Tuesday, 2 March 2010

More good news from Britain

Standing proudly with her arm draped over her 36in television, this is the Somali woman who must be given a council house even though she has no right to live in Britain. Nimco Hassan Ibrahim - who lives with her four children on benefit handouts - was granted the right to the home by EU judges because she was once married to a Danish citizen who briefly worked in Britain.
The landmark judgment means the 34-year-old migrant and her children will soon be packing up their impressive collection of furniture and electrical equipment when they are given a new house. She has bought a Playstation 3 games console, computer and a high-quality speaker system. Equally impressive is the enormous sofa from which she watches TV each night. Lying on the floor in her lounge are some of the latest film releases - including a pirate DVD copy of the sci-fi movie Avatar. And she has managed to install a high-speed internet connection.

A lot better than she'd have back in Somalia, I'm sure you'll agree.
And all funded by the British taxpayer.
Note: Some economic commentators believe Britain could be facing a sovereign default if current budget deficits cannot be addressed. This ruling sure won't help that objective, as it opens the door for hundreds of thousands of unemployed foreigners to claim both state benefits and council or housing association homes.
But at least Nimco is happy. Speaking to the Daily Mail she says 'I deserve to be given a proper house. This one is too small for all of us. The law says that I can get a better house so I'm looking forward to a better life.’

Note the ‘I deserve’ bit. You leave a country thousands of miles away, your ex-husband works for a few months in another country and on that basis you ‘deserve’ to be set up there with free house, health, education and spending money for the rest of your parasitical life.
That’s the way it works, folks.
Er, did I mention that Britain is heading for bankrupcy?


J Bull said...

Pull out of the fucking EU. NOW!!!!!

Clovis said...

This is all good stuff. The more of this the more likley it is that the whites/taxpayers will rebel and take these bastards out once and for all.

Let it roll!

Anonymous said...

The Brits do have alternative parties to vote for. In Ireland we are helpless in the face of this rubbish.

Anonymous said...

I once spoke to an English person for over twenty minutes whilst on hoilday in Spain-can I've a house too please?

Anonymous said...

Just had a thought, how stupid are these people to go parading in front of Daily Mail journalists with all their lucre?

norfolk said...

I'm not sure that the Brits have alternatives. The 3 main parties support this crap. And the BNP are demonised by everyone in the MSM and all the main parties.

janet said...

What is happening in this labour hell hole called Britain? Nobody should be entitled to benefits if they haven't contributed for years. Why should the rest of us pay - why not Denmark. The sooner we withdraw from the socialist riddled EU the better. What on earth do we owe Somalians? Plus all the rest. It sounds as though the world wants to come over here, so we'd all better work longer hours and hand over our wages to those waiting with heir hands held out! Makes me sick.

janet said...

anon 11.24 asks "how stupid are these people to go parading in front of Daily Mail journalists with all their lucre?"

Why should she worry? What difference is it going to make? She's got her 'entitlements' and it doesn't matter who knows about it.

Rob said...

Stop laughing at the Brits: the same thing is happening here.
In fact, now that this parasite has secured residency in the EU, the most economically logical thing for her to do would be to move to the state with the heftiest welfare handouts, which is probably Ireland.

Anonymous said...

What more can you add, the story speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you're right, Clovis. I hope so. Unfortunately I don't share your optimism. In fact I find the whole thing thoroughly depressing.

Anonymous said...

gosh i wish they had a political party in the states like the BNP which tells it like it is. GO BNP. YOUR A OASIS IN A DESERT OF PC.

Anonymous said...

Bring MORE and MORE and MORE in and literally FLOOD the place to the point of oblivion.
Maybe then the white do gooders, comfortably off parasites et al will wake up.

Bankruptcy will follow and CIVIL WAR WILL THEN BE NECESSARY - can't wait!!!!

Enoch woz rite! said...

The article tells us that the "Danish citizen" she married is named Mohamed Yusuf... a name straight out of Hamlet. He worked as a bus driver in Britain for 8 months, then collected benefits. When the benefits ran out, he left the country. The woman has no legal right to stay in Britain, but has lived there for 7 years and collects 1000 pounds a month. If there were any sane Britons left, this article would singlehandedly elect Nick Griffin the next Prime Minister.

Unknown said...

There is another 50 million north African muslims on the way via the EU Barcelona agreement which came into effect on January 1 2010.
Obviously the EU did not publicize this treasonous act for fear of a public backlash. They shouldn't have worried since the public at large could not care a less about anything other than X Factor or Strictly come dancing.

kulak said...

Worse news from Denmark.

Mr. McGuire: I want to say one word to you. Just one word.
Benjamin: Yes, sir.
Mr. McGuire: Are you listening?
Benjamin: Yes, I am.
Mr. McGuire: Plastics.

Icarus said...

anon - thats my view as well. Massess more flood in, the country collapses and the British people take to the streets and fling out the corrupt pols and expel the parasites.

I dont care if I'm dragged down with it, at least future generations will be saved.

WppC said...

Kulak - this could explain why Danish women want to ride the black joystick so much.

Anonymous said...

"Bankruptcy will follow and CIVIL WAR WILL THEN BE NECESSARY - can't wait!!!!"

The crazy thing about what you say is, that many people, even some of the rather sceptical people, who visit this excellent site, will take your above comment with a pinch of salt. The problem is, there's a lot of truth in what you say, as, I can't see anything else, other than what you say, being the natural outcome of what's occuring.

I only hope it happens soon, while I am young enough to take care of myself and the others around me.

We really are, up the creek.

Anonymous said...

Hooray!! Hooray!! It's heart-warming to see a story with such a happy ending. Good on you, girl. You truly do deserve everything the British taxpayer has to offer. Just make sure you do your part and make many more parasitic scroungers. Hooray!! Hooray!!

Anonymous said...

"If there were any sane Britons left, this article would singlehandedly elect Nick Griffin the next Prime Minister." EXCELLENTLY SAID, Enoch woz rite!

Anonymous said...

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O Wilde said...

Jeeves - don't know about Savant but I'd be delighted to meet up with you and explore new territories. Anything considered.

kerdasi amaq said...

It's the landlord who really benefits from the rent money! They only get to live in house.

openyoureyes said...

Well just "feeling" you deserve something is nowadays just as good, nay better, than "thinking" you deserve something. Thinking involves consideration of such mundane things as "where are we going to get the resources?", "did you earn this prize?" and why should YOU get this brand new house and not some other shlub.

See if you stomp your feet and hold your breath until you're blue in the face and start to see the opening of the pearly gates, someone (insert government official here) will make your "feeling" manifest into.....A BRAND NEW HOUSE FOR FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!(insert applause here).

Of course this only works as long as the person who tends to "think"
more than "feel" belly's up and pays for this miraculous miracle of largess (greedy bastard has enough anyway)......Got that mister hard working, responsible, intelligent draft horse?(insert clicking gun here)...I guess he did.

kazan said...

@openyoureyes..it also depends on a ready supply of whites to pick up the tab. As we're seeing in California, for example, that can start to dry up once the dependent numbers get too onerous.

Anonymous said...

UK politicians would rather “rule” the imported dregs of the third-world

I looked it up, quite a lot of “British” government officials AND lawmakers (MPs) ARE dregs of the third world..especially Pakistanis!!!

Anonymous said...

Have any of you ever read a children's book called Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose by Dr. Seuss? Here's the Wikipedia description:

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It's time to shed.

Anonymous said...

Don't know of it but this Dr. Seuss certainly had it sussed (seussed?). Wonder they haven't made a bonfire of the books.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5 March 2010 23:42

I read that with trepidation until I got to the end. I thought the freeloaders were going to somehow end up rescuing the moose! What a moral that would be.
Good story.

Anonymous said...

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