Thursday, 25 March 2010

Relief! Tom Friedman says things are ok.

I have a useful rule of thumb – if Tom Friedman says it, it’s total bullshit. Keep this sage advice in mind as he’s been wrong on everything of substance for as long as I can remember. A few that spring to mind.

A few months into the Afghanistan war he declared that ‘America has won the war’ and a little while later that ‘the Taliban are gone’.

Shortly after Putin took power he announced his ‘Tilt Theory of History’ and said that Putin had tilted Russia (‘a huge country’) in the right direction and that it would soon become a glowing example of democracy. In 2005 he warned the Democrats that unless they ‘thought again about Iraq’ (i.e. continue Friedman’s enthusiasm for the war) they’d become ‘irrelevant’.

These pearls of wisdom were of a kind that, in 2001 envisaged ‘critical levels of unemployment in China’ due to massive imports of US wheat. Neither the unemployment nor the imports ever materialised. And where do you leave his two books, paeans to multi culti open borders globalisation? They’ve been just about 180 degrees wrong on everything.

It was in this light that I read a piece in the International Herald Tribune during the week that had him almost wetting himself with joy. He was attending the Intel Science awards (he fancies himself as a bit of a technologist, but what he knows could be written on the back of a stamp) and was overwhelmed by the winners. Why? Because they were all non-American, almost all Chinese or Indian. This was a most wonderful thing for America, he gushed.

Now on first glance I have to say it isn't at all clear to me how this is so good for America. On second glance it’s even less clear.

Tom thinks it’s great because, well, all these clever people wouldn’t be in the US without ‘open borders’ (he’s a great fan of them) and America wouldn’t benefit from their brilliance.


Well, you see, they’ll all come up with great innovative ideas that will be developed in the US, creating wealth and employment for Americans.


But there’s more. He maintains that this ‘proves’ the worth of a liberal immigration policy and of Affirmative Action.


Ok, let’s call his the benign scenario. Now let me propose an alternative one, and you can judge which is more realistic and beneficial for America.

The fact that all the winners were non-Americans is, prima facie, a cause for alarm. Where are all the native Americans? I’ll posit that they’ve been relegated to the sidelines and held back in terms of educational opportunity, research funding, business startup assistance and all the other anti-white male mechanisms now in place under the guise of supporting ‘minorities’. You haven't gained new brilliance, you’ve merely replaced one ethnic group with another.

In terms of creating employment for Americans, Chinese and Indians are famous/notorious for selecting their own ethnic groups to work for them. None of this equal opportunity crap for them. American whites therefore will be taken on only where necessary for US-based employment.

But there’s the rub: How much of it will be US based? If trends to date are anything to go by, most of the heavy workload, and employment, will be outsourced to, well, India and China. And in fact what we’re seeing now is that many such entrepreneurs are actually upping sticks altogether from America and relocating to their ‘home’ countries.

So the net effect is that non-American ethnic groups have received a heavily subsidized education and favourable business start-up funding in the US. The successful ones employ few Americans if they stay, and many will relocate back to their home countries with their expensively developed IP. From where they will compete with companies built up, despite all the discrimination, by ordinary American whites, and operating from America.

Ok, I'm not saying that this is a balanced scenario either – the truth probably lies somewhere between the two. But I'd wager it lies a lot closer to mine that to that of Tom (“he’s got it wrong again!”) Friedman’s


kulak said...

you’ve merely replaced one ethnic group with another.

Napoleon was wrong.

Anonymous said...

its all rigged, Intel and microsoft and most colleges hire foreign nationals instead of Americans. It is all bad and I am too upset to say more.
Its like having a house and everyone comes into it and gets everything they want whenever they want it and you have no say and you are supposed to keep the house full so they can take more.
Americans are last in line for anything in our own country.

it is horribly violating and they keep us shut up with all the hate crime race card crap.

Anonymous said...

Immigration to the United States should only be allowed if it clearly benefits American citizens.

In his monograph Huddled Cliches, Larry Auster warns: “In addition to the millions of people who see the United States as a candy store without a lock, a significant number of immigrants have a conscious animus against this country.
“A very bright Bengali-American college student… told her college English class that the word ‘American’ is ‘Orwellian’ because it imposes an identity on her that she doesn’t feel. ‘I am not an American. I’m Bengali.’”
.....In surveying the ruins of a once promising career, Powell stoically commented: “All political careers end in failure. No regrets.”
At least Enoch Powell( see Enoch Rivers of Blood) won’t have to witness the balkanization of his nation. Your children and grandchildren won’t be nearly so fortunate””
Don Feder

gozo-pal said...

Of course Intel will make the awards to cheap-working foreigners. They (Intel and others) benefit on the double. Low pay and a docile workforce. Capitalist heaven!

Anonymous said...

Friedman flies around the world in his prvate jet, meets lots of wealthy foreigners, looks out his hotal window and forms a theory of what he sees and hears. next best-seller on the way....

Lockeford said...

I have a question for White engineer-types.

Many of you know what is going on. You are extremely intelligent and capable people.

What do you need to fight this?

What do you need to associate with those who are working towards justice on these issues?

What do you need to make a plan and apply your skills to subvert the current oppression?

Enoch Was Right said...

Of course, Friedman is Jewish. Yet another pathological Ashkenazi cheerleader who doesn't even bother to conceal his hatred for the historic American nation, and can't wait until us white yanks are utterly dispossessed and bred out of existence. Of course, the E.U.S.S.R. will suffer the same fate if this vermin and his ilk get to fulfill their despicable fantasies. Mazel tov, you wretched goyim.

W Baker said...


You'd think someone in Friedman's family would set him down and say, 'Tom, for the love of gawd, you've got to get over this writing thing. You're fifty years old or better, it's time to grow up and quit acting the fool.'

Instead, everyone seems to encourage the poor bastard. (I use 'poor' to describe the fellow's mental state, not his wallet!)

You know life's pretty twisted when intellectual (and physical) wankers like Friedman have made fortunes off of putting their dim wits down on paper....

kulak said...


1) Balls and a sense of humor.

2) There ain't no justice. I'm not worried about "justice."

Personally I'm suspicious of anyone who calls for "justice." There's no such thing as multiracial or multicultural justice. Blacks have a valid point when they complain about the white legal system.

Pursuing "justice" typically means pursuing lawsuits or legislation.

Those are ENTIRELY different things.

And it's how the BLACK elite in America was co-opted.

They got a stake in the system.

What did the REST of them get?

Completely fucking degraded.

3) The first thing any white man should do is have kids. Everything else will become more or less obvious at the proper time as they grow.

A right-minded white engineer isn't going to care all that much that he's an engineer by training.

He's going to care that he's white.

hectorgrey said...

This dickhead has been on about global warning and how everyone must change their lifestyles. And he's a got a palace in Conn. that would needs it's own oil well to keep it going, plus a private jet.

What a jerk.

SAVANT said...

Wes Baker - why should they try to talk Friedman out of it? He has wealth, fame and fortune from talking and writing bullshit. Why should he stop?

old coot said...

Why should he change? He's making a mint out of getting everything wrong. Question is, why do people buy his stuff and why does the NYT still publish him?

old coot said...

@Lockeford. I think they - we - don't fifgt back because we've been conditioned, just like North Koreans, to believe that to do such a thing would be evil personified. We also know that if we stepped out of line in doing it we'd be cake. Pity, but most of us are just taking it lying down and hoping 'it wonn't be me'.

My own belief is that when the current gteneration see hoe THEIR CHILDREN are getting so jerked around they might be more likley to act.

Anonymous said...

"Put your money where your mouth is."

Don't waste time on internet forums arguing with lefty traitors or kaffirs - donate to activist causes which represent YOUR interests. Find, donate, get involved, whatever.

Anonymous said...

speaking of Jewish traitors: A Jewish DA buying a pack of lies told by two mexican illegals in the US, and condemning a non Jewish non illegal American to being a criminal. There is something to the jews as traitors.

Anonymous said...

If things get bad enough economically I think whites will rebel

Californian said...

What do you need to fight this?

Same old stuff:

An ideology.
An organization.
An alternative.

But you would also have to have a race realist movement which dropped the conspiracy theories and the anti-semitism. These have demonstratably proven to be non-starters, at least in the USA. We can look to the Tea Party movement as a de facto mobilization of Whites in the USA. I'd suggest getting involved with it.

In the bigger picture, there would need to be a movement against globalization, since globalization drives much of the corporate-government support for multicultism. Enhanced profits and power accrue to ruling elites via a flat Earth, while keeping the serfs entranced by the spectacle.

Anyway, just some random thoughts.

SAVANT said...

Californian has some good suggestions, as have some of the others. Personally I've thought a lot about what can be done and I think there are some good ideas here.

As he says, drop the anti-semitism. Some Jews undoubtedly played a big role in foisting the flat earth, multiculturalsim, mass immigration, AA on us. But not all Jews did, and I'd suggest - it's only an impression - that most Jews today are shifting uneasily at what's happening.

Co-operating means that their influence in the mass media could be deployed in the interests of goodness.

Anonymous said...

I second Savant on that - look at the Obama Administration's treatment of Israel. The guys who got Obama into office - David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel - are both Jewish, and moreover Emanuel volunteered for Israel during the first Gulf War, working there as a truck mechanic. So where do THEIR loyalties lie? Heartland Americans usually support Israel, recognizing the settler/Boer/pioneer impulse upon which the USA was largely founded.


Flashback said...

I agree with IS and Potegiter. For sure some Jews are our enemies, but most are not. Again, I agree when he says that attitudes among Jews are changing. They recognize now that the white Christian male is not their worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

Nothing demonstrates Friedman's stupidiy more than his excuse for going into Iraq..." Iraq's the vase we broke in order to get rid of the rancid water inside"

Tom, why the fuck didn't you just turn the vase upside down?


Anonymous said...

I dont think we can move beyond anti-semitism until it is acknowledged that the Jews who came to the United States were very competitive with the Anglo English who created the United States and were the ruling class. The Term WASP is a hostile put down on white english protestants, who essentially were the ruling class and it was created by the Jews to knock down the English ruling class of the east coast.
funny how that works-
There was and is the competition to marry a WASP and there was the anger against the English whites that they didnt want Jews as son in laws or as equals. The United States was a Christian country and there were divisions. I myself, am largely descended from those English, although too much Irish got in there for me to be a snob.
The movie industry ,which the Jews took over did so because the English ruling class didnt want to be associated with anything so vulgar as moving pictures.
Anyway, the Jews have done very well in the United States, and they could have the decency to thank the protestant English who made it possible for them to practice their religion with no real persecution. If they weren't invited into the inner circle, they are now accepted as son in laws and employees. On the other hand I suspect from the nasty remarks Jews make about Christians on other sites, that they are as hostile as the blacks are.
most of the jewish immigrants were backwards like the Italians and the Irish, and it wasnt fair to Americans to have millions of backward peasants dumped on them year after year, because Europe couldnt deal with their own shit.
There were a huge backlash and the Jews who were largely from Russia were disliked and often for good reasons.
At the same time, I do resent always having to feel sorry for the Jews when those Americans of Protestant decent are shoved aside and frankly do not have the protective organizations that the jews have nor should we always have to make way just because some grasping social climber wants into the inner circles. The Jews have no problem excluding gentiles but if we exclude them we are racist.

kulak said...

@Californian: But you would also have to have a race realist movement which dropped the conspiracy theories and the anti-semitism.

I am NOT a race REALIST.


A race REALIST wants me to be REALISTIC about all of the non-whites in what was once MY country.

I want my OWN country.

And I will settle for nothing less.

Because it is necessary for WHITE SURVIVAL.

Boundaries and lesser details negotiable.

And with that declaration, 95% of Jews in America will VOLUNTEER to be my enemy.

I don't have to be "anti-semitic" when THEY are anti-white.

@Savant: But not all Jews did

Yes, and not all blacks are impulsive violent thugs.


Enough did.

But I think they are going to cease to matter just like the institutions they now control.

And then there will no longer be any MONEY in being anti-white.

And then they'll change.

That's JEW realism.

Enoch Was Right said...

The readers of this blog are an exceptionally smart lot. But if anybody truly believes that organized Jewry has suddenly shifted its support for affirmative action and massive non-white immigration to the west they are fooling themselves. This is a deliberate political divide-and-conquer strategy designed to limit coherent opposition to Jewish political interests by ethnic division. One of the few links on your blog is to Steve Sailer's iSteve. I hope you've read his 2 recent pieces about the replacement of America's former WASP elite by Jews, and the steady increase of Jewish power and influence in America - which has coincided with disastrous public policies that damage the descendants of the founders and the pioneers (whites). Sailer is definitely no anti-semite, and merely pointing out that Jews have often worked with each other, in America and elsewhere, to better their fortunes at the direct expense of non-Jews is not anti-semitism.

SAVANT said...

I don't disagree with any of the last three comments. But anon 1.40 has - perhaps inadvertantly - put his finger on a key issue.

He points out that, for example, the Irish and Italians were looked down on by the WASPs who didn't want cross-marriages. The same with the Jews.

However, the key issue here is that eventually the Irish and Italians became fully integrated, achieved economic and social power and as of now have, I imagine, littel fear or animosity towards the WASPs.

Jews were later in and perhaps are only now at the point where the Irish and Italians reached maybe 50 years earlier.

My point is that, while Jews did use AA and support mass immigration and did try to undermine the WASPs, and by this time others like the irish and Italians, they no longer have a need to do so.

They have no 'made it' (and some!) so their interests should be largely the same as the 'nativists'. My belief, that's all it is, is that most Jews' belief systems and values are much closer to 'ours' than say they would be to Latin american, blacks or, heaven forbid, Muslims.

and finally, if you continue to make an enemy of them, well, they can be very powerful enemies. Don't do it unnecessarily.

C++ said...

kulak - fine, that's what we'd all like. But your position is completely unachievable. America will be less than 50% white in another 30 years, Many parts of Europe that way in far less than that.

fact is, you must make the best of the position you find yourself in - irrespecive of who caused it. My belief is, whereas the jews had a big hand in the current problems, it's in their interests now to mitigate the effects.

Let's recognize that and work with them.

C++ said...

kulak - fine, that's what we'd all like. But your position is completely unachievable. America will be less than 50% white in another 30 years, Many parts of Europe that way in far less than that.

fact is, you must make the best of the position you find yourself in - irrespecive of who caused it. My belief is, whereas the jews had a big hand in the current problems, it's in their interests now to mitigate the effects.

Let's recognize that and work with them.

Observer said...

Friedman's article overlooks that most immigration is from Mexico - average iq 89.

"Conveniently, he also overlooks the fact that the group whose members have comprised the vast majority of immigrants over the past few decades - Hispanics - have no names among the honorees either. A small fly in Friedman's ointment: the winner appears to be "white non-Hispanic", as we are now known.

For Friedman and his ilk, everything comes down to "competitiveness", and the need to import ever more people "is the key to keeping us ahead of China." I wonder whether he's ever thought about the fact that the U.S., over its entire existence, has always been "ahead of China", but only in recent years has there been a remote risk that we might fall behind. Clearly, over the past generation or so, something in our policies and practices has caused enough decay in American strength that we now worry about China leaping ahead. Those policies and practices are those that Friedman is most enthusiastic about: immigration, invasion, and insolvency."

kulak said...

@Savant: However, the key issue here is that eventually the Irish and Italians became fully integrated,

That's just another way of saying they stopped being Irish.

The guys with the funny hats and braided hair will always be with us.

I LIKE that. THEM I would tend to trust MORE.

The funny dress is a forthright declaration that yes, Virginia, we are different.

Why is it a good thing that Jews assimilate?

And who's assimilating who?

Jews have an even lower birthrate than we do.

In both space and time, the correlation between birth rates (of both Jews and host) and the Jewish mixed marriage rate is NEGATIVE.

Because caring about intermarriage and caring about the continuation of one's heritage are the SAME THING.

if you continue to make an enemy of them, well, they can be very powerful enemies. Don't do it unnecessarily.

I'm not sure it's any better to be eaten last.

They make enemies of themselves.

LET them.

To that extent I agree.


But your position is completely unachievable.

Says who?

America will be less than 50% white in another 30 years, Many parts of Europe that way in far less than that.

The faster the better!

And what's special about 30 years?

(Are you on a schedule?)

Anonymous said...

Yes - instead of importing lowbrow latinos and lazy lombombos we should give out a million work visas to Germans, Poles and Irish.
The 500,000+ Poles who moved to the UK since 2004 made a big, net positive impact on that country: very few involved in crime/prison, most working hard, learning English, respectful of British history and culture. Easy to contrast with those who came from places like Somalia and Pakistan.

Lockeford said...

There are people like Jared Taylor in the USA who has tried working with the Jews.

It does not seem to have helped. When his conference was shut down by terrorist activity recently there was no attention paid by the media and law enforcement or any Jewish civil rights organization.

If we think strictly in terms of what is effective what evidence is there that:

1. Jews, especially the Jewish elite who shape opinion, are starting to support White interests?

2. That cooperating with Jews, even when it is attempted such as the case with Jared Taylor, even works?

In both cases the facts show that elite Jews won't or don't support White interests regardless of reaching out to them.

Does anyone have any real evidence showing otherwise?

C++ said...

Lockeford asks where is the evidence. Well, an increasing number of Jewish names are appearing in the non-PC web sites, and dont forget the most recent case where the ADL of all people came out in support of the Hartford firemen.

SAVANT said...

kulak - what I can't figure with your argument is, what's your end position?

You seem to be saying let things go, let us become minorities in our own lands.... the benefits of this don't exactly leap out at me.

My position, and it seems to be that of some others, that whereas the Jews contributed to the current problems, it's not in their interests to see the trends continue.

At least I can't see how Europe or the US becoming like Brazil or Lebanon is in their interests. If not, let's make common cause.

kulak said...


Worse is not better. But worse faster is better than worse slower. If they must come, let them come faster and in such numbers that they don't assimilate into the anti-white system.

There's not a whole lot of benefit in an economic collapse either, but that doesn't stop you for calling for one.

Because you expect RACIAL benefits.

Well so do I.

Note that a faster invasion GUARANTEES an economic collapse.

So don't bother me with "patriotic" immigration reform.

I'm simply not interested.

That's just getting boiled slowly.

There are ALREADY more than enough non-whites in America to make America a neocon heaven.

They just haven't hit puberty yet.

I concede this might or might not be applicable to Ireland -- depending on the example America sets.

The end state is white nationalism, however many whites are left and however much or little land they still call their own.

But that's actually the beginning.

First things first.

Better 30 million whites that are 100% alive than 300 million that are 90% dead.

SAVANT said...

kulak - yeah, I see where you're coming from now. A kind of crazed logic there I suppose!!

kulak said...

I hereby declare jihad against implicit whiteness. :))

The election of the ahistorical president is WONDERFUL.

I said to a realist before the election: For the next four years, as America goes down the toilet, Americans will be staring at a black man in the oval office.

Every. Single. Day.

Four years ago my kids got table placemats with all the presidents on them.

From now on every such placemat is going to be a free basic IQ test:

"Which one does not belong?"

I asked my daughter exactly that, when I saw a similar poster at school.

And of course she answered correctly. :)

There will be a thousand more little things like that that nobody has thought about.

Lockeford said...

Kulak - I completely see that, too.

Bring it all on, don't even try to stop the wave until consciousness flips to White Nationalism.

Lockeford said...

Re: The Jews

Waiting 50 years for elite Jews to change their mind is a bit steep.

The Jewish elite in the US is very hostile to White interests and they basically are the American elite.

I'm aware of a lone Jewish blogger who supports WN but that's it. I'm not aware of a single member of the hundreds strong Jewish opinion making elite who supports White interests in any way.

Ideally another solution is found to trying to ally with Jews or go on hate fests against them.

I don't know what that Third Way is.

clovis said...

I think you're all too optimistic on the forthcoming white awakening. Remember, the probelm, especially in the US, is that, unlike under communism, the people DON'T KNOW THEY'RE BEING LIED TO.

They'll buy whatever crock of shit the MSM presents them with to explain their economic decline. It'll be gone way too far for rectification before the truth emerges.

kulak said...


What will be too far gone?

The United States? Maybe so.

Not our problem.

@Lockeford: Re: Jews

Don't worry about 'em. And that's not the same thing as liking them.

All I need to know is anti-racism is code for white genocide.

clovis said...

kulak - I for one still don't get your point. Are you saying then that we're fucked and you're just going to look after yourself? What about your children and grandchildren?

kulak said...


No, I'm not saying we're fucked.

I'm saying we are NOT the United States.

Most Hispanics in America do not rank "American" as their first identity or loyalty.

So it will also be with us.

Just like with the fiat funny money the Federal Reserve prints, the more non-white "Americans" the anti-white regime mints, the less EVERYBODY will value being "American."

Giuseppe Verdi said...

From reading nonsense like Friedman's, you would think that American never produced any great thinkers on its own, that it was not native-born Americans who created thousands of important inventions, like the light bulb, the airplane, recorded sound, the Internet, etc., etc. or that it wasn't Americans who first built the technology to take humans to the moon. There has never been an Asian inventor as important as Thomas Edison. Why are we importing foreign "talent," while at the same time trying to keep down any brilliant Americans? Our school system often tries to level everyone out by dumbing down, so that racial achievement gaps will not be so drastic. How I wish we would start trying to educate our own students, instead of trying to bring them down to the lowest common denominator.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kulack- We were the United States and are no longer, probably when Eisenhower was president was the last time -

By the way I cant go into Chase Bank without seeing life-size mexican or middle eastern cardboard cutouts staring at me, and two years ago I would have written a letter or taken pictures of them. THe new Face of Commerce is not white european , we are so over, if we are really good we can mate with the darkies but otherwise they want us dead.
I now realize that blue eyes and light hair and white skin are a big no no- unless of course you are a mexican mulatto or black, in which case you can buy whiteness with fake hair and contacts.
the Jewish blogger Latte Island who was a WN was for a Jewish state in Africa.

Anonymous said...

Some whites have already started moving to areas where they can be with their own. The Northwest group is one, and there are plenty of like-minded folks in Eastern TN and Western NC. Back in the hills, where they can be left alone to form their groups. I don’t think it’s such a bad thing - people associate most comfortably and naturally with other people like themselves.

Anonymous said...

by the northwest , you must mean Idaho or Montana , because washington and Oregon have been commpletely invaded. They are Everywhere.
Forty years ago, it was different, but then that was before Kennedy let everyone in and all the amnesties began.