Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Ireland gets ever more 'vibrant'

I read an article in yesterday's Irish Times by the Turkish Foreign Minister. The main gist was an appeal for Ireland's support in gaining Turkish access to the EU feeding trough entry to to EU.

I counted five references to 'vibrant' but not one to the Religion of Peace. Strange. Unless of course he equates the two.

In which case he should be happy, because, buried away in a corner of today's edition, is a story on the arrest of seven cultural enrichers in Waterford and Kilkenny. Lead by an Algerian who's been 'residing here for ten years', they apparently were planning to murder a Swedish cartoonist. The same one whom a 'Swedish-speaking Somali' recently tried to stab.

The Foreign Minister claimed that Turks had settled well into Europe while 'maintaining their traditions'. He didn't elaborate on what those traditions were, probably because honour killings and violent attacks on other religions might have diluted their appeal . But he can be assured, based on the arrest of the seven, that the Religion of Peace is finding its feet in Ireland and we can expect similar 'vibrant' developments in the years ahead as our Islamic population grows apace.


Rob said...

And our EU rulers won't be finished if they succeed in getting Turkey in. The British Foreign Secretary is talking about bringing in all of North Africa.

Anonymous said...

Yes. It's a race to see which comes first: Will the people rebel or will we have become diverse first

kulak said...

Ireland gets ever more 'vibrant'

That's the yin to Ireland's palsied yang.

Anonymous said...

Cork people pointing out the obvious to Grade A, I mean D, thickos from County Down