Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Clever cops

The police in Des Moines have been making some injudicious comments on the recent rioting at the State Fair. According to Sgt. Lori Lavorato said. “It’s all under investigation, but it’s very possible it has racial overtones.”
This was altogether too much for State Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad (what, a black Muslim State Rep in Iowa of all places??? Don't ask!) Cautioning against ‘jumping to conclusions’ he admonished that there wasn’t “enough information to decide if the fights were racially motivated.”

So what prompted Sgt. Lavorato’s outburst then. Well, there were a couple of clues. For example, all the victims were white and all the perps black. And then the same perps were openly calling it ‘beat whitey night.’

Still, mustn’t jump to conclusions - like we would had the races been reversed.

Incidentally, the comments on this incident on the black web site the Grio were almost universally unsympathetic to whitey (400 years of enslavement and all that).

It’s now a simple statement of fact that whites, especially white women, cannot move about freely once a certain black and/or Muslim threshold has been reached. I contrast this to, first the good old days, and second, to those areas still mercifully free (if only temporarily) from such infestations. For example I've spent a lot of time in Prague over the last six months and it’s remarkable to see so many young women out and about, fearlessly, walking or jogging, on their own, on semi-deserted streets, and after darkness has fallen.

Which leads me to a question: Why do we whites in the US and Western Europe continue to put up with the kind of shit I just described? Why do we allow ourselves to be subjected to criminal assault, robbery, rape and various other abominations – why do we not rise up in revolt? Especially given that our taxes are paying the welfare and/or incarceration costs for these bums?

Why are we so cowed and beaten down?

And here’s a concluding point. I don't know the ratio of blacks in Iowa, but I do know it’s probably the smallest of any state in the US. Yet these thugs fearlessly parade their hatred of the host population, and attack them at will. They’ve become so accustomed to kid glove treatment that they’ve lost all fear.

And that leads me to a definite concluding point (this is a real stream of consciousness rant, but the story has totally enraged me). My final point is this. I've come to understand why people we’ve been instructed to hate, people like Southerners in the US and white colonizers in Africa, why these people treated blacks so brutally. It’s now clear to me that they did it because it’s the only language blacks understand. Just as on the African plains, any sign of weakness (e.g. passivity, non-aggression, honesty) is a signal for predation. You showed them strength, or they did for you.

Jesus Christ, it’s taken a long time for that particular penny to drop with me, hasn’t it?


kulak said...

Why are we so cowed and beaten down?

Useless navel-gazing question, IMO.

I've come to understand why people we’ve been instructed to hate, people like Southerners in the US and white colonizers in Africa, why these people treated blacks so brutally.

On the contrary, it was pretty humane, all things considered.

Muslims actually took more black slaves.

Where are their descendants?

pissedoff said...

Will there be a backlash, or is it, are we, too far gone.

Anonymous said...

If there WAS a sensible way to make some kind of reparation (in order to get SEPARATION).. I mean for the real hateful hardcases, I swear,I'd be for it!! Worth the money.
I think that there is more racial tension now than in the past 40 years.
The 'election' of that arrogent prick was like picking at a scab.

Anonymous said...


I think there will be a backlash but once it starts there will be not telling where it will end.

Anonymous said...


I think there will be a backlash but once it starts there will be not telling where it will end.

Anonymous said...

"Why do we whites in the US and Western Europe continue to put up with the kind of shit I just described? Why do we allow ourselves to be subjected to criminal assault, robbery, rape and various other abominations – why do we not rise up in revolt? Especially given that our taxes are paying the welfare and/or incarceration costs for these bums?"

blueboy said...

kulak asks "Muslims actually took more black slaves.Where are their descendants?"

This is a good question. I've seen some blacks in former slave owning states, e.g. Oman, but very few.

jefferson said...

I keep hearing about the coming backlash but to me it looks ever further away. We;ve just elected one of them as President FFS!

Lorin said...

Flashmobs, gangs beating on white people, black teenagers killing whites because they don’t move fast enough, voter intimidation with the blessing of the current administratiion by black panthers, black and hispanic leaders calling for the killing of all white men, women and children. Plus a society that calls any white person a racist if they have the audacity to point it out or attempt to do anythng about any of it.
How did we get to this point? Political correctness? Apathy? How far back in history do you have to go to determine the beginning?
One thing is for certain; if whites do not start acting in their own best interest as a group then we will most certainly go down individually. To borrow a hiistorical phrase: If we don’t all hang together then we all surely hang seperately!

Louis IX said...

Tidiane N'Diaye wrote a book about Kulak's question (I have no doubt Kulak knows the answer, by the way) and he was interviewed, in french, about it. Since it was available on internet, I made a translation on my own. Unfortunatly i didn't put the link and I don't remember where is the the video (duhhhh, Youtube maybe?) but one might be able to find it. Many words or names were hard to understand, but i did my best. So here it is:

Q:...So, the title of your book is : "The hiden genocide, historical investigation on the (niger) trade", You say "The hidden genocide", after I've read your book, I feel this expression is actually an understatement.

T. N’D. : Yes, because there're so much talk about the trans-atlantic (slave) trade, which undoubtly qualifies as a crime against humanity, but what has to be said now is that the slave trade organized by arabo-muslims was a REAL genocide. Under this trade, the fate of african slaves appears now like an ethnic extinction, planned and organized using a massive castration practice. Despite huge number of slaves deported in arabo-muslim countries, we now know that these african slaves have all disapeared. This is why I prefer to use the word genocide. When you have 17 millions deported submited to massive castration, and that only a minority were able to survive in these muslim countries, and you compare that to the trans-atlantic trade, where the sons and daughters (or metis) of african slaves now compose 70 millions individuals in all the american continent, including the caribeans, while they all have disapeared in arabo-muslim countries...
Q : you say that this trade should be more exposed as an historical fact. Would you say that this is not very well known or voluntarily occulted ?
T. N’D. : Yes, voluntarily hidden, no doubt about that. (...) This volunteer amnesia from the black elite can be explained by religious solidarity, it's obvious. To write this book I had to cross check references from explorers like Livingstone, Stanley, Lavigerie and direct reports from arab merchants operating from Eunuchs Center factories.I also used data from my american colleague Ralph O'sealt (approximative phonetic translation of his name). So the outcome is terrifying, just for the Sahara area, we can estimate the number of captives to 9 millions, deported in absolutely inhuman conditions, of which 2 millions died or were confined in the edges of the desert. For the Oriental trade, near the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, our estimate is about 8 millions victims. Globally we reach a total of 17 millions dead, deported, or castrated by arabs. It is therefore a genocide...

Louis IX said...
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Louis IX said...

Q : (....) so you say that the arabo-muslim trade was devastative for Black Africa, much more than the trans-atlantic trade.
T. N’D. : Yes, (...) you had arabs leaders from the fourteen century like Ibn' al Randoun (approximative phonetic translation) who considered black africans like animals, calling them anthropophages and spread the idea that they were sub-humans. And it must be said that no voices from the arab world ever contested that idea, as opposed to the europeans intellectuals of the enlightment period. This explain that inhuman treatments and generalized mutilations of captives were well accepted in the arabo-muslim populations. This explain why the slave descendants have disapeared in Turkey, Iran, Yemen, and very few can be found in Saoudia and North Africa.
Q : So even today, that's something not to talk about, beacuse it could hurt the muslim world sensitivity...
T. N’D. Yes, I think we should not ignore this historical period. There's lots of talks about the transatlantic trade so we should also consider the arabo-muslim trade, also keeping in mind that the first victims of the slave trade were the slavic people, that phoenicians and people from marsalla (today's Marseille) used to abduct during razzias in central and oriental europeans territories, to be sold in the arabo-muslim world. This happened during all the carolingian period, under saxons monarchs like Henry l'Oiseleur et Otton I.
Only an emergent and powerful state in Occidental Europe was able to stop the muslim expension in the Pyrenean Mountains (note: the frankish state?). In fact the niger slave trade was a prolongation of this trans-european trade and all these trades must be denounced with the same severity.
Q: So, in your point of view, is the celebration of Malcom X or Farrakhan like ignoring History ?
T. N’D. (smiling) : I think it's a different context. As soon slavery was abolished in the US, african americans were victims of racial segragations, (economical etc), or were linked to increased criminality and considered unfit for many jobs. In reaction, this segregation brought the emergence of people like Malcom X. I think that if they could see Obama today, they wouldn't take the same positions, but we should not forget that he (farrakhan ?) was a member of the "black muslims" and I was talking earlier about the volunteer amnesia of the black elite on this question (...) that explains why this slave trade is not denounced in the US. And so we can expect some anger from the english translation of my book.
Q : which brings us to the crisis in Sudan
T. N’D.: In Darfur yes. We should go back to pharaonic Egypt. After the Hebrews, other tribes were enslaved by egyptians, like Ethiopians or people from sudanese-nubian regions like Darfur.But it is during the arab invasion of 652 that the general emir Abdalah ben Said (phonetic translation) imposed the bah'rt ( or bah'rd ? muslim word for ? phonetic) to the nubian king. This was a forced agreement under which the nubian king had to deliver each year 360 (or 364 ?) healthy captives as slaves for the arab world. (...) this agreement is at the origin of a trans-saharian, and later oriental, traffic that spead largely outside the arab countries. The black slave trafficants involved were maghrebins, Turks of the Ottoman empire, or Iranians. Thousand of captives were sold even to India, since, for example in the middle of the 15th century, the Bengalish king owned almost 8000 slaves . Since the only common point of these niger trafficants was their religion, I cannot NOT use the expression arabo-muslims. But all of this started from Darfur and today, it comes back to Darfur. (...) It is indeed incredible that in 2008 these practices are still ongoing, under our eyes, and that international institutions are blocked by procedurial issues.
Q : Thank you etc .

Louis IX said...

Here is the link to the video. Only in french:

Anonymous said...

I spent the better part of 26 years dealing with blacks in Cleveland, Chicago, and Rochester, NY until I finally had enough and moved to the country out in southern Indiana where there is about a 95% White population, only to find out that Whites out here have no idea how good they have it. Many of these people seriously think blacks act like the blacks they see on TV and can't understand why I'm such a "racist". The average hick out here is ripe for the slaughter, although all the guys I've met who served in the military (and there are plenty in this region) know different. As has been stated plenty of times before: you become a "racist" by living around them--not through being isolated from them. A lot of these rural folks probably wouldn't recognize TNB and wouldn't know how to react.

Anonymous said...

Are we waiting for a Hitleresque leader?

I think we made a terrible mistake in WWII.

Robert said...

Slaves imported from Europe to the Islamic territories by Jews (Slav is the origin of slave.)were castrated. Slaves imported into Islamic territories by Moslems were also castrated. Interbreeding only took place with the attractive females.

Robert said...

Does anyone seriously believe that the West would fast be becoming a non-European world if Europe had not been "liberated" by Stalin's allies?

Bemused stare said...

"Which leads me to a question: Why do we whites in the US and Western Europe continue to put up with the kind of shit I just described? Why do we allow ourselves to be subjected to criminal assault, robbery, rape and various other abominations – why do we not rise up in revolt? Especially given that our taxes are paying the welfare and/or incarceration costs for these bums?"

Fear mate. Fear that to call them on their shit will result in backstabbing from your own. That you will not merely be left standing alone, but that your own kind will turn on you as enemies.

I know this from personal experience. The people of my country were patently aware of what these things are and acted accordingly. The US and UK led the charge in ostracising us and making us a pariah state, ultimately forcing us to hand our country over to their saint mandela. We were sold down the river by self hating scum that now are nowhere to answer stinging questions, like what to think of our people being butchered out of hand.

As a previous commentator pointed out, those who do not deal with them firsthand are easily taken in by traiterous scum that splash all this, they are just like us, they were oppressed and need a free pass, it's all our fault for what happened 200 years ago, crap.

When the government ships 20 000 vicious savages into your area and they immediately proceed to lay waste to everything it is already too late. People need to wake up and do something while they still have a chance.

kulak said...


We;ve just elected one of them as President FFS!

What's this "we" stuff? 43% of whites voted for him, still too many, sure...

There's no point in capturing a cosmopolitan throne.

Abolish it.

Worry about your neighbors, not the presidency.

Together you can tell any darkie president to fuck off.

Other darkies may even HELP you, because he's a different KIND of darkie.

But THAT's hard. That's work!

Pulling a lever in a voting both takes almost no energy. Thermodynamics says you'll get even less out.

Winning an election is what happens after you've won. Symptom, not cause.


Similar criticism of your question. To ask it is to program yourself with the premise that we are in fact beat down, cowed, blah blah blah, which is exactly what anti-whites want.

Anti-whites are perfectly happy to see you ponder that question all the way to your grave.

It's bullshit.

WE are not cowed.

By definition.

Our task is to grow WE.

WE know who we are.

Many, maybe most whites have forgotten.

We just have to remind them.

Cowed and beaten down?

Who the fuck wants to join that club?

kulak said...

And just how fucking absurd does it sound to darkies when so many of THEM are in PRISON?

It's like the beautiful girl complaining that she can't get a date. It's fundamentally ridiculous, but what does it inspire? More offers for dates.

Blacks in particular will stand down pretty quick at the first sign of genuine spine.

Our problem is very simple, and the solution is simple. But it's not easy.

THAT is the white man's burden.

Anonymous said...

anon 1.59 - what's TNB?

SAVANT said...

kulak - you keep going on about my question 'why are we taking all this shit, being beaten down etc'.

It's not a ridiculous question because it addresses a problem that is objectively present. And understanding the 'why' is logically the first step to doing something practical about the problem

Anonymous said...

This is amazing info from lioux IX. and to think of the crap whitey is taking for all this then.

Jack Quinn said...

anon 09:17 "what's TNB?"

Here it be, Bro':

I live about 600 miles from where this happened...Iowa just became a "Shall issue" (handgun)State this year and the gun stores as well as gun shows have been busy. So what are all you Euros and Brit. commonwealth types doing to help out. You guys need more trigger time and less tongue time.

kulak said...

The question, AS FRAMED, has nothing to do with winning and everything to do with LOSING.

It's a LOSER question.

Are YOU beaten down and cowed, Savant?

If yes, then man-up or shut up.

If no... then why the hell are you saying WE are?

SAVANT said...

Semantics kulak, seamntics! hehe

Anonymous said...

The reason whites put up with this, is because most white people are stupid and/or cowards, it's that simple.

Bemused stare said...

Actually Kulak, the question is entirely pertinent in terms of our people in general.

"why the hell are you saying WE are?"

Let's take a look shall we.

saint mandela's much vaunted liberation armies, supplied by Russia with arms vehicles and equipment along with "advisors and backed by Cuba's army and airforce could not take our land from us. All they ever achieved was to provide our troops with live targets for shooting practice. When we were finally brought to our knees, it was by western governments, voted for and supported by white people.

Yes kulak, remember if you are old enough, the liberal shitwit next door? The one picketing our embassies and consulates telling everyone stupid enough to listen, that we are nazi's. Spreading outright lies to achieve their goal.

That same piece of shit is now probably cheering while thousands of somalian "regugees" get shipped to Nebraska.

Or if you live in Norway, perhaps he is the one cheering on the "homosexual asylum seeker" from Egypt that decided to enrich the wombs of as many Norwegian women as possible by means of surprise sex.

Or perhaps you live in the UK and that next door neighbour bloke is one of those who thinks it's perfectly a ok for your taxes to cover the cost of bodyguards for the cleric of "the religion of peace" that advocates killing British people.

I could go on at length, but perhaps it would be easier if you could give us a rough idea of your geographic location. Then we can sit down together and explore all the wonderful ways, that said bloke next door is fucking you up personally. What do you say mate?

blueboy said...

I'm with Michael on this kulak. Excellent post Mikey!!

Californian said...

I am sure this is how the liberals would respond:

"The fact that only blacks were arrested only shows the racism of the criminal justice system because whites who assaulted blacks must have been ignored by the police. Besides, we have to remember 400 years of slavery, lynchings and segregation, as well as prominent American radio personalities daring to use the 'N-word' recently in a dialog about race. Thus, the alleged black on white crimes are only a call for help in the fight against racism and if anything, this entire incident demonstrates how much further we have to go to eliminate white privilege in the USA."

The thing is, most White people do not want a race war. They look the other way, and use liberalism to rationalize it, when minorities run amok.

Translated into English: "Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide." -- James Burnham

Meanwhile, over on South Africa Sucks they are reporting what could be the first stage of an ANC putsch against Whites. As I have noted over there, as goes South Africa so goes the rest of the West.

kulak said...

Kung-fu Savant, Kung-fu.

When someone says "WE ARE" they also say "I AM", whether he intends to or not, or he intends you to or not.

No pun intended.

Exercise for the reader: Try it with anything you KNOW you're not.

Like homosexual.

Why are we so homosexual?

If you're straight, your normal reaction will be:

WHAT is this faggot TALKING about?

(Okay, seeing the agreements with Savant, maybe that was a bad example.)

Bemused stare said...

Not at all the first stage Californian. They've moved quite far with the program. I hope to hell that if we do go down, that at least folks in your neck of the woods will finally wake the fuck up and realise that you're next.

Anonymous said...

I fear,Savant,it will not be long before Ireland experiences this sort of incident-your increasing nigerian population will no doubt engage in this sort of behavior against the native Irish population.How the hell did nigerians end up in Ireland anyway??

Anonymous said...

hello savant, we have a yearly abortion called TASTE OF CHICAGO here in the windy city, where all area restuarants who are poliically connected have a two week spread of highly rich and pricey foods,now in the last few yrs kids from the suburbs and white areas have been soundly punched, stabbed . groupped and have been shot at, all this was never in the msm, the mayor idiot theif that he is now wants to turn this over to a pvt polittalcy mgt. company to over see the graft and mayhem. john old rtd. chicago copper.

Zngr said...

Somehow this discussion, and now I blame the last poster, the Californian, evoked into my mind the horrible case of Amanda Kijera.

The NGO manager who was repeatedly raped by a black man on a roof in Haiti, and came to the obvious conclusion that it was actually MY fault (I'm a white male).

By being repeatedly raped by an unknown black man, an experience she states she is grateful of, she came to see how horrible I am.

(Yet she remains blind to the evil of the person who assaulted her, as odd as it seems, for she is a racist in the truest sense of the word, and only sees the black man as a vessel of outer influence which merely reacts but does not think.)

I know she is insane (and has a history of abuse as a child) but that is basically the liberal mind flayed and spread out for all to see and gag upon in shock and horror!

We can feel empathy for her obvious insanity and terrible experiences, but the "liberal left" considers her sane and thus condemn her to living in a type of hell hard to conceive by mere accident: she will put herself into a position whereupon she will get raped, mutilated, or hurt and is unable to understand she a choice and furthermore always blame the tax paying white man for her horrible experiences.

This is the true horror of modern marxism, egotism and political correctness. The insane are refused help, but instead told that they are sane and sensitive to diversity and hence should go on doing what they are doing.

The horror.

Zngr said...

@ Californian

"The thing is, most White people do not want a race war. They look the other way, and use liberalism to rationalize it, when minorities run amok."

You know the modern preference of willfully misunderstading the explanation of something as acceptance of the thing?

I mean that when a person explains a phenomenon which the Politically Correct refuse (for example... white flight) they will become angered and decree that you should either stop voicing you opinions or mayhap die.

This happened to me the unfortunate day I explained to the liberal leftists that the current mass immigration and failed multiculturalism ideology can, at it's worst, result in ethnic-religious low- or high-intensity warfare in Europe. That is, a civil war of a sort.

I absolutely abhor and do not want anything like that to happen: of course, the exact the opposite. I want everyone to get along.

However what I want matters little to the multitude of people living here and they will whip up their race-war or religious genocide in Europe in due time.

It's awful the person who warns about what is to happen is also blamed for what will happen merely because he or she spoke the truth and the truth was not in high regard.

You are absolutely correct, white people do not want a race war. White people want to be left alone and live in peace. Unfortunately because if many events past and present, this is impossible.

Yet if we try to emit warning sounds we will be slaughtered in public as racists. Intolerable. One day, the penny will drop - collectively.

dmitri said...

@Robert: "Slav" does not derive from the word slave. Even a basic knowledge of etymology would show that.

Jack Quinn said...

dimitri, Robert never said it did...slave derives from slav - not vice versa. At least in my dictionary.

Anonymous said...

zngr is right - if you explain the POSSIBILITY that mass immigration COULD lead to race conflict you're deemed to be SUPPORTING it.

What wankers!

Rohan Swee said...

Note that the bulk of the linked article is devoted to...wait for it...some white supremacist group nobody's ever heard of, that isn't local, and that had absolutely nothing to do with the reported violence. Jesus H. Christ on a Vespa.

Got that white Iowa fair-goers? You are in terrible danger from some white terrorist group! Commence dialoguing and shoveling grant money immediately! Pay no attention to that poor oppressed thug kicking your skull in!

This story will go (is going) through the typical stages:

1) Through initial reporter negligence and indiscipline, a wee bit of the fuck-obvious truth appears in an MSM outlet. ("Beat whitey".)

2) This is swiftly followed by much head-scratching and "nuanced" denials of the fuck-obvious.

3) Black-on-white hate crime is handily transmogrified into a platform for yet again castigating whitey for his eternal guilt, ending with calls for large sums of cash to be funneled to scumbag "community leaders" to help save innocent minority fists and feet from assault by white skulls. Anybody want to bet against ol' Ako Abdul-Samad getting his greasy hands on some more gummint cheese for his communi-tay because of this?

Though it is somewhat heartening to see that the commenters in a related article are having none of it.

Anonymous said...

City Councilman Brian Meyer (white) said Mullet's Aryan group was not welcome in Des Moines.

"There's no place for that," he said. "We'll deal with our own issues. I don't even want to give them the dignity of a response."

Yeah - better to import thousands of black savages instead.

Bemused stare said...

Thank you Rohan for that link. Is it not utterly delightful how what started out as a bunch of blacks openly attacking white people for simply being white, is rapidly being transformed into something that whites have done wrong, again?

These are precisely the kind of people I have been railing on about in my previous posts. This is what Savant is on about when he asks why "we are cowed and beaten". The truth is that our people ARE "cowed and beaten" by virtue of allowing a bunch of traiterous vermin among our own who seem hellbent on our complete destruction.

The most beautiful irony of the lot? When white people finally, fed up to their gills, blow their top and you see a massive rise of the right, these same bastards will sit back and say "told ya so, look at those nasty nazi white people." It does my bloody head in!

Kilbarry1 said...

Somewhat off topic but not much - as to why people won't fight back against thugs - or even condemn their violence.

On Sunday, Irish Bishop Willie Walsh of Killaloe (Co. Clare) is retiring after 15 years. He is a darling of Irish liberals. In any conflict between the Church and anti-clerics he aligns himself with the latter. If his clergy (or even lay teachers) are subjected to false allegations by obvious nutcases, he has two responses:

(a) to remain silent OR
(b) to support the nutcase.

See my article
and especially the section on "The Bishop and John's Life of Pain".

Up to 2004 or thereabouts, Irish Bishops were prepared to sue the media when they were falsely accused but now, nearly all have gone the same way as Bishop Willie. The Irish Catholic Church is rotting from within and the rest of society with it. (The "liberals" who publish false allegations of child abuse are in no position to create an alternative secular morality.)

Some of the comments on the "Clever Cops" topic are over the top; however white victims of racial attacks should surely have their plight recognised by the media and the police. The fact that they don't means that America is going the same way as Ireland.

SAVANT said...

kilbarry 1: I think ALL of the west is going in tandem, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...


No offense, but I'd say you have it backwards...
What's really happening is that Ireland is going the same way as the very worst parts of America!
A large section of the Irish population has felt,I think, for a long time, that..

America is "cowboy" George Bush... American tourists laugh too loud, talk too loud, have too much money... ( the deep seated but mostly silent resentment against the irish who emmigrated and did well, then came back to visit)... America is too pushy, too tied to Isreal, (true I think)
And of course , as all the little bandanna faced, "punk-ass' pseudo marxists like to believe, America is just filled with McDonald's eating, fat, "Raaaaacists"... And so a new prosperous Ireland tied to the E.U. was going to show the big fat condescending racist Americans a thing or two about proper race relations. (tell me I'm wrong.)
So, The America hating section of the Irish population can and does,I think, identify, to a degree with the "George Soros" left over here (Enter Gyro fuckin Gearloose Obama, as a so-called leader)and their one world agenda, to turn an imperfect but once prosperous nation into a very, very large, third world socialist land mass!
Add to that, a Catholic church which has almost completely lost it's moral, spiritual compass... A dumbed down school system... and an out of control, bought and paid for, "one world" agendized media, and you get the recipe for impending national and cultural disaster.
I dearly hope that the "cut off your nose , to spite your face", show the Americans a thing or two, agenda of the young anti-fa crowd, dies a quick death and is replaced by good common sense and self preservation; That a growng number of Patriotic Irishmen will take back the future of their beautiful country.
But to any "America is filled with Racists" Irishmen, who believe that Africans are only the victims, and can do noooo wrong, I gotta ask, (as Sarah would say,)
"How's that hopey-changey thing working out for ya?
(thanks for letting me vent)


Kevn Rafferty said...

Mike 4819.......most of what you say is true. Just the way many foreigners think America = GW Bush and the neocons, most I think don't. Similarly with Ireland. If you read the MSM here and listen to the chattering classes and the loudmouths, sure, you'd think that we all feel that way about the Americans. But we don't. There'a broad range of opinion, just as in the US.

Anonymous said...

Rohan - when i tried to access the original post I was unable to show any comments. Have they been disabled?

Anonymous said...

It takes a long time for reality to undo the anti-White, Marxist NWO brainwashing, but if you are at last ready to even consider the brutal truth, here it is:

hoplite said...

anon 13.38 - this seems a fascinating read. Is it availablein hard copy or pdf?

Anonymous said...


Both. Read chapter 29 to decide if you want to read the whole thing.

When you have finished, you will understand that negros could actually be used as a biological weapon to kill the white race.

Islamic memes and negro genes - the new and devastatingly effective race war against whites.

Rohan Swee said...

Anon @21:33: I just checked and the comments were still there - just click the link at the top of the article. There were 70 comments as of my last look. (This link should go straight to the comments.)

beppo said...

you were a bit slow to pick up on your last point Savant. I remember an Irish student that bI met decades ago in Toronto who was over to work during his smmer holidays from University College Dublin-before the now moribund tiger. He had come over with the MSM instilled picture of courteous, hard- working and modest ladies and gentlemen of colour being mercilessly abused by the bullies which constituted the greater part of the white population. After three months he was making the same remark as your own.

FishEagle said...

'why are we taking all this shit, being beaten down etc'.

It's because of the ideological fundamentalism that's evolved in the West after Enlightenment. Religious fundamentalism has been replaced with ideological fundamentalism, or rather environmental fundamentalism.

For any kind of fundamentalism to exist there needs to be a culture of fear, which leads to a problem in logic and judgment. The culture of fear is being created by our awareness of environmental limitations that can't sustain the human population on it's present growth path.

The facts that are unknown is whether race is a social construct or a genetic trait. The outcome of this debate will determine the success of the strategy to uplift 3rd world populations or to integrate these people into first world populations. The significance of the strategy is that higher standards of living are associated with lower birth rates and 3rd world populations need to reduce their birth rates. If race is a social construct, 3rd world populations will be uplifted. If it's genetic, they won't.

Experience shows that the strategy is failing so far. Developing nations do not have living standards that are improving. The birth rates are not dropping.

Fear is preventing logic from prevailing now, when we need to change the strategy. Instead of judging thoughts, ideas, actions - things - people are being judged. Everyone is racist because we all have to think for ourselves and make judgments about THINGS (not people!!!) like races. But the racists that deny their racism has judged us, as people. They have manipulated our fears to block us out of the debate.

It's no worse than the atheists that were damned to eternal hell by the churches during the Dark Ages, and it's still getting worse by the day. I'm expecting to see public witch burnings any day now.

clogheen said...

Fish Eagle - as a South African I think you're overplaying (understandably) the fear aspect. In fact I think its the total opposite in the west - there's not ENOUGH fear! In fact there's no fear at all. after all 'diversity is strength'!!

FishEagle said...

Clogheen, the hatred and anger directed towards us should give you an idea of the depth of people's fear. How many of us are willing to use our own names while blogging when challenging that meme? I don't know many. As a matter of fact, I can count them on one hand. We'll lose everything if our true opinions were discovered in our social communities. There is absolutely nothing reasonable about that and it's completely irrational. People pushing the 'diversity is strength' meme are in denial, and your denial of their condition is edging them on. Ever feel frustrated about our political situation? That's because you don't see much of what is going on around you.

FishEagle said...

And by the way, it's much easier to express an honest opinion about race here in South Africa than in any European or other First World country. It's even easier in other African countries, where whites have not been duped by the Mandela myth or Rainbow Nation ideal. In general, blacks sleep well at night. They don't worry about challenging the West's cowardice towards resolving environmental issues. In any case, they have no idea what the West is aiming at.

Robert said...

But unlike the anonymous Newsmaxer, I went beyond simply pointing out that the morgue figures showed that blacks hadn’t disproportionately died following Katrina, but that whites had, and that the only credible explanation, based on what was known about the anarchy at the time, was that racist blacks were hunting them down and slaughtering them, just as they had sought to slaughter white rescue workers.

Given that supposedly only 10 percent or less of the people left in town were white, and over forty percent of the dead were white, whites were dying at over four times their proportion. And that doesnt even take into consideration that whites were reportedly concentrated in “safer” places. Thus, I am convinced that blacks were on search-and-destroy missions, hunting down and murdering whites.”

After the Louisiana death figures were released, the mainstream media suppressed the story of the issue of the proportion of whites who met their end in New Orleans, and suppressed reporting on pre-Katrina criminality, while uncritically reporting scurrilous black charges of anti-black genocide.

clogheen said...

@ Fisheagle: I'm not suggesting that those opposing the PC/multicult agenda don't face severe potentila problems, just as you say. My point was that the overwhelming majority of people are indifferent, oblivious, or whatever, but not fearful. It'd be better if they were.

Anonymous said...

Good point Robert. Looking at the figjures i was thinking the same thing. NO is a mainly black city, blacks were supposedly have suffered vastly disproportionately to whites, yet, as you say, the figures for fatalatilies were almost equal.

Needless to say the MSM will cover this up.

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA HA HA!!! You bastards are toast. I love it!

kulak said...

Anti-racism is white genocide.

Therefore we are not beaten as long as I am not beaten.

Therefore we are not beaten as long as any of us are not beaten.

Anti-whites know it, even if some sorry excuses for white men don't. And it scares the hell out of them. That's why they hound you, no matter how small your supposed sin, no matter how many concessions you make.

When YOU know it, THEN you can call yourself a white MAN.

When you KNOW it, the laughingest, grinningest, scariest sons-of-bitches the world has ever seen walk the earth again.

And incidentally you'll get laid more too.

This concludes today's gosepel lesson.

Anonymous said...

"HA HA HA HA HA!!! You bastards are toast. I love it!".....

Nah !, We're mostly white guys, posting here! Toast is all black and crumbly... We're like fresh white bread, right out of the package!! (chuckle, chuckle)


proud redneck said...

yeah - your black ass wud be toast if I got my hands on you.

Anonymous said...

White men need to "man up". I know too many college-educated, able-bodied young white guys and skilled ex-union white guys content to sit on their asses taking welfare while waiting for some big-bucks job to come along in this recession...and I know uneducated black chicks with names like TraShandra holding down two dead-end jobs. White men need to get back to basics. No wonder there's such a demand for illegal Mexican labor here.


neels said...

Potgeiter - this problem could have somerhing to do with white men being discriminated against by AA and BE etc.

Anonymous said...


No, these guys are just plain lazy and decadent. I know other white guys forging ahead & battling the currents. I know black guys doing the same - starting their own businesses, nothing to do with AA or BE. But post-modern society is definitely coddling the spongers of all races.


Anonymous said...

Fuck that Mr Collins had the right idea. If we have lost everything then we have nothing left to lose. One mans terrorist is anothers man's freedom fighter. Let's take the the fight to the cunts who want to destroy us. Acquiescence equals death. Posting on boards does nothing. We have to get out of our comfort zone because that is what is destroying us. Here's to the White Republican Army - WRA -. :) aaawoooghaa

Anonymous said...

Fish Eagle your right. Marxism is a religion and we are the heretics. This is the new Inquistion. Here's to freedom fella.

Anonymous said...

anon 0.53 - with due respect, you're totally wrong. Our enemies would loove nothing more than a violent uprising by a tny number of 'kooks'. That'd give them the excuse they need to crack down even mre. No, I think whites have to be made realise in ever greater numbers until a croitical mass is reached. Then, and only then, would a violent response be justified.

R7 said...

The reason whites put up with this, is because most white people are stupid and/or cowards, it's that simple.

I don't think it is cowardice. More like the innate nature of whites' response to continued provocation. A slight or even percieved provocation (accidentally stepping on one's shoe) may provoke a random act of violence from a black man. But a european white's response to continued provocation will be more like a classic nerd's response. Whites' eventually "snap", look up Columbine. The world's most destructive wars and weapons were created in Europe. But today, to an African colonist in Europe, Europe seems to be safer than Africa (with its chronic violence). But looks are decieving given the history of the european white, the African colonists or the Arab muslim colonists over there aren't truly safe. The white man is like Mt. Vesuvius compared to the Black man's Mauna Kea.

The problem is, nobody really knows when the nerd will snap. I don't think I myself would be safe in Europe even though it seems to be peaceful.

To the African colonists in Europe:
Those Euros do seem peaceful even though you rob them and rape their women like victorious conquerors. But they are white men and they will go really, really crazy when they finally suddenly snap. 4 million died in 5 years in the Second Congolese war. How many died in WWII?