Sunday, 25 July 2010

The MSM sinks ever lower

“Who” my old buddy Mick asked me, ‘invented the super computer?’ ‘Seymour Cray of course’ I answered smugly. After all, I'm paid to know such things. But then again, so is Mick. And he’s also known for taking the piss. ‘Well, not according to the BBC, or CNN, or Time magazine.’ He replied with a smile, adding ‘it was Philip Emeagwali.’

What? Who the fuck is Philip whatsisname?’

‘The inventor of the supercomputer, the winner of the Gordon Bell Prize in 1989’

Now I was really bothered as in fact I'd never even heard of this guy or the Gordon Bell Prize. First chance I got I set about closing this shameful gap in my knowledge. Sure enough, the BBC featured ‘Dr. Philip Emeagwali’ in their ‘Digital Giants’ series ‘in which the digital world's top thinkers share their visions of the future’. Indeed.
TIME magazine gushed that ‘the Web owes much of its existence to Philip Emeagwali", and yes, CNN describes him as "a father of the Internet".
For good measure no less than that noted computer scientist Bill Clinton designated him "one of the great minds of the Information Age" He’s also been described as ‘the Bill Gates of Africa’ (which isn't saying a lot, admittedly’) and his face adorns a Nigerian postage stamp because, apparently “he advertises the genius of our [Nigerian] people.”

Thanks to Dave C. for this link. Check it out.
Now how in God’s name had I failed to ever hear of this guy, never read a paper of his in the journals, never met him at a conference?

The reason is simple: He’s a total fraud from start to finish, as even the most cursory search on the Web would show. Such a cursory search on the Web of course appears to have been beyond the capacity of the major ‘news’ agencies and Prez Bill.

Anyway, here’s a quick summary of what must rank as one of the most grotesque misrepresentations ever in the history of computing, or indeed science in general.

Emeagwali has no Ph.D., having failed twice to convince the University of Michigan that he deserved one. This even after he took a court case on the basis that the decision was “a violation of his civil rights and that the university had discriminated against him in several ways because of his race”. But he wasn't even able to use the courts reverse the University’s decision. Now as a frequent PhD examiner I can tell you that all universities step on eggshells to give any half literate oaf a doctorate provided he’s from a ‘disadvantaged minority’. The fact that UM felt they had to go to court, and that they won, shows that his thesis and viva must have been abysmally BAAAD.

Now a genius like this should have dozens, if not hundreds, of papers published in peer-reviewed journals. The sum total based on my research……..nil. Nada. The same nil figure applies to inventions and patents, despite his claims to have ‘more than fifty’. These two statistics alone show that the guy doesn’t even have the official status of a junior lecturer in an obscure polytechnic.


So what about the basis for his real claim to fame, ‘winning’ the Gordon Bell Prize “supercomputing's Nobel Prize”? Now there’s a fairly consistent correlation between the prestige of a prize and the money it pays. For example, a Nobel Prize enriches the lucky recipient with about $1.5 million, and computing’s Turing Prize by the less modest $100,000. You really start going downmarket once the value descends to about $10,000 or less. And how much did the prestigious Gordon Bell Prize pay? The princely sum of $1000!!! One thousand dollars.
And as I’ll show later, the genius only shared the prize, netting in total $200. That's right, 200 bucks. You’d win more on a pub quiz, but he’s built a world-wide reputation on it!
Still, let’s not be niggardly (whoops!). It seems that “in 1989, he programmed more than 65,000 processors to perform the world's fastest computation: 3.1 billion calculations per second. The feat smashed the previous record and proved that a network of small computers could outperform more powerful, expensive supercomputers.”
In fact the prize in this instance was won by a team from Mobil Oil “whose entry ran twice as fast as Emeagwali's, with 20% more cost efficiency.” So why was Emeagwali cut in? For good old diversity reasons - the judges wet their knickers at the thought of a black winner, and were also reluctant to have Mobil as the sole winners. So Emeagwali in effect won nothing, but was awarded $200 out of misguided reverse racism.

And folks, that's the full extent of his verifiable achievements. And did he achieve even that? Well, we learn that he ‘was associated with a team that developed an optimization program for the oil industry’. My, my, the plot thickens. He was ‘associated with’ the team. (Black History Month anyone?) Given that he’s lied about everything else, isn't at least a strong possibility that he copied the source code for this application, repackaged it, and submitted it as his own?

Make that a certainty, not a possibility. Remember he hasn’t a single peer-reviewed research paper published. His claimed achievement would have generated a rich seam in the most prestigious journals. He’s have been dining out on that in terms of published papers for years. In fact he hasn’t even appeared once in any of the thousands of Requests for Comments that go into the development of Internet technical standards. Anyone who has made even the remotest contribution, let alone being ‘a father of the Internet’ would have appeared in dozens of them. His name appears nowhere.

In effect, he has no verifiable achievements of any kind in computing. Yet he’s had the unquestioning adulation I referred to earlier heaped on him. And you’ll be glad to know that he and all his extended family ‘have taken up residence in the US’. I'm sure all my American readers will be thrilled with this news.

How has this outrage happened? I think you all know how it happened. Any black who can read and hasn’t recently killed anyone will get catapulted into the genius category. Hasn’t the whole thing degenerated into a complete farce? We’re in Keystone Cops territory here.

And what about the prestigious MSM organs I referred to earlier? Well, Google this guy’s name and by the third entry you’ll start reading about the fraud dimension. Where were CNN, the BBC and Time when it came to this kind of rudimentary fact-checking. As I said in this post about the MSM, they’re not only useless, they’re misleading us, and doing it deliberately.


Dave C said...

World's biggest scientist according to Ovation International and hailed a "Digital Giant" by the Beeb.

Anonymous said...

Scary. Very scary, that such stalwart giants of the MSM would so grotesquely delude and mislead. Such deception reinforces the importance of the blogosphere, where truth can prevail among people of similar minds.

Anonymous said...

I Googled this simian clown. He has his own website touting his genius, with all of the MSM accolades prominently posted. Wikipedia has a (very) short and unflattering bio on him. F(**k the MSM. Just simply,f**k them.

Californian said...

Emeagwali has no Ph.D., having failed twice to convince the University of Michigan that he deserved one. This even after he took a court case on the basis that the decision was “a violation of his civil rights and that the university had discriminated against him in several ways because of his race”.

A comment I have seen posted elsewhere on this sort of thing is that the universities should not discriminate against this fellow simply for having an "undocumented" PhD. Instead, let's have thousands of people take to the streets to support undocumented PhDs--after all, no doctorate is illegal! And while we are at it, let's have civil liberties groups sue the university for daring to profile students simply on the basis of their sheepskin documentation status. And then we can have church groups give this fellow sanctuary in order to run their computer programs. Perhaps even Hollywood stars would be willing to adopt him to show they do not discriminate on the basis of being able to document one's computer programs. After all, why should one have to show one's paper, identification or peer reviewed, simply to get a PhD. Where is Bill Gates when you need him?

Anonymous said...

the man resembles a guy i arrested yrs back for robbing a cab driver over on Division st, in chicago by the projects, hey maybe it is him. John old rtd. chicago copper/

Anonymous said...

read it and weep (with laughter).

urlaub said...

One comment here described this as 'scary'. That's just what it is. The only possible plus is that as the MSM lies and deception get more bizarre, even the sheeple will begin to cotton on.

segregatenow said...

This asshole is still going strong. Despite everything he hasn't been called out yet. Incredible!

Anonymous said...


As a Ph.D. candidate myself at a well respected university, I am amazed at the brazen lies in this guy's biography. And, yes, I did research the guy after this article.

WOW. BBC. I am going to go barf now.

Oh, and I love how his interview is all about "think outside of the box" and other platitudes.

INCLUDING totally weird and contradictory statements that Nigeria will be the third largest internet user in the future, whilst also arguing or complaining that Nigerians can't afford computers and that Nigerian schools can only afford one laptop-per-school, rather than per-child.

Good luck on all that, "Doctor" Emeagwali.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Bill Gates, you may recall him rolling out a new subsidy, sponsorship, scholarship, whatever that specifically excluded whites.

And when I say excluded whites, I don't mean he merely ignored whites as we are so used to, but specifically excluded them.

It was in the MSM a few weeks back.

Which is why I encourage ripping off his shitty software on every occasion.


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...


Have you profiled this clever munt and his homebuilt "helicopter" yet?

Unfortunately the powerplant, which I was interested in looking at, is discreetly covered by a tarp. Since this wog's day job is making irrigation fittings, it's probably a hacked Lister Diesel engine (stolen from a white farmer who is wondering why his crops are withering in the fields).

This contraption has about as much chance of taking to the air as I have of being fucked by a dinosaur. Having said that, I would still like to see the wog fire it up and watch it shake itself, and him, to bits. Perhaps he could take his learned brother, the "Digital Giant" for a spin!

Anonymous said...

to give credit where it's due, much of the exposure of this guy has come via nigerian bloggers.

bergerac said...

I read this post with growing incredulity. How in heavens name did he get away with this for so long? Ok, we KNOW how he got away with it, but it still beggars belief.

As you say, he's a TOTAL fraud.

N Ackerman said...

I would recommend lodging press complaints with the various news agencies that falsely portray this guy's credentials.

SAVANT said...

N Ackerman - this is a good idea. I did it on another occasion and got a detailed response.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to wonder whether the deviant element in the hidden hand of the MSM actually has a point about the stupidity of white people, especially our women folk!

Look at what this thing been getting away with until now!!?

J.Flowers said...

On the subject of MSM bias, there is BBC news website article today about a racist video shot by white students of black people at the free state university. In fairness, it was a pretty mean stunt. Still one never hears about the >20K murders/yr, the high % of black males who have committed rape etc from this useless newshole. Supposedly 'tough' presenters like Paxman are actually pretty pathetic interviewers, being too soft and stupid to think outside the box, something half-decent journalists used to do.

Anonymous said...

You're all just jealous.

1. Philip Emeagwali, a man of immeasurably high intelligence...

It can't be measured.

2. "I don't like that term. People think it only means genius in the mathematical sense or that it refers to a select group of people," ...

As opposed to perfectly ordinary people.

3. ...the man who has been called "one of the greatest intellectual giants Africa has produced"...


4. ...Emeagwali, whose IQ is too high to be measured on conventional tests...

Those pesky "conventional" tests! They have a proper one in Nigeria. It can be accessed by sending details of your bank account to

Anonymous said...

"Those pesky "conventional" tests! They have a proper one in Nigeria. It can be accessed by sending details of your bank account to"


Anonymous said...

Well of course nobody will call him out for the fraud he is-that would be racis' Perhaps he should get together with that other African genius(I know,an oxymoron)Savant profiled awhile ago who captured the wind and generated electricity or some such nonsense

Anonymous said...

I took N Ackerman's advice and made a complaint to the BBC. Here's what I sent:

"My family has followed BBC news since WW2, when my father was fighting Nazis in Europe. However, you are about to lose this American reader becaue of your blatant zealousness to put a postiive spin on anyone who happens to be black. Case in point: you have lauded the genius and accomplishments of Philip Emeagwali, when in fact, he has neither. The guy is a charlatan, but from the Beeb's coverage a reader would think he was the Great Hope of the West. The politically- correct slant found in most of your current news coveage is, quite simply, revolting."

Anonymous said...

'This contraption has about as much chance of taking to the air as I have of being fucked by a dinosaur'

Do you want to be fucked by a dinosaur?

Nancy said...

@ anon 22.01: We shul all do the same thing and get everyone we know and trust to send a similar message to the beeb.

phd said...

Tell me about it! I work at a university in the south of England and we're walking on eggshells all the time so as not to antagonise our cultural enrichers. any dispute about awards or grades the university will always support them against the academic staff.

where will it all end I wonder.

Anonymous said...

People in accademia MUST start standing up!
Teachers worth their salt, walk in the shoes of Socrates and Plato..
What would they think of the collective cowardice rampent in that noble profession.

Anonymous said...

Why haven't you joined in with the MSM and concentrated on the racial murder of Stephen Pitcairn, a promising young medical student who was murdered by two feral animals in Baltimore last Sunday night?
It's a huge story here in the States - splashed across every channel, 24/7, and is on the front pages of all of the major papers. NOT. NOT. NOT. Is it any wonder why the MSM is beginning to become loathed?

SAVANT said...

anon 1.07 - you had me going for a while on this before I realised it was sarcasm. I was thinking that maybe reality was beginning to dawn on the MSM. Some hope. Only thing is that more and more discerning people are using the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Ran across your blog while googling for liberals. Interesting points of view.

I think I will surf in every now and then for a robust chuckle and some seriously good insights.

Anonymous said...

You'll enjoy this:

Dave C said...

Emeagwali appears here as sharing with Gary Kasparov the position of the worlds 3rd smartest person with an IQ of 190.

SAVANT said...

Thanks Dave C for this incredible link. One thing fir sure, this guy never did an IQ test, but his claim has obvioulsy been accepted by this outfit.

I'm modifying themian post to include this.

Anonymous said...

MSM gvae us the Duke University Lacrosse rape case. The team wwere pulled from the competition in disgrace from disgraceful lies from a reporter and when this was shown to be lies what happened next? White woman reporter who wrote the lies got a black guy sacked so she could have a job on si and cnn!

Anonymous said...

Father of the internet?

It had its 25th anniversary in 1994 so it would have been started in 1969.

Emeagwali ™ Voted History's 35th Greatest African

In top 35: Mandela, Nkrumah, Pele, Bob Marley, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King.

Postage Stamps Honor Supercomputer Genius
Stamps issued to commemorate Philip Emeagwali

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself
Emeagwali on "father of the Internet" and his visit to Switzerland.

I wonder did he meet Tim Berners-Lee who the beeb also think invented the internet as the creator of the www stuff?

Ben said...

I love how people just blatantly make things up to make themselves feel better. No, I don't, I hate it.

Anonymous said...

From palscience above

Are black-skinned people, as a whole, less “intelligent” than those of other races?
Of course this is a very touchy subject but just look around, how many dark skinned scientists and doctors do you see?
Probably not very many, compared with the numbers in their population!
In other fields they may be the best, however.

Blak peepul can be Docta Peter bud nod in real suject!

rebel said...

anon 19.39. These black peopleyou link to. Well, none of them have achieved anything in 'hard' subjects or discipline. They're all womens studies or black reparation studies or crap like that.

You'll never see black scientists or doctors in real life for sure. But we're swamped with them in the fantasy world of the MSM and Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

In other fields they may be the best, however.

They're all womens studies or black reparation studies or crap like that.

That is the quote from the guy at palscience arguing that blacks can be the best in other fields these being fake crap subjects as you wimmintioned.

It is time that these really unbelievably "soft" subjects get the recognition that they richly deserve.

white fang said...

'It is time that these really unbelievably "soft" subjects get the recognition that they richly deserve'

They do - a cushy 'job' in gub'mint!

Anonymous said...

Like the current President for example?

Anonymous said...

OK who is going to make a youtube documentary about this guy?

white shark said...

anon 21.07. You may laugh at NASSA. But there are people who think this actually occurred! I'm not kidding. And of course we now have to have NASA 'diversified'. Lots of LaShawns and Demitrius' linin' up them ole' boosters!

Anonymous said...

White shark I dun' gonna get me a Ph. D in African=American Astronaut Studies!

Anonymous said...

Chris Evans in race row after saying he could not see black"s as" scientist"s"

Was how unfortunately misinterpreted the headline. If he had said such a thing Auntie Beeb would go nuclear on his arse by pointing out "Doctor" Philip Emeagwali is a digital giant and father of the internet or some ill-researched nonsense.

Can we keep Evans on the show to highlight the Beebs obnoxiousness by sacking Carol Thatcher for saying "huggable gollliwog" off air which vileunfunny 210lbs of left wing agitation Jo Brand disagreed with?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"However, when I started to hold the Democratic Party to the same standards that I held the Republican Party, support for my cause started to erode and the "left" started labeling me with the same slurs that the right used."

Cindy Sheehan. Not a racist an' sheeit as she does not protest Barry Sotero's overseas adventures.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Michelle is a force of nature

Michelle Obama is turning into as good an orator as her husband. (and allegedly without using a teleprompter!)

And that is really saying something. In a tremendously powerful speech to girls in Soweto, the First Lady touched on many aspects of the anti-apartheid struggle, citing the heroic campaigners Albertina and Walter Sisulu among others.

She quoted an old freedom song, 'When you strike a woman, you strike a rock', and told the girls to grab their chance at education and to be fully engaged citizens.

Most impressively, she was fearless in talking about fighting not just AIDS but the stigma around it.

She told these girls: 'Violence against women in any place – including the home – especially the home – that isn't just a women's rights violation. It's a human rights violation.'

Then she went round doing her special hugging, which somehow she makes seem absolutely genuine

Read more:

I wonder did her condemnation of violence include AIDS sufferes not raping children to get rid of the disease? People in the first world think that that is an amazing bit of nonsense so surely Suzann Moor'sheroine did as well?

Anonymous said...

Recession drives a new generation of 'first-timer' womden into prostitution

from the dailymail not

"am an endangered species — one of the few people who does not have a Facebook or Twitter account, or even a measly blog to call my own."

Most people do not have facebook or twitter accounts.

We are standing in an American bar with the usual myriad television screens beaming sports channels at us from every corner.

..... Just along the bar a trio of customers (from Boston, we later learn) are obviously catching snatches of what we're saying. The woman among them suddenly cries out: "Gee, you're from Ireland. What a lovely brogue (!). Where in Ireland are you folks from? Dublin? Cork?"

But he is not letting up. And she wants to stress that she is not a bigoted person.

"Our son is even getting married," she says - and she drops her voice a little here - "to a non-Roman Catholic."

And this top columnist has the same conversatiuon in an unnamed bar that BT journalists have had before. History repeats itself first as trasgedy twice as farce thrice as ..?

It sounds like a rejected scene from Give My Head Peace. Santa's reindeers and helpers in Cookstown have been accused of nationalist bias at the turning on of the town's Christmas lights by wearing what seem to be green, white and orange tri-colour scarves.

Local DUP MLA Ian McCrea says he's been contacted by Protestant families who felt excluded by the incident.

Read more:

Hmmm now that I think about it Gail has greenish eyes, white skin and orange hair. She's clearly talking about the reindeer to deflect from her own resemblence to the tri-colour.
Yes Santa's little helper(s) were wearing the traditional green, white, and red as is tradition.
I demand that this employee of "Sir" Anto be putin the house of Lords so that she may be Lady Gaga

One of the above is the deputy editor of the BT.

Can you see why we get gibberish in our newspapers which ordinary people would have doubted straight away such as Gaygirl in Damascus?

Essex boy said...

This story is not exceptional. Everywhere in the West you'll find similar things. Blacks who are useless for anything are prmoted and idolized simply because they're black. Try any HR department of any company or university and you'll find the place infested with the useless parasites.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time a computer company in upstate New York had to take on a cetain number of tokens.

A security guy got talking to one guy on his smoking break and he had got his job in HR because once he turned up drunk for work and ruined a machine.

They could not sack him so he had been jessejacksoned to HR where there was less damage to be done. (Unless he started employing his brothas, sistas, cousins to the job he previously had.)

Anonymous said...

What I did not relise about the Chrissy Lee Polis (Most unfortunate surname for this incident) was that only when the victim was revealed to be a transexual did the media get their panties in a bunch at this absolutely despica
ble hate crime as before it was just african attacking whitey.

Clogheen said...

The other thing about working with blacks is that everyone is afraid to fire them. They'll scream racism at the 1st sign. I've sen it time and again. Mostly, at least in technical companies, they're bought off with a huge settlemet - much bigger than a similar YT would get.

Anonymous said...

Shame on the Irish Sun for the story they printed on Louis Walsh which had no substance.

They almost fell to a level of (shudders) the New York Times!

Anonymous said...

Disproportionate number of child sex offenders 'are Asian men'

* Study carried out in wake of conviction of grooming gang in Derbyshire

Read more:

How long has this been known?

Bolton, Derbyshire, Rochadle the cases the MSM tries to avoid.

Anonymous said...

Is Strauss-Kahn sex assault case about to collapse? Former IMF chief could walk free after maid 'lied to investigators'

A black woman lying about rape?
And leftys gaving a problem with this?

Remind anyone of the time that accusation automtically meant it happened as happened in the Duke Lacrosse case?

Henry IX said...

The issue of 'Asian' (read Muslim) sex offenders in the UK has been known for a long while but kept under wraps by our low life MSM. Only now breaking out once a senior police guy spoke about it. Interesting to see where his career goes after this.

Anonymous said...

New York Times reports that the DSK rape case is falling apart even though there is physical evidence.

Did they ever acknowledge that the Duke University case fell apart due to a lack of physical evidence?
Crystal Mangum's allegations were a complete hoax.

Did they ever acknowledge that Anita Hill was a lying waste of space when she set about ruining the career of a man?

Did they ever apologise for Jayson Blair and his "Selenarobertsing" of various stories.

Whatever would Johan Hari say?
And who would ahve originally said it for him?

Anonymous said...

@ Henry IX

Asians are 6% of the population and nake up 27% where race is not given or 48% where race is given of the groomers.

Now why would the MSM forget this fact?

Anonymous said...

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Scholar in Residence

Through his position at Syracuse University and, Watkins also provides regular financial advice to a largely African American audience. He argues that African Americans should consider their financial independence to be part of their spiritual and social independence. He also argues that African Americans should find a way to "own the land on which you stand", in order to be truly liberated in America.

Did the professor of entrepreurship ever think that they could buy the land the way normal people do?

"Like hookers kept dazed on drugs, the Black athlete is kept ignorant by his coaches so they can continue to rob him blind," says Watkins. "Coaches in college are given little incentive to increase graduation rates, and even choose the classes for the athletes. It's a sham."

Why would universities list special classes which the athletes knew they would have no bother passing? Pal of the above and a professor of Sociology. it is an ology so it is a science!

Cannot resist temptation. Is Emeagwali's computer not recognised because it died due to genital mutilation?

Dermot said...

" Is Emeagwali's computer not recognised because it died due to genital mutilation?"

ho ho ho!

Anonymous said...

Professors are now questioning hiring practices in the United Kingdom after reports show that out of more than 14,000 professors at the universities, only 50 are black.

And are they even real professors in real subjects?

Anonymous said...

While we are tempted to jump up and down in excitement over the school’s decision to accept the fact that blacks are just as bright as whites, we might need to take a moment of pause. Even though the presence of black students is very important to a campus, the reality is that admitting students of color neither requires significant courage nor shows any real sign of meaningful progress when it comes to truly shaping the direction of a university. The holy grail of power in any academic environment is the number of tenured faculty positions, which Harvard continues to keep African Americans from obtaining.
Harvard Adds Black Students, Fails In Hiring Black Professors

Professor Boyce Watson
would be angling for the appointment, on merit, of who?

hey come to absorb information, but have little role in deciding what information will be disseminated. They are invited temporary guests to what some would define to be an academic plantation, where black folks are allowed to ride in the car, but almost never given the right to drive it.

Again with the P word what is the fascination with it?

Dr. Faust’s predecessor, Lawrence Summers, began his tenure by immediately criticizing the funding of the African American Studies Department.

And he was removed in a Mass. style witch hunt!

Heraclitus said...

Interesing about Harvard. I did not know that actually. But on reflection, it'd have to be that way. Were Harvard to appoint black professors to 'normal' faculties (i.e. not African Studies and the like) they're reputation would plummet. Can you imagine this Emegweali guy as Professor of Computer Science? In practice, nobody would attend his classes and he'd wither on the vine.

Anonymous said...

From the Satoshi Kanazawa row.
From: Dr Frank Ellis
To: Amaka Okechukwu
Date: 5th July 2011 A.D.
Re: Your Post to My Open letter to LSE regarding Dr Satoshi Kanazawa

Dear Amaka Okechukwu

Thank you so kindly for taking the time to respond to my open letter to the LSE. Before I address the contents of your post I would like to clarify just who you are. You end your post with ‘Amaka Okechukwu (LSE Alumni)’. I note the use of ‘alumni’, the nominative plural, so does ‘Amaka Okechukwu’ refer to more than one person?

Babylon does not recognise who I and I is?

Anonymous said...

Future applications for Emeagwali's breakthroughs with the use of data generated by massively parallel computers include weather forecasting and the study of global warming.

Emeagwali super computing global warming?


Anonymous said...

Clarkson cirticised for sawing energy saving mode on his TV was like watchin gLenny henry in a cave.

Must not criticise new-fangled green stuff even if the standby button winds up turning on the television when nobody was watching.

Anonymous said...

C un fake c ca ??


Anonymous said...


Common Purpose is exploiting the News of the World hacking scandal to further its media control agenda.

So what is Common Purpose up to? They are now campaigning for "the establishment of a full public inquiry into phone hacking and other forms of illegal intrusion by the press" as it says on the website.

We know that Common Purpose is seriously into social control so they are exploiting 'hackgate' to promote their control of the media agenda.

These are the dudes whose motives are questuined elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

David Norris's secreatry was in tears because the big bad bold IRA sent him a death threat. He marched over to their offices and told them that they knew where he lived and he could make an appointment with him at any time but they were not to distrub his staff.

Eogahn Harris had a caller ring the Sunday Independent with a death threat against him.

Would Norris be able to produce a copy of the letter?
the name of the secreatary reduced to tears?
Did he contact the Gardai about this threat to a senator/ would be senator? (Biographer never revealed when (INDEED IF IT DID) happened?)

Would Harris be able to say when the call came to the Independent's offices?

Will any of the media (who had no problem with the Artane, Magdalene(x2), Ashascragh hoaxes) ask if either of these two events were rreal?

Anonymous said...

Ahascragh hoax now shows a nice picture of Bosco

The show disappeared through the magic door!

Stephen Ng'ang'a · 19 weeks ago
I am indeed moved with the work Aoife Kavanagh and work like to meet her in person but in the meantime I saw people that I know and am still struggling with that reality. I want the misssionaries to be held accountable if not sued to their last penny

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. An accident in Artane on three separate occasions because the timelines did not match up. I watched Sinead O'Connor glitter in the dark near the Magdalene Laundry gate while she was still with her family in Glenageary. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain

If child abuse is so serious why do RTE take the words of charlatans over real victims?

And also they should stop taking the words of africans as unblemished truth.

F McCool said...

And also they should stop taking the words of africans as unblemished truth.

True, but they won't. They need victims to justifywhatever quango they're on.

And yes, this whole child abuse thing seems to have become a racket.

Anonymous said...

The Irish Church should detach from the Roman Church and have closer contact with the Church of Ireland.

We no longer trust Rome after the damage done by priests to the children of the world, and not just Ireland, and bishops denying and trying to cover up their indiscretions. My grandchildren used to serve at mass, now none of my family attend church.

We need to detach RTÉ documentaries from RTÉ and go to Russia Today who make marvellous documentaries and not unresearched garbage which will see RTÉ paying out damages because they could not be bothered tro do theior jobs.

Anonymous said...

Sir, – Like most people, I am horrified at the way RTÉ constructed and broadcast A Mission to Prey,on May 23rd.

Despite all the recent tactical apologies I am still none the wiser what action has been taken against the journalist and producer concerned.

This was a clear abuse of power by RTÉ: a man’s life was ruined. – Yours, etc,

Indeed has any action been taken against the journalist and producer?

Anonymous said...

The Irish Mail on Sunday has a story of Michael D Higgins being reported to the Gardai on behalf of an alleged victim for an offence that took place 25 years ago.

This is a disgrace people say even though they could not be heard saying the same thing about the Ahascragh hoax.

Let useless journalists run with baseless stories and do not be surprised when one of your "own" is subject to one.

former liberal said...

It seems that all it takes is for someone to make an accusation for a 'journalist' to repeat it. And then the accused'd reputation is shredded for ever, even after the charge is withdrawn. That that unfortunate teacher a few years back. What happened to the girl who falsely accused him? Nothing that I know of.

Anonymous said...

If an accusation is made the journalist can repeat that an accusation is made.

However in RTE taking it upon themselves to be judge and jury over the falsely accused priest heads should roll.

But we know they won't.

James Lord said...

anon asks 'how many dark skinned scientists and doctors do you see? '

Well anon, this depends. In real life, almost none. On fictional TV and film? every second one.

Anonymous said...

Common Purpose wikipedia are featured on Sky Channel 200 Controversial tv in a programme called AVII which I am sure will be repeated.

Their purpose is not that "common".

Anonymous said...

@ James Lord

you see the superior acting skills, whicj no white man can match, means that Morgan Freeman is the perfect choice to play the scientist who developed the prosthetic tail for the dolphin even though the real world scientist was white.

Anonymous said...

A few days ago we had one of the daughters hawking herself to basketball players so that they could have a dream wedding in the next series of the "reality" show.

Come back one of the fathers of the internet we still believe!

Anonymous said...

9:00 PM Sky Channel 327 Da Vinci something made at the same time as The Da Vinci Code with more effort put into the writing but the same hocus pocus and none of the historical and scientific facts that Dan Browne writes about that did not take place.

Anonymous said...

Read more: Kim Kardashian marriage over

Kim Kardashian has spoken out in the wake of news she is divorcing Kris Humphries, insisting she had hoped the marriage would 'last forever'.

The 31-year-old reality star said it was 'not an easy decision' after filing for divorce from NBA star Kris, 26, after just 72 days of marriage on the grounds of 'irreconcilable differences'.

No she has another go at getting her first choice who was a teammate of this guy!

Anonymous said...

Brian Gerrish Former RN Officer talks about Common Purpose

Anonymous said...

How common purpose traches people to be better leaders

Importance of Leadership Julia Middleton Common Purpose

Common Purpose Julia Middleton on Diversity

Beyond Authority Common Purpose

An introduction to common purpose

Brian Gerrish Controversial TV

Beyond Authority on Common Purpose website

Amazon Beyond Authority. 3 in stock

Perhaps I misunderstood, but the thrust of this book seems to be how to give people things they don't want and raise your own profile at the same time. I had an uncomfortable feeling that there was an unstated political agenda, not necessarily democratic. 'Networks of leaders', it seems to me, create an inset and an outset. If I am right, this is far from empowering for the latter. Do you perhaps feel that you have less control over your own life than you used to ? This book may explain why, and I don't mean that as a recommendation.

Demos whre Julia Middleton was found

South Africa Common Purpose

Common Purpose explained

Common Purpose is a political charity using Behavioural Modification

Common Purpose (CP) is a Charity, based in Great Britain, which creates ‘Future Leaders’ of society. CP selects individuals and ‘trains’ them to learn how society works, who 'pulls the levers of power' and how CP ‘graduates’ can use this knowledge to lead 'Outside Authority’.

Anonymous said...

Do black tech entrepreneurs face institutionalised racism? CNN


Anonymous said...

Arundhant Roy was writing in the Guardian about how we are all 99%ers.
Well as her family own an Indian TV company some poster wondered could that poster describe themself as a Booker Prize winner.

northern athiest said...

anon 15.48 - that's clever!

Anonymous said...

Now Cher's superstar son has been criticised from some unlikely quarters after Warren Beatty and Annette Bening's transgender son blasted Chaz as a misogynist.

Stephen, 19, born Kathlyn, has hit out at the 42-year-old, who underwent female-to-male gender transition between 2008 and 2010.

Read more: Wrren Beatty's transgendered son brands Chaz Bono a misogynist

Stephen describes himself as 'a gay trans man for whom both identities are equally important, a white anti-racist, a feminist, and a poet.'

Huh? Was that English????

- Kathy, Phoenix, Arizona, 18/11/2011 12:51

California where the nuts fall close to the trees as the old joke goes.

Of all the blogs in all the world they have to stumble on one featuring a PC fight between two ex-women.

Anonymous said...

Lost in Translation.

Vereranda does not want anything from him.

Aoife Kavanagh - reporter
Hilary Curley - research
Fiona Forde - additional research
Matt Naughton - lighting cameraman
Pat Murray - location sound
Donata Ferrario, Declan King - assistant camera
Laurence Brierty, John Reynolds - electrical services
Peig Looney - broadcast co-ordinator
Roisin McKeon - programme department assistant
Caoimhe Cassidy - file assistant
Zac Sloper, Gareth Teggin - graphic operators
Brien Vahey - production design
Stacey Gallagher - costume
Eddie Cummins - staging
Shane Callan - colourist
Mick Creedon - post production sound
Alan Dunne - graphic design
Isabel Perceval - unit producer
Clare Killane - video editor
Rhona O'Byrne - production manager
Mark Lappin - producer and director
Brian Pairceir - executive producer
Ken O'Shea - editor

Hang your heads in shame you worthless morons.

SAVANT said...

@anon 21.01. What the hell did you expect. On one hand a white Catholic priest. Male. On the other a black. And female. No contest, at least in the MSM.

What amazes me is that they walked into it so easily. They just took this one's claim and published it. They're paying now.

Anonymous said...

What amazes me is that they walked into it so easily.

Not I. They chose to broadcast a story with one source and used an non-English speaking woman, or else used a bought in interview that thy did not know what was in it, because if they lost it was only the license fee payer on the hook.

Nora Wall has proven that there is nothing that the media will not do to get in a good church bashing.

All those idiots should be sacked.

Or piersmorganned off to CNN where their journalistic standards would be more ay home.

Anonymous said...

I dont think it's that simple. RTE and the programme staff have taken a major bloody nose. Even in RTE they'll suffer repercussions for this. Speaking for myself there's no way I'd have touched this without stronger evidence.

Anonymous said...

Shane Callan Colourist

Perhaps he was the only one asking why are we taking the word of a black woman as gospel?

If so maybe more colourists are needed in the MSM.

Anonymous said...

WE can only speculate on how much money Fr Kevin Reynolds received from RTE -- but whatever the amount, he was entitled to every cent.

That's not something I say with any joy at all, given that I have significant respect for the reporter involved, Aoife Kavanagh, as well as for the programme she was reporting for, 'Prime Time'.

She is a very fine journalist who has carried out some excellent reporting work for the national broadcaster. 'Prime Time' has a superb track record in broadcasting programmes on issues which are of national importance. It's not just that the issues are exposed, either; such is the power and credibility of the brand that it means situations which are illegal or unjust often end up being changed. That gives it a powerful place in Irish society

What sucking up. If she had done a proper investigation then this programme would not have been made.

One of the allegations made in an RTE programme "investigating" staff members at a Catholic institution was that someone got stitches for a procedure which would have necesitated surgery.

Another claim in another programme could be dismissed because the medical procedure was also wrong yet RTE will not give any airtime to people who claim to have devices fitted in them after anal probes by aliens.

Do we pay our license fee so that RTE can discriminate against them?

Anonymous said...

Three versions of boy's death Sunday Independent 19 December 1999


I refer to Mr Bernard O'Connell's reply last week in your letters page to my letter relating to the accidental death of a boy in Artane.

Mr O'Connell stands by his story. Which one? He has now presented the public with no fewer than three different versions of this event. In one version the boy fell 40 feet, brushing past Bernard and almost touching him. In the second version the boy was actually thrown over the banister by a Brother and fell a distance of 120 feet. In this account, Mr O'Connell describes external injuries which are totally at variance with the injuries described by the surgeon in the Mater Hospital and by the pathologist. The third version given by Mr O'Connell states that both the boy and a Brother crashed into Bernard, knocking him down several steps.

He finishes his third account by stating that the event took place in the winter of 1956. In fact, the sad accident occurred on February 18, 1951. The factual account of what happened is contained in the Coroner's Report, the contents of which were outlined in my original letter. The Coroner's Report states clearly that no foul play was suspected and that there was adequate supervision in place at the time of the accident.

The records show that no other boy resident of Artane died in the 1950s.

Br M Reynolds, Christian Brothers Provincialate, Cluain Mhuire, North Circular Road, Dublin 7.

Journalists should realise that they shoulf not take any story at face value bcause it suits their prejudices nor should they reject any story because their prejudice demand it not be true.

Anonymous said...

On Christine Buckley

Yet although the evidence suggests that the woman’s memory was a delusion, her testimony was widely believed at the time. In the wake of the broadcast, atrocity stories about Goldenbridge and other industrial schools began to proliferate.

Folie à medium anyone?

Heraclitus said...

A whole industry has grown up around reparations. Virtually any claim will be believed, including those from people who suddenly 'remembered' what happened 30 or 40 years ago.

However the Church and the instutions carry much of the blame. They lied and obstructed every inch of the way.

Anonymous said...

The New York Times has asked three experts how rape cases should eb covered in the paper.

One of the three experts was CNN's Wendy Murphy of the Duke University hoax who "in her public statements about the highest profile sexual assault case of recent years:

asserted, without any evidence, that “there’s a very good chance there was a payoff” to false accuser Crystal Mangum and the second dancer, Kim Roberts;
implied, falsely, that the unreleased 1000+ pages of the discovery file, which contained Mangum’s psychological records and was sealed upon orders of the judge, might have contained “witness statements from the defendants’ friends—statements saying that a rape occurred just as [Mangum] described”;
fantasized, falsely, about the existence of “broomstick DNA” in the case;
reasoned that, contrary to North Carolina’s open-file discovery law, ex-DA Mike Nifong had a right to withhold evidence from the defense (one of the offenses for which he was eventually disbarred;
deemed Mangum’s ever-changing version of events as “minor inconsistencies”;
claimed, falsely, that President Brodhead had publicly asserted that “many” non-lacrosse players attended the party;
“bet,” on national TV, that one of the falsely accused players was “molested as a child”;
made no fewer than 18 false statements in the first nine months of the case alone."

And who was unavailable to testify for Nifong at his disbarment hearing. Presumably because she was unable to function in the real world?

kudzo bob said...

Why don't the Duke victims sue this bitch to hell?

Anonymous said...

Ahew still "is paid" by RTE for "working" which she is incapable of doing

Where is her "relaible third source"?

Where indeed but you will not see this nasty piece of work sacked unlike Mary-Ellen Synon who was sacked from the Sunday Independent for, among other things, suggesting the Special Olympics was not as good as the regular Olympics and when you say that you are in big trouble.

Even the untouchavle Sotero got in trouble I bowled a 129 which is like special olymics

All hail the teleprompter reading superman.

Anonymous said...

Indo lifts straight from RTE website

Proflie of Aoife Kavanagh lifted straight from RTE.

Athnionn ciorog ciorog eile?

Anonymous said...

A whinger whinges

The singer also criticised Bono and the Catholic Church, and added that she hoped to win an Oscar for a song on a film soundtrack next year.

The mother of four (unfortunately none of them sired by a rasta man so that she could experience the racism of big bad whitey "first hand" just as she experienced the Magdalen Laundries first hand.) is also hoping for an Oscar next year, after teaming up with actress Glenn Close.

The Hollywood star spent much of this year in Dublin shooting the film 'Albert Nobbs', in which she plays a woman who passes herself off as a man to survive in Victorian Dublin.

This was the serial fantasist who got coverage for her times in the Magadalene Laundries which she was never at.

Wonder where Aoife Kavanagh came from? And I do notmean Wexford.

Paddy the samurai said...

Sinead O'Connor is a certifiable lunatic who should be locked up. I was in a hotal once and she a few more acolytes were literally lying about and howling!!!

Anonymous said...

Part of the reason the Sunday Independent is regarded as a joke is that some of their journalists were her neighbours of hers growing up and they went on to infect that paper with their idiocy.

So when she came along with mad stories she got an easy press even though those writing it knew it to be complete rubbish.

Well what else was going to go into this esteemed paper?

Anonymous said...

"The only places that you'll receive an accurate history lesson concerning any part of history is at an Ivy League University. Why do you think those places nearly exclusively admit elitist children only? You've got to be one hell of an intelligent commoner who has clearly demonstrated complete loyalty to the global elitist aristocracy in order to be an exception, i.e. Obama & Maddow."

I do not know if you remember when we were told that the sun shone out of Chelseas Clinton's rearend and she was so smart that she got a job with McKinsey solely on merit.

She becomes a special correspondent with NBC because she - like Obama - is special in that Ralph Wiggum way?

Anonymous said...

Prime Time believed african sourcxe because other source was anothe rpriest.

Irish Daily Mail.

Prime Time believed african source because they are liberal scum.

A non-viewer

Anonymous said...

If Pauline and Dawn French can both do it ´naturally´- then why is the NHS paying millions for lazy people to get gastric bands?? You got fat yourself, so lose the weight yourself, and by the way ´I am overweight, and am losing the weight slowly and naturally -by eating less!!

Read more: Anything Dawn French can do I can do better

There was another celebrity who lost weight "naturally" was found to have had a gastric band fitted.

Anonymous said...

Sex-abuse survivors group calls for Jim Boeheim to be disciplined by Syracuse amid Bernie Fine allegations

Read more: A national sex-abuse survivors group is calling for Syracuse University to discipline longtime basketball coach Jim Boeheim for calling Bernie Fine's accusers liars and extortionists.

His name is Matt Michael, and he used to be a reporter for The Syracuse Post-Standard newspaper, and he started working in the fall of 2002 on a story about a former Syracuse University ball boy accusing a Syracuse assistant coach, Bernie Fine, of molesting him as far back as 1984. But before Michael ever got to Syracuse, before he covered Syracuse basketball himself, before he finally moved over to news, he was a student sportswriter at Penn State. Michael is Penn State '85. He covered football for the college paper there, which means he covered Jerry Sandusky. And when he found out about Sandusky the way the world did over this past month, Michael thought right away about the story he and another reporter worked on for months once, out of the fall of '02 and into the spring of '03, a long 140-inch story that his paper finally elected not to publish.

So MSM cannot publish real stories but they can find room for Selena Roberts inventions?

Will anyone ask why this story was spiked?

I presume it was kept out because there was a bigger story to be written about.

Dr. Wassell said...

@anon 18.31. The molester's second name was Fine. Understand now why it was spiked?

Anonymous said...

Le bingo Dr Wassell
Le Bingo!

Sam said...

People like this are abused by our dark nwo lords for racial Criminal purposes.Nelson mandela martin luther king and an albayrak and some chinese lady to raise racial tensions and hostilities and supress Natives in Their Own Nations.

It also is a very sure certainty he is Criminal and has a record like al did because such types are very collaborate and silent about the real purposes of their acts.Like nelson mandela had 30 years because he bombed a railroadstation and killed several hundreds of men women and Children.And mlk was an alcoholic serialraper with a record as long as a stockpile of toiletpaper.The chinese lady had housearrest for killing a partymember ... and so on our heavens paved with filth and crime.

Sam said...

This explains the above 29 December 2011 07:41 some more

The Jewish Plan for Genocide of USA Whites

ISRAEL COHEN (1912) top of page

"We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause."

Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

And a reality

Europeans hate Jews due to their slave trading

Polish scholar Adam G. de Guroswki, who travelled extensively in
the United States, wrote in his 1860 book Slavery in History:

The Jews were the common mediators and factors in this traffic (child slave trading), as well as the most extensive slave-traders all over Europe, both then (4 & 5th centuries A.D.) and in subsequent times; and a considerable part of the hereditary hatred of the European masses towards the Jews is to be ascribed to this historic fact.

Minister Farrakhan - History and Truth of the Slave Trade

And some 1943 jewish SS trainingcamp

Sam said...

Anonymous said...

"The only places that you'll receive an accurate history lesson concerning any part of history is at an Ivy League University. Why do you think those places nearly exclusively admit elitist children only? You've got to be one hell of an intelligent commoner who has clearly demonstrated complete loyalty to the global elitist aristocracy in order to be an exception, i.e. Obama & Maddow."
26 November 2011 17:24
Yea academy and schools et all as jewish racial separation indoctrination brainwash(monarch )and supressionweapon as they are overwhelmingly present at those locations instead of Natives and are for 50% on False degree to keep the own numbers up to keep the racial upper layer under own power.
Since war We had in the netherlands no Native president I Guess every where else it will be no difference?

Andreas said...

Sam - real 'native' Presidents will become a thing of the past in western countries.

Sam said...

@Andreas you must be the housefool here?


If Ayaan Hirsi Ali would have become President Here you would not hear Me complaining Because She was a Good Human Being what is the opposite of what We in holland have now at the moment for minister president mark rutte a Child molester who impregnated his oldest 12yo of the two daughters in his frizlcellar and she gave birth to a Son on aruba know ...from Natalee holloway joran van der sloot and the strange parties with youths and children?

Olda said...

Sam - Mark Rutte did NOT impregnate a 12 year-old. The guy is 100% GAY!

Anonymous said...

Not one wimmintion of Rihanna in this article.

For shame!

To those sickos

Anonymous said...

Breivik gives the communist salute which is the closed fist rather than the open palm and those morons in the media see an open palm.

Anonymous said...

“She [said], 'Are you an actress?' And I said, 'Yeah!' And she says, 'Oh honey, you should really quit the business, it's so image-conscious.’”

In 2010 Sidibe’s mother Alice Tan Ridley defended her daughter’s weight, saying to RadarOnline: “The truth is Gabourey would like to lose some weight but the reality is that she would not have gotten the role of Precious if she had not been heavy.”

People rave about obseity which Kathie Taylor might be casuing by advertising a sports drink and yet Dawn French who is the same height as Cheryl Cole has always been described as brave for being well overweight.

For example she was the same weight as a 6' 5" professional wrestler, two who were 6' 10" and two thirds the weight of The Big Show who is 7' 2".

Do you think making heroines (word carefooly chosen.) of someone this obese might be a problem?

Is it because Kathie Taylor is neither English middle class nor black?

Roisin Ingle would have been one of those morons and she was (perhaps is?) 15 stone herself.

SAVANT said...

OK, but Rosin Ingle has cystic fibrosis. Might have something to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Then Roisin Ingle has a legitimate reason all the rest is Oooooh! Let us kiss a T
V stars arse
rubbish which makes the initial point worse doesn't it?

The MSM is even worse than you imagine.

Anonymous said...

Rigged poll allows TV reality presenter Tulisa to win

Every so often a story comes along that shouts The Mainstream Media sucks! whether it be Rangers going bust and the public knowing that they were but the guys come oot and say hoots mon we naer natised or Sheryl Cole, TV presenter pal of Simon Cowell, winning this ahead of Keeley Hazell.

Do you seriously believe that the real world is that perverted to allow that to happen?

I would guess that there are more heterosexual men than there are media faggoty faggoty fag types who go around imagining if they were hetero they would fancy this Geordie monstrosity.

But Tulisa wah wah waqh they released a sex tape of me just before my new single comes out and now I win a competition ahead of (inserts name of 100+ sexier women)

Anonymous said...

Sexiest woman in the world ...Oh PLEASE.

no chance ! must be april fools joke all very average
pdshandyman 0 likes

i want a recount there are a lot better looking ladys out there then this bird

Read more:

Nichelle Obama is a better looking bird than Tulisa!

Anonymous said...

Two days late and two dollars short

This was the lead story yesterday ONE DAY after this guy was cleared.

It is on the main page on yahoo TWO DAYS after this guy was cleared.

I look at the Mainstream Media and I think they are grrreeeeaaaaattttt!

My name is Tony the Tiger and I am known for my unbiased opinions.

Anonymous said...

We both have anorexia nervosa, the psychiatric illness which causes more fatalities than any other,, and which is the most difficult disease from which to recover fully.

We also share an addiction to the only thing we have ever wanted to feed on, suckle at and drink in great big, thirsty gulps: the glossy world of fashion magazines, the sartorial equivalent of toxic waste.

Rachael, who is 20, hit the headlines last week when she and her mother, Lynne, set up an online petition calling for airbrushed photographs in glossy magazines to be clearly labelled as such.

Rachael’s decline into anorexia was made worse by her obsession with photographs of super-slim celebrities in magazines.

She traces the beginnings of her illness back to being 13, when she saw a picture of Victoria Beckham in a magazine.

‘I absolutely loved her. She seemed to have it all. She was skinny, with big boobs,’ Rachael says.

‘She was my idol. I went around telling everyone that when I grew up, I wanted to have big breasts and be really, really thin.’

Read more: Poor poor pitiful me by Liz Jones

Aw surelythe
most awesome journalist who has ever journalled?

Anonymous said...

Seriously chicks should look at page 3 to see what healthy girls look like rather than look at fashion magazines.

Anonymous said...

Vogue bans too skinny and underage models
Vogue editors worldwide have agreed to put a ban on using super-thin and underage models in their magazines, to encourage a change in attitudes within the fashion industry

Congratulations on catching up with Page3 of The Sun respectable journalists!

Anonymous said...

A pregnant British woman could face the death penalty in Pakistan after she was caught trying to smuggle heroin worth £3.2million.

Khadija Shah, 25, was attempting to return to Birmingham with her two children when she was arrested by police officers who uncovered 140lb of the drug concealed inside clothes in three suitcases.

She claimed she took the bags as a favour for men she met in Pakistan and did not know what was in them. Authorities in the capital Islamabad suspect the men were gangsters.

Suspected gangster try to use woman to smuggle drugs to UK

Well done professional journalists as I would have suspected Liontamers.

Anonymous said...

Late last night, in a shameful example of editorial cowardice, the Chronicle of Higher Education fired Naomi Schaefer Riley. Naomi is a good friend of mine, a sometimes contributor to THE WEEKLY STANDARD, and a fine writer. And the story of what happened to her is highly instructive.
chronicle of higher education

Naomi joined the Chronicle’s “Brainstorm Blog” a little over a year ago. It was a good hire—she’s written two insightful books on academia, God on the Quad and The Faculty Lounges, along with dozens of articles on the subject. Her postings were smart and entertaining. (For a couple of samples, click over to “If this is art, your middle-school daughter is Picasso” and “No sex for you.”)

Last week she wrote about the world of “Black Studies” in a post titled “The most persuasive case for getting rid of Black Studies? Read the dissertations.” You should read the whole thing, because it’s only 520 words, but here’s the gist of Naomi’s argument:

I just got around to reading The Chronicle’s recent piece on the young guns of black studies. If ever there were a case for eliminating the discipline, the sidebar explaining some of the dissertations being offered by the best and the brightest of black-studies graduate students has made it. What a collection of left-wing victimization claptrap. The best that can be said of these topics is that they’re so irrelevant no one will ever look at them.

Black studies dissertations make the toilet paper they are written on worthless!

Boycott the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Not quite MSM but this is how they too misbehave.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Some Guardian chick had a stupid whinge on twitter which she took down while one of her colleagues had a whinge that she found it hard to find lesbians in London. ( because of the patriarchy I guess.)Did she not look?

Anonymous said...

The Irish Times television review said that Nora Owen would be presenting a version of Mastermind on TV3 and asked would she be Ireland's answer to Anne Robinson.

Anne Robinson was the dumb as Barry Obama Mirror columnist who wrote that Robber(t) Maxwell was her hero for saving the Mirror a few days before it was revealed that the company had lost £200 million because some overweight guy was stealing money from the pension fund to fund companies that the guy who was not fit to run a public company ran and was she ever called out for her stupidity?

In case you have not worked out the answer the presstitutes love this working class girl who somehow managed to be from the only working class family in an upper middle class area of Liverpool.

Magnus Magnusson and John Humphries are the guys who presented Mastermind whereas the UK's answer to Eamon Dunphy presented The Weakest Link.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Carr
Jonathan Ross
Jo Brand
Graham Norton
A least a dozen celebrity chefs,

All avail of the 1% tax thing by having royalties paid to a Jersey company and then taking the money as a loan yet only Jimmy Carr is selected to get bashed over it.

Did he piss some PC heads at the Beeb off?

Anonymous said...


21 June 2012 3:23PM
Response to HelenPerry, 21 June 2012 3:14PM

Person-for-person, more black people are racist than white people. It gets hard to keep overlooking this fact.

Fact you say? Sounds like an interesting study, do you have a link to it by any chance?

Removes the comment that falls outside their boundaries yet lets a reply show the original factually correct comment to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Only clicked on this article to see her. :) bang tidy lol

- seemso, uk, 29/6/2012 14:41

Read more:Yes the BBC who said that about Philip Emeagawli made a documentary warning that Eastern Europoe had the same racial problems as London

Like hell it does. There are sod all blacks in Poland and the Ukraine. Unlike London.

Anonymous said...

Maureen Dowd Pulizter prize winner from New York slimes what a complete moron!

Anonymous said...

"dr" Philip Emeagawli never got booted from no airplane for wearing a t-shirt which took something Serena Williams was unable to give to WADA out of the TSA.

Anonymous said...

Hom Tumphries is on the case!

Fearless crusading journalist, like Selena Roberts, will be on the case of USA Swimming when he gets back from his extended vacation to look at abuse cases in US Swimming just like he fearlessly looked into those at the Alma Mater of "Bigot's Dustbin" journalists when he heard about them!

Anonymous said...

Kinsey, who Margaretmeded his data, seems to be wrong and that gays make up 2% of the population and not the 10% as quoted.

I wonder why this Margaretmeded figure was never questioned?

Anonymous said...

Childlone founder and big mouth who loves getting in the papers Ester Ratnzen has just remembered that the founder of Childline which was set up to help vulnerable children knew about the rumours of Jimmy Saville and what Childline was set up to stop.

Oh vay! What a faux pas!

SAVANT said...

What's this about rumours about Jimmy Saville?

Anonymous said...

Paul Gadd aka Gary Glitter went to Viet Nam to enjoy the company of teenage prostitutes. When his repellent behaviour was going to be found out in the 70s he would be "found" banging a hot off duty WPC.

Just like Jimmy Saville who was despised by many in the BBC including Bill Cotton and Paul Gambanchini.

Jonathon King also a BBC DJ was very very interested in teenagers and went to jail for his interest.

The manager of the Bay City Rollers was jailed for what he did to boys and it was forgotten about just like Dunblane massacre Thomas Hamilton who did the same forgettable thing and the guy who was an employee of Rangers FC but never of Celtic yet Celtic and Jock Stein are held responsible for the behaviour of an employee of another team.

Strange goings on in the media.

This in the week that the BBC never noticed the Rochdale grooming case.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday ITV have a documentary on Jimmy Savile.

Anonymous said...

the guardian got their knickers in a twist over there not being enough and too womany at the same time black Page 3 girls and they called some recent one the first one ever whereas Amanda sic Forbes was before her and there might have been one in the 70s.

Shame on you guardian for your sexism you would have known about her if she were the first black man to do something.

Shame on you guardian for your racism if she went to St Pauls school for girls or the other upper class ones that your journalists are hired from.

Shame on you guardian for your racism-sexism you would not get details obout Polly Toynbee wrong.

Is this the lowest the MSM has ever sunk?

Anonymous said...

Lesbian troll Sandi Toksvig has discovered that her lesbianess was groped in the BBC and only found the courage to lesbiantion it now that there is free publicity available.

Liz Kershaw also remembers being groped 25+ years ago.

Liz Kershaw's programme is on 6 at .

Anonymous said...

The BBC made pogroms investigating clerical abuse but now it turns out also in Rochdale that 20 stone that Stoke Mandeville knew about BBC employee Savile and what he got up to there and what he got up to Haut La Gardenne but for some reason they think he is a muslim and ignore it.

Anonymous said...

150 arrests but no jail time for Obama's Saint Louis cousin

150 arrests DWIs pepper sprayed numerous times but never went to jail because "He is a pillar of the community".

Aren't you sick and tired of the times that when bad back behavior makes it thrjewgh the "all blacks are super and must be presented as such" they are disgusting career criminal scum like Rodney King.

Anonymous said...

Madonna strips off in support of girl shot dead by Taliban!

Except girl is still alive but thank you Madonna for your publicity stunt which will aid this girl in ways that we do not know of.

Anonymous said...

Shuttle travelled at 16 times speed of light CNN

Woman who cannot fit in uniform wants job

I am not saying the media are morons I am saying they are complete morons.

Anonymous said...

The Independent once ran with a story of a guy "earning" enough to keep a G5 Gulfstream jet because they lifted the story from the interwebz.
The Irish Times also have done something similar.
The Irish Times also had three different accounts for a child being killed in an industrial school which was witnessed by the same witness three different times in three separate locations in three different years which did not take place.
Just like the child killed in Kilkenny by those nasty priests which did not happen just like the child was killed in Galway somewhere on three different occasions that never happened but the lazy bastards could never find time Tom-ention what one of their own got up to. Humph!
Then we had the ESRI guy saying 40% of people working would be better off on the dole because he double counted some payments and refused to acknowledge that people on a certain income in employment can also have a medical card and the peer review people did not pick up on it nor did the media who dutifully copied it.
This is the same ESRI who published a paper that locals were twice as likely to get called for interviews because John got called for 2 different interviews whereas Destroyus (even if they had the same CVs) had only 1 different.
The media did not pick up on that.
Now it turns out that the Garda sergeant who has to steal food to survive is a fake unlike Joe Purcell who is keeping it real kicking it to the 1% on behalf of the 99% by attempting to steal a box of corn flakes.

Poor Twink! Being kept out of the news by these non-entities by an uncaring media.
Her book will be out in time for the Christmas market.

Anonymous said...

It is an injustice!

Stupid judge fined some people who named a woman who had consensual sex with a black footballer who was then raped by a Welsh footballer and went back to having consensual sex with the superior athlete and silly judge rules that they named the woman who had been raped.

Anonymous said...

Richard Madeley knows who butters his bread

Forgetful shopper Richard Madeley turns off Radio 4 when they have no womyn presenters on because he desparately needs a job in the media. Please think of the guy who cannot afford a bottle of whiskey.

If there were more than him and its were an operating system its would not be Windows but Eunuchs!

Probably even invented by Dr Philip Emeagawli as well!

Anonymous said...

was the victim of a murder suicide so it was no biggie

perp so knickers are getting even more twisted than usual.

Anonymous said...


Someone noticed this in The Mirror.

Anonymous said...

Man launches assault with "ASSAULT" rifle.

Man shoots brothers with AK-47, the very bad object Feinstein wants to ban!, and yet she refuses to use this shooting in her argument to ban them.

That is unfine Feisnstein the media should be writing.

Anonymous said...

Nebraskan Lesbian who could not find another Lesbain to beat her up cut herself with box cutters and blamed 3 men. She bought the box cutters herself and the glove used by the 3 assailants only had her DNA in them.

What is it with lesbians and hoaxes?

E said...

The msm is controlled for the purpose to mislead everyone about what is really going on. There is a way to see through them. If they start talking incessantly about any one thing, especially something ridiculous, they are doing so to bury another story and distract everyone. If you read enough of the articles you may notice a pattern, there are certain phrases they use to push propaganda and perpetuate lies. (Two recent examples are duck dynasty and the ndaa, and the lies about Assad and Syria) The only thing we can do is to make papers that show the truth and fill the newspaper dispensers up with them, and use blogs to ridicule every msm page that does not allow comments.