially where the Religion of Peace is concerned. Exhibit 1 is Mohyeldeen Mohammad, a ‘Norwegian’ whose parents fled Iran and settled, at taxpayers’ expense, in Norway. In recent times he has loudly cheered the recent deaths of four Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan, issued death threats against two newspaper reporters and then against two Iraqi Kurds for un-Islamic activities. He supports the killing of gays and has threatened Norway with a 9/11 style attack. On November 5th last year he wrote on his Facebook page that unbelievers should have their heads cut off.

At war with Norwegian society then.

Before he became ‘radicalised’ he was just a regular guy. Of course. A friend says that "Molli" (isn't that sweet?) had been a good friend and neighbour, and that they worked together in a grocery store. "We joked a lot and could have a bread war between the shelves after closing time."

Now tell me, how often have we heard the ‘he’s just a regular guy who supports his local football team etc.’ as a defence against a terrorism charge? It begs the question, what Muslims can we trust, if any?

Anyway, he began to travel to Iraq and other countries in the Muslim world a few years ago and came back a changed man. And went on welfare as he devoted himself full-time to his war on Norway Sharia studies. Incidentally, both he and his father resent “the lack of freedom for Muslims in Norway, and that Muslims are treated as second-grade citizens.”

Maybe a return to Iran is on the cards then? But, then who’d pay for the upkeep of this warrior for Islam as he continued to wage war on Norway? Maybe as a ‘Norwegian’ the gov would pick it up anyway.

It’s not as mad is it seems.


Anonymous said...

savant not to forget all the narrow back irish here in the states giving to the ira frornt noraid which the ira took and bought pubs and farms with and laughed at the stupid yanks.

B Boru said...

Now that's a fact, anon.

Zngr said...

Norway has probably the best record of all Nordic countries of "protecting" Islamic radicals who are engaged in the physical Jihad - many of whom are too fundamentalist for MUSLIM countries and would be promptly sentenced to death or thrown into a torture prison.

Hence, they can live in Norway, to protect their human rights. EVEN WHILE THEY PREACH WAR AGAINST NORWAY AND IT'S POPULACE. Hell, Mullah Krekar (and others) actually regularly used to visit Middle-East and Asia to plan and operate terrorist actions and then return to Norway for vacationing.

What's more "amusing" is that even when Norway's supreme court, after years of courting and untold millions spent finally manage a deportation order they NEVER FOLLOW THEM THROUGH.

NEVER. But usually they just forget about even trying to deport anyone.

See, a terrorists human rights might be at risk in their countries of origin and you can't have that.

Now I'll go hide under a table and cry for a while.

Anonymous said...

So amazing - and to think that today's Norwegians are direct descendants of the Vikings!!

Anonymous said...

Nobody in the West will seriously do anything about their cherished Muslim immigrants while the oil continues to flow from Saudi, etc.


Headache said...

@Potgeiter. This is a common (mis)perception in my view. Time and again the arabs have shown their lack of interest in all but themselves. They'll sell oil to the west whether we let their co-religionists in or not, IMHO.

Zngr said...

Haha! You guys think the West MATTERS ANYMORE?

No, it doesn't. China just surpassed Japan in economic output. Which passed any EU country ages ago. EU countries Which are soon behind Brazil etc - they just don't have welfare.

The only thing the "West" (in EU) has is welfare benefits! Hooray!

But as it is by 2025, which is about a couple of days ahead, the whole population of the EU will be only a 6.5% OF THE WHOLE GLOBAL POPULATION. And this isn't just a phobic statement, that's just how it is. This will happen. The end.

Anyone think 6.5% of the population in the world can give free housing and welfare benefits to everyone who enters EU-borders?


It's just not possible. Can not happen. Anymore. Even if the whole EU would turn into UK during Labour - even on OVERDRIVE - IT... CAN... NOT... HAPPEN... There isn't money and housing and free fucking gold or whatever wealth to go around for that! There just IS NOT ENOUGH TO GO AROUND UNLESS EVERYONE IS PRODUCING IT.

It's your and mine guess what will happen then, when it all runs out.

I bet SAVANT has some ideas. But its certainly not free welfare and huge housing & healthcare for East-Africans in West-Europe, in 10 years, because we can't house even ourselves. And guess what happens then? People get angry. And guess what happens then?

I don't want to think about it, and I don't WANT it to happen. I wish for it to go away. But I'm afraid it will happen anyway.

Now I'll go hide under the table and cry some more again, see you guys.

(Savant - pls delete my post before this, the same one but that had less words and made even less sense, thanks)

SAVANT said...

I have some ideas on what might happen. See this post

Maddox said...

If you want to get a sense of how refugees repay western charity, check out this story on how an extended family of Iraqi refugees bilked the Swedish taxpayer of over $10 million!

Anonymous said...

The fascinating thing about 'Sinn Fein' is how left-wing and anti-racist they are these days. They're a joke. They want the Brits out and blacks in. There are Irish Republicans who are anti-immigration like Gerry McGeough and Craobh Gal Greine but they are marginalised. The socialist James Connolly is the only one of the 1916 leaders they mention these days whereas in the past his socialism was downplayed. Patrick Pearse's palingenetic ideas of blood sacrifice is a wee bit too close to close to fascism for them.

Anonymous said...

The thing about these lunatic ex pats is envy. They arrive from a backwards culture to a new place. They see the new nation as a "better place".
The people look differant, behave in a differant way, and its a calm enviroment. A calm place doesnt sit well with these savages.
They envy the civilised culture.
Why can't it be like home? I miss home and want to turn my new enviroment into home.

So I will bring this culture down to what Im used to. All this success makes me feel inferior. So I will ruin it!!!

Anonymous said...

"The Irish Savant" is a neo-con and probably a Jew as well.

Anonymous said...

"The Irish Savant" is a neo-con and probably a Jew as well.


This must be the only post on the blog that you've read. Else you're a deluded freak.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jealousy and deep-rooted insecurity are the root causes of minorities' anger toward Western whites. Just imagine coming from African or Middle Eastern shitholes and seeing prosperous, orderly, & architecturally beautiful societies. Wouldn't the inevitable gut response be one of envy and "why not in my land?" How could they then not feel inferior and pissed off?????

Hector said...

Devalera was an eveil bastard who coldly started a civil war that wrecked the country but had the 'beneficial' side effect of putting the Catholic curch in control of everything.

We know how that worked out!

Anonymous said...

Was de Valera, the illegimate son of a New York Jew? He was supported in the Civil War by a Jew Bob Briscoe and his constitution recognised the Jewish religion.

Fianna Fail, the political party he founded brought the blacks and Muslims into Ireland. Sean Lemass, his successor and father-in-law of Charles Haughey had a Jewish appearance.

Is Fianna Fail Jewish-run? The opposition Fine Gael also has a prominent Jew Alan Shatter and Labour has Ivana Bacik the Queen of Political Correctness who is half Jewish.

Were the Jews behind the assassination of Michael Collins so that their man de Valera would take power? They run America and Britain and most of the world and Ireland is just another part of their empire.

Anonymous said...

Here's news from England. The Daily Mail are the only ones to cover it. I wonder why?
Of course there was "no evidence of a racial element to the abuse".

portumna said...

anon 16.21 - you're going off the deep end trying to link Ireland's recent historical problems to the Jews. You're deluded, and such statements only undermine genuine questions into jewish influence in foisting cultural marxists and the PC nightmare on us.

Portumna said...

anon 16.51: Yes, this shocking story, as far as I can see, hasn't been reported anywhere else in the MSM. and it IS a shiocking story, is it not?

Zngr said...

RE: Savant "I have some ideas on what might happen"

Now, I happen to know that academics from various humanities, philosophy or the sociology department all over the EU are being hired to formulate crazy plans with which to try and solve the puzzle of modern "multiculturalism" and somehow turn around what the Harvard figure Robert Putnam found out after almost a decade of rigorous study - that diversity doesn't work, it UN-WORKS. (And he was a liberal who was trying to prove it works, and as such was pretty bummed about the results but published them anyway because he, at least, is intellectually honest.)

Anyway they're used in projects in which they invariably fail because of their completely euro-centric thinking, that is, "everyone everywhere is the same", and if some ethnic groups display various degrees of anti-social behaviour, anger and resentment they can only, according to the liberal left and intelligentsia, do it for a _reasonable_ cause - even if we don't understand it.

Of course the truth is their anger, distrust and resentment towards the Europeans who welcomed them to live here AND support their existence without asking anything at all in return is anything BUT rational for someone with an European education or upbrining. Some minorities seem to actually, honestly believe they are "entitled" to something special, and that they should be given manna from the heavens just because they exist, walk and breathe - and/or because us whites are mysteriously at fault for ALL the worlds problems, including theirs. So it's lucrative business and a career opportunity, to delve and jump into the diversity industry - one of the few public spending areas which appear to have few or no limits to credit at all in many countries.

Why the fuck won't they hire US? After all, I personally know much more about Islamic and muslim countries and their immigrants than a single multicultural project manager I've met or discussed with. I mean I know a lot of muslims purely on professional or non poltical basis, and I've read the literature that offers a second opinion - which any good science desperately needs, be it physic or social engineerin (Yes, such professions as "multicultural project manager" actually now do exist, fuck it all what the fuck.)

Hmmm. Maybe it's because the whole industry is based on making the problems worse, for purely economical reasons: the more troublesome ethnic minorities you have, the more state funded paper pushers and project managers you need. Hence, it isn't reasonable to hire people who would actually find solutions and remedy the problems. Quite the opposite, the worse it gets, the more funding you will receive. The most PROFITABLE path in SHORT TERM is to make sure the problems become worse and worse until the public treasury runs out. At which point Europe will face such a crisis Enoch Powell's speech proves to be the demagogy of a moderate politician.

Anonymous said...

anon 16.21 - Anythings possible on this insane planet.

kulak said...

The customer is always right.

kulak said...

The guy and the lefties who support his presence agree on something:

The only worthy victory is a victory over white people.

It's like the "Holiday" show at my daughter's last school. The theme was peace, love, and brotherhood. Featured subjects were Gandhi, MLK, some suffragette, a few others.

The only thing the subjects had in common was a victory over white men.

blueboy said...

But kulak - WHY? Why should they hate their own race so much? We all know about the indoctrination, but surely reality must assert itself?

blueboy said...

Zngr - you're definitely right about there being career opportunities in this 'industry'. Just like drugs. If they were legalized untold numbers of lucrative careers would end overnight.

Anonymous said...

I agree with kulak. Cultural Marxists actually hate the white race. The same as some traitirs hate their own country's. Why I'm not so sure.

kulak said...


Nobody hates their own race. Ask them what race they belong to.

They'll say they belong to the HUMAN race, which is an oxymoron.

Christians speak of children of the flesh and children of the spirit. Children of the flesh are basically talking dead people.

I KNOW my sheep and THEY know ME.

If a child asks you what a leopard is, how do you answer?

Do you rattle off a long list of base pairs? No, you don't, because that tells you almost nothing you want to know.

You might open an encyclopedia, describe how leopards look, where they live, and how they BEHAVE.

Much of that behavior isn't in the genes. It's learned.

If you take a leopard cub from its mother and raise it in a human household, it won't grow to know those behaviors.

If you toss it back into the wild, the other leopards will look at it funny, and it won't have much chance of survival.

Is it still a leopard?

The purpose of genes is to propagate. But as far as its genes are concerned, that leopard might as well be dead.

Race isn't genes. Race is SURVIVAL.

This concludes today's Gospel lesson.

Anonymous said...

kulak - you're my hero! You articulate what I'd like to say but can't seem to get it out. Please keep telling it as it is!

Anonymous said...


My comments about Fianna Fail were partly tongue in cheek but both De Valera and Lemass had Semitic appearances. It was strange for such a nationalistic party like FF to have its first two leaders with such foreign sounding surnames, neither was a Gaelic O or Mc or even a Norman Fitz.

De Valera was born in New York, the Jewish capital of the world. Little was known about his father. Even if you accept his father was the Spanish its a strong possibility he had Jewish Converso ancestors just like Lemass may have had crypto-Jews and among his French Huguenot ancestors.

Both de Valera and Lemass shaped modern Ireland and the ultra-liberal Ivana Bacik is an influential voice in Ireland today. I think their foreign origin is very interesting and Jewish ancestry may be common denominator.

It seems that de Valera, Lemass and Fianna Fail laid the groundwork for the final destruction of Ireland which will possibily be led by the likes of Bacik.

B Boru said...

But many other Irish radicals had normal Irish names.

kulak said...


You should now understand why I find the title of Michael Levin's Why Race Matters so hilarious.

Don't get me wrong. It's a brilliant book, and funny, and exactly what I needed to hear at the time I found it. As a stepping stone to where I am today, I consider it a service to the white race.

But it has NOTHING to do with why race matters!

Anonymous said...

Post-war, Jewish groups had great difficulty in getting refugee status for Jewish children, whilst at the same time, a plan to bring over four hundred Catholic Children from the Rhineland encountered no difficulties. The Department of Justice explained in 1948 that:

“ It has always been the policy of the Minister for Justice to restrict the admission of Jewish aliens, for the reason that any substantial increase in our Jewish population might give rise to an anti-Semitic problem. ”

However, de Valera over-ruled the Department of Justice and the one hundred and fifty refugee Jewish children were brought to Ireland in 1948. Earlier, in 1946, one hundred Jewish children from Poland were bought to Clonyn Castle in County Meath by a London Jewish charity. In 1952 he again had to overrule the Department of Justice to admit five Orthodox families who were fleeing the Communists. In 1966, the Dublin Jewish community arranged the planting and dedication of the √Čamon de Valera Forest in Israel, near Nazareth, in recognition of his consistent support for Ireland's Jews.

Anonymous said...

More stuff about de Valera.

Anonymous said...

Here's images of Eamon de Valera. Note the young de Valera looks like Jeff Goldblum's doppelganger.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was coincidental the truly patriotic leaders of 1916 were all executed but de Valera was left alive and then both the (anti-Jewish) Arthur Griffith and Michael Collins die before their time leaving the possibly crypto-Jewish Eamon de Valera take power.

De Valera's 1937 constitution was the first to recognise the Jewish religion. De Valera may well have been a Rothschild British agent deliberately running Ireland into the ground economically making Irish unity impossible.

Lemass then made Ireland over-dependant on foreign investment and the modern Fianna Fail party made matters worse by not restricting mass immigration.

Anonymous said...

As bad and all as the old Irish Catholic Church was at least they were patriotic. Hitler even admired the patriotism of the Irish Catholic Church along with Polish Catholic Church and contrasted it with the German Catholic Church.

The modern Catholic Church however is joke like "Sinn Fein". They are very pro-immigration and anti-racist and see nothing wrong with turning Ireland into Africa.

castletownshend said...

Some interesting stuff here on Dev. Maybe there's something in the jewish theory after all. But my understanding was that his invoking his US citizenship saved his skin at the time.

Anonymous said...

Is Brian Cowen really Brian Cohen?