Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Just in passing.......

Watched the Miami Open tennis event all week. Noted that any time a Hispanic player, from whatever country, was up against an American the crowd almost unanimously supported the Hispanic.

The umpires announced the scores in Spanish as well as English.

Miami and the wider Dade County have become colonised. Americans have handed over the city and county to a motley collection of Cuban gangsters and an army of illegal immigrants from Latin America and Haiti.

Just watch the contagion spread.


Enoch Was Right said...

Just wondering, Savant - have you spent much time over here in the states? Your insight into what has happened to us is very keen. I have not been to Ireland, but I will go soon. I hear from friends that there is still a lot of the real Ireland left to enjoy; I hope that is still true when I am lucky enough to visit. Incidentally, if you're ever in the NYC, NJ, or Philadelphia areas I'd be happy to have a pint with you. Miami... not so much!

SAVANT said...

Hi 'Enoch'. Yes, I've spent a lot of time there both on vacation and work. Most of it has been on the West Coast (technology) but also some time in New England.

I'll certainly take you up on the kind offer if I'm in your neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

the Hispanics ( which by the way is a term created by the Feds to hide the nationalities of the invaders and so should not be used)
took over Florida when Castro came to Power and have continued to take over since then. The rich non-wetbacks live in gated communities.
For the Race everything, this is what we are up against here and don't think they arent dangerous, they were prepared to attack Roy Beck of Numbersusa.com when they marched on the capital last week.
Scary times in the Us for white people who dont speak spanish.

Jean C. said...

I just read "Enoch Was Right"'s comments about Ireland and your response.

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your country. I visited Ireland 7 times from 1997 to 2002 but haven't been back since. I have never been anywhere where I felt so at home. I suppose that is because of my Irish ancestry.

I know that the economy is no longer so good there but I hope that the Irish people have not lost their wonderful sense of humour. I had the great good fortune to go on a couple of hiking trips there and so I got to meet REAL people and see so much of the beauty of the land that you would never, ever see from the windows of the dreaded TOUR BUS. I also was able to fulfill my lifelong ambition (my ambitions are quite limited and a bit eccentric) of attending the PUCK FAIR (unbelievably wonderful that was).

So many memories....Skellig Michael, The Great Blasket Island on a beautiful warm summer day, the pubs when Guinness was still affordable, meeting John B. Keane in his pub in Listowel and so much more....horse fairs, cattle auctions, and on and on.

I know a lot has changed there but please, please tell me that the charm and humour (the sense of irony) of the people and the beauty of the land hasn't.

Thank you.

Jean C.

SAVANT said...

Jean C. - glad you enyoed here so much. I do think ordinary irish people are still friendly and easy-going. The economy is sure down the tubes although you wouldn't guess it from looking around you. Maybe this will bring us all back to the 'old Ireland' so we'll in effect be more Irish!

Anonymous said...

The Florida Marlins have become the Miami Marlins and gone "Latin" in an attempt to bring in fans as they failed as their previous incarnation.

rambaloosa said...

Various soccer clubs are Latinizing as well.