Sunday, 6 June 2010

Paris hotties (a la Huffington Post)

I always use the Huffington Post as my best Web source of PC multiculti bullshit. So a piece on the French Open hotties was sure to grab my attention. And they didn't disappoint. They chose 16, for some reason I can't figure, unless it's the only number that enabled them to get their racial quotas in line. As you could guess, right at the top were the Williams sisters. I provide a few snaps here to remind you of their spectral beauty.
And I also provide a few snaps of those not hot enough to make it to the 16.


Anonymous said...

Horrors Savant-I clicked on the Huffington Post link and there is a picture of one of the hideous Williams sisters(I don't know which one is which)first off.MY EYES!!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy shit - they excel themselves here. To see those two horrors in there and these other divinities excluded. Wow!

blueboy said...

As Don Imus said, they should be on National Geographic channel not Sports.

deepfreeze said...

I guess I just don't the attraction of seriously ripped women with ropes of sinews and bulging muscles. I admire Venus and Serena for their athletic prowess on the courts but if I had to vote for them as "hotties" I'd place the vote in the MALE category, I swear to God.

el badgero said...

There was a poll on this and the Williams brothers came dead last. Vied for last position! LoL.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're correct Uncle Nasty. Not seeing too many signs of it myself.

Peter the Grape said...

The Venus sisters are not even passable as women by the standards of drag queens. The trannie in The Crying Game was a more believable woman.

Anonymous said...

i recall daddy williams running around calling everybody mother fuckin racists when one of the he she daughters got a bad call. wat else new.

Barack Mugabe said...

My goodness, I don't think an entire bottle of Viagra would produce a boner in the face of the grotesque Williams baboons.
I'd rather bang that morbidly obese freak with the protruding belly button that you posted last week!
Gosh the Huffington Post is sick...

Kevin K. said...

My goodness though, the others who failed to make it are like top fashion models. Are they really tennis players, Savant?

SAVANT said...

Kevin K - not alone are they tennis players, they were all participants in the French Open and thus eligable for the Hot Sixteen. Sadly, the requirement for vibrant diversity quotas meant they missed out.

martin_uk said...

The layers of meaning revealed in our handling of diversity are fascinating. A significant trademark of a multicultural society is the way that one is expected to pretend to believe that that which is manifestly false is in fact true, and one is encouraged to become a hypocrite and deceive oneself and others. It is plainly obvious that the Williams sisters are unfeminine and very physically unattractve. How can anyone honestly think otherwise? How can any journalist think otherwise? But the Williams sisters were included in the short list and we are expected to think, "well they deserve to be there, since they are just as pretty as the Eastern European women featured". And the Huffington Post journalist is pretending to think the same thing. So we are all telling one another how attractive the Williams sisters are, except no-one really believes it, but as is uaual when there is anonymity the voters on the Huff Post forum show the nakedness of the Emperor, since the Williams sisters score the lowest by far.

Great Dane said...

Martin-UK - your comment begs one question: Does this constant indoctrination eventually create its own reality? By this I mean will we be - eventually - programmed to really believe that the Williams sisters are attractive and similar nonsense?

Anonymous said...

Savant - what you seem to miss, is that the rutting male enjoys slender legs, thin figure, and nice ass - and breasts to go. Even if you don't like the Williams' large noses - the rest is attractive to an average male. It might be true, that skin tone is inferior in the Black, but don't forget the rest. Then you've got them sweating, and moving fast... a normal male will fuck it - and call it hot.

kulak said...

@Great Dane


If that should happen, we won't be white anymore. We'll be something different. And we won't be around long.

This is the same lunatic contradiction of the most recent Star Trek film:

1) Diversity and interracial romance are normal.

2) There will still be distinct peoples in the future.

To the extent white people can be persuaded to love ugliness, it's just another facet of white genocide.

The bottleneck may be quite narrow. European Jews purportedly got winnowed to 50k.

Anonymous said...

just wondering savant if your new cultural enrichers get on public tranportation in ireland and find it neccesary to spy a young girl and sidel up to her and pull out his dick and masturbate in front of her, this is common here in the states as it beleives that said young lady will all at once fall in love with the monkey.

Anonymous said...

Black butt ugly..and rude, arrogant, and narcissistic to boot.

Kamerad Stalin said...

"So we are all telling one another how attractive the Williams sisters are, except no-one really believes it"

It's just a test to see your political allegeance, a verbal bait to label your side. Most of us on this site probably failed to pass it.
Former east germans or soviets had probably tenth of such verbal tests to pass every day. 'Hello Kamerad Savant, the Kamerad Venus is pretty isn't it?
-Da, Kamerad Komissar Huffingsteinnovitch, prettier than any Irish woman.
-Good, Kamerad Savant...".

That's how the USSR worked for 70 years, with 'fear'.
Fear to be deported in a salt mine, or today in the 'unemployment sector'. In many cases you can't even exercise your basic rights to be involved in politic, unless it is in the Politburo's party.

An example from an official document:

AS A (teacher-substitute) FOR CAUSE

Any activity, school-connected or otherwise, that, because or publicity given it, or knowledge of it among students, faculty, and community, impairs or diminishes the substitute’s effectiveness in the District

It's clear, in a district heavily populated with immigrants, you can not be a teacher and be publically involved in unpolitically correct politic, i.e immigration or segregation. If you have kids to feed and need a job, better watch your tongue Kamerad, for 70 years.

Steve K. said...

kulak - I dont think you're right. Don't black men want white chicks way ahead of their fellow blacks? We can say this is because white women are obviously better in every way, but maybe black men feel this way because for generations white women have been an unreachable prize deemed way above them.

Whites could become conditioned in the same way.

SAVANT said...

anon 17.59. I've heard this story a number of times but have no idea if it's true. I haven't seen any court cases either.

Great Dane said...

You cud be right kulak. By the way, what do you mean by "The bottleneck may be quite narrow. European Jews purportedly got winnowed to 50k."

kulak said...

@Steve K

I dont think you're right.

Prepare to be enlightened!

Whites could become conditioned in the same way.

Except that the child of a black and a white isn't white.

@Great Dane

You cud be right kulak.

Obviously, you are a wise and learned person, well on the path to enlightenment.

By the way, what do you mean by "The bottleneck may be quite narrow. European Jews purportedly got winnowed to 50k."

That's a reference to the middle ages bottleneck of disease and warfare, an estimate based on a recent genetic study.

Da woild will be our oysta!

Steve Kirby said...

Kulak - that doesn't answer my point. To say the offspring of micegenation is black is semantics. He's 50/50.

But accepting what you say, it only confirms my point. If black men continue to procreate with white women as they do now, and white men are brainwashed into believing that black women are attractive, then they'll all be 50/50 (i.e. black according to your definition)in due course.

kulak said...


To say the offspring of micegenation is black is semantics.

I didn't say they're black.

I said they ain't white.

And I said

If that should happen, we won't be white anymore. We'll be something different.

And that makes perfect sense if you know what a white man is.

dogtags said...

I agree with Steve K. The concept of beauty varies over time. Take for example in the ealy movies the beauties were botton-mouthed, big-bosomed, portly and with short curly hair.

However, it'd take some brainwashing to convince us that the likes of the Willaims sisters are hot.

Anonymous said...

This is what's happening in Brazil. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Dogtags is talking nonsense good looking white females have always been the epitome of beauty. Most early movie actresses would still be considered beautiful today.

Mixed race models are only popular today because they have inherited beautiful Caucasian features and their non-white ancestry makes them look exotic.

Anonymous said...

I worked in Nigeria and the women there smelled badly of vaginal odor. When 'challenged' they said their men liked it that way!


Anonymous said...

Hi Savant. I notice my earlier post on this thread fell off. Did I breach protocol?. If so, my apologies.

Uncle Nasty

SAVANT said...

Uncle Nasty - not me. If it fell off it could be due to the Google thought police. I'm experiencing a lot of problems with this, including inability to search the blog or to access various elements of it (e.g. Dashboard) from the home page.

Why don't you send it again?

Anonymous said...


Your blog is completely inaccessable to me via Googlel. As of the last month or so, your blog was WAY DOWN the list (several pages) when I googled "Irish Savant." Previously it was at the very top of the list. As of this AM I keep getting an Error Message 503. Very suspicious. Just thought I'd let you know, and that I have switched my homepage to Dogpile, which gives me immediate access to your blog. Don't stop what you're doing.

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