Sunday, 18 April 2010

Fascinating new academic research

The British regard people of mixed race as the most attractive and successful, say psychologists from Cardiff University. Celebrities such as formula one champion Lewis Hamilton, footballer Ryan Giggs and X Factor star Leona Lewis have helped boost the image of mixed race people The study used 40 female students to evaluate 1200 entries to Facebook – chosen completely at random, they insist.

But of course!
Naturally you’ll get some begrudgers. One said “Using high profile celebrities as "proof" of changing attitudes is spurious. There's no denying their looks and talent but they are celebrities precisely because they are talented and good-looking”
Another, of more philosophical bent claimed that “These ideas have been put into practise by lefties like MARX for years across Europe. With the sole intention to break down all forms of white European peoples and the eventual domination of communism.” While another claimed the whole thing was multi-culti PC “brainwashing”.

Many claimed that the candidate selection process was distorted so as to make mixed race and black candidates more attractive. Imagine such a thing! From academia!

All very confusing. So with a view to clarifying the matter I decided to hold our own contest on this blog, whose readers are without exception fair-minded and tolerant. I have chosen three candidates – completely at random, exactly like the academics at Cardiff Uni - and offer them to you now to vote on.

This vote must conform to the most rigorous research methodologies, so no double voting please!

Here are the three randomly chosen exemplars:

Candidate 1: White Race

Candidate 2: Mixed Race

Candidate 3: Black race

Will the results of this fascinating and eagerly-anticipated vote replicate those of Cardiff University? It’s up to you, dear readers.


Beggars can be choosers said...

Have to think very carefully on this one ...

Candidate 1 is just too pretty so she'll be vain and stuck up and expect a husband to support her. Not nice.

Candidate 2 is pretty but fat so she's bound to have problems with PMS. Not nice.

Candidate 3 is not so pretty, but she looks aggressive and used to getting what she wants. Ideal for collecting welfare cheques so hubby can sit on arse.

Anonymous said...

It looks like 3 picures of the no. 1 as she passes through various stages of decomposition post mortem, possibly after being dumped in a river.

P C Thugg said...

Absolutely! All three candidates only prove what every right-minded individual knows - ALL races (or mixtures thereof) are beautiful.

However, I'm disgusted to see that you have put the photos in a particular order, clearly designed to achieve an obvious bias in the voting.

As a penance for this terrible atrocity I shall now go abase myself before the great god of multiculturalism, until such time as this latest episode of horrid hate-crime is expunged from our consciousness.

Anonymous said...


As part of my morning routine I scan British newspapers, and was disgusted when I came across an article about this "research." It made me lament, almost out loud, "what has become of the land of my ancestors?" Are we Anglo-Saxons bent on self-destruction?

Anonymous said...

I never laughed so much as at the comments to this postr so far.


Anonymous said...

@beggars can be choosers.. chuckled at your comment, and also the one about each 'candidate# gradually decomposing!!!

Anonymous said...

"Candidate 3 is not so pretty, but she looks aggressive and used to getting what she wants. Ideal for collecting welfare cheques so hubby can sit on arse."

heh heh heh heh!!!

Barney the Dinosaur said...

As a T-Rex, I'm somewhat self-conscious of my own looks, so am maybe not the best judge.

However, I generally find that prancing about in a ridiculously camp and un-dinosaur manner, while grinning inanely, tends to hide a lot of ills.

My response therefore is: "I love you ... you love me" etc. etc.

kulak said...

Unfortunately I can't quite tell from the pictures which ones don't have teeth, so I'll have to abstain.

Anonymous said...

kulak, the white specimen is divine looking but, to address your point, I'm told reliably that she has NO TEETH. Amazings, no?

George said...

I thought #3 was Didier Drogba until Beggars... reminded me that it is probably female.

Feargal said...

Has a look of Drgba, now that you mention it.

martin said...

Black/white mixed people have a level of intelligence that is intermediate between their parents, as one would expect. Since the average for blacks is somewhere between 70 and 85, and the average for whites around 100, then it follows that on average mixed children will have an IQ around 85 to 92 on average.

Mixed children are nearly always brought up by the "white side" of their family but must face challenges because they are "black" in a white world.

There are not, in truth, many examples of successful mixed race children, certainly no more than could be expected by chance. I think that Lewis Hamilton is a lesson to race aware whites that blacks can, like nature itself, sometimes take one by surprise.

I don't think nonsensical media propaganda will alter any women's perceptions. Most white women have got their head screwed on well enough to know that having a child with a black man is not, generally, a very good move since it severely limits her options. For instance, it will be impossible to date white men when the black man goes AWOL or lands in jail since no white man will be interested in bringing up a black man's child as everybody will know the child is not his.

Anonymous said...

Martin says ". Most white women have got their head screwed on well enough to know that having a child with a black man is not, generally, a very good move since it severely limits her options."

I hope you're correct Martin, but I'm not so sure that they've managed to avoid the avalanche of brainwashing. Heidi Klum for one doesn't seem to have a problem with it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Martin.
I see thousands of people every day in my job, and I do see white woman with black men (and vice versa) and their mixed races sprogs. But by far they are few and far between in the greater scheme of things.

Fact is, it is just not in our make up to be attracted to people of other races, and all races tend to stick to their own kind. I saw a long programme about this not so very long ago, where researchers monitored the reaction of babies to people of other races, and even tiny tots react differently to different races, recognizing their own race first. Fact!

Heidi Klum, David Bowie et all are exceptions who are just being used in the media to promote the multi culti pipe dream, which in actual fact goes totally against the grain of our human instinct to stick to our own kind.

SAVANT said...

DR - but you're in the former 'East Germany' I think? If so, that wouldn't be typical as over there they don't seem to have been afflicted by the same virus as in the western zones. However, your comment gives me some hope.

Another thing very clear, at least here in ireland, is that the women who have kids with blacks are almost invariably 'white trash' welfare queens.